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What's your ACTIVE?

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Stacey Johnson, Senior Account Manager qualified for Boston! (By the skin of my teeth, but I'll take it!)  I ran the Chicago Marathon last weekend and finished in 3:39, which was a PR for me and a Boston qualifying time (by 50 seconds). I'm pretty sure it was the best race I've ever run – great running weather in the 40s, awesome crowd support, never hitting the wall, annnnd not barfing after crossing the finish line (I cried a happy cry instead).  I'm sorta thinking I should retire from running marathons now, because I'm not sure that race can be topped.



Jay Oziminski, Facilities Representative II along with 4 good friends and close to 40,000 new acquaintances, I ran the Chicago Marathon on October 7th. This was my second full marathon, and I completed the run in 4:19:50, which beat my Music City Marathon time by over an hour & my goal for this race by 10 minutes. Giordano's never tasted better than that evening!



Heather Campbell , Account Executive - Specialty Schools, ran the Chicago Marathon last Sunday, 10/7, along with 37,000+ runners! The weather was cool, and the flat course ran through the neighborhoods of Chicago. The best part (besides my PR!) were  the fans, who  offered unbelievable support pretty much all 26.2 miles! Add this race to the list if you are looking for a FUN marathon!



Danae Brooker from the San Diego office completed the Cactus to Clouds hike from the Palm Springs desert floor to the top of San Jacinto (10,834ft) -  23 miles (17-1/2 up and 5-1/2 down to the tram). It's ranked as the 5th toughest hike in North America!  Wow,  was it hard!




Cindy Bones Account Manager-Faith My Active was hiking on the white rock canyon & Arizona Hot springs trail. Because of the rain & hail last week all the sand bags were down but, thanks to the Boy Scouts repairs were made to most of the pools (God spas) I love this trail even though it is only 6 miles & not difficult at all...still One of my favorites!



Mike & Andy Reilly announced Ironman Hawaii together last Saturday.  Andy also mixed the music for the17 hours and kept everyone rockin! IT WILL BE AIRED ON NBC SATURDAY OCTOBER 27TH FROM 4 - 6:00 PM ET.


Eric Olson (Business Solutions) spent the weekend on a bike following my wife's thrilling race here in Kona. I was able to follow the lead women as the marathon unfolded and, while Mary Beth faded from 1st off the bike to 5th at the finish, she was first American and showed she has the tools to win this thing. So happy for our good friends Xena (2nd) and Rinny (3rd). It was a battle!





Jeff Sample Sr. QA Engineer competed in the first annual Deserts Edge Triathlon.  It was my first Olympic distance and given the circumstances it was a great result of 3hrs 1 minute. Finish Time: 3:01, Water Temp: 64 degrees, Air Temp at Start: 36 degrees, Wetsuit: None!


Heather West, Project Coordinator on October 7 I ran the Urban Cow Half Marathon in Sacramento, CA.  Great race weather and a new PR!  I have run this race 3 years in a row and it is probably my favorite half-marathon.  My first half marathon too!  The picture is me and my husband...the medals are real cowbells!  Yesterday I did a 15 mile training run, in preparation for California International Marathon in December.  I can't believe I ran 13 miles one weekend, and 15 miles the next.  Having fun, as always.



Toya Reavis, Implementation Specialist competed in the 5K Masters National Championships this Saturday in Balboa Park on the famous Footlocker XC course at Morley Field. That lovely hill twice!! Our San Diego Track Club women's team won the 3rd overall team award!



Ashley Tejada this Sunday I competed in the Urban Surf 4 Kids - PaddleFest 2012.  This first time event was a ton of fun ~ located in Mission Bay.  I competed in the 2 mile paddle race, paddling on a Stand Up Surf Board [which was a lot more work than I expected].  The race was a lot of fun and I paddled the 2 miles in 30 minutes.  I'm still waiting on the final results.



Emily Joller (Account Manager, Endurance) ran the Urban Cow Half Marathon on October 7th.  Due to the lead bike sending the first wave of runners the wrong way, we got the pleasure of running an extra .70 miles. Still placed 1st in my age group/6th woman overall and won a cool milk jug!



Gordon Grey, Senior Manager Quality Assurance Operations, Saratoga Springs, NY and friends (Bob, Gordon, Tony, Gary) played the Shaker High School Reunion tourney at the 27 hole Van Patten Golf Course last week.  A splendid time was shared by all as they posed for this shot on the par 3 15th tee.  We all managed to escape the water on this one.  We wouldn't be so lucky on the 16th.



