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Nothing but Fun!

Posted by IMVoice Apr 25, 2011

ADNAN ZAIDI, USTA Senior Technical Account Manager took 5th place in the USTA National Men’s 35 Hard Courts played in Scottsdale, AZ this past week. I am up to a career high ranking in the Men’s 35s of #6 IN THE NATION.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined fellow Active colleagues Anthony Valentino and Neal Block in running the Marin County Half Marathon.  Besides being one of the "greenest" races in the U.S. (solar powered, on-line reg, carbon offsets and tree plantings) each mile is marked by a different live band and unique poem.   Even "Elvis- the lawman" showed up to talk about traffic safety with the kids!



On Sunday 24th Apr, Eric Ma(MRI), Dorothy Zhou (SCM IT), Dylan Hai(IT), Jimmie Jiang(BA), Jason Qu(DBA IT), Ivy Yang(IT), Edde Yang(DBA IT) and Colin Li(IT) climbed over 1000 meters to the summit of Jian Mountain that means steep in Chinese. It was famous of the biggest natural stone bridge of Asia.  And we had an amazing picnic on the top with a small temple on it .The hiking distance is about 10km. It’s an exciting course even some of us got the sunburn.



TONY CHEN(Tester, IS) with 9 Active employees, ROCKY REN(Developer, ActiveNet), BEHRMAN WU(Developer, Golf), VINCENT ZHAO(Tester, RA), ERIC MA(Market Analyst, M+M), SHANE SONG(Developer, RA), NEIL YUAN(Developer, BlueBear), LOCKE CHEN(Tester, H&F), SAYID LI(Developer, Golf), WESLEY WANG(Developer, ACR), from Xi’an office played 5v5 soccer game in Qujiang Monument Park on Saturday.

It was a very nice but very hot day, may be Fahrenheit 100, however, the soccer players fight serious, because the side which lose one goal would do 5 push-ups, and no one is willing to kiss the burning ground. “Hah, you guys need Active X for teaching you how to do criteria push-ups.” Said by Eric, the coach of ActiveX in Xi’an office. “All right, but now we need water more than ActiveX. ”

After 2 hours running, the players all had a great experience of playing football and doing push-ups in such a hot Saturday. “It’s wonderful, now we need more guys to join us.



Here is the report from Rui Zhang (Class Team): ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament! After one and half month exciting tournament, now all the matches have been completed. We played exactly 200 matches totally. Finally Rui Zhang (Class team tester), Jennie Xin (ActiveNet BA), Tom Yang (ActiveNet tester) won the prizes in Level A, the prizes are trophy cup with both Activenetwork logo and ActiveX-Xi”an logo printed; Green Yin (ACR tester), Lesley Liu (A2 tester), Eric Du (IT manager) won the prizes in Level B, the prizes are ActiveX-Xi’an T shirt, they are limited editions.




ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) had a super active weekend, He started this weekend from mountaineering in MRI team event on Friday, played a 2hr 5v5 soccer game with ActiveX Xi’an soccer team on Saturday morning, then finished the day with a 5K hash run, on Sunday, he joined ActiveX Xi’an hiking team with COLIN LI (Product Support, IT) and other 6 Xers. he felt nothing was better than burning 4,000 calories within two days!


Just two weeks after placing 3rd overall in the Buckhorn Exchange Half Marathon Relay, Studs TREY GORMAN and BRIAN O'NEILLl placed 4th and 5th respectively at the 2011 Mud Hen 5K. Posting blistering speeds of 18:34 and 19:18, these boys were flying.


PHIL GRAHAM, Enterprise Sales, Draper, UT, rode the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park.  About 20 of us did the 103 mile mountain bike ride unsupported Friday afternoon.  After 8 hours of riding time, running out of food and water and having to bum water from campers I finally finished.  It's a beautiful ride through  Canyonlands National Park that borders both the Green River and the Colorado River. Picture here is at mile 101 before having to make our last 1,000 foot climb up Horse Thief to our campsite – don't let the smile deceive you as I was on the verge of bonking bad!



