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On Saturday MATT COFFEE and ANTHONY CHIULLI (both Event Sales) toured from Dillon to Breckenridge to Frisco then back to Dillon, approx. 40 miles at around 9,000 feet.  We sampled the swan mountain section of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge which was a crazy scene at 10AM  After we met up with Blair Matthews (Events Lead Gen Team) to help us with the beer and set up the Active 10x10 (thanks to Arch and Sijen for hooking it up).  I knew the pros rode fast but to experience the peloton pushing to catch the break away in person was unreal.



KERRI MARK, Account Manager/Events in the Boulder office, along with her friends, summited Longs Peak, a Colorado 14er on Saturday morning at 7:30 am.  A gorgeous, bluebird day filled with both mental and physical challenges: 10 hrs, 14 miles, reaching 14,259 ft. Another item on the bucket list crossed off!



ALLEN HORAK - Director, Mergers & Acquisitions (Dallas) and friends braved the 108 degree Texas heat to finish the 103 mile (aptly named)  "Hotter 'N Hell Hundred"  in Wichita Falls. The 30th annual event drew over 13,000 riders, despite record heat waves in Texas this summer.



MEGAN HOLLSTEDT, Creative Lead with some friends did a 14km return up to Eagle Ridge in Port Moody. Great views of the entire lower mainland from the top was our reward for a 1,000m climb. Also happening in Burnaby tonight and tomorrow, our office co-ed hockey team is playing in a Breast Cancer fundraiser tournament. Folks are welcome to come out and show their support, puck drops at 6pm at 8-rinks in Burnaby. So far we've raised $1,240 to go towards cancer research. Secure online donations can be contributed at this link, we appreciate all the support we can get:

Megan Hollstedt - Eagle Ridge Hike.jpg


MIKE REILLY at the start of Ironman Louisville with the official bugler of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.  He started the morning with “My Old Kentucky Home”



CHARLES GARDINER, Software Engineer Bothell.  This weekend Jenny, my wife, and I hiked into the Wenatchee National Forrest.  Nine miles later, we arrived at Kodak Peak.   We survived head high weeds, man eating flies, and menacing ground hogs.  The views were amazing.



Frank Brown, Account Executive San Diego just got back from 8 days in Fiji surfing Cloudbreak and the other reefs around Tavarua.  Although we missed a big swell, the waves ranged from waist high to a couple feet overhead and were super fun.  Thanks to ActiveX and all the triathlon training, I was able to put in between 4-8 hours in the water everyday.  I’m happy to be home with the batteries fully recharged, and with a renewed appreciation for how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family, to live in San Diego, and to work for a phenomenal company like Active!



JUSTIN GRITZMACHER reports over the weekend the Boulder office had the first of its Charity Challenge Events. Kyle Rose, Gina Puzo and Justin Gritzmacher signed up for the Denver ½ Oyster Race. Basically a local version of the Amazing Race….but only bikes and feet were allowed and modes of transportation. After about 10 miles of running (which included an extra 2 miles because there was some confusion as to where to proceed…most likely our fault…but we’ll blame a faulty clue) and 8 miles of biking the Active Team Finished first in the it’s division with a time of 2 hours 39 minutes. Obstacles included tasks such as square dancing….a swimming relay….and kissing a dog! We had a great time and all while helping “Activities Inspired Rehabilitation, Inc.” (Our selected charity)…and we can’t wait to use our prize of free entry to next year’s race to attempt the Full Oyster!



Jim Garfield (M&M) joined his brother Craig and his 13yo nephew Ezra in the Chicago Triathlon this weekend. The windy city lived up to its name with serious wind and chop in Lake Michigan. Over 10,000 people competed over the weekend…including over 1000 under 13 yo kids in the kids race Saturday.  We all had a blast doing it… a family that races together stays together I think….and Ezra even won the under 14 division! 



