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Ironman, Marathons, Diving & Fishing

Posted by IMVoice on Oct 12, 2011 12:26:29 PM

JIM GARFIELD reports from Kona the Active crew was well represented at the Ford Ironman World Championship’s this weekend in Kona, HI.  Eric McCue, Anthony Valentino, Dave Alberga, Hall of Famer Mike Reilly, Jeff Fallis, Katya Meyers, Mike Coleman, Rob Klingensmith, Jim Garfield and Andy Reilly cheered all the competitors to world record times!!!! PLUS we helped Kelly Kingma the race’s youngest female (19) and US Military Academy West Point Cadet to her first Ironman finish.  Dave Alberga being a grad was certainly proud of her.




JEANNIE FREIS (Boulder) ran the Devil Dash inmixed rain and snow flurries.  Obstacles included rope climbs, a"blood bath", barbed wire mud pit, and a fire ring.  Great fun -definitely recommend it!!!



MARC KOZAI competed in the 2011 Fall Classic.  A surfing competition put on by and judged by your peers. A contest where it is not uncommon to find a beginner surfer in the finals.  While the photo was taken by his wife, she was using his camera gear and he is offering his photography services in exchange for a small donation to support CAF and the Charity Challenge.  There is not a single surfer out there who would not love a photo of themselves.  So if you or someone you know is a surfer, let them know about this opportunity or buy it as a gift (can be used at a later date, but donation needs to be made prior to December).  Remember the holidays are right around the corner and this could be THE PERFECT GIFT!!! Email:



LINDA MANOSH, Active Outdoors Human Resources Generalist (in the middle with friends), walked the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon on Sunday in Albany.  A really great sunny day with good friends! 



ROB POWELL & NANCY LUKACEV (Media +Marketing) took part in the Annual Historic Riverfront 5K Run/Walk in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday and hosted a pre/post-race breakfast for a number of clients from General Mills.  It was a perfect 80 degree fall day and fun was had by all.  A number of the clients that participated have already indicated that they hope it was Active’s 1st Annual Event!



TOM MCGORTY, Client Application Specialist. Thanks to Active & ActiveX, I was able to purchase my first bike (Trek 7500) EVER! I went on my first ride (5 miles) this past Sunday and a wonderful Fall day in Kalamazoo. I even purchased a trainer so I can use the bike indoors during the Winter. Now if I can’t just figure out all the gears!



TODD PREECE a trip to Egypt last week on a dive expedition with friends in the Red Sea.  A "DiveX" video of Todd and his wife scootering a reef where 4 ships met their fate and then topping off the event with a pod of 14 dolphins is here: 



AUSTIN BRAATEN, AE for Camps in Bothelloffice, ran the Victoria Marathon on Sunday. The conditions were optimal and course relatively flat, helping her achieve a marathon PR of 3:14 and enjoy a Canadian Thanksgiving!


Here is the report from RUI ZHANG (China ClassTeam)Allen Qin (Software Engineer, ActiveNet), Rocky Ren (Software Engineer, ActiveNet) and Rui Zhang (QA Class) had a 70KM+ riding at Saturday to South WuTai Mountain and Sh iBianYu reservoir. There is an old town at the foot of the mountain but it is almost deserted,then we rode to the reservoir within a short distance. Though the road started to turn in bends and switchback, we didn’t give up and believe there must be beautiful scenery in the front. Finally after through two caves, we saw the reservoir with vast expanse of water. This is a worthwhile trip!



LARS RONNING: My son Emil and I ran the 13.3K (8.3 miles) “Eremitagelø bet” in Denmark (with almost 20,000 participants) which according to the organizer is the world’s oldest run encouraging the general public to get fit. I have run it since I was a teenager, and a few years ago I introduced it to my kids and wife. This year it was only Emil and myself running, with Magnus and Helene cheering. My finish time was 57.25, which I was very pleased with. I finished in the top 11% in my age group (179 out of 1709). Emil followed a few minutes later – so he can still not quite keep up with his dad, but he’s getting closer!



BRENT PARRISH reports the traditional camp steam, in the Bothell office, had our first  Annual Columbus Day Fishing Derby.  Account executive Brent Parrish is holding the winning fish. He partnered with Greg Clark who is not in the photo.



Robert Mitchell, web developer in the San Diego office took Arch’s advice and did some exploring on Columbus Day.  I decided to do a big mountain bike climb and tackle Nate Harrison dirt grad upto Palomar Mountain.  With 3500 ft of climbing in 7 miles it was brutal but a blast with a great view at the top.   The first photo islooking down from about half way up, I couldn’t get a shot of myself up top so my bike had to fill in.



