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KATE ALBERGA competing in the sprint relay at the La Jolla Country Day Olympics!  She is definitely faster and more determined than her old man!



Lars Ronning, Senior Regional Director (EMEA): Ironman Lanzarote Sat 19 May. It went well! A long and hard day "in the office". 1 year older and 2 minutes faster. 11.30 this year and 11.32 last year… Isn't it crazy having been out there between 11 and 12 hours and only a 2 minute difference? Started with losing my earplugs in the sand when I put the wetsut on - and without them I get seasick... Thank goodness I found them again right before the start. A hard and chaotic swim due to 1600 swimmers in one wave. It got pretty crowded out there. So btw 5 and 10 mins slower than expected, but I was happy nevertheless - especially leaving the water and getting on my bike which is my strongest discipline. The bike went well but it's a bloody hard course - people say it's the hardest official IM course in the world due to the climbing, winds and heat. Conditions were great and I was VERY happy finally breaking the magical 6 hour limit on this course - did the 180k in 5.54 Including a 5 minute break at one of the aid stations. Then back in town where I the marathon in 3.44 plus a total of 15 mins of stops at the aid stations drinking coke, water, gels, Red Bull... I decided to stop and drink at the aid stations rather than run through them and drink on the go - to avoid wet running shoes which always gives me terrible blisters. Great to cross the finish line for the third time at this great and historic race. LARS “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” Mike



On a weekend of British pride, the nation celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebration eating pork pies, pickle and drinking tea. Despite the celebrations and rain KEITH WILLIAMS still managed to get out on a 75mile road ride. Where ever you went you couldn't avoid the Great British flag!! Proud Brit!



Eric Olson, GM of SMB Events, did Mooseman 70.3. The wife went second in the pro race. I went, um, not second. The beautiful course in New Hampshire made the hills worth it.


Stephany Cavatoni Consumer Insight is so excited to share this one with you! Stella and Lucas and mom Stephany  completed their first triathlon this weekend!  We participated in the Positive Energy Kids Triathlon - and happy to report that the kids were great (and mom just helped along in Lucas' ride and transitions). They are very excited to do their next one the end of the summer!


kids tri.jpg



Terence Koh, Associate Account Executive (APAC) took part in the National Vertical Marathon held at Asia Square building. The climb was painful but the view from the top of the 40th story was definitely worth it. Oh yes, and the freebies and goodie bag made it worthwhile too.



Megan Rose, SW QA Engineer Associate ran the Rock and Roll 1/2 with my younger brother Sunday.  It was the first 1/2 for us both and a fabulous time, finishing in just over two hours.  MEGAN your brother looks like he was sorry he got out of bed!



Eric Marenburg, Associate PM - Global Tech Operations, spent his Memorial Day weekend biking from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.  The 3 day journey covered 380 miles, 20,000 feet of climbing, and consumption of every variety of candy bar that a gas station could offer.  Highlight of the trip was biking along the coast in Big Sur (see picture).  Absolutely breathtaking!



On May 26th, 13 employees from the two Nashville offices ended their Take A Load Off program with a 5k race, benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank in Middle Tennessee - both offices combined to donate 3 large boxes of food to the cause. This was the first race for most of our participants, and even though it was a hot morning in late May, most said that they are looking forward to doing another race! Shown in the group picture are: LeeJayne Stone, Jay Oziminski, Gloria Gillespie, Jimmy Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Charles Drury, Cynthia Lyons, Jackie Zweck, Shellie Brown, Shelby Abernathy, Tammy Ervin, Jackie Lambert and Brenda Pedroza. YOU GUYS ARE KICKIN BUTT IN NASHVILLE, KEEP IT UP! Mike



My daughter Lola Cimperman and her friend Sloan Alber competed in the Longmont, CO kids tri this past weekend.  Here they are showing off their ActiveX shirts and their cool number markings!  Both girls did a great job and had a wonderful time!  Next stop, Ironman!!!



Brian Graham, Account Manager- Endurance Sports, competed in a the “Hit-WYHS- Golf Tournament” on Saturday, June 2nd.  Fellow Active employees that took part included:  Jared Norris, Andy Reilly, Frank Brown, Jamie Wells, Darren Seibert, Brian Cammarata, Clinton Van Allen.  Congratulations to Brian Cammarata and Clinton Van Allen for bringing the championship back to Active!



Cindy Bones Account Manager for Active Faith went on a day  hike in Zion National Park. We hiked Three trails (Emerald Pools, Kayenta Trail & Angels Landing) Lord, I Love what you've done with this place! Wow... Just Wow...




PAUL THOMAS did his first MTB this year and the 3rd of all time.  Barn Burner is a qualifier for LEADVILLE this August.  Hard, dusty hilly (6500 ft of climbing) Great environment and collection of athletes in Flagstaff's 7000ft.  2nd Overall with 6:hr 31min of pure suffering.  1st amateur.  Most importantly, during the race, I used 3 different products I purchased on Schwaggle........What's in your wallet?!



Patti Rosenthal Industry Manager, Cycling.  Went mountain biking with some good friends at Hermosa Trail up by Purgatory Mountain in Durango, Colorado.  It was a shuttle ride up to the resort & then you ride 30+ miles of FUN single track back down to your car.  Came upon a pretty big tree which we were able to clear off the trail with a hand chainsaw & lots of pushing.  Another great day riding with friends at our local trails. MOVING THE TREE PATTI GETS YOU PICTURE OF THE WEEK!



