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MIKE ROUSE, San Diego says ge had a most amazing weekend.   Impossible to describe.  I had the opportunity and privilege of running for 24 Hours (approx. 100 miles) on Saturday and Sunday to honor and raise awareness of our military, and most specifically of my dear Navy SEAL friend, Jon Tumilson, and the 30 others who were killed in a helicopter crash on August 6th, 2011 in Afghanistan.   I cannot express enough my gratitude for the kind words of encouragement, donations (to the Navy SEAL Foundation), emails, and “running buddies” that came from my Active Network family.  I had over 80, yes 80, Active employees who came throughout the day AND night to run a portion of my run with me.   It was simply amazing!  I ran a section of the run in 31 different t-shirts to honor each of the lives.  These pictures are from start to finish.  MIKE ROUSE YOU ARE A TRUE LEGEND AND WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND AND ACTIVE TEAM MEMBER! Mike





Jeff Sample Sr. QA Engineer and Teresa Kliegerman, Senior Business Systems Analyst competed in the My Way or the Tri Way, a unique event that allows participants to select the order of events for a triathlon.  This was my first triathlon and the ninth year in a row for Teresa who finished 4th in her age group.  We also brought the participants lots of Clif products as members of the Clif Ambassadors program.



Noah Skocilich, Business Analyst recently had the good fortune to spend time in the mountains North of Beijing. You can’t see it in these photos, but another twenty minutes hiking and you could climb up onto remote and abandoned sections of the Great Wall and see it stretch seemingly forever in either direction. Truly breathtaking.



Melissa Muys, Account Executive - Business Solutions, Boulder, CO, completed her first full marathon in San Francisco.  It was an extremely hilly course but a beautiful way to take in the sights!



Banks Holcombe Head of Business Development EMEA.  London Spartan Race…Nancy Krysiak, Nicolas Cantillo, Lars Ronning, Filippo Ciampini, Richard Edwards, Ricardo Darwin, John Anderson, Francesca Colenso, Banks Holcombe, Tahir Mahmood, and Farris Abooud. Awesome day! BANKS WITH A POSE LIKE THAT YOU NEED MORE PUSH-UPS IN YOUR LIFE!



JOHN ANDERSON Long time reader, first time emailer!   More Spartan UK.  This is a tough man course, and whilst only over 5km, it involves going up rope ladders, crawling through mud and water pits under barbed wire, climbing over 9 foot high walls and finally a fire jump towards the end.  Arch, I am copying you in so you know from an ACTIVE X perspective as we all did it as part of an official ACTIVE X activity.  T shirts and branding was a plenty!  This is an ROL client as well.



Jeremy Dwiggins, Visual Designer.  These are pictures from checking my family into our annual summer camping trip. This year, a huge storm blew through the Pittsburgh area on our way, and the camp's brand-new checkin system was the casualty of a lightning strike – so we waited in a field with everyone else trying to check in, and were treated to lenticular clouds at the trailing edge of the storm and a gorgeous sunset.



Meg Miller and Jessica Brannam from the Carmel, IN office had a color-crazy day participating in The Color Run Indianapolis on Saturday.  Meg and her kids, Delaney and Lucas, and Jessica and her husband, Bill, represented the Active is Coloring Me Bad team in the color explosive 5K.  Pictures are before and after.



ANNAMARIE MOLLOY This is my ACTIVE day hiking at the Susquehanna Heritage Trail outside of Marietta, PA in Lancaster County. Apparently the falls behind me are a great fishing spot.



Thom Haupt from Desktop Management Team spent some time in the bushes as he took a hard fall on his first trip downhill mountain biking in the back country of Vail.  Also pictured here are two friends, Steve Riddel and Shane Brummar who were there to haul Thom back up on to Two Elk trail.



Doug Johnson reports a local photographer captured some of the Burnaby Office Kayak day on Deer Lake (across the street from the office) on Friday. He posted the first photo here to the WeatherNetwork for their daily photos. The second photo shows Doug Johnson and Rod Sheeter looking for frogs.



Adam Harris, Technology Specialist.  Wakeboarding at DeerCreek Reservoir with Dave Massey and team.  We got all sorts of crazy!



GRAHAM WILSON completed the Solana Beach event.  At least I finished and if you took out a disastrous transition (someone moved my shoes!!), I completed the Duathlon in 1:09!



RYAN WOOD, online editor in San Diego, and PAYTON WOOD, toddler, ran the Joggin for Frogmen 5K on the campus of San Diego State. Lots of Active people were on hand for a truly inspirational morning. So glad we were a part of it (even when climbing those big hills pushing a stroller!)



Joel Werdell (Product Manager, Swimming) made a successful summit bid on Mt Baker. It was a beautiful 2 day climb complete with 2 AM wake ups, beautiful summit views, glissading and a mountain is known for its record snowfall every year (we saw two avalanches about 400 yds away from us).




Nancy Vance, Contract Recruiter San Diego hiked Castle Rock Trail in Big Bear, CA!



Dave Ellis out of Jackson, Michigan (remote), after doing his first 5K back in May, signed up for the Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris Michigan on Saturday.  His wife Jen was there for support.  The race was challenging and tons of fun.  Plenty of mud involved and enough beer afterward to wash some of that mud away.  Jen, a recent amputee, vows to do the race next year.



Evan Bricker (Sales), Ben Weinbaum (Sales), William Bassler (Visual Designer), Eric Marenburg (Project Manager) and Ryan Alex (Sales) all competed in the San Diego Tri-Club Aquathon last Thursday night. The Aquathon was a 1000 meter open water swim and a 5k run on the beach. No Picture.