ERIC OLSON, GM SMB Events, went on a beautiful road bike in Penticton BC, finished by a 26.2 mile ride on the IMCA run course supporting fiancé Mary Beth Ellis in her 3rd IM win in 8 weeks on a blazing hot day.



Reported two weekend warriors events from Xi’an - ERIC MA (Marketing Analyst) from Xi’an, China –

On Saturday, ActiveX Soccer team started the first match of the 2011 Xi’an Software Park Soccer League. Well performed by the boys, not a satisfied result but really awesome stats from the match, coming up should be with two easy matches, the team needs play harder to make though to the next round! Busy soccer month in Sep!  On Sunday, ERIC MA took a 118KM challenge ride with COLIN LI(Associate Manager, IT), EDA ZHAO (Config/Release Engineer, IT), WESLEY WANG (Dev, ACR), RUI ZHANG (QA, CLASS), SHANER KANG (QA, CLASS)(SHANER WAS THE 1ST FEMALE CHANGED THIS ROUTE!) to the Summit of Mt. Qinling. It was the most difficult riding route in Xi’an, which contained a 35KM continuous uphill and climbed 2,297 meters, it’s a milestone for the local amateur cyclists, they trained hard, played hard, and finally conquered the Summit with a great determination, thanks to ActiveX to continuously making people’s dream come true!



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) decided Friday night would be a great time to try out rollerblading home on the Burke Gilman trail.  Things were going reasonably well and would've been fine if it weren't for the summer of construction that forced him onto a nice, lengthy uphill climb.  Eventually a tiny little rock that looked surprisingly like an ejector seat got stuck on a wheel and the excursion had to be cut short.  Eventually he figured out the best way to get some leverage and get the rock out and the trek could continue.  All in all, a decent nine miles of rollerblading instead of the full twenty.  Something has to keep him ready for hockey …


Whitney Montoya, Account Manager participated in Saturday’s Iron Girl Triathlon in Boulder, CO at the Boulder Res.  The race consisted of a 400 meter swim, 17.5 mile bike and 5k run.  It was my first triathlon, but certainly not my last.  I had such a great time and am looking forward to the next challenge!



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BLAIR MATTHEW’S Lead Generation Team, Boulder office and Sara Duke his girlfriend took on the challenge of Long’s Peak near Estes Park,  this Saturday morning.  They made it to the summit of 14,259 feet and it was a very long and grueling trek but very much worth the effort.  Starting a little after 2 a.m. in the morning, they reached the summit about 11 a.m. after climbing over boulders, near vertical climbing, and exerting nearly every ounce of stamina to make it there.  But Wow!  As for this picture, this was taken as the sun just started to appear over the horizon, with the “Twin Sister” mountains in the background.  Roughly 5:30 am.



CAILIN LYNAM, Account Coordinator is a brand new Active team member one week.  She ran the America’s Finest City AFC 1/2 marathon in San Diego this weekend in 1:39.. a personal best J 7th in my age group and 85th woman overall


SHANNON WINEMAN (PM San Diego) ran the America’s Finest City (AFC) Half Marathon this weekend. Finishing this race also allowed her to take home an even bigger medal – the Triple Crown! This is awarded to those runners who complete each of the three main San Diego Half Marathons in a calendar year, Carlsbad Half, La Jolla Half and AFC. Yahoo!



LAURIE PANI, Marketing Mgr did the AFC ½ Marathon yesterday.  Last of the Triple Crown Series.  Great course but the long, steady incline at the end killed the PR I was shooting for.  Missed it by 25 seconds but still managed a 1:47 time.  Great run that I look forward to doing again.



DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Administrator, San Diego ran a new personal best distance this weekend in the America's Finest City Half Marathon.  My previous longest run was 9 miles, so I was happy to finish 13.1 miles well before the 3.5 hour cutoff with a time of 03:06:24.


