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Staying Active Always

Posted by IMVoice Sep 24, 2012

Eric Olson (business solutions) and Justin Moser (outdoors) decided it would be a good idea for tune up for Sunday's Oktoberfest Triathlon with a four hour ride to Northern Colorado. It was a great ride on an epic fall day, but Eric paid for it on race day. Justin joined a group of costume-wearing (even in the swim) Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club members in a relay team that took home the only ACTIVE trophy of the day for their creative team name -- "Pardon My Fartlek." And, another fantastic triathlon season is in the books here in Colorado.



Shawn Xu, Daniel Qin, Rain Diao(with his girlfriend), Will Liu, Jex Chen and Celia Wang had a 135km cycling trip in this weekend. This time, they chose a totally different way to ride to the mountain area and enjoyed awesome scenery all the way. They saw big stone Buddha at the top of the mountain, and also many grottoes Buddha. This area is really an natural downhill and cross-country place for Mountain biker. They really enjoy the trail, the woods, the wild flowers and some wild fruits...although they all covered in muds and had to bear hunger to ride back to downtown at night...They are looking forward to the next cross-country event!



Eric Ma(CIC), Lin Lin(HR), Mark Liu (NOC), Steven Xue(NOC), Jessie Liu(QA) and Colin Li(GTO) climbed the precipitous JiaWuTai mountain on Sunday. It was foggy. We started the hiking from XiaoYu village. In some place the trail was covered by thriving weed which were high as tall as a man. We also saw a lot of ripened chestnuts on the tree and beautiful flowers in different colors. Finally we reached the summit after 5 hours climbing. It was a great experience for every one of us.



Andy Reilly, Account Executive Sports completed the Spartan Beast event in Killington, Vermont in 5:20.  It was 13 miles with 38 obstacles, 7000 ft of climbing and 54 degree lake water.  Oh yeah 90 Burpees because he failed 3 obstacles!



Scott Nicholson, Account Manager completed the Sydney Tough Mudder over the weekend with a few friends, was absolutely hellish, but at the same time some of the best fun I have ever had. Nothing like getting knocked to the ground by a 10,000 volt wire to wake you up after 20kms of mud and filth!



Sara Roberts, Office Lead & License Specialist ACTIVE Network HY-TEK Sports Software and her brother in law ran in a 5K on Saturday for depression and suicide awareness in honor of my husband that passed away in February.



Mark Lindsley, Product Owner, Fellowship One reports Sunday morning was a warm morning in Texas, but 13 ACTIVE Faith employees set out to run a race participating in the company wide - Charity Challenge.  The group of runners raised over $1,200 for Girls on the Run. Pictured from left to right Felix Gaytan (Sr Software QA Engineer), Joey Quinones (Account Executive), Will Steed (Account Executive), Mark Lindsley (Business Systems Analyst), Melissa Simmons (Administrative Assistant), Mark Reese (Professional Services Consultant), Shane Vent (Software Engineer), Kelly Klein (Software Engineer), Winnetta Byford (Technical Consultant), and Stacy Johnson (Project Coordinator).  Missing in the group photo is Jeff Hook (General Manager).  Congrats to all runners.  We had five 5K runners, two 10K runners, and six Half Marathon runners.  It was great to see the first timers finish and we had some age group award winners!  Everyone had a great time!  Additional photos:  Jeff Hook (General Manager) finishing his 10K race in style as he placed 3rd in his age group.  Will Steed & Joey Quinones enjoying the satisfaction of completing the Half Marathon.  This was Joey's first Half Marathon!




Cindy Bones-Faith My ACTIVE was Jeepin', Hiking & Exploring in Ely NV Area, including the Town Hamilton NV, Belmont Mill & Mine, The Ward Charcoal Ovens & The Lehman Caves. Lots of wild life including Wild horses, Elk & Deer. We explore old ghost town & mines all the time but, the Belmont Mill & Mine is my favorite by was so peaceful hiking around with the trees changing colors , panoramic views with just the perfect crisp air to keep you cool and comfortable while hiking. (Breath Deeply) Loved it!