Amber Hall, Burnaby, BC office did a 6 km hike with an ex-coworker, Anita Mattice. We hiked up and around Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, where we crossed the over-crowded suspension bridge, saw some beautiful waterfalls, crazy cliff jumpers and froze our feet off in glacier water! Overall a great day and surprisingly enough, sun instead of our typical rainy days!


ALLEN OWENS was in Denver last week for a meeting with the Federal Government (NRRS) to talk about the technology that powers ActiveWorksOutdoors and  What better time to check out some of the great recreation opportunities on nearby Federal lands!  I brought my wife along and we headed up into the hills.  First up was the 14,265’ Mt Evans in the Arapaho National Forest.  You can drive to a couple of hundred vertical feet shy of the peak, but the little climb to the top rewards you with a spectacular 360 degree view of the front range. The next two days we spent in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We acclimatized a little to the altitude with a half mile, 350 vertical feet climb up to Marmot Point at 11,909’.  A short hike, but it left us both a little winded!!  We made it back down in record time, chased by black clouds and rolling thunder – lightning storms above the tree-line are scary!  The ACTIVE highlight was on our last day in the park when we hiked a ten mile roundtrip from the Bear Lake trailhead up along Glacier Gorge to Timberline Falls at 10,800’, passing Alberta Falls and The Loch along the way.  We tried to climb the falls to get to Sky Pond beyond, but the steep rocks were too wet and slippery after the heavy rains overnight.  The photos are of me at the very peak of Mt Evans and Timberline Falls itself.  The National Parks and Forests have so many awesome sights, activities and experiences.  I’m very proud to play a small role in connecting people with them.


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First Triathlon, Hiking and Mud

Posted by IMVoice Jul 26, 2012

Steve Peck, Sr. Director Software Development took my 7 year old son out for his first backpacking trip ever.  Two nights out in the beautiful Maroon Bells Snomass Wilderness.  He did awesome and we summited Mt. Sopris (12,966 ft)  as well.  He kept saying it was easy as I worked hard to keep up with him!



Gina Calvert returned last week from a 10-day mission trip to Honduras, where our team of 20 built 5 houses. One picture is at the building site, but I'm sort of hidden; the other one is me with the kids in the neighborhood where we built--I'm not active in that one but  I am wearing my Active X shirt, so I thought it might be better.



Neal Block, Senior Account Executive reports on Sunday, July 22nd, 400 swimmers and runners plunged into the water from one of San Francisco’s most beautiful landmarks, Alcatraz! I felt very uplifted after a glorious swim from Alcatraz into Chrissy Field, finishing 35th out of the water, and beginning my 7.5 mile run over the Golden Gate Bridge! The run follows Presidio’s popular Golden Gate Promenade, a dirt trail that winds its way along the San Francisco Bay, up a set of wooden stairs, and over the East Span of the Golden Gate Bridge and back to Chrissy Field. Amazing day with incredible views and great family and friends!


Michele Crepeau, Industry Manager Giving, Sr. Account Manager Sales ACTIVE Network Sports riding her bike around Nantucket.



Michael Prodor and his son D.C. completed their first 5K together at the ActiveX Solana beach Event this weekend. What a fantastic day, hosted by a fantastic company!



Cindy Bones Account Manager-Faith went Hiking in Bryce Canyon Utah "Peek-A-Boo" Trail. Lots of wildlife my Favorite was the Prairie dog town, so after that all I could see in the "HooDoo's" of the canyon were Prairie dogs standing up looking at all the beauty.



Jon Christopher did the Solana Beach active x triathlon. He must have been having fun because he was captured here with a huge smile on his face. A SMILE LIKE THIS AWARDS THIS AS "THE PICTURE OF THE WEEK!"



Rob Erekson (ActiveFaith) and his brothers ran around and then up Henderson's Black Mountain, just outside of Las Vegas, NV. The run was a total of about 6 miles and 2000 feet of ascent/descent, including a 700-foot ascent and descent in less than 1/2 mile. The view at the top was spectacular, offering a panoramic of the entire Las Vegas valley, from Red Rock Canyon to Lake Mead.



Cara Webb, Senior Account Manager (Boulder), used her Active X Community Service day to volunteer with Higher Ground Youth Challenge.  Fifty inner city girls are chosen to participate in this program where they are assigned a mentor and participate in physically challenging activities designed to bolster their self-esteem and gain greater self-confidence.  During the summer, Higher Ground participants attend an outdoor camp near Jonestown, Colorado.  Cara assisted with the high ropes course and a creative painting project.  It was a fantastic day full of breakthroughs and laughs!



ROB KLINGENSMITH.  As the Tour de France traveled through the Pyrenees, we rode many of the climbs just hours before the pros.  Here I'm climbing the Peyresourde, one of the iconic mountain passes outside of the ski town of Luchon. Always loved hearing "Go Active!" spoken with French accents!



KIRSTEN DIXON - Her daughter wanted to start doing 5k's with me so I thought we would find a fun one to start with. She's 9 years old.  We did Color Me Rad in Richmond, VA this past Saturday and both had a blast. She's already pouring over our area wondering what fun thing we can do next.



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer Saturday completed the Warrior Dash with two friends in Snoqualmie, WA.  The weather was perfect for the run.  With three walls, countless mud pits, fire, and a car graveyard, the race was both fun, and challenging.  After the race we enjoyed a well-deserved beverage in the beer garden.



