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Boston, Hiking, Cycling and More

Posted by IMVoice on Apr 17, 2012 2:05:15 PM



Cindy Bones- Account Manager -Faith Went hiking Saturday at White Rock canyon /Arizona Hot springs trail sent pictures of this trail already.. Sunday went to Gold Strike Canyon trail.(By The Hoover Dam) This was a 10 for scenic beauty, physical challenge (I'm a beginner hiker, so I thought this was perfect... not too hard) We counted 8 "God Spas" one you can dive under the water to a cave under the mountain. The rain cave was cool but, the pictures were to dark and did not turn out. There were 6 Rope obstacles (pictured with me climbing one). We saw about 20 Big horn sheep (Pictured are a small part of the group) I think they liked us taking pictures. We went all the way to the Colorado River & back. This is my new favorite trail to hike with a group (for safety.)




John Kadota, Manager, Product Development from the Burnaby office got his whole family to run the Vancouver Sun Run this year. I got the family started running last year thanks to the Active Couch-to-5k app.


Mike Reilly attended the Boston Marathon on behalf of Active with Steve Mazza and Mike Rouse who ran along with Rob Klingensmith and Scott Lange.  It was one of the hottest days on record (high of 88) for the event with over 4500 runners deferring to next year (the event offered this option) and another 3500 not even bothering to pick up their race numbers.  The best shot of the day I got was at the start line seeing the famous Joan Benoit (1984 Olympic Gold medal winner Los Angeles and Boston winner) toe the line and run with her 23 yr old daughter.  Of course I have to get a picture with Dave McGillivray the race director who always runs the marathon after everything is cleaned up later in the day.  With all the trouble with heat he left Hopkinton 4 hours later than normal at 7:00 pm.  He finished with a few friends at Midnight, now that is an Ironman day!


Alistair Davidson, Manager of Software Development.  No photos, but I spent Sunday at the closing day for Copper Mountain in Colorado.  Mother Nature came to the party with a big spring storm and the riding was one of the best days of the season.  Was going out to just make a few turns and ended up riding through lunch to the close of lifts.  Last run of closing day...over a foot of untracked powder...unbelievable!


Tyler Jump, Account Executive - Camps, and Janean Nation,Account Manager - Communities, braved the storm Saturday to head for the hills and the Gladiator Rock and Run. It was cold, windy, and raining for much of the time we were on the course. It was advertised as a 5k, but the actual distance ended up being a little over 4 miles, and the fastest finisher of the whole day paced 9:03 was tough!!! Lots of mud, lots of bruises, and even a few paintball welts, but totally worth it!




Sam Renouf Regional Director, Asia Pacific Active NetworkInternational announcing at the ITU World championships in Sydney.


Shekhar Wankhede and Hemant Choudhary from Clarksburg , MDoffice ran “Cakes For Cause 5K” on Sunday 15th April in Fredrick MD .Weather was really good in the morning. Hemant won 3rd place.



Megan Rose, SW Test Technician ran her first 5k around Mission Bay in San Diego for the Fearless 5k / Tri this week-end.  Despite the wind, we managed to beat the rain and finish in just over 22 minutes.


Matt Lawicki (Account Executive), his fiancée and friendswent backpack camping in the Grand Canyon at Havasupai (April 6-8th).  This was a challenging trip, 10 mile hike inwith camping packs; all said and done we did 26 miles in 3 days!!






Tawn Nguyen, Katya Mansurova and Christine Ta from San Diego Accounting office ran the Skins Fearless 5K on Saturday morning.  It was cold blustery morning for San Diego.



Anh Wetzel reports it was a beautiful sunny Sunday in Philly at 80s degrees. I went for a 20 miles + bike ride from South Philly to Fall Bridge via Kelly Drive & West River Drive in Philadelphia. On the way, I stop at the Horticulture Center in Fairmont Park for a little of nature hiking.




Jamie Snow, Product Marketing Manager, Associate Active Network had an awesome weekend at the 2012 Annual Pismo Beach Kiting Expo! I got to try the latest kite gear, the weather was beautiful and the wind was perfect. It was a great trip to the Central Coast and I can't wait to go back next year.




Aaron Waldman and William Bassler of San Diego took on the Fearless Triathlon Sunday.  It was a great morning but due to the recent rains the swim was canceled making this a Double Duathleon (run 2k - bike 10k - run - bike - run).  It was a fast paced race with lots of transitions. William was stellar with a podium appearance for his 3rd place finish in his age group.


KEITH WILLIAMS, CHRIS HAWKER & LARS RONNING (all EMEA/UK) ran Brighton Marathon Sunday 15 April. In only a couple of years Brighton Marathon has become the UK’s 2nd largest marathon with 15,000 participants taking place.Only London is larger. It was Keith’s marathon debut, and Chris’ second marathon, and both finished in impressive times:

  • -         Keith3.28
  • -         Chris3.18

Lars decided to participate with short notice and biked down from Slough to Brighton 3.30 am in morning of the race (80 miles / 120K) on his winter bike (LARS THIS IS FROM ME MIKE, YOU'RE NUTS!). After a few GPS goose chases and 4 hilly hours on the road, he reached the start andmade the race with a few minutes to spare. Lars had a solid 1st hal f(1.41) but decided to slow down on the 2nd half due to Ironman Lanzarote coming up in only 5 weeks. He finished the race at 3.41.  The team had a fantastic day out and it was great to see the Active colors in play again! Video link her:



Cameron Rocha, Ryan Caro, and Steve Caro (Sr. Business Analyst, Platform Financial Services) enjoying the spring snowboard/ski conditions at Brian Head, UT.



Dennis Triplett, Mike Reade and Jen White all participated in the Cannondale Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo on Sunday April 15th.  Couldn't have asked for better weather on this hilly course, though a bit windy at times along the way home.  Special thanks go out to super fans Kevin McGuire and Brian Graham who were still there at the finish to cheer Jen in on her first century ride.  Congrats to all riders on this big accomplishment!


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