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Winter Time Fun & Mud

Posted by IMVoice Feb 28, 2012

Brian Bergey, Grace Tai (shown) and Cassie Trasmonte from our Singapore office all participated in the Singapore Duathlon over the weekend.  It was the first time any of us participated in a duathlon and we had a great time, especially during the bike portion.  We are all looking to buy bikes now so we can keep riding!  The Singapore Duathlon is an event using Active and takes place along the beach at Singapore’s East Coast Park.  As always, we were sporting our Active gear at the event.



Brad Harper, Software Engineer out of the Draper, UT office. The mountains received plenty of snow over the past week and almost a foot over the weekend. My friend and I rode some good snow on Sunday. Our downhill riding covered about 7.8 miles and 7,107 feet of elevation. Here's a clip that's under a minute:



DAVE “THE HAMMER” TURNER, AE Encurance went out to San Diego Skydive with two buddies and jumped out of an airplane 6 times! Followed that up with a hard 11 mile trail run in Rancho Santa Fe this morning. Great weekend!



KEITH WILLIAMS, London ran one our clients races in Brighton which was my first half marathon ever in 1:36. This is all preparation for a full marathon in April and Ironman Frankfurt in July!! All feels good at the moment.  The picture is a group called Project 26.2 and a magazine I am training with called Mensrunning, you can be part of the journey and read the story here



Nashville office went climbing Sunday. LeeJayne Stone (Business Analyst), Jackie Zweck (QA), Shelby Abernathy (QA), Katie Key (former employee), and Jackie Lambert (Shipping). We all got quite a workout attempting our hardest climbs yet.



Courtney Munson ran Sylamore Trail 25K (there was also a 50K option that is more popular) held in the tiny town of Allison, Arkansas on Feb 18th.  The out and back course through the Ozark Mountains was absolutely gorgeous and we had perfect weather with overcast skies and about 45 degree temps.  It was quite a departure for this city girl to be out on the trails with the "no frills" ultrarunners, but I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend a race like this to anyone wanting to do something a little out of their comfort zone.  The race is known the creek crossing that you hit near mile 1.5 and then on the way back in around 14 or so... Luckily, the water was pretty low this year and didn't seem too cold. 



CINDY BONES went Hiking in Red Rock Nevada state park on Sunday. Pictured at the "sign in station" on top of Turtle Head Trail. With 360 degree views of Las Vegas it was a perfect day!



Brian Enge spent the past 2 weekends coaching his 12 year old girls soccer team in the Southern California Championships... "State Cup".  The tournament started with 64 teams and with 4 teams left we are still in it.  Semi-finals this weekend!



Robert Mitchell (Web Designer at the San Diego office) and his wife Blair raced in the Cityscape Adventure race in San Diego. It was like a mini Amazing Race with 12+ challenges.  We ran a great race and made a very good decision not to take public transportation and run the 7.5 miles it took to get to each challenge.  To our surprise we did it in under two hours and ended up getting first out of 124 teams. We’re still a little shocked we got first, I guess all those days riding bikes in Balboa Park as a kid came in handy.  It was a great race and we can’t wait for the next one in September.



Todd Preece ran the 9-mile King of the Hill Iron Mountain race last weekend enduring 2000 ft of climbing. He came away with 6th place overall but probably only because fellow ActiveX'r Toby Guillette and his merry band of ultra-marathoner friends were a no-show.



ROBERT EREKSON ran Tough Mudder SoCal #1 with two of my brothers and a couple friends on Saturday. Absolutely brutal course, but awesome trails were ran and tough obstacles were conquered. Oh, and we all got shocked multiple times and plunged into water that was cold enough to almost make us stop moving within about 10 seconds. I'm the bright green glasses in the photo, second from the right.



William Bassler's boys Gavin and Connor competed in the CIF Soccer play-offs for La Costa Canyon High School last Friday night. La Costa beat Serra high school 2-0 in the first round. Connor (a sophomore) was moved up from JV for the play-offs, but did not play, and did not want to be in the photo... I respect that. In the photo are Gavin (Senior Goalie), William, and my younger son Kellen.



Justin Moser, Marketing, Active Outdoors, participated in the Chilly Cheeks duathlon in Denver on Saturday.  Mild weather gave way to a great race and muddy trails, but a fantastic way to get motivated for the upcoming race season.



Lisa Woll, Product Manager – Endurance 911 - Emergency Fun!!!   My first Pro Marathon Mountain  bike race - 40 miles.  Thanks Arch for all those great Active X workouts that gave me the strength and endurance to finish with a smile!



Daniel Simmons enjoyed several days in Mammoth with his family.  Pictured here with his wife and oldest son at the top of the mountain just before hitting some great runs.



ANDREW BUTTERWORTH reports The Draper Office had an ActiveX Night Skiing event on Friday.  Scott Bassett, Brandon Rich, Terrell Rohm, Kyrk Wright (left to right in the photo) and Andrew Butterworth hit the Brighton Resort and spent about 4+ hours night skiing.  The great thing is that it only cost each of us $17. For the first 2 hours we had some great sunshine and out of bounds skiing, then followed it up with some groomers.  It was a great night.



