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What's your ACTIVE?

October 17, 2011

Mud Run, Hiking, Biking and More

Posted by IMVoice Oct 17, 2011

PATTI HUNT, Project Manager for Active Outdoors-Nashville finished the Chicago Marathon on October 9th – completing the 26.2 miles in 4hr 32min 23sec.  This was her first marathon in 9 years.   Next up – Ragnar Relay in November with the Active Outdoors-Nashville team!

Patti Hunt 2011_Chicago prerace.JPGPatti Hunt 2011_Chicago.JPG


ALICIA TOWERY (Endurance TAM), Ryan Drew (Total Rewards, HR), Nolan Hansen (Accounting) and friends ran Toby Guillette's 2nd Annual Pull Harder organized trail race.  All three chose the 10 mile distance which goes through Penasquitos Canyon.  Nolan finished 2nd overall and Alicia was the 1st female finisher.  Great morning and race!



Here is the report from RUI ZHANG (China Class Team).  John Zhang (Software Engineer, Class), Shanner Kang (QA, Class), Andy Qin (QA Class), Jeffery Wu (Software Engineer, ActiveNet) and his wife, Billy Zhang (QA Automation, RA), and Rui Zhang (QA, Class) had a 80KM+ riding at Saturday to ChanBa river in the eastern outskirts of Xi’an. It is a very sunny day. We arrived at the World Horticultural Expo held in Xi’an now and saw the ChangAn tower across the river, then rode along the river. The sky is so blue, the air is fresh, the flowers bloom beautifully, and many people are taking wedding pictures.  We totally reveled in the beauty along way.


KATE AND EMMA ALBERGA picking apples in Mountains outside of San Diego in the town of Julian.  Dave decided to buy the tractor since Active didn’t have one.  Don’t worry it was in the budget.



FRANCESCA COLENSO, Account Executive, EMEA reports a group of 5 from the London office, took part in the ‘Spartan Race’

Simply, Spartan Race is the world’s leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget! Spartan Race has:

Races all over the globe!

Different distances for different levels and styles or racing.

A unique culture and community of athletes striving together to overcome any and everything

We had a really diverse selection of people taking part in this event:

Adam Hedley Smith – the account manager for Spartan who have events in UK, CAD, and US.

Keith Williams - Senior Manager, Sales – EMEA – Sports

Richard Edwards - Senior Account Executive EMEA – Endurance

Fran Colenso – Account Executive EMEA – Events

Benoit Rosenkranz – Intern – Endurance



KEITH WILLIAMS, Senior Manager, Sales.  Weekend was a tale of two halves, being clean and dirty, The first half was riding an end of season industry network road ride in association with Hotchillee, on the ride with me from Active was Adam Hedley-Smith (Account Manager), here is the route It was a great sunny 40miler that ended with a meal, pudding and a chat with Steven Roche, 1987 Tour De France Winner. The Dirty Half was participating in Spartan Race through Mud, Ice, Fire, Water, Barbed Wire (in another report in this edition) with Fran Colenso (our ActiveX champion), Adam Hedley-Smith, Richard Edwards, Benoit Rosenkranz.



CAROL HARRISON, Information Security team – San Diego, camped and hiked in Kings Canyon National Park.



MICHELE CREPEAU had crazy sailing day with friends on Saturday…28 knots and the mast broke on our sailboat right out front of the Statue of Liberty.  We took shield below and called in rescue to take us to New Jersey.  Beautiful, windy fall day out east leading up to the accident and learned a lot more about sailing skills!!!  Pics of the before, after, rescue and rescue of the mast and sails.




PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Industry Manager, Durango, CO.  The best time to mtn bike in Durango, CO is in the Fall.  Temperatures are down a bit & the fall colors are going off right now.   Went to the Dry Fork/Lightner Creek trailhead & road up about 2 hrs up to High Point where the colors were peaking.  The "yellowbrick trails" were covered with yellow aspen leaves & as the wind blew the gold leaves were flying all around us.  The view was incredible up high & the ride back down was a hoot!  Happy Trails, Patti.



On Sunday, ERIC MA (Marketing Analyst) ran his first half marathon with CASH XU (Controller) at 2011 Beijing International Marathon, one of the top 4 marathon events in China, this year there’re 30,000+ participants coming from different cities and countries to the capital city of China to join this running festival, local people started talking about the race early last week, the race atmosphere could be clearly felt when just walking in the street, since the events banners hang everywhere in the streets or the ads printed on the buses. The race started from Tian’anmen Square, and finished at the Beijing Olympic Park. There’s also an Expo in the central area of the Olympic Park, with all the top running gears being exhibited and sold, and also industry information being shared.

