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A Grand Fondo Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Apr 11, 2011

Rui Zhang (Class Team): ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament!


ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament is held in Xi’an now. There are 29 Activers from different teams to attend the tournament; these players are divided into 2 groups by drawing lots. The whole tournament includes group game and Elimination game, and there are 196 matches to take place only in group stage. 8 players in each group can enter into Elimination game! This is really funny and interesting with a long schedule around 2 months. Every afternoon, many colleagues will come to watch the matches and add oil for players.




Danae Brooker, Director of Business Solutions:


I wanted to provide you an update of my 10-year old son and my Spring Break.  We rode from Yuma (the Colorado River) to Carlsbad (the Pacific Ocean).  We completed 224 miles over 6 days!  Awesome trip!!!  Here are some pictures:


Marshall & Danae dip their tires in the Colorado River at the start of the trip!


Marshall riding down a dirt road to get to our first campsite.


Mornings were cold as we geared up to ride between 35 and 55 miles per day!


A quick rest stop before continuing the ride through the Anza Borrego Desert.


The weather changed drastically as we headed into Julian – riding up Banner Grade, I was actually knocked off my bike by a huge gust of wind!


On Saturday, we make it to the Pacific Ocean to dip our tires!


Here is the entire group of riders – 50 of which are 5th graders!  Amazing!


Robert T. Klingensmith, Vice President, Media + Marketing: Team Active lines up for the third annual Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego.  Thanks to everyone at Active for their support... it was the best event yet!!




MIKE REILLY rode the Gran Fondo 60 mile event and it was an Active history day. Mike rode with Active USA founder JIM WOODMAN all 69 miles talking about the beginning years of Active up to the present.  The 60 miles went by in a flash.  Our own ROB KLINGINGSMITH produced the event and LARKIN GEYER & LINDSAY NESSELROAD lead the way at the start.




Jeannie M. Freis, Associate Product Manager: The Boulder office sent 4 teams to Sunday’s Buckhorn Exchange (half marathon) Relay.  I ran most of leg 1 (5 miles) with fellow ActiveXers Brett Burch and Chuck Langdon, and was thankful for their many encouraging words along the way.  Just prior to the race start, Brett stated his intention was to see if he could get one of us to throw up.  “After all, this is a race and we should push ourselves!” added Chuck.  Attached is the photo of my relay team members  post race - my boyfriend, Kelly Feagans, me, and friend Katy Rhoades.  We came in 8th in the co-ed relay division.
buckhorn relay2.JPG

Michael O’Brien, Desktop Management: I ran a 5K for St. Jude this past Saturday in Nashville.  I raised over $200 in donations and set a personal record of 29:21.  I attached a pic of me in my St. Jude racing jersey before heading out the door to run.




Scott Yeske, Industry Manager: My "Thirsty Niners" Ice Hockey Team Won the Winter Season Championship this past weekend.  We played a best of 3 series and Won 2 games to 1.  This marks our Second Championship in Three Seasons!



Damon Mathews, Sr. Web Designer: Damon took 2nd place in his pool at the 2011 Las Vegas Footbag Jam. Competitors traveled from as far away as Austrailia to attend the event. This was the second time Damon has competed at this event. Below is a link to some random Footbag Circles at the event. Damon is seen in the opening shot and again at 6:06.

The overall winner this year (and last year) was tournament host and director Evan Gatesman from Las Vegas. The official final Circle Contest can be seen in the video below:

Dak Jordan (ActiveEducate) and Mike Fries, ran in the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in Chicago.  After a long, cold, snowy winter, the sun came out and the temperature was in the low 70's, perfect for a run.




Eric Olson, GM of SMB Events, watched his fiancée Mary Beth Ellis out sprint fellow American Kelly Williamson down the finishing shoot for the 70.3 US Championship and 4th overall at Texas 70.3. She fought through jet lag and a cold for a strong follow up to her win at Singapore 70.3 two weeks ago. The race was more stressful for the spectator than the racer. Notice the logo on the finishing shoot. Sweet.


Texas finish.jpg


Karen Hardy, Christina Hanson & Sarah Moosbrugger completed the Medio Fondo 60 Miler with a bunch of fellow ActiveX’ers.  We had a blast & think it would have been even more fun if we trained for it!




Alicia Towery, (Technical Account Manager) ran the San Marcos Roundup - 11K Double Peak Challenge and was the 2nd female overall.  The course was straight up a trail for the first three miles with a total elevation gain of 1600 ft.  It was a fun and challenging course. 




MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) did not pass go and most certainly didn't collect $200 when The Game of Life played Monopoly on Friday night.  We had a much better showing, though, losing 15-7.  Some great bids (So close to making a catch behind my back!)  But we're getting better!  In bigger news, the Sentinels are in the championship game tonight (that's 9 pm at Kingsgate in Kirkland, if you're in the area)!  After a horrible regular season, we won our game last Sunday night 3-2 and are now undefeated through the playoffs.  Hopefully the season ends tonight, but if we lost tonight, we get one more chance to seal the deal. 




Tyler Jump, Account Manager - Camps, and Janean Nation, Sales Manager - Sports, enjoyed a late winter storm and spent the weekend snowboarding in Utah.  The powder was fresh and the riding was EPIC!




Liz Harrell (Director - Project Management, San Diego) and her boyfriend Hal Helbock rode the 105 mi route of the Gran Fondo on Sunday. We started the ride together, but that was about it.  Lots of hills and headwind made for a great training day for me.  (10 weeks and 6 days until Ironman!)  Hal was the 3rd cyclist to cross the finish line... even though this was a "ride" and not a "race".  Not too shabby for a Mountain Biker. :-)




Chris Gielow, ActiveWorks Interaction Designer, poses at the Olympic Training center SAG station, the halfway point at the Gran Fondo San Diego.


Chris at the Olympic Training Center 2.jpg


Vanessa Allen, Senior Marketing Manager, Sports, spent a week in Petite Riviere de Nippes, in southwest Haiti, working with school kids on art instruction at a school supported by the American Haitian Foundation. We took opportunities to do some sight-seeing, too, and on our last day in Haiti visited Saut du Baril spring/cascades up in the mountains. We hiked up the trail/road +/- 5 miles to visit the falls that are fed by a natural spring out of volcanic rock. Beautiful, cool clean water – a great way to cool off after a long, hot hike! My friends along for the trek are Mary and Debbie (ActiveX-ers by affiliation). Photo also included of one of our “art school” sessions with the students.


van at saut du baril.JPG


van with class 2.JPG


Lindsay Nesselroad (International Specialist) and Larkin Geyer (previous long time Active employee and current Active family member) finishing the Gran Fondo! What a great day and an even more amazing ride!




Steve Mazza had a great ride at the Gran Fondo Colnago, a great day, sunny and lots of smiling Active faces! Kudos to Rob and his team for such a well organized event. Photo snapped as I finished.




DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Engineer, San Diego -
My 16-year-old son and I volunteered then rode in our third Colnago Gran Fondo San Diego, taking on the challenge of the 105 mile century route with many miles of back country climbing.  Hills are my biggest challenge on a bike, and the six mile continuous climb of the "king of the mountain" stage took everything I had. This was the only timed stage, and my 1hour 38minute grind placed me 908 out of 910 riders that attempted the climb-- brutal, but not dead last!