Jen White, Ryan Scanlon and Dennis Triplett tackled Tough Mudder at Temecula's Vail Lake this Saturday.  Everyone was all smiles at the finish after 11 muddy miles and 26 adrenaline pumping obstacles including wall climbs, monkey bars, dumpsters full of ice and live electrical wires.  Can't wait to do this race next year!


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David J. Dutch, M.Sc, VP Development Active Outdoors was a guest goaltender – read “ringer” for the Milton Mooseheads at this week’s Woodstock Rusty Blades old-timer hockey tournament.  We lost in the final 4 – 2. I guess I wasn’t “ringer” enough.



Stephany Cavatoni, Consumer Insight and the entire family enjoyed an active weekend in Yosemite, tackling most of the falls including:  Lower Yosemite Falls, Bridal Veil, Vernal and Chinualna Falls.  4+ hikes and the kids are still ready to go!



Brad Harper, Software developer out of the Draper, UT office. A friend and myself rode Brighton resort this weekend. We had mostly sunny skies on Saturday and maxed out at 59.9mph on one of the groomers. Overnight the mountains received 8-12 inches so, on Sunday, we logged 12 runs which amounted to 16 miles and 14,230 vertical feet. Definitely fun and exhausting day.  We took some video but I don't have any together yet. I have one from three weekends ago when we got some snow that is under a minute if you accept YouTube clips:   




RYAN WOOD, online editor in San Diego, and 1-year-old PAYTON WOOD, 2032 Olympian, ran the Coronado 10K together. It was the first time we stretched the stroller out to a 10K distance. We tried for a sub-hour finish but came in at 60:48. No worries, something to shoot for next year (though she'll be a lot bigger by then).



LeeJayne Stone, Business Analyst.  Business Analysts and Development teams from Nashville’s Active Outdoors enjoyed a day of paintball including no shortage of bruises, sore muscles, and even a little bloodshed. Back row – Josh Richardson, Bob Coletti, William Bishop, Mike Rufli, Quinton Bynum, Kai Nicholson, and Ranjit Gundu. Front row – Brunswick Lowe, Jaymie Reynolds, and LeeJayne Stone.




Tyler Jump (Account Executive, Camps) and Janean Nation (Account Manager, Communities) accompanied Carlie and Edward on the Puppy Love 5k Sunday morning in Del Mar.  Edward wished it was a 10k, and Carlie was hoping that it was done at the first turnaround.  It was great to see so many families with their furry friends out supporting Helen Woodward Animal Center!



Meghan Swirski, Client Support Supervisor this past Saturday I volunteered at, and then ran the Greenlake “Love ‘Em or Leave ’Em” 5k, where I bumped into Stephen Branstetter and his wife!  The kids’ dash was the cutest thing ever, and the run was great!


Robert Mitchell, Senior Developer/Designer from the San Diego office ran the Puppy Love 5k in Del Mar with this wife Blair and their dog Moose.  All the dogs loved running around, smelling things and getting out in the fresh ocean air. 



Ben Weinbaum, Evan Bricker and Alan Deicas (San Diego) rode from Escondido to Palomar Mountain on Saturday. Had my first, and hopefully my last, “speed wobble” experience. The ride was 51 miles with over 6600 feet of climbing (the picture of the bottle shows the effect of the descent). The weather was probably somewhere in the 40’s at the top of the mountain and were all a bit unprepared for the cold. We are all in agreement that it was the toughest ride we have ever done but I think the smiles show that we loved the challenge!



Stephen Branstetter, GM of Youth and Education, participated in the “Love ‘em or Leave ‘em Valentines Dash” 5k on Saturday with his wife and some friends. I was passed at Mile 1 by a dude with a big old scraggly grey beard and at Mile 2 by a guy who looked like a younger version of me...both provided motivation to prove to myself that I am not past my prime. I re-passed both of them by the end but ended with a 19:49, nearly a full minute slower than my Turkey Trot time. #WinterLaziness


Lisa Woll and Haley at San Dieguito 5K in San Diego. Beautiful day running through Rancho Santa Fe with my Active X pup!



On Saturday morning, Burt Repine, Austin Braaten, Clinton Van Allen, Valerie Prestidge, Ryan Scanlon, Michelle Nation, Adriane Ferguson, Ryan Alex, Pam Bailey, and Jen White ran the Black Mountain 7K in the second leg of the San Diego Trail Run series. The treacherous climb, cold weather, and some cuts and bruises were no match for this Active Crew, and Burt Repine placed 3rd in his age group (7th overall!) along with his son, Noah (like father, like son).



Emily Joller, Account Manager, ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon this weekend.  Despite being injured and not expecting much due to the hilly course, I finished 6th overall for women and 1st in my age group with a time of 1:30:41. I was pleasantly surprised.


Paul McLure Account Manager Educate; did the San Dieguito ½ Marathon on Sunday in perfect running weather in the beautiful area of San Dieguito.  It was cool to see some past Active employees and I even met a current Active coworker. 



