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Summertime Active Fun

Posted by IMVoice Aug 15, 2011

JEANNIE FREIS on Sunday with boyfriend waded thru waist high water, climbed numerous rope ladders, chain link fences, metal and wooden walls, climbed through and slid down inflatable objects, ran, biked and finished crawling through a mud pit at the Muddy Buddy.  Mark Plaatjes (former [2:08] pro marathoner and owner, Boulder Running Company) was a couple feet ahead of us in the mud pit.  Upon emerging from the mud I told my boyfriend, Kelly Feagans, "quick, run fast to the finish - this is the only chance we'll ever get to outsprint Mark!" My kids and I navigated the mud pit a 2nd time in the Mini Muddy Buddy.  We also met The Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, who told me he has a bunch of friends over at Active in San Diego.



LARS NORDHILD RONNING, Senior Director Business Development (EMEA).  Yesterday (Sun 14 Aug) I did the Challenge Copenhagen. It was a great day! Personal best of 10.43 - an improvement of 50 minutes compared with Lanzarote, despite a slow swim (1.16) and - as expected - a long and slow "diesel engine" run (4.16). I came in as #28 out of 164 starters in my age group (AG). But more impressive is that I had the 4th fastest bike split in my AG (5.02). It was also the Danish National Championships - In my AG I came in as #15 overall our of 130 starters and #3 on the bike. See the photo where my mom and kids run with me to the finish line; they had a blast - and I was very proud crossing the line with them again.



JACK SIEGMAN, Technical Account Manager this weekend competed in Spin Your Wheels, a bicycle tour benefiting The Children’s Center.  The race started in Bethany, OK and traveled down the Historic Route 66.  This was my first official race, just a few months after purchasing my bike using the Employee Bike Purchase Program (thanks Arch!).  The courses ranged in distance from 12 to 100 miles.  I chose the 27 mile track and finished in 1 hour and 44 minutes, 16 minutes under my goal….



DAK JORDAN (Events) ran the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon with 20,000 other runners.  Bethany Dominick (formerly at Active) helped put on the event for the Competitor Group.



ERIC OLSON, GM Events SMB, did Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 this weekend. No one told me Washington had so many hills. It was not a banner day and far from a PR. But, it was fun as always and it was great to see other Active folks out on the course kicking butt!


MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) had a rough weekend in league sports.  Donkeypower lost to Baker's dozen in its latest playoff game on Friday night, 15-4.  It didn't help that the opposing team was led by someone from the Seattle Sockeyes, runner ups in last year's ultimate frisbee world championships…  This leaves the team 0-3 in the playoffs.  Ouch.  But one more game to go out on a high note!  On Sunday night, the Sentinels opened and closed the books on its summer hockey season, losing to the Loose Cannons 5-2.  He did manage to score the team's last goal of the season on a completely intentional (I swear) tip in from a shot off the point (or was it a pass?).  If only that didn't make him –3 for the game.  He also figured out that getting hit by a puck can hurt a little.  Now it's a little bit of a break so he can train for Ragnar! 


BRANDON RICH – Business Analyst – Draper Utah Office. On Saturday with my sister hiking to the top of the north peak of mount Nebo.  It has been on my list for a long time, so it was great to finally check that one off.  It was a little less than 5 miles to the top, and is only the 45th highest peak in Utah at 11,928’, but a great climb none the less, and an amazing day to do it.



JUSTIN MOSER, Lead Gen -Boulder, contemplates life atop Mt. Blanca, one Colorado's 14ers in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, on Saturday.



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Account Executive competed in the Lake Stevens 70.3 Ironman Triathlon on Sunday, battling 4 flat tires and too many hills! Pictured with her dad an Ironman finisher.



Melanie Wiviott (Application Specialist- Bothell) has been enjoying the sun (finally) in Washington!  She enjoyed last weekend in Camano Island, crabbing, fishing, kayaking and trying Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the first time!!!



KRISTI GARCIA, VOIP Engineer Sacramento did her first Olympic Distance Tri at Folsom Lake.  It was a beautiful day.  Definitely plan to sign up for another one!!



DANIEL LI reports Active Agents finished summer season at Burnaby Ultimate League with historical best record of second place.  As a cooperate team the agents have quite some new players each year and experience level has always been a challenge. The challenge was beaten by the astounding enthusiasm, surprising talent and growth, and consistence and commitment brought out by the agents this year. They not only achieved best historical performance in regular season game winning one third of the games but also defeated the #1 team in the play-off and took away the second place as a black horse.