Brit Bowles, Project Manager-Commerce last weekend, I got ACTIVE on a 6.5 mile hike past Summit Lake in Snoqualmie National Forest, WA. I enjoyed a wonderful day of amazing views and fall foliage with a few friends and of course my Border Collie Mz. Rocket before the rains came.  Mt. Rainier was quite the site!


Rob Erekson and his brothers and friends participated in the Las Vegas Tough Mudder, the 2nd for Rob. After stepping up his training and running trails almost exclusively since SoCal #1 in February, this event was much easier and more enjoyable. In fact, it was so much fun Rob has already registered for Las Vegas in April 2013 and is building a team (hint, hint…if anybody wants to join). He is also planning on a few other events next year, including San Diego in November with an aim of finishing the course in under two hours.



Lauren Eder, Business Systems Analyst, GTO Back Office earned the right to eat a full Canadian Thanksgiving dinner by running the Okanagan Marathon in the morning, and in a little under 4 hours to boot (a bit of a surprise actually).  The fall colours were beautiful and the weather could not have been better - once I figured out how to dress for 2C at the start and gradually strip for almost 20C by the finish.  (Translation = 36F to 68F.)  Better yet was having my kids and my dad (veteran of dozens of marathons) there for support.



Todd Preece, Art Pacheco, Edgar Lopez, Aaron Rigney, Seth Eaton and James Sola from the GTO team participated in the Del Mar Mud Run on October 6th.  As a team we finished 3rd and Todd Preece got 2nd place overall!



Valerie Prestidge, Technical Account Manager, Endurance, & friend traveled to San Francisco & Napa this weekend, hiking Muir Woods & Mt. Tamalpais on Friday, then biking over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito on Saturday. Sunday was a full day wine tour, where we were able to walk the vineyards & mash grapes!



Scott Friesen, ACM Product Manager (Burnaby) and his wife ran the Energizer Night Race on Saturday.  The rain let up and made for an amazing night as 1,500 head lamps illuminated the Stanley Park seawall.  He finished with a time of 45:59 and was happy to bump into a couple of fellow ACTIVEXers at the finish.



Erin Bredeson ran the Nike Women's Marathon this weekend in San Fransisco (I'm the one in blue).  The medal for this race is a Tiffany's necklace given out by firemen!



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - Ran his fifth Chicago Marathon last week despite being sick and being as untrained as ever.  But for the first time in five years, the weather in Chicago was perfect and actually seasonable!  So, after all of the lowering expectations that led up to the race, paired with some very well-timed cookies and pretzels throughout the course, he managed to set a new PR of 4:27:58.  The race was surprisingly even, with almost perfect pacing throughout and the very rare "never walking" achievement.  Thanks to my pregnant sister for running with me just a little bit and bringing that delicious half a Panera cookie.  Next up, Marine Corps Marathon in two weeks!


Melissa Muys, Account Executive - Active Network Business Solutions travelled to Santa Fe the other weekend and took advantage of an ActiveX day by participating in the Santa Fe Gourmet Classic.  This Active event consisted of a 65-mile bike ride travelling through Santa Fe and out into the surrounding areas, winding around meadows with beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo and Sandia Mountains.  It included 5 gourmet catered stops with lunch at the Bonanza Creek Ranch - a studio set for Western movies.  The following day Melissa visited Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM where her and her boyfriend enjoyed the gorgeous Balloon Glow that evening.



Don Combee, Lead Gen Specialist did Racquetball, mountain biking, skiing, camping & live music!

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Margaret Weniger and husband Luke competed in the Tiki Swim in Oceanside on Sunday.  We both competed in the 2.4 mile swim and had a great time while battling 8-10 feet waves.  It was great to get back to our swimming roots and managed to come home with some cool tiki statue hardware.



Michele Crepeau ran the Hamptons Half Marathon in East Hampton, NY with friends Stephanie, Ann Marie, Kristina and Hillary from California, Milwaukee and Chicago. 



From the Singapore office.  STUART OLDHAM (Sprint distance), GRACE TAI (Sprint distance), BRIAN BERGEY (Olympic distance), and DANZEL TAY (Olympic distance) participated in the Singapore Triathlon on Saturday.  It was the first triathlon for Grace and Brian and everyone finished with a strong time despite the sweltering heat and humidity.



Ferrari Bunker, Customer Support Representative would like to turn in the attached photos for my Active X Day on Friday September 28, 2012.  The one with the shadow is me pushing my 2 year old daughter along the Blue Heron Trail (not an easy task BTW!)  It was just the 2 of us so it was hard to take pictures of myself LOL.



