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ERIC MA (Product Marketing Lead, CIC) completed his first full marathon (after knee surgery 6 months ago) at Lanzhou International Marathon on Sunday, finished at 4:17:33, it was very hard to run the race at 1,500m elevation with 31 Celsius degrees heat. The race atmosphere was so great since the race ads could be seen anywhere around the city, and the audience was amazingly spread all over the route, the volunteers and race management were the best ever! He felt very lucky to meet a lot friends and runners from all over the country over there. It was also a good opportunity to grab some top amateur runners to talk about the "Marathon Heat" and running industry in China.



Brian Bergey, Manager, Client Services reports this weekend, 7 members from the Singapore Office participated in Singapore’s Punggol Waterway Passion Active Run.  Stuart Oldham, Brian Bergey, Jo Chan and Danzel Tay participated in the 10k category, while Steven Zheng, Terrence Koh, Prescille Cernosia and her son participated in the 5k.  The run was held along a waterway path in the north part of Singapore, which included views of the straight across to Malaysia.  This was the first time a few of us have participated in a race and everyone did really well!



NOLAN HANSEN (Accounting) and RYAN DREW (Human Resources) tackled the Ride Around The Bear.  This 100 mile ride started in Redlands and covered just over 9,000 feet of climbing in the first 60 miles.  If there was one way to describe the climbing that was done, we would both use the word "unforgiving".  We now understand why this ride has been rated "One of the top ten most difficult centuries in the country".  We spent the better part of 5.5 hours making our way to the summit and enjoyed roughly 1.5 hours descending (which was well worth it).  Although this was a very tough test on the bike, we had a lot of fun and look forward to taming the bear again next year.



SID EMORY is the Application Support, Infrastructure Specialist at Active Network Faith. Since Sid’s recent move to Charleston, South Carolina, he has “found his Active” by riding his bike! “I feel like since moving back to SC that the whole being active thing has been so much easier since the trails here are so accessible.”  Tuesday, June 5, Sid & his two sons (Wes and Will) and rode the Crowfield Plantation Trail (in their neighborhood) for 15.6 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes at 9.26 miles an hour.




COLIN LI (Associate Manager, Information Technology) spend two days in the last weekend to find a forgotten ruin of the stronghold which was built around 1 or 2 hundreds years ago in the deep mountain over 100km far from Xian city. The stronghold was built on the top of the mountain near the village, it was built to resist the assault from the bandits or the rebel armies in the time of war.

There's almost no trail to the ruin, I tried times to get approach the top, but failed for the dense jungle. And finally I got there with the help of a local villager Mr. Chen who is a warmhearted guy. He stated that there was ever some buildings, but unfortunately were destroyed in the so called Cultural Revolution, only some fragmentary stone wall left there hidden in the trees.



Jo Chan, Strategic Accounts Manager, Asia Pacific reports the Active Singapore office gave up their Sunday morning lie in to participate in the Punggol Waterway Passionrun.  Brian Bergey,  Stuart Oldham, Danzel Tay and Jo Chan completed the 10k while Steven Zheng, Terence Koh and Prescille Cernosia ran the 5k.  In the spirit of cultivating Activeites from an early age, Prescille's young son Max joined the fun and games, giving the grown ups a run (pardon the pun!) for their money.  While it's a bit different from the Singaporean national sports, namely Endurance Shopping and Eating, the team had a great time is already planning our next group outing.



MARIANNE RONNING (Lars’ mom). In Lars’ words: I am very proud of my 76 year old mom Marianne! Last Saturday she completed Toserunden in Denmark - world's largest bike event for women (70 miles/112 kms). She has now done it twice, in addition to several other similar events! Still going strong. This year together with my wife Helene and my sister Mette.  LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA): I did Wiggle Dragon Ride UCI Gran Fondo (bike sportive in Wales/UK) yesterday. 132 miles/212 kms and 11,000 feet/3,315 meters of climbing. I made it but finished the race completely spent. One of the hardest things I have done. Had too much to eat the night before, not enough sleep, too much for breakfast. Could still taste my breakfast 60 miles into the race (you know what I mean...), too much sugar and not enough water so got a bit delirious and pretty much bonked half way through. Couldn't take in more energy drink or bars. Riding time 7.53 average speed 26.8 km/h and only 229 watts average. Truly amazing scenery and a great course, but a tough day in the office and only a shadow of myself. Well, guess you can't only have good days!



Shekhar Wankhede (Manager, Software QA Engineering) and Hemant (SW QA Engineer) from Clarksburg office ran there 3rd 5K. This event was organized to benefit Life Connection Mission in Montrouis, Haiti. Morning was good with nice temperature. Way back to finish line was bit hilly. Hemant finished 3rd and received coupons for red-robin.



MICHELE CREPEAU coached Girls on Track girls at PS 334 in NYC this spring and ended the season with the Girls on the Run 5K where all the girls who complete this program get to participate in a 5K.  This event is truly inspiring with many girls running a 5K race for their first time.  Girls on the Run® is a life-changing, experiential learning programs for girls age eight to thirteen years old. The programs combine training for a 3.1 mile running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development    



CINDY BONES Account Manager- Active Faith went hiking on La Verkin Creek Trail & Kolob Arch Trails in Zion National Park 15+ miles 3.5 of which I did with ONE BOOT off (see photo) I'm pretty hopped up on Oxygen so hence the smile regardless of the pain. The Park Rangers may have "cut us off" if they saw us hysterically laughing at each other's pitiful state in which we emerged from the trail. I Think I understand the whole oxygen bar thing now... (guess we you had to be there) The jokes were flying... Awesome Trip!