We rode the countryside together, but near mile 83 I turned my son loose to push himself for a better time - he still had fresh legs and mine were pretty well done. We both finished the full century route, a little late, but at least we made it back during daytime this year unlike the year before.  Big improvements for both of us in completing our second century ride ever.  We handled two flats and had fewer technical difficulties than the 2010 Gran Fondo. Loved the course changes from last year, which worked out well and tested us with a serious endurance event including 5,500 feet of climbing and headwinds for the last 25 miles. The event featured beautiful weather, a remote course green from the recent rains, and first class SAG support. A big thanks to the team at Active in supporting another great Gran Fondo, and also to the friends and family that came out to cheer us and other riders on the course.

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Snow, Miles and Smiles

Posted by Active Toby Mar 14, 2011

Lisa Baldwin, Director of Client Migration in Burnaby completed the Inaugural Golden Ears Bridge 10K run.  Despite the relentless rain, some wind and the steep bridge incline, Lisa set a new PR shaving 8 minutes off her previous best 10K time!  Ah, a good day indeed.




Rebecca Zent, Strategic Account Manager in Boulder, CO -- Did 6 mile snow hike without snowshoes. We thought we didn't have enough snow for our snowshoes, so we used our Yack Tracks but mine got lost on the hike. This photo was taken about 40 minutes into our hike. Areas of our hike, your foot would drop into about 2-3 ft of snow. You had to laugh your way through the hike even though it was frustrating to lose your footing. Great core workout to lift your body out of the snow and continue on the path.
Over the hike took us 3.5 hours for 6 miles. Great day, great company, and great workout!


Rebecca snow hiking in CO mtns.jpg

James Lonsdale Hands (Events) and Sam Renouf (International) enjoying a day's skiing in Beijing with event clients. Note the smog and complete lack of snow beyond the piste - it was entirely artificial only a few miles from Beijing Airport.




Brian Enge, VP, Revenue Growth -- This weekend I traveled to Catalina Island for the Catalina Marathon.  I was thankful to finish 3rd overall and 1st in my old guys age group.  It was fun to get ActiveX on the podium.   The run across the island is spectacular and should be on every runner's short list.


Enge Catalina.JPG

Marc Kozai, Manager, Online Advertising Systems -- Justin Ramers, Jen Meanley and myself attended the Adobe/Omniture Summit last week in SLC and decided to extend our trip a bit to get a little snowboarding/skiing in.  It had not snowed for about 4 days so there was not much powder to be found inbounds.   1/2 way thru the day, Jen told me she was bummed that she missed ActiveX this week and that she had not been physically challenged yet.  So we went for a 45min hike and found the attached.  Snow was so good, that we traded the second half of our day to get this twice before the lifts closed for the day.




Yesterday in Escondido, Mike Reade (Sr. Software Engineer), Anusheh Chavez (Executive Asst.), Mark Warble (Desktop Mgmt Team Lead) and Bree Kulis (Market Mgr, Golf) from the San Diego office finished the inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon.  It was a beautiful day for a half marathon, but the course was hillier than expected. Not too many animals were out and about that early, but we caught a glimpse of some Rhinos near the finish line.


Safari Park Half_03.13.2011.jpg


Chris Hemphill, Manager SCM and DevTools -- safari park 1/2 marathon - 1:56:11 chip time; 1:51:52 watch time which does not include the potty stop at mile 3 – best part of the race?  Seeing the baby rhino doing laps with her Mom at mile 13. I also killed my previous PR of 2:12 5 years and 30+ pounds ago.


Valerie Prestidge, Technical Account Manager -- Valerie Prestidge (Technical Account Manager) & friends ran the Inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon on Sunday.  Even with a gnarly spill after mile 6, I was able to PR the race!




Christine Crosby, Account Executive, Communities in San Diego - I completed my first 5K event with my husband, Bryan Crosby.  We ran the "Finish Chelsea's Run 5K" in Balboa Park.


Christine Crosby.JPG


Anthony Valentino, Senior Account Manager - Strategic Accounts (San Diego) enjoyed a weekend of wheels and great California locations.  Saturday he rode the Solvang Century in Central California and washed it down with a 4 mile run along State Street to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara.  Sunday was a little less intense - beach cruiser boardwalk crawl in Manhattan Beach.



Stephany Cavatoni, General Manager, Consumer Insight and Access -- The entire Cardenas family (Stephany Cavatoni, GM, Consumer Insights) enjoyed opening day festivities for Davis Little League, including a parade, dedication, the first pitch, picnic, games, and more.  We are looking forward to Lucas' first season with Little League - Go Phillies!!


lucas opening day.JPG


Amanda, Bennett, baby to be named later, and Joel Werdell (ActiveWorks Swimming Product Manager in Bothell)  built some long lasting memories up at around 4500ft during the dead of winter. Amanda is with child and in her 8th month of pregnancy! It took us about 5 hours to hike the 6 mile trail with 1100 ft of elevation gain. We were all very glad to get to camp and have some hot food. The evening and morning consisted of playing in the snow, hanging in the tent and plenty of sleep and hot food.  The next day we awoke to plenty of snow and a fantastic hike out.  Bennett (16 months) was either belting out animal noises or conked out in the baby backpack.  Overall we had a great time and surprising even for me, Amanda said she would do it all over again.  As you can see in the pictures we got a few of feet of new snow while we were up there and Bennett, when warm and fed was all smiles. Thanks to our beloved community of Peak 7 who helped get us every step of the way. Couldn't have done it without you guys!




This weekend I finally did something worthy of the weekend warriors updates.  I did my first roller derby bout!  San Diego has had women’s derby for years.   We are starting up a men’s team.  There’s not enough men yet so we play co-ed with the girls (which is a blast).  This weekend, I played in my first public bout.  White shirt in the photos.  Number 1966 (great year to be born).




Burt N. Repine, Sr. Software Engineer in San Diego -- had a blast with the family at the inaugural San Diego Zoofari  Park Half Marathon on Sunday finishing in 1:29:13, which was good enough for 2nd in his age group, but not good enough for the highest family placing, as his Mom ended up winning hers. His two boys and his step-father took on the 5K portion and everyone had a great time! What a venue/what an event!



(photo courtesy of Active's own Arch Fuston who was shooting and cheering along the course)


Demian Dorrance, Sr. Systems Engineer,  IT,  San Diego

I was in the UK to attend my graduation from the University of London  with a BSc in Information Systems and Management, when I represented  ActiveX in a local race organized by the Mornington Chasers running  club. I landed on Saturday evening and ran my first ever 10k race, in  freezing weather near 0 Celsius early Sunday morning. Finished the  Regent's Park Winter 10k in 1:05:45, despite some outrageous event  preparation that consisted of a transatlantic flight, a night on the  town in London, some local cider, and three hours sleep. Still achieved a  personal best: this was my first event running continuously with no  walking breaks. Kudos to the local club marshals who kept everyone going  with delightfully understated English cheers of "well done, runners."  at every corner of the Regent's Park course.



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Jim Garfield M&M and Mike Rielly ran with the Running USA crew including Boston Marathon race director McGillvary in San Antonio this weekend.




Scarlett Dalgleish, Software Consultant, ran the San Diego Mermaid Run 10K on Sat. with a time of 55mins 20sec.


Jeff McHugh hiked along the Columbia River Gorge on Sunday.  Multnomah Falls to Wahkeena Trail to Angel's Rest (picture). Great day for a hike.


Jeff Columiba River Gorge.JPG


Margaret Patrick, Sports Sales Manager and Emily Joller, Endurance Account Manager, participated in the Inaugural Coronado 10K for Valentine's Day.  It was a gorgeous day, beautiful course, PRs for everyone and we had Andy Reilly announcing our arrival.  Emily claimed one of the coveted Tiki statues with a blazing time of 40:10! 


