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MIKE ROUSE, San Diego says ge had a most amazing weekend.   Impossible to describe.  I had the opportunity and privilege of running for 24 Hours (approx. 100 miles) on Saturday and Sunday to honor and raise awareness of our military, and most specifically of my dear Navy SEAL friend, Jon Tumilson, and the 30 others who were killed in a helicopter crash on August 6th, 2011 in Afghanistan.   I cannot express enough my gratitude for the kind words of encouragement, donations (to the Navy SEAL Foundation), emails, and “running buddies” that came from my Active Network family.  I had over 80, yes 80, Active employees who came throughout the day AND night to run a portion of my run with me.   It was simply amazing!  I ran a section of the run in 31 different t-shirts to honor each of the lives.  These pictures are from start to finish.  MIKE ROUSE YOU ARE A TRUE LEGEND AND WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND AND ACTIVE TEAM MEMBER! Mike





Jeff Sample Sr. QA Engineer and Teresa Kliegerman, Senior Business Systems Analyst competed in the My Way or the Tri Way, a unique event that allows participants to select the order of events for a triathlon.  This was my first triathlon and the ninth year in a row for Teresa who finished 4th in her age group.  We also brought the participants lots of Clif products as members of the Clif Ambassadors program.



Noah Skocilich, Business Analyst recently had the good fortune to spend time in the mountains North of Beijing. You can’t see it in these photos, but another twenty minutes hiking and you could climb up onto remote and abandoned sections of the Great Wall and see it stretch seemingly forever in either direction. Truly breathtaking.



Melissa Muys, Account Executive - Business Solutions, Boulder, CO, completed her first full marathon in San Francisco.  It was an extremely hilly course but a beautiful way to take in the sights!



Banks Holcombe Head of Business Development EMEA.  London Spartan Race…Nancy Krysiak, Nicolas Cantillo, Lars Ronning, Filippo Ciampini, Richard Edwards, Ricardo Darwin, John Anderson, Francesca Colenso, Banks Holcombe, Tahir Mahmood, and Farris Abooud. Awesome day! BANKS WITH A POSE LIKE THAT YOU NEED MORE PUSH-UPS IN YOUR LIFE!



JOHN ANDERSON Long time reader, first time emailer!   More Spartan UK.  This is a tough man course, and whilst only over 5km, it involves going up rope ladders, crawling through mud and water pits under barbed wire, climbing over 9 foot high walls and finally a fire jump towards the end.  Arch, I am copying you in so you know from an ACTIVE X perspective as we all did it as part of an official ACTIVE X activity.  T shirts and branding was a plenty!  This is an ROL client as well.



Jeremy Dwiggins, Visual Designer.  These are pictures from checking my family into our annual summer camping trip. This year, a huge storm blew through the Pittsburgh area on our way, and the camp's brand-new checkin system was the casualty of a lightning strike – so we waited in a field with everyone else trying to check in, and were treated to lenticular clouds at the trailing edge of the storm and a gorgeous sunset.



Meg Miller and Jessica Brannam from the Carmel, IN office had a color-crazy day participating in The Color Run Indianapolis on Saturday.  Meg and her kids, Delaney and Lucas, and Jessica and her husband, Bill, represented the Active is Coloring Me Bad team in the color explosive 5K.  Pictures are before and after.



ANNAMARIE MOLLOY This is my ACTIVE day hiking at the Susquehanna Heritage Trail outside of Marietta, PA in Lancaster County. Apparently the falls behind me are a great fishing spot.



Thom Haupt from Desktop Management Team spent some time in the bushes as he took a hard fall on his first trip downhill mountain biking in the back country of Vail.  Also pictured here are two friends, Steve Riddel and Shane Brummar who were there to haul Thom back up on to Two Elk trail.



Doug Johnson reports a local photographer captured some of the Burnaby Office Kayak day on Deer Lake (across the street from the office) on Friday. He posted the first photo here to the WeatherNetwork for their daily photos. The second photo shows Doug Johnson and Rod Sheeter looking for frogs.



Adam Harris, Technology Specialist.  Wakeboarding at DeerCreek Reservoir with Dave Massey and team.  We got all sorts of crazy!



GRAHAM WILSON completed the Solana Beach event.  At least I finished and if you took out a disastrous transition (someone moved my shoes!!), I completed the Duathlon in 1:09!



RYAN WOOD, online editor in San Diego, and PAYTON WOOD, toddler, ran the Joggin for Frogmen 5K on the campus of San Diego State. Lots of Active people were on hand for a truly inspirational morning. So glad we were a part of it (even when climbing those big hills pushing a stroller!)



Joel Werdell (Product Manager, Swimming) made a successful summit bid on Mt Baker. It was a beautiful 2 day climb complete with 2 AM wake ups, beautiful summit views, glissading and a mountain is known for its record snowfall every year (we saw two avalanches about 400 yds away from us).




Nancy Vance, Contract Recruiter San Diego hiked Castle Rock Trail in Big Bear, CA!



Dave Ellis out of Jackson, Michigan (remote), after doing his first 5K back in May, signed up for the Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris Michigan on Saturday.  His wife Jen was there for support.  The race was challenging and tons of fun.  Plenty of mud involved and enough beer afterward to wash some of that mud away.  Jen, a recent amputee, vows to do the race next year.



Evan Bricker (Sales), Ben Weinbaum (Sales), William Bassler (Visual Designer), Eric Marenburg (Project Manager) and Ryan Alex (Sales) all competed in the San Diego Tri-Club Aquathon last Thursday night. The Aquathon was a 1000 meter open water swim and a 5k run on the beach. No Picture.


Amber Hall, Burnaby, BC office did a 6 km hike with an ex-coworker, Anita Mattice. We hiked up and around Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, where we crossed the over-crowded suspension bridge, saw some beautiful waterfalls, crazy cliff jumpers and froze our feet off in glacier water! Overall a great day and surprisingly enough, sun instead of our typical rainy days!


ALLEN OWENS was in Denver last week for a meeting with the Federal Government (NRRS) to talk about the technology that powers ActiveWorksOutdoors and  What better time to check out some of the great recreation opportunities on nearby Federal lands!  I brought my wife along and we headed up into the hills.  First up was the 14,265’ Mt Evans in the Arapaho National Forest.  You can drive to a couple of hundred vertical feet shy of the peak, but the little climb to the top rewards you with a spectacular 360 degree view of the front range. The next two days we spent in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We acclimatized a little to the altitude with a half mile, 350 vertical feet climb up to Marmot Point at 11,909’.  A short hike, but it left us both a little winded!!  We made it back down in record time, chased by black clouds and rolling thunder – lightning storms above the tree-line are scary!  The ACTIVE highlight was on our last day in the park when we hiked a ten mile roundtrip from the Bear Lake trailhead up along Glacier Gorge to Timberline Falls at 10,800’, passing Alberta Falls and The Loch along the way.  We tried to climb the falls to get to Sky Pond beyond, but the steep rocks were too wet and slippery after the heavy rains overnight.  The photos are of me at the very peak of Mt Evans and Timberline Falls itself.  The National Parks and Forests have so many awesome sights, activities and experiences.  I’m very proud to play a small role in connecting people with them.


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