Courtney Munson- Memphis, TN- I finished up my triathlon season on Sunday, competing at Ironman Augusta 70.3.  It was my first half ironman and I went into it confident in the work I had done this summer.  I was very pleased to stick to my plan, take advantage of the downstream and wetsuit legal swim, beautiful bike in South Carolina, and pancake flat run to have a great race.  I finished way under my expected time (mostly because I finally put together a better bike segment) and really enjoyed the whole day.  I am very thankful for my friends and family who put up with my swim/bike/run all the time; it was great to have support in Augusta and know that people back at home were cheering for me too.




Shekhar Wankhede and Hemant Choudhary from Clarksburg MD office ran 5K-Great Pumpkin Fun Run this Sunday. Cross-country course was throughout Summers Farm, including a run through the corn and pumpkin fields. Run was fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Donation can be done @



Ed Mullen- Senior Account Executive Golf won his Ryder Cup Match in Florida over the weekend representing the US team for his club in a match play format.



Melissa Wray, Software QA Engineer and her husband, friends and went tree climbing and zip lining this weekend. It was in cottage country here in Ontario, Canada and it is gorgeous fall season here.  We climbed trees about 65 feet high. The zip line was about 1000ft long and can reach speeds of up to 40km/h.  A very fun way to spend a Sunday and my first time zip lining!



Thom Haupt from DMT is enjoying the last lift for the season at Beaver Creek Ski Resort.  After doing a couple of runs on downhill single track he finished it off with a run through Village to Village enjoying the fall colors.  Snow is coming soon to all my friends in Colorado.



Michael Hardeman spent Saturday and Sunday hiking and photographing the Mt. Sneffels range, Uncompahgre National Forest.



La Vada Taylor, Sr. billing Specialist on September 22nd, I completed my first 5k – The Dirty Girl Run – with my daughter, Sami.  It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it!  The picture doesn’t show how muddy we were.   It was fun to get out and do something Active, with my daughter, for a good cause. On September 30th, my husband and I, with his sister and her husband,  took a short hike at Lily Lake near Estes Park, CO.  The weather was perfect and the foliage was in full color. 



Heather West, Project Coordinator.  Sunday I did a 9 mile run at Folsom lake in Rocklin, CA.  It was so much fun.  Rolling hills for the first half, and the second half was flat…except for the last mile which was a hill that slowly kept going and going until you realized “Hey, I’m running up a hill.”  Beautiful scenery as well.



Stephen Branstetter, GM Youth & Education: On Sunday I joined a buddy that's training for Ironman Florida for 50 Miles of his 100 mile training day. Even though he pulled me the whole way the ride still smoked me. It was a great day for a ride though, we made our way through beautiful Woodinville, Carnation, and Redmond Washington.


Cindy Bones Account Manager for Faith-my ACTIVE was hiking and Jay walking 11 miles from the "Tunnels Trail" by the Hoover Dam an continuing on to the "Dam Trail" and "Bridge overlook". Because the trails do not actually connect, we had to get creative that's where the Jay walking comes in... :O . ok ok i'm a "Law Breaker"



Justin Moser, Marketing- Outdoors, raced the Bear Chase 50K in Lakewood, CO.  Temperatures in the lower 70’s and beautiful scenery made for an excellent race overall.  Fifty kilometers is a long way- but great friends and volunteers helped me get to the finish with a 4:09 time and 8th place finish overall (1.5 HR PR too!!).  The finishing announcer lost his voice after only 4 hours though- he probably needs to take notes from Mike Reilly on how to push through a long day of finish line announcing.



Rob Mitchell (Web Designer – San Diego) headed up to do the Bakersfield Tri with his wife Blair and friend Jeff.  It was a 100 degree day but the course along the Kern river and refreshing lake water made for a good race.  The best part was our son Luke (7 ) doing his first triathlon with his buddy Aiden.  The kids course was a ½ run followed by a 3 mile ride and a 100m swim but a volunteer error sent the kids on the bike route during the run so it ended up being a 3 mile run.  Despite the extra run Luke had a blast and can’t wait to do it again!



Kyle Rose, Justin McHenry, Cliff Jurgens , Katie Schultz and Kirsten Barnocky of the new Broomfield Office participated in the Color Me Rad 5k as our Active Charity Challenge.  Although we had seen the pictures and heard it was fun – we were all pleasantly surprised at how “colorful” it was!  It was a beautiful Colorado day and loads of fun!


