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What's your ACTIVE?

October 17, 2012

Stacey Johnson, Senior Account Manager qualified for Boston! (By the skin of my teeth, but I'll take it!)  I ran the Chicago Marathon last weekend and finished in 3:39, which was a PR for me and a Boston qualifying time (by 50 seconds). I'm pretty sure it was the best race I've ever run – great running weather in the 40s, awesome crowd support, never hitting the wall, annnnd not barfing after crossing the finish line (I cried a happy cry instead).  I'm sorta thinking I should retire from running marathons now, because I'm not sure that race can be topped.



Jay Oziminski, Facilities Representative II along with 4 good friends and close to 40,000 new acquaintances, I ran the Chicago Marathon on October 7th. This was my second full marathon, and I completed the run in 4:19:50, which beat my Music City Marathon time by over an hour & my goal for this race by 10 minutes. Giordano's never tasted better than that evening!



Heather Campbell , Account Executive - Specialty Schools, ran the Chicago Marathon last Sunday, 10/7, along with 37,000+ runners! The weather was cool, and the flat course ran through the neighborhoods of Chicago. The best part (besides my PR!) were  the fans, who  offered unbelievable support pretty much all 26.2 miles! Add this race to the list if you are looking for a FUN marathon!



Danae Brooker from the San Diego office completed the Cactus to Clouds hike from the Palm Springs desert floor to the top of San Jacinto (10,834ft) -  23 miles (17-1/2 up and 5-1/2 down to the tram). It's ranked as the 5th toughest hike in North America!  Wow,  was it hard!




Cindy Bones Account Manager-Faith My Active was hiking on the white rock canyon & Arizona Hot springs trail. Because of the rain & hail last week all the sand bags were down but, thanks to the Boy Scouts repairs were made to most of the pools (God spas) I love this trail even though it is only 6 miles & not difficult at all...still One of my favorites!



Mike & Andy Reilly announced Ironman Hawaii together last Saturday.  Andy also mixed the music for the17 hours and kept everyone rockin! IT WILL BE AIRED ON NBC SATURDAY OCTOBER 27TH FROM 4 - 6:00 PM ET.


Eric Olson (Business Solutions) spent the weekend on a bike following my wife's thrilling race here in Kona. I was able to follow the lead women as the marathon unfolded and, while Mary Beth faded from 1st off the bike to 5th at the finish, she was first American and showed she has the tools to win this thing. So happy for our good friends Xena (2nd) and Rinny (3rd). It was a battle!





Jeff Sample Sr. QA Engineer competed in the first annual Deserts Edge Triathlon.  It was my first Olympic distance and given the circumstances it was a great result of 3hrs 1 minute. Finish Time: 3:01, Water Temp: 64 degrees, Air Temp at Start: 36 degrees, Wetsuit: None!


Heather West, Project Coordinator on October 7 I ran the Urban Cow Half Marathon in Sacramento, CA.  Great race weather and a new PR!  I have run this race 3 years in a row and it is probably my favorite half-marathon.  My first half marathon too!  The picture is me and my husband...the medals are real cowbells!  Yesterday I did a 15 mile training run, in preparation for California International Marathon in December.  I can't believe I ran 13 miles one weekend, and 15 miles the next.  Having fun, as always.



Toya Reavis, Implementation Specialist competed in the 5K Masters National Championships this Saturday in Balboa Park on the famous Footlocker XC course at Morley Field. That lovely hill twice!! Our San Diego Track Club women's team won the 3rd overall team award!



Ashley Tejada this Sunday I competed in the Urban Surf 4 Kids - PaddleFest 2012.  This first time event was a ton of fun ~ located in Mission Bay.  I competed in the 2 mile paddle race, paddling on a Stand Up Surf Board [which was a lot more work than I expected].  The race was a lot of fun and I paddled the 2 miles in 30 minutes.  I'm still waiting on the final results.



Emily Joller (Account Manager, Endurance) ran the Urban Cow Half Marathon on October 7th.  Due to the lead bike sending the first wave of runners the wrong way, we got the pleasure of running an extra .70 miles. Still placed 1st in my age group/6th woman overall and won a cool milk jug!



