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RUSS MILHAM, Manager - Global Research & Analytics.  I'm down from Bothell for another car-free week at the home office in San Diego. Between riding from the airport and a trip out to Trader Joe's for groceries for the week, I managed 32 miles.  Great to get out of my Seattle cold-weather raingear and into summer riding clothes again!



LISA WOLL on Saturday 65 mile road ride kitchen creek to Lake Cuyamaca. Then Sunday 30 mile mountain bike ride.  A total 9000 feet climbing and 8 hrs in the saddle.  Beautiful mountains in our own backyard in San Diego County.  Life is great!!!!



MARK MORAN, Visual Designer on Saturday went for a 28 km (18 mile) walk from the mountains to the south of Xi'an back to the city near the Active Network offices.  It took 6 hours and 15 minutes of total walking time (8 hours total including some breaks and stopping for dinner) and the weather was beautiful.  A rare spring day that isn't too hot or too cold.  It was also a good chance to experience some of the local country-side.  This is part of my preparations for a 45km walk taking place on April 15 with several of the Xi'an Active team.  For those of you who are familiar with Xi'an I walked from the ???? (Translation University) to ??? (the High Tech Zone).  The attached map shows my route.



JOANNE INGRAM, AE in Business Solutions, ran her first ever trail run on Saturday.  Ran the 5K in 39:36 which I didn't think was so bad for the first one and looking down the whole time.  Trail runs might be the way to go to avoid the Atlanta heat during the summer months and it definitely was much more challenging.  I just may have found a new passion.



CINDY BONES Account Manager-Faith went hiking on Saturday to "Sunrise Mountain" Frenchman's Peak Trail. There are two "peaks" to hike up on this trail. The first picture is on the first peak looking at the second peak. Once on the top near the cellular towers there are 360 degree views of the las Vegas Strip & Lake Mead.


BRITTNEY GARCIA, Deployment Engineer this past Saturday ran her first half marathon, Hollywood Half Marathon. Even with the last 2 miles uphill, I finished in 2:02. I was also able to raise $500 in a week for CMT and Angel City Pit Bulls.



MARC LEGLISE, Sr Software Engineer, spent the whole weekend jumping out of planes, finally earning his solo-rating!  That's right, no more instructors by your side, much less attached to you.  Doing backflips and 360s during 120mph free-fall is way more intense when you're on your own.  Now the real fun starts!



On Friday Afternoon, 26 members of the Bothell Office participated in this year's Spring Golf Tournament at the Walter Hall Memorial Golf Course in Everett, WA. We made it a bit less competitive to encourage non-golfers to participate, and we got quite a few newbies out there which was a lot of fun. Best Scoring Team included Charles Gardiner, Ryan Miller, Stephen Branstetter and Ryan Wuflestad.  Worst Scoring Team (which was a prize worthy award in this tourney) included: Kenneth Baltazar, Shawn O'Neill, Scott Baisch, and Jason Warren.  Best Dressed:  Kenneth Baltazar.  Squiggly Line Contest:  Stephen Branstetter was the clear winner, but gave his winnings to the MVP of the winning team, Ryan Miller.  Closest to Pin Contest:  Matt Amsden and Rob Gillespie were both 26 inches from the pin. The real winner will be decided in a putting duel this afternoon!



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