Barry Derlago, NBS Event Planning / Contractor – Web Registration Specialist and his wife and son took part in the annual Grand Floral Parade 5k Walk.  Proceeds from the walk benefit the Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families and the Oregon Food Bank. We finished about middle of the pack out of approximately 1000 entries.



Brian Enge, VP Consumer Products traveled to Boise, Idaho for the Ironman 70.3  this weekend.  It was 42 , rainy and windy at the start so they shortened the bike course.  I was thankful to earn a slot for the 70.3 Championship race in Vegas in September! 



Courtney Munson, Professional Services, reporting in from muggy Memphis.  I raced the past two weekends but failed to take any pictures.  I raced the Heatwave Classic in Ridgeland/Jackson, Mississippi on June 2.  Last year, it was 102 degrees for this Olympic distance race so the 64 degree start made for a much nicer day and even a wetsuit legal swim...I was excited because I got to wear my ActiveX long sleeve jersey/jacket prerace!  I put together a smart race and took 5 mins off my time from last year.  I followed that up with a good race in Sardis, MS at the sprint distance Dragonfly Triathlon this past Saturday.  After a windy bike, the four mile trail run was a bit of a challenge but I was fortunate enough to place first in my age group.  Enough racing for a while for me!


Josha Richards, Senior Security Engineer Active Network went kite boarding for several hours last week in the evenings -- great exercise while having a blast!



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) returned to his normally scheduled hockey game on Sunday, playing for the Sentinels against the rival Vandals. The game pretty much lacked any kind of defense that fortunately wound up in a 7-6 victory.  A few minutes into the game it looked pretty bleak, going down 2-0 and 3-1 in the first period.  Matt came away with an assist in the game (which is pretty rare).  Always lots of fun and BTW it's never too late to learn to play!


Jessica May went to Yosemite for 4 days of camping and hiking, including a hike up Vernal and Nevada falls, for 2,000 feet in elevation, and climbed over 600 steps (see attached picture) in order to get to the top!



Kyrk Wright and Reagan Lembke (Product Managers - Draper) spent the weekend with 4 surf sessions in 3 days at Venice Beach, CA.  Reagan was nice enough to help me get my ocean feet under me on a nice beginner board while he was still able to catch a few good ones each session.  Nothing spectacular as far as wave size goes but 2-3 hr session each time meant we put a lot of ice on the shoulders and did a lot of stretching in between to be ready for the next session.  If we weren't actually surfing we were talking about surfing or watching a surfing documentary.  Nothing like being immersed in a sport!


Ashley Peters, Dennis Triplett, Anthony Valentino (San Diego) and Active friends Josh, Ally, and Fiona all took to the Mt. Whitney summit this weekend.  It's only a 4.5 hour drive from San Diego to the tallest peak in the contiguous United States - but getting to the start line is the easy part.  The hike took +/-15 hours and included a smidge of Acute Mountain Sickness for some.  Despite all that, Dennis and Anthony found energy to play footsie at the summit as evidenced in this photo (from Left to Right: Ashley, Dennis, Josh, Anthony).



William Bassler and his 10 year old son Kellen competed in the Carlsbad Beach Fest last Saturday. Kellen finished in the top 10 for the Kid's mile on the sand. Dad did the 1/4 mile swim, beach mile run, and 1 mile paddle in 33:30 which was good enough for 2nd place overall. The conditions were choppy and there was some surf. Some of the Stand Up Paddle(SUP) dudes had some trouble.  AND My niece Katelyn (13) got 3rd in her first IronKids triathlon in Lawrence! She's a competitive swimmer and decided to try a triathlon.



PAUL THOMAS reports this weekend was the kick off the official LEAVDVILE 100 MTB race this August.  Leadville sits at 10,200 ft above sea level and goes up and down to accumulate 12,600 feet of climbing throughout the 100 miles. Over here in Tucson, it is hot.....really hot!   The only option to go uphill to escape the heat, which bodes for a good training plan.  A hard group ride prior to the ascent up Lemmon for a total of 120mi on Saturday and 3 times up Kitt Peak on the MTB.  A total of 17,000 ft of climbing.  Kitt Peak is similar to Palomar in length and distance.  Kitt is one of the most advanced spots in the US for its astronomic survey with its 26 telescopes.  Mt. Lemmon is more famous for its geological changes over the course of the 27 mile climb, ending at Mt Lemmon Ski Valley. 



Don Bambico, Senior Visual Designer competed in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon surviving the cold San Francisco bay waters. The course proved to be very challenging but overall a great race. A must do for any triathlete!



Margaret Weniger, Sports Sales Manager, and husband Luke did the Camp Pendleton Mud Run this weekend.  We went with 4 other teams who take their costumes very seriously.  We were part of the Muay Thai group complete with our own ring, 2 fighters, a ref, and 2 ring girls.  THIS IS OUR PICTURE OF THE WEEK!!



Kevin Jones, AE K-12, and his two boys Jake (Braves) and Josh (Dodgers) finished up their 1st season of Little League! 



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (Senior Copywriter) from the San Diego office and his wife Cassie rode Indianapolis' Monon Rail Trail during a week of vacation. We started our ride a mere mile or so from Active's office in Carmel, Indiana. Those folks are lucky to have such an awesome rail trail so close to the office!



Megan DuVall and a friend went to Yosemite for a week.  We did a little backpacking, climbed Half Dome and completed some other beautiful hikes. Yosemite is seriously the most beautiful, amazing place I've ever been and hope everyone has the chance to visit at least once in their life.  You truly feel the presence of something greater than ourselves.


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