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Snow, Mud, Runs and We are Spartans!

Posted by IMVoice on Jan 30, 2012 12:44:59 PM

ANDY REILLY, Account Exec Multi-Sport reports on Spartan race 2012 in Southern California.  Arch Fuston at the command commuted several active employees up to the Super Spartan race on Sunday.

We conquered 8 miles and 15+ obstacles as we climbed the mountains at Vail Lake. Best part is that all active faithful finished strong.  After the race the crew replenished their loss of calories at IN n OUT burger  with some well deserved Double doubles, boom! Seen in photo: Arch Fuston, Mark Warble, Brian Graham, Frank Brown, Jen White, Dennis Triplett, Aaron Waldman, Andy Reilly. Photo 2: Arch’s Leg!



TONY CERVANTES also completed the So-Cal Spartan Race this Sunday at Vail Lake in Temecula, CA.  I really didn't have any idea what I was getting myself into.  For some reason, I had it in my mind that this was going to be a trail run with a couple obstacles.  Some of the hills on the trail were near vertical and I could have used a little more muscle, or at least mass, for some of the obstacles.  There was a bucket on a rope with a pulley that you had to hoist into the air.  The bucket weighed about the same as my scrawny frame and managed to hoist me into the air on its way back down much to the amusement of the racers around me.  After my race, I managed to make it back to the finish line for a bit with my cowbell to cheer on the ActiveX group as the negotiated their last few obstacles.


AARON WALDMAN, Software Developer in San Diego - Took part in my first Super Spartan event with 7 other Active Spartans ( Arch Fuston, Andy Reily, Jenn White, Mark Warbel, Dennis Triplett, Frank Brown, Brian Graham).  The course was at Lake Vail in Temecula.  The trail runs took us up and over the hills many times and along the way there were obstacles to conquer.  The course was around 9 miles and was quite challenging.  I still think the hardest obstacle was nature's own steep hill climbs, but the mud, fire, ropes, barb wire, walls, javelin toss, cargo nets, rock pull, monkey bars, sand buckets, and more made for an exciting adventure.  This is SPARTA!


DANI OLIVER, Online Account Mgr. had a great time running the Strasburg 5K this weekend! Did not place. Did not PR. BUT thanks to RacePlace Magazine and Rose Reilly with the free entries for us. It inspired me to sign up and really kick off my weekend right! Huge thank you!!!




STUART OLDHAM, Account Executive Sports and Endurance London office went Snowboarding in Val D'Isere in the French Alps with friends. Great snow and conditions made for lots of fun. I got pretty competitive with my Girlfriend and raced her down the world cup run 'Le Face' every day, gradually getting faster & faster until on the last day I headed down the steepest section a bit too fast, doing most of it on my bum - allowing her to sneak past! Here's a photo of me above Tignes Le Lac.



JOE SCHUM, Sales Manager - Business Solutions, ran the Tartan Trot 10K in Dunwoody, GA on Saturday, 1/28.  Broke 50 minutes on a very hilly course and spent the rest of the weekend in an iron lung recovering.  No pictures available of me or the iron lung.


PATTI ROSENTHAL, Industry Manager, Cycling went snowcat skiing in Fernie British Columbia at Island Lakes Cat Skiing with a few friends from Durango.  It was a four-day tour where the snowcat takes you out each day where you get about 8-10 fresh powder runs each day.  We were blessed by the snow gods & had over a foot of powder the first day & had snow every day thereafter.  The trip included lodging & incredible gourmet meals.  Unbelievable trip - would highly recommend Island Lakes Catskiing!




MEGHAN SWIRSKI, Client Support Supervisor.  Keeping true to my New Year resolution, I ran my first race of 2012, the 'fitness for vitality' 5k, on Sunday.  Although it was a wet run, the view along the Seward Park trail was amazing!  Looking forward to next month's run already.  Later on Sunday I shot a gun for the first time at a local shooting range, what fun!  I'll definitely be back.