Jason Liebrecht and girlfriend Alison Whitney at Tour De Fat, San Diego. Alison organized this great event and raised over $27,000 for San Diego Mountain Bike Association. Volunteers Vaughn Valencia and girlfriend Sami at the start along with Lisa Woll were also there.



Exactly a year after her first half-marathon, Melissa Douglas completed her sixth, at the inaugural Surrey World Music Marathon.  It must be running in the family: her 4-year-old son Rowan also did his first Kid’s Fun Run at the event.


Michael Rufli participated in a kickball tournament this weekend sponsored by Joe’s Crab Shack.  The goal was to raise money to feed kids in the Nashville area.  This was the first time they’ve done this tournament but plan to again next year with hopefully more teams.  They had 8 teams this year and we brought home the trophy after playing 4 games over 4 hours.  It was a long day but well worth it for the trophy and the kids.



Shayne McCoy, Online Account Manager was in Europe, and it was an incredible experience.  In the first picture I from hiked through Cinque Terra from Vernazza to Monterosso, on the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera. The town pictured is called Vernazza, and is the most unique of all the towns. It’s also where the massive mud slide took place a few years back. The community really came together to clean up the mess, and it’s as beautiful as ever.  I also traveled to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and had the chance to paraglide off the small city of Murren. I had breathtaking  views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountain ranges. It was such a rush!



Mark Roebke, Director of Product Innovation, was part of a 4-person team that won the 24-Hr Mountain Bike National Championships over the weekend in Colorado Springs, CO. The team completed 21 laps of the 14-mile technical course that was fun and challenging both day and night! Here's a podium shot rockin' the Star and Stripes (Mark is second from the left).



Katie Morse completed the Superfrog ½ Ironman this weekend in Coronado, CA. She placed 5th in her age group and was 21st overall female. Katie is the Program Manager for Wellness in the San Diego, CA office.


ACTIVE, was well represented at yesterday’sSuperFrog, sorry SUPERFROG, 70.3 Triathlon. All the buzz will be about early Active investor Lance Armstrong winning the race in a course record time. And how he looked in his Speedo. But a whole host of employees and friends ofActive were out there, doing great work on a hot day, across a difficult course(6 miles running in sand!):


Ashley Tejada, Nolan Hansen, and Jon Christopher did the super frog Triathlon this weekend. They finished 6th overall and 2nd in the mixed relay division. What a fun day.



Dave Turner reports.  This is Staff Team Run Course for Saturday’s TRIDENT 4 miler and Sunday’s SUPERFROG triathlon.  Pictured from left to right are Tom Bevilacqua,  Dave Turner,  Jess Bevilacqua,  Ben Vaughan,  and Sean Boucek.  Our team was responsible for the run portion of the race in its entirety on Sunday which included race day execution,  logistics, water stops, volunteer coordination,  racer support and complete breakdown of the run course post-race (and a whole lot of other stuff) : ). We arrived on-site Saturday morning at 4:45AM to begin prep for the 4 miler that was set to take place.  We worked until about 4pm Saturday and we were back at it Sunday all day from 5am til 5pm with a large percentage of the work over the weekend just plain gorilla labor.  Good for the soul but it definitely feels different at 44 years old than it did at 18. : ) Loading, off-loading, wash, rinse, repeat.  Our team feel things went fairly smooth out on the run course with a couple hiccups that we overcame quickly.  Our unit takes a lot of pride in delivering a consistently well-organized, supportive, and efficient run course and we hope we delivered that the racers. As an athlete of these races myself, it is very gratifying to work the events that we love to race so much and to give back to both the organizations that put them on and to give to our fellow athletes during their hours of suffering.  I saw lots of my Active brothers and sisters and everybody was having fun.  Congrats and thanks to all for their support and participation in this race which only makes it better year after year!


Dani Oliver enjoyed Sunday morning with Active friends finishing the Mission Bay Sprint Triathlon. Big congratulations to Izzak Brassea, Bill Enloe, Cece Salomon-Lee, Katya Mansurova and Rachel Warren!!!


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Staying Active Always

Posted by IMVoice Sep 24, 2012

Eric Olson (business solutions) and Justin Moser (outdoors) decided it would be a good idea for tune up for Sunday's Oktoberfest Triathlon with a four hour ride to Northern Colorado. It was a great ride on an epic fall day, but Eric paid for it on race day. Justin joined a group of costume-wearing (even in the swim) Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club members in a relay team that took home the only ACTIVE trophy of the day for their creative team name -- "Pardon My Fartlek." And, another fantastic triathlon season is in the books here in Colorado.



