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Running, Riding and Canadian Geese!

Posted by IMVoice on Jul 18, 2011 11:19:49 AM

JON CHRISTOPHER San Diego office did the Vineman 70.3 this Sunday and had a PR of 5:12. Awesome race and great day! Special congratulations to my friend Mike Ellis who did 5:23 at his first 70.3...pretty amazing!



HEATHER LEVINE, Project Coordinator on Sunday worked the aid station for the World Masters Athletics Championships Marathon.  The Track and Field events have been going on in Sacramento for the past 2 weeks.  Athletes from all over the world, ranging in all ages, are participating.  The marathon was on the last day of the championships – about 250 people were participating.  It was pretty awesome to see runners from other countries – we learned how to say “water!” in a few languages!  Also quite inspiring are the many runners over 60…there were a few in their 80s, still going strong.  If you have never worked an aid station you should…it gives you a great perspective of what the volunteers have to do, and it is a lot of fun (and hard work).


DAMIAN STAMM, Product Manager participated in the Sunset Triathlon in Vineland, NJ, doing the sprint race.  Happy with the improvement in pace compare to the same race (different course) two years ago.  The advantage of racing in New Jersey is that it almost makes Iowa look hilly, so it was all out for the entire time.  My bike pace went up by nearly 1 MPH and the run was the best pace this year.  Enjoyed racing it with family and friends where our group pulled in a pair of podiums.


IRIS HERRING, HR Assistant spent the weekend camping at Heart Bar campground on Big Bear Mountain with my family. This picture is of My sister, Janel, and I during a pit-stop while hiking the Wild Horse Trail.



JUSTIN MOSER, Sales Team in Boulder, completed the full course of the Xterra Triathlon over the weekend in Beaver Creek, CO.  The only word to describe the mountainous course is brutal.  I am definitely glad I did not take the advice of another racer in the parking lot to "not wear a wetsuit."  Perfect weather and amazing scenery made this race enjoyable, regardless of the elevation gain.



Greg Schwarzer Sales Manager, Anthony Chiulli Sales, Matt Coffee Sales, and Brian O’Neill Dev (all Boulder office) went on a challenging but fun ride Saturday morning.  Brian strongly representing RegOnline Dev by rocking the 50 plus mile ride in running sneakers and flat platform pedals using a 15 year old steel frame, dude is an animal. The stats are shared in the link and the picture (left to right; Brian, Greg, Greg’s friend Mike, and Matt) is just a bunch of goofballs enjoying the day.



Several members from the Camps team including Mike Moronczyk, Matt Amsden, Greg Clark, Ryan Miller and Austin Braaten, became true warriors when they completed the inaugural Washington Warrior Dash on Saturday, representing Active in proper fashion. Thank you Sijen Olthrof for the support and bringing the Active Banner!  Austin Braaten also participated in the TriRock Olympic Triathlon on Sunday morning, putting her warrior training to use and battling the rainy conditions.



CODY LAMENS - Sunday morning I cheered my wife to the finish of her  first half marathon.  She completed the See Jane Run Seattle half  marathon in 2:09 and achieved both her goals to run the whole thing and  to pace under 10 minute/mile! (Bethany is in the pink shirt). Sunday  afternoon I took on the Seattle Warrior Dash!  If you haven’t done a mud  run/obstacle course race you should find one in your area.  They’re a  lot of fun!  Here are a couple pictures of me jumping over fire, all  muddy after a full on Pete Rose slide into the mud pit, and an after  shot post-race. 




STEPHEN BRANSTETTER, GM of Youth and Education,  participated this weekend in the Chelan Man Olympic Tri. With limited training leading into this race I lucked out with perfect weather and PR’d at this distance with a time of 2:23:46. This was my third Olympic ever but the first time that the temperature hasn’t been over 95 degrees on the run. I finally listened to my friends and ate something on the bike (always feared a side ache) and it turns out that these races are actually really fun when you’re not dying of heat or lack of nutrients.


ART ECKSTROM, Sr Account Executive Educate, DUNCAN JACKSON, VP Sports and SHANNON STEWART, Sr. Sales Manager Sports all ran the WaterHope's 2nd Annual Walk the Walk Jerry Carry 5K in Walnut Creek, CA.  Art shaved 6 minutes off of his previous 5K time, Duncan set a new PR and Shannon finished first out of all the female participants.  A jerry can is a five gallon vessel that is used for water collection in Africa, they are used to carry the water that villagers bathe in, cook with, and drink.  Duncan and Shannon finished the day off by carrying two Jerry Cans full of water 100 yards, the cans were HEAVY!  This might have been tougher than running the 5K!



TOM KEEFE, Senior Manager Client Relations.  Mike here is a more unusual weekend activity…from an Active employee.   I have a company (Canada Goose Management Inc.  at  that removes nuisance  Canada  Geese in MN...and I helped spend the weekend with the crew on a Wild Goose Chase.  Wild Goose Chase Triathlon , requires canoeing, running, capturing and hauling wild Canada geese.   Tom Keefe, Active Senior Account Manager, for Active Outdoors participates in weekend Wild Goose Chase.  Tom helps capture wild Canada geese that pose a public nuisance, health or safety problem.  PS, Tom is older gander with the gray hair assigned by his crew.




JANAY JESPERSEN (Human Resources) and SUZIE RENO (Professional Services) participated in the Legacy Midnight 10k Run in Farmington, Utah. We had a blast staying up way past our bed time and decorating ourselves with glow sticks.



SCOTT YESKE, Sr. Account Manager played in a Hockey tournament this past weekend called "Beat the Heat".  It was a 3 on 3 tournament held at the Ice Chalet in Palos Verdes, CA.  My team "Thirsty Niners" got to the Championship game only to lose in the final 6-4.  We did beat teams that included some NHL Pro Hockey Players including George Parros from the Anaheim Ducks and Richard Park from NY Islanders.







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