Girls at Coronado 10K.jpg


Emily's Tiki.jpg


Tyler Jump (Account Manager - Camps) and Janean Nation  (Sales Manager - Sports) participated in this weekend's Puppy Love 5k benefitting Helen Woodward Animal Center.  It was a good sized crowd, and fun to see all the dogs settle in very quickly with each other as soon as the event started.  Carlie and Edward (our pups) had a blast as was Carlie's first 5k!






PAUL HOMER and MELANIE WIVIOTT (Bothell, WA) completed the Valentine's Day Dash 5k around Green Lake in Seattle on Saturday.  Melanie had a great day with her sister and Paul PR'd (well, it was his first 5k) but failed to find a date for Valentine's Day.  The second photo shows the winners of the costume contest.


Valentine's Day Dash.jpg


Valentine's Day Dash - Contest Winners.jpg


Valerie Prestidge (Technical Account Manager) & friends returned to Three Sisters Falls for a great hike, some cliff jumping, and all smiles.  A perfect day with amazing people!







Paul McLure, Account Manager Educate - completed my first half marathon on Sunday, the San Dieguito Half. I finished with a time of 2 Hrs 12min 14 seconds. The area is real nice with some hills - fun!!  This event has some really good chili and and beer which helps you get to the finish line.


IMG00051 2.13.11.jpg



NYC’s Rick Penque placed first in the annual Rick Penque Metric Ton Challenge, a series of weekly shoveling-endurance events that commenced in mid-December.  Online registration among family members continues to remain low, but Rick is glad to report increased back strength of recent…


Metric Ton Challenge winner.jpg

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Irontastic Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Jun 28, 2010

I finally got to hear Mike Reilly tell me "You are an IRONMAN!" while crossing the finish line this weekend in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  The course was amazingly beautiful and the community here was incredibly supportive.  I was spoiled to have my parents and my older sister here to cheer for me in person and many people supporting and following along via the web. I've never felt anything like running in the last 4 blocks with screaming fans lining the streets towards the music and lights at the finish line.  It was worth every sacrifice I've made to get there.   What a day!  Finished in 15 hours and 7 minutes ... way ahead of my goal.  Huge thanks to everyone who was a part of the journey!  :-)


Congratulations to Michelle!


Eric Olson, Associate GM – Events, competed in the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon this weekend. The race was changed to a 5K run, 40K bike, 10K run duathlon after a swimmer went missing in Saturday’s sprint. I’m not a duathlon guy, and it was a tough day. The race started well with a good first run and a decent bike. In the end, the 100+ heat index and lack of shade took its toll, and I was just happy to finish. My girlfriend finished 5th in the pro women’s race, suffering through the heat and humidity at a much faster pace than me. 




Mike and Brian Law at ironman coeur d alene




Michele Crepeau ran the Achilles Hope and Possibility 5 Mile run in NYC, such an incredible inspiration with all the Achilles athletes participating.  Followed it up with a bike ride down to Battery Park City.  Fun in the NYC sun!


Anthony Valentino - Account Executive, Higher Education, San Diego – spent the weekend with daughter Jade teaching her to build and start her first campfire at Cuyamaca State Park, share apple pie in Julian, celebrate his grandmother’s 90th in Corona, and watched his girlfriend compete in the Huntington Beach Sand Soccer Tournament. Perfect!




Chuan Hu from China:


Chuan and Lily continue their Tibet trip. We drove to the Everest Base Camp at June 24th. We saw the beautiful lake, the glacier and the highest mountain in the world – Mt. Everest.


On the way to the base camp, there is 102KM road under very bad condition. It requires very good driving skill. After 3 hours, we arrived at the base camp.


When the evening was coming, Mt. Everest in the sunset became red. It was the most beautiful view in the world!





Matthew Henry (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming) ran the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on Saturday with Team in Training and a few of his friends from the Bothell office, including Sijen Olthof who he caught up with around mile nine.  The course was incredi-hilly, but he managed to finish in 4:31, a PR by 17 minutes.  The best part was, he felt good enough to do 90 minutes of hot yoga on Sunday morning.  Next up, Chicago!  


SCOTT FRIESEN (Associate Product Manager for Golf & Resort Solutions) ran in his very first marathon at the Seattle Rock N Roll on Saturday.


I was a little disappointed in my time of 4:16.   But considering that my longest run before the marathon was 15 miles, overall I’m happy to have finished with a smile on my face.  This was easily the most challenging physical event that I’ve participated in.   I couldn’t help but fill up an entire notepad of the things I’ll do differently next time.  Despite all of the new pains I enjoyed over the weekend, I’m looking forward to running this distance again in the future.


Scott Seattle Marathon 2010.JPG


Big kudos go out to Jamie Williams who powered through a weekend of serious cycling. Friday evening sported an intense spinning class at 24 Hour Fitness, followed by an early morning 30-mile road ride through the hills of Palos Verdes on Saturday. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Ask Jamie about the 13% grade on Via Coronel. On Sunday, Jamie set out to conquer the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains with Lorraine Daly, and former UCLA varsity crew members Justin Price and Brad Stapleton. The 72.5 miles may have had close to forty miles of rolling to flat terrain along the Pacific Coast, but the remaining 32+ miles dished up just over 4000 feet of vertical gain, with gradients as much as 11%. The climb up Stunt Road, very close to where the Tour of California passed earlier this year, was sweetened as Jay Leno drove by in a classic 1915 roadster and waved to our weekend warriors.


Jim Garfield, Tawnya Bordalo, Mike MacDonald and Jim Sola participated in the San Diego International Triathlon on Sunday.  All four of us competed in the International distance race (1K-30K-10K), and the cool and cloudy morning was perfect for all of us to meet or exceed our expectations… “good times” were had by all: Jim G. (2:01), Tawnya (2:29), Mike (2:13), Jim S. (2:25). They were cheered on by Nolan Hansen and Karen Hardy.  A beautiful course winding its way up over the Spanish Bay Park. Interesting point to point run finishing at Fisherman’s Village.  It was a long walk back to the transition area…..oy!



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MIKE REILLY working and reporting from the Boston Marathon. Happy Patriots Day!  His daughter Erin (white visor) and Niece Kim (Pink visor) ran the marathon for the first time.  Lisa Rainsberger the last American woman to win Boston (1985) started the women's race.  Robert Cheruiyot from Kenya set a new course record in 2:05:52.  The Boston Marathon in my opinion is the best in the world and not to be missed.


Photos from Mike:




Jim Garfield (M&M) and Jared Hinkley (M&M) participated in the 6k DOW/Live Earth Run for Clean Water.  Active is doing the registration for this 200 city world wide event to raise awareness for clean drinking water.  6K is the average distance a woman has to walk in Africa to get to clean drinking water.  The DOW event is also the largest clean water initiative in history.  We were joined by Los Angeles based advertising agency clients, professional triathlete Jenny Fletcher and Fall Out Boy musician Pete Wentz.


j,p and me.JPGangency1.JPG


Lindsay Nesselroad Solana Beach Training @ Mission Bay Park. 4/17 Good Times!!




Stella Cardenas (daughter of Stephany Cavatoni, GM, Consumer Insight and Access) and her U6 Softball Team had a great game against tough competitors this weekend – and all team members had great hits (no tee required!) and are really picking up their fielding game.  Stella rocked out first base!


stella batting.jpg


Eddie Rafols, Software Trainer, kicked off my running season with the St. Albert 10 Mile Road Race on Sunday. I finished with a personal best of 1:10:11. And true to my roots as a member of the golf consulting group, I managed to squeeze in a round of golf in the afternoon as well!


This is WW report from Xi'an, China.