ANITA STEWERT, Project Manager Events went to the Adirondacks in NY this  weekend to camp and hike with friends.  We climbed Catamount Mtn on  Saturday.  Although not one of ADK46 (peak over 4000'), it is a great  climb –distance is 2 miles with 1500' elevation gain, but the views are  great and the last 1/2 is all rock scrambling.  We love this kind of  hiking- in the open with great views.



DENISE KENDRICK and a few friends participated in the America’s Finest City Half Marathon this Sunday.  It was my very first half marathon.  I was amazed in how many people were there.  Awesome experience!



JAMIE HAAF, Senior Technical Analyst reports the Burnaby Active Warriors slo pitch team finished off a great first season this weekend placing 5th in the year end tournament.  Our wins were due to great catches by Mark Dos Santos, Chris Hall, Asher Squire and Devin Carrier in the field; wonderful pitching by Mike Sproule and John Paleshnuik; clutch hits by Anita Mattice,  Christine Ramage and Charlene Jackson; speedy base running by Mat Leroux; strong infield plays by Michael Baldwin, Jamie Haaf and Andrew Chau.  Can’t wait for next season!



This weekend AMBER MARTIN hiked half dome for the 3rd time. It doesn’t get any less scary on those cables. It was a great 4 days of camping with her boyfriend and friends. The best part was no cell phone or internet service for 4 days!



This weekend JEFF STRNAD AND STEVE MAZZA in the San Diego office rode to the top of South Fortuna Mtn in Mission Trails Regional Park. Killer views!  As you can see by the picture it must have been a mouth opening ride!



JOHN MARTINEZ and TIM WOOD completed the Surftown Duathlon in Imperial Beach, CA.  It was our second of the year and of our lives.  From my perspective, the coolest part of the day was running into Tim at the race.  I had never met Tim before, but now we share a common bond.  Great part of being an Active employee and inspired by the ActiveX program – it has changed my life.

DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Administrator, San Diego.  Ran a new personal best distance this weekend in the America's Finest City Half Marathon.  My previous longest run was 9 miles, so I was happy to finish 13.1 miles well before the 3.5 hour cutoff with a time of 03:06:24.



Ashley Ellis, Account Executive Swimming.  This weekend swam in the Optimus Distance Swim Challenge in Venice Beach, CA.  One of my best friends flew out from Philadelphia to also compete in the 1.2 mile race.  We both came in 1st in our age group division where I also came in 12th overall for men and women.



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Senior Account Manager (San Diego), owes some serious gratitude to two of our own and some friends outside of Active as well.  For his birthday, he decided to do a private 70.3.  Ashley Peters got him started with the 1.2 mile ocean swim, three of his other friends supported him on the ride and Bryan Pavin made sure he finished the full 13.1 mile run.  Couldn’t have done it without those folks.



From Utah office COREY NENOV (wife of Ivan Nenov- Professional Services), SUZIE RENO (Professional Services), and JANAY JESPERSEN (Human Resources) spent Saturday morning getting dirty in the “Kiss Me Dirty” 5k mud run. Proceeds went to the Gynecological Cancer Research Foundation.



GAUTAM DOGRA, Sr. Release Coordinator ran first event last weekend: the AFC Half. Fact: Wearing an active shirt makes you go faster! Haaa… someone actually tapped me on the elbow and said "come on Active… you guys are pros!", which I did find motivating. Definitely a bit surreal running in the midst of thousands of others. Good experience. Will have to see about doing another one soon.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) finished his season with Donkeypower, beating Octave 15-9.  Made some great catches including a diving catch in the end zone that was a bit abrasive on the knee.  But no pain no gain!  He also became the assistant captain for the Sentinels for the upcoming winter season.  Who knows if that's a good thing!


TIFFANY SAIBIL hiked/ran while catching up with a friend in the Alps (which explains why we are squeezing in side by side on the single track). Enjoying the trails before thousands of people are there for the North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.