Rebecca Zent, Account Manager, Active Network I Business Solutions participated in the Denver Heart Walk on Saturday, June 2nd with my husband. This was my husband's 5th anniversary to the date of his heart attack and need for sextuple bypass surgery. So this walk is annual event for us and we donate to the Heart Association. Over $2M was raised in Denver, and they exceeded their $1.6M goal. We walked with a few of the Denver Broncos and Payton Manning made an appearance to spur on the walk.


Heather West (Project Coordinator, Sacramento):  Sunday I did the Kaiser Women's Fitness Festival 5K.  This is the largest all women's 5K in the area.  It was great fun to see all these people out to support a great cause (WEAVE).  We ran around the capitol and through downtown Sacramento.  The race was very crowded so it wasn't my best time, but we had a blast with the great weather and positive vibes from the crowd.  This is me (in the middle) and my two running-partners-in-crime.



Kristine Vess-Golden, Call Center Manager – Frostburg reports that Larry Golden (Facilities Assistant, Frostburg Maryland) participated in the 4th Annual YMCA Rocky Gap International Triathlon on Saturday, June 2nd.  It was a cool June morning with windy conditions, but Lake Habeeb provided a beautiful backdrop for the event. 



My oldest son said he was tired of doing the "kids" runs so we tackled the Strawberry5000 as a family (myself - Rob Mitchell, Blair, Luke and Zane).  Luke did great on his first ever 5k and now I think he's hooked.  My youngest tackled the 5k with the rest of the family but now says that the kids race is more his style.  It was a great run with the family and I see many more family races in the future.



Margaret Weniger, sports sales manager, and husband Luke rode up Palomar on Sunday. It was a grueling 13 mile ride with 5,000 feet of climbing but the view from the top was amazing.  Great way to finish the weekend!



Phil Graham, Enterprise Sales, Business Solutions ran the Squaw Peak 50 Saturday in the mountains of Provo, UT.  After 50 miles and 14,000' of climbing I finished in 11:20, 1 hour and 20 min slower than I expected causing family and friends to begin to worry about my condition.  Overall I finished 45th out of 300 - worst time and finish by far in my 4th time running it.  It was a hot 90 degrees and things started to go south about mile 35. Twice I got lost following a game trail instead of the race trail and was relegated to walking the last 10 miles because my calves wouldn't allow me to run - a 4,000' descent.  Pretty miserable experience all the way around, but more than likely I'll do it again next year because we runners have short, selective memories.   Pictured with my daughter, Katelyn and dog, Reggie at the finish line.



Shayne McCoy, Online Account Manager.  Here's a pic from the  1st Active X Open Water Clinic: Entries and Exits at La Jolla Shores on Saturday.  From left to right; Kelly Conti, Shayne McCoy and Chelsea Castro.



Cailin Lynam Strategy Consultant, ran the Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon in a new PR of 1:30.


Joanne Ingram, AE in Business Solutions, ran the Whistler Half Marathon on Saturday.  It was my first half marathon and my first time I had to dodge bear poop on a run!  It was a gorgeous run on the path systems in Whistler, by running rivers and the background of snow covered mountains.  I was very happy to log a finish time of 2:33. 



ERIC MA (Product Marketing Lead, CIC) reported on both Xi'an ActiveX Soccer team and Basketball team made records and made their names in Xi'an Gaoxin district. Soccer team achieve top 6 in the league, and basketball team finally won the 3rd place, moreover, the soccer team won the Sportsmanship Award, and the team spirit and sportsmanship were highly acknowledged by the organizing committee and Xi'an Sports Bureau, as a company team fighting from the 1st game till the finals! The basketball team faced so many obstacles and against some strong enemies which players from CBA and CUBA, but finally they won against those pros! Congrats to two teams and all the team members who contributed to the titles. They're all heroes! Big credits give to Soccer team captain TONY CHEN (QA Engineer, Information Systems) and Basketball team captain BRUCE XU (QA Engineer, League One), we couldn't reach to such achievement without their great leading!  From Saturday, ERIC himself with COLIN LI (Associate Manager, IT), DYLAN HAI (Systems Administrator, IT) and JASON QU (Sr. Database Administrator, IT) challenged a two-day hiking in the Mt. Qinling. "If you can't prove it right, then prove it wrong. If you can't prove it wrong, then it must be right." This is the deepest feeling from their last two days hiking. When you stepped deep into the forest like Qinling, besides being intrigued by the original ecological environment, you could easily got lost, no mobile signal or even GPS working. The small team got lost in the bamboo forest twice, spent a lot time finding the right path, with the achievement of having a great time in the jungles, they successfully proved two routes were dead-end. Very epic weekend!



Tony Orbanac, Admin Services from Clarksburg. My son Tim Orbanac placed third in his age group in the Pittsford NY Triathalon over the weekend.

Tim Orbanac- Pittsford NY Triathalon.jpg

Kirsten Dixon, Jenni Wilson, Amy Jo Smith, a couple friends and our ActiveX Trainer, Brian Douts had a blast doing the Warrior Dash in Mechanicsville, MD on May 19th.  Here's a clean picture and a definitely NOT clean picture.



KIRSTEN AGAIN - Last weekend over Memorial Day, we biked with our kids and their Nana and Grandad. This weekend we kayaked with our kids and their Grammy.



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