Boulder runners Kyle Rose, Anthony Chiulli, Whitney Montoya, Janine Russell (her first half) and Justin Moser braved the cold in Denver and ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon together.  Not only did the team represent the “Events Division” of Active by pretty much dominating the field, we also raised money for the Air Foundation, a charity that helps less fortunate community members enhance their lives with running.  Minor mishaps happened along the way, but we were glad to participate with 20,000 of our best friends in this yearly event.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) ran the Chicago Marathon again this year, this time with absolutely no training.  So with no training, no clouds and plenty of heat, the race went pretty well all things considered.  He did miss the proper start of the race, so he wound up in the very back of the pack (it does take over half an hour to clear 30,000+ runners past the start line). Somewhere around mile 5 he ran (or rather was chased down by) some other new Active folk from the faith market in Las Vegas.  Arch, we need to get them some ActiveX gear stat!  Later on around mile 7, he ran into his friend Jessika from Seattle who was having a rough day.  It just doesn't pay to get sick right before a marathon.  But she headed out there to give it her best effort as only she would do.  A few miles later, he met up with his sister Jessica, who fresh off her honeymoon and seriously jet lagged still ran with him for a few miles.  She was even nice enough to go grocery shopping for him and very nearly was robbed by a thirsty runner. As she puts it, she was having a conversation with someone when a runner came up to her and tried to grab MY water bottle.  He was not successful. She managed to fight the runner off and found me a bit later with food before sending him off on his merry way.  At some point during the race, a runner from Team in Training turned to look for her two sisters and saw me right behind her with my Active gear on and got excited for a moment because she knew who Active was.  Yay for brand recognition!  That's really all the eventfulness that happened on the race and Matt finished in just over 5:30.  Which was pretty great considering the massive amounts of training he didn't put in. 



STACI RIEDER, acct manager at Reg Online,hiking Lake Isabel on Columbus Day. It is 10,000 feet in elevation, so there was a foot of snow, while Boulder was sunny and 50 degrees.



Concordia Chen, Business Analyst, Christine Crosby, Account Executive for Communities, and Jennifer White, Sales Rep for Endurance enjoyed our Day of Discovery/Columbus Day with a nice bike ride up the San Diego coast starting at Solana Beach to Oceanside and back.  The weather was perfect and we all had a fantastic day! 

CHRISTINE2.jpgbike ride 10 10 11.jpg


On Monday, Oct. 10th - Ashley Peters, Bryan Pavin, Jennifer Meanley, Ryan Scanlon, Valerie Prestidge & friends embarked upon their own Columbus Day voyage to conquer El Cajon Mountain.  Anarduous 11.5 mile hike peaking at 3,675 feet above sea level with a constant gaining and losing of altitude.  We came across some wildlife, took advantageof the many photo opps & soaked in the breath taking panoramic views. A challenging adventure shared with amazing people.

ActiveAdvanatge Web Developer Bryan Pavin had a full and "Active" Columbus day weekend.  From Arch Fuston's Saturday brick step down in La JollaShores (It was killer!!!), To a late Sunday afternoon 12 mile mountain bike ride at the Elfin Forest in Escondido and finally capping off the great weekend with a challenging but full of laughs 11.5 mile hike at El Cajon Mountain (3,675feet above sea level) with Ashley Peters, Jennifer Meanley, Ryan Scanlon,Valerie Prestidge & friends. I have to say other than the Napa Valley Ragnar Relay this one of the best weekends I have had as an employee at the Active Network.



Katie Harvey, Sales Manager at the London Office joined her friend Anna Hughes (and Natalia Maus) on Sunday for the Brighton to Rye leg of her epic 4,500 mile ride roundthe entire coast of Britain, which she completed on Tuesday after 2 and a half arduous months. The coast was absolutely stunning and we got really lucky with the weather, especially the tailwind that kept us going up the hills! You can read the blog of her adventures here;



ROBERT EREKSON ran the Chicago Marathon this weekend with a friend from Indiana. It was the first marathon either of us have ever run, and I must say we made agreat choice...the Chicago Marathon is incredible. My running partner had a couple injuries come up during the run, so our time wasn't fast but we finished! Hoping to knock over an hour off my time at the Las Vegas Marathon in 2 months. We had shirts made in honor of my brother that passed away last month.

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