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Dean Omori Business Analyst Draper, UT. New High Five PR it the most beautiful city in the world!  After a personal best 187 high fives in the NYC marathon, I took the challenge to smash my PR in half the distance at the BMO Vancouver Half marathon last week. Never mind the US-Canadian exchange rate; I garnered a new PR of 305!! The effort was rewarded with this special high five (pictured), along with one from a woman on the corner in a bathrobe, a Veteran in a wheel chair, the bass player and drummer of a band (mid-song!) and a dance with at least one course volunteer! And what was that smell as we entered Yaletown -never mindŠgimme a ³V² for Vancouver! My office transfer request is IN!



Brian Enge, SD office, competed in the ITU Olympic distance race in San Diego alongside a handful of other ActiveX'ers.  It was great to see hard core guys like Jeremy Spitzberg and Marc Villanueva ripping up the course.  I went 2:18, good enough for 3rd in my age group.  I also hung around to watch the pro men with several people from Active including Mike Rouse and Mike Reilly.  We witnessed two Americans qualify for the Olympics...very cool and inspiring.  Go USA!



Aaron Waldman, Jeremy Spitzberg, Jim Sola, and Marc Villanueva (and others, not pictured) participated in the 2012 ITU World Triathlon Series - San Diego.



On Sunday, Valerie Prestidge, Technical Account Manager for Endurance, ran the Girls on the Run San Diego Sparkle & Shine 5K with her team.  As a coach, it's amazing to see the girls build up to run their FIRST 5K & cross the finish line with them.  We had our largest event for the San Diego council, with 700+ runners!!  Huge kudos to Ashley Peters, Anda Willet & friends Josh Gliko & Christine Davis for volunteering their time at the event.



Anthony Valentino, Senior Account Manager - Sports (San Diego), swam the La Jolla Cove with fellow Active employees on Friday and Saturday.  Mother's Day was a day of running with mom starting with the Girls on the Run Sparkle and Shine 5K at Embarcadero Park in downtown San Diego.  Anthony's mom ran with his daughter while he ran with his two new buddies from the Linda Vista GOTR program.



MARC LEGLISE (Sr Software Engineer, San Diego) couldn't be with his mother this weekend, so instead he jumped out of a few planes, getting some new pictures to send her.  Whether her son is crazier for freefalling or signing up for a triathlon is still up in the air, but she was adamant in her declaration: "pics or it didn't happen."



Amber Martin went to Havasupai, AZ. This trip starts at the Haulapai Hilltop and involves a 10 mile hike to a campground just outside of the Supai Indian Village where there are beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes. The 95 degree weather made the hike just challenging enough and swimming in the pools very rewarding. This was the first backpacking trip with our 10 month old Vizsla puppy.



JR Sherman, Group SVP.  Successfully battled the New England "Tough Mudder" last weekend.  10+ Miles up and down Mt. Snow a few times with some nasty obstacles.  Hard race, good friends, great time!


Micah Kropp played for the San Diego Old Aztecs in the USA Rugby DII National Playoffs at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. We defeated the St. Louis Bombers 33-19 in our "Sweet 16" matchup on Saturday. It was my first game following a 6 week layoff due to surgery, so it felt great to return to the pitch. On Sunday we faced off against the Snake River rugby club from Boise that crushed their opponent 66-12 on Saturday.  We were down 17-5 at halftime, but were able to score to two late tries to send the game to OT. After an exhausting 120 minutes of rugby, we scored the final try to win in triple overtime. The win allows us to advance to the Final Four in Denver in 3 weeks. Big thanks to fellow Active employees Jason Griffith and Renee Kerouac for cheering us to victory!

PICTURE OF THE WEEK (Micah in Action)



Patti Rosenthal Industry Manager for Cycling.  The 6th Annual 12 Hrs of Mesa Verde - 12 Hr mtn bike race & this year's theme was "Disco".  The race is held at the famous Phil's World mtn bike trail system in Cortez CO.  Race is a sellout every year which starts at 7am & goes until 7pm with over 800 racers with multiple categories.  We participated in the 4-women relay team category & placed 14th out of 25 women teams but won best team costume!  Always a great time racing with friends & enjoying the post festivities.



Aaron Waldman - Software Engineer SD,  Competed and Completed my first Olympic distance triathlon at the ITU World Triathlon San Deigo.  This was an amazing event and lived up to the "feel like a pro" atmosphere. Thanks to all the Active volunteers and spectators for their motivation along the way!



Keith Williams, (head of business development) continued his Ironman training with a beautiful english sunny spring day, pumping through 3000ft of climbing on new Tri bike (thanks Active bike scheme, Arch, Greg!). Keith has also had found the IM training balance with the 'Mrs' - where ever she drives, I ride there!


Don Munro of Floral Park, NY, L.I., "Blueberry" doubles tennis tournament. Super Saturday -- 80 degrees and sunny.



Josha Richards, Senior Security Engineer Active Network Information Security recently visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX) with family and friends.  We got to climb several huge dunes at Jockeys Ridge State Park, which is very cool.  We went on a night time tour of the Buxton lighthouse (My 2 year old daughter did it too -- all 268 stairs).  The rest of the days were filled with kite-boarding (of course), surfing, wake boarding, standup paddle boarding, and relaxing.  If you like watersports and haven't checked out the outer banks already, I highly recommend it.