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Senior Account Manager – Sports (San Diego) took daughter Jade to the Bay area for a weekend getaway centered around the Marin County Half Marathon on Saturday morning.  Anthony finished in 1:34.  Other Active employees racing were Neal Block and Jim Garfield.



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (Copywriter, ActiveWorks) took advantage of some excellent visibility to dive in the undersea canyon at La Jolla Shores. Found some octopus, crabs and a large school of mackerel, but alas, no Easter eggs.....



MICAH KROPP (Product Marketing Manager, Associate) and Bret Lindeman (Sr. Business Systems Analyst) traveled to Burbank, CA to play rugby for the San Diego Old Aztecs against the Eagle Rock rugby club. In the A-side match, Micah and the Old Aztecs won in convincing fashion, running through and around the Eagle Rock players on way to a 54-17 victory.  Micah scored to 2 tries and was later honored as “Man of the Match”. The A-side improved to 10-0-1 on the season and has secured a #1 seed heading into nationals.  In the B-side match, Bret played in his second rugby match following an 18 YEAR BREAK from the sport (Kudos to ActiveX for helping him get back in game shape!) Bret was valuable in the scrums and rucks and helped guide the Old Aztecs to a 34-8 victory. The B-side has also remained undefeated this season.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) put on a pretty serious ankle brace on Friday night and hit Genesee Park for some ultimate Frisbee action.  It started out pretty badly for the Game of Life, going into a quick 4-0 deficit against undefeated Scrabble.  But we pulled even at 7-7 after an epic, 20 minute point.  Unfortunately, time was not on our side and we wound up losing in a 3 point tiebreaker, ending the game in a 10-9 loss.  We continue to get better and don't seem too worried that we've found a home in the cellar of the league. 

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From everyone at THE ACTIVE NETWORK CONGRADULATIONS to American DESIREE DAVILA from San Diego County in Chula Vista, CA.  She just ran a 2:22:38 for 2nd place at the Boston Marathon today.  She is a 2001 graduate from Hilltop High School and All American at Arizona State University.  Desiree was only a step behind the winner Caroline Kilel from Kenya at the finish.


Our own EMILY JOLLER, Account Manager Sports San Diego just finished the Boston Marathon today in a time of 3:15:11 that is a 7:27 pace per mile – WAY TO GO EMILY A WELL DESERVED MEDAL AND BEER!

Emily Joller Boston Marathon.JPG


MARK WARBLE reports – Saturday, two 12-person ActiveX-men teams (22 Active employees and 2 friendlies) participated in the Ragnar Relay SoCal event- a 200 mile relay race starting in Huntington Beach and ending in Coronado. Although we fueled-up with Zico, Gu, Odwalla, and Snickers Marathon Bars the entire time, it was our capes that truly gave us power to reach the finish as a team. Even with the lack of sleep, sweaty confines (6 stinky people in each van), and the SoCal heat everyone had a blast AND there were no injuries for the entire 32 hours it took to complete the race! There’s already talking about participating in the Napa version and/or doing SoCal again next year. Great job everyone! (Below are just a few photos…many more will be plastered on Facebook, so stay tuned.)



MELISSA COHEN & AMY SCHWENCK participated in the Ragnar relay in Southern California.




ROB POWELL (Media + Marketing) took part in the SoCal Ragnar race as a member of Team Beach Slap.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) had the fantastic opportunity to channel my inner Super Hero (with Pizza balloon thought bubble) and run the Ragnar Relay this weekend. I was incredibly proud to race with such a fantastic group of Active peeps.  A special shout out to Evan Witte (my partner in crime) who kept our pace strong and our transitions interesting! I hear there might be a vote for the Napa Ragnar! I vote for it!



RODNEY VAN WINCKEL, of the Pleasanton office, coached his 16 year old girls team (Vibe Nitro) at the Far Western National Volleyball Qualifier in Reno this past weekend.   Nitro was seeded 77th out of 177 and finished 62nd by playing their best volleyball of the season!



