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Another Great Active Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jul 25, 2011

JUSTIN GRITZMACHER, ETS Coordinator on Sunday my girlfriend Mimi and I participated in the New Belgium Brewery Urban Assault Ride. Throughout Denver and the surrounding areas 1500 racers made our way to 9 checkpoints as fast as possible. From diving to the bottom of a pool looking for beer cans, a big wheel race course and giant slip and slide we had a great time. And of course nothing beats a hot day of racing like free beers at the finish!



MATT EHRILICHMAN, Chief Strategy Officer says it’s finally summer in the PNW!

Hike to Bridle Falls with the family – Nathan is starting to get big as noticed by his dad during the hike up the mountain and biking with the family.  Plus an important update from last weekend – my annual college buddy golf trip (including several original members of team) where I shot a 79... best score of my life. Required a 70 foot birdie putt on 17 and a par on 18. About as fun as golf gets for me.





Austin Braaten participated in the inaugural Oyster Race series on Saturday, which involved running around Seattle partaking in designated tasks, such as catching and throwing a fish and visiting the top of the Space Needle.



Art Eckstrom; Senior Account Executive – Educate, took part in the Solana Beach Triathlon Sunday with seventy plus Active team members cheering and supporting each other throughout the race.  This was my first ever Triathlon and quite an accomplishment, but the best part was all the training with fellow first timers and how close we’ve become as a group.  Great camaraderie and phenomenal support helped make yesterday so memorable.  Being in the second to last wave to start (40-49 year old) meant that most of Team Active were already finished by the time I started the run, so to come into the finish line and have everyone there cheering and hi fiving me in truly made my day.  In attached photo:  My girlfriend, Shannon Stewart; Senior Sales Manager – Endurance/Sports, is cheering me on during the final leg of the run.  So great to have her there!



MICHELE CREPEAU had an awesome weekend up in Nantucket, Bike trip to Surfside Beach.



Report by ERIC MA (Marketing Analyst – Product Marketing Lead) from Xi'an: He completed 2011 AXCC Xi'an, a 6-day 611KM Tour de Lake Qinghai last week with 9 amazing ActiveX'ers! EDA ZHAO (Config/Release Engineer, IT), CASH XU (Controller), BRUCE XU(QA, ActiveTrainer), RUI ZHANG (QA, Class), NEMO DING (Dev, ActiveWorks), STEVEN XUE(NOC, IT), FOD SHADBAKHT (English Trainer) and two friends PAUL and ADAM, it was the most wonderful ride ever in his life! Most people in China longing for a trip to the holy Lake Qinghai, but not that many could make it happen, not even riding a bike over there for a week! It really means a lot to those who participated, experienced, suffered and completed.  It was a tough week for the team, from the ticket booking, then the 2 days on the train, it was not easy to take their own bikes to travel to another city, 1,000+ meters uphill climbing on day 1, sunburn, altitude sickness, hypoxia, not accustomed to the new climate, terrible food, bad accommodation.... But all them weren't a problem when they saw the lake in the front, and it was so enjoyable to spend the entire week ride along the huge beautiful lake!

Thanks for the hundreds replies of wishes through Sina Weibo by Active colleagues both from Xi'an and Chengdu. Also big thanks to ActiveX connected this great team together to make big dreams come true!




AARON RIGNEY, IT Systems Administrator, ran the “Bolt to the Q” 5K on Saturday.  The race started at the Chargers training facility on Murphy Canyon Road and finished at the 50-yard line at Qualcomm Stadium.  It also benefited Charger Marcus McNeill’s Mack’s Miracles Foundation.  Aaron ran a season best 29:33.



KATIE HARVEY, Sales Mgr EMEA is a new sales manager at the London office, working on the telesales project. I cycled the London to Cambridge ride for Breakthrough Breast Cancer yesterday. A total of 60 miles of beautiful English countryside, I clocked a time of 5 hours including breaks and a few irritating train crossings slowing me down! Here's a photo attached with one of my fellow riders (I'm on the left).



AARON WALDMAN completed his first sprint triathlon, Solana Beach with the rest of the Active Charity Challenge crew! Thanks so much to Arch and the whole group for an amazing experience. So I guess that’s a PR 1:21:01


MICHAEL PRODER – Project Manager Cash Reconciliation – completed the Solana Beach Tri this weekend with a huge level of support from his ActiveX / Charity Challenge compatriots. It was an amazing day for Michael and Active, as our blue and yellow tri suits and screams of encouragement were visible / audible up and down the coast line!