Stephen Branstetter, General Manager of Youth & Education: Shaved a Mohawk in my head and Ragnar'ed it through the beautiful Northwest with my wife, fellow Active-ite  Jake Cooney and a bunch of friends from my Pub trivia team. At about mile 40 it became evident that we are decidedly better at Pub Trivia then we are at running 200 miles but still an awesome time.  My Final Tally:  29 “Kills” (3 at a stop light, does that count?), 1 “Got Killed.”



Janean Nation (Account Manager - Communities) and Tyler Jump (Account Executive - Camps) destroyed this weekend's ACTIVE X Triathlon.  This was Janean's second since her Sprint Tri in Vegas 5 years ago and Tyler's first ever.  Janean's goal to finish was under 2 hours and she whopped it  by coming in at 1:40!  However, the biggest success was Janean overcoming her open water internal thoughts and blasted through the ocean without a problem!  Tyler came in at a cool 1:07 and was spent for the rest of the day.  Definitely an amazing experience to be had again!



Brian Enge had an amazing Active day at SB Tri.  I was lucky enough to share the race and the experience with my daughter.  Very cool day for Active.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) had a very ACTIVE three-day weekend thanks to his ACTIVEX PTO day.  Thursday evening started with some Crossfit, followed on Friday morning with Ragnar Northwest Passage.  He ran (and met) some awesome people through a little bit of rain, but almost always gorgeous northern Washington.  After 200 miles, his team Casual Encounters, finished in 29:04.35, good enough for 64th place overall.  After that beastly Friday/Saturday he followed it up on Sunday with the Warrior Dash, his first ever mud run.  Despite almost falling off one of the taller obstacles, he had a blast and finished it off by going back to his swimming roots by free styling it through the last pit of mud.  Not easy (and don't know if the people behind him appreciated the kicking! But WAIT, there's more.  To finish the weekend off, he played another game of hockey with the Sentinels on Sunday night, losing 5-4 in what turned out to be a pretty close game after going down early 4-1.  He did have an assist in the game on a tipped pass with time winding down before the end of the second period.  Generally a rare feat for him.  Overall, a crazy weekend, but lots of fun.


Jake Cooney, Senior Web Designer in Bothell. I used my ACTIVEx day and participated in the 200 mile Northwest Passage Ragnar Relay race with a team of 12 people including Stephen Branstetter. We started at the Canada border and ended on Whidbey Island. This event was a series of firsts for me: running in a team race, seeing a high school gymnasium filled with hundreds of snoring people on the floor, and running at night with a headlamp. It was a beautiful run through lots of small towns and along coastlines and the whole weekend was filled with great camaraderie among the team and with other teams.


Christine Crosby, Sr. Account Executive for Faith.  I completed my 2nd triathlon at the ACTIVEx Solana Beach Triathlon this Sunday along with all of the other ACTIVEx Charity Challenge athletes.  It was such a beautiful day.  The water was calm which made for an easy, fast swim.  It was awesome seeing all of the ACTIVEx team out there participating and cheering.  I beat my swim time by 6 minutes and beat my bike time by 11 minutes.  Not bad for being 13 weeks pregnant!  Thanks Arch, for an amazing training season! 



Jen Cenedella, Global Account Manager - On Saturday, I did one of my favorite Boulder hikes - Mt. Sanitas. The elevation gain at Mt. Sanitas is 1255 feet, stretches three miles around the loop, and the summit is 6,863 feet.  The loop trail provides many beautiful views of Boulder and on a day like Saturday you can see Denver in the distance.  The view of this picture is of North Boulder and Wonderland Lake in the near distance and the Boulder Reservoir where tris and open water swims are held in the far distance.  You can see my house in the picture out near this Res. 



Mary Ellison, Tax Analyst.  The Solana Beach 5-K Walk/Run on Sunday was a wonderful event for me. The support I received from all my Active family was so overwhelming. There were so many Active employees waiting to walk the last part with me! It was absolutely fabulous and I cannot thank all of you enough.


Aaron Waldman San Diego, Had so much fun participating for the 2nd year with the whole ACTIVEx crew at the Solana Beach Tri.  I was very happy to best my last years' time by 6mins. Big thanks to our whole group for the encouragement, motivation and training!



Brendan Egan (AE University Camps), Ashley Martin (AE Sports), and Clinton Van Allen (Sales Rep) all completed the Solana Beach Triathlon this Sunday.  This was Brendan's Third and Ashley and Clinton's First Tri.  Such a great time with fellow ACTIVEites participating and supporting everyone.  ACTIVE's presence was heavy as every other person you saw was in ACTIVE gear cheering you on.  Looking forward to the 2013 Tri!



JESSICA MILEWSKI reports Several of us volunteered at the finish line at the Solana Beach Tri/Du/5k and loved it!  Art "Timing Chip" Pacheco helped tired athletes remove their timing chips.  Jessica "Medal" Milewski had a great time handing out finisher's medals. She even got a chance to channel Mike Reilly by calling in in Mary Ellison from the announcers stand as she crossed the finish line.  Kelly "Timer" Gibson helped the timing company monitor the results process.



Dani Oliver, Online Account Manager.  "My birthday was made extra special this year because the Solana Beach Tri fell on it - 7/22! I really enjoyed doing my first tri and want to give a special thanks to Arch, Fran, and my team for all their support in helping me make this the best birthday ever  . . . raising money for the Monarch School and doing something good for me at the same time."



Adam English, Software QA Manager did the Warrior Dash 5k over the weekend with my fiancé, Andrea.  It was a great day of firsts for us: first 5k, first time swimming through a mud-pit, etc. but we had a lot of fun and look forward to future events!  We bumped into Matthew Henry (Interaction Designer) at the end of the race and the attached picture is courtesy of my cousin, Kyle Bruggeman.



