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USA, FDNY, MCRD, Wounded Warrior

Posted by IMVoice Sep 26, 2011




MICHELE CREPEAU participated in the 10 Anniversary Tunnel to Towers Run in New York City with friends “AMAZING turnout, over 30,000 people all walking and running to honor the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11 and our military heroes”.  “The city was blessed by beautiful blue skies and wonderful spirit.  Have to confess having the firefighters march into the crowded post race block party filled with participants and their families, carrying banners with pictures of all 343 firefighters with the new Tower standing tall in the background was pretty emotional as they played God Bless America.”

This race draws firefighters from around the world each year and this year all funds raised went to support building homes for 3 triple amputees who lost limbs in Iraq/ Afghanistan.  “One of themen ran yesterday so was truly the hero of the day.”  The race is expanding nationally and added 31 events this year with a goal of having 343 races in the future (




Social Media Specialist TOBY GUILLETTE and TODD PREECE, Senior Director of IT, joined up with Active alum Airey Baringerto tackle the hardest trail in San Diego county: El Cajon Mountain. This brutal11-mile round trip feels like its uphill both ways with 3,000' of elevation gain, loose rock and washed out sections of the trail. Here's a pic from thetop, above the clouds:



Toby and Todd are registered for the GutCheck Fitness King of the Hill El Cajon Mountain race on 10/22 where they willrace to the top and back down with a few hundred fellow trail runners. Join us!


ANDY REILLY, Multi-Sport AE and FRANCISCOALMENDARES, cycling AE participated in the boot camp challenge over the weekendat Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. We ran over 50 obstacles through a 3 mile course with MCRD Drill Instructors yelling into our ears the entire way.Great fun!



BRET LINDEMAN tackled the MCRD Boot Camp Challenge with friends and fellow athletics enthusiasts.  It was agrueling 3 mile obstacle run ruled by Marine Corps Drill Instructors yelling ateveryone throughout the journey – yeah their job demands that they not be asnice as ActiveX’s own Arch and Katya.  Thanks to the motivation awarded inworking out with all of my fellow ActiveX’ers, I was able to run the entire wayto finish in 24 minutes and 58 seconds.



JOEL WERDELL reports Team ActiveX took to thelanes at the third annual Peak 7 Bocce Ball tournament.  Zach Panther(Software Engineer), Shannon Panther (Wife of a Software Engineer and marathonand triathlon specialist), Andrew Frantz (lead developer) did slight better than expected and pulled off a few wins in pool play before being eliminated inan overtime deciding match that kept them out of the playoffs.  Superkudos to Arch and Natassia for helping make the sponsorship a success.



JAY OZIMINSKI (Facilities Rep II - Nashville)participated in the 58 mile Soldier Ride-Nashville on Saturday, benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project. The ride was a huge challenge for me thru the rolling hills south of Nashville, but very rewarding to see returning servicemen and women who have protected us in the military.



LISA BALDWIN, Burnaby office, reports thatBurnaby participated in our 2nd Charity Challenge event of the year,the Rotary Club Half Marathon and 5km run.  Fiona “Wheels” Dirom, Lisa Baldwin, Shazia Iameo, and Tamara Lee took on the 5km while Bettina Boyle,Melissa Douglas and Paul “the lone male” Hiller braved the half marathon course.  An extremely windy day resulting in widespread power outages madethings that much more difficult but the team braved the elements and had fantastic finishes all around.  As satisfying as it is to cross the finish line with a PR, it was more personally satisfying to see people who thought they could never run, let alone finish and finish STRONG cross that finishline.  In addition, with our 2 events we raised over $4700 for Kid Sport BC, an organization committed to paying sports program registration fees for under privileged kids in our local community.



JESSI STENSLAND former Active employee and still friend of the company (a wall poster of her is hanging on the 3rdfloor in SD office) took a 4th place amateur at the XTerra USChampionships.  The event was in Utah andLance Armstrong took a 4th place overall.



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Account Exec. (far left) fromBothell Camps division, ran the Fremont Oktoberfest 5K on Sunday with several other beer maidens in proper German attire to celebrate the festivities.



WHITNEY MONTOYA, Account Mgr competed in theCO Dirty Girl Mud Run Race this weekend.  This race was a great opportunity to jump into mud-pits and barrel roll down muddy hills and bond with a great group of gals.  Highly recommended!