Leighann Biddle (right), and Samantha Vunk (left), both WAH Trainers in the Saratoga Springs, NY office completed Color Me Rad on Saturday, in which the proceeds went to the Special Olympics. It was a beautiful day for this exciting 5k. After being doused in color from head to toe, we enjoyed breakfast at a local diner!



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer reports this Saturday a couple of friends and I completed the Gladiator Rock n Run in Bonney Lake, WA.  The 6k, 17 obstacle course had us crawling through mud below barbed wire, scaling walls, carrying 40lb sand bags, and swimming through freezing cold water.  The best part was the giant slip-n-slide.  We went down it twice!  Super muddy, we hosed off and enjoyed a cold beer at the finish.  Great fun!



Janean Nation (Account Manager - Communities) and Tyler Jump (Account Executive - Camps) enjoyed a nice, cool 'Silent Sunday' early morning at South Mountain in 'Phoeni-X'.  Once a month the city shuts down the mountain to motorized traffic, which leaves the roads free to hikers, walkers, cyclists... you name it, just ditch the motor!  6 miles later, we got to the top and had a gorgeous view of the valley.  Certainly something to be experienced again!



Scott Friesen, ACM Product Manager (Burnaby), finally got to make use of his Christmas gift.  Last December his sister gave him a gift certificate to Whistler Bungee.  On Saturday he took his first jump and had an absolute blast!  A huge adrenaline rush at a fantastic venue.




Todd Preece and his wife Karla completed the Nobel Canyon 50K on Saturday. The course consisted of 4000+ ft of climbing along 31 miles of some of the most amazing mountain trail in San Diego. Despite wrestling with leg cramps for at least 8-miles, Todd managed to finish in 5:42 and squeak out a 10th place age group finish. The Ultra running community was amazingly supportive and finishing among that elite group was definitely a top life moment.  Being able to watch his wife finish a couple hours later was an incredibly emotional moment for both. Warning.. this stuff can be addictive.



Steve Mazza and his NEW wife Mandy spent a long weekend in the San Juan Mountains, in Telluride, CO. I spent three mornings on Telluride's vast trail network, riding single track above 10,000 feet. What a magical place!  Also rode Phil's World near Cortez, CO. Pictured here is me and Patti Rosenthal (Industry Manager, Cycling) at the trailhead. A fast and fun one-way mtn bike track, with plenty of rollercoaster sections.



Margaret Weniger, Associate Sales Manager, competed in the Orangeman Triathlon in Dana Point this weekend.  It was quite the adventure complete with a broken shifter at mile 13, 2500 feet of climbing on the bike, running 1.5 miles on soft sand, and 90+ temperatures.  It wasn't pretty (the grimace on my face was there for the entire run) but I managed to get to the finish line! My husband Luke had a better day.  He was the second overall male in the Aquabike division!



Amber Hall, Burnaby BC- 14 members of the ACTIVE Burnaby team spent Friday out of the office and cleaning up the community. Fiona Dirom & Danielle Roussy organized a team to do Shoreline clean-up at Stoney Creek Park and then we headed to Burnaby lake to tackle English Ivy- finding everything from old records to car parts! Great efforts made by the team on Friday.  Doug Johnson, Teresa Lee, Lawrence Carrington, Mark Chen, Scott Friesen, Danielle Roussy, Charissa Wall, Yuliya Minevska, Mariel Coley, Jean Su, Sayani Saifulah, Veronika Smolik, Fiona Dirom and myself  all participated in the annual  ActiveX Environmental Stewardship Day!  Beautiful day on Sunday volunteering at Sunset Beach for the 27th annual AIDS Walk for Life fundraiser. Over $230,000.00 was raised when I left on Sunday and the donations were still rolling in!



Kirsten Barnocky, Account Executive, Business Solutions completed the Denver Rock & Roll Half Marathon this weekend.  It was a perfect, beautiful day, a fun run and a P.R. as well. 



Toya Reavis, Implementation Specialist competed in the Stampede 8k Cross Country race in Bonita at Rohr Park this Saturday.  It was a challenging European-style 8k course through the Bonita trails. It included rolling hills, hay bales and 2 monster hills – true cross country running! I did very well considering that I am still trying to get back in to race shape after of no competing for 4 years. Two of my athletes that I coach did very very well on this tough course as well!