PAUL MCLURE, Account Mgr participated in his third Solana Beach Triathlon with the Active family.  A great weekend; starting Friday night with the swim at the cove and finishing it with the Tri on Sunday.  What a great event and finished with my best time for the Solana Beach Tri at 1:14:43.  Looking forward to the CAF event in October.



Bryan Crosby, Software Engineer for and Christine Crosby, Account Executive for Communities, at the Solana Beach Triathlon.  It was our first time and we had a blast competing and cheering everyone on.


BRENDAN EGAN Online Marketing Analyst, Associate.  On Sunday I got the chance to compete in the Solana Beach Tri with an amazing group of Active employees. It was my second race to date and I'm glad I got to be part of such an awesome event. The best part of the race hands down was the overwhelming amount of support from fellow Active-ites all throughout the race, well done!!



TIFFANY SAIBIL, Account Executive, Endurance, UK reports on the Al Andalus Ultra Trail, in Andalusia Spain.  The course is 220km with high temperatures (35-40C), numerous climbs and scenic trails. Over 90% is off-road, mountain, and desert tracks with the majority of tarmac in the final kilometers when approaching the stage village finishes. 23 countries represented: 67 starters, 44 finishers.  23rd overall and 6th for the women.  Not close to a podium, but happy to pull it off without any injuries, or even a bad blister!


JEFF STRNAD, Account Mgr Endurance and his Dad completed his first Duathlon on Sunday. This was his first organized event. I'm incredibly proud of him. He is turning 60 this year and he decided it was "now or never". He trained hard, improved his diet and shed over 40 lbs during the process. He finished 4th in his age group...shhhh, no need to tell him there were only 4 in his age group. Haha  I was happy to be by his side every step/pedal along the way.

Jeff  Dad Finish Line.JPG

MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) had a good weekend in team sports.  On Friday night, Donkeypower beat Octave 15-3 in ultimate frisbee.  He had a couple of questionable puts that somehow resulted in scores and we're now looking forward to be in good shape for the postseason.  On a rare early-evening Sunday night, the Sentinels beat the HES team (they're new and name-less), 7-1.  The game was a lot closer than it looked, going 2-0 into the third period on the back of the opposing teams goalie making a series of highlight-reel worthy saves.  We eventually discovered that simple is effective and broke it open in the third period.


SEJAL PIETRZAK, Vice President was excited to share that I did my first Triathlon in 17 years yesterday -- Solana Beach Triathlon – and it was incredible — Active was everywhere!  What a supportive and encouraging environment for getting back into the sport!  Friends and family cheering on the sideline told me I was smiling the entire race, and I had so much fun!


MIKE REILLY was at Ironman Lake Placid, New York this weekend and took a shot of the run out Active chute.


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JON CHRISTOPHER San Diego office did the Vineman 70.3 this Sunday and had a PR of 5:12. Awesome race and great day! Special congratulations to my friend Mike Ellis who did 5:23 at his first 70.3...pretty amazing!



HEATHER LEVINE, Project Coordinator on Sunday worked the aid station for the World Masters Athletics Championships Marathon.  The Track and Field events have been going on in Sacramento for the past 2 weeks.  Athletes from all over the world, ranging in all ages, are participating.  The marathon was on the last day of the championships – about 250 people were participating.  It was pretty awesome to see runners from other countries – we learned how to say “water!” in a few languages!  Also quite inspiring are the many runners over 60…there were a few in their 80s, still going strong.  If you have never worked an aid station you should…it gives you a great perspective of what the volunteers have to do, and it is a lot of fun (and hard work).


DAMIAN STAMM, Product Manager participated in the Sunset Triathlon in Vineland, NJ, doing the sprint race.  Happy with the improvement in pace compare to the same race (different course) two years ago.  The advantage of racing in New Jersey is that it almost makes Iowa look hilly, so it was all out for the entire time.  My bike pace went up by nearly 1 MPH and the run was the best pace this year.  Enjoyed racing it with family and friends where our group pulled in a pair of podiums.


IRIS HERRING, HR Assistant spent the weekend camping at Heart Bar campground on Big Bear Mountain with my family. This picture is of My sister, Janel, and I during a pit-stop while hiking the Wild Horse Trail.