Zaheem Buksh, Christin Pannell, Arquelle Johnson, Joleen Kachurak, Kelly Fennema, Emily Bolen, Heather Lane, and Shauna Simmons from the Sacramento Active Outdoors location participated in the 2011Run to Break the Silence (previously known as the Run for Her). This 5k run was for the 2011 ActiveX Charity Challenge. We have spent the last few months raising funds for The Jags Solanki Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer For many of us, this was our first race…thank you Arch for ActiveX!!!!



The Dallas Office (Active Faith) participatedin the Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, & 1 Mile race. Many were first time runners and first time Half Marathon finishers.

Half Marathon Participants:

Mark Lindsley

Chris Risen

Curtis Harris

Nick Floyd

Brandon Krauska

Fallon Moore

Kara Blackhawk

Maggie Vice

April Desch

Lauren Ory

10K Participants

Brian Holt

Erin Horak

Kingsley Allen

5K Participants

Sarah Humphries

Barbara Perser

Sharon Arosemena

Gina Calvert

1 Mile Fun Run

Tiffany Humphrey




MARCLEGLISE (Sr Software Engineer) took a flying lesson on the JetLev R200 water jet pack in Coronado, CA. It was insanely fun and unlike any other water sport.  Where else can you fly a personal jetpack?! The future is here and it is awesome!



Jim Garfield (M&M) raced his first LosAngeles Triathlon this weekend.  An interesting point to point race, from Venice beach to downtown LA.  Besides one of the biggest hills in a race course I ever had to run up, the race went through one of those “only in LA”elements….fake snow.  It was weird running and seeing what looked like snow on the side of the road…turned out it was “real” fake snow being used in a film.  Not just any movie but the new “Batman” movie being filmed downtown. I was even able to get a picture of the double secret BAT MOBILE Now that’s an LA Triahtlon!



CHERYL GOODE AND KAI NICHOLSON were in the warrior dash a 5k that is done in different cities.  We found out about it and just decided to do it.  You can goto to find out more about it.  At the end of the race you can donate your shoes to charity.  Kai Nicholson and I both donated ours.


Due to Arch introducing me to Mock sprint this June, I decided there was need to become a I attended Olympic distance in Heaver Castle, constructed in 1270 (and King Henry VIII 4th wifeAnne of Cleves resided in 16th century) joined with Richard Edwards, Both firsttimers we did well (completed anyway). Pictured is Brian Adcock, Race Director.Active powers website and registration.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) was in BeaverCreek, Colorado this weekend for his sister's wedding and manage to get in around of golf at Beaver Creek Golf Resort.  He isn't the best golfer by any means, but it was a great day and a great place to golf.  The altitude was certainly helpful in making him look a little bit better.  Score was definitely not kept because … yeah.  But he did get to play with his brother who can be seen eyeing a birdie putt in one of these pictures. Overall, it was a great weekend and everyone said I do.

photo (2).JPGphoto1.JPG

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ALICIA TOWERY,ALICIA BUCKNER, MAREA BLUE, JENNIFER CARROLL & STEPHANIE SNAMAN tested thewaters at the KOZ Sand Pit 5K in Mission Beach on Saturday. Was a fun obstaclecourse involving "water jogging," seal crawls, jump walls, tirerings, and a 10 foot Sand Everest Mountain to finish things off! We did greatand crossed the line in one piece and as a team. Great morning!



JOHN COYNE, Senior Online MarketingSpecialist thisSaturday participated in the San Diego Triathlon Classic. I had a great raceand didn’t have a flat tire like last year so my time improved significantly.The swim was even better than last year as we swam counter clockwise which isreally helpful for sighting when you are a left side dominant breather.


MEGAN LEVINE,Corporate Communications Manager, conquered Iron Mountain in San Diego, Calif.this past weekend.



MARC VILLANUEVA, JIM SOLA, and JOHN COYNE from the San Diego office did the SanDiego Triathlon Classic, an Olympic distance triathlon held at LibertyStation.  The race course was great (very spectator friendly) and weathercouldn’t have been better.  John clocked in at 2:43:16, Marc at 2:48:23and Jim at 2:57:13.



AARON WALDMAN(Software Engineer) in San Diego competed in the Powerhouse Paddle and Swim inDel Mar. I successfully completed the 1 mile swim, my first at this distance.