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR, SAN DIEGO Completed my first ActiveX bubbly to buoy 1 mile swim in the Pacific on Friday night, then finished my third Solana Beach sprint triathlon on Sunday along with a great team from Active.  Slow paced run for a finish at 1hr35min, but I was happy to get it done and greatly improved in the swim.


Lorraine Ryglewicz, Account Executive shared the ACTIVEx Experience by inviting my Aunt Holly (44y/o) to do the Solana Beach Tri with me!  We both made it in under our goal of 2 hours and are already talking about our next Tri!  Big Thanks to Arch and the rest of the team for making Holly feel like a part of the group.  She could not stop talking about how awesome a place ACTIVE is to work.  She also wants to know if we want to open a wine sales division as that is her career path currently.



What’s my ACTIVE?  Triathlon!  Lisa Baldwin, Account Manager, Burnaby competed in her first triathlon on Sunday.  Sometimes it’s about the finish but sometimes it’s about the journey.  This was all about the journey for me.  Had a good swim and left the water in the top half of the pack, smooth transition and then off to the races on the bike.  About 1 km in, I lost a pedal.  Spent some time trying to fix it, got some help from a cyclist passing by but no luck.  That pedal decided it wasn’t prepared to race on this day.  I, on the other hand after much arguing with myself, decided I only had 10km to go (it was a short course) so proceeded to use the one pedal I had left to complete the remaining bike course.  I would not advise doing this, especially uphill, as my right leg was not happy with me as I headed off on the run but at the end of the day I crossed the finish line, justified that new bike purchase, can call myself a triathlon finisher and felt like a champion! 


Jane Marshall My ACTIVE is camping & hiking: gorgeous hike to Columbine Lake & Lake Dorothy near Tabernash, CO. Great weekend to get out of the Boulder heat & camp in the mountains!


Diane Madry, SCM Release coordinator, Fishing off the coast of Dana Wharf.  Helena charter fishing boat.  This crew was awesome.  I caught this 25 lb. Black Sea Bass, but they are endangered, so I had to throw it back.



Alex Burkette Director of Global Business Analysis successful on his Active X PTO Day doing some California Yellow Tail fishing



Justin Moser, Outdoors Marketing- Suffering through the Xterra Beaver Creek Long Course Triathlon last weekend, which was an amazing course consisting of 3600 feet of climbing on the bike and 1600 feet of climbing for the run.  Although I didn't beat my friend Andy, my nemesis in triathlon, I did beat my time from 2011 by 32 minutes.  I also fell into a bush head first on a downhill sprint.



Melanie Collier, Application Analyst.  This was my very first Triathlon! And I finished!



Jeff Strnad, Account Manager participated in the ActiveX Solana Beach Duathlon with my dad, Steve for the 2nd year in a row. We beat our 2011 time by 2 minutes! It was a great event as usual and so great to see so many Active Team Members out on the course, volunteering on the sidelines & in the crowd cheering us on. What a great way to show people what we really are all about!



FRAN BENEDICT “It was a super fun Sunday with Charity Challenge festivities! Lots of amazing new & seasoned triathletes, cheerful volunteers, 5K’ers & supporters rallied to support something much bigger than the race itself. It was pretty awesome & quite the celebration! Running buddies for 10 years Fran Benedict & Julie Woolf were in lockstep with all the excitement! The positive momentum from the early starting triathletes & the smiles throughout the morning helped us run the 5K in 20 minutes and a handful of seconds. It was a ton of fun run with lots of incredible support & high five's along the way!


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Hiking, MOBS, Color Run & More

Posted by IMVoice Jul 16, 2012

Tom Keefe Senior Account Manager/Active Outdoors and his daughters (Meredith and Tera) did the Twin Cities Color Run on Sunday ….see before and after…  It was the largest Color Run (5K) this year with 20,000 participates.



Katie Morse (Program Manager – Wellness) - The heat at Racine 70.3 was brutal on Sunday. For not being acclimated to the heat and humidity, I had a solid race. Came out of the water 33rd, got off the bike in 15th, and ran my way to 9th (AG), finishing in 5:26:16! So fun to race in my home state of Wisconsin!



Eric McCue and Brian Enge attended the inaugural Walking Dead Run at Petco Park during Comic-Con in downtown San Diego.  6,000 participants signed up using Active and raced throughout the stadium attempting to evade lurking zombies.  Unfortunately, the craziness of Comic-Con got the best of Eric and Brian and their night didn’t end well. All in fun for Charity, donate and play mock arrest.



Aaron Waldman, Software Engineer San Diego – Has been quarantined after taking part in the Walking Dead Escape from Petco Park this weekend.  It was a really fun zombie apocalyptic obstacle course, everyone from Zombies to FEMA support where in full character with news reports of the catastrophe playing on tvs.  After experiencing the end of the world I headed over to Morely Field to hone in on my Archery skills to be better prepared for the real Zombie infestation.



Some days ago, Fod Shadbakht (English trainer) organized ActiveX Charity- Clothing Donation in Xi’an office. Then this Sunday, Fod, Steven Xue (NOC), Syler, Lu (MRI) and Rui Zhang (Class) attended the activity to send clothing to the village with local Charity organization called Yellow River Soup Kitchen. A truckload of clothing is donated to hundreds of people.



Frank Zhang Product Manager – Asset Service played in a Table Tennis tournament in Xi’an that is hosted by China Unicom on the weekend. There are more than 200 players playing in 5 age/gender groups. Out of the 50 players in the 20 – 35 year old men’s group, I got the 6th place. This is a very good result for a pure amateur like me because the top 5 guys all had years of professional training.