BRUCE XU (QA, Active Trainer) Reported from Xi'an, China - On Sunday, April 17. Eric Ma, Cash Xu, Nemo Ding, Tony Chen and Bruce Xu rode a 90k ride around the 3rd Ring Road of Xi’an City start from Software park. Distance – 90.78 km; duration – 4hours and 15 mins; Pace - 21.2km/hour; altitude difference – 456 m. It is a hot day with splendid sunshine. Every boy felt a little bit tired with sunburned skin, but nothing can stop them to enjoy this great riding/journey! We passed by several typical Xi’an Locations: Qujiang Pool, City Wall Relics of Tang Dynasty, International Horticultural Exhibition Park. It is the first team ride training for climbing the Watershed of Qinling Mt this year.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) finished his first season of ice hockey last Monday night, with a victory over the Kokanees by the score of 3-2 to win our division!  We broke out to a 3-0 lead after two periods and managed to hang on.  We finished the regular season 4-14-3 and including an 0-13-3 streak to finish the season.  And thankfully, everyone makes the playoffs and we won all of our games.  Matt did pay through the playoffs with a bad ankle, and is still waiting to see if it's broken.  Let's hope it's not too bad cause summer season starts in a month!



MICHAEL O’BRIEN, Desktop Support.  Before the start, and then at the finish line of the Purity Dairy Dash 5K in Nashville, TN.  It was cool and spitting rain but still a good run.



HEATHER LEVINE, Project Coordinator did the first annual Capitol City Classic 5K on Sunday and it was a lot of fun!  The weather was great!  The race took you through parts of downtown Sacramento and along the river.  It was fun seeing views of the Tower Bridge and the river.  The best part was the race benefitted A Change of Pace, a non-profit that trains kids to run and be active.  There were so many kids running with us.  The picture is of my friend Mandy, my mom, and me (in orange).



LISA BALDWIN, Director Product EOL & Client Migration reports that this Sunday, 27 folks from the Burnaby office took park in the Vancouver Sun Run, the largest 10K race in Canada featuring over 50,000 participants.  It was a perfect weather day for running with lots of sun and no rain.  A 2 alarm fire detoured us slightly at about the 4km mark but didn’t seem to really slow anyone down.  Lots of friendly side bets between co-workers, teammates and spouses were won or lost on the race course Sunday. J.  Our team placed 7th in the Sponsor category with many people achieving personal best times including Myo Thein, Lisa Baldwin, John Kadota, and Paul Cheung.    First timer Darwis Fransida posted a solid time positioning him as the 5th fastest on our team.



Way to go to the rest of the team Bardya Ariana, Chantel McBride, Inderpal Dhaliwal, Jamie Haaf, Mariel Coley, Niraj Prakash, Andrew  Chau, Brian Choy, Darren Jensen, Doreen Xue, Jack Su, Lisha Li, Melissa Douglas, Myreen Lacsamana, Paul Tan, Raymond Lei, Rong Peng, Wayne Zhu, Rod Sheeter, Ryan Carniato, Spencer Robertson, and Sukh Sanghera.   Go ActiveX!


SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Manager, San Diego) Ran the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend. They don’t call it a “character-building” race for nothing. Those hills are brutal. It was a perfect day for a run, overcast and cool. Powered through on my way to the “Triple Crown” this year (running all three SD half marathons in one year at sub 3 hours.) Met up with other ActiveXers Todd Preece and his wife Karla. Awesome day!



GREG SCHWARZER, Sales Team Leader  Our buddies almost going over in their raft on “Tin Cup”, the Arkansas River, Salida, Colorado. 3 day rafting/fishing trip over the weekend.  My raft was through before them and we decided to video their journey through.


ANDREW BUTTERWORTH, Strategic Director took his family camping in the San Rafael Swell in Southern Utah and we spent a couple of days hiking through slot canyons and running around Hoodoo's in Goblin Valley.  Ding and Dang Canyons where not technical but it certainly took some ingenuity to figure out how to get down some 40 foot drops.  This is some of the most beautiful wilderness areas you could ever hope for.



MICHELLE NATION, Product Manager ran the Salt Lake City Marathon (as a warm up for the Rainier to Ruston in June).  It was exactly as promised:  snow capped mountains, newly blooming daffodils and tulips, perfect marathoning weather and mostly flat/downhill (not counting that nasty uphill around mile 25 heading up towards the state capitol).   Had a fantastic day out in the road and even indulged in the unofficial “temptation” aid station at mile 20.  I’m so thankful I managed to pull out a new marathon PR of 4:27:34 AND feel happy and strong almost the entire time!  The best part was running with my big sister for the first 6 miles and then seeing her at the finish.  Life is good!