JOE SCHUM,Sales Manager, Eastern Region – Events rode the Beautiful Back Roads CenturyRide in Cartersville, GA.  As you can see by the photo, the landscape was‘beautiful’ with the ride starting and finishing at the Budweiser plantcomplete with free beer, an annual favorite.



This is a crazy week for China offices! The annual employee day event was a blast! Needthis post to share with all other warriors – Report from ERIC MA(Marketing Analyst, Xi’an) - It was the worst day in Xi'an, but it was the bestday for me and 440 Active Xi'an employees n' families/friends. I didn't sleepfor days and tried to get everything ready, also pray for a good day, but afterreceived 30+ wishes from you guys (Thanks Arch! I know you did

ERIC1.jpgERIC2.jpgsomething!), I realized the weather wasn't important any more. When the big groupstanding under the wall for the group photos, our first 13.7K finisher hadalready finished his challenge, and watching the volunteers to hang the Activebanner on the City Wall, people downstairs "WOW"ed together, both forthe banner and for the fast finisher, and then, we got 12 more 13.7K runnersfinished their challenge, almost all of them never tried a run more than 10Kbefore, but they all beat a full lap on the wall for 13.7K within 1.5hrs.  It was raining harder when the 5K and 8Kstarted, but I saw a crazy group got off the starting line like an arrowleaving the bow, shouting, smiling and waving hands... Couples held hands toran together, parents carried their babies in arms running/walking, teammatesran in a line together, volunteers held water aside and cheered the fast movingcrowd, that's the most touching movement! The running ended with even harderraining, it's like pouring water from the sky. Maik told me, we couldn't present the prize today, needto get people for lunch, that was a smart call! Coz it got us from hell toheaven! We got 410 people sitting in the restaurant to share the joy withdelicious food, they were talking about their first 5K events with their kids,or talking about both she and her husband finished their first 5K ever in theirlives, moms or dads just participated a serious race! Nobody thought they couldrun in the rain, but they just made it, again or the first time! When wereasked What ActiveX is, that is, I mean everything is. It was amazing! I was blessed because of everything from the day.

Next? ActiveX Kids Day. The golden rabbit will run at Chengdu to continueActiveX Employee Day. And, more Xfactors coming from China!  Thanks for all your wishes, your concern andlove. And thank you Arch! Thank you thank you thank you!!!





KRISTIN HARTOS reports. On behalf of Marea Blue, EmilyOgata and Kirstin Hartos regarding our first home game of the Fall rugbyseason: The San Diego Surfers figured if they tanked their first year in theWomen’s Premier League, they could always buy their way back into the leaguewith the promise of plush California fields beneath pleasant sunshine.  As the fog loomed overhead Sunday morningbefore their home opener against the Minnesota Valkyries, and gophers pokedtheir heads out of the rolling hills of Robb Field, the Surfers realized theymight need to try a different approach.  SanDiego outside center Emilie Bydwell put the first points on the board tenminutes into the match with a try in the right corner.  The Beantownimport scored five more times in what turned out to be an 81 – 7 San Diegovictory.  The Surfers’ win was truly a team effort, with dominancefrom the pack in rucks and set pieces allowing plenty of room for the backs tospin it wide or find holes in the Valkyrie line.   Both backs andforwards supported well, and many of the San Diego scores touched several handsbefore making it to the try zone.  Minnesotaprop Jen Triemstra dove in a try after a series of San Diego penalties to endthe first half, but despite some threatening breakaways, the Valkyries wereunable to score again.  The Valkyries side did feature some strongplayers, but they were only able to travel with fifteen and it didn't seem likethey were all in their usual positions.  There were strong performancesfrom hard running and hard hitting 8-Man Lauren Daily and fullback Tracy Call,who disrupted many would-be Surfer tries.



ANTHONY VALENTINO reports thirty (30) Active employees and friends took on the 182 mileRagnar Relay from San Francisco to Napa under the working title “FlyingScotsmen.”  The Team of six below tackled it Ultra-style, meaning insteadof the normal 12 runners, they did it with 6.  All adopted rather poorScottish accents & names, kilts while fueled on leg speed, fun and a couplestops on the route at Whole Foods.  Shockingly, the boys may haveaccessorized more than the women – Anthony’s wolf head hat, Burt’s plasticsword, Bryan’s bright red Mohawk, and William Wallace inspired war paint werestand outs on the course.  Mega Kudos go out too: Valerie:Truly THE organizer of a seamless three day remote event for 30 folks. Oh, yeah – she also ran an Ultra distance relay having never done a fullmarathon.  Jump in the Fire, baby! Bryan: Besthair AND knocking off 40.6 miles all by himself.  His second leg alone was17 miles (+ an additional 2 miles unplanned off course – ouch) & in themiddle of the night.  SCOTSMAN!!!

