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Colin Li ( GTO Xian office ) with his family, Dylan Hai (GTO ) with his wife, Steven Xue (NOC) and Paul Guo (Desktop) hiked and camped on PingHe mountain which is 140KM far from the downtown. And we barbecue on the beautiful meadow. It was said there might have meteor shower that night, but the cloud was very thick and could see nothing in the sky. We still enjoy the journey very much and feel happy to spend the time with friends and family.



Patti Rosenthal Industry Manager, Cycling.  My "active" continues to be cycling & this last weeked we did a great mtb ride high up in the mountains.  Started at Coalbank Pass which is well over 10,000 feet & road up Pass Creek to the base of Engineer Mountain (group photo).  Then we continued down Engineer Trail which is over 7 miles of fun, down-hill single track - wahooooo!  Fun times with a couple of friends from out of town & our local Durango friends too.  Life is good in Durango! 


Jenn Tapscott reports that she and Matt Kessler Sydney team members, Sarah O'Keefe, Luke Littler, Scott Nicholson andKris Honeycombe were amongst the 85,000 runners who participated in Sydney'sCity2Surf 14km race on Sunday. Despite the hilly course and high winds, we allcrossed the finish line in Bondi Beach and spent the rest of the daycelebrating.  It was a great time had byall, and gives our team something great to look forward to next year! 



Monique Cassidy-Whelan, Administrative Assistant.  This is my first time ever adding to the weekend report. Here is my ACTIVE every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall in upstate, NY. Mowing the fields, splitting wood for winter heat, swinging on the tire swing, lots of lawn care, then have a great game of horse shoes to end the busy weekends we have.



Kathy Maddox (Senior Technical Writer, Avon). My husband and I spent my ACTIVEX day riding to the top of Colorado's Mt. Evans, which has the highest paved road in North America at 14,130 feet. Great day in the high country--especially nice to avoid the weekend crowds.



Courtney Munson- Product Support, Memphis- I had a double race weekend, participating in the Annie Oakley Super Sprint Triathlon on Saturday and the Showman Shooter Sprint Triathlon on Sunday.  We had unseasonably cool temps with lows in the 60's, so it was a perfect weekend for racing.  Saturday, I had one of the most fun and enjoyable days racing I can remember with a bunch of friends and put together a nice race to come out of the 400m swim, 11 mile bike, and 2 mile trail run in 9th overall female.  I started off poorly on Sunday (double the distance from Saturday) by losing my chip during the swim, then having my Garmin fall off in the bike, but managed to run myself back into a decent race. The race directors did a Challenge Division for lowest combined time for both events and I landed "in the money" at 5th female.  It was a weekend of highs and lows but always a lot of fun!



LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA): By luck (or accident?) I ended up with 2 Ironman distance races within only 8 days... I had signed up for Challenge Copenhagen 2012 last year, but was later also lucky to win in the ballot and got an entry to Norseman... I did Norseman last weekend and felt fine and had recovered only a couple of days afterwards so I decided to give Challenge Copenhagen a go yesterday. Loved the swim – clear water and lots of space, the bike went really well until 140 kms after which I lost speed, yet clocked 5.05 for the 180K. 2K into the run I was ready to quit but kept the legs going. After 8K I found my running legs and was feeling fine in the heat until around 40K after which I could hardly run in a straight line. Survived the last 2K and crossed the finish line with my wife Helene in a time of 10.49; only 6 mins from my personal record!



MIKE COLEMAN, Strategic Sales Executive at the closing ceremonies in London.



Cindy Bones- Active Faith My ACTIVE this weekend was Jeepin', Hiking & Prickly Pear Pickin'  We hiked just under 4 hours in the Arizona heat to our secret place for Cactus pears. Powerful anti-inflammatory is a miracle cure for what ails you. (and me) I Juice it, and then freeze it to drink & make Prickly Pear Jelly or Syrup (home canning one of my many hobbies)



Blair Matthews of the Boulder office competed in the 76th Colorado Stroke Play Championship (Golf)  on August 9-12,  taking on 84 of Colorado's top golfers.  The tournament was hosted at Ft. Collins Country Club and proved to be a very difficult test of golf due to challenging green speeds and conditions.  He finished in 32 place with rounds of 74-76-73-75 for a total of 298.  "  I had a great time and it is always fun to play golf on some of the better golf courses in the state that are in tournament condition.  The greens were running a 12 on the stimpmeter so you had to play very smart and execute solid golf shots to shoot a good round out there.  A course set up for tournaments is in totally different condition and set up completely different than the courses that I get to play on a everyday basis, so it is always a fun challenge"


Anita Stewart, Sr. Project Manager Business Solutions, Ottawa, Canada.  When I am not in my sea kayak in the blue-green waters of Georgian Bay, ON or other rivers around Ottawa, I am having fun with my son high in the trees at one of the aerial parks north of Ottawa.



Justin Moser, Marketing, Outdoors-This weekend a few friends and I charged up Mt. Harvard in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness.  Harvard is the 3rd highest mountain in Colorado, at 14,421 feet.  It was a fantastic day and a nice break from my routine of swim/bike/running.