Bardya Ariana, Project Manager Burnaby ActiveX biking crew had to face their toughest route yet, a 54 Km (33 miles) route from Vancouver to West Vancouver crossing the Lions gate bridge all the way to light house park with a total climb of 3500 feet. The beautiful park at the half way point and the beer at the end, made this one of the best group rides yet. The team completed the route in 4.5 hours. Kudos to Rod Sheeter, Paul Cheung, Doreen Xue, Bardya Ariana for finishing and especially John Kadota who completed the route on a mountain bike and somehow managed to make it look easy!



Jeff Strnad beat the heat early Saturday morning with Steve Mazza for a 10 Mile mountain bike ride/hike-a-bike up the South Fortuna Trail  to 1,094' South Fortuna Peak...followed by a surf session in Pacific Beach to round out the day.



Jen Cenedella, Global Account Manager BSD, ran the Aspen Golden Leaf half marathon Saturday with friends (two are with me in the finish line photo).  Chosen by Trail Runner Magazine as one of "America's 14 most scenic races", the Golden Leaf is one of the most beautiful foot races in the Rockies.  This very hilly half marathon traverses from Snowmass Village to the heart of Aspen on single track mountain trails at the height of Colorado's breathtaking fall colors and turning golden aspen trees.  Lance Armstrong and ultra distance pro Scott Jurek (tall guy in the picture with Clif headband) raced as well.



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After completing an 8.5 mile hilly, 6x creek crossing trail run, it came down to a sprint kick in the last 200 yards for Events Sales Manager, Cliff Jurgens to win his men's age group & 24th overall in the Colorado Master's Stone House 8.6 mile race in Bear Creek, CO. It has been said that showing up is half the battle...A humorous, humbling and rewarding experience, as there were only two men in the age group...Lol "I will take what I can get.



Carlo Costanzo, Client Application Specialist, Senior.  My brother Joe (on the left) and I participated in the first ever Milton, Ontario 5K Marathon on Sunday. It was my brothers first 5K and my second. He placed 15th in the men's and 17 overall.  I trailed behind coming in at 43rd place in men's and 72 overall. Not bad.  Killed my previous time from back in May when I participated in my first ever marathon - thanks to TALO!   I hope to complete my first 10K next year!



Report from ERIC MA (Xi'an, China), More than 700 ACTIVE China employees, families, kids and friends from Xi'an, Chengdu and Shanghai offices joined 2012 ACTIVEx China Employee Day Run last week, and more than 50 ACTIVE kids came to the offices to joined ACTIVEx Kids Day, and also series events like foosball, soccer, table tennis played crossed offices. Those were the biggest and best events ever we hosted over last 4 years, with total of 431 participants finished the race in 5K, 8K and 13.7K. This year we brought more new and professional elements, like timing chips to the race, new designed race medal and tees. 5 our own products was used in the events, such as StarCite for the events registrations, for the race results, for the series events online community discussion, photos, videos live sharing and broadcasting. Shanghai team traveled to Xi'an and joined the event with Xi'an team on the city wall, it was a raining day (Again!), but more fun than ever before! Chengdu ran the day after in a new place, the weather was great to run, and same fun and joy! People who participated cherished the great moments with their teammates, friends, families or kids, it was definitely a festival and surprisedly showing to someone else such a great team coming from one company! And exactly explained what ACTIVE means. Thanks so much for ACTIVEx, and support from Arch, Sheryl and Jean!



Jo Chan, Strategic Accounts Manager, Asia Pacific reports.  The extremely chipper ACTIVE Singapore team @ the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run this morning.  It was a relatively cloudy day but the uphill stretches that seemed to go on and on made it a moderately challenging

run.    (L-R) Steven Zheng, Associate Account Executive, APAC; Cassie Trasmonte, Technical Support Representative, APAC; Brian Bergey, Manager, Client Services; Liang Zhao, Technical Support Specialist, Client Services; Ruth Mannion, Marketing Specialist, APAC; Terence Koh, Associate Account Executive, APAC; Jo Chan, Strategic Accounts Manager, APAC; Tom Kowalewski, Technical Support Specialist, Client Services.