JUSTIN MOSER, Sales Team in Boulder, completed the full course of the Xterra Triathlon over the weekend in Beaver Creek, CO.  The only word to describe the mountainous course is brutal.  I am definitely glad I did not take the advice of another racer in the parking lot to "not wear a wetsuit."  Perfect weather and amazing scenery made this race enjoyable, regardless of the elevation gain.



Greg Schwarzer Sales Manager, Anthony Chiulli Sales, Matt Coffee Sales, and Brian O’Neill Dev (all Boulder office) went on a challenging but fun ride Saturday morning.  Brian strongly representing RegOnline Dev by rocking the 50 plus mile ride in running sneakers and flat platform pedals using a 15 year old steel frame, dude is an animal. The stats are shared in the link and the picture (left to right; Brian, Greg, Greg’s friend Mike, and Matt) is just a bunch of goofballs enjoying the day.



Several members from the Camps team including Mike Moronczyk, Matt Amsden, Greg Clark, Ryan Miller and Austin Braaten, became true warriors when they completed the inaugural Washington Warrior Dash on Saturday, representing Active in proper fashion. Thank you Sijen Olthrof for the support and bringing the Active Banner!  Austin Braaten also participated in the TriRock Olympic Triathlon on Sunday morning, putting her warrior training to use and battling the rainy conditions.



CODY LAMENS - Sunday morning I cheered my wife to the finish of her  first half marathon.  She completed the See Jane Run Seattle half  marathon in 2:09 and achieved both her goals to run the whole thing and  to pace under 10 minute/mile! (Bethany is in the pink shirt). Sunday  afternoon I took on the Seattle Warrior Dash!  If you haven’t done a mud  run/obstacle course race you should find one in your area.  They’re a  lot of fun!  Here are a couple pictures of me jumping over fire, all  muddy after a full on Pete Rose slide into the mud pit, and an after  shot post-race. 




STEPHEN BRANSTETTER, GM of Youth and Education,  participated this weekend in the Chelan Man Olympic Tri. With limited training leading into this race I lucked out with perfect weather and PR’d at this distance with a time of 2:23:46. This was my third Olympic ever but the first time that the temperature hasn’t been over 95 degrees on the run. I finally listened to my friends and ate something on the bike (always feared a side ache) and it turns out that these races are actually really fun when you’re not dying of heat or lack of nutrients.


ART ECKSTROM, Sr Account Executive Educate, DUNCAN JACKSON, VP Sports and SHANNON STEWART, Sr. Sales Manager Sports all ran the WaterHope's 2nd Annual Walk the Walk Jerry Carry 5K in Walnut Creek, CA.  Art shaved 6 minutes off of his previous 5K time, Duncan set a new PR and Shannon finished first out of all the female participants.  A jerry can is a five gallon vessel that is used for water collection in Africa, they are used to carry the water that villagers bathe in, cook with, and drink.  Duncan and Shannon finished the day off by carrying two Jerry Cans full of water 100 yards, the cans were HEAVY!  This might have been tougher than running the 5K!



TOM KEEFE, Senior Manager Client Relations.  Mike here is a more unusual weekend activity…from an Active employee.   I have a company (Canada Goose Management Inc.  at  that removes nuisance  Canada  Geese in MN...and I helped spend the weekend with the crew on a Wild Goose Chase.  Wild Goose Chase Triathlon , requires canoeing, running, capturing and hauling wild Canada geese.   Tom Keefe, Active Senior Account Manager, for Active Outdoors participates in weekend Wild Goose Chase.  Tom helps capture wild Canada geese that pose a public nuisance, health or safety problem.  PS, Tom is older gander with the gray hair assigned by his crew.




JANAY JESPERSEN (Human Resources) and SUZIE RENO (Professional Services) participated in the Legacy Midnight 10k Run in Farmington, Utah. We had a blast staying up way past our bed time and decorating ourselves with glow sticks.



SCOTT YESKE, Sr. Account Manager played in a Hockey tournament this past weekend called "Beat the Heat".  It was a 3 on 3 tournament held at the Ice Chalet in Palos Verdes, CA.  My team "Thirsty Niners" got to the Championship game only to lose in the final 6-4.  We did beat teams that included some NHL Pro Hockey Players including George Parros from the Anaheim Ducks and Richard Park from NY Islanders.