Weekend Warriors From XI'AN, CHINA - CASH XU (Accountant), EDA ZHAO (Development Tools Administrator), PAUL GUO (Desktop Administrator), Fod Shadbakht (English Trainer) and ERIC MA (Directory Market Dev, M+M) took an 80K (60K Flat, 10K Uphill and 10K Downhill) tour ride to Jiulong Pond, a beautiful scenic spot in Qinling Mountains.


It was not cool to ride in such a chilly day, especially they just experienced a weird snow last week in Xi'an! But it's an awesome ride with such a great group. There're so many funs riding the sinuous rocky terrain, so challenging to ride uphill! While downhill was crazy, their hands were so stiff to hold the brake all the while for 20mins, besides have to dodge the vehicles passing through!




Tawnya Bordalo, Heidi Achenbach, James Sola and Jeremy Spitzberg enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning ride from Fiesta Island to Solana Beach and back (35mi).  As expected, the fog you see in the picture burned off just as we were about to climb the hill at Torrey Pines.




Brooke Kirkpatrick, Account Manager, ActiveSports - I celebrated "spring back to Vail" for the last day of skiing this season.   We have a tradition of dresssing up as Omigos and Senoritas every year. Yesterday was a perfect blue bird day to spend the day with friends, skiing, and watch pond jumping!




Evan Witte (Product Manager - Foundation) ran the Carlsbad 5000 last weekend with a finishing time of ~20 minutes. Unfortunately due to losing a bet he donned a full 80's inspired costume in celebration of the 25th anniversary event.


Carlsbad 5000.jpg


Busy weekend here in the NW.  Rain or shine, we had a Zoo Outing followed by a Red Mill Burger Outing(In and Out of Seattle). Great day out with Family and Friends.  Thank you for coming out to play


Daffodil Classic Metric Century (100 kilometer/62 mile).


AprilActivities 003.jpg


Sijen Olthof and Nicole Pelley (Business Analyst)rode the Daffodil Classic this weekend.  Great day for a ride with Mt. Rainer as our backdrop. This is the longest distance we have ever ridden.  Our goal by the end of the summer is to ride from Seattle to Portland.


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist in San Diego camped out in Cuyamaca State Park (thanks ReserveAmerica!) with Airey Baringer, Jesse Hammond and Mike Clarke and did a 5 hour mountain bike ride on Saturday

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Gran Fondo Warriors

Posted by Active Toby Mar 9, 2010

Robert T. Klingensmith, Vice President, Media + Marketing, Thanks to everyone at Active who participated in -- and volunteered at -- the 2nd annual Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego (and bike wash).  Conditions were truly heinous. You all are tough!




Ricky Grey (Active Creative), Race Director and Active M @ M VP Rob Klingensmith and Jim Garfield (Active M&M) enjoyed another successful Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego. Jim once again channeled the mighty voice of Active's own Mike Reilly in announcing the race and battling the elements.   Over 3,200 riders braved a couple rain drops and participated in this year's event!




Chris Gielow, Lead Interaction Designer, Foundations, San Diego, did the San Diego Gran Fondo with the Active crew! There were 8 flats between us, but we hung together and finished strong!


I was intwo of the San Diego Union Tribune photos:




Emily Nesselroad Manager, Sampling/Promotions & ActiveRewards, San Diego, my sister and I rode in the 32 Mile Gran Fondo bike race on Sunday. It was poring rain for about 80% of the race. It was a real test of inner and physical strength. I'm so happy that we finished the race. The Gran Fondo was an all around amazing experience!




Jamie Williams, Data Warehouse Architect, Jamie Williams survived the Gran Fondo ride this weekend - starting from Little Italy in downtown San Diego, across the Coronado bridge, around the bay and back into town.  Actually it was the cold and the rain and the 8 flat tires our group of 7 had that made the ride a challenge! :-O  We opted for 32 miles instead of a longer ride since we spent over an hour just changing tires.  On the plus side I think we're all tire changing experts!


Regina  Huricks also completed  the Family Fondo ride and sent in some photos...they capture the mood of wet, cold and most  are blurry..hahaha!

Picture 011.jpg Picture 016.jpgPicture 015.jpgPicture 012.jpg

Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist, San Diego, rode with the above-mentioned crew from Active (including Airey Baringer, Evan Witte, Brett Davies and Mike Reade) during the Gran Fondo and put this video together:



Jeannie Freis, Associate Product Manager in Boulder, snowboarded at Eldora Sunday.  Friday night I took 2 dance classes (hip hop and jazz). Saturday I took 2 tap dance classes.


Jeannie - Eldora 1snowboard.jpg


Penny Curry, ActiveNet Consultant, my C League Ice Hockey team won the Winter Season Championship!  I don't have a picture yet of the team, attached is a picture of the cup.  Unfortunately, I was not able to play the last 4 games because I was injured during a playoff game February 24th.  I broke my right clavicle during a playoff game. The break was severe enough to require surgery, which was performed last Wednesday. Luckily, I was able to attend the last two playoff games last night to watch my team, and my husband win the championship!




Paul McLure, Account Manager, My wife, two daughters and I participated in the Kids Magic Mile on Saturday in Balboa Park.  It is a nice short 1 mile run - Lily our four year old ran the entire mile. Stella our 3 year old was on my shoulders most of the way for a free ride.




Joe Schum, Account Executive, Activeevents, Atlanta, GA, Ran the Albany Snickers Marathon in Albany, GA last Saturday, March 06 in 3:53:00.


Michelle L. Ulrich, Ran the SCPD 5k at the Beach 5k in 18:35 to finish first female and set a new course record for top female finisher!




Sijen Olthof, Sr. Implementation Analyst, Bothell, WA. Took advantage  of the sun and went hiking with family and friends at Barclay Lake,  beautiful day. Looking forward to spring and summer.




And last, but certainly not least, we have Demian Dorrance, Sr. Systems Engineer, Active Systems Team:


In our second year participating in the Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego, my 15-year-old son and I were determined to challenge the 101 mile route and complete a first century ride for each of us.  We spent the week before in the bike shop and on the road preparing for the event, and we both volunteered at the Gran Fondo event check-in. We were going for it rain or shine, but the weather didn’t cooperate. We were already soaked through before the start but still cheerful as we crossed the start line with a great group from Active.


The heavy rain and winds for the first 22 miles caused us two stops to buy extra layers and a pair of dry gloves. We reached the 2nd aid station at mile 30 in the Olympic Training Center well behind the other century riders, and my son’s bike needed a bracket repair. Despite the delay, we were feeling good and decided to push on into the countryside for full mountain route rather than turn back for the 50 mile route.


We were the last ones to start the climb at the King of the Mountain timing line, just as the course timer was packing up.  Neither of us are strong climbers, but we ground out the mountain stage one mile at a time. The course crew tried to talk us out of it three times since we were now the tail end of the century group and behind course schedule, but neither of us would quit. We got a mental boost at the mountain aid-station, and some quick support to temporarily fix a broken bolt on my son’s bottle cage with tie wraps. Ride tip: you cannot each a sandwich on a mountain descent… even at slow speed each bump throws tomato and cucumber on the course


At mile 64, we met our match. My chain started skipping then the rear derailleur caught on a short climb and snapped off. We had brought the parts and tools we might need, but somehow a derailleur hanger hadn’t come to mind.  I told my son we were done and called ride dispatch to see if we could get a repair.  By this time, the repair teams were elsewhere on the course and they would only pick us up.  When I broke the news to my son, he wanted to continue on solo and finish what we started.  I admired his determination, but wouldn’t let him go on without support.  With 37 miles to go, I decided to convert my 18-speed bike to a single speed by tying the derailleur out the way and shortening and repairing my broken chain.  I thanked the SAG vehicle for the awesome moral support, but turned down the last ride in. The course was now closed, and we were on our own adventure to finish what we started. Who knew that you could seat mount a derailleur?


