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Busiest Weekend this Year!

Posted by IMVoice May 7, 2012

Matthew Clymer, Lead Nurturing went climbing with wife and dogs this past weekend on Mt. Sanitas in Boulder. Great day, awesome weather!!  PICTURE OF THE WEEK!!!



Rod Allen finished his second half marathon yesterday. My first was 6 weeks ago. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I finished. It just makes me want to work that much harder preparing for my next race. Final time 2:55:30 (0:01:23 faster than my St. Patrick's day race 2:56:53) Pace 13:24/m (6 seconds faster than my St. Patrick's day run) Finished 1068 out of 1100.



Jamie Haaf, Senior Technical Analyst ran her first ever full marathon, the BMO Vancouver Marathon which wound through the city to views of the harbour and mountains.  Andrew Chau was also running his first ever marathon and we noticed Active marathon veterans Tony Whelan and Lauren Eder on the course.


Aleyna Perszyk-Dorr, Associate Manager, Market Research & Insights was in the Philippines where I completed a gnarly hike/cliff climb in El Nido on the island of Palawan. I would bet that ropes would have been used in most places for this climb, however not in the Philippines. My hands and legs were bloody and bruised by the end, but the view was more than worth it.



Celia Wang, Online Marketing Analyst reports the weekend activity report from Chengdu office cycling team. Shawn Xu, Daniel Qin, Karen Huang, Jason Gou, Leon Lai and Celia Wang had a wonderful off-road biking time with their friends in this weekend. Not only enjoy the muddy trails across two mountains after rain, but also have fun to pick cherry and loquat. This is the first time that ActiveXers in Chengdu office had a chance to enjoy off-road rain biking together!! They’re going to try it again soon in a beautiful sunny day.



ERIC MA (Product Marketing Lead, CIC) from Xi’an office reported last weekend two ActiveX teams - basketball and soccer teams won 4 games in two days from Gaoxin District League, BRUCE XU (QA Engineer, League One) led the basketball teams achieved 2 wins, boys got the return from every day noon workout! (No photos); While TONY CHEN (QA Engineer, Information Systems) guided team for 2 straight victories from the soccer field, 2-1 and 5-0!  Usually there’re Spring and Autumn seasons for two teams, this is definitely the best opening ever for the new season! However, it will be very crucial next weekend, each team need two more wins to get us through to the next round! Add oil!



Kate and Emma Alberga competed in the Itsy Bitsy Division of the Spring Sprint Sunday at Mission Bay in San Diego.



Mike Reilly this weekend at the finish line of Ironman St. George, Utah with Women’s winner Meredith Kessler of San Francisco.  It was a brutal day with 5 foot chop in the lake (started about 5 minutes after the start) and 45 mph winds with heat for ride and run. Almost a 30% DNF rate.



I'm happy to report that Margaret Weniger, Sports Sales Manager, and her sister Erin completed the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati, OH.  It was amazing to see how much the city gets into this event.  The course showed off the beautiful parts of the city running along the Ohio river and through downtown.  We survived the treacherous hills and enjoyed crossing the "Finish Swine" together!



Barbara Perser from Active Network Faith participated in the Heels and Hills 5K on Sunday.  Pictured with Mark “Marathon Man, Iron Man, Motivator” Lindsley!  After the 5K, Barbara and her husband Philip went kayaking for 3 hours. What a weekend!



I'm Ruth Sams working in New York City for StarCite/Morgan Stanley.  I see your weekend warrior emails every week and would like to contribute some pictures I took of the Five Borough Bike Tour that took place this weekend.  These pictures are from my building’s roof deck in Brooklyn Heights.  Although I didn't ride this year, my husband is down in the crowd center upper left.



Molly Ercole, Event Planner in Philadelphia, and her husband Josh, completed their fourth Broad Street Run this past Sunday.  The Broad Street Run is a 10-mile, point-to-point course, named one of the fastest 10-mile courses in the country by Runner's World.  The course is a pleasing run past the varied neighborhoods of Philadelphia and finishes inside the Philadelphia Navy Yard.   This year saw 40,000 runners and definitely the best group of spectators so far!



Kate Kunert (left), with the RTP-Interactive group in Avon, participated in the Spartan Military Sprint race at Fort Carson army base in Colorado Springs, CO with friends.  Just less than 5 miles of 20+ muddy obstacle goodness on a hot 85-degree day... awesome.



Tony Whelan (Burnaby, Senior Project Consultant), ran the Vancouver marathon on Sunday. A new course this year, it seemed pretty hilly for the first 30 Km and I think I paid a price for that at the end. The last 10 Km required frequent walk breaks to quiet a barking hamstring and quad, so I missed my goal time, but made it around. It was a beautiful day, running through a beautiful city.



Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist, San Diego -- cashed in the epic ActiveX PTO day to attempt a "new" run in Joshua Tree National Park. My crew of ultra-running buddies and I ran the 37-mile California Riding and Hiking Trail in 7hrs49min. We also used Reserve America to book the campsite!