Shawn Xu, Daniel Qin, Rain Diao(with his girlfriend), Will Liu, Jex Chen and Celia Wang had a 135km cycling trip in this weekend. This time, they chose a totally different way to ride to the mountain area and enjoyed awesome scenery all the way. They saw big stone Buddha at the top of the mountain, and also many grottoes Buddha. This area is really an natural downhill and cross-country place for Mountain biker. They really enjoy the trail, the woods, the wild flowers and some wild fruits...although they all covered in muds and had to bear hunger to ride back to downtown at night...They are looking forward to the next cross-country event!



Eric Ma(CIC), Lin Lin(HR), Mark Liu (NOC), Steven Xue(NOC), Jessie Liu(QA) and Colin Li(GTO) climbed the precipitous JiaWuTai mountain on Sunday. It was foggy. We started the hiking from XiaoYu village. In some place the trail was covered by thriving weed which were high as tall as a man. We also saw a lot of ripened chestnuts on the tree and beautiful flowers in different colors. Finally we reached the summit after 5 hours climbing. It was a great experience for every one of us.



Andy Reilly, Account Executive Sports completed the Spartan Beast event in Killington, Vermont in 5:20.  It was 13 miles with 38 obstacles, 7000 ft of climbing and 54 degree lake water.  Oh yeah 90 Burpees because he failed 3 obstacles!



Scott Nicholson, Account Manager completed the Sydney Tough Mudder over the weekend with a few friends, was absolutely hellish, but at the same time some of the best fun I have ever had. Nothing like getting knocked to the ground by a 10,000 volt wire to wake you up after 20kms of mud and filth!



Sara Roberts, Office Lead & License Specialist ACTIVE Network HY-TEK Sports Software and her brother in law ran in a 5K on Saturday for depression and suicide awareness in honor of my husband that passed away in February.



Mark Lindsley, Product Owner, Fellowship One reports Sunday morning was a warm morning in Texas, but 13 ACTIVE Faith employees set out to run a race participating in the company wide - Charity Challenge.  The group of runners raised over $1,200 for Girls on the Run. Pictured from left to right Felix Gaytan (Sr Software QA Engineer), Joey Quinones (Account Executive), Will Steed (Account Executive), Mark Lindsley (Business Systems Analyst), Melissa Simmons (Administrative Assistant), Mark Reese (Professional Services Consultant), Shane Vent (Software Engineer), Kelly Klein (Software Engineer), Winnetta Byford (Technical Consultant), and Stacy Johnson (Project Coordinator).  Missing in the group photo is Jeff Hook (General Manager).  Congrats to all runners.  We had five 5K runners, two 10K runners, and six Half Marathon runners.  It was great to see the first timers finish and we had some age group award winners!  Everyone had a great time!  Additional photos:  Jeff Hook (General Manager) finishing his 10K race in style as he placed 3rd in his age group.  Will Steed & Joey Quinones enjoying the satisfaction of completing the Half Marathon.  This was Joey's first Half Marathon!




Cindy Bones-Faith My ACTIVE was Jeepin', Hiking & Exploring in Ely NV Area, including the Town Hamilton NV, Belmont Mill & Mine, The Ward Charcoal Ovens & The Lehman Caves. Lots of wild life including Wild horses, Elk & Deer. We explore old ghost town & mines all the time but, the Belmont Mill & Mine is my favorite by was so peaceful hiking around with the trees changing colors , panoramic views with just the perfect crisp air to keep you cool and comfortable while hiking. (Breath Deeply) Loved it!


Leighann Biddle (right), and Samantha Vunk (left), both WAH Trainers in the Saratoga Springs, NY office completed Color Me Rad on Saturday, in which the proceeds went to the Special Olympics. It was a beautiful day for this exciting 5k. After being doused in color from head to toe, we enjoyed breakfast at a local diner!



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer reports this Saturday a couple of friends and I completed the Gladiator Rock n Run in Bonney Lake, WA.  The 6k, 17 obstacle course had us crawling through mud below barbed wire, scaling walls, carrying 40lb sand bags, and swimming through freezing cold water.  The best part was the giant slip-n-slide.  We went down it twice!  Super muddy, we hosed off and enjoyed a cold beer at the finish.  Great fun!



Janean Nation (Account Manager - Communities) and Tyler Jump (Account Executive - Camps) enjoyed a nice, cool 'Silent Sunday' early morning at South Mountain in 'Phoeni-X'.  Once a month the city shuts down the mountain to motorized traffic, which leaves the roads free to hikers, walkers, cyclists... you name it, just ditch the motor!  6 miles later, we got to the top and had a gorgeous view of the valley.  Certainly something to be experienced again!



