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Two Weeks Worth of Active

Posted by IMVoice on May 9, 2011 6:42:01 PM

TAMARA LEE (Support Director; based out of Burnaby office) – On Sunday I ran my first half marathon, the BMO Half Marathon in Vancouver, BC. Since the BMO Marathon and I both turned 40 this year, I got a special birthday bib J We had beautiful weather and a great route through downtown Vancouver and around Stanley Park. The second shot is with my kids, who came to meet me at the finish.



ZOE GOODBURN ran the Cox Providence Rhode Island marathon last weekend. I ran a 3:56 so not too bad after a brutal CT winter! It was a gorgeous sunny day in Providence and a beautiful course. This is my picture before 26.2



BRUNSWICK LOWE with friends took a boat across Fontana Lake in North Carolina into the Great Smoky Mountains and were dropped off for three days/nights of backcountry backpacking and fly fishing on Eagle Creek. The weather, scenery and fishing were outstanding. Most of the fish caught were rainbows; some were browns. We kept a few and cooked them over the campfire.



TONY WHELAN, Senior Consultant ran the Vancouver Half Marathon. It was a great day for running on an 'undulating' (I'm being kind) course. Second half so far this year. Time was a little slower than hoped, but within the expected range. Working toward the NY City Marathon in November.



HEATHER LEVINE here (Sacramento, CA), Professional Services dept, Consulting Project Coordinator.  I did the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon today!  It was my 3rd event since I started running last year, and my 2nd half-marathon.  It was amazing...we ran through the huge redwoods of Northern California.  The weather was perfect, course support was awesome, and I improved upon my last 1/2 marathon time by 3 minutes.  I was very happy with the race and I felt great.  My dad also did the race, and he was way ahead of me for most of it, but I got a burst of energy at the end and beat him by a minute :-P.  Can't let the old man beat me!


LISA  BALDWIN, Director of Client Migration in Burnaby completed the BMO Vancouver ½ Marathon on Sunday.  It was a picture perfect Vancouver day weather wise.  Unfortunately, no PR’s this time as I was battling an extreme head cold but managed to cross the finish line upright with a little help from my running buddies.  It was great to see so many other Active folks out on the course as well.



DAMIAN STAMM, Product Manager competed in the Broad Street Run, Philadelphia’s largest participation event with over 30k racers that sold out in four days (which with that kind of demand of course they used Active to handle their registrations!).  I completed the 10-mile run a couple minutes over my target time but  overall pretty happy with how it went, particularly given that this was a road race to prepare for the upcoming triathlon season.  It was a family affair as six family members and several other close friends also raced.  Afterwards I celebrated with my wife and son.



JESSICA WEXLER completed her open water scuba certification this weekend in preparation for an upcoming trip to Hawaii (where a lot neoprene will be needed!).



JON CHRISTOPHER, Senior Software Engineer did the spring sprint. First time coming in under an hour (57:06) and in the top 10 (9th)! Saw Andy there and he high fived me so hard my hand still hurts!



LAUREN EDER, Business Analyst – Information Systems, completed the BMO Vancouver International Marathon after a 13-year hiatus from the distance.  Grateful that my finishing time of 4:04 was not a Personal Worst (close though!), I am pleased with the Personal Victory simply in returning to endurance events.  The day was made very special by the support of my kids – who were in part responsible for the aforementioned hiatus. The day before, I was inspired by watching my daughter Rhianne compete in her first full gymnastics competition – a zone championships even – where she placed well in individual events and overall.  (And unlike me, she could still navigate stairs immediately afterward without issue.)



ANTHONY VALENTINO,Senior Account Manager (San Diego), had an amazingly inspirational experience by supporting daughter Jade at the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air event this weekend.  The 63-floor climb of LA’s second tallest building, AON Center, was originally intended to be tackled by Anthony carrying Jade on his back.  The event organizers wouldn’t allow it due to concerns over liability/safety, so Jade decided she’d just climb it herself.  She rocked it - finishing in 20:59, putting her at 154th out of 311 women of all ages!  The best part of all is she understood and was proud of the fact she had fundraised and was helping a good cause every step of the way.