JEN ROMINE, Account Manager - Endurance, ran the AFC Half Marathon on Sunday in 2:02 to complete the 2011 triple crown which is the Carlsbad ½ marathon in January and the La Jolla ½ in April.

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Summertime Active Fun

Posted by IMVoice Aug 15, 2011

JEANNIE FREIS on Sunday with boyfriend waded thru waist high water, climbed numerous rope ladders, chain link fences, metal and wooden walls, climbed through and slid down inflatable objects, ran, biked and finished crawling through a mud pit at the Muddy Buddy.  Mark Plaatjes (former [2:08] pro marathoner and owner, Boulder Running Company) was a couple feet ahead of us in the mud pit.  Upon emerging from the mud I told my boyfriend, Kelly Feagans, "quick, run fast to the finish - this is the only chance we'll ever get to outsprint Mark!" My kids and I navigated the mud pit a 2nd time in the Mini Muddy Buddy.  We also met The Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, who told me he has a bunch of friends over at Active in San Diego.



LARS NORDHILD RONNING, Senior Director Business Development (EMEA).  Yesterday (Sun 14 Aug) I did the Challenge Copenhagen. It was a great day! Personal best of 10.43 - an improvement of 50 minutes compared with Lanzarote, despite a slow swim (1.16) and - as expected - a long and slow "diesel engine" run (4.16). I came in as #28 out of 164 starters in my age group (AG). But more impressive is that I had the 4th fastest bike split in my AG (5.02). It was also the Danish National Championships - In my AG I came in as #15 overall our of 130 starters and #3 on the bike. See the photo where my mom and kids run with me to the finish line; they had a blast - and I was very proud crossing the line with them again.



JACK SIEGMAN, Technical Account Manager this weekend competed in Spin Your Wheels, a bicycle tour benefiting The Children’s Center.  The race started in Bethany, OK and traveled down the Historic Route 66.  This was my first official race, just a few months after purchasing my bike using the Employee Bike Purchase Program (thanks Arch!).  The courses ranged in distance from 12 to 100 miles.  I chose the 27 mile track and finished in 1 hour and 44 minutes, 16 minutes under my goal….



DAK JORDAN (Events) ran the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon with 20,000 other runners.  Bethany Dominick (formerly at Active) helped put on the event for the Competitor Group.



ERIC OLSON, GM Events SMB, did Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 this weekend. No one told me Washington had so many hills. It was not a banner day and far from a PR. But, it was fun as always and it was great to see other Active folks out on the course kicking butt!


MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) had a rough weekend in league sports.  Donkeypower lost to Baker's dozen in its latest playoff game on Friday night, 15-4.  It didn't help that the opposing team was led by someone from the Seattle Sockeyes, runner ups in last year's ultimate frisbee world championships…  This leaves the team 0-3 in the playoffs.  Ouch.  But one more game to go out on a high note!  On Sunday night, the Sentinels opened and closed the books on its summer hockey season, losing to the Loose Cannons 5-2.  He did manage to score the team's last goal of the season on a completely intentional (I swear) tip in from a shot off the point (or was it a pass?).  If only that didn't make him –3 for the game.  He also figured out that getting hit by a puck can hurt a little.  Now it's a little bit of a break so he can train for Ragnar! 


BRANDON RICH – Business Analyst – Draper Utah Office. On Saturday with my sister hiking to the top of the north peak of mount Nebo.  It has been on my list for a long time, so it was great to finally check that one off.  It was a little less than 5 miles to the top, and is only the 45th highest peak in Utah at 11,928’, but a great climb none the less, and an amazing day to do it.



JUSTIN MOSER, Lead Gen -Boulder, contemplates life atop Mt. Blanca, one Colorado's 14ers in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, on Saturday.



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Account Executive competed in the Lake Stevens 70.3 Ironman Triathlon on Sunday, battling 4 flat tires and too many hills! Pictured with her dad an Ironman finisher.



