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First Triathlon, Hiking and Mud

Posted by IMVoice Jul 26, 2012

Steve Peck, Sr. Director Software Development took my 7 year old son out for his first backpacking trip ever.  Two nights out in the beautiful Maroon Bells Snomass Wilderness.  He did awesome and we summited Mt. Sopris (12,966 ft)  as well.  He kept saying it was easy as I worked hard to keep up with him!



Gina Calvert returned last week from a 10-day mission trip to Honduras, where our team of 20 built 5 houses. One picture is at the building site, but I'm sort of hidden; the other one is me with the kids in the neighborhood where we built--I'm not active in that one but  I am wearing my Active X shirt, so I thought it might be better.



Neal Block, Senior Account Executive reports on Sunday, July 22nd, 400 swimmers and runners plunged into the water from one of San Francisco’s most beautiful landmarks, Alcatraz! I felt very uplifted after a glorious swim from Alcatraz into Chrissy Field, finishing 35th out of the water, and beginning my 7.5 mile run over the Golden Gate Bridge! The run follows Presidio’s popular Golden Gate Promenade, a dirt trail that winds its way along the San Francisco Bay, up a set of wooden stairs, and over the East Span of the Golden Gate Bridge and back to Chrissy Field. Amazing day with incredible views and great family and friends!


Michele Crepeau, Industry Manager Giving, Sr. Account Manager Sales ACTIVE Network Sports riding her bike around Nantucket.



Michael Prodor and his son D.C. completed their first 5K together at the ActiveX Solana beach Event this weekend. What a fantastic day, hosted by a fantastic company!



Cindy Bones Account Manager-Faith went Hiking in Bryce Canyon Utah "Peek-A-Boo" Trail. Lots of wildlife my Favorite was the Prairie dog town, so after that all I could see in the "HooDoo's" of the canyon were Prairie dogs standing up looking at all the beauty.



Jon Christopher did the Solana Beach active x triathlon. He must have been having fun because he was captured here with a huge smile on his face. A SMILE LIKE THIS AWARDS THIS AS "THE PICTURE OF THE WEEK!"



Rob Erekson (ActiveFaith) and his brothers ran around and then up Henderson's Black Mountain, just outside of Las Vegas, NV. The run was a total of about 6 miles and 2000 feet of ascent/descent, including a 700-foot ascent and descent in less than 1/2 mile. The view at the top was spectacular, offering a panoramic of the entire Las Vegas valley, from Red Rock Canyon to Lake Mead.



Cara Webb, Senior Account Manager (Boulder), used her Active X Community Service day to volunteer with Higher Ground Youth Challenge.  Fifty inner city girls are chosen to participate in this program where they are assigned a mentor and participate in physically challenging activities designed to bolster their self-esteem and gain greater self-confidence.  During the summer, Higher Ground participants attend an outdoor camp near Jonestown, Colorado.  Cara assisted with the high ropes course and a creative painting project.  It was a fantastic day full of breakthroughs and laughs!



ROB KLINGENSMITH.  As the Tour de France traveled through the Pyrenees, we rode many of the climbs just hours before the pros.  Here I'm climbing the Peyresourde, one of the iconic mountain passes outside of the ski town of Luchon. Always loved hearing "Go Active!" spoken with French accents!



KIRSTEN DIXON - Her daughter wanted to start doing 5k's with me so I thought we would find a fun one to start with. She's 9 years old.  We did Color Me Rad in Richmond, VA this past Saturday and both had a blast. She's already pouring over our area wondering what fun thing we can do next.



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer Saturday completed the Warrior Dash with two friends in Snoqualmie, WA.  The weather was perfect for the run.  With three walls, countless mud pits, fire, and a car graveyard, the race was both fun, and challenging.  After the race we enjoyed a well-deserved beverage in the beer garden.



Stephen Branstetter, General Manager of Youth & Education: Shaved a Mohawk in my head and Ragnar'ed it through the beautiful Northwest with my wife, fellow Active-ite  Jake Cooney and a bunch of friends from my Pub trivia team. At about mile 40 it became evident that we are decidedly better at Pub Trivia then we are at running 200 miles but still an awesome time.  My Final Tally:  29 “Kills” (3 at a stop light, does that count?), 1 “Got Killed.”



