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What's your ACTIVE?

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![!It] a busy ACTIVE weekend!


Saturday was the IRON GIRL 5K and 10K women-only run in Solana Beach, California, which had over 1,200 entered. CAITLYN BARKER ran the 10K in 57:37 finishing 216th overall. Caitlyn's exact words to describe the event: “This one was kinda hard, it was humid out. I know I could have done better but that is life. The race crew was awesome because they were all male! I’m sure they enjoyed the event more than the runners." I personally was out there riding my bike watching and I know I enjoyed it! STACEY JOHNSON also ran the Iron Girl in a time of 52:32 and had a blast.


SARAH MOOSBRUGGER did something a little different this weekend. She swam the first annual “I like the Sharks at La Jolla Shores” half-mile. She completed it in a great time of 24 minutes and participating in an event with a name like that is brave!


The SOLANA BEACH TRIATHLON was on Sunday (busy weekend in SB). Our PR queen TINA WILMOTT had a great time of 1:07:11 and finished 10th in her age group. She doesn’t want me to mention which age group...must have 25-29.


And the winners of the mixed relay division were ACTIVE.COM baby! CARRIE SMITH swam in 6:59; AIREY BARINGER biked in 24:45; and our running nut TOBY GUILLETTE ran in 18:43 to take the honors with a team time of 50:27. That was also good for the 15th team overall.


Two weeks back, we had an ACTIVE weekend trek to the top of Mount Whitney (see the photo). The crew of VICKEY EDELBERG, BRIAN MURPHY, MARQUES CHARBONNET, CHRIS BOHNERT, KRISTIN CARROLL, STEVE MAZZA, DAVE ALBERGA AND CHRISTINE ALBERGA powered to the top in two short days. And the best part: MOST of them made it to work on Monday morning.


PATTI ROSENTHAL did the DURANGO 100 road-bike race on a tandem with her husband, Mark. It's an annual 100-mile ride that starts in Durango, Colorado (Santa Rita Park), goes to Farmington, New Mexico, and returns to Durango. It is always held on the last day of the Tour de France. The first half is slightly downhill (great for the tandem) and the second half is mostly uphill (not so good for the tandem). Patti and Mark finished in 4 hours, 20 minutes (for an average speed of 23mph). Great job Patti and good for you for pulling Mark along!


Stay Active!

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and many more

Posted by Active Toby Jun 27, 2007

Today is my 1-year anniversary with I started my day by cycling 21 miles into work. I know that I wouldn't have done that a year ago.


This past year has been amazing and everyday, I feel blessed to be doing what I love and loving what I do.


When I chat with college friends who ask me how work is going, I always respond with the utmost enthusiasm which often times is in stark contrast to their response from the same question. I come to work every day with a smile and leave feeling great about my work and the direction I am heading in life. I know this is not something that everyone gets to experience and that is why I am very proud to be a member of this team. So, here is to another fantastic year!

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Weekend at Active

Posted by Active Toby Jun 9, 2007



It was a Triathlon Weekend here at Active.  The local Carlsbad Triathlon consisting of a 1K Swim – 25K Bike – 5K Run was held on Sunday morning.  We had 4 brave souls battle the rough surf in the mighty Pacific.


I will start according to how they did in their respective age groups.


ALYSON TYSON aka CHICKEN was no chicken in the S-B-R.  She had an overall time of 1:42:29 which placed her a very high 10th in the W 20-24 age group.  Great job leading the way for Active!


MAREA BLUE was another strong W 20-24 performer with a total time of 1:54:25; this placed Marea 16th in her age group.


A newer Active team member to the events team making her mark was SHANNON TURNER who had a fast time of 1:46:32.  Shannon is in the always competitive W 30-34 age group and placed 27th, this was also one of the largest Women’s age groups of the day. Shannon did say she is training hard for the AFC ½ and this was just a stepping stone.


AND last but not least is our resident Triathlon expert ERIC MCCUE who must have spent a ton of time training for this (yeah right!).  Eric’s time was a fast 1:33:08 but placed lower than all our girls in is age group at 35th.  We heard rumor he got spanked on the bike!


We did have another person run on July 4th I missed and that was JENNA CHABOT who ran the Scripps 10K in 58:25.


And I can’t wait to hear about the climb up Mt. Whitney this weekend by a few of our team members lead by VICKY EYDELBERG.


Way to stay ACTIVE!



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Weekend at Active Again

Posted by Active Toby Jun 9, 2007



We can never forget our team sports men and women still competing at a high level.  This is cool because we had 2 Active team members battling each other on opposite teams. 


DIEGO ROVIRA’S Nomads team played and defeated ALEX ROMAGNOLO’S (ROMO) team in the semi-finals of the 6 a side soccer tournament at Rob field.  The Nomads went undefeated to win it all and the fleet footed former St. Mary’s D1 standout DIEGO scored a goal in every game they played!


Way to go boys!



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