Austin: Thisgirl is FAST and FOCUSSED!  She’s also a metric ton of fun (fatigueinduced midnight delirium).  When she wasn’t crushing miles, she wasbreaking hearts (all our Scotswomen were quite popular amongst the other Teams– wink wink nudge nudge).

Burt: Themale version of Austin – people all over the course were whispering “he’s justso fast!”  Add face paint, a plastic sword (yes, he convinced airportsecurity he wouldn’t use it on the plane and was able to carry it aboard), anda kilt, viola! Instant Highland Warrior.

Daniella: She’sreally good at correcting other’s work. Anytime she saw another Teams van witha “we are #1” painted on the windows, she was quick to grab one of our paintmarkers and correct it to read “we are #2.”  We need to hire this girl.

Anthony:First to start and first to finish - wolf hat on and howls to match. Pleaded the fifth to the question “are you wearing that kilt in the traditional manner?” Ultra FlyingScotsmen Top to Bottom: Anthony “Angus” Valentino (San Diego), Burt “Wallace”Repine (San Diego), Bryan “Hawk” Pavin, Valerie “Skeza” Prestidge (San Diego),Austin “Anice” Braaten (Bothell), and Daniella “Ainsley” Reichstetter (Friendof Active)




ChristineCrosby, Account Executive – Communities; Michelle Nation, Product Manager;Megan Duvall, Project Manager; Matthew Henry, UI Designer; and Mike Reade,Engineering Manager all participated in the Ragnar Relay Race running from SanFrancisco to Napa Valley.  We all had an amazing time with amazingpeople!  Team 2/Van 2 – we rocked it!




ActiveNetwork was representing this weekend with 3 teams running their pants off(quite literally) at RAGNAR Napa!  Clad in plaid, Liz Allen (SD), NealBlock (SF), Alan Deicas (SD), Dana Feldberg (SD), Margaret Patrick (SD), andEvan Witte (SD) lead off the second team of ActiveXmen Flying Scotsmen … we ranand vanned for 186 miles through the beautiful Bay Area, over the Golden GateBridge, under a starry Sonoma sky, through sun-drenched vineyards, and crossedthe finish line with the entire crew in Calistoga.  RAGNAR veterans, Alan,Evan, Liz, & Margaret, attacked the course like pros … look at me, PRO! Newbies, Neal and Dana got ‘er done and couldn’t have asked for a betterfirst time!  It was an awesome weekend of running, laughter, kilts, CLIFbars, Advil, celebration, sleep deprivation, bonding, and body glide.  Bigshout out to all our Flying Scotsmen Teammates, our Active family, and our newfriends who made the weekend SO wonderful!  FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!


SHANNON STEWERT-TURNER, San Diego Sales Director did the Branson, MO 70.3 half ironman in just over 7 hours in rain and tough conditions.


Jennifer R. Meanley, Data Analyst. Team 1 Van 1 (in runner order: Amber Martin, Jen Meanley,Liz Harrell, Mark Warble, Erin Fitzmartin, and Ashley Peters) had a greatScottish run through the vineyards of Napa Valley in our safety-pinnedkilts.  Loved our group and the journey, the van driving complete w/curbage, trail mix inside the peanut butter jar, Mark and the Red Bull, therandom radio stations, the cows, midnight Jack in the Box run, etc.!

Team 1 Van 1.jpg


JIM GARFIELD,(M&M) had a great weekend competing in the 25th annual Nautica MalibuTriathlon both days! Saturday saw over 2000 competitors competing in perfectconditions in the Olympic distance…warm clear waters, super-fast PCH bikecourse and flat beach bike path run. I had a great time.  Sunday I was amember of the NBC Today Show team with Natalie Morales and husband JoeRhodes.  We had a blast and came in 5th place!! Jay Leno evengave us our medals!

I also helpedprepare the NBC hit show “The Office” for the race…Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schute)and Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper) for the race…not only was this their first timein an athletic competition, but they helped raise $1.2M for Children’sHospital!