A more Active Oziminski family in 2011 – Sherry and Jay Oziminski - Nashville, TN office

First Ski Trip ever – Wolf Creek Colorado!  Totally fun and we are all hooked. First 5k ever  –  Nashville, TN – Davidson County Humane Society - we made it and it was fun… even the dogs liked it J… don’t forget the dogs – they need to be more active too!  2nd 5k –  Mt. Juliet, TN  - Eva’s walk for a reason  - Jay improved his running time and has become more competitive with it.  I completed walking it with my time improved as well and met some really great people in my community!!   We plan on doing more because WE CAN!


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Senior Account Manager (San Diego), participated in the Ragnar Relay Friday and Saturday with two teams full of AMAZING Active employees/family. Special thanks to running partner Burt Repine for driving an aggressive pace.  Anthony added a little extra mileage on Sunday with the La Jolla Half Marathon, finishing in 1:41.  Despite tired legs from Ragnar, he was motivated to get to the finish as quick as possible for the prize in the picture below.



JEN ROMINE, Account Manager – Running, Ran the La Jolla, CA Half Marathon yesterday in 2:04 for a new PR!



BRIAN PORTER ran the 2011 Sun Run in Vancouver, BC. I didn't reach my best year's time by a long shot, but I killed my slowest time, so I ended up pretty happy with the run. The weather was perfect for it; not too warm, but clear and sunny. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it this year, so I didn't join the Active team. But I made sure to wear my Active T-shirt!



Anusheh Chavez, Melissa Eisler and Megan DuVall enjoyed 3 wonderful days full of yoga, hiking and live kirtan music in Joshua Tree, CA at Bhakti Fest.



A team of technical guru from China offices: Wayne Wang (Reserve America), Peter Wang (Thriva), Lin Lin (HR), David Qu (ActiveNet), Joey Yin (ActiveWorks), Eric Yao (Photos), Tyrael Tong (ActiveWorks), Chris Zhang (ActiveWorks), Shelly Yue (Product Management and China Operations), Carmen Liu (H&F), Jeff Fan (ActiveWorks) and Jean Su (China Operations) joined QCon Beijing 2011 over the weekend. Active Network has devoted to build best technology team in China over last 5 years and QCon has been one of our channels to establish networking with hi-end talents in Beijing and Shanghai. We also are proud to share our ActiveX stories and even with a small live mini golf pitch competition during the conference booth in order to demonstrate how technology and sports can meet and have fun!


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A Grand Fondo Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Apr 11, 2011

Rui Zhang (Class Team): ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament!


ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament is held in Xi’an now. There are 29 Activers from different teams to attend the tournament; these players are divided into 2 groups by drawing lots. The whole tournament includes group game and Elimination game, and there are 196 matches to take place only in group stage. 8 players in each group can enter into Elimination game! This is really funny and interesting with a long schedule around 2 months. Every afternoon, many colleagues will come to watch the matches and add oil for players.




Danae Brooker, Director of Business Solutions:


I wanted to provide you an update of my 10-year old son and my Spring Break.  We rode from Yuma (the Colorado River) to Carlsbad (the Pacific Ocean).  We completed 224 miles over 6 days!  Awesome trip!!!  Here are some pictures:


Marshall & Danae dip their tires in the Colorado River at the start of the trip!


Marshall riding down a dirt road to get to our first campsite.


Mornings were cold as we geared up to ride between 35 and 55 miles per day!


A quick rest stop before continuing the ride through the Anza Borrego Desert.


The weather changed drastically as we headed into Julian – riding up Banner Grade, I was actually knocked off my bike by a huge gust of wind!


On Saturday, we make it to the Pacific Ocean to dip our tires!


Here is the entire group of riders – 50 of which are 5th graders!  Amazing!


Robert T. Klingensmith, Vice President, Media + Marketing: Team Active lines up for the third annual Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego.  Thanks to everyone at Active for their support... it was the best event yet!!




