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What's your ACTIVE?

December 5, 2011

Memphis, Marathons & More

Posted by IMVoice Dec 5, 2011

COURTNEY MUNSON, Professional Services Memphis reports this is the first ever Memphis edition of WW!   WELCOME TO WW COURTNEY AND MEMPHIS! 

SCOTT WALKER (Sales) and COURTNEY completed the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon on Saturday in Downtown Memphis.   The beautiful blue skies and nearly perfect temperatures helped Scott, who trained with his wife, Anne, to a finish well under his goal time.  Besides running down world famous Beale Street, participants have the privilege of running through the St. Jude campus where they were cheered on by patients, doctors, nurses, staff and families.  It’s hard not to get emotional as runners are reminded that this race truly is about the kids who are facing a battle for their lives, and not just a couple hours.  The over four million dollars raised from the event will help to ensure that many more kids are able to win that battle.  




BRANDON KRAUSKA (DEVELOPER), CHRIS RISEN (IMPLEMENTATION MANGER), MARK LINDSLEY (BUSINESS ANALYST), and CAIRO LINDSLEY (Mark’s son) braved the elements at the Dallas White Rock Marathon.  The weather was a bit severe for us Texans.  Temps were in the high 30s/low 40s, windy, and non-stop rain.  Brandon completed his FIRST marathon.  Mark completed his 6th marathon.  Chris PR’ed his 5th marathon!  Cairo completed his 2nd half marathon at the age of 15.  Super proud of the Active Faith – Irving office!



VENESSA RODRIGUEZ, Associate Online Editor San Diego ran the OTHTC 50K on Sunday, PR’d with a time of 5:59, and won an award for 2nd in my age group. I finished steps behind Catra Corbett, the superstar ultra runner that Chris McDougall wrote about in Born to Run. Inspiring!



JENNIFER CENEDELLA, Enterprise AM Boulder.  Argentina side of National Park of Iguazu Falls (one of the Natural Wonders of the World).  A Boulder, CO friend Paul Dopp and I ran miles through the parks many trails and waterfall circuits, and to the Triple Frontier where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay can all be seen very nearby from one location.



MICHELE CREPEAU & MIKE COLEMAN along with some marathon clients (Michelle from Austin and Kecia Christiansen from Disney) ran the Rock n Roll Vegas Half Marathon.  Over 44,000 runners took over the Strip for their first ever night race.  Team Challenge brought over 1200 runners to this event as the benefitting charity.  The city was rockin n rolling with not just the race, but rodeo in town.  Lots of running shoes and cowboy boots!




STUART OLDHAM, Account Executive London this weekend got Active and started training for my first marathon with a run around the grounds of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England. Beautiful location, seen here pictured with my girlfriend, Rosie, who is way fitter than me so is the ideal training partner.



SHERRY OZIMINSKI (Senior Manager, Software QA Engineering and Materials – Outdoors Nashville) and family participated in the Mt Juliet Turkey Trot 5k this past Thanksgiving morning, which benefited New Leash On Life animal shelter of Wilson County TN. This was a great way to start the long weekend!



SIJEN OLTHOF, Supervisor, Professional Services Consulting went hiking/sledding with the family at the Gold Creek Trail.  Loving the Winter Wonderland. 



WILLIAM BASSLER did the HITS Triathlon in Palm Springs at Lake Cahuilla Saturday. It was a beach start - with close to 300 people doing the Sprint. The water was cold, but the weather was nice.

William finished 30th overall, and got an award for his age group. “My Active gear is covered up because I was pretty cold by then… My feet were still numb during the run, but I had fun!”



JOEL WERDELL and my wife and I received a call last Saturday afternoon from friends of ours who were not going to be able to use their bibs for the Seattle Half Marathon on Sunday 11/27.  Yes, only 1 day notice.   I was super excited for my wife because she had just ran her first half marathon 3 weeks earlier (trail run) and I knew she could shave off some serious time.  Myself on the other hand, out of shape and armed with only a few ultimate Frisbee games and some basketball the week before, I thought “what the heck”  I was just pumped to be able to  run my first half-marathon with my wife, Amanda.  So with some last minute trips to REI for much needed running snacks, a new Garmin GPS watch and some smart-wool compression socks we were set.  My sister graciously offered to watch our 2 kids (Bennett 2, and Lochlan 7 months) so we were up at 5am on Sunday to drop the kids off and head into a still very dark Seattle.  As we gathered with several thousand people on that cold and cloudy morning we were all smiles.  It didn't matter that we had not trained as much as we would have liked to, or that it was starting to rain, we were doing this together.  We were able to run about the first 5 miles at a nice pace, but unfortunately my wife's stomach started to bother her.  She insisted that I go ahead and try to break 2 hours.  I was definitely feeling it and I don’t recommend running on barefoot shoes without a longer ramp up period, but had a good final couple miles and came in with a time of 1:55.  I wanted to run with Amanda through the finish line so I walked/ran back up the course hoping to find her.  She was looking good, fighting a nasty stomach ache but running with all she had.  We ran the last 2 1/2 miles together to the finish and her time was 2:19.  I am always encouraged by the strength of my wife as she later told me that she lost her breakfast between mile 6-7 and still managed to keep pushing forward.  The finish line was a wonderful sight and it was great to cross the line with her.



ERIC MA (Product Marketing Lead, China) - I'm a marathoner! Just finished my first full marathon race at 2011 Shanghai International Marathon last Sunday, at the last marathon of the year of 2011 in China within 430 below my goal. I was so excited, there's no painful period during the run, the last 10K was very hard, but nothing could beat a winning heart, I made it!  So enjoyed the applauses and cameras at the finishing line. Thank you all my friends for the wishes, Those are my motivation for the last few miles. 2011 is really a big year to me, from 5K to 10K, from 10K to half marathon, then finally to the full marathon, nothing could stop me moving forward!  Actually I spent almost the whole week in Shanghai, 3 days spent at the Shanghai Marathon Expo, partnered PaoBuKong with a health running club to show on a booth in the Expo, met some users, know a lot famous Chinese marathoners, it’s like a running carnival. Particularly I had conversations with couple of Chinese triathletes, and it all started from, they’re jealous of me working at Active Network, and encourage me to make process to achieve an Ironman dream! [I know that would be sure one day!] And another thing is they keep mentioning about the local business in China for Active, I love those suggestions to PaoBuKong and some fresh ideas, and can’t wait to share all my feelings and findings to my team now.

Still sore, but very happy. Wait, am I the first one to show, Active Network, ActiveX logos to a marathon race finishing line in China?


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