If you wereup early today you could catch our Active logo on a nice piece Natalie did onthe Today Show about the event.




JENNIFER CENEDELLA, Enterprise Account Mgr did her first Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boardraces at the Boulder Reservoir, Boulder, Colorado on Saturday on a Surftechpaddle board.  Did a Women’s Race division and a Criterium with obstacles. Great fun!


JANE MARSHALL,Senior Technology Consultant took my 9 year old daughter and somefriends hiking on Peaks Trail in Breckenridge on Saturday, then a 9 mile hiketo Willow Falls near Silverthorne on Sunday. Beautiful fall weekend in themountains, with aspens starting to turn and snow on the peaks.



Meg Miller Manager, Customer Service from the Carmel Indiana office wentto Dagaz Acres Zip Line in Rising Sun, In.  It was a blast!


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Busy Active, Fun Active

Posted by IMVoice Sep 13, 2011

KATYA MEYERS, ActiveX Coordinator had a tremendous race and was 5thProfessional Female at the Ford Ironman Wisconsin this past Sunday in a time of 10:10.  She looked fantastic finishing!   Hearing "You are an Ironman" nevergets old.


Jeannie Freis, Regonline Boulder.  My kids, dog and I participated in the Causefor Paws Doggie Dash (Humane Society benefit - 4k run or 3k walk).  Iplaced 2nd in my age division and 11th overall. 



John Coyne, SeniorOnline Marketing Specialist swam in theLa Jolla Rough Water Swim on Sunday the 11th. Water was a lot warmerthan the Oceanside pier swim I did last week and much calmer. I was much betterat sighting this year and was able to shave 5 minutes of last year’s time.


PHILLIPGRAHAM, Senior Account Executive out of Draper, UT office raced in the ParkCity Point2Point mountain bike race this past Saturday.  It's a tough 80miles of single track racing with 14,000 feet of vertical climbing.  Aftera flat and a 1/4 mile run with the bike, bonking due to running out of food andan end0, he finished in 10 hrs. 30 min.  Nothing to write home about, buta near perfect day on some of Utah's most beautiful single track riding throughPark City, Deer Valley and The Canyon's ski resorts.  At the finish withhis wife and two kids and another picture to get a feel for the dust.  Mike, btw nice job getting into RunningMagazine this past issue.  Very cool to get both a picture and aquote!



TAMMY POLK, Dir HR.  Mike, Thanks to Active, we had theopportunity to take our daughter and her doubles partner to the US Open thisweekend. We had a great time and the girls will have a memory they will cherishfor the rest of their “Active” lives. In the picture is Maddie Todd and AlliePolk of the Flower Mound High School Varsity Tennis Team (Texas).



BANKS HOLCOMBE & CHRIS HAWKER out of the London office did the London DuathlonUltra this weekend. A bit painful but a good time overall.


JANAYJESPERSEN (Human Resources) and SUZIE RENO (Professional Services) ran the SaltFlats 10K this past Saturday at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover,NV.  The course was very different than most races, it is so flat andexpansive that you can actually see the curvature of the Earth!  The windand heat were definitely different and added challenges that weren't quiteexpected but it was lots of fun!  Suzie is pretty sure that she is too oldfor this crap but Janay is gearing up for a 1/2 marathon next!  Both werevery proud of their accomplishment of finishing the race and look forward toupcoming events.


TYLER JUMP (Account Manager – Camps)participated in the Grape Day 5k on Saturday in Escondido.  The weatherwas perfectly overcast and the turnout was better than expected.  Wasn’tquite a PR, but the pace was set pretty well at 7:50 miles.



HEAHTER LEVINE (Project Coordinator, Remote –Sacramento):  Sunday I walked in the 9/11 Memorial 5K in DowntownSacramento.  Here is a picture of me and my fiancé in front of the manyfire trucks at the state Capitol.  The second picture shows the crowd andfestivities.  Very moving tribute and a great turnout.



TODDPREECE & MEGAN DUVALL  ran theoff-road Heartbreak Ridge Half-Marathon put on by the U.S. Marines Saturday.Absolutely gorgeous course that wound through the hills and wilderness of theCamp Pendleton Marine base. Todd literally limped into an age group 9th placefinish fighting cramps in both calves from mile 11-13.  Highlight waswatching the group of Marines running in full gear including gas masks, thoseguys are truly hardcore (don't get any ideas Arch).