Scott Friesen, ACM Product Manager (Burnaby), finally got to make use of his Christmas gift.  Last December his sister gave him a gift certificate to Whistler Bungee.  On Saturday he took his first jump and had an absolute blast!  A huge adrenaline rush at a fantastic venue.




Todd Preece and his wife Karla completed the Nobel Canyon 50K on Saturday. The course consisted of 4000+ ft of climbing along 31 miles of some of the most amazing mountain trail in San Diego. Despite wrestling with leg cramps for at least 8-miles, Todd managed to finish in 5:42 and squeak out a 10th place age group finish. The Ultra running community was amazingly supportive and finishing among that elite group was definitely a top life moment.  Being able to watch his wife finish a couple hours later was an incredibly emotional moment for both. Warning.. this stuff can be addictive.



Steve Mazza and his NEW wife Mandy spent a long weekend in the San Juan Mountains, in Telluride, CO. I spent three mornings on Telluride's vast trail network, riding single track above 10,000 feet. What a magical place!  Also rode Phil's World near Cortez, CO. Pictured here is me and Patti Rosenthal (Industry Manager, Cycling) at the trailhead. A fast and fun one-way mtn bike track, with plenty of rollercoaster sections.



Margaret Weniger, Associate Sales Manager, competed in the Orangeman Triathlon in Dana Point this weekend.  It was quite the adventure complete with a broken shifter at mile 13, 2500 feet of climbing on the bike, running 1.5 miles on soft sand, and 90+ temperatures.  It wasn't pretty (the grimace on my face was there for the entire run) but I managed to get to the finish line! My husband Luke had a better day.  He was the second overall male in the Aquabike division!



Amber Hall, Burnaby BC- 14 members of the ACTIVE Burnaby team spent Friday out of the office and cleaning up the community. Fiona Dirom & Danielle Roussy organized a team to do Shoreline clean-up at Stoney Creek Park and then we headed to Burnaby lake to tackle English Ivy- finding everything from old records to car parts! Great efforts made by the team on Friday.  Doug Johnson, Teresa Lee, Lawrence Carrington, Mark Chen, Scott Friesen, Danielle Roussy, Charissa Wall, Yuliya Minevska, Mariel Coley, Jean Su, Sayani Saifulah, Veronika Smolik, Fiona Dirom and myself  all participated in the annual  ActiveX Environmental Stewardship Day!  Beautiful day on Sunday volunteering at Sunset Beach for the 27th annual AIDS Walk for Life fundraiser. Over $230,000.00 was raised when I left on Sunday and the donations were still rolling in!



Kirsten Barnocky, Account Executive, Business Solutions completed the Denver Rock & Roll Half Marathon this weekend.  It was a perfect, beautiful day, a fun run and a P.R. as well. 



Toya Reavis, Implementation Specialist competed in the Stampede 8k Cross Country race in Bonita at Rohr Park this Saturday.  It was a challenging European-style 8k course through the Bonita trails. It included rolling hills, hay bales and 2 monster hills – true cross country running! I did very well considering that I am still trying to get back in to race shape after of no competing for 4 years. Two of my athletes that I coach did very very well on this tough course as well!


Bardya Ariana, Project Manager Burnaby ActiveX biking crew had to face their toughest route yet, a 54 Km (33 miles) route from Vancouver to West Vancouver crossing the Lions gate bridge all the way to light house park with a total climb of 3500 feet. The beautiful park at the half way point and the beer at the end, made this one of the best group rides yet. The team completed the route in 4.5 hours. Kudos to Rod Sheeter, Paul Cheung, Doreen Xue, Bardya Ariana for finishing and especially John Kadota who completed the route on a mountain bike and somehow managed to make it look easy!



Jeff Strnad beat the heat early Saturday morning with Steve Mazza for a 10 Mile mountain bike ride/hike-a-bike up the South Fortuna Trail  to 1,094' South Fortuna Peak...followed by a surf session in Pacific Beach to round out the day.



Jen Cenedella, Global Account Manager BSD, ran the Aspen Golden Leaf half marathon Saturday with friends (two are with me in the finish line photo).  Chosen by Trail Runner Magazine as one of "America's 14 most scenic races", the Golden Leaf is one of the most beautiful foot races in the Rockies.  This very hilly half marathon traverses from Snowmass Village to the heart of Aspen on single track mountain trails at the height of Colorado's breathtaking fall colors and turning golden aspen trees.  Lance Armstrong and ultra distance pro Scott Jurek (tall guy in the picture with Clif headband) raced as well.