Molly Ercole, Event Planner and her husband Josh climbed to the top of Bowman’s Tower, a 125-foot-tall stone tower located in Washington Crossing Historic Park in PA and followed it up with a two hour hike in a nearby wildflower preserve.



Anh Wetzel, Technical Specialist, Supplier Operations attended the 2012 Philadelphia Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud and Obstacle Series (5K) on Sunday, July 15. This was my first charity run ever and I did it in mud. The course consists of 11 obstacles and I finished it in 43:56. I had a wonderful time - completely cover in mud by the end of the race. I can't wait to compete in the next mud run. PICTURE OF THE WEEK (WITH TONGUE OUT)!



Ryan Alex (Sales, San Diego) took his family camping to Mt. Laguna this weekend. A great weekend of hikes, smores, and camp fires. 


Michael Hardeman photographed and hiked Maroon Bells near Aspen, CO Saturday.



Burt N. Repine, Sr. Software Engineer says his ACTIVE was travelling to Colorado to meet up with his Mom for the 24th annual Triple Bypass bicycle ride. The route covered 120 miles through the Rockies - from Evergreen to Avon - with almost 11,000 lung-busting feet in elevation gain. Mother Nature decided to join the fun and pelted us with rain and hail for the last 50 or so turning this very scenic ride into an epic. It was a sense of pure joy to finally get to remove my cold, wet, weary carcass from my bike at the finish. NOTE: Multiple calories were harmed, and sometimes even killed, in the making of this journey.

BURT1.jpgBURT 2.jpg


David Jones, Faith. The cycling club that I am apart of has been doing a 3 part racing series called the Memphis Invitational Club Championship Series. This past Saturday was the crit race which was part two in the series. I raced in the Category 5 race which had a field of just over 20 guys and I placed 4th I was happy with.



Megan Ferri, Account Manager Communities. Ran the Color Run in San Francisco with friends.  I’ve never seen so many runners having a great time laughing and throwing color on each other!  If the Color Run comes to your city – you should sign-up!



Janean Nation, Account Manager – Communities, and Michelle Nation, Product Manager, were active this weekend with all of their sisters and their mother at the Davis Moo-nlight Race.  It was the first time that all five of us have gotten to participate in an event together.  We upped the brightness in the outfits to accommodate for the evening run, and the guys of the family, including Tyler Jump, Account Executive – Camps, showed up to super-fan in true Nation fashion, including occasional appearances of our nine year-old nephew on the course.  Can’t wait to do more events with the whole gang!



Sherry Cronin, AE Business Solutions Boulder, CO, finished the Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile mountain bike race in 7 hrs/12 min.  The Silver Rush is a 50 mile mountain bike race, single track with 7382 ft in elevation gain –held high in the Rocky Mountains above 11,000 ft.   Sherry’s first ever race, was one of only 58 women (of 712 riders) – only 7 women in her group of 50 + (Are we crazy!!?  Trying to prove something - YES).  Finished 501 overall, and 4th in her division.   “The hardest thing I have ever done”.    Met by her husband and two children, was an emotional finish.  WHEW!   



Matt Coffee (Sr. Account Executive, Boulder), Trey Gorman (Software Architect, Boulder) and I (Software Architect, Boulder) cycled 50 miles in honor of Matt’s birthday.  The ride climbed the St. Vrain Canyon and the Peak to Peak highway to the town of Ward.  Most of the route will be part of Stage 6 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge next month.  It was a beautiful ride through the mountains!


Julie Gallaway, SW QA Engineer Associate hiked with my dog, Teyla, to Mt. Baden Powell on Sunday as a preparatory hike for more difficult hikes in August. We had gorgeous weather and great views of the high desert, Mount San Antonio, and the inland empire.


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Joanne Ingram, Account Executive. It was all Peaches in Atlanta on July 4th when Joanne Ingram, AE in Business Solutions, and her dear friend Leslie, ran with 57,742 other runners in the world's largest 10K - The Peachtree Road Race.  This was my first time running it and it was just a blast.  It didn't even feel like we were running because it was such a party atmosphere along the entire route.  My favorite was running by a church where they had a couple of people dressed as priest sprinkling the runners with "holy water".  This is definitely one that will always be on my calendar for years to come.



Brandon Rich, Business Analyst, Draper, UT office, with friend Blake Atkinson decided to test out the Utah tour de donut this weekend.  It was a great fundraiser to help a local bike park recently burned by wildfire.  Fantastic weather, great course, with lots of terrible doughnuts!  Three times around the 7 mile loop, with as many doughnuts as you could stomach each time.  Brandon sprinted to the finish taking 5th... Until the doughnuts came into play.  Each doughnut takes 3 minutes off your time, so naturally the guy who ate 31 won the race by a lot.



Stephany Cavatoni and her family spent this weekend not only at a double swim meet (where many personal bests were achieved by both her kids Stella and Lucas), but also raising travel funds for our own Aquamonster coach, Scott Weltz, who qualified for the US Olympic Team by placing 1st in the 200M breast stroke.  He is on his way to Knoxville today with our head coach, Pete Motekitis, to train with the US team before they head to Europe in another week.  Scott will be swimming his way to a GOLD MEDAL on July 31st - be sure to tune in and support him - he's a totally humble guy who went for his dream, even after UC Davis cut men's swimming 2 years ago.  He truly embodies EVER ACTIVE!!