Molly Ercole, Sourcing Specialist in BSG, completed her fourth half marathon on Sunday, running the Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon in personal record time.  The weather was perfect for an amazing 13.1 mile run!



Hiked and photographed the Uncompahgre National Forest near Telluride and Hardscrabble Mountain near Eagle, CO.



Lisa Kopecko, Sr. Account Executive this past weekend, my girlfriends and I took our annual camping trip to West Virginia.  We climbed and rappelled the Pinnacle, which is a free standing 90-foot tower that overlooks the famous New River Gorge Bridge.  The next day we rafted the Upper Gauley with our favorite guide, "Nugget".  The Upper G are class-V rapids, where the river drops 335 feet in 10 miles. 



KEITH WILLIAMS (Head of Business Development (Sports) EMEA) and LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA): Keith and I did Challenge Henley-on-Thames in the UK today (full Ironman distance). We had a great day! Great swimming conditions – although a different sensation swimming in a river with current flowing!, perfect weather on the bike (not too windy, overcast) and on the run (except a windy stretch along the river). Keith finished in 11.18.31 (swim 2.4 miles: 1.18.59, bike 112 miles: 5.36.13, marathon: 4.04.23) – truly impressive having gone from hardly being able to run 5-10K to such a result in just over a year! (I will certainly watch my back going into my next race with Keith). PR and an improvement on Ironman Frankfurt by almost 48 minutes! #15 in his age group 35-39. Lars finished in 10.51.38 (swim: 1.24.51, bike 5.28.40, marathon 3.43.15). Not a PR overall, but a PR on marathon after Ironman bike. #5 in my age group 45-49.



“Irene Martynova, Global Account Manager, Business Solutions out of San Francisco, and a friend, Cynthia Connors, completed their first Sprint Triathlon (half-mile swim, 20-mile bike and 4-mile run) in Northern California. This was our first one and we wanted to see if triathlons are “our cup of tea”. So we did not invest into any good gear (borrowed mountain bikes, helmets). Women on tri bikes were flying past us but we still managed to finish in the middle of the pack.  We are looking into our next race!”



Robert Mitchell (Senior Front-End Web Developer) and his wife Blair competed in the San Diego Cityscape adventure race on Saturday.  Think of it as a mini Amazing Race where you can only use your feet and public transportation.  The race was a blast even with it being the hottest day in San Diego in 24 years!  We made a few mistakes so after taking first place on the last race we dropped to 17th this time around.  We'll be ready for the next race in March!



Cindy Bones -Faith My Active on Saturday was hiking to Mt Charleston Peak again. Faster Time & no crying this time. Weather was absolutely perfect, made some new hiking friends as well. Barley made it back in time for a quick shower, dinner... then off to Church.



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer this weekend ran the Hell Run in Carnation, WA with a few of my friends.  With sunny, warm weather, we thought there might not be as much mud as the previous year.  Wrong!  We ran the 3.17 mile course which included 3 walls, 7 mud pits, a giant slip'n'slide, barbed wire, and fire!  After the race we hosed off and enjoyed a much deserved adult beverage in the beer garden.  Was a blast!



Staci Rieder, Account Manager for Business Solutions, spent two Active X days with her 11 year old daughter, Lily, and 40 kids for their Outdoor Ed  At Glacierview Ranch in Ward, CO. We spent our days on a high ropes course,  canoeing, hiking and seeing fresh mountain lion tracks, amidst the cold, foggy rainy Colorado days. It was a blast!



Paul Hiller, Applications Specialist and a friend and I spent the weekend conquering the Black Tusk. At 2,319 m (7,608 ft) above sea level, it takes about 11 hours and 2,000 meters vertical gain. Nice to stand on top of such an imposing feature... but my legs hurt today!