Here is the roaster of this season.


Position in Active

Role in team

Team photo, Front row, L to R

Doug Johnson

Senior Manager, Activeworks

The “head/organizer”, the best handler of   the team. Free coaching resource.

Rai-Anne Dulat

Upgrades Project Lead, Tech Support

The best female defender who always gives   opponent’s sole female player a headache. A tough catcher too.

Shannon Mah

Senior Client Application Specialist, SW   Cust Support

“Fast and furious” striker. Best female   scorer of the team!

Team photo, Back row, L to R

John Kadota

Software Manager, Active International

“Sticky hands” and “tireless cutter”.

Daniel Li

Software Engineer, Active Works

“Disk destroyer” who knocks down disc very   hard during defending

Andy Guo

Software Engineer, Activeworks

Frequent scorer, good jumper and great   commitment. One of the strongest “new blood” of the team.

Raymond Lei

Senior Software Engineer, Activeworks

Striker and cutter. Great commitment   throughout the years.

Important agents in Active missing from the   team photo

Jim Cruickshan (individual picture)

Associate Product Manager, Class

Most reliable old member (male) that you   could expect wherever badly needed: cutter, handler or striker, he can be all

Ophelia Chan

Software QA Engineer, Activeworks

Striker. Consistent supporter of active   agents all the time.

Carol Zhang

Software QA Engineer, ACM

“Behind the glory”: Although showed up only   3 times, she freed the captain from baby-care-taking.

Special agents from Active relatives   missing from the team photo

Lisa Dhir

Wife of Vishal Dhir (Marketing)

Most reliable old member (female). Same as   Jim, foundation of the agents.

Rick Dulat

Husband of Rai-Anne

The other strongest “new blood” of the   team. “17th-taker”: the scorer of universal point of two 17-16   nerve-racking game.

Sharon and Lingyan

Daughter of Doreen Xue (and her friend)

Young legs, great devotion and best   potential!


The agents are hoping to get old members back from renovations, weddings, babies, injuries and hockey leagues and etc: David Zeigler, Carl Lin, Owen Liu, Vishal Dhir, Megan Hollstedt and etc.



PAUL MCLURE, Account Mgr. and family went camping in the Big Sur area of Northern California from Thursday to Sunday.  We did a few hikes each day with the highlight on Saturday when our 6 year old daughter Lily spotted a family of 3 mountain lions across the canyon getting a drink of water at the stream.  I was a little slow with my camera but if you look close you can see one of the mountain lions going back up the hill.




Shelby Abernathy (Quality Assurance Engineer), Mike O’Brien (Desktop Support II), and LeeJayne Stone (Business Analyst) from the Nashville office enjoyed rock climbing on Sunday.




TODD PREECE ran to the summit of El Cajon Mountain in San Diego.  10-mile round trip and 3000 ft of ascent over some particularly vicious trail, where the downhill may actually be worse than the uphill sections. The trail is primarily a hiking destination for backpackers training for larger climbs and Todd got more than one comment about "being insane" from hikers he met along the way.  They were right, it was crazy, and Advil is his friend today.



Liz Harrell, Director - Project Management reports on Sunday morning, 6 Active Peeps, 1 former Activite and 1 “Friend of Active” took the train up to San Juan Capistrano, then rode their bikes down the coast back to Solana Beach.  We kicked off the ride with an awesome pancake breakfast, enjoyed our leisurely trip up the coast on the train, felt sorry for the one guy sitting in our section.  (He wasn’t wearing any lycra)  The ride down the coast was beautiful.  We met up with two other folks on our way down, bringing our party to 10.  We did stop to gaze at the Cardiff Kook.  After our 48 mile trek, we refueled (some even retoxed) with pizza and beer.  During our gorge-fest we were joined by additional Active folks.  Such an amazing day, shared with amazing people!  The cast of riders: Bryan Pavin, Liz Harrell, Michelle Nation, Megan Duvall, Jeremy Spitzberg, Valerie Prestidge, Jamie Williams and Hal Helbock.



Jim Garfield (M&M) traveled to Leadville, CO to cheer and support competitors at the famous Leadville 100 Mile Race Across The Sky. I got an exclusive pre-race interview with World Champion Rebecca Rusch before her record time setting win and record setting 3-Peet championship of the race (7:31 for rugged 100 miles with 12,500 of altitude)which will be appearing in our content soon.  Additionally,  I was able to ride with the professional Herbalife 24 team, human lungs they were, for a pre-ride of part of the course. If you are into mountain biking….this event should be on your bucket list!


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