Mary Anschutz, Senior Marketing Manager. Snorkeling over a shipwreck in Lake Michigan with my husband, our daughters and my sister's family. With the air temperature in the 90s, the water temperature was a warm 70 degrees.  We were in Wisconsin for a good Midwestern Fourth of July celebration complete with a parade, fireworks and s'mores on the beach.


KEITH WILLIAMS (Senior Manager, Business Development – Sports, EMEA): This weekend was when I sealed the deal going from couch to an Ironman within 12 months. Inspired by watching and feeling IM Frankfurt 2011, and running my first ever 10k with IM European director, Kai Walter (I ached so much after run, people thought I had done the Ironman!). I had to be the real deal, so bought an Ironman Iphone case and entered the 2012 race. So I finished in 12hrs:06mins. The swim 1:11, bike 6:10, run 4:24. I can now officially say "I am an Ironman" when people ask me about my IPhone case! I would like to thank all my teammates for putting up with me talking about this day 24/7. Plus a sincere big thanks to Lars Ronning (also IM) for supporting me all the way. Thanks Lars! And last but not least, thanks to my wonderful wife Wei and my son Aston for your patience and support. I could not have done it without you.


LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA): After a busy season so far I felt I was well prepared to break 10 hours, assuming I could swim in 1.15, bike in 4.50-4.55 and finish with a 3.30 marathon. But it didn’t quite go that way. Despite a rough swim where I had my goggles kicked off and flooded during the swim and thought I had lost my contact lenses (thank goodness I hadn’t but I couldn’t see a thing for a couple of minutes), and cramps twice, I was on schedule and exited the water on time. Then the torrential rain and winds began and with a disc and 95 mm deep section wheel combo it was challenging to stay on course. So despite averaging 26 mph the first hour, I ended up losing a lot of time and went into T2 after a 5.14 bike split – which I was happy with, especially since nobody in my age group (45-49) broke 5 hours. But my sub-10 goal was now not realistic any longer, so I took it easy on the run, clocked 4 hours, and finished in 10.44. Exactly 1 minute off my personal best from Copenhagen Challenge last year. Nevertheless a great day – and wonderful and emotional to see Keith cross the finish line with his son Aston! Keith – what an achievement. KEITH, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!




STEVE MAZZA reports his Active is Mountain Biking the super fun Way Up Trail in Elfin Forest Recreation Reserve, attached pic is with Active riding partner Jeff Strnad in the only shade during the 1,000 ft. climb. At the top lookout point we enjoyed sweeping views of North County before a rocky and technical descent. And it’s close to Stone Brewery!



LISA WOLL said no shuttle for her!



ANDY REILLY Account Executive Endurance got the opportunity to announce Ironman Muncie 70.3 over the weekend. It was a warm day with temperatures over the 100 degree mark but over 1400 athletes still made their way to the start and finish line on Saturday.



Thom Haupt, Sr. Desktop Support climbed my first fourteen'er (a mountain over 14,000 feet), Mt. Elbert. Took four hours over 4,000 vertical climb to get up a 4.5 mile hike.  Mt. Elbert is in the middle of Colorado and is the tallest mountain in Colorado (second tallest in the USA lower 48 states) at 14,440 feet.



Joey Quiñones, Account Executive.  Raced = Liberty by the Lake 10K on July 4th in The Colony, TX



LeeJayne Stone, Business Analyst reports the Nashville office played trampoline dodge ball recently. We all agreed it was a lot harder than we remember as we were schooled by 10 year olds several times! Shelby Abernathy (Business Analyst), Michael Rufli (Software Development Manager), LeeJayne Stone (Business Analyst), Jaymie Reynolds (Business Analyst), and Josh Richardson (Business Analyst)




Chris Buri, New Account Specialist reports The inbound sales team in Boulder had a great team outing. Go-Carts, Batting Cages, and Mini Golf. Sue Fonda, Kathy Bleier, Matt Coffee, Chris Buri, Pat Stephens, Drew Nienaber, Nick Holesinger (tech. liaison)  and our new leader Sarah Liberatone. The competition was intense!!! Not really, I think we laughed more than competed.




MICHAEL HARDEMAN Hiked and photographed Mayflower Gulch, CO.



Cindy Bones-Account Manager- Faith. Went to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Big Sky scenic highway (Montana), Bear tooth highway & Salmon Scenic Highway Idaho on Vacation. I think I used my quota of the word "WOW" for the rest of my life. God's creations leave me speechless...literally.. emotionally amazing stuff. This place SINGS God's Praise!(you can actually hear it).



Heather West (Project Coordinator, Sacramento):  On July 4 we did the Buffalo Chips Free 5 Mile race.  It was awesome and you can't beat the price!  Saturday I ran 11 miles as I am training for a few races...nothing like a 5:30 am run to get the day started right! 



Eric Olson, General Manager, SMB Business Solutions raced the first ever Ironman-branded event on Scandinavian soil, competing alongside (well behind) his wife, who won the race, at Ironman Norway 70.3 in Haugesund, Norway. We met the race organizers after Ironman Austria last year and after a few chocolate bars, beers and stories of the striking beauty of the fjords, we had to see it for ourselves. The race did not disappoint. From the mass start alongside a Viking ship to the most beautiful bike course I've ever seen, it was a great experience and the Norwegians turned out in force to support the event.



Stacy Johnson, Sr Project Coordinator out of Irving, TX visited Storm Lake, IA for the week.  Besides a week of camping and boating, I participated in the Star Spangled July 4th Ride-Run which was a partnered event on a 12 mile course around the lake.  It's beautiful farm country!   We finished under our expected time with a total time of 1:21.  Not bad considering I met my partner two days before the event and it's been a few years since being on a bike.  Definitely looking forward to next year!