Phil Graham, Business Solutions Sales, Draper, UT rode with his wife in the Tandem, Citizen Race category in Lotoja - the longest sanctioned 1-day race in the US of 206 miles. The race goes from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY rides over three mountain passes in the first 110 miles and includes about 7,400' of climbing.  In spite of the long day, the weather was near ideal and we were able to race strong finishing 2nd in our tandem category in 11 hours 5 min.  It was a strange day of racing with the road being sabotaged with goat-head stickers and hundreds of bikers pulled over in the first 20 miles fixing flats and then a biker falling to his death off a bridge into the Snake River at about mile 195.  Strange race, but fortunately we avoided all of the problems and raced strong.  Post race and on the podium the following morning with the couple that took 1st.



Eric Marenburg, Associate PM - Global Tech Ops, competed in the classic distance of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  The classic distance covered 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike, and 4 mile run.  It turned out to be a great day and I had a surprise podium finish in my age group (I'm on the 3rd place step in the pic).  The race is filled with celebrities.  I had plans to take out Zack Morris of Saved by the Bell fame and win the heart of Kelly Kapowski.  But turns out the dude can ride.  He was a part of a relay and did the bike split, averaging 24.1 mph for the 18 mile course!  However, his twitter feed said he borrowed Dave Zabriskie's bike, an American pro cyclist and multiple stage winner of the Tour de France.  So not exactly even playing field!



Tyler Jump, Account Executive - Camps, and Janean Nation, Account Manager - Communities, rode in the Skull Valley Loop Challenge in Prescott, Arizona this weekend.  The 54 mile ride was a great way to experience the beauty of northern Arizona.  It was a ride of firsts for the JumpNation--first time we'd both ridden that far, first time we'd ridden a Cat 2 climb, and first time we'd ridden at altitude, summiting at 6,014 feet.  Can't wait to up the mileage again at next month's Tour de Scottsdale!



Brian Musial (San Diego / Promotions) rallied friends and ran the Your Next Step Is The Cure 5k in San Francisco, an event that raised over $170k to fight lung cancer via the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.  This was the 4th year of the race, and was amazing to see such a huge turnout of participants and support.



Amber Hall, Burnaby office-  Friday afternoon was a great day for kayaking near the office, spent Saturday being a tourist in my own town and exploring beautiful North Vancouver & Coal Harbor.

Three Active Staff wrapped up the weekend by volunteering for the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) event at the Chilliwack, BC Corn Maze. We saw a great turn-out at the fundraiser & family event with kids of all ages; games, fun, food and a great group of staff/ volunteers. 



Tammi Schmidt, Senior Manager, Application Support wanted to submit picture from the Giants 10k Race I did in San Francisco yesterday, 9/16/12. I went with my boyfriend and classmates - we had an awesome time! We ran along the Embarcadero and ended by running onto the field at AT&T Park.


Steve Drechsler, Sales Manager Communities I Faith.  Hase two sons and a little girl.  My passions is being a Dad and coaching my kids and their friends.  I had a great weekend of coaching.  Jack, my 14 year old, who's football team I'm the head coach of is a QB and Middle Linebacker of our JV football team.  Jack led his team to a 45 to 0 victory on Friday night.  I have been training my middle child Luke, 11 years old, for his first Sprint Triathlon.  He did great.  Out of 100 kids in his group he placed 11th.


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ACTIVE Fun Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Sep 14, 2012

Matt Landa reports the La Jolla U8 Active travel team won the Annual La Jolla Impact Labor Day Tournament defeating a tough Arizona all-star team 2-1 in the finals.  The little blond-haired kid is Active X'er Chase Landa.



Michelle Nation, Product Manager San Diego completed the 30th anniversary LOTOJA race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend. We had perfect weather for the scenic 206 miles of cycling through the mountain west.  Riding with my sister Kristie and her group of "mountain goat" friends made this a special day.  We loved sharing their first double-century with our teammates.  Here's a picture from a feed zone at the King/Queen of the mountain summit around mile 100. I'm proud and thankful we were 7 of the 92 women who finished the race as individuals. 



Michele Crepeau ran the Bronx 10 Miler which started at Yankee Stadium and ran through the hilly Bronx.


Jeff Hook and his wife, Brigitte, and I road 100 miles in the NYC Century, winding through 4 of the 5 boroughs of New York City.