Gretchen Zimmerle, Account Support Assistant Boulder, CO and her 17 year old daughter ran the Spartan Race this last Sat.  It was brutal!  And I do mean brutal!  I have attached a picture of us at the end.


On Sunday Kyle Rose and Justin Gritzmacher from the Boulder office participated in the Spartan Adventure Race at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs. The race consisted of 22 obstacles spread out over 4.5 miles. As first timers we had no idea what to expect….and may have been a bit under prepared J Carrying a 60lb pack up a 1/4 mile hill and crawling for 100yds through mud can be managed….but when you have to carry another 50lb sand bag up a steep incline and then drag a cinder block up and down a 25yrd hill….we started to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into. When we then had to throw a javelin and swim through 50yds of covered mud pits….we finally realized we should have trained more. Crossing the finish line would have been a welcome relief, except you had to go through two Spartans with jousting sticks trying to knock you to the ground. All that being said…..can’t wait til next year!


Scott Noblit (Interaction Designer in the UX group) and I did the 5 Boros bike ride in New York this past weekend. The 5 boros is 42 miles through all five boroughs of NYC. It ends on Staten Island after a ride over the Verrazano Bridge.



Linda Heck, Human Resources Generalist.  Attached is a picture of our TALO group completing their 5km run in the Starbuck’s Hazel 5km Run which is part of the annual Mississauga Marathon held this past weekend. Participants are Olga Ovdiyenko, Steve Sherwood, Tanya Grishnin, Joy Boire, Marc Feudo, Ammara Ul-haq and Carlo Costanzo.



Teresa Kliegerman, Senior Business Systems Analyst Development.  Last ski day for Colorado ski resorts was Sunday, May 6, with the closing of Arapahoe Basin.  Took a couple of runs in the a.m. before the crazies in their tutus and ukuleles (yes, really) took over. 



Justin Moser (Marketing, Outdoors) and Whitney Lawrence (Account Manager- Business Solutions) completed the beautiful Colorado Marathon and Colorado Half Marathon in Ft. Collins, Colorado, this weekend, along with buddy Jared Davis. Whitney clocked in a new PR by five seconds in the half, while me, doing the full (3:11:59), made my goal of not getting injured and seeing some beautiful scenery in Poudre Canyon.



Stacey Johnson, Senior Account Manager. My 61-year-old mom called me up on Saturday afternoon and said: “Hey Stace, you wanna run a half marathon tomorrow??”  (I want to be like my mom when I grow up. J)  Of course I did! We ran the Safari Park Half yesterday, and it was awesome.  When most people think of San Diego, they think of our beautiful beaches.  This race was a tour of our beautiful countryside… wineries, farmland, valleys, some killer hills, and even roaming horses, cows, and camels… and a great ending inside the Safari Park, complete with cheetahs and elephants just a fence (thank you) away. The best part was watching my rockstar mom cross the finish line!



Janean Nation, Account Manager –Communities, ran in the Safari Park Half Marathon on Sunday.  The weather cooperated quite nicely and stayed cool and cloudy until the race was done.  It was a rolling course through the San Pasqual Valley, ending right by the cheetahs in the Park.  Some amazing views, and a couple killer hills, but one of the coolest finisher medals I’ve received made it all worthwhile.



Ben Weinbaum and Evan Bricker from the San Diego office both completed our first half-ironman this weekend at the Wildflower Triathlon in Lake San Antonio, CA. Battling 80 degree heat and some SERIOUS hills both finished with great times of 6:30:12 and 6:49:48!



Mike MacDonald and his wife Autumn went camping near Lake Cuyamaca in San Diego County with a group of friends.  On Saturday we ventured out to Three Sisters waterfall, which was a bit more intense of a hike than we had anticipated.  We had a friend with us that is 5-months pregnant but she made it look easy.  Parts of the hill were near vertical and extremely slick with dust.  The hike ended up being 1500 vertical feet of climb, most of which happened within a very short distance.  Well worth it though!



On Saturday, a group of Active employees & friends participated in the 6th Annual Cinco de Mayo Trail Run in Poway.  Austin Braaten, Jen White, Ryan Scanlon & Valerie Prestidge took on the 10K, a grueling out-and-back course with constant up-and-down terrain, into Blue Sky with a quad-burning +10% climb to the Ramona Dam.  Anda Willett & Tyler Jump crushed the challenging 5K, running to the finish with smiles as their friends cheered them on.  Overall wonderful event that challenged the entire group AND did we mention, this was Anda’s FIRST 5K?!?!  Way to push the envelope & conquer that first 5K!! 



Jamie Snow, Product Marketing Manager, Associate participated in the 2012 SDYC Yachting Cup this past weekend. It is one of the largest sailing regattas of the year. Among the boats that participate are Farr 40’s J120’s and J105’s. I sailed on a Flying Tiger which is a 30ft race boat made for speed. There is a fleet of about 10 Flying Tigers here in San Diego and 6 made it out this year. It could have been windier (it always can be windier in San Diego!). All in all it was a great couple of days on the water.


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