At mile 78, my son had a flat tire. After we had replaced the tube darkness had fallen, so we installed his bike light and made a push to get out of the backcountry. We were never so happy to see a street light, and the final miles in the city felt fantastic despite my slower pace with a single gear.


We successfully crossed the finish line in San Diego’s Little Italy 14 hours after we started. We were thoroughly soaked, but incredibly thrilled to have finished 101 miles distance, 4,000+ feet of elevation on climbs, and overcome every obstacle to finish our first century ride.



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Winter Warriors

Posted by Active Toby Mar 1, 2010

Jeannie Freis (Associate Product Manager, RegOnline) found some good bump skiing and powder on Eldora’s backside.


Jeannie Freis.jpg


Jake Cooney While I wasn't actively participating in it other than drinking Canadian beers (sidenote: I did a 15 mile training run yesterday), I had the opportunity of attending the short track speed skating finals.  It was by far the coolest sporting event I've ever attended and a very exciting event to see live. Unfortunately Apolo was robbed of the silver but at least we got a silver in women's and a bronze in the men's relay.




Matthew Henry (Interaction Designer on Foundation in Bothell) filled his weekend with endurance and athletic activities.  He started his Saturday morning with an hour long run with Team in Training around Seward Park, preparing for the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon.  Immediately following, he endured 13 hours watching Avatar, Up in the Air, Precious, The Blind Side and Inglorious Basterds without falling asleep once.  (It doesn’t have to be an athletic event to be an endurance event!!)  Finally on Sunday morning, he showed up at the Granite Curling Club behind 150 people looking to try curling.   Curling’s actually harder than it looks.  For anyone with yoga experience, imagine half-pigeoning across the ice.  At the end, the junior national champions showed up to make all the newbies feel extra bad. 


Let me know if you’re interested in an ActiveX curling team.  Leagues start in April!!!




We rode in the Chilly Hilly this weekend here in Seattle.  A beautiful day for a bike ride and 2,675 feet of Hilly climbing!


ChillyHilly 012.jpg

In photo (JASON KARLS, UX Design Lead; SIJEN OLTHOF, Sr. Implementation Analyst; Nicole Wilde, Business Analyst) BOTHELL OFFICE.


ANDY GEORGE and his daughter AVA from the San Diego had an adventuress snowy weekend. Their group weathered over a foot of new snow in less than 18 hours at a remote YMCA Adventure Guide camp located in the southern California mountains.



Larry Andruetti and Stephen Matsuba were Olympic weekend Warriors.  On Saturday, they went to the Gold Medal Men's Curling game that saw Canada's Kevin Martin rink win Gold. Then they went to see the Bronze Medal Hockey game between Finland and Slovakia.  Finland won the Bronze.


Then on Sunday, they went to see the Gold Medal Men's Hockey game between Canada and the USA. The overtime goal scored by Canada's Sidney Crosby is now one of the greatest goals in Canadian hockey history (sorry, USA).


After the game, Larry went to watch the closing ceremony and Stephen went to view the Olympic Cauldron and celebrate with 100,000 other people in Vancouver's downtown core.


Stephen Matsuba at the gold medal hocky game.jpgThe gold medal ceremony.jpgStephen at the Olympic Cauldron.jpg


Rebecca Zent, New Account Specialist, did a two mile run with my dog  in our open space. I also did lunges half way around the .5 mi loop and  squats on the half of loop.


Alex Afandi volunteered at the Catalina Half  Marathon. My assignment was to annouce the finishers throughtout the  race and the race winners at the end of it. The boat ride to Catalina on  Saturday morning was extremely bumpy so I also did some first aide  assists with folks who were getting sea-sick.


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, took on a 23-mile portion of the Pacific Crest Trail for a trail run that climbed for the first 18 miles on a beautiful SoCal Sunday


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Active Lifestyle Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Feb 1, 2010

ActiveX made a good showing at the 2010 Endurance Sports Awards ride and expo this past Saturday. A number of Xers participated in the 200+ cyclists, 25 mile bike ride. Mike Reilly, Ricky Gray, Airey Baringer, Mark Warble, Marc Villaneueva, Tawnya Bardolo, Chris and Julie Barnwell, and Arch and Christy Fuston rode in the peloton with the likes of Craig Alexander (2009 Ironman Hawaii winner), Chris Lieto (2009 Ironman Hawaii runner-up), and Kristen Armstrong (world-champion trim trial). We got dropped.


Rebecca Divita (ETeams), Jim Garfield (M&M) and Tina Novak (Active) journeyed to Aspen for the winter X-Games.  Thrills, chills and definite spills were had by all, including the three of us.  Truly death deifying and gravity resistant tricks were the rule of the weekend….oh and a live concert by 50cent…. 




Orlando, FL, some of the ActiveGolf team went to Orlando for the 2010 PGA Show.  The day prior to the show a group of us (Ben Cruise, Matt Kessler, Joe Pink and Don Cramer) were able to get in a round of golf at the new Waldorf Astoria Golf Club at Disney World (OpenCourse Client).  The golf was unfortunately, well above par.  However, it was a great time to catch up and enjoy the sport we are involved in.




Liz Harrell (Director, Product Management & Projects), Kat Keivens (Online Operations) and Jeremy Spitzberg (Development Manager, UI) rode the coast on a beautiful Sunday morning in Southern California.  26 miles from Solana Beach to Carlsbad and back.  Gearing up for the Gran Fondo in a month!




Deborah Linggi, Director, Employee Communications -- New Year's resolutions to get/stay fit are still going strong.  I taught packed spin classes on both Saturday and Sunday morning at 24 Hour Fitness.


On Saturday, Kat Keivens (Online Account Coordinator) ran in the Lake Hodges 5k Race along with some fellow Active Employees and finished with a time of 26:04.40.  On Sunday Kat enjoyed a scenic 26 mile bike ride and played a soccer game.


Michele Crepeau Skied Vail sat, snow shoed at Beaver Creek Sunday, AMAZING:)


Vail 005.jpg


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, ran the Sun Strides Foundation Lake Hodges 5K on Saturday morning in 18:24 which was good for 8th place overall and 1st place in the 20-29 age group. It was great to celebrate at the finish line with fellow Active Weekend Warriors who also ran the 5K: Andrea Rishmawi, Giselle Domdom, Kat Kievens and Jason Johnson!



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A Noteworthy November  

Posted by Active Toby Nov 9, 2009

Jim Garfield (AMG) and Active alum Chris Wheeler, did the Big Rock Triathlon this past Saturday.  It was great to hear the fans cheer "Go Active".  Wish the cheers could have loosened my tight calf's.....but fun all the same!!




Last Saturday, Oct 31, David Detar (National Account Manager - ActiveOutdoors) and his son Matt (10 yrs old) participated in a local Jack-o-lantern Jog.  It was a 5K race.

The course was tough - a 3/4 mile hill less than a mile from the start and then rolling hills throughout.  We also were forced to run through heavy rain and wind.  We still enjoyed our time together and finished respectably in 27:30 and 27:31.  Pacing with Matt, I my time actually put in in 7th in my age group while Matt finished 4th in the under 11 age bracket.  Next up for both of us is a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!


Michelle Nation, Product Manager - I travelled to Las Vegas this weekend to take on the Desert Beach Big Dirt Triathlon.  The weather and the 1.5 k lake swim were perfect, but the 30 k bike and 10k run were brutal!   As the only female to finish the long course, I brought home the first place trophy which helps me feel a lot better about all the cuts, bruises and sore muscles from crashing on the bike course.   It was my first off-road tri and I will definitely be back for more.