Janean Nation (Account Manager - Communities) and Tyler Jump (Account Executive - Camps) destroyed this weekend's ACTIVE X Triathlon.  This was Janean's second since her Sprint Tri in Vegas 5 years ago and Tyler's first ever.  Janean's goal to finish was under 2 hours and she whopped it  by coming in at 1:40!  However, the biggest success was Janean overcoming her open water internal thoughts and blasted through the ocean without a problem!  Tyler came in at a cool 1:07 and was spent for the rest of the day.  Definitely an amazing experience to be had again!



Brian Enge had an amazing Active day at SB Tri.  I was lucky enough to share the race and the experience with my daughter.  Very cool day for Active.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) had a very ACTIVE three-day weekend thanks to his ACTIVEX PTO day.  Thursday evening started with some Crossfit, followed on Friday morning with Ragnar Northwest Passage.  He ran (and met) some awesome people through a little bit of rain, but almost always gorgeous northern Washington.  After 200 miles, his team Casual Encounters, finished in 29:04.35, good enough for 64th place overall.  After that beastly Friday/Saturday he followed it up on Sunday with the Warrior Dash, his first ever mud run.  Despite almost falling off one of the taller obstacles, he had a blast and finished it off by going back to his swimming roots by free styling it through the last pit of mud.  Not easy (and don't know if the people behind him appreciated the kicking! But WAIT, there's more.  To finish the weekend off, he played another game of hockey with the Sentinels on Sunday night, losing 5-4 in what turned out to be a pretty close game after going down early 4-1.  He did have an assist in the game on a tipped pass with time winding down before the end of the second period.  Generally a rare feat for him.  Overall, a crazy weekend, but lots of fun.


Jake Cooney, Senior Web Designer in Bothell. I used my ACTIVEx day and participated in the 200 mile Northwest Passage Ragnar Relay race with a team of 12 people including Stephen Branstetter. We started at the Canada border and ended on Whidbey Island. This event was a series of firsts for me: running in a team race, seeing a high school gymnasium filled with hundreds of snoring people on the floor, and running at night with a headlamp. It was a beautiful run through lots of small towns and along coastlines and the whole weekend was filled with great camaraderie among the team and with other teams.


Christine Crosby, Sr. Account Executive for Faith.  I completed my 2nd triathlon at the ACTIVEx Solana Beach Triathlon this Sunday along with all of the other ACTIVEx Charity Challenge athletes.  It was such a beautiful day.  The water was calm which made for an easy, fast swim.  It was awesome seeing all of the ACTIVEx team out there participating and cheering.  I beat my swim time by 6 minutes and beat my bike time by 11 minutes.  Not bad for being 13 weeks pregnant!  Thanks Arch, for an amazing training season! 



Jen Cenedella, Global Account Manager - On Saturday, I did one of my favorite Boulder hikes - Mt. Sanitas. The elevation gain at Mt. Sanitas is 1255 feet, stretches three miles around the loop, and the summit is 6,863 feet.  The loop trail provides many beautiful views of Boulder and on a day like Saturday you can see Denver in the distance.  The view of this picture is of North Boulder and Wonderland Lake in the near distance and the Boulder Reservoir where tris and open water swims are held in the far distance.  You can see my house in the picture out near this Res. 



Mary Ellison, Tax Analyst.  The Solana Beach 5-K Walk/Run on Sunday was a wonderful event for me. The support I received from all my Active family was so overwhelming. There were so many Active employees waiting to walk the last part with me! It was absolutely fabulous and I cannot thank all of you enough.


Aaron Waldman San Diego, Had so much fun participating for the 2nd year with the whole ACTIVEx crew at the Solana Beach Tri.  I was very happy to best my last years' time by 6mins. Big thanks to our whole group for the encouragement, motivation and training!



Brendan Egan (AE University Camps), Ashley Martin (AE Sports), and Clinton Van Allen (Sales Rep) all completed the Solana Beach Triathlon this Sunday.  This was Brendan's Third and Ashley and Clinton's First Tri.  Such a great time with fellow ACTIVEites participating and supporting everyone.  ACTIVE's presence was heavy as every other person you saw was in ACTIVE gear cheering you on.  Looking forward to the 2013 Tri!



JESSICA MILEWSKI reports Several of us volunteered at the finish line at the Solana Beach Tri/Du/5k and loved it!  Art "Timing Chip" Pacheco helped tired athletes remove their timing chips.  Jessica "Medal" Milewski had a great time handing out finisher's medals. She even got a chance to channel Mike Reilly by calling in in Mary Ellison from the announcers stand as she crossed the finish line.  Kelly "Timer" Gibson helped the timing company monitor the results process.