Christine (Chris) Jackson, Technical Acct. Manager, Nashville, TN with BBFE Joe Young at the Tennessee Titans season opener against the New England Patriots.



Kristen Dixon and my husband Bill went on a fun Anniversary weekend to Harpers Ferry, WV.  Saturday we went white water rafting and Sunday we went ziplining!  SO exhilarating!! It was a blast.



Patti Rosenthal, Cycling Industry Manager Durango, CO had a family outing up to Ice Lakes out of Silverton, Colorado.  The hike is only 3.5 miles each way but pretty much all uphill to over 12,000 feet.  Once you get to the top there's multiple lakes to camp at & a variety of day hikes.   We spent 2 nights & 3 days exploring this beautiful country with the dingo dogs.  They were in heaven chasing all the marmots (whistle pigs) up in the high country.  Another great trip here in the southwest corner of Colorado!



Cliff Jurgens, Sales Manager; SMB Events, competed in the 9-11 Remembrance Half-Marathon charity run in Arvada, CO supporting Homefront Heroes.  Cliff finished just short of his HM personal best, placing 5th in his age group, 26th in the men's division and 36th overall. A great experience participating in the event with heroes from our armed services, local law enforcement, our rescue support services and an enthusiastic community.


Mike Reilly heading out for a 50 mile ride in Ohio with his Niece and Brother in Law.



Jim Cruickshank did the Vancouver to Whistler Gran Fondo along the Sea to Sky highway – 122KM with 1800m of climbing.



Heather West (formerly Levine), Project Coordinator.  This was a really active weekend.  Saturday I did the Run to Rebuild McKinley.  A few months back, an arsonist burned down the children’s playground at local park/running spot, McKinley Park.  I have been running around this park hundreds of time, and I thought it was time to give back.  The run was a 5K to raise money to rebuild the playground, and we raised $20,000!  Sunday I did an 11 mile training run, training for the California International Marathon in December.



Janean Nation (Account Manager – Communities) and Tyler Jump (Account Executive – Camps) enjoyed a long, thorough, 46-ish mile ride of the Arizona valley early early Saturday morning, all with a BLISTERING elevation change of 246 feet.  This is the longest ride Janean has ever done and it was exciting to see how far she has come since her involvement with Active X and TALO!  Up next?  The Skull Valley ride in Prescott next Sunday… stay tuned for exciting details!



Amber Hall, Burnaby office.  Saturday was spent hiking 10 km in and around Brandywine Falls in Squamish, BC. Gorgeous day spent with dad with 30 degree rays.



Scott Yeske , Sr. Account Manager.  Camped/Hiked and Surfed Leo Carrillo State Beach Park this past weekend.  Photos Attached.  It was an Amazing Hike with beautiful Ocean views from the top!



Brad Hurvitz, Sr. Account Manager in Youth and Education – Finished my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I felt great on the swim but everybody flew by me on the bike.  Those Tri bikes are fast!  Notes for next time: wear a hat for the run…it was hot out there!



Staci Rieder, Account Manager for Business solutions in Boulder, hiked 8.5 miles and  11,347 ‘ elevation to Heart Lake in the beautiful James Peak Wilderness Area. This is the amazing sunset on Gold Lake, where we camped the previous night.



Marc Villanueva, William Bassler, and Dennis Triplett (San Diego office) participated in the San Diego Triathlon Classic, an Olympic distance race, on Saturday.  The race was an excellent warmup to the SuperFrog Tri coming up in a few weeks for all three.  William got on the podium for his age group (3rd place) while Dennis and Marc set PRs for the distance.



Shannon Wineman, Sr Acct Mgr, Wellness, San Diego – This is a quick update for a 17 day vacation that spanned the West Coast! Started by hiking in Big Sur with my three kids, headed up to San Francisco for museums, good food and cable cars (yes, beanies are warranted as SF in summer is about 52 degrees), headed south to Morro Bay for some kayaking and topped it off with a major bucket-list item – Dave Matthews at The Gorge, Washington. Imagine going to a concert on the edge of the Grand Canyon.