Jim Hine, GM for Consumer Access, rode with a group of eight riders on a 24-mile loop along the South Fork of the Boise River on Saturday.  The stock trails in the Danskin Mountains aren’t maintained so you get pretty worked on the side hills and washouts. You can only ride this area in the fall/winter due to the heavy rattlesnake population in the spring.  I hooked a pedal and got a close-up look at a rock, but the trails were a blast.




Mark Lister (Documentation – Burnaby) competed in the Haney 2 Harrison 100 km road relay this past weekend. Running with “Oconnor’s Washed up All Stars” (comprised of current and former Richmond Kajaks track runners), the team finished second overall in a time of 5:43.48.


Mark was 3rd on his leg of the race, running the 13.1 km stage in 46:26, despite the cold, persistent heavy rain.


Stage 6 results:


Marea Blue (Implementation Analyst) and I (Kirstin Hartos, Technical Account Management Team Lead) traveled to San Francisco over the weekend with our rugby team to play for the Division 1 National Championship.  We faced the Atlanta Harlequins in Friday’s semi-final match, and although they scored first we managed to come from behind in the second half to win 21-10 and advance to the final against Northern Virginia.  We had Saturday to rest and refocus, and came out firing on Sunday – scoring within the first minute of the game to go up 7-0.  We got penalized several times for repeated offenses, and one of our players was sin-binned (like a penalty box in hockey) so we played a man down for 10 minutes in the middle of the first half.  Although we didn’t score again until well into the second half, we managed to hold NOVA scoreless throughout the game.  The final score was 14-0, marking our team’s first ever National Championship.  Marea was also named MVP (well deserved).  Thanks to everyone here for your support throughout the season!




Chris Ochs,  Sales Manager - The Boulder Team participated in Habitat for Humanity.



L-R:  Chris Ochs, Jen Napoli, Dan Partain, Aaron Romero, Eric Johnson, Holly Hale, Nick Stevens.


A fun time was had by all!


Here is the Weekend Warrior from China.


Phoenix Zhong, Jex Chen and Crusoe Xia (From left to right) from Foundations, Chengdu office attended a cycling match at Sunday.


This is the first time China ActiveX team members to attend a national wide, public cycling match in China!

Crusoe got the 1st place in his group and got 53rd in the whole match. It is China ActiveX team’s first record.



“225” in these two pictures is Jex


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On October 10th the 31st running of the Ford Ironman World Championships were held in Kailua-Kona Hawaii.  The Active Network was well represented from Endurance, AMG, International and Management.  A group pic is included along with a crazy nut at the finish line pumping up the crowd.




MICHELE ULRICH in SD with Four friends and I did the Camp Pendleton Mud Run on Saturday morning.  It was a blast and my team finished third in the mixed division.


MICHELE CREPEAU in NY is working her way running events training for the  NYC Marathon. Ran Tunnel to Towers Run, Sept 27th, Grete’s Gallup ½ marathon on Oct 3, 20 miles of the Chicago Marathon on Oct 11th


BERT REPINE in SD was also in Kona, HI rooting on Mom in the Ironman World Championships as she took home 1st place in the 60-64 year old age group. The race marked her 10th Kona Ironman and 5th age group win.  (Great job announcing by the way, heard you from the wee hours of the morning all the way into the night. Don’t know how you do it?)


This past weekend I tried my hand at the Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run --- though I’m certainly no Ironman --- I managed to finish in 51:08, good for 17th overall and 4th in my age group.
This is certainly one of San Diego’s funnest races if anyone out there has ever thought about trying it.


Repine with_Mom.jpgRepine_Mom.jpg


Two weeks ago, CHRIS OCHS Sales Manager, Active Events-Boulder flew to San Diego and competed in the Mission Bay Triathlon.  Battling a fierce headwind, Chris finished with a 1:06, good for Top 10% overall. Yesterday I tried my hand at steer wrestling here in Colorado….I will NOT be joining the rodeo circuit anytime soon!


Ochs_PA180150.JPGOchs_Starting the Run.JPGOchs_Running to Finish.JPG


STACEY JOHNSON ran the Chicago Marathon last weekend (the 11th).  It was SO COLD (never got out of the low 30s that day), but I took 10 minutes off my previous best and finished in 3:49.   Very fun race!


KRISTI DUBIEL Implementation Analyst with Thriva (Scottsdale, AZ).  My kickball team in Arizona, We Kick Your Balls (WYKB) traveled to Las Vegas last weekend to compete in the 2009 WAKA Founders Cup - World Kickball Championships.  We were seeded #5 out of 72 teams going into the tournament.  Although we did not finish as well as we did last year we still had a blast playing.  The level of competition increased significantly over the past year so losing in the Sweet 16 was definitely bittersweet.  We really wished we could have played more games, but we lost to a really great team.  Below is a photo of my team after our loss.


After we got eliminated from the tournament, we started up an unofficial game of Sloshball with the 2008 National Champions (Frosty Balls out of VA) and the #1 seed ASO out of Maine.  It was a great time of shoeless kickball, great friends and alcoholic beverages.


Dubiel_Vegas Nationals 2009.jpg


WILLIAM BASSLER in the SD office did the mud run Saturday and said it was fun!


JESSICA WEXLER (Foundations) October 4th participated in the Mission Bay Sprint Triathlon. It was a fun course and great to see so many beginners out there enjoying the sport for the first time!




JIM GARFIELD reports also from Kona 2 weeks ago.  Active’s Tina Novak, Burt Repine and Jim Garfield tried a new sport…paddleboard! The water and sun was so great..guess it did not matter if we were good or not!  In reporting on the race for Huffington Post and Jim also had the opportunity to observe one of his hero’s in action…Active’s own Mike Reilly once again hit it out of the park with his hall-of-fame announcing!  This past weekend Jim Garfield tried another new sport…beach Volleyball!  I’m sure the MGD 64 wrist bands helped his game!


mike and i.JPGGarfield_serve.JPGgarfield_tina me  and burt.JPG


JASON SLUSARCHUK Account Exec on Saturday I ran in a local charity fundraiser.  The Daniel Igali 5k run for the kids in Surrey, BC


JESSE HAMMOND, AIREY BARINGER and Jesse’s wife EMMY rode to the top of Palomar Mountain in SD County on Sunday. The 41-mile total trip took about 3 and a half hours. Beautiful weather, beautiful views and a thrilling descent down East Grade Road made for a good time out in East County


JIM DE LA CRUZ Application Support Administrator last week ran the Long Beach Half Marathon with CHRISTINA HANSON & EMILY CHAN-NORRIS. It was a great event, nice flat scenic course and terrific food afterwards at the beer garden.  This past Sunday JIM completed the Playa Del Rey Sprint Triathlon at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles time was about 1:29:08. Great conditions for the swim, bike was a nice and open street course I recommend this course next year!


Mark Lister (Documentation - Burnaby) ran his second marathon over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, the Royal Victoria Marathon.

Conditions were perfect - sunny, little wind and only a slight chill in the air. Working in a pack with several other runners, he went through the half-way mark in 1:19:40 en-route to a 6 minute PR!

He finished 19th overall (5th in his age category) in 2:44:10.

Mark now looks forward to resting on his time off this week.



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September Warriors

Posted by Active Toby Sep 14, 2009

Scott Novell, Development Manager in San Diego - Participated in the La Jolla Gatorman  race for the sixth time.  The Gatorman is the longest running swim race in America, it is a 5k swim from the La Jolla cove to Scripps pier and back, No wetsuits allowed!  It was a tough race this year with 6-7 foot swells and a lot of current, there were times I thought I was going backwards.  It was not one of my fastest times but was still an exciting and challenging event and always an exciting start as seen in the picture!