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The 3rd Annual ActiveX Endurance Camp at Warner Springs, CA was a HUGE success.  From beginners to veterans all of the 85 participants supported each other like family.  Some accomplished killer hill rides in the desert heat they never thought they would ever do.  Some ran like there was no tomorrow, smashed their fears in the water and enjoyed one of the best Yoga classes ever.  The jambalaya was cooked to perfection and the hydration efforts at the Cantina each night were a rousing success.  I can’t say enough how this work/play activity with all the team members and their families is one of the best attributes of the Active Network.  The best comment I heard this weekend was “ActiveX gives me the strength to be the best I can be in my personal and business life; I don’t know what I would do without it!”  Lastly thank goodness for Arch and Christy Fuston!  Active is beyond fortunate to have them as the solid Granite of ActiveX, we all appreciate you both more than you know!  Can’t wait for next year!  MR




TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist on Sunday, July 10th, TOBY GUILLETTE embarked upon a "Birthday Challenge" that included running between all 3 San Diego Pizza Port locations (and having a pint at each stop) dubbed the "Pizza Port 50K" which ended up as a 35.5-mile coastal run from Carlsbad to Ocean Beach. NOW THAT'S THE WAY TO CELEBRATE YOU CRAZY GUY! MR

photo (2).JPG


PHILLIP DUGGAN, Software QA Engineer Thriva had a busy couple weekends with my wedding (with some formal wear climbing) and then lots of outdoor activity on the honeymoon. We were trying to take it easy but couldn’t help making our way up one nearby peak. Mt Storm King had a fun name and it overlooked Lake Crescent from 4,537 feet so it seemed like a good choice. The nice wooded trail eventually gave way to unmaintained rocky ridges and sandy slopes so I was glad for the ropes left behind. But it was all worth it once we got to views at the top and it was a great place to show off our Thriva and Active Network shirts.



BLAKE THORNLEY Sr. Manager of Software Development competed along with my son at the US National Fencing Championships in Reno, NV where we both earned medals as national finalists by finishing in the top 8 in the country in our respective divisions.



LINDA MANOSH, SPHR Human Resources Business Partner Active Outdoors.  She reports from Ballston Spa, NY – SAMANTHA VUNK (Work At Home Team Leader), JESSICA HIMMEL (Call Center Manager), RYAN ISACHSEN (Associate Manager of Customer Support),, and LINDA MANOSH (Human Resources Business Partner) participated in the “Teagan’s Run” 5k run/walk through Saratoga State Park.  All four athletes hit their timing goals!


ELAINE BERGER and BROOKE KIRKPATRICK the Triple Bypass in Colorado, a 120 mile bike ride over three mountain passes. Awesome scenery, amazing support, and registration on Actively....a world class event!


Eric Ma, Product Marketing Lead / ActiveXChampion. On Sunday, 13 ActiveXers including friends and families, KAREN YANG (QA Lead, IS),FOD SHADBAKHT (English Trainer), EDA ZHAO (Config/Release Engineer, IT), CASH XU (Controller), WESLEY WANG (Software Engineer, ACR), BRUCE XU(QA, ActiveTrainer), TONY CHEN (QA, IS), COLIN LI(Associate Manager, IT), DYLAN HAI (Sys Administrator, IT), STEVEN LIU (Dev, Class) finished their first official bike race in Xi’an, 2011 UCC & ZOOM National Cycling Series, on the symbol of great significance of the famous historic cultural city of Xi'an, the Xi'an City Wall. This is the first and very rare opportunity you can ride your own bike on the City Wall, but it was not that pleasant as you saw or you thought, because it was so bumpy!

The team finished the all the MTB categories safely, most of them rode 2 laps (27.4KM) and plus 4 finished a group ride. The speed winner in the team is Eda, who finished at 56’50’’. The distance winner is Dylan, who finished 4 laps totally. It was funny to have a day like this, we made some stupid mistakes, but we finished pretty awesome, as a team.  Also thanks for ANSON ZHAO, JESSIE JI, LILY BU, SUSIE HOU, VERA MA AND JANE SHI’s volunteering and supporting at the start/finish line! They’re real pro photographers, bike mechanics, and logistics! Luckily I noticed we’re the only team with our own volunteers and supporters in the race!