JUSTIN MOSER, sales team Boulder, raced inthe Harvest Moon 70.3 course in Aurora, CO.  Hills and wind didn’t make iteasy, but the slip and slide finish made it worth it… and somehow I ended upbeating my PR by a minute.  A great way to honor the troops on the 10thanniversary of 9/11.



STEPHANIE SNAMEN & MIKE REILLY worked Ironman Wisconsin in Madison this weekend and enjoyed the Ironman ice sculptor.  Finish line in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol is one of the best!



JOHATHAN SPOONER, Associate Mgr Software Dec after 12 weeks of healing a broken ankle wasfinally able to do some hiking and fishing.  This was in Mammoth on theJohn Muir Wilderness trail.



RUSSELL MILHAM reports that Mara Mulcahy andLila Milham, my wife and nine-year-old daughter, competed in the Seattle Iron Girl; Lila’sfirst registered event!  They entered as Mother & Daughter team“M&M” Lila was fascinated by the “little cardboard square” that they gavethem to put on their shoes that told them when they started and finished.  Mara has also been rocking her own personalfitness program for the past several months, with phenomenal results! 


She’s recently incorporated Couch-to-5K intoher plan.


BRIAN O’NEILL, Product Operations Manager on Sunday hiked Grays and Torreys peaks viaKelso’s ridge with the 9/11 Firefighter 14er challenge. They used RegOnline fortheir event registration and it was a good opportunity to  participate ina great event while meeting with our customers and their attendees.  81 firefighters and their family members from across Colorado metup for a great hike and a well earned BBQ.



Dave Massey (Account Director), Brandon Rich(BusinessAnalyst) and Terrell Rohm (System Architect) from the Draper, Utahoffice drove to southern Utah’s Lake Powell for 3 days of wake boarding, wakesurfing, cliff jumping and good old fashioned mischief.  Pictured are Dave, Brandon and Terrell cliffjumping and Dave Masseyback flipping over the 6’5” Brandon Rich in KnowlesCanyon, Lake Powell.



ANTHONY CERVANTES finally went sub-6 in a half-ironman. He finished the Coronado, CA SuperFrog triathlon in 5:42.  That's nearly 20 minutes better than my goal and1 hour better than my last attempt at this distance.  I usually bonkhorribly on the run but managed to turn over a 1:50 split on a run thatincluded beach running and trudging through soft sand.


ERIC MA (Marketing Analyst, Xi’an China) participated 2011 ShimanoBikers’ Festival – Men’s Elite MTB race with 9 ActiveX’ers, ALLEN QIN (SoftwareEngineer , Active Net), COLIN LI(Associate Manager, IT), EDA ZHAO(Config/Release Engineer, IT), WESLEY WANG (Dev, ACR), RUI ZHANG (QA, CLASS),BRUCE XU(QA, ActiveTrainer), WESLEY WANG (Software Engineer, ACR), KAREN YANG(QA Lead, IS) FOD SHADBAKHT (English Trainer) and a friend. It was raining hardduring the whole race, and court was awesome except the climbing and slipperypart. Unfortunately this was a very bad organized race, almost half of theparticipants didn't catch up the start time due to all the race categories wereahead of time to play. Hopefully the race organizer could be more professionaland respectful those participants who rode 1hr in the hard rain to join therace! But anyway, the team had a great post-race meal together, and it's alwaysfeeling great to stay with ActiveX team.



“Curt Jeppson (Network Security Engineer),Jim Harnage (Telecommunications Engineer II), and Jay Oziminski(Facilities-Nashville) ran the Chikin Run 10k in Murfreesboro TN on September 3rd.All three are training for the Ragnar Relay – Tennessee, and all three beattheir personal goals for the 10k.”



ANUSHEHCHAVEZ and her girlfriend spent 4 blissful days atBhakti Fest in Joshua Tree immersed in Yoga, Kirtan, meditation and vegetariancuisine.  During the festival, we took 13 Yoga classes (everything fromAcroYoga to Power Yoga) with the most amazing instructors in the Yogaworld.  There is nothing quite like this celebration of devotion andcommunity. 