MATTHEW MCMASTER, Technical Account Manager. My grandparents had to have 3 large oak trees removed from around their house because they were leaning over their house.  I spent the weekend hauling wood to my house and then splitting the logs with an axe and a maul.  It was such a wonderful weekend in Texas.  The temp was in the high 60's and the sun was shining.  Some of the logs were 3 feet across and would produce 15 fireplace sized logs.  Needless to say my back, legs, arms, chest, and even my neck is sore.  But what a great way to get sore!


NOAH SKOCILICH spent the Chinese New Year Holiday exploring the Chinese countryside in rural Henan Province. Henan borders Shaanxi (where the Xi'an office is) to the East, and is the most densely populated,  and essentially poorest province in China. Imagine roughly twice the population of California in a area the size of Oregon or Washington. There is a lot that is charming still about the land and the people, but there is also a very visible and frightening degradation of the natural environment that to me speaks to the urgency of Active Network's general mission of health and well-being.



BEN WEINBAUM, AE Youth & Education. Started off with a 56 mile coast ride (Carmel Valley to Camp Pendleton) with Evan Bricker, Alan Deicas and friends.  Sunday was my first La Jolla cove swim since October. Water is still a little chilly but felt great. Finally capped off the weekend with hike with my mom at Cowles Mountain. Clear skies allowed for great panoramic views all the way out to the Coronado’s and San Clemente Island. What an amazing weekend in San Diego!



ERICA DAVIS, Business Analyst reports her, Matt Roland and Greg Roland were able to put their ActiveX training to work and hit the slopes in Big Bear, CA this weekend.



MICHELLE NATION & MEGAN DUVALL, San Diego office went boarding at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah.  The weather and conditions were fantastic and we had a lot of laughs.  Hoping for snow in the Sierras!



WILLIAM BASSLER and son Kellen did the 5K at Lake Hodges Saturday in San Diego. It was Kellen's first 5K! He's 10 years old. It was a beautiful day and we caught up with other Active folks there as well! My son was pretty frustrated he didn't get a medal (I don't know where he gets that from) I told him it was his first 5K, and he did great just finishing it! I did my first 5K at age 35. Now, thanks to the ActiveX running group, I got the number "6" in the front of my average pace for the first time! I told my son I didn't get a medal either, but I had fun and was very proud to have my son run with me!



PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager did his first 5k for 2012 on the beautiful Saturday morning at San Diego State Univ campus, Stephen Strasburg with Tony Gwynn 5k was a nice quick run through the campus supporting Aztec baseball. I was able to meet with both Stephen and Tony before the event which was pretty cool. I even got a pic with my fellow Aztec Recreation Major - Tony Gywnn.



Concordia Chen, Business Analyst completed her first half marathon this weekend at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland! It was super fun running through the park and having the Disney characters cheer on the runners. My daughter also got in on the fun and ran the kids' race through California Adventure at her longest distance to date -- 200 meters!



VALERIE PRESTIDGE, Technical Account Manager reports on Sunday, Austin Braaten, Burt Repine, Jon Christopher embraced a beautiful San Diego day for a 50 mile bike ride.  The 4-pack cranked pedals up Del Dios and decided to reward their hard work on the way back to the coast, stopping at Stone Brewery in Escondido, Lost Abbey Brewery in San Marcos, riding through La Costa & taking the coast home from Carlsbad to make a final refuel stop at Pizza Port Solana Beach.  Not sure there is a better way to soak up the day!




Austin Braaten, Valerie Prestige, Jen White, Ashley Peters, Ryan Scanlon, Lindsey Mancuso, Brendan Egan, Clinton Van Allen, William Bassler, and Kellen Bassler (Kellen's first 5K!) got Active this weekend for the 1st of 3 trail runs in the San Diego Trail Run Series at the Lake Hodges 5K Trail Run!  Team represented & brought home medals ~ Austin & Valerie placing 2nd in their age groups,  Ashley placing 3rd in hers, and William placing 5th in his!


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