Jim Garfield (M&M) was participate with his 13 yr old nephew’s (Ezra, who lives in Chicago) first big triathlon at the Carlsbad Tri this weekend. Despite big waves both of us had a ball. Great community event as always!  This is Ezra’s third triathlon this summer...with two more planned.  I hope this is indicative of youth interest in the sport!



SKIP CLEAVER reports on Sunday, July 10 I completed the Ascutney Mountain Race in Vermont, which is the seventh and last of the USATF Mountain Running Circuit, one of which, Mount Cranmore, was the National Mountain Running Championships and the selection race for the National Mountain Running Team--women and men--who will compete in the World Championships in Europe in September.

Races were:  Northfield Mountain, (6.4 miles MA) (also the USATF-New England Trail Running Championship), Mount Wachusett (5.5 miles MA), Pack Monadnock Mountain (10 miles NH), Mount Washington (7.6 miles--one mile vertical, NH), Mount Cranmore (7.5 miles, NH) (National Championship), Loon Mountain (5.7 miles, two summits, NH), Ascutney Mountain (3.7 miles, VT).  Pack Monadnock Mountain, Mount Washington, Loon Mountain, Mount Ascutney were base to summit;  Northfield, Cranmore and Mount Wachusett were up and down.  Mount Washington, Pack Mondadnock, and Ascutney were on roads; the others mostly trails and ski slopes. I was one of 90 runners to complete all seven races, and was awarded "Mountain Goat" status.  This schedule included seven races in an eight week period, including the Mount Washington Road Race.  My team (Gate City Striders) won the 60 and over team championship at the Nationals at Mount Cranmore and we were awarded USATF National Championship medals.  This was our third team championship since 2006, plus we won second place in the nationals in 2008.


JEANNIE FREIS and her boyfriend and ran with our 4 collective kids in the Boulder Criterion 2k Kids Race.  It was his kid’s first race, and all the kids were excited for their race numbers and timing chips.  My 4 yr old daughter, Fiorella, was the youngest entrant.  There’s a big picture of her sprinting the final leg of the race in today’s newspaper, the Daily Camera.



BURT REPINE on Saturday completed the Tour of the California Alps, more infamously known as “The Death Ride”.  It’s a 129 mile jaunt through the mountains of Alpine County just south of Lake Tahoe, and if the distance itself isn’t painful enough, over 15,000 feet of climbing and five mountain passes - each heighted at 8000+ feet - are added to the mix for good measure. At least the pain was augmented by a seriously picaresque landscape. Oh, it was fun too.



PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager ran in the San Diego Blood Bank 5K along the water downtown. It was nice way to wake up and get the day started.


KYRK WRIGHT, Systems Architect spent the last part of last week in the Durango, CO area mountain biking mostly on the Colorado Trail.  One of the highlights was the ride at Molas Pass where we mountain biked in over 8 miles seeing beautiful mountain meadows, streams and forest.  The views were amazing and worth the climb in the oxygen thin mountain tops!



MICAH KROPP (Product Marketing Manager, Associate) returned from Edinburgh, Scotland last week where I played for Team USA in the Touch Rugby World Cup. At the start of the tournament, the USA was seeded 15th out of 16 countries in the Men’s division. On the first day we defeated Singapore, but lost to Scotland and South Africa and were destined for the consolation pool. However, we responded with victories over Ireland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Singapore (again) to make it to the Consolation Bowl Championship game. There we lost to Wales in a close match,  but were awarded Silver Medals for our efforts. It was a great time and an incredible learning experience for me and the rest of my USA teammates.

Touch Rugby World Cup 2011 (Silver Medal).jpgTouch Rugby World Cup 2011 (vs  Ireland).jpg

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Holiday Fun!

Posted by IMVoice Jul 5, 2011

LARS RONNING, Senior Director, Business Development (EMEA) and KEITH WILLIAMS, Senior Manager, Sales - EMEA attended Challenge Aarhus in Denmark to meet with the CEO and Marketing Director behind the successful and fast growing race series, and I took part in their ½ IM distance race on Sunday ( The swim was shortened to just 1,000 meter due to the low water temperature (13 degrees celcius/55F) which suited me well since I’ve hardly been doing any swimming – nor running – since Ironman Lanzarote 6 weeks ago. With only 770 meters (2,500 ft) of climbing on the bike course it should have been an easy course, but the constantly rolling hills made it hard to develop a good rhythm. Then a run through Aarhus city – including running through a local art museum and an underground parking garage 3 and 6 times (argh!), and the Finish line was in sight. Overall finish time 5.06 – with my swim and run impacting a good bike (2.39) in the wrong direction. But great weather and a really good day! Thanks also to Keith and my family for cheering!