MIKE REILLY rode the Gran Fondo 60 mile event and it was an Active history day. Mike rode with Active USA founder JIM WOODMAN all 69 miles talking about the beginning years of Active up to the present.  The 60 miles went by in a flash.  Our own ROB KLINGINGSMITH produced the event and LARKIN GEYER & LINDSAY NESSELROAD lead the way at the start.




Jeannie M. Freis, Associate Product Manager: The Boulder office sent 4 teams to Sunday’s Buckhorn Exchange (half marathon) Relay.  I ran most of leg 1 (5 miles) with fellow ActiveXers Brett Burch and Chuck Langdon, and was thankful for their many encouraging words along the way.  Just prior to the race start, Brett stated his intention was to see if he could get one of us to throw up.  “After all, this is a race and we should push ourselves!” added Chuck.  Attached is the photo of my relay team members  post race - my boyfriend, Kelly Feagans, me, and friend Katy Rhoades.  We came in 8th in the co-ed relay division.
buckhorn relay2.JPG

Michael O’Brien, Desktop Management: I ran a 5K for St. Jude this past Saturday in Nashville.  I raised over $200 in donations and set a personal record of 29:21.  I attached a pic of me in my St. Jude racing jersey before heading out the door to run.




Scott Yeske, Industry Manager: My "Thirsty Niners" Ice Hockey Team Won the Winter Season Championship this past weekend.  We played a best of 3 series and Won 2 games to 1.  This marks our Second Championship in Three Seasons!



Damon Mathews, Sr. Web Designer: Damon took 2nd place in his pool at the 2011 Las Vegas Footbag Jam. Competitors traveled from as far away as Austrailia to attend the event. This was the second time Damon has competed at this event. Below is a link to some random Footbag Circles at the event. Damon is seen in the opening shot and again at 6:06.

The overall winner this year (and last year) was tournament host and director Evan Gatesman from Las Vegas. The official final Circle Contest can be seen in the video below:

Dak Jordan (ActiveEducate) and Mike Fries, ran in the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in Chicago.  After a long, cold, snowy winter, the sun came out and the temperature was in the low 70's, perfect for a run.




Eric Olson, GM of SMB Events, watched his fiancée Mary Beth Ellis out sprint fellow American Kelly Williamson down the finishing shoot for the 70.3 US Championship and 4th overall at Texas 70.3. She fought through jet lag and a cold for a strong follow up to her win at Singapore 70.3 two weeks ago. The race was more stressful for the spectator than the racer. Notice the logo on the finishing shoot. Sweet.


Texas finish.jpg


Karen Hardy, Christina Hanson & Sarah Moosbrugger completed the Medio Fondo 60 Miler with a bunch of fellow ActiveX’ers.  We had a blast & think it would have been even more fun if we trained for it!




Alicia Towery, (Technical Account Manager) ran the San Marcos Roundup - 11K Double Peak Challenge and was the 2nd female overall.  The course was straight up a trail for the first three miles with a total elevation gain of 1600 ft.  It was a fun and challenging course. 




MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) did not pass go and most certainly didn't collect $200 when The Game of Life played Monopoly on Friday night.  We had a much better showing, though, losing 15-7.  Some great bids (So close to making a catch behind my back!)  But we're getting better!  In bigger news, the Sentinels are in the championship game tonight (that's 9 pm at Kingsgate in Kirkland, if you're in the area)!  After a horrible regular season, we won our game last Sunday night 3-2 and are now undefeated through the playoffs.  Hopefully the season ends tonight, but if we lost tonight, we get one more chance to seal the deal. 




Tyler Jump, Account Manager - Camps, and Janean Nation, Sales Manager - Sports, enjoyed a late winter storm and spent the weekend snowboarding in Utah.  The powder was fresh and the riding was EPIC!




Liz Harrell (Director - Project Management, San Diego) and her boyfriend Hal Helbock rode the 105 mi route of the Gran Fondo on Sunday. We started the ride together, but that was about it.  Lots of hills and headwind made for a great training day for me.  (10 weeks and 6 days until Ironman!)  Hal was the 3rd cyclist to cross the finish line... even though this was a "ride" and not a "race".  Not too shabby for a Mountain Biker. :-)




Chris Gielow, ActiveWorks Interaction Designer, poses at the Olympic Training center SAG station, the halfway point at the Gran Fondo San Diego.


