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What's your ACTIVE?

October 24, 2011

TAWN NGUYEN & MARY ELLISON participated in the Challenge Athlete Foundation 5K on Sunday morning in La Jolla, CA.  They had a great time and can’t wait until their next one!

MARY adds her comments. Thrive 5-k Walk – I started in the first wave but wasn’t there for long. It was a beautiful walk and very inspirational—anyone with children should bring them to see what the very young challenged athletes can do—absolutely amazing! I was one of the last to finish at 1 hr 20 minutes—but I still received a participation medal!


BRIAN ENGE, San Diego and his family spent the morning cheering on athletes at the CAF race.  It was a day to be proud of the positive influence of sports and for being part of the Active team.



DENISE KENDRICK.  Many Active Network employees attended and participated in the CAF events on Sunday.  A small group from the accounting dept participated in the CAF Kaiser Thrive 5K Walk/Run.  Some of us walked, some ran but regardless of the method, we ALL finished!!  It was an amazing event for a great foundation.  I was proud to be a part of it.



ALAN DEICAS, Operations Manager for International, San Diego, completed the 55 mile (1m Swim, 44m Bike, 10m run) Triathlon benefiting CAF, the Challenged Athletes Foundation. I am not sure what was more inspirational, the challenged athletes, seeing friends push new levels, being surrounded by over 30 co-workers or seeing the look on my nephew's face as they watched the entire thing. Either way, what an amazing day. If you are inspired, here is how you can help



Team DJ Jaz – Dana Feldberg, Jason Broughton, and Lynn Jazmin relayed our way through a wonderful and inspirational day at the CAF San Diego Triathlon Challenge.  Jason killed the refreshing 1 mile swim.  Lynn took on 44 miles of hills and thrills, cycling along the La Jolla coast.  Dana enjoyed the 10 mile run with fellow Active Networker Lindsay Stocks and running buddy Liz Harrell.  It was a great day and we all appreciated being part of such an inspiring event with all the other Active peeps and athletes.  Big shout out to Active’s Aaron Waldman & Chris Gielow for capturing the day’s events on “film” and to Jessica Wexler for sharing her mad body-marking and sidewalk-chalking skillz!  It truly is the best day in triathlon!! 



Active was well represented this weekend at the Challenged Athletes Foundation triathlon event in La Jolla Cove.  Millions of dollars were raised for this worthy cause.  Jim Garfield (M&M) joined by Mark Warble, Sarah Moosbrugger, Elaine Bergeron, Alan Deicas, Jessica Wexler, Michelle Nation, Jeremy Spitzberg, Mike Reade, Ben Weinbaum, Jen White, Jon Christopher, Alice Pirogovsky, Lynn Jazmin, and Dana Feldberg. It was truly an inspiring event for an inspiring cause.



TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Expert, and TODD PREECE, Director of IT, ran the King of the Hill El Capitan Mountain Trail 1/2 Marathon this weekend in Southern California. The event featured 3000+ feet of climbing along some really nasty mountain trail and event organizers sprinkled "challenge stations" (aka do 10 burpies, 50 mountain climbers, etc) along the way. Both Toby and Todd finished together and completely collapsed at the end as neither of them left anything in the tank. It was so hard Toby has no recollection of anything in the last 2 miles and Todd is so sore he's considering a new pastime in competitive needlepoint.



KARENE WEICKERT and her husband have spent the past two weeks cruising the Californian coastline. They set sail from Los Angeles, enjoyed spectacular Santa Cruz island in the Northern Channel islands, then braved the 'Cape Horn of the Pacific' around Point Conception amid 14 foot swell plus 6 foot wind waves, then fell in love with Avila Beach, explored Monterey and finally sailed under the Golden Gate bridge to dock in Sausalito. An incredibly beautiful coastline, great weather plus whales, dolphins, and sea otters = heaven!



PATTI ROSENTHAL Industry cycling manager, reports that the 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Ride at Phil's World on Sunday.  30+ friends from Durango all in costume just having fun riding the single track at Phil's World in Cortez, CO.   There were some tralantula sightings (live ones) & we even had one gal dressed up as the "tralantula lady".  At the end had plenty of beer & munchies.  Then we had a timetrial (around 2-3 minutes long) which over 20 halloween riders partaked - catch was everyone had to ride a little stingray bike & in costume.  Super Fun!



Jane Marshall, Senior Technology Consultant spent last weekend camping five nights in the desert. Highlights were biking in Fruita, CO, hiking in Goblin Valley State Park, UT (pictured) and hiking Little Wild Horse Canyon (slot canyon) in Utah. Fun getaway with family and friends!



KELLY GIBSON joined the Active team @ the CAF event this weekend, running/walking her first 5K ever. It was so inspiring to see the differently-abled athletes out there and everyone who came together to support them.


HEATHER LEVINE (Project Coordinator, Sacramento):  Last weekend (Oct 16) I ran in the Humboldt Half Marathon on the Avenue of the Giants in Northern CA.  It was a beautiful race with great weather.  I ran my fastest half-marathon so I was happy.  Here are a few pictures – I’m the one in blue.  It was a small race (600 runners in the half) but very fun!



DINA RULLI and ROMY SMALLER completed the Challenged Athletes Foundation 5K at La Jolla Shores on Sunday. Such an awesome and inspiring day!



TIM MCMAHON, Strategic Account Manager.  This past weekend my family participated a local Falcon 5K, an Active event I stole from Sign Me Up.  This was the first race for my 8 year old son Charlie who had never run more than a mile, so I did not know what to expect.  He knocked it out of the park by running a 24:23 and finishing 4th in the 10 and under age group.  He must get is running genes from my wife who finished 22nd overall in 22:31 and was the 4th women.



STEPHANY CAVATONI (GM, Consumer Insight) and her family had an epic weekend - it started Friday where we cheered on her daughter, Stella, as she joined the Davis High School Cheerleaders for family night.  On Sunday, after many weeks of preparation, the 14th Annual Willett Elementary Fun Run was held - over 160 runners came out to raise money for the PTA, have some pre-Halloween fun and enjoy an active Sunday afternoon.  Stephany is proud to report that her kids took home a best costume prize as well.



MARC LEGLISE (Sr Software Engineer) did a leisurely 20 mile bike ride with friends, from Coronado to Imperial Beach and back. Beautiful scenery, great weather, and a real confidence booster ahead of Bike the Coast.


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