Melanie Wiviott (Application Specialist- Bothell) has been enjoying the sun (finally) in Washington!  She enjoyed last weekend in Camano Island, crabbing, fishing, kayaking and trying Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the first time!!!



KRISTI GARCIA, VOIP Engineer Sacramento did her first Olympic Distance Tri at Folsom Lake.  It was a beautiful day.  Definitely plan to sign up for another one!!



DANIEL LI reports Active Agents finished summer season at Burnaby Ultimate League with historical best record of second place.  As a cooperate team the agents have quite some new players each year and experience level has always been a challenge. The challenge was beaten by the astounding enthusiasm, surprising talent and growth, and consistence and commitment brought out by the agents this year. They not only achieved best historical performance in regular season game winning one third of the games but also defeated the #1 team in the play-off and took away the second place as a black horse.

Here is the roaster of this season.


Position in Active

Role in team

Team photo, Front row, L to R

Doug Johnson

Senior Manager, Activeworks

The “head/organizer”, the best handler of   the team. Free coaching resource.

Rai-Anne Dulat

Upgrades Project Lead, Tech Support

The best female defender who always gives   opponent’s sole female player a headache. A tough catcher too.

Shannon Mah

Senior Client Application Specialist, SW   Cust Support

“Fast and furious” striker. Best female   scorer of the team!

Team photo, Back row, L to R

John Kadota

Software Manager, Active International

“Sticky hands” and “tireless cutter”.

Daniel Li

Software Engineer, Active Works

“Disk destroyer” who knocks down disc very   hard during defending

Andy Guo

Software Engineer, Activeworks

Frequent scorer, good jumper and great   commitment. One of the strongest “new blood” of the team.

Raymond Lei

Senior Software Engineer, Activeworks

Striker and cutter. Great commitment   throughout the years.

Important agents in Active missing from the   team photo

Jim Cruickshan (individual picture)

Associate Product Manager, Class

Most reliable old member (male) that you   could expect wherever badly needed: cutter, handler or striker, he can be all

Ophelia Chan

Software QA Engineer, Activeworks

Striker. Consistent supporter of active   agents all the time.

Carol Zhang

Software QA Engineer, ACM

“Behind the glory”: Although showed up only   3 times, she freed the captain from baby-care-taking.

Special agents from Active relatives   missing from the team photo

Lisa Dhir

Wife of Vishal Dhir (Marketing)

Most reliable old member (female). Same as   Jim, foundation of the agents.

Rick Dulat

Husband of Rai-Anne

The other strongest “new blood” of the   team. “17th-taker”: the scorer of universal point of two 17-16   nerve-racking game.

Sharon and Lingyan

Daughter of Doreen Xue (and her friend)

Young legs, great devotion and best   potential!


The agents are hoping to get old members back from renovations, weddings, babies, injuries and hockey leagues and etc: David Zeigler, Carl Lin, Owen Liu, Vishal Dhir, Megan Hollstedt and etc.



PAUL MCLURE, Account Mgr. and family went camping in the Big Sur area of Northern California from Thursday to Sunday.  We did a few hikes each day with the highlight on Saturday when our 6 year old daughter Lily spotted a family of 3 mountain lions across the canyon getting a drink of water at the stream.  I was a little slow with my camera but if you look close you can see one of the mountain lions going back up the hill.




Shelby Abernathy (Quality Assurance Engineer), Mike O’Brien (Desktop Support II), and LeeJayne Stone (Business Analyst) from the Nashville office enjoyed rock climbing on Sunday.




TODD PREECE ran to the summit of El Cajon Mountain in San Diego.  10-mile round trip and 3000 ft of ascent over some particularly vicious trail, where the downhill may actually be worse than the uphill sections. The trail is primarily a hiking destination for backpackers training for larger climbs and Todd got more than one comment about "being insane" from hikers he met along the way.  They were right, it was crazy, and Advil is his friend today.