Cindy Bones –Faith. My Active over Labor day was, jeeping, hiking & exploring mines in Idaho (Fairfield, Sun valley & Ketcham area). My active on Saturday Sep 8th was hiking in Arizona.  My Active over Labor day was, jeeping, hiking & exploring mines in Idaho (Fairfield, Sun valley & Ketcham area) My active on Saturday Sep 8th was hiking in Arizona.



Brian Enge, Vice President was honored to be able to compete in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas.  There was a great international crowd of impressive athletes from 50 countries and all 50 US States.  I got my tail kicked by the toughness of the course, the heat (102 at finish) and the competition!



Brian M. Wicklund, Account Executive. Labor Day weekend I battled the 105* heat in El Centro and went hunting for the Dove Season opener. In the picture you see a full limit of dove, and my bird dog / hunting partner Brilla (Bree-yah) who is muddy from swimming in the canals and staying cool.  All in all it was a great hunt, great weekend.  Last weekend my family and I went camping at Lake Morena, about an hour east of San Diego. It was our first trip with our new baby Logan, at 7 weeks old. We went for a little boat ride around the lake in the afternoon, which he seemed to like. My older son, Weston loved being out on the water. Unfortunately, we did not have time to fish, but we did have a great time.



Jonathan Denson and Jay Oziminski from the Nashville office, along with Jay’s son Alec, completed their first sprint Triathlon on September 1st in Manchester TN. A shorter swim was perfect for us (pictured is Jay at Transition 1 and at finish), but the bike and run were challenging enough for us Triathlon Rookies. We all met our time expectations and are looking forward to doing more next year.

JAY 1.jpgJAY2.jpg


Jason Warren, Implementation Analyst reports two weeks ago I took my Active X day to pan for gold with some old friends on the Nooksack river up in Washington State.  We hiked about 10 miles roundtrip and saw some of the most beautiful country sides in the world.  While we were not planning on striking it rich, we did have a blast.  We actually walked away with about .5 grams of gold split between 5 guys.  At about $1800 an OZ for gold we made about 6 cents an hour.  I think I’ll stick with Active!



Burnaby Cycling Group: this Saturday morning the group has to ride without their group leader Jim Cruickshank (Product Manager, Class) as Jim raced in RBC GranFondo,  a 130+KM ride from Vancouver to Whistler with a lot of big hills in between. The group started with their regular route with a new member Bardya Ariana joining us for the first time. Then 3 of the members (Paul Cheung, Rod Sheeter, Matthew Cox) tried a new route that demanded them to ride through 8K chewed up road. But at the end is very nice so it all worth all the bumps along the way. When everything said and done, it was a very nice 56KM ride in another beautiful sunny Saturday.



Mark Warble, West Coast Supervisor – IT Client Services reports Labor Day weekend Denise Jackson (PHR, Health & Wealth Specialist, Senior- San Diego), Mark Warble (West Coast Supervisor – IT Client Services- San Diego), and friend Christian went camping in Stone Creek, just outside of Idyllwild, CA. One highlight was finding-out the box with our 8-person tent only had the poles—no tent! Thankfully, Hemet was a short drive from our site and we were able to find three 2-person tents. Note to self: Check all boxes and bags prior to leaving home. Otherwise, we had a beautiful and relaxing 3-day weekend filled with campfires, grilled foods, scenic walks, card games and a delicious assortment of S’more-concoctions. Can’t wait to go again!




Denise Kendrick enjoyed my first mud run with my son and cousins at the Murrieta Mud Run.



Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist, San Diego - On Saturday my buddies and I ran 27 miles across the entire San Bernardino Mountain range starting with a 3-hour ascent of San Gorgonio (11,500'), the highest peak in southern California, first and continuing across the 10,000' ridge line into a rain/hail/lightening/thunder storm for the final 3 hours of our 8-hour run. My ActiveX bandana saved the day protecting my ears and neck from the cold stinging hail balls and rain. Despite the storm, we finished the route 30 minutes faster than the last time I attempted it!



Justin Ramers, Director of Social Media.  ACTIVE was on the stage at AT&T Park last Thursday talking about social media at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium.  As a life-long Giants fan, I was extremely fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to speak from atop the Giants dugout.  So cool!

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