This was his first 13.1 race, finished at 1:52:07, everything was in well control, no pain, or no dying feeling after the run. The weather was awesome except the wind. One of the most exciting part in the run was, a guy from Maryland followed his pace neck by neck, and shouted “Go Active! JiaYou!” at him after about 2 miles when he couldn’t catch up. His partner, Cash, who finished his first half marathon race within 3hrs, with his goal achieved, that's a great result since he didn’t train for weeks. Next year, they would get a team there for a charity challenge run. The way back from Beijing was really disgusting, they two ruefully stood on the train for almost 12 hours right after the run, and finally back to Xi’an early morning on Monday. But it definitely was a memorable day.




On Saturday Daniel Simmons, Brian Cullen, David Hurst, Deanna Muhlhan, David Hurst,

Lynelle Crawford and Onjuneek Crawford survived the Del Mar Mud Run.  It was a first for all of us and we all had a great time.  Can’t wait to do it again next year!



REBECCA ZENT, Strategic Account Manager reports.  Attached are group photos of our VTO day last Friday, October 14th. The Boulder, CO – RegOnline Account Management team used this VTO day as a team building experience to help Camp Wondervu with fall maintenance. The pictures showcase the various odd jobs our team completed. The team removed brush near the lake, relocated  canoes from the beach to storage, spackled new walls in the chapel, and added ice guards to the roofs of the cabins to prevent sheets of ice from falling on campers. The team shingling, Sarah Liberatore, Josh Pearlman, Whitney Montoya, and Rebecca Zent used this opportunity to compete and see who was the fastest at stapling the second round of shingles. The time to beat was 19 seconds. The winners were Josh and Sarah who tied at 19 seconds. Rebecca came to a close second at 19.1 seconds and Whitney’s time was 21 seconds.   It was a great experience and we hope we can return in the spring to work on some spring cleaning projects and stay over to enjoy the mountain scenery.  Thank you Active Management for allowing employees to get paid to volunteer and help a local organization! It was a blast and the perfect day!



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Camps AE in Bothell, ran the Nike woman's half marathon with several friends through downtown San Francisco this weekend. It was the largest woman's running race in the world with 22,000 participants that were greeted with firemen in tuxes handing out Tiffany's necklaces at the finish.



JOE SCHUM, Sales Manager – Events and a few friends playing doctor traversed the North Georgia mountains for the 200 mile 2011 Southern Odyssey Relay.  It was a great time, challenging and in the end garnered a 2nd Place Mixed Masters in 30:14:00!  Not a single patient or cocktail was lost during the entire event.JOE.jpg


LIANNE MALY, Associate Writer (San Diego office) participated in the Del Mar Mud Run in an unlimited team (Team Extreme). The mud clad group took third place in the team category and had an awesome time slipping and sliding in the mud! Here’s the names if you want/need them: First photo: The Group: Scott Fetters, Eric Ramirez, Ashish Gupta, Christopher Grande, Dave Soroka, Dave Pomeroy, Kristina Kenyon, Lianne Maly, 2nd Photo: Kristina Kenyon, Lianne Maly.



LAURIE PANI, Marketing Manager did her FIRST triathlon yesterday - the Sherox, San Diego in Mission Bay.  Lots of fun and an amazing vibe.  Finished in 1:22.  This pic is a few hundred yards from the finish.



BEN WEINBAUM (AE Education) and Dave Eisler with friends did 11 miles of the Big Laguna trail in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area in San Diego county. Weather was perfect!!!



MICHELLE NATION (Product Manager, San Diego) – I had an incredible experience on Sunday morning as a volunteer “Swim Buddy” at the SheRox triathlon.   Swim buddies get to help first-time open water swimmers by swimming alongside them and encouraging them, keeping them calm and on course.  It was motivating, inspiring and humbling to be at their sides seeing them tackle their challenges and then an honor to be the first to congratulate them on making it through the swim and wish them well on the bike course.  As an added bonus, it was a blast to see the smiling faces of some ActiveX friends while I was there … especially wonderful to give an old friend  a hug as she got out of the water with a new personal best time … it wasn’t that long ago that she was a beginner swimmer herself.  Priceless experience … can’t wait till the next race where I can be a swim buddy again!


MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) played in his second game of the winter hockey season, losing to Mid Ice Crisis 3-2 on Sunday evening.  Or maybe we won, 2-1 depending on how you look at it.  The new Sentinels goalie is becoming somewhat notorious for his late arrivals and in this game, he made it on the ice roughly 7 minutes and 2 goals in.  So, if you think about how the game went with us having a goalie on the ice vs. the entire game … we did pretty well!


The Active IT team of Art Pacheco, Todd Preece, Greg Ingino, Aaron Rigney  and Jim Sola participated in the Del Mar Mud Run on Saturday.  It was a nice, cool overcast morning and the course turned out to be quite challenging.  Everyone had a great time and we’re all looking forward to doing it again next year.


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