Liz Harrell, Director - Project Management reports on Sunday morning, 6 Active Peeps, 1 former Activite and 1 “Friend of Active” took the train up to San Juan Capistrano, then rode their bikes down the coast back to Solana Beach.  We kicked off the ride with an awesome pancake breakfast, enjoyed our leisurely trip up the coast on the train, felt sorry for the one guy sitting in our section.  (He wasn’t wearing any lycra)  The ride down the coast was beautiful.  We met up with two other folks on our way down, bringing our party to 10.  We did stop to gaze at the Cardiff Kook.  After our 48 mile trek, we refueled (some even retoxed) with pizza and beer.  During our gorge-fest we were joined by additional Active folks.  Such an amazing day, shared with amazing people!  The cast of riders: Bryan Pavin, Liz Harrell, Michelle Nation, Megan Duvall, Jeremy Spitzberg, Valerie Prestidge, Jamie Williams and Hal Helbock.



Jim Garfield (M&M) traveled to Leadville, CO to cheer and support competitors at the famous Leadville 100 Mile Race Across The Sky. I got an exclusive pre-race interview with World Champion Rebecca Rusch before her record time setting win and record setting 3-Peet championship of the race (7:31 for rugged 100 miles with 12,500 of altitude)which will be appearing in our content soon.  Additionally,  I was able to ride with the professional Herbalife 24 team, human lungs they were, for a pre-ride of part of the course. If you are into mountain biking….this event should be on your bucket list!


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Blair Matthews from the Boulder office on a warm up run making a few turns.  He completed the slalom course three times in a row hitting all the buoys each time!  He was skiing at Lake Loveland in Loveland, Colorado.



Mud, sweat, and beers!


BURNABY WARRIORS, Tracy Vezina, Scott Friesen, Matthew Cox, Bardya Ariana, Irene Coghlan and Taelor Leinss took part in the Warrior Dash in Whistler, BC on Saturday August 6th. The sun was splitting the rocks and with a steep uphill start to the race, the Warriors battled against a tough five 5k course which snaked around the Whistler-Blackcomb Tube Park and included trail-running, wall climbs and ankle-wrenching downhill descents. It was not an easy race to say the least but the Active Warriors battled it out and with beers and bananas in-hand afterwards, enjoyed the triumph of conquering the hellish course!  Tracy commented “When we started up that ski hill, all that went through my head was ‘what was I thinking?!’ and by the end I was ready to sign up for next year!  It took me 1:01:31.  Not last in my 40-44 age group but certainly not first.  Can’t wait for Warrior Dash 2012!” Click here to view a 90 second head-cam view of the race.





On Saturday, BURT REPINE and TOBY GUILLETTE "hiked" Mt. Williamson (14,389"), the 2nd highest peak in CA. We covered 31 miles with 11,000' of elevation gain during our 19-hour car-to-car effort. It was far from easy, but worth every moment for views like these: 360 video from the summit:



Justin Moser, Lead Gen Boulder, completed the 70.3 in Boulder on Sunday.  Overall this was a fantastic race, although temps got into the 90’s during the shade-less run.  I finished in 5:36, in my second road tri ever.


MATT CONDIE, Software Developer Draper, Utah took a group of scouts on a 25 mile backpacking trip into Coyote Gulch, near Escalante, Utah. The hike through the desert to get into the canyon was a test in water rationing, but the views from the canyon were worth it.



PATTI ROSENTHAL, Industry Manager, Cycling Durango, CO went on an epic mtn bike trip in Crested Butte over the weekend with a bunch friends from Durango.  Did the classic 401 Trail which starts at 10,707 feet & keeps climbing to the top & then pretty much downhill through waist-high wildflowers (15 mile loop).  Camped at the Washington Gulch campgrounds located on Gothic Road about 5 miles from the trailhead.  Also did the Snodgrass trail closer to town & hit the Arts Festival after.  Weather was fabulous - good times!