Dani Oliver, Online Account Manager.  "My birthday was made extra special this year because the Solana Beach Tri fell on it - 7/22! I really enjoyed doing my first tri and want to give a special thanks to Arch, Fran, and my team for all their support in helping me make this the best birthday ever  . . . raising money for the Monarch School and doing something good for me at the same time."



Adam English, Software QA Manager did the Warrior Dash 5k over the weekend with my fiancé, Andrea.  It was a great day of firsts for us: first 5k, first time swimming through a mud-pit, etc. but we had a lot of fun and look forward to future events!  We bumped into Matthew Henry (Interaction Designer) at the end of the race and the attached picture is courtesy of my cousin, Kyle Bruggeman.



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR, SAN DIEGO Completed my first ActiveX bubbly to buoy 1 mile swim in the Pacific on Friday night, then finished my third Solana Beach sprint triathlon on Sunday along with a great team from Active.  Slow paced run for a finish at 1hr35min, but I was happy to get it done and greatly improved in the swim.


Lorraine Ryglewicz, Account Executive shared the ACTIVEx Experience by inviting my Aunt Holly (44y/o) to do the Solana Beach Tri with me!  We both made it in under our goal of 2 hours and are already talking about our next Tri!  Big Thanks to Arch and the rest of the team for making Holly feel like a part of the group.  She could not stop talking about how awesome a place ACTIVE is to work.  She also wants to know if we want to open a wine sales division as that is her career path currently.



What’s my ACTIVE?  Triathlon!  Lisa Baldwin, Account Manager, Burnaby competed in her first triathlon on Sunday.  Sometimes it’s about the finish but sometimes it’s about the journey.  This was all about the journey for me.  Had a good swim and left the water in the top half of the pack, smooth transition and then off to the races on the bike.  About 1 km in, I lost a pedal.  Spent some time trying to fix it, got some help from a cyclist passing by but no luck.  That pedal decided it wasn’t prepared to race on this day.  I, on the other hand after much arguing with myself, decided I only had 10km to go (it was a short course) so proceeded to use the one pedal I had left to complete the remaining bike course.  I would not advise doing this, especially uphill, as my right leg was not happy with me as I headed off on the run but at the end of the day I crossed the finish line, justified that new bike purchase, can call myself a triathlon finisher and felt like a champion! 


Jane Marshall My ACTIVE is camping & hiking: gorgeous hike to Columbine Lake & Lake Dorothy near Tabernash, CO. Great weekend to get out of the Boulder heat & camp in the mountains!


Diane Madry, SCM Release coordinator, Fishing off the coast of Dana Wharf.  Helena charter fishing boat.  This crew was awesome.  I caught this 25 lb. Black Sea Bass, but they are endangered, so I had to throw it back.



Alex Burkette Director of Global Business Analysis successful on his Active X PTO Day doing some California Yellow Tail fishing



Justin Moser, Outdoors Marketing- Suffering through the Xterra Beaver Creek Long Course Triathlon last weekend, which was an amazing course consisting of 3600 feet of climbing on the bike and 1600 feet of climbing for the run.  Although I didn't beat my friend Andy, my nemesis in triathlon, I did beat my time from 2011 by 32 minutes.  I also fell into a bush head first on a downhill sprint.



Melanie Collier, Application Analyst.  This was my very first Triathlon! And I finished!



Jeff Strnad, Account Manager participated in the ActiveX Solana Beach Duathlon with my dad, Steve for the 2nd year in a row. We beat our 2011 time by 2 minutes! It was a great event as usual and so great to see so many Active Team Members out on the course, volunteering on the sidelines & in the crowd cheering us on. What a great way to show people what we really are all about!



FRAN BENEDICT “It was a super fun Sunday with Charity Challenge festivities! Lots of amazing new & seasoned triathletes, cheerful volunteers, 5K’ers & supporters rallied to support something much bigger than the race itself. It was pretty awesome & quite the celebration! Running buddies for 10 years Fran Benedict & Julie Woolf were in lockstep with all the excitement! The positive momentum from the early starting triathletes & the smiles throughout the morning helped us run the 5K in 20 minutes and a handful of seconds. It was a ton of fun run with lots of incredible support & high five's along the way!


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