Shannon Wineman, Sr Acct Mgr, Wellness San Diego - Just returned from an amazing ACTIVE week. Spent it in Leadville, CO supporting my husband and a friend on their quest to complete the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race. One hundred miles,+ 4000 feet of climbing - all starting at 10,000 feet. After 10 hours and 11 minutes of crewing, climbing and ringing my cow bells we greeted him across the finish line. What a day! Wounded Warriors there....nothing like getting whooped by a guy with no legs. Amazing and inspiring accomplishments all weekend. Not to mention Lance kicking things off at the pre-race meeting. Totally awesome.



Mike & Andy Reilly were at it again at Ironman NYC this weekend.  This picture is at 5 am race day with only 19 hours to go until the finish!  When Andy would announce people would come up to me and say “Little Reilly” is doing a great job.



Cliff Jurgens (left), Sales Manager Business Solutions, ran the Beaver Creek trail 10K and John Webster (right), Marketing Specialist, Outdoors, and Whitney Lawrence(Center), Account Manager Business Solutions ran the Beaver Creek trail half-marathon and on Saturday, August 10th.  The course was amazing.  The 10K had an elevation gain of 700 ft., while the half-marathon had a 1400 ft. elevation gain.  The trail wound through the beautiful hills of the Beaver Creek ski resort and ended at Creekside park.  A definite "must do" on next year's list!



Matt Cox - a Product Development Director in Burnaby - My son and I did an overnight backpacking trip to Garabaldi Lake over the weekend. It was awesome weather and my son was amazing. First he hiked with a light pack on, second it was no easy hike with steep mountain trails, and third he's only 5 years old! His little legs and my over stuffed pack covered 1330m (4000ft) of straight up switch backs and went a total of ~24km (15miles) over two days. With a little one that means about 6 hours on the trail each way but we loved the scenery, sleeping under the stars, and the accomplishment. My son's efforts were awarded by a hand shake from the ranger who said he was the youngest hiker he's ever seen make it up there.



Melanie Wiviott, Premier Application Specialist - Bothell, went on an Urban Trek with a friend. We walked from Bellevue to Seattle...and back...and walked across the I-90 floating bridge. The trek was about 13 miles total and with achy legs and bloody feet, checked that off the bucket list.



On Saturday, August 11th Kimberly McGrew, Manager of Global Implementation Services - Business Solutions, participated in the 5th Annual Memorial of Angels Walk-a-thon in Akron, Ohio.  This organization ( is committed to helping grieving parents in Summit County Ohio preserve the memories of their babies and children by providing grave markers to show these children lived, were loved and will never be forgotten.   Kim participated with her brother Tim Peterson, father Duane Peterson and dogs Frankie and Lindsey.



LaVada Taylor Sr. Billing Specialist went hiking on Sunday,  with my husband, daughter and parents,  on the private grounds of Glen Eyrie.  Glen Eyrie is a private retreat in the foothills of Colorado Springs with over 800 acres of beautiful land and it's very own castle.  It began the estate of William Jackson Palmer, who founded the Denver & Rio Grande  and Rio Grande Western railroads as well as the city of Colorado Springs.  It borders the Garden of the Gods.  It was a beautiful hike that included seeing some wild turkeys and ended with a partial tour of the castle.



Marc Villanueva - San Diego office - participated in the 2nd Annual Chula Vista Challenge which is an Olympic distance triathlon.  The weather was a little too hot for my liking but I somehow managed to PR for the distance.  Photo credit goes to Christine Crosby who was there rooting on her husband, Bryan.



Austin Braaten, Account Executive reports this weekend, a couple ACTIVE employees were the tallest people in the continental US. A group including Burt Repine, Austin Braaten, and Ryan Scanlon, climbed the summit of Mount Whitney at 14,505 ft. on Sunday morning to complete the two day expedition in Sequoia National Park. It was a beautiful hike, wonderful experience, and challenging climb rewarded by a breathtaking view. PICTURE OF THE WEEK!



William Bassler and his 11 year old son both did the Castaic Lake Triathlon Saturday. Kellen crashed on the bike and scraped his arm pretty good, but managed to get back up and keep going! The heat was tough! It was close to 80 at 7:30 am! I saw some very fit athletes walking during the run. The kids did a 100 meter swim in the lake, a 3 mile bike, and a 1 mile run. I was super proud that my boy finished!



Burt N. Repine, Sr. Software Engineer returned from a surf trip to El Salvador just in time to head up to the Sierras with fellow ACTIVE-letes Austin Braaten and Ryan Scanlon and friends. The surf in El Salvador was overhead the *entire* time and the two 14,000' peaks I got to climb were waaay overhead.  Our group of eight took the traditional route up Mt. Whitney (14,505') and myself and a friend also picked off neighboring Mt. Muir (14,018') via the Class III route. From sea to summit(s) --- what could be better?!


MIKE HARDEMAN, Software Developer Avon, CO hiked and photographed in the Eagle's Nest Wilderness near Vail.


Phil Graham, Business Solutions Sales out of the Draper,UT office on a training ride with his wife on their tandem Saturdaymorning.  This picture is the top of theNebo Mountain pass, which as you can see tops out at 9,345' elevation.  In all 120 miles and about 6,000' of vert - agreat training ride to help us prepare for LOTOJA, September 8th.


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