ANTHONY VALENTINO and JON CHRISTOPHER took the train up to Newport Beach, CA and rode their two wheeled steeds back down the 101 to San Diego. Below is one of the stops they made at Seaside Market where Anthony Valentino posed as the Cardiff Kook!.



Jim Garfield (M&M) had a great racing weekend in NYC. Friday was the infamous New York City Underwear Run (check out report and pictures at Hundreds of NYC Triathlete’s, runner’s and “other’s” legally dropped their drawers to run in this world record event.  The event is a pre-race ritual to the iconic New York City Triathlon held later that weekend. I joined thousands of other Triathletes including Active’s Brinlea Johnson in braving 90% humidity and Hudson pollution to battle the new WTC 5150 race.  I even got to congratulate 3-peet winner Rebecca Wassner and her pro-triathlete twin sister Laurel at the finish line.

nyctri.jpgIMG_4976 JIMBrin.JPG


CRAIG MOTZ, Manager Online Media Sales.  Over the past 6 months I’ve been an assistant coach to training 500 NYC Team In Training athletes for the NYC Nautica Triathlon that was held this past weekend.  In addition to coaching I was able to participate in the Olympic Distance triathlon in my hometown.  Even though mother nature didn’t play fair with a choppy swim in the Hudson River (not as disgusting as one might think), a wet bike ride along the West Side Highway then a sweltering hot run through Central Park I was able to finish.  It was an incredible race in which I enjoyed participating in and watching the TNT athletes, for many it was their first triathlon, cross the finish line!



PAUL HOMER, Sales Enablement Manager spent the last three weeks backpacking with friends through Europe.  Not exactly a specific weekend event but with the combination of carrying a 40lb. pack, many cycling/walking sightseeing adventures, teaching ActiveX workouts to my Danish friends, and a few international tennis rivalries it was quite the workout.  Cities visited: Copenhagen, Aalborg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Barcelona, Madrid, Estepona, Grenada and Gibraltar.






JENNIFER CENEDELLA, Enterprise Account Manager here are pictures from this weekend’s road ride  by 4 Active employees: Copper Triangle in Copper Mountain, Colorado. 5,900’ climbing, 78 miles, 3 mountain passes. From left in first pic: Anthony Chiulli aka The Diesel (Mid Market events), Tiffany Brisette (friend), Jen Cenedella (Enterprise Events), Greg Schwarzer (Mid Market Events), Matt Coffee (Mid Market Events) The last picture includes Greg’s son Ty at the finish line! Wish you rode with us too!


TREY GORMAN, BRETT BURCH (Development, Boulder) and several others in the Boulder office who will be reporting in separately rode the Copper Triangle on Saturday.  The ride took us over 3 mountain passes for 6000’ of climbing in a 79 mile loop.


MATTHEW HENRY and JOEL WERDELL (Bothell, WA) and LARRY DOUGLAS (San Diego, CA) from the ActiveWorks Swimming group descended upon Auburn University for the 2011 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer Nationals.  Everyone had a great time and learned a ton about Masters swimming.  We got to meet and show off some of Active's new swimming products to Misty Hyman (Gold medalist in the 200 Fly at Sydney) as well as watch 95-year-old Anne Dunivin compete in eight events.  Definitely one of the most impressive and inspiring things about the meet. 


Unfortunately, Auburn has had its share of poor fan-ship (see picture of Toomer's Corner) so that made it even harder for us to do bleacher runs in their football stadium.  Maybe next time!







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VINCE COTRONEO, Desktop Support II Bothell, WA took a trip out to Homer Alaska to visit family and went sea kayaking in Halibut Cove.  Pictured is me with my sister Erin Neisinger.  The weather was great all week as it was in the upper 60’s and very little rain.  Halibut Fishing outside of Homer Alaska with my wife (Rebecca Hoffman), it was another great day outside and we caught our limit.



