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Another Great Active Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jul 25, 2011

JUSTIN GRITZMACHER, ETS Coordinator on Sunday my girlfriend Mimi and I participated in the New Belgium Brewery Urban Assault Ride. Throughout Denver and the surrounding areas 1500 racers made our way to 9 checkpoints as fast as possible. From diving to the bottom of a pool looking for beer cans, a big wheel race course and giant slip and slide we had a great time. And of course nothing beats a hot day of racing like free beers at the finish!



MATT EHRILICHMAN, Chief Strategy Officer says it’s finally summer in the PNW!

Hike to Bridle Falls with the family – Nathan is starting to get big as noticed by his dad during the hike up the mountain and biking with the family.  Plus an important update from last weekend – my annual college buddy golf trip (including several original members of team) where I shot a 79... best score of my life. Required a 70 foot birdie putt on 17 and a par on 18. About as fun as golf gets for me.





Austin Braaten participated in the inaugural Oyster Race series on Saturday, which involved running around Seattle partaking in designated tasks, such as catching and throwing a fish and visiting the top of the Space Needle.



Art Eckstrom; Senior Account Executive – Educate, took part in the Solana Beach Triathlon Sunday with seventy plus Active team members cheering and supporting each other throughout the race.  This was my first ever Triathlon and quite an accomplishment, but the best part was all the training with fellow first timers and how close we’ve become as a group.  Great camaraderie and phenomenal support helped make yesterday so memorable.  Being in the second to last wave to start (40-49 year old) meant that most of Team Active were already finished by the time I started the run, so to come into the finish line and have everyone there cheering and hi fiving me in truly made my day.  In attached photo:  My girlfriend, Shannon Stewart; Senior Sales Manager – Endurance/Sports, is cheering me on during the final leg of the run.  So great to have her there!



MICHELE CREPEAU had an awesome weekend up in Nantucket, Bike trip to Surfside Beach.



Report by ERIC MA (Marketing Analyst – Product Marketing Lead) from Xi'an: He completed 2011 AXCC Xi'an, a 6-day 611KM Tour de Lake Qinghai last week with 9 amazing ActiveX'ers! EDA ZHAO (Config/Release Engineer, IT), CASH XU (Controller), BRUCE XU(QA, ActiveTrainer), RUI ZHANG (QA, Class), NEMO DING (Dev, ActiveWorks), STEVEN XUE(NOC, IT), FOD SHADBAKHT (English Trainer) and two friends PAUL and ADAM, it was the most wonderful ride ever in his life! Most people in China longing for a trip to the holy Lake Qinghai, but not that many could make it happen, not even riding a bike over there for a week! It really means a lot to those who participated, experienced, suffered and completed.  It was a tough week for the team, from the ticket booking, then the 2 days on the train, it was not easy to take their own bikes to travel to another city, 1,000+ meters uphill climbing on day 1, sunburn, altitude sickness, hypoxia, not accustomed to the new climate, terrible food, bad accommodation.... But all them weren't a problem when they saw the lake in the front, and it was so enjoyable to spend the entire week ride along the huge beautiful lake!

Thanks for the hundreds replies of wishes through Sina Weibo by Active colleagues both from Xi'an and Chengdu. Also big thanks to ActiveX connected this great team together to make big dreams come true!




AARON RIGNEY, IT Systems Administrator, ran the “Bolt to the Q” 5K on Saturday.  The race started at the Chargers training facility on Murphy Canyon Road and finished at the 50-yard line at Qualcomm Stadium.  It also benefited Charger Marcus McNeill’s Mack’s Miracles Foundation.  Aaron ran a season best 29:33.



KATIE HARVEY, Sales Mgr EMEA is a new sales manager at the London office, working on the telesales project. I cycled the London to Cambridge ride for Breakthrough Breast Cancer yesterday. A total of 60 miles of beautiful English countryside, I clocked a time of 5 hours including breaks and a few irritating train crossings slowing me down! Here's a photo attached with one of my fellow riders (I'm on the left).



AARON WALDMAN completed his first sprint triathlon, Solana Beach with the rest of the Active Charity Challenge crew! Thanks so much to Arch and the whole group for an amazing experience. So I guess that’s a PR 1:21:01


MICHAEL PRODER – Project Manager Cash Reconciliation – completed the Solana Beach Tri this weekend with a huge level of support from his ActiveX / Charity Challenge compatriots. It was an amazing day for Michael and Active, as our blue and yellow tri suits and screams of encouragement were visible / audible up and down the coast line!



PAUL MCLURE, Account Mgr participated in his third Solana Beach Triathlon with the Active family.  A great weekend; starting Friday night with the swim at the cove and finishing it with the Tri on Sunday.  What a great event and finished with my best time for the Solana Beach Tri at 1:14:43.  Looking forward to the CAF event in October.



Bryan Crosby, Software Engineer for and Christine Crosby, Account Executive for Communities, at the Solana Beach Triathlon.  It was our first time and we had a blast competing and cheering everyone on.


BRENDAN EGAN Online Marketing Analyst, Associate.  On Sunday I got the chance to compete in the Solana Beach Tri with an amazing group of Active employees. It was my second race to date and I'm glad I got to be part of such an awesome event. The best part of the race hands down was the overwhelming amount of support from fellow Active-ites all throughout the race, well done!!



TIFFANY SAIBIL, Account Executive, Endurance, UK reports on the Al Andalus Ultra Trail, in Andalusia Spain.  The course is 220km with high temperatures (35-40C), numerous climbs and scenic trails. Over 90% is off-road, mountain, and desert tracks with the majority of tarmac in the final kilometers when approaching the stage village finishes. 23 countries represented: 67 starters, 44 finishers.  23rd overall and 6th for the women.  Not close to a podium, but happy to pull it off without any injuries, or even a bad blister!


JEFF STRNAD, Account Mgr Endurance and his Dad completed his first Duathlon on Sunday. This was his first organized event. I'm incredibly proud of him. He is turning 60 this year and he decided it was "now or never". He trained hard, improved his diet and shed over 40 lbs during the process. He finished 4th in his age group...shhhh, no need to tell him there were only 4 in his age group. Haha  I was happy to be by his side every step/pedal along the way.

Jeff  Dad Finish Line.JPG

MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) had a good weekend in team sports.  On Friday night, Donkeypower beat Octave 15-3 in ultimate frisbee.  He had a couple of questionable puts that somehow resulted in scores and we're now looking forward to be in good shape for the postseason.  On a rare early-evening Sunday night, the Sentinels beat the HES team (they're new and name-less), 7-1.  The game was a lot closer than it looked, going 2-0 into the third period on the back of the opposing teams goalie making a series of highlight-reel worthy saves.  We eventually discovered that simple is effective and broke it open in the third period.


SEJAL PIETRZAK, Vice President was excited to share that I did my first Triathlon in 17 years yesterday -- Solana Beach Triathlon – and it was incredible — Active was everywhere!  What a supportive and encouraging environment for getting back into the sport!  Friends and family cheering on the sideline told me I was smiling the entire race, and I had so much fun!


MIKE REILLY was at Ironman Lake Placid, New York this weekend and took a shot of the run out Active chute.


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