CHRIS HEMPHILL, Sr. Manager,  Configuration /Release / DevTools enjoyedthe last race of my season with Jim, Margaret, and Ben at Trirock Olympicdistance right behind the convention center in Downtown San Diego.  Isuccessfully stayed upright on all 6 opportunities riding over the train tracksfor the bike portion and the pedestrian dodging was a nice little addition tothe run through Seaport Village and Embarcadero North.  In the end, Ikilled my previous olympic time knocking off 40 minutes total and coming in14th in my age devision – ok, that's only out of 45, but still in the top20! Huge thanks to Margaret who's swim lessons really gave me an edge.



BEN WEINBAUM - AE Education (San Diego), withChris Hemphill, Jim Garfield and Margaret Patrick. Competed in my first Olympicdistance triathlon on Sunday at Tri Rock San Diego. After a rough swim due togoggle issues, had a great bike and run and finished 2:02:21. Big thanks toAlan Deicas, Lauren Bondell, and as of today new Active Employee Evan Brickerfor coming out to cheer.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) Joined MargretPatrick, Chris Hemphill and Ben Weinbaum in the inaugural San Diego Tri RockOlympic distance Triathlon. It was a blast with bands playing on the course (including on a boat in the water!) and a full buffet after the race.  Itwas a rather tight course but allowed  all of us to cheer each other on aswe passed on the loops on the bike and in the run. The race even providedpersonalized transition area’s with your name attached to a wooden bikeholder.  Nothing like your own personalized transition area to make youfeel like a pro!  Additionally, the raceraised over $275,000 for the Crohns and Colitis Fondation.

LIANNE MALY, Writer Associate did the TriRockSan Diego –Sprint. Placed 5/87 in age group and 14/472 overall for females.


DARREN JENSEN (Software Engineering Lead, Class) and Doug Johnson (Sr. EngineeringMgr, Active Platform Solutions) sailed up Harrison Lake and then hiked to Eaglefalls in beautiful British Columbia on the hottest day of the year. The 11 hourround trip was well worth it and with 32c weather, the frigid waterfall was awelcome break. (Yes, that's an official ACTV shirt!)


This weekend, Marea Blue, Emily Ogata and Kirstin Hartos traveled to New York with our rugby team, the San Diego Surfers,to play in our first Women’s Premier League match.  New York wereundefeated last season in the WPL and have won the last two Championships, andthis weekend marked our first bout against the top-rated club.  It goeswithout saying that we were the underdogs going in.  Going into it I thinkwe were just hoping to be able to keep up with them.  But here’s anexcerpt from the recap from “Mandy Wilson got the try-scoring going, finishing off a quick-tappenalty that worked through Marea Blue and Emilie Bydwell (formerly withBeantown). New York slotted its lone points soon afterward, making good on apenalty deep in Surfer territory (5-3). Jill Duggan quick-tapped throughanother penalty, hit Liz Strohecker, who dished to Kristy Lear for the try,10-3.  New York had its opportunities tominimize the damage, but the defending champs kept floundering the grounding ofthe ball in the try zone. New York couldn't unleash its backs as well, asBydwell and wing Casey Fields did well to corale any outside attacks. Lear had what would have been her second try held up, but the Surfers keptpounding on the try line. Fields accounted for the next two tries, one thatevolved after a long series on the goal line; the other coming from a Bluebreak up the field and was kept alive by the quickly supporting Kirstin Hartos.The center hit Fields for the corner try, 20-3. At this point, the Surfers had earned their bonus point for four triesscored, but San Diego still had some gas in the tank. Blue scored afterdummying to Lear, and Bydwell ate up 50 meters of green before dotting down thefinal try of the game, 34-0.” (Jacqueline Finlan)  Our first home game is Sunday, September 18that 11:00 AM against the Minnesota Valkyries.  Fans welcome! 



Michelle Nation,Product Manager (San Diego) got to ride LOTOJA on Saturday with my older sisterKristie from Logan Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming: “206 miles. 3 states. 1 day.” I am incredibly thankful and humbled.  It was a long day on thebike, but the beautiful scenery, incredible volunteers and looming cutoff timedriving us to ride faster made it an awesome experience.  Our dad and oursister Janean made a fantastic support crew.  Janean was practically acelebrity amongst the riders by the time we reached the finish line thanks toher highly visible tutu and super fan cheering along the way.  We pulledinto Jackson Hole at 7:57 PM … 12 hours and 50 minutes after we left Logan andsafely under this year’s cutoff.  WOW … what a ride!


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