Mike Reilly rode the Scripps Ranch 50 mile race on July 4th.  Picture with Dennis Kashishike who has won his age division at Ironman Hawaii.  I sucked his wheel for about 20 miles then he dropped my like a rock!



Diane Madry, SCM Release Coordinator. Soccer in the Sand in Grand Haven Michigan. My team won the women's open regional championship, for a chance to play in the national championship in December! This Weekend: Hiking the Deer Springs Trail to Suicide Rock in Idyllwild!




This weekend Rob Erekson (ActiveFaith, Henderson, NV) and his brother, Ryan, ran the famous Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV. Due to poor planning, they ended up running a trail that climbed about 1,000 feet in less than a mile, at times climbing on hands and feet rather than running, but it was worth it for the view at the top of the mountain.


Whitney Lawrence, Senior Account Manager ACTIVE Network Business Solutions competed in the SheRoxTri sprint Triathlon in Cherry Creek on Saturday.  The all-women’s event partnered with The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to raise money for ovarian cancer.  The swim was killer!  The bike and run were much more in my comfort zone.  There's nothing like a good challenge to keep you on your toes.  Most importantly, it was so much fun and for an amazing cause!  Participating in an all-women's race is empowering and promotes an inspiring environment with a great support system.



Jen Cenedella, Global Account Manager Business Solutions, did the Boulder Peak Olympic tri Sunday.  Unfortunately some plantar fasciitis issues took their toll, but I completed the race.   Also, two weeks ago, I did the Philadelphia Olympic tri with a PR in that race and finishing 9th in AG, qualifying for the US Open Championships in October.  In Philadelphia, it was also the first time two of my three sisters, Allie and Loraine, relayed a triathlon, and the first time they came to one of my tris with my nieces and nephew.  Allie biked on her hybrid, Loraine ran the 10k and another friend did the swim for their relay.  They had so much fun that they can't wait to tackle the NYC Tri as a relay next year with me!



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR,  SAN DIEGO. This Saturday biked 14 miles to the beach and back with my daughter, with a body board backpack carrier. Successfully combined cycling with a few hours of riding the waves in Del Mar.


Aaron Waldman, Software Engineer San Diego - Got in some excellent biking with the holiday week. Starting with 4th of July my Brother and I left on an early morning costal ride up to Dana Point where we joined our relatives at the beach.  Then spent Saturday morning biking some hills (out to Lake Hodges and Elfin forest loop) with friends from Active. Overall I put just over 100 miles on the bike, a first for me.



Alan Deicas, Evan Bricker, Aaron Waldman, Dennis Triplett and friends went paintballing for the first time. Though we did come out with a few battle wounds and bruises from the paintballs, it was a great time and something worth repeating.



Justin Moser, Active Outdoors Boulder, did the Boulder Peak Olympic Triathlon yesterday.  The course proved hilly but temps were in the 70's, and there's really no better way to spend a Sunday than swim/bike/running with your friends.  This was the second event in the Boulder Tri Series.



Jeff Wilson (Human Resources) and David Ebright (Friend) competed in the Vigilluci’s World Beach Bocce Tournament in Del Mar over the weekend.  The two beat out 200 2-Man teams to make the finals in the Men’s Open Division, and took 2nd place overall in the tournament.  Allyson Ward (Sales) also competed in the Woman’s Division and had a very strong showing.  (As Usual)


Julie Heying and I met up at the beer garden after the Scripps Ranch Old Pro 4th of July Run. Julie did an awesome job finishing the 10k with her friend Karen, while the rest of us had a great time running the 2 miler and an even better time afterwards!



Bryce Gutierrez, Promotions Consultant this weekend I went to the river with my family (including my puppy Nala) to do some wakeboarding. It was an amazing weekend and my dog swam for the first time ever!


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PATTI ROSENTHAL Industry Manager, Cycling and DANA BLACKWOOD visiting from San Diego (Dana & I have been working at Active together for 12+ years) went on first backpacking trip of the summer up to Crater Lake in Durango, CO.  It's a 14-mile round trip trek starting at Andrew Lake (around 9,000 feet) & you hike up to Crater Lake well over 11,000 feet.  – Dana’s first backpacking trip in Colorado.  We camped in style with some great meals, wine & some of the most beautiful scenery around. 



JOANNE MCCANN Administrative Assistant Philadelphia spent the weekend in the Pocono Mountains with family hiking swimming in the lake and playing battle ship.


JENNI WILSON, Senior Manager Client Relations doesn’t have photos to share, with her boyfriend hiked and swam at Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland yesterday.


LINDA MANOSH (Human Resources Generalist, Saratoga Springs) joined the team in the first annual "Daughters vs Parents" U12 season-ending soccer game. The parents had an impressive and surprising showing in the 8-7 comeback victory.  No picture attached as the parents were nursing injuries and fighting fatigue and the U12 team were too busy scarfing down freeze pops.


JEFF MCHUGH, Senior Account Manager participated in the Oyster Off Road Race in Bend, Oregon.   The race is a mystery course with running, biking and challenges.  Some of the challenges included a 20 question SAT test, fly fishing, taking a picture with a gnome on a mtn. bike trail, canoeing, blind folded obstacle course and many other fun elements.  The race was fun and a test of endurance, strength, mental toughness and first aid skills.  My teammate and I collided coming down the mountain at high speeds resulting in a few open wounds and a taco-ed front wheel.    We persevered and finished the course in 4 hours.   Can't wait for next year!