Laurie Pani, Product Marketing Manager ran the Mermaid Series ½ Marathon on Mission Bay this weekend.  Timer screwed up and showed me in first place in my age group on the day of the race (found out this morning I got second in the end).  Ran the “Mini Mermaid” 1.5 mile run with my daughter (to my right) and some of her friends after my race.  This was her first race.  Back of the pack, she still could not have been happier running across the finish line and seeing her cheering brother (to my left) at the end.  


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Sky Diving, Sailing and Snow

Posted by IMVoice Feb 6, 2012

Margaret Patrick, swim and sports sales manager, and husband Luke ran the Surf City Half on Sunday. It was a gorgeous course and picturesque weather.



Matt Cox out of the Burnaby office hit the mountains just south of Vancouver for a Mount Baker back country alpine touring ski trip. We did about 2400' of vertical, got in a few powder runs and had awesome mountain sunshine with visibility as far as the eye could see. The peak of Baker is in the first picture at just under 11,000' and double the elevation where I took the pic.



Josha Richards, Senior Security Engineer had a very Active weekend!  I went to kite beach (Cabarete) in the Dominican Republic with some friends.  Our mornings were filled with activities such as Waterfall Canyoning in the Rio Blanco where you hike/swim/rappel/jump down the waterfalls -- some as high as 50 feet! We took to the towns by motorcycle and found some very beautiful beaches, people, restaurants, and giant water reservoirs with rope swings. Every afternoon was filled with about 5 hours worth of Kiteboarding on the beach.




PATTI ROSENTHAL reports that DANA BLACKWOOD from Active San Diego finally comes out to Durango, CO to get a taste of winter.  We first started out by celebrating in the Snowdown Winter Festival.  Went to the annual Snowdown parade & this year's theme was "Once Upon a Time" so we dressed up as Fairy Princesses.  Then on Saturday we went cross-country sking at Ironton which is a beautiful spot between Ouray (Little Switzerland) & Silverton.  Dana loved it so much we had to go out again on Sunday to our local spot in La Plata Canyon for another quick ski before she headed back to sunny San Diego.  Great weekend playing in the snow!!



TYLER CONLEY reports in Boulder we received over 20" of snow.  On Saturday I went on a 5 mile snowshoe adventure up North Table Top Mountain.


Nutrition Editor VANESSA RODRIGUEZ PR’d at Surf City Run in Long Beach, CA on Sunday.  Great weather and awesome company.



Saturday morning proved to be a great day in San Diego for riding. We were fortunate to have 75 degree weather and the company of a lot of folks. Fourteen of us (2  not pictured here) rode 45 miles, did over 4,000 feet of climbing and followed it up with food, Jacuzzi, and chill time. The riding crew consisted of Alan Deicas, Aaron Waldman, Ashley Peters, Austin Braaten, Ben Weinbaum, Dennis Triplett, Evan Bricker, Jen White, Jon Christopher, Margaret Patrick, Valerie Prestidge, and three other friends. It truly was a great day.



Abbey Schingler, Account Executive, Took part in the first annual CardiffKook 5K/10K on Sunday before the Super Bowl. The race was a blast perfect weather and lots of energy with over 2,000 runners! Getting up early and running was also the perfect excuse to enjoy all the SuperBowl treats that afternoon. I will definitely make this run a tradition going forward.



To kick off Super Bowl Sunday, Jen Meanley, Shannon Iberger, Austin Braaten, Ryan Scanlon, and Greg Wong ran the inaugural Cardiff Kook 5K and 10K.



JAMIE SNOW got to participate in the Echtells Fleet 13 Super Bowl ODW regatta this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend out on the water. We even had some dolphins swimming along-side the boat for awhile.



MARC LEGLISE, Sr Software Engineer in San Diego, spent most of Saturday in ground school, learning how to skydive solo.  It was an intense class; the first step towards earning the US Parachuting Association A-License. Unfortunately, the winds were not in our favor, so the first solo jump has been postponed to next weekend.



Hi there! Monica Manning Project Coordinator, San Diego Office. I ran in the inaugural Cardiff Kook 5k/10k run. It was a beautiful day for a run with a  very scenic out and back course along the ocean. Many people dressed up in costumes to show their Kook spirit , there were sharks, pirates, angry birds you name it! There was a lot of local support as well along the course. I topped of my weekend with my very first tandem skydive with Skydive San Diego.  What a rush, I will definitely be jumping again!



Joe Schum, Sales Manager – Enterprise – Business Solutions, completed the Red Top Rumble 11.5 mile trail race at Red Top Mountain, Cartersville, GA on Sunday.



Todd Preece ran with his 8-yr old daughter Natasha in her 1st trail race at the Xterra Mission Gorge in San Diego.  Natasha took a nasty tumble on the 1st descent, volunteers tossed a band-aid on her bleeding knee and she wiped the tears out of her eyes to finish off the remaining 2.5 miles.  Despite the early drama, she walked away with a 1st place finish in her 1-14yr old age group. After all the attention she got for being by far the youngest there, I think she's hooked.



Cindy Bones-Account Manager (faith) & Yvonne Lubsey- Accounting Associate (faith).  After Hiking up to the mountain in Boulder City NV waiting for the all clear signal to zip line.

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