Gordon Grey, Senior Manager Quality Assurance Operations, Saratoga Springs, NY and friends (Bob, Gordon, Tony, Gary) played the Shaker High School Reunion tourney at the 27 hole Van Patten Golf Course last week.  A splendid time was shared by all as they posed for this shot on the par 3 15th tee.  We all managed to escape the water on this one.  We wouldn't be so lucky on the 16th.



Brit Bowles, Project Manager-Commerce last weekend, I got ACTIVE on a 6.5 mile hike past Summit Lake in Snoqualmie National Forest, WA. I enjoyed a wonderful day of amazing views and fall foliage with a few friends and of course my Border Collie Mz. Rocket before the rains came.  Mt. Rainier was quite the site!


Rob Erekson and his brothers and friends participated in the Las Vegas Tough Mudder, the 2nd for Rob. After stepping up his training and running trails almost exclusively since SoCal #1 in February, this event was much easier and more enjoyable. In fact, it was so much fun Rob has already registered for Las Vegas in April 2013 and is building a team (hint, hint…if anybody wants to join). He is also planning on a few other events next year, including San Diego in November with an aim of finishing the course in under two hours.



Lauren Eder, Business Systems Analyst, GTO Back Office earned the right to eat a full Canadian Thanksgiving dinner by running the Okanagan Marathon in the morning, and in a little under 4 hours to boot (a bit of a surprise actually).  The fall colours were beautiful and the weather could not have been better - once I figured out how to dress for 2C at the start and gradually strip for almost 20C by the finish.  (Translation = 36F to 68F.)  Better yet was having my kids and my dad (veteran of dozens of marathons) there for support.



Todd Preece, Art Pacheco, Edgar Lopez, Aaron Rigney, Seth Eaton and James Sola from the GTO team participated in the Del Mar Mud Run on October 6th.  As a team we finished 3rd and Todd Preece got 2nd place overall!



Valerie Prestidge, Technical Account Manager, Endurance, & friend traveled to San Francisco & Napa this weekend, hiking Muir Woods & Mt. Tamalpais on Friday, then biking over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito on Saturday. Sunday was a full day wine tour, where we were able to walk the vineyards & mash grapes!



Scott Friesen, ACM Product Manager (Burnaby) and his wife ran the Energizer Night Race on Saturday.  The rain let up and made for an amazing night as 1,500 head lamps illuminated the Stanley Park seawall.  He finished with a time of 45:59 and was happy to bump into a couple of fellow ACTIVEXers at the finish.



Erin Bredeson ran the Nike Women's Marathon this weekend in San Fransisco (I'm the one in blue).  The medal for this race is a Tiffany's necklace given out by firemen!



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - Ran his fifth Chicago Marathon last week despite being sick and being as untrained as ever.  But for the first time in five years, the weather in Chicago was perfect and actually seasonable!  So, after all of the lowering expectations that led up to the race, paired with some very well-timed cookies and pretzels throughout the course, he managed to set a new PR of 4:27:58.  The race was surprisingly even, with almost perfect pacing throughout and the very rare "never walking" achievement.  Thanks to my pregnant sister for running with me just a little bit and bringing that delicious half a Panera cookie.  Next up, Marine Corps Marathon in two weeks!


Melissa Muys, Account Executive - Active Network Business Solutions travelled to Santa Fe the other weekend and took advantage of an ActiveX day by participating in the Santa Fe Gourmet Classic.  This Active event consisted of a 65-mile bike ride travelling through Santa Fe and out into the surrounding areas, winding around meadows with beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo and Sandia Mountains.  It included 5 gourmet catered stops with lunch at the Bonanza Creek Ranch - a studio set for Western movies.  The following day Melissa visited Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM where her and her boyfriend enjoyed the gorgeous Balloon Glow that evening.



Don Combee, Lead Gen Specialist did Racquetball, mountain biking, skiing, camping & live music!

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