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Nothing but Fun!

Posted by IMVoice on Apr 25, 2011 10:38:57 AM

ADNAN ZAIDI, USTA Senior Technical Account Manager took 5th place in the USTA National Men’s 35 Hard Courts played in Scottsdale, AZ this past week. I am up to a career high ranking in the Men’s 35s of #6 IN THE NATION.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined fellow Active colleagues Anthony Valentino and Neal Block in running the Marin County Half Marathon.  Besides being one of the "greenest" races in the U.S. (solar powered, on-line reg, carbon offsets and tree plantings) each mile is marked by a different live band and unique poem.   Even "Elvis- the lawman" showed up to talk about traffic safety with the kids!



On Sunday 24th Apr, Eric Ma(MRI), Dorothy Zhou (SCM IT), Dylan Hai(IT), Jimmie Jiang(BA), Jason Qu(DBA IT), Ivy Yang(IT), Edde Yang(DBA IT) and Colin Li(IT) climbed over 1000 meters to the summit of Jian Mountain that means steep in Chinese. It was famous of the biggest natural stone bridge of Asia.  And we had an amazing picnic on the top with a small temple on it .The hiking distance is about 10km. It’s an exciting course even some of us got the sunburn.



TONY CHEN(Tester, IS) with 9 Active employees, ROCKY REN(Developer, ActiveNet), BEHRMAN WU(Developer, Golf), VINCENT ZHAO(Tester, RA), ERIC MA(Market Analyst, M+M), SHANE SONG(Developer, RA), NEIL YUAN(Developer, BlueBear), LOCKE CHEN(Tester, H&F), SAYID LI(Developer, Golf), WESLEY WANG(Developer, ACR), from Xi’an office played 5v5 soccer game in Qujiang Monument Park on Saturday.

It was a very nice but very hot day, may be Fahrenheit 100, however, the soccer players fight serious, because the side which lose one goal would do 5 push-ups, and no one is willing to kiss the burning ground. “Hah, you guys need Active X for teaching you how to do criteria push-ups.” Said by Eric, the coach of ActiveX in Xi’an office. “All right, but now we need water more than ActiveX. ”

After 2 hours running, the players all had a great experience of playing football and doing push-ups in such a hot Saturday. “It’s wonderful, now we need more guys to join us.



Here is the report from Rui Zhang (Class Team): ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament! After one and half month exciting tournament, now all the matches have been completed. We played exactly 200 matches totally. Finally Rui Zhang (Class team tester), Jennie Xin (ActiveNet BA), Tom Yang (ActiveNet tester) won the prizes in Level A, the prizes are trophy cup with both Activenetwork logo and ActiveX-Xi”an logo printed; Green Yin (ACR tester), Lesley Liu (A2 tester), Eric Du (IT manager) won the prizes in Level B, the prizes are ActiveX-Xi’an T shirt, they are limited editions.




ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) had a super active weekend, He started this weekend from mountaineering in MRI team event on Friday, played a 2hr 5v5 soccer game with ActiveX Xi’an soccer team on Saturday morning, then finished the day with a 5K hash run, on Sunday, he joined ActiveX Xi’an hiking team with COLIN LI (Product Support, IT) and other 6 Xers. he felt nothing was better than burning 4,000 calories within two days!


Just two weeks after placing 3rd overall in the Buckhorn Exchange Half Marathon Relay, Studs TREY GORMAN and BRIAN O'NEILLl placed 4th and 5th respectively at the 2011 Mud Hen 5K. Posting blistering speeds of 18:34 and 19:18, these boys were flying.


PHIL GRAHAM, Enterprise Sales, Draper, UT, rode the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park.  About 20 of us did the 103 mile mountain bike ride unsupported Friday afternoon.  After 8 hours of riding time, running out of food and water and having to bum water from campers I finally finished.  It's a beautiful ride through  Canyonlands National Park that borders both the Green River and the Colorado River. Picture here is at mile 101 before having to make our last 1,000 foot climb up Horse Thief to our campsite – don't let the smile deceive you as I was on the verge of bonking bad!



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Senior Account Manager – Sports (San Diego) took daughter Jade to the Bay area for a weekend getaway centered around the Marin County Half Marathon on Saturday morning.  Anthony finished in 1:34.  Other Active employees racing were Neal Block and Jim Garfield.



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (Copywriter, ActiveWorks) took advantage of some excellent visibility to dive in the undersea canyon at La Jolla Shores. Found some octopus, crabs and a large school of mackerel, but alas, no Easter eggs.....



MICAH KROPP (Product Marketing Manager, Associate) and Bret Lindeman (Sr. Business Systems Analyst) traveled to Burbank, CA to play rugby for the San Diego Old Aztecs against the Eagle Rock rugby club. In the A-side match, Micah and the Old Aztecs won in convincing fashion, running through and around the Eagle Rock players on way to a 54-17 victory.  Micah scored to 2 tries and was later honored as “Man of the Match”. The A-side improved to 10-0-1 on the season and has secured a #1 seed heading into nationals.  In the B-side match, Bret played in his second rugby match following an 18 YEAR BREAK from the sport (Kudos to ActiveX for helping him get back in game shape!) Bret was valuable in the scrums and rucks and helped guide the Old Aztecs to a 34-8 victory. The B-side has also remained undefeated this season.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) put on a pretty serious ankle brace on Friday night and hit Genesee Park for some ultimate Frisbee action.  It started out pretty badly for the Game of Life, going into a quick 4-0 deficit against undefeated Scrabble.  But we pulled even at 7-7 after an epic, 20 minute point.  Unfortunately, time was not on our side and we wound up losing in a 3 point tiebreaker, ending the game in a 10-9 loss.  We continue to get better and don't seem too worried that we've found a home in the cellar of the league. 

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