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September 26, 2011

USA, FDNY, MCRD, Wounded Warrior

Posted by IMVoice Sep 26, 2011




MICHELE CREPEAU participated in the 10 Anniversary Tunnel to Towers Run in New York City with friends “AMAZING turnout, over 30,000 people all walking and running to honor the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11 and our military heroes”.  “The city was blessed by beautiful blue skies and wonderful spirit.  Have to confess having the firefighters march into the crowded post race block party filled with participants and their families, carrying banners with pictures of all 343 firefighters with the new Tower standing tall in the background was pretty emotional as they played God Bless America.”

This race draws firefighters from around the world each year and this year all funds raised went to support building homes for 3 triple amputees who lost limbs in Iraq/ Afghanistan.  “One of themen ran yesterday so was truly the hero of the day.”  The race is expanding nationally and added 31 events this year with a goal of having 343 races in the future (




Social Media Specialist TOBY GUILLETTE and TODD PREECE, Senior Director of IT, joined up with Active alum Airey Baringerto tackle the hardest trail in San Diego county: El Cajon Mountain. This brutal11-mile round trip feels like its uphill both ways with 3,000' of elevation gain, loose rock and washed out sections of the trail. Here's a pic from thetop, above the clouds:



Toby and Todd are registered for the GutCheck Fitness King of the Hill El Cajon Mountain race on 10/22 where they willrace to the top and back down with a few hundred fellow trail runners. Join us!


ANDY REILLY, Multi-Sport AE and FRANCISCOALMENDARES, cycling AE participated in the boot camp challenge over the weekendat Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. We ran over 50 obstacles through a 3 mile course with MCRD Drill Instructors yelling into our ears the entire way.Great fun!



BRET LINDEMAN tackled the MCRD Boot Camp Challenge with friends and fellow athletics enthusiasts.  It was agrueling 3 mile obstacle run ruled by Marine Corps Drill Instructors yelling ateveryone throughout the journey – yeah their job demands that they not be asnice as ActiveX’s own Arch and Katya.  Thanks to the motivation awarded inworking out with all of my fellow ActiveX’ers, I was able to run the entire wayto finish in 24 minutes and 58 seconds.



JOEL WERDELL reports Team ActiveX took to thelanes at the third annual Peak 7 Bocce Ball tournament.  Zach Panther(Software Engineer), Shannon Panther (Wife of a Software Engineer and marathonand triathlon specialist), Andrew Frantz (lead developer) did slight better than expected and pulled off a few wins in pool play before being eliminated inan overtime deciding match that kept them out of the playoffs.  Superkudos to Arch and Natassia for helping make the sponsorship a success.



JAY OZIMINSKI (Facilities Rep II - Nashville)participated in the 58 mile Soldier Ride-Nashville on Saturday, benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project. The ride was a huge challenge for me thru the rolling hills south of Nashville, but very rewarding to see returning servicemen and women who have protected us in the military.



LISA BALDWIN, Burnaby office, reports thatBurnaby participated in our 2nd Charity Challenge event of the year,the Rotary Club Half Marathon and 5km run.  Fiona “Wheels” Dirom, Lisa Baldwin, Shazia Iameo, and Tamara Lee took on the 5km while Bettina Boyle,Melissa Douglas and Paul “the lone male” Hiller braved the half marathon course.  An extremely windy day resulting in widespread power outages madethings that much more difficult but the team braved the elements and had fantastic finishes all around.  As satisfying as it is to cross the finish line with a PR, it was more personally satisfying to see people who thought they could never run, let alone finish and finish STRONG cross that finishline.  In addition, with our 2 events we raised over $4700 for Kid Sport BC, an organization committed to paying sports program registration fees for under privileged kids in our local community.



JESSI STENSLAND former Active employee and still friend of the company (a wall poster of her is hanging on the 3rdfloor in SD office) took a 4th place amateur at the XTerra USChampionships.  The event was in Utah andLance Armstrong took a 4th place overall.



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Account Exec. (far left) fromBothell Camps division, ran the Fremont Oktoberfest 5K on Sunday with several other beer maidens in proper German attire to celebrate the festivities.



WHITNEY MONTOYA, Account Mgr competed in theCO Dirty Girl Mud Run Race this weekend.  This race was a great opportunity to jump into mud-pits and barrel roll down muddy hills and bond with a great group of gals.  Highly recommended!



Zaheem Buksh, Christin Pannell, Arquelle Johnson, Joleen Kachurak, Kelly Fennema, Emily Bolen, Heather Lane, and Shauna Simmons from the Sacramento Active Outdoors location participated in the 2011Run to Break the Silence (previously known as the Run for Her). This 5k run was for the 2011 ActiveX Charity Challenge. We have spent the last few months raising funds for The Jags Solanki Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer For many of us, this was our first race…thank you Arch for ActiveX!!!!



The Dallas Office (Active Faith) participatedin the Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, & 1 Mile race. Many were first time runners and first time Half Marathon finishers.

Half Marathon Participants:

Mark Lindsley

Chris Risen

Curtis Harris

Nick Floyd

Brandon Krauska

Fallon Moore

Kara Blackhawk

Maggie Vice

April Desch

Lauren Ory

10K Participants

Brian Holt

Erin Horak

Kingsley Allen

5K Participants

Sarah Humphries

Barbara Perser

Sharon Arosemena

Gina Calvert

1 Mile Fun Run

Tiffany Humphrey




MARCLEGLISE (Sr Software Engineer) took a flying lesson on the JetLev R200 water jet pack in Coronado, CA. It was insanely fun and unlike any other water sport.  Where else can you fly a personal jetpack?! The future is here and it is awesome!



Jim Garfield (M&M) raced his first LosAngeles Triathlon this weekend.  An interesting point to point race, from Venice beach to downtown LA.  Besides one of the biggest hills in a race course I ever had to run up, the race went through one of those “only in LA”elements….fake snow.  It was weird running and seeing what looked like snow on the side of the road…turned out it was “real” fake snow being used in a film.  Not just any movie but the new “Batman” movie being filmed downtown. I was even able to get a picture of the double secret BAT MOBILE Now that’s an LA Triahtlon!



CHERYL GOODE AND KAI NICHOLSON were in the warrior dash a 5k that is done in different cities.  We found out about it and just decided to do it.  You can goto to find out more about it.  At the end of the race you can donate your shoes to charity.  Kai Nicholson and I both donated ours.


Due to Arch introducing me to Mock sprint this June, I decided there was need to become a I attended Olympic distance in Heaver Castle, constructed in 1270 (and King Henry VIII 4th wifeAnne of Cleves resided in 16th century) joined with Richard Edwards, Both firsttimers we did well (completed anyway). Pictured is Brian Adcock, Race Director.Active powers website and registration.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) was in BeaverCreek, Colorado this weekend for his sister's wedding and manage to get in around of golf at Beaver Creek Golf Resort.  He isn't the best golfer by any means, but it was a great day and a great place to golf.  The altitude was certainly helpful in making him look a little bit better.  Score was definitely not kept because … yeah.  But he did get to play with his brother who can be seen eyeing a birdie putt in one of these pictures. Overall, it was a great weekend and everyone said I do.

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