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After completing an 8.5 mile hilly, 6x creek crossing trail run, it came down to a sprint kick in the last 200 yards for Events Sales Manager, Cliff Jurgens to win his men's age group & 24th overall in the Colorado Master's Stone House 8.6 mile race in Bear Creek, CO. It has been said that showing up is half the battle...A humorous, humbling and rewarding experience, as there were only two men in the age group...Lol "I will take what I can get.



Carlo Costanzo, Client Application Specialist, Senior.  My brother Joe (on the left) and I participated in the first ever Milton, Ontario 5K Marathon on Sunday. It was my brothers first 5K and my second. He placed 15th in the men's and 17 overall.  I trailed behind coming in at 43rd place in men's and 72 overall. Not bad.  Killed my previous time from back in May when I participated in my first ever marathon - thanks to TALO!   I hope to complete my first 10K next year!



Report from ERIC MA (Xi'an, China), More than 700 ACTIVE China employees, families, kids and friends from Xi'an, Chengdu and Shanghai offices joined 2012 ACTIVEx China Employee Day Run last week, and more than 50 ACTIVE kids came to the offices to joined ACTIVEx Kids Day, and also series events like foosball, soccer, table tennis played crossed offices. Those were the biggest and best events ever we hosted over last 4 years, with total of 431 participants finished the race in 5K, 8K and 13.7K. This year we brought more new and professional elements, like timing chips to the race, new designed race medal and tees. 5 our own products was used in the events, such as StarCite for the events registrations, for the race results, for the series events online community discussion, photos, videos live sharing and broadcasting. Shanghai team traveled to Xi'an and joined the event with Xi'an team on the city wall, it was a raining day (Again!), but more fun than ever before! Chengdu ran the day after in a new place, the weather was great to run, and same fun and joy! People who participated cherished the great moments with their teammates, friends, families or kids, it was definitely a festival and surprisedly showing to someone else such a great team coming from one company! And exactly explained what ACTIVE means. Thanks so much for ACTIVEx, and support from Arch, Sheryl and Jean!



Jo Chan, Strategic Accounts Manager, Asia Pacific reports.  The extremely chipper ACTIVE Singapore team @ the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run this morning.  It was a relatively cloudy day but the uphill stretches that seemed to go on and on made it a moderately challenging

run.    (L-R) Steven Zheng, Associate Account Executive, APAC; Cassie Trasmonte, Technical Support Representative, APAC; Brian Bergey, Manager, Client Services; Liang Zhao, Technical Support Specialist, Client Services; Ruth Mannion, Marketing Specialist, APAC; Terence Koh, Associate Account Executive, APAC; Jo Chan, Strategic Accounts Manager, APAC; Tom Kowalewski, Technical Support Specialist, Client Services.




Molly Ercole, Sourcing Specialist in BSG, completed her fourth half marathon on Sunday, running the Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon in personal record time.  The weather was perfect for an amazing 13.1 mile run!



Hiked and photographed the Uncompahgre National Forest near Telluride and Hardscrabble Mountain near Eagle, CO.



Lisa Kopecko, Sr. Account Executive this past weekend, my girlfriends and I took our annual camping trip to West Virginia.  We climbed and rappelled the Pinnacle, which is a free standing 90-foot tower that overlooks the famous New River Gorge Bridge.  The next day we rafted the Upper Gauley with our favorite guide, "Nugget".  The Upper G are class-V rapids, where the river drops 335 feet in 10 miles. 



KEITH WILLIAMS (Head of Business Development (Sports) EMEA) and LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA): Keith and I did Challenge Henley-on-Thames in the UK today (full Ironman distance). We had a great day! Great swimming conditions – although a different sensation swimming in a river with current flowing!, perfect weather on the bike (not too windy, overcast) and on the run (except a windy stretch along the river). Keith finished in 11.18.31 (swim 2.4 miles: 1.18.59, bike 112 miles: 5.36.13, marathon: 4.04.23) – truly impressive having gone from hardly being able to run 5-10K to such a result in just over a year! (I will certainly watch my back going into my next race with Keith). PR and an improvement on Ironman Frankfurt by almost 48 minutes! #15 in his age group 35-39. Lars finished in 10.51.38 (swim: 1.24.51, bike 5.28.40, marathon 3.43.15). Not a PR overall, but a PR on marathon after Ironman bike. #5 in my age group 45-49.