JUSTIN MOSER, Marketing Outdoors, Denver, did Ironman Coeur d’ Alene June 24th.  With weather cold early, the day turned phenomenal with highs in the 70’s.  It was inspiring to be on the course with lots of friends from Denver, my family, and Active team members as well.  Mike Reilly did an amazing job bringing us home, and I can honestly say that the midnight finishes I saw was more gratifying than finishing the race myself.   Thanks Mike and all my Active friends who got me to the finish (11:14).



CINDY BONES Account Manager for Faith -Served with Friends from the "Foodies Bible Study" at Las Vegas City Rescue Mission (Rehabilitating Homeless citizens) we served meals, helped in the kitchen. clean up after meal time & Prayer. Very impressed with this organization & the program to help the homeless in every area (Spiritual health, physical health, nutrition, counseling, life skills like decision making, work get the drift) Life changing skills from the "inside" out!



MICHAEL HARDEMAN spent Saturday hiking up and down Great Sand Dunes, CO.



TYLER JUMP (Account Executive – Camps) and JANEAN NATION (Account Manager – Communities) took in the gorgeous weather on Saturday while riding in the 2nd Annual San Diego Poker Ride to benefit CAF.  The 35 mile course was fun and let us see some beautiful views of San Diego and the ocean, especially once we got to the top at Point Loma!



BRIDGET CONNELLY weekend included running along Mission Bay in San Diego and a class at the Bar Method!


ERIC MA (Product Marketing Lead, CIC) completed 2012 Genghis Khan Grassland Extreme Marathon on Saturday, it’s a unique race in China in its setting on small packed sand and dirt trails across the grass plains around the Inner Mongolian town Xiwuqi. It is an extraordinary running experience for everyone: Top international runner, after-work hobby runner, young and old. Also, it was a very meaningful race for Eric because the race was powered by for registration, this was his first official Active race and it was excited to see a record number of participants participated the race this year, all runners woke up under a blue sky and enjoyed warm temperatures already at the 7 a.m. start in the morning. The trails in the grasslands had dried up overnight after the heavy rain, which was good news for everyone. However, the long distance runners had to battle a rather strong headwind for most of the final 20 kilometers, which together with the 500 altitude meters, made the Grassland Marathon live up to its "extreme" moniker. In fact, because local farmers had been putting up new fences here and there, the course eventually ended up to be 44km, subject to the trail chosen. The Xiwuqi grasslands were indeed at their most beautiful that morning. He enjoyed himself with two friends running together all the way and crossed the finish line neck by neck, and planning to come again for bike and run together next year!



SETH GREER, Business Analyst completed a Spartan Beast Relay on June 29th with Dean Omori (also a business analyst in Draper) and Bobby Taylor (a former BA). In the picture is Dean, me, and Bobby after the race wearing 10 pounds of mud each. Lots of cuts and bruises, but they make the best souvenirs. WAY TO GO BOYS YOU ARE THE PICTURE OF THE WEEK!



RYAN SCANLON, Account Coordinator reports "Fresh off her solid performance at Ironman Coeur d’Alene, AUSTIN BRAATEN and Ryan headed out to Elfin Forrest for a little “hike and bike” in preparation for upcoming XTERRA So Cal.  A HUGE shout out to Arch and the Employee Bike Purchase Program for making this possible!" I also wanted to send you a BIG thank you for last weekend.  It was pretty special being VIP out there in Coeur d’Alene, so much I signed up at first opportunity Monday morning.  I look forward to being called an Ironman next year!



GREG INGINO (SVP – Global Tech Operations), ERIC MARENBURG (Associate PM – Global Tech Operations), and Mark Nelson (friend of Active – not pictured) tackled Palomar Mtn. on Saturday.  It included over 4000 feet of climbing in the first 12 miles.  We started early and were rewarded with quiet roads and ideal temps for the climb.



MELANIE WIVIOTT (Professional Services-Bothell) went White Water Rafting in the Deschuttes in Bend Oregon over the weekend. We celebrated my best friends upcoming wedding by confronting Big Eddy and the 5 rapids in a row. It was raining and the water was freezing but it was well worth it!


KAREN HAGGERTY, Operations/Project Manager for StarCite in Business Solutions.  I ran in my first 5K in San Francisco’s beautiful Golden Gate Park.  It was the 5K Polo Fields race sponsored by the SF Dolphin South End Runners.  I was excited that I didn’t stop once and even sprinted the finish!  I came in 3rd to last, but at least I came in ahead of the Wavy Gravy look-alike who was running in his bare feet(!).  The best part was when my fiancé, Mickaël (with me in second photo), finished then came back to run with me!



JESSICA BRUSTAD, Account Exec Mkt.  just got back from being Active in Norway for the past 9 weeks! Was on the reality show Alt For Norge – participating in Biathlons, Rowing boats and sailing ships on “ The World’s End” and much more! Glad to be back at Active and in the swing of things, but miss those beautiful Fjords and being outside every day! Hope all is well with you.



Kelly Fennema, Team Lead says My Active this weekend was rafting down the American River.. going Kayaking next weekend!


Kirstin Hartos, Associate Product Manager this weekend played in her first Rugby Sevens tournament of the summer in Santa Monica with my club team, the San Diego Surfers.  Our 3-0 record in pool play against Belmont, Santa Monica and Ventura County had us see Belmont again in the Cup Final.  We defeated them soundly by a score of 24-5, and qualified for the USA Rugby Sevens National Championships in August.  The second Southern California qualifier takes place in two weeks were we hope to win and secure the first of two seeds from our region.


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