Chris at the Olympic Training Center 2.jpg


Vanessa Allen, Senior Marketing Manager, Sports, spent a week in Petite Riviere de Nippes, in southwest Haiti, working with school kids on art instruction at a school supported by the American Haitian Foundation. We took opportunities to do some sight-seeing, too, and on our last day in Haiti visited Saut du Baril spring/cascades up in the mountains. We hiked up the trail/road +/- 5 miles to visit the falls that are fed by a natural spring out of volcanic rock. Beautiful, cool clean water – a great way to cool off after a long, hot hike! My friends along for the trek are Mary and Debbie (ActiveX-ers by affiliation). Photo also included of one of our “art school” sessions with the students.


van at saut du baril.JPG


van with class 2.JPG


Lindsay Nesselroad (International Specialist) and Larkin Geyer (previous long time Active employee and current Active family member) finishing the Gran Fondo! What a great day and an even more amazing ride!




Steve Mazza had a great ride at the Gran Fondo Colnago, a great day, sunny and lots of smiling Active faces! Kudos to Rob and his team for such a well organized event. Photo snapped as I finished.




DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Engineer, San Diego -
My 16-year-old son and I volunteered then rode in our third Colnago Gran Fondo San Diego, taking on the challenge of the 105 mile century route with many miles of back country climbing.  Hills are my biggest challenge on a bike, and the six mile continuous climb of the "king of the mountain" stage took everything I had. This was the only timed stage, and my 1hour 38minute grind placed me 908 out of 910 riders that attempted the climb-- brutal, but not dead last!


We rode the countryside together, but near mile 83 I turned my son loose to push himself for a better time - he still had fresh legs and mine were pretty well done. We both finished the full century route, a little late, but at least we made it back during daytime this year unlike the year before.  Big improvements for both of us in completing our second century ride ever.  We handled two flats and had fewer technical difficulties than the 2010 Gran Fondo. Loved the course changes from last year, which worked out well and tested us with a serious endurance event including 5,500 feet of climbing and headwinds for the last 25 miles. The event featured beautiful weather, a remote course green from the recent rains, and first class SAG support. A big thanks to the team at Active in supporting another great Gran Fondo, and also to the friends and family that came out to cheer us and other riders on the course.

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NOLAN HANSEN just may be the fastest triathlete in the entire company.  He did the 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run at Oceanside 70.3 in 4:42:46 good for 10th place in his age group of 25-29. We've got to get than boy in some Active Gear.



JON CHRISTOPHER, Senior Software Engineer did the Oceanside, CA 70.3 Half Ironman Saturday as did many Active San Diego team members.  Jon went 5:47:03.



MICHAEL WILSON, Sales Manager Sports had a great day in Oceanside at Ironman 70.3 going 5:48:29!  He did the race with Brandon Culley who was doing his first ever 70.3.   It was so nice to see fellow Active people competing and out on the course cheering on.  And always great having Reilly calling you in and out of each transition!




SHANNON TURNER STEWART, Sales Manager Sports completed her first 1/2 Ironman this weekend in Oceanside, CA going 6:21:34.  Highlight of the day was our own Mike Reilly calling me in and out of each transition and seeing a bunch of fellow Active athletes out on the course, especially during the run.  All I heard about before this event was the hills during the ride, the hills are no joke...some sweet elevation happening between miles 30-45.  Here is a picture of me coming in after the ride.  I was smiling because I knew all I had left was a 13 mile smile quickly left at .5 miles into the run!



ANDY REILLY, Endurance Sales rep did his first 70.3 triathlon going 6:03:55 in Oceanside.  The Old Man got to call him out a few times with the entire family watching.

Andy2_Oceanside 70 3 2011 040.JPGAndy3_Oceanside 70 3 2011 041.JPG

Andy_Oceanside 70 3 2011 039.JPG


JAMES SOLA IT App Support from the SD office also did his first 70.3 and all the training paid off. The swim had calm waters most of the way but there was lots of contact the whole time.  The bike was fun for about the first half, then came the famous hills and headwinds.  The run was really tough, mostly because the legs were cooked from the bike ride.  Overall a great experience and one heck of a sense of accomplishment doing it in 7:04!