Andrew and Emily Baldwin escorted by LISA BALDWIN (Director Client Migration, Burnaby) competed in their very first running race - a 1km Canada Day Fun Run. Very proud momma as both kids crossed the finish line in fine form with a respectable time a little too close to mom's race pace clearly indicating more time at the track is on the horizon for mom.



CHRIS RISEN (Technical Account Manager), Cairo Lindsley (Mark’s 15 yr old son), & MARK LINDSLEY (Business Analyst) celebrated the Independence Weekend by running in a race.  Chris ran the 10K while Mark & Cairo ran the 5K.  This was Cairo’s first 5K as he’s on his way to running his first Half Marathon in November.  The temps were crazy hot in Texas, but there were some kind spectators willing to hose us down.



REBECCA ZENT, Strategic Account Manager went for three bike rides over the weekend! Friday – 7 miles with my husband.  Saturday – 10.25 miles by myself and conquered Simms hill. Monday – 10.75 miles by myself


JEANNIE FREIS, Associate Product Manager, RegOnline hit a new PR in the Superior Downhill Mile – 6:03.  Then drove to Boulder for the 4k on the Fourth – this was significant for me personally, as it was the first time I ran two races in the same day.



JEREMY SPITZBERG (Media + Marketing) participated in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Fun Run with his daughters, Melanie (r) and Jenna.  His wife Laura ran the 10K. coming in tied for 17th out of 102 in her age group.



MARGARET PATRICK & EMILY JOLLER ran the Scripps Ranch Old Pros 10K to celebrate July 4th.  It was a gorgeous morning (albeit a little warm) and an amazing downhill for the last half mile.


ERIC OLSON was in Klagenfurt for my fiancé Mary Beth's Ironman debut this weekend. It went better than expected, and she smashed the rookie record along with the course record and the American female record. When I gave her the split at 1k of the run she didn't believe me. In the end, she went 8:43 and we are both super excited. I told her, though, that she's not really an Ironman until MIKE REILLY says so.  ERIC YOU TELL YOUR FIANCE 140.6 MILES MAKES HER AN IRONMAN NO MATTER WHO TELLS HER!



SCOTT FRIESEN, Golf Product Manager in Burnaby BC, cheered on his wife and sons at the Canada Day Rock 10K in White Rock.  This was Jenny’s very first 10k run and she did it in much faster time than she anticipated.  The boys had a blast participating in the kids run and were quick to point out that their medals were larger than the one mom received.  Dad is very proud of them all and hopes that they continue running throughout the summer.  And with son number 3 just learning to stand, perhaps we will have another runner very soon! 



JANE MARSHALL, Senior Technology Consultant took advantage of a kid-free weekend with some great mountain biking including the Colorado Trail in Keystone, Prince Creek Trail in Carbondale and the Rim Trail in Snowmass, CO (pictured). The Rim Trail was a grueling climb up, but, the views were incredible and the wildflowers were in full bloom. Fun, fun weekend! 



MEGAN HOLLSTEDT spent last week kayaking on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Clayoquot Sound. I saw some amazing things while on the water including my first sighting of grey whales in the wild. I credit ActiveX training days in the Burnaby office for helping me push through 7 days of paddling in typical wet west-coast conditions. The destination of a remote hot-spring was enough to motivate me and my partner to cover the miles.



MATTHEW HENRY & AUSTIN BRAATEN, out of the Bothell Office, ran in the Fourth of July FireCracker 5K at 11:55 PM on Sunday Evening, celebrating the Holiday in a very Active fashion and with a lot of American Pride!



JULIE HEYING, Active Camps Account Manager, ran Scripps Ranch 10K in San Diego with her running partner Karen Johnson. Along the way, we ran in to Tracy Thom, an ActiveX Alumni.



MICHELLE CREPEAU spent Saturday kayaking with some friends on the Long Island Sound in East Hampton.  Beautiful day with swans and lots of wildlife.




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