Kristine Vess-Golden (Call Center Manager, Frostburg, MD) and husband Larry Golden (Facilities Assistant, Frostburg, MD) ran the Race Toward The Future 5K to bring an end to the TALO II 5K challenge.  It was a beautiful sunny day for the up and back trail run along the Youghiogheny River.  This was my first trail run and I finished in second place for my age division.  We spent the rest of the day outdoors at Deep Creek Lake, MD and stopped by a local winery to celebrate our run! 


David Jones, Account Executive.  This past Wednesday evening I raced in the final of a 4 week crit series, Tiger Lane Crits. It is put on by one of the local Memphis racing teams and attracts all of the top riders in the area. There is a Cat 1/2/3, Cat 4, and Cat 5 race; with each race fielding 30+ riders from teams around the Memphis area. I was able to race 3 of the 4 weeks and  loved every minute of it. Rubbing tires, hopping curbs, leaning into turns, and avoiding wrecks... all at crazy high speeds was a thrilling experience. This was my first time to race in this particular series and by the fourth week I achieved my goal of placing in the top 10 in Cat 5 (and not breaking any bones). In the picture, I'm wearing the green and black kit.



Cindy Bones Account Manager- Active Faith went Off Road through Beaty Ca, Titus Canyon & Death Valley on Saturday( Day ) then off to Church Saturday Night. Sunday went kayaking again on the same Black canyon as a few weeks ago but, this time hiked through Boy scout canyon. Lots of rope climbs & scrambling and natural hot springs. (Pictured is what I called Booger wall...yes it was HOT boogers! Reminded me of my older sister's bed room wall LOL!) She will kill me for telling you all that shhhh she does not work at active.



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer, Support Active Network.  On Saturday morning I made the drive to Mukilteo, WA for the Inspiring Hope 10k race.  It was a beautiful, sunny morning, and a good run for a great cause - LOTS of pink everywhere.  Finish time of 53:32:4.



Mark Stevens Senior Manager, Learning and Performance. Here is a picture (sorry it's dark, it was EARLY morning) my wife Michele and I joined 100,000 of our closest friends on the Philadelphia Susan G. Komen 5K Walk/Run for the Cure. Our first event ever - it was great fun to play in the street, rather than working above it. Don't look for my time on the final results site; they only tracked the 800 top runner times. But hey, it was our first time out. Various groups severed as cheerleaders, course guides and the Temple football team helped served the water at the finish line.



Todd Preece "ran/survived" the inaugural 21-mile Rabbit Peak trail race in Borrego Springs, CA. It took 4 hours of constant uphill to reach the summit of Rabbit Peak which was sadly only halfway. The downhill proved to be worse than the ascent as the beating on the loose rocks and sketchy non-existent trail was relentless. The 7+ hour route had frightening sections with sheer 5000 foot drops, cactus that seemed to jump out of nowhere to attack, paralyzing cramps, 100 degree temperatures, and 8000 feet of total climbing. Todd is currently mourning the early death of his brand new trail shoes which were shredded from top to bottom.



Erica Davis Business Analyst reports Greg Roland, Matt Roland, Kyle Dovenbarger hiked Cowles Mountain this weekend sporting their new AXCC tees!



ERIC MA (Product Marketing Lead, CIC) from Xi'an, China - On Saturday, LIN LIN (Senior Recruiter, HR/Admin), SHAWN CUI (Senior Recruiter, HR/Admin) and VERA MA (Manager, MRI) finished their first half marathon in Dalian, they flied 2200 kilometers to the northeast of China to attend the 26th Dalian International Marathon, and all three crossed the finish line before the DNF time, a huge reward for their 6-month training and all the injuries, pains and pressures being through. One of the most excited moments was some 2011 Active China star employees were cheering at the race course from their star trip, overwhelmed with the joy and cheers!  On Sunday morning, COLIN LI (Associate Manager, IT) and ERIC did an easy hiking in Mt. Qinling, it was a great trail, fresh air with amazing view, they ran couple of miles, but changed the planned course due to encountered a big snake! Had RouJiaMo at the summit, downhill was epic because of the rain. Worthy doing it again!  Sunday afternoon, ERIC went to support the ActiveX soccer team for the fourth league match, unfortunately the opponent gave it up, they auto got a 3-0 win, with the fourth straight win in the group, the team is now ranking 2nd in the league! Then a serious match turned to a friendly, good practice, now planning for the final group game, and think about the quarterfinal match! Meanwhile, the good tidings from the basketball court filled the whole team with joy, they nailed top position of the group!




[China office]55 team members and their managers from four offices in China joined 2012 Active China star trip in Dalian city on the weekend of May 12. We joined cheer leading of Dalian Marathon event on Saturday morning when four employees from Xian joined half marathon race. The group also joined a trip to Dalian SeaWorld and team ice breaking activity over the weekend. Chris Zhang (ActiveWorks), Shelly Yue (China Operations), Hui Ren (ActiveWorks), Jeff Fang (ActiveWorks), Subrina Shen (H&F) and Jean Su (China Operations) took the early morning to do 2.5 hours relaxing and enjoyable hiking on the Dalian coastal mountain hiking route.


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