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Getting Stronger by the Week

Posted by IMVoice on May 16, 2011 10:50:48 AM

JIM HARNAGE from the Nashville, TN office completed the 32 mile Big Hill Challenge in Watertown, TN on May 14th.



BLAKE THORNLEY attached a photo from the Bay to Breakers 12k race in San Francisco which I ran this morning.  Finished in 1:07:11.  Not my personal best but considering that I did almost zero training for it, I'll take it!



TIM MCMAHON, Senior Account Manager ran the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco  The event was great.  As far as I know we registered more people for this event than any other in Active Endurance history, 55,000+.  We also received exposure as a sponsor at the expo, starting line and mile markers as you can see from a few of the pictures. I think this is about the 10th time I have participated in the event and the 100th Anniversary was by far the best.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined Rich Abend (M&M) and Shannon Iberger (M&M) at the Pasadena Marathon, half, 10k and 5k this past weekend. The event was the culmination of our successful “Couch to 5k” program for the Walt Disney Company Corp Wellness initiative. Despite the extra effort of running through the rain the event drew thousands and 120 Walt Disney “cast members” …many of whom had never participated in an athletic event!!!



SIJEN OLTHOF reports a Great Day for the UW 5K Run/Walk. Special Thanks to Michael Mott, Anthony Owens, Stephen Branstetter, Camarin Flores, Jason Karls, Mike Moronczyk, Matt Wanamaker and the ActiveX kids for helping to support canopy photo: (listed left to right: Jason Karls, Camarin Flores, Matt Wanamaker, Mike Moronczyk, Stephen Branstetter)



RUI ZHANG, SW QA Engineer  (China Class Team). We organized a BBQ event this Saturday to TaiPingYu at QinLing Mountain. Andy Yi (Class dev), Kenny Li (Class dev) with his wife, Tracy Duan (Class dev), Andy Qin(Class tester) drove bus and John Zhang (Class dev), Shanner Kang (Class tester), Vivian Wang (Manager), Eda Zhao (IT) and Rui Zhang (Class tester) rode bicycle to there. We rode 90+KM and 5 hours in total. The weather is good, the landscape is beautiful and the air is very fresh, especially the self-help BBQ is delicious, a very enjoyable day.



JEAN SU, Operations Director sending the first activity report in from Chengdu office:  Eleven team members from Chengdu office joined Chengdu Fun Run 2011 – Charity Run for Oak Orphanage in the morning of May 14.  Bobo Guo (ActiveWorks), Crusoe Xia (ActiveWorks), Ian Jiang (ActiveWorks), Jex Chen (ActiveWorks), Martin Wang (RegOnline), Paul Li (ActiveWorks), Scott Wu (IT Security), Sean Lonergan (ActiveWorks) and Sky Li (ActiveWorks) joined the 10k run. Karen Huang (Admin) and Jean Su (China Operations) joined the 5k run race. We grouped at 5:50 am and went to a hill at south side of Chengdu city for the run. Sky Li was able to keep his record of #1 among our group and Bobo Guo has great potential to win out next time. It was a great morning as you can see what our shoes looked like after a muddy run.

Here is our badminton activity report in from Chengdu office. Arlin Luo (Corporate CIC), Joey Yin (ActiveWorks), Matthew Cox (ActiveWorks) and Jean Su (China Operations) played badminton matches in Chengdu on Sunday afternoon.

The badminton facility had 40 courts with almost 100% usage on courts and it was great fun to join a group of badminton enthusiasts in the facility who enjoy social afternoon via badminton activity.




DAMIAN STAMM, Associate Product Manager.  Last weekend competed in the Devilman "sprint" which was more half-way between a sprint and Olympic with a 20 mile bike and 4.2 mile run.  Overall pretty happy with the results and ended up having a lot more at the end than I thought, so plans are to push harder in the next tri!  Then this weekend tuned up for the upcoming races with a 60 mile bike/4 mile run on Saturday.



BRIAN ENGE, VP Revenue Growth had a truly Active weekend at the Encinitas Sports Festival.  On Saturday the U-12 girls soccer team I coach all participated in the 5k (all registered through Active).  On Sunday I raced the Sprint Tri.  My effort was  good enough for 5th in my age group.  However, that put me at the bottom of the barrel in my house as my son and daughter took first and second in their 5k age groups.  I need to train harder to stay ahead of the kids!



AUSTIN BRAATEN participated in the Haul Ash Ride at Red Hook on Sunday, where riders faced the torrential downpour to ride the 42 miles from Seattle and back.



RODNEY VAN WINCKEL (Product Manager in the Pleasanton, CA Office) and friends went mountain bike riding in Moab, Utah.  Had a great time on some of the best trails in the US!



MICHELLE NIKOLAYEVSKY, Product Specialist in the Boulder office, competed in her first race ever this weekend. She, and four other friends, participated in the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon Relay. Despite the cold and the rain, and even a little bit of snow, the team finished in 4 hours and 46 minutes with a pace of around 10:57 minutes per mile.


RUSS MILHAM, Manager - User Research.  Russ said it worked great!



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (ActiveWorks) went scuba diving with this giant school of fish at Tanner Bank, a seamount 105 miles west of San Diego in the open ocean.


MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) has had a busy couple of weekends.  Last weekend, he spent his entire weekend finishing up his certification to teach yoga.  That meant a brutal 22 thirty-five minute classes in three days.  It's taken a long nine months, with numerous classes at 6 am and 12 hour yoga weekends.  But I am now able to be certified with Yoga Alliance!  During that weekend, he also found the energy to play ultimate Frisbee with the Game of Life, crushing their opponent 15-4.  This weekend, he got in more ultimate frisbee, narrowly losing to Risk 13-12 before time was called.  He drove a couple miles up the road to take part in the opening of the Seattle Bouldering Project, massive bouldering gym.  It'd been three years since he's been climbing … and it showed.  But it was still fun!  Finally, last night the opening of the summer season for Sentinels hockey began successfully, with a 5-1 victory over the Loose Cannons.  That may sound like a blowout, but we only had five shots on goal.  This of course means, they played with no goalie for the entire game.  It was 2-1 after 36 minutes of hockey.  We clearly have some work to do.



DEMIAN DORRANCE made the trip to Mexico for the 32nd annual Rosarito-Ensenada 50-mile Fun Bike Ride.  This was one of the most upbeat events I've seen with costumed riders, roadside cantina stops, a finish line fiesta, and 50 miles of scenic open road through Baja California along the Pacific Ocean and over inland mesas. 'Official' route map goes something like beach, exercise, cerveza, mountain, exercise, margarita, beach, exercise, fiesta, and tequila. Round trip bus packages are available from San Diego including bike truck transport, which I found greatly simplified the logistics of taking a bike over the border and returning after the one-way ride. I finished the ride in 5hrs 43mins, including a leisurely cantina break. Highly recommended as a fun, unique, and non-competitive event.


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