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Doggie Runs, Paintball & Valentine's

Posted by IMVoice on Feb 13, 2012 10:38:20 AM

David J. Dutch, M.Sc, VP Development Active Outdoors was a guest goaltender – read “ringer” for the Milton Mooseheads at this week’s Woodstock Rusty Blades old-timer hockey tournament.  We lost in the final 4 – 2. I guess I wasn’t “ringer” enough.



Stephany Cavatoni, Consumer Insight and the entire family enjoyed an active weekend in Yosemite, tackling most of the falls including:  Lower Yosemite Falls, Bridal Veil, Vernal and Chinualna Falls.  4+ hikes and the kids are still ready to go!



Brad Harper, Software developer out of the Draper, UT office. A friend and myself rode Brighton resort this weekend. We had mostly sunny skies on Saturday and maxed out at 59.9mph on one of the groomers. Overnight the mountains received 8-12 inches so, on Sunday, we logged 12 runs which amounted to 16 miles and 14,230 vertical feet. Definitely fun and exhausting day.  We took some video but I don't have any together yet. I have one from three weekends ago when we got some snow that is under a minute if you accept YouTube clips:   




RYAN WOOD, online editor in San Diego, and 1-year-old PAYTON WOOD, 2032 Olympian, ran the Coronado 10K together. It was the first time we stretched the stroller out to a 10K distance. We tried for a sub-hour finish but came in at 60:48. No worries, something to shoot for next year (though she'll be a lot bigger by then).



LeeJayne Stone, Business Analyst.  Business Analysts and Development teams from Nashville’s Active Outdoors enjoyed a day of paintball including no shortage of bruises, sore muscles, and even a little bloodshed. Back row – Josh Richardson, Bob Coletti, William Bishop, Mike Rufli, Quinton Bynum, Kai Nicholson, and Ranjit Gundu. Front row – Brunswick Lowe, Jaymie Reynolds, and LeeJayne Stone.




Tyler Jump (Account Executive, Camps) and Janean Nation (Account Manager, Communities) accompanied Carlie and Edward on the Puppy Love 5k Sunday morning in Del Mar.  Edward wished it was a 10k, and Carlie was hoping that it was done at the first turnaround.  It was great to see so many families with their furry friends out supporting Helen Woodward Animal Center!



Meghan Swirski, Client Support Supervisor this past Saturday I volunteered at, and then ran the Greenlake “Love ‘Em or Leave ’Em” 5k, where I bumped into Stephen Branstetter and his wife!  The kids’ dash was the cutest thing ever, and the run was great!


Robert Mitchell, Senior Developer/Designer from the San Diego office ran the Puppy Love 5k in Del Mar with this wife Blair and their dog Moose.  All the dogs loved running around, smelling things and getting out in the fresh ocean air. 



Ben Weinbaum, Evan Bricker and Alan Deicas (San Diego) rode from Escondido to Palomar Mountain on Saturday. Had my first, and hopefully my last, “speed wobble” experience. The ride was 51 miles with over 6600 feet of climbing (the picture of the bottle shows the effect of the descent). The weather was probably somewhere in the 40’s at the top of the mountain and were all a bit unprepared for the cold. We are all in agreement that it was the toughest ride we have ever done but I think the smiles show that we loved the challenge!



Stephen Branstetter, GM of Youth and Education, participated in the “Love ‘em or Leave ‘em Valentines Dash” 5k on Saturday with his wife and some friends. I was passed at Mile 1 by a dude with a big old scraggly grey beard and at Mile 2 by a guy who looked like a younger version of me...both provided motivation to prove to myself that I am not past my prime. I re-passed both of them by the end but ended with a 19:49, nearly a full minute slower than my Turkey Trot time. #WinterLaziness


Lisa Woll and Haley at San Dieguito 5K in San Diego. Beautiful day running through Rancho Santa Fe with my Active X pup!



On Saturday morning, Burt Repine, Austin Braaten, Clinton Van Allen, Valerie Prestidge, Ryan Scanlon, Michelle Nation, Adriane Ferguson, Ryan Alex, Pam Bailey, and Jen White ran the Black Mountain 7K in the second leg of the San Diego Trail Run series. The treacherous climb, cold weather, and some cuts and bruises were no match for this Active Crew, and Burt Repine placed 3rd in his age group (7th overall!) along with his son, Noah (like father, like son).



Emily Joller, Account Manager, ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon this weekend.  Despite being injured and not expecting much due to the hilly course, I finished 6th overall for women and 1st in my age group with a time of 1:30:41. I was pleasantly surprised.


Paul McLure Account Manager Educate; did the San Dieguito ½ Marathon on Sunday in perfect running weather in the beautiful area of San Dieguito.  It was cool to see some past Active employees and I even met a current Active coworker. 



Laurie Pani, Product Marketing Manager ran the Mermaid Series ½ Marathon on Mission Bay this weekend.  Timer screwed up and showed me in first place in my age group on the day of the race (found out this morning I got second in the end).  Ran the “Mini Mermaid” 1.5 mile run with my daughter (to my right) and some of her friends after my race.  This was her first race.  Back of the pack, she still could not have been happier running across the finish line and seeing her cheering brother (to my left) at the end.  


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