Robert Subkow, Director of Network & Communications - This weekend marked the 4th annual Helen Woodward Surf Dog Competition at Del Mar in which the Golden Surfer’s were well represented.  Jill Sonar Subkow (Our Golden Retriever) placed 4th in her heat of 13 dogs over 60 pounds, and 7th overall in the X-Large dog category, (Please don’t tell her she is extra large, she is a bit touchy about her weight, lol)….  The waves were challenging as the rip current was strong but Jill was able to get in 11 runs in 20 minutes, well she rode while I ran after the board and reloaded her for the next wave. Hope this is a worthy update




Ryan Lyster, Customer Experience Project Manager - I returned last week from Peru where I did a 4 day trek up the Inca trail to reach Machu Picchu with my Dad on his 60th birthday. The trek was difficult for my standards, reaching 4,215m’s above sea level and hiking the vertical of whistler mountain in a single morning! It was well worth it to see all the stunning ruins along the way and to be surrounded by the Andes. Cant say enough about the experience, would recommend it to everyone!



Charlie Trottier, Team Manager in San Diego, CA played with his Saturday Ultimate Frisbee league team for 60 minutes, 8 v. 8 and surfed on Sunday for 40 minutes. The waves were huge!


Jim Garfield (AMG) joined 1,500 athletes to compete in the Nautica Malibu Olympic distance triathlon.  Jim joined fellow Active X’s Rebecca Divita and Kelly Schulty along with Active alum’s Chris Wheeler and Carrie James.  In addition to Sunday’s race Jim channeled his inner Mike Riley once again to announce Sunday’s celebrity race.  This year’s field included Terri Hatcher and Felicity Hufffman (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), Paul Lieberstein (THE OFFICE), William H. Macy and his high school buddy Jeremy Piven ( ENTOURAGE) among many other celeb’s and 3,500 hard charging athletes. This year’s event raised over $1 Million dollars for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.




Dave Detar, Account Manager for ActiveOutdoors - My ten year old son (Matthew) chose Labor Day to run in his first ever timed race.  We registered and ran in the 27th Labor Day 5K Classic in Washington, PA.  Since he had never run in an organized race of this length, I kept cautioning him against starting too fast.  Even with the first part of the course downhill, I was concerned when our 1 mile split was 7:15.  I thought Matt was in trouble.  Much to my surprise and delight, he kept running, stopping only for a quick drink at the mid-point water station.  With the finish line in sight, he pushed forward and crossed in 24:03.  This time earned him first place in his age group.  I finished 6th in my age group.  Not bad for what I thought was going to be a leisurely jog to introduce Matt to organized racing! Here is a picture of Matt picking up his first place trophy.



Tina Novak, Software Consultant in Colorado - This weekend I competed in my first adventure race, the Bearable Adventure Race in Lakewood, CO. It was a partner race, though my friend I signed up with hurt her foot last week and had to recruit my boyfriend as a last minute substitute! We had to complete a water crossing, where the hardest part was inflating our mattress we both had to touch at all times… After the swim we mountain biked 10 miles and ran 4 trail miles over the rivers and through the woods with our stuffed bear in tow, all the way to our orienteering challenge where we had to find 6 different points before running to the finish line. IT. WAS. AWESOME.



Jessica Wexler, (Foundations) - Spent the weekend mountain biking, hiking, and camping in the Hurkey Creek area near Idyllwild, California. Next weekend is the big 24 hours of Adrenaline Race so there were many experienced riders practicing the route and zipping past me on the trail. Note to San Diego co-workers this is an excellent place to camp with your dogs!



Toby Guillette, Community Development Specialist, San Diego - For my last long training run before the Noble Canyon 50K on 9/26, I ran up and down Palomar Mountain this weekend via the Nate Harrison Grade Rd. It was a brutal 10-mile ascent with an 8% grade and 4,700’ of climbing. I would recommend it as a solid mountain bike ride but not as a run. The 10-mile descent was a quad killer and got really hot. At least the view was "kinda" worth it



Bret Harris, Account Manager in San Diego - I helped organize this year’s Paddle For Clean Water event around the Ocean Beach Pier.  This is an annual gathering of ocean enthusiasts organized by the Surfrider Foundation to raise awareness about clean water issues here in San Diego by orchestrating a mass paddle out around the longest pier on the west coast.  Unfortunately, this year’s 1.2 mile paddle adventure had to be postponed due to the large swell, but the festival carried on and was a huge success!



This weekend Tina Wilmott in the PR department took trapeze classes in Escondido for a friend’s birthday. I’ve always wanted to try and highly recommend. It was amazing! Here is a video of me (see attached) flying through the air.

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Dave Detar - Account Manager, ActiveOutdoors participated in the Spirit of Columbus (OH) half-marathon on Sunday, August 30, 2009.  The race setting was very nice as most of the course followed the Scioto river into the heart of the city.  My goal for the race was to break the 2:00 hour mark.  I had run my first half-marathon in May and finished in 2:06.  With great conditions and a favorable course, I was able to achieve my goal, finishing in 1:53:47. Here is a photo near the finish line with my sons {Matt (blue shirt) and Andy (red shirt)}



Jim Hine competed with some friends in the Bogus Basin Hill Climb, which gains 3,600 of elevation over 15 miles.  The record field was capped at 400 riders and I placed 17th in my age group with a PB of 1:15:26.  The fast riders get to the top in under an hour, but I was just trying to keep up with the Nuns on the tandem!  We devoured lime-and-salt popsicles and cruised down slower than usual to take in the views. 







Jim Garfield (Active) and his brother Craig participated in his hometown Chicago Triathlon this weekend.  The Chicago Tri is the largest in the U.S. and I am sure has the biggest pot holes as well.  Over 9,500 participants including Active own Bill Kennedy (Active Multi-Sports) braved the canyon size pot holes, semi- chilly water and great run to compete in this massive event.  The Organizers are really lobbying hard for the 2016 Olympics and put on a first class show!  Barely a 20 min wait for the porta-johns!  You can read Jim’s race report as a featured blog on the Huffington Post.





Brittany Bowles

, Ellen Steevensz and Jamie Williams did the Bike the Bay ride (25+ miles) from Embarcadero Park behind the San Diego Convention Center over the Coronado Bridge and around the bay back to the Park.  The weather was beautiful if a bit hot.  J  It was a lot of fun to go over the bridge on a bike – it’s the only chance of the year to do that.  There is a 4 mile run/walk (May this year) that also lets you over the bridge.  Otherwise it’s car only!!





Meghan Swirski and Leah Pardini participated in the Great Urban Race in Seattle, WA over the weekend. The Great Urban Race is a timed urban adventure. Teams of two solve twelve clues, have a wild city adventure (think: running, lots of running) and complete fun challenges along the course.  We didn’t place, but we finished with over an hour to spare.  Team Name: Meerkats – WATA!


One of the challenges, as shown in the attached photo, was to find the Maximum Minimus Mobile Pig and take a picture of the team jumping in front of it.


Tons of fun, and we got lucky with the weather, was a gorgeous day!




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America's Finest Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Aug 17, 2009

The San Diego half marathon triple crown series came to an end this weekend with the America's Finest City Half Marathon and Active's Mike Reilly announcing the event.


Michelle L. Ulrich - ran AFC Half yesterday and had a great race.  I ran a 1:29:55 placing second in my age division. 


Kevin Beatty ran the AFC half and finished with a time of 1:41. Getting stuck and having to wait for the trolley to pass was a little disappointing, but overall a great day for a race. 


