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The Endurance Team (Mike Reilly, Tim McMahon, Mike Coleman, Steve Mazza, Abbey Schingler, Alicia Towery) and Michelle Sandquist (Austin Marathon - client) had an amazing time on Saturday witnessing greatness in the making at the Olympic Marathon Trials.  It was inspiring to see the creation of the 2012 USA team and all the runners cross the finish line.  The last picture is Shalane Flanagan coming in for first place in 2:25:38.  Then we are all working the Running USA conference here in Houston!



RUSSELL MILHAM covered 1075 miles with my bike today. Admittedly, it did 1050 of them in the belly of a 737.  Once again, I'm car free in SD. This time for the price of a standard checked bag.  After I got the thing reassembled, I even had transportation from the airport.



Last Sunday, Colin Li(IT),Dylan Hai(IT), Eric Ma(MRI), Jason Qu(IT) and Wisely (former Activer) hiked 13km in the Qin mountain. The path to the peak was very precipitous, it took us around 4 hours to reach the top. We found the relic of a legend about emperor of Tang Dynasty, now only some stones and a broken cottage.  The downhill path was on the north side of the mountain and the snow is much thicker. Although it made our movement slower and tougher we still feel happy and even lucky. Because we haven’t seen snow in the downtown this winter.



Robert Mitchell, Senior Developer/Designer reports that Toby Guillette, Marc Villanueva and Rob Mitchell from the San Diego office did the Racers and Chasers mountain bike race this weekend at Balboa Park.  Toby knocked out 45+ miles in just under 4 hours in the marathon race.  Marc raced in the sport division and came in 9th in his age group.  Rob pulled out a second place finish in the single speed sport division.  Overall it was a great day of racing and we can't wait for the next race in a couple weeks.




Josha Richards, Senior Security Engineer went snowboarding in Vail Wednesday through Saturday with some friends -- I was Active!




Winnetta Byford, Technical Account Manager, Associate walked a ½ mile nature trail on Saturday with my granddaughter to see animatronic dinosaurs. It may not sound like much but that is the most continuous walking I have done since having a right knee replacement 4 months ago and a scope on the left knee just 5 weeks ago. It was a huge accomplishment for me!



MICHELE CREPEAU live from Tampa, FL, Michele Crepeau hosted an Active Group Run at the Girls on the Run International Summit.  Before sunrise we had over 30 runners join in for an hour long workout along the Bay.



MARC LEGLISE, Sr Software Engineer in San Diego, jumped out of a plane from 13,000 feet in the air. This was my 3rd tandem jump, getting ready to take the solo-jump classes for full certification.


SHERYL ROLAND (EVP, HR) and JOHN MARTINEZ (Director, Total Rewards) completed the Inaugural Petco 5K9 ( powered by Active.  Sheryl was joined by her husband Ross and pups Bug, Patch and Lucy.  John was joined by his wife Kristi and pups Jake and Rudy.   Automatic PRs for all five dogs – no big deal!!!  Over 700 dogs completed the event in Del Mar, CA complete with dog expo.  Special thanks to Arch Fuston for producing ActiveX bandannas for the event - available soon at the ActiveX gear store.





ED MULLEN Senior Account Executive in our golf and resorts division had a hole in one on Sunday at Polo Trace Golf Club in Florida.Ed reports – Second hole: Par 3 with an 8 iron from 133 yards.

He hit the ball a bit right the wind blew it back to the left.

When the ball landed on the green, it hit a downhill slope behind the pin and rolled back into the cup.

I would rather be lucky than good on the golf course – it was his 3rd hole in one!

ED2 - wide shot.JPG

Ed photo with Hole in one ball.PNG


RICK GREY traveled to Aspen, CO this past weekend for an annual snowboard trip with some long times friends.  Although we got no fresh snow during the trip, we had amazing time.  Our best day was Saturday when we rode Aspen Highlands.  In the true Active X spirit, we took the lifts as far up the mountain as possible than hiked a challenging 12, 392 feet to the summit of Highland Bowl for some of the most challenging, big-mountain terrain in North America. While the ride down was nothing short of spectacular, the foot hike to the the summit was equally as epic. Definitely not recommended for those afraid of heights.  While at the mountain I was able to experience some of the RTP technology, such as RFID lift tickets and the REALSKI iPhone app. I highly recommend anyone hitting the mountains this season download and try out the REALSKI app.  It was great to track our day with the app, and find lift names, runs and areas such as terrain parks.



KRISTIN CARROLL reports this is a delayed entry, but I wanted to congratulate Megan Stillerman on the end of her 3 year term leading Girls on the Run San Diego! And, thanks to Jessica Brusted and Valerie Prestige for their service to GOTR year! Here I am pre-race with my girls and my Girls on the Run buddy, Maria and her friend Jocelyn. It was her 1st 5k and Maria was a speed demon. There were over 300 girls there... It was awesome. Amazing work Megan!



JENNIFER CENEDELLA, Enterprise Account Manager raced the Lafayette, Colorado Quicker Quaker 5k Saturday as a marker for the beginning of the 2012 tri season.


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