“YOU ARE AN IRONMAN NOLAN HANSEN AND AIREY BARINGER” This weekend they both completed Ironman St. George in Utah.  It is the toughest Ironman course in the world and combine that with 93 degrees and high winds it was brutal.  They both did fantastic. REBECCA DEVITA & KAREN HARDY were there cheering them on all day.



MIKE REILLY’S brother PAT was the finish line Director a job he will also do at IM Texas in 2 weeks. The ACTIVE EXCURSION even made the trip and was always parked where everyone would see it!

IM STG_pat_mike_11.jpgActive_Truck.jpg

IM_St. George_Pat.jpg


THE ALBERGA’S especially Mommy Chris had a Great Mothers Day to watch Kate and Emma compete in the Aquathon - 50 meter swim and 1/2 mile run! Both girls loved it!! Here are a couple shots of the fun race! IronKids triathlon in 2 weeks!!!!!




CAROL HARRISON (SD - IT Security team) backpacked 44 miles in four days along the Paria River and through Buckskin Gulch – the longest slot canyon in North America — finishing a day ahead of schedule, with minimal blisters, and without having to sever any limbs.


JOHN COYNE, Senior Online Marketing Specialist rode my bike in the San Diego Tour de Cure to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. It was a 100 miles through San Diego’s North County. There were a lot of great views, the weather was great, and it was a lot of fun.


CODY LAMENS - On Saturday, I ran my first half marathon in 2 hours and 33 minutes.  It was a typical rainy day in Seattle which made for perfect running conditions, in my opinion.  My favorite part of the race was having my wife and 7 month old daughter at the finish to call me in.  My least favorite part of the race was seeing a lady decide she needed to go pee right on the side of the road.  Most inspiring was seeing 75 year-old Regina Ciambrone finish in 2 hours 41 minutes!  I have to admit, she was actually ahead of me through mile 6.  Mostly importantly I learned that as much as I hate running I actually enjoy participating in running events.  I have lots of room to improve my time and the search is on to find my next half marathon.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) and ROB KLINGENSMITH (M&M) joined Exercise TV President Chris Mansolillo along with NBA legend Bill Walton and 1500 other riders in this past weeknd’s L’Etape du California.  This event follows the complete stage 7 of this year’s Tour of California. Almost 100 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing from Claremont to top of Mt. Baldy.  PB and J sandwiches never tasted so good…



Hey Mike MATTHEW WANAMAKER here>Sorry to jump the gun, but I am about to head into meetings and wanted to get the Bothell Golf tournament into the WW update.  Twenty (20) people braved the Seattle “spring” for the Bothell Office Spring Golf Tournament at the Nile Shrine Golf Course.  It was a scramble format, but some bumpy greens and rain throughout meant that it was not ideal scoring conditions.  The team (pictured left to right) of Rob Pucher (Camp Sales), Paul Homer (Sales Enablement), Shane Whitehurst (Camp/Endurance Implementation) and Rob Gillespie (Camp Sales) won with a score of +1.  Matt Ehrlichman won both the long drive and closest to the pin competitions, but I’m sure that’s just because he was in the first group and no one wanted to be the person to beat him.  Other participants were Anthony Owens, Cody Lamens, Eric Lockwood, Jacin Davis, Jesse Anderson, Justin Jeske, Matt Amsden, Matt Ehrlichman, Matthew Wanamaker, Mike Moronczyk, Paul Homer, Rob Pucher, Robert Gillespie, Russell McCathern, Ryan Miller, Sean Fortune, Shane Carley, Shane Whitehurst, Sijen Olthof and Stephen Branstetter



Austin Braaten (Account Executive-Sports Camps, Bothell) and Melanie Wiviott (Client Application Specialist, Bothell) completed the Kirkland Half Marathon on Sunday. Austin got 4th in her age group and was greeted by her mom at the finish line!!! Melanie did not place in her age group but much improved since her first half marathon last March. Both had a ton of fun and are looking forward to the next one.


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