Carol Martin - My goal was to finish in less than 3 hours. And here’s the result…  Just made it. I came in 32nd of the 38 women in the 60-64 age group. The fastest one in my group did it in 1:05 – amazing. It was a real challenge.  But I’m ok.  Have a couple of blisters, but otherwise intact. I think I’ll probably sign up for Carlsbad Half in Jan. 



Jim de la Cruz, from the San Diego office writes, “I am so grateful, I finished the AFC yesterday in 2:06:00 it was great hearing Mike Reilly bring me in and pickup my triple crown award for the 2nd year!”


Anusheh Chavez participated in the AFC 5K.


GISELLE DOMDOM went kayaking with my brother and sister in La Jolla. Then we took advantage of the summer’s last “Free National Parks Weekend” and visited Cabrillo National Monument. We enjoyed beautiful views of San Diego and a great hike.




Steve Mazza went mountain biking in the High Sierras – pics of Minaret Vista and Mammoth Mountain!




Chris Inouye from Thriva Implementation completed his first triathlon under perfect weather conditions.  I thought I’d start small for my first triathlon so I raced the Lake Stevens Half Ironman.  My swim and bike were good, but I cramped up in the first mile of the run.  The cramps never went away, but I thankfully finished in a total time of 5:51.  If Joel Werdell from Thriva Product Management doesn’t get his report in, I’ll brag for him: Joel also raced his first triathlon this weekend.  He had a blistering pace on the bike and finished his Half Ironman in 5:24.  Already looking forward to next year!



Chris Ochs, ActiveEvents OnDemand-Boulder, and his partner Missy Simpson competed in the Muddy Buddy-Boulder on Sunday.  The dirty duo won their age group with a time of 45:57, barely edging out the next finisher by 9 seconds!  Most of all, they had a blast.







Tina Novak got muddy this weekend at the Muddy Buddy race in Boulder, CO. Both my buddy, Katy, and I had never done a Muddy Buddy and had no idea what to expect – so we donned our shiny gold capes and got at it. Needless to say we were NOT disappointed with the trail runs/rides and muddy obstacles, and can’t wait to compete again next year!



Jim Hine - On Saturday we biked the Deadwood River-Julie Creek loop near Lowman, Idaho.  The Deadwood is named for the hundreds of fallen trees that jam up the river most of the year.  Only expert kayakers will risk running it.  The 24-mile loop started with a long push to the main ridge, but the trails on top had fun ups/downs, roots and rocky sections.  The fast switchbacks and creek crossings on the descent were a blast.  Our total elevation gain was 6,110 feet…with 4,300 climbed in the first 10 miles.  We cooled off in the fast-flowing Deadwood after the ride - but the run-off was in the low 50’s so it was a quick dip!







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Months of hard training prepared Team ActiveX for Sunday morning at the Solana Beach Triathlon & Duathlon.  The 2nd Annual ActiveX Charity Challenge was another huge success with over 80 Active employees competing in this year’s events, many being first time Triathletes/Duathletes.  As if this was not accomplishment enough, the team was also successful in raising over $31K in support of the Monarch School! 



Check out the results:


JESSICA WEXLER had a blast at the Solana Beach Triathlon. I hadn’t done a full tri in 5 years and now realize how much I have missed it. It was great fun to see everyone out there on the course! Looking forward to the next one already.



DEBRA URKA participated in the Solana Beach Triathlon for the second time this weekend. The waves going into the swim were intense but overall it was a beautiful and fun day. I look forward to next year.


JAMIE WILLIAMS also did the Solana Beach Triathlon on Sunday!

Michelle L. Ulrich did her first triathlon yesterday at Solana Beach and finished in 1:07:01.  What a fun day and ready for the next one!


RYAN WOOD competed in the San Luis Obispo Triathlon on Sunday with his wife, Lauren. It was their first triathlon. The race was a 900-yard pool swim, a 15.3-mile bike ride with way too many hills and a 3.1-mile run. We finished neck-and-neck, just like we thought we would. It was a great accomplishment for a couple of newbies, and it will NOT be our last tri!



Michelle Nation (Product Manager – San Diego) had the treat this weekend of travelling to Idaho to compete in the Burley Lions Spudman (international distance) triathlon with my mom and my older sister.  We took fourth place in our division with a time of 2:46:24.5.  As promised by the Race Directors, I PRd on the 1.5 k swim (thanks to some help from the current) with a time of 18:49. This was an amazing event put on by a really cool group of volunteers. I now understand why it’s so popular they had to switch their registration to a lottery!


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Summer Solstice Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Jun 23, 2009

LAUREN EDER found a great way to get the heart rate up while strapped to a seat.  I spent an exhilarating hour on Saturday in a 2-seat glider over the Fraser River and British Columbia coastal mountains, near Hope which is about 2 hours west of Vancouver.  Geoff, the pilot, is husband of ex-Class employee Judy Holt, who is really just on extended maternity leave. J  Of course I had to say Yes to the offer of experiencing some aerobatics.  I cannot describe the feeling of “pulling 2 G’s” (new lingo for me), but want to do it again!



Saturday, three members of European Active Team went to volunteers to the St Jean de Luz stage of the charities race series called Odyssea.


From left to right: Loic Metais (St Jean de Luz triathlon race director), CEDRIC PRIMAULT (France account manager), PIERRE DUVELLEROY (Senior account executive) & LAURENT GAUTHIER (Endurance European managing director)



JIM HINE's Bogus Basis Weekend:

On Saturday we mountain biked the Boise foothills to Gardener Peak, just East of Bogus Basin ski resort....climbing 7,490 ft over 32 miles in a little over 4 hours.  The single track along the ridge was solid, but one of our favorite descents - Shingle Creek - was rutted and sketchy after the heavy rain a week ago.  Then on Sunday my family (and Grandparents!) drove up to Bogus and hiked to the summit of Shafer Butte.  The views came and went with the clouds, but we made a couple snowballs before switch-backing down through the wildflowers.





ROBERT SUBKOW: There were dogs from all across the United States that came to ride the waves in Southern California.  CBS morning show, Channels 5, 8, 9, and even a station from Germany were there filming the contest.  The event has gotten so much notoriety that the film makers for the new movie Marmaduke were there to get shots of the “Big Dogs”.  Although my dog Jill didn’t place this year, her team mate from the “Golden SurFurs” took 1st place in the dogs over 40 pounds.  Next Year!  Pictures are courtesy of the Union Tribune.



JAKE COONEY reports, "With one week left until the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, the Bothell office has done 2 team bike rides as an alternative training event.  Cody Lamens, Jake Cooney, Jay Lee, David Knapp, Nicole Pelley, Chris Inouye, Joel Werdell, Zach Panther, Sijen Olthof, Jason Karls, Brian Grover, and Stephen Branstetter have all participated in the rides."





FRANCIS DUPUIS and his wife, Faye Dupuis were in the dragon boat races this past weekend: Recreational Div C Consolation – 4th place @ 2:21.240


She's in the back of boat #2



Also, my two boys played in a roller hockey tournament, their teams finished first and third. This is Devon with his third place trophy.



TOBY GUILLETTE completed the 26-mile 9-Peak Challenge across the San Bernardino mountain range on Saturday in 8.5 hours. My 32-mile day started at 2am with an ascent of San Gorgonio (11,499ft), the highest mountain in SoCal, arriving at the summit for sunrise and continued with hike/running 8 more peaks all above 10,000 feet. Since it was a point-to-point route, I had another 10 miles to go to get back to my car after the 26-mile traverse was complete. This is when the real adventure began. I'll post a blog this week with details


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