KRISTIN CARROLL says the next generation of ActiveX-ers took to the streets at the Jr. Carlsbad in Carlsbad, CA. Brian Enge's entire posse (of 4 kids) competed. From left to right...Sierra ran a blazing 5:52 mile. Skylar won the 9 year old girls race with a 6:14 mile and little sister Larsen was the lead girl in the 6 year old race running a 1/2 mile in 3:32! Wow - those girls are fast. Their brother was already at lacrosse practice by picture time. Kellen Bassler ran a fantastic time and showed some team spirit sporting his ActiveX t-shirt. Toddler Trotters McKenna Carroll and Penny Chen (both age 2/12) ran and had fun just getting a medal!  (MIKE SAYS THIS MAY BE THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER!)



Here are BRIAN ENGE’S kids all by themselves who ran Jr. Carlsbad.  If his kids keep this running thing up his entry fees over the next few year will be massive!



WILLIAM BASSLER, Visual Designer.  His 9 year old son Kellen did the Kid's mile, and I did the 5K, at the Carlsbad 5000 over the weekend.  On Saturday we met up with a few other ActiveX kids as well! It was a fun run along the coast with great weather. The only distraction were the great waves! We had fun!


ARACELI DAGDAGAN – Marketing Manager – San   Diego.  My 5 year old son, Nico ran the Junior Carlsbad, he was so excited that the medal was an alien spaceship.  He had a blast - his goal is to get more medals than mom and dad!


JEN ROMINE, Account Manager – Running,  and her sister Lindy took on the Carlsbad 5000 yesterday.  After racing at 10:20 they decided to run the race again with the 11:30 wave for additional mileage and had a great time.  Jen finished in 25:26 in the first race, which is a PR for her by over a minute and a half! Sorry no picture.


PAUL MCLURE, Account Mgr did his third Carlsbad 5000 yesterday and  finished at 25:33 and then went down to La Jolla for some great waves on  a really nice San Diego day.


SIMON WANG works in Thriva team at China Xi’An office as developer, but currently I’m on a trip in Bothell office, today I just ride on the bicycle which Michael Matt borrowed to me, riding from Bothell to Golden Gardens Park at Seattle , round trip 44.8 mi(72km, Google said so, J), it took me about 6 hours counting on the time I stay in the park. To be honest even myself can’t believe that number, it’s really a long way! I may not be able to call as warrior but I do challenged myself as I used to just ride 12km max.



JAY OZIMINSKI, Facilities Manager – Nashville (ActiveX Champion-Nashville) reports there was some Shooting and some Climbing done in Nashville this weekend by the Outdoor division.  Now there is a combination we’ve never had before in WW!

Shooting on Saturday:

Shelby Abernathy-QA

Joe Drury-Network Admin

Jeff Strickland-php Developer, plus wife

Bobbie Zweck-Configuration Mgr

Jackie Zweck-QA

Phillip McClendon-NOC Admin

LeeJayne Stone-Business Analyst


Climbing on Sunday:

Mike O’Brien-Desktop Support, plus wife

Jackie Lambert-Shipping Clerk

Katie Key

Jackie Zweck-QA

Shelby Abernathy-QA

LeeJayne Stone-Business Analyst



Here is the report from Rui Zhang (Class Team): ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament!  ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament is sponsored in Xi’an now. There are 29 Activers from different teams to attend the tournament; these players are divided into 2 groups by drawing lots. The whole tournament includes group game and Elimination game, and there are 196 matches to take place only in group stage. 8 players in each group can enter into Elimination game! This is really funny and interesting with a long schedule around 2 months. Every afternoon, many colleagues will come to watch the matches and add oil for players.


ALISON SALINGER, Marketing Manager in San Diego, ran (more like power-walked) her first ever 5k Warrior Dash with friends over the weekend. Good times, lots of fun obstacles, some serious mud, and beers at the finish…that’s a good day.


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