JASON KARLSs (UX Lead ActiveWorks) completed an epic two day ride (130 mi) from Mukilteo (sea level) to Hurricane Ridge (5,242'). Did the ride with my sister and brother in law visiting from MA. Amazing route and climb with two ferry rides and one heck of a descent! Topped the weekend off with a 50th anniversary party - congrats Mom & Dad!



MICHELLE NIKOLAYEVSKY, Product Specialist reported 11 Active employees from the Boulder office ran in the Freeman Myre 5K Corporate Challenge last week. We participated for the second year in a row, and ended up taking some of the top spots. Our women’s team took an impressive third, while the two men’s teams placed in the top 10.  We had a great time and wrapped up just in time to beat the lightning!



BROOKE KIRKPATRICK, Account Manager.  It was a double 14er (Colorado 14,000 foot peaks) weekend!  I climbed Mt. Sherman with a group of friends on Saturday which seemed like a stroll in a park!  Yesterday, I climbed Mt. Tabeguache which was a bit more challenging of a mountain, but fun.  There was no trail and we were the only group climbing it, so it forced me to bring back some navigation skills.  Great weekend for hiking!!



ANTHONY CHIULLI, New Account Specialist.  The Boulder office took part in the 2nd Annual Tour De Pub on Friday, visiting local Colorado Breweries over the course of a few hours, covering over 8 miles of grueling terrain. Ten riders started this legendary ride, but only 5 made it to the last brewery. The best dressed young rider award was swept by Anthony Chiulli, taking all of the intermediate best dressed sprints and donning the coveted plaid bath robe and Kate Plus 8 wig as champion. Other riders included Ali McGrath, Katie Nelson, Blair Matthews, Jen Napoli, Rebecca Zent, Steve D’Ambrosia, Brianne Fite, and Justin Moser.



JEFF MCHUGH, Account Mgr Sunday went on a 5 mile hike to Tumalo Falls (97 ft. high) just outside of Bend, Oregon and continued through the park to see other scenic waterfalls.  It was a beautiful morning and good quality time with friends and family.



JUSTIN MOSER (white shirt, sunglasses, middle) of the Lead Gen Team in Boulder, joined a pack of 12 “Honey Badgers” to run the 195 mile “Epic Relay” from Colorado Springs to Crested Butte.  Team “BA Honey Badgers”  finished 3rd in the mixed division, clocking in just under 30 hours of epic running.  Extreme heat, extreme elevations, and streakers through down town Salida couldn’t stop these “Honey Badgers,” the most feared animal in the animal kingdom.



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Account Executive Active Camps volunteered and rode in the Seattle Century Ride on Saturday, biking around Lake Washington in the beautiful weather.



ERIC MA (Market Analyst – Product Marketing Lead) did an amazing hiking in the rain with COLIN LI(Associate Manager, IT), MARTIN ZHU and SUSIE HOU (Administrative Assistant), it was a great day since no one would try walking in the Mt. Qinlin on a raining day either with umbrella or in raincoat, but they made full use of this chance to explore a new trail for the upcoming two-day hiking.

BTW, both Xi’an and Chengdu 2011 Employee Day run count down now begins, there will be a lot of trainings start in the two offices among our employees, can’t wait to Arch and other Xguests visiting China office again in September!



MICHELLE NATION (Product Manager, San Diego):  I got to ride the 172 mile Tour de Park City Gran Fondo with my sister on Saturday.  We enjoyed near perfect weather and gorgeous scenery as we rode through Utah and Wyoming.  The lower oxygen at high altitude was definitely a struggle for me, but all in all it was a fantastic day on the bike!



CHARLES GARDINER , Software Engineer Bothel ran with his wife and finished the White River 50 in CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, WA, a 50 mile trail run.  It was fun.


Jim Garfield (M&M) took a new ‘tack’  and learned how to sail this weekend. It was a fantastic day of perfect wind and temperature, and a welcome relief from the swim, bike, run of most weekends. That being said…I have a new appreciation for Americas Cup athlete’s….it is really hard!


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