“Irene Martynova, Global Account Manager, Business Solutions out of San Francisco, and a friend, Cynthia Connors, completed their first Sprint Triathlon (half-mile swim, 20-mile bike and 4-mile run) in Northern California. This was our first one and we wanted to see if triathlons are “our cup of tea”. So we did not invest into any good gear (borrowed mountain bikes, helmets). Women on tri bikes were flying past us but we still managed to finish in the middle of the pack.  We are looking into our next race!”



Robert Mitchell (Senior Front-End Web Developer) and his wife Blair competed in the San Diego Cityscape adventure race on Saturday.  Think of it as a mini Amazing Race where you can only use your feet and public transportation.  The race was a blast even with it being the hottest day in San Diego in 24 years!  We made a few mistakes so after taking first place on the last race we dropped to 17th this time around.  We'll be ready for the next race in March!



Cindy Bones -Faith My Active on Saturday was hiking to Mt Charleston Peak again. Faster Time & no crying this time. Weather was absolutely perfect, made some new hiking friends as well. Barley made it back in time for a quick shower, dinner... then off to Church.



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer this weekend ran the Hell Run in Carnation, WA with a few of my friends.  With sunny, warm weather, we thought there might not be as much mud as the previous year.  Wrong!  We ran the 3.17 mile course which included 3 walls, 7 mud pits, a giant slip'n'slide, barbed wire, and fire!  After the race we hosed off and enjoyed a much deserved adult beverage in the beer garden.  Was a blast!



Staci Rieder, Account Manager for Business Solutions, spent two Active X days with her 11 year old daughter, Lily, and 40 kids for their Outdoor Ed  At Glacierview Ranch in Ward, CO. We spent our days on a high ropes course,  canoeing, hiking and seeing fresh mountain lion tracks, amidst the cold, foggy rainy Colorado days. It was a blast!



Paul Hiller, Applications Specialist and a friend and I spent the weekend conquering the Black Tusk. At 2,319 m (7,608 ft) above sea level, it takes about 11 hours and 2,000 meters vertical gain. Nice to stand on top of such an imposing feature... but my legs hurt today!



Phil Graham, Business Solutions Sales, Draper, UT rode with his wife in the Tandem, Citizen Race category in Lotoja - the longest sanctioned 1-day race in the US of 206 miles. The race goes from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY rides over three mountain passes in the first 110 miles and includes about 7,400' of climbing.  In spite of the long day, the weather was near ideal and we were able to race strong finishing 2nd in our tandem category in 11 hours 5 min.  It was a strange day of racing with the road being sabotaged with goat-head stickers and hundreds of bikers pulled over in the first 20 miles fixing flats and then a biker falling to his death off a bridge into the Snake River at about mile 195.  Strange race, but fortunately we avoided all of the problems and raced strong.  Post race and on the podium the following morning with the couple that took 1st.



Eric Marenburg, Associate PM - Global Tech Ops, competed in the classic distance of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  The classic distance covered 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike, and 4 mile run.  It turned out to be a great day and I had a surprise podium finish in my age group (I'm on the 3rd place step in the pic).  The race is filled with celebrities.  I had plans to take out Zack Morris of Saved by the Bell fame and win the heart of Kelly Kapowski.  But turns out the dude can ride.  He was a part of a relay and did the bike split, averaging 24.1 mph for the 18 mile course!  However, his twitter feed said he borrowed Dave Zabriskie's bike, an American pro cyclist and multiple stage winner of the Tour de France.  So not exactly even playing field!



Tyler Jump, Account Executive - Camps, and Janean Nation, Account Manager - Communities, rode in the Skull Valley Loop Challenge in Prescott, Arizona this weekend.  The 54 mile ride was a great way to experience the beauty of northern Arizona.  It was a ride of firsts for the JumpNation--first time we'd both ridden that far, first time we'd ridden a Cat 2 climb, and first time we'd ridden at altitude, summiting at 6,014 feet.  Can't wait to up the mileage again at next month's Tour de Scottsdale!



Brian Musial (San Diego / Promotions) rallied friends and ran the Your Next Step Is The Cure 5k in San Francisco, an event that raised over $170k to fight lung cancer via the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.  This was the 4th year of the race, and was amazing to see such a huge turnout of participants and support.



Amber Hall, Burnaby office-  Friday afternoon was a great day for kayaking near the office, spent Saturday being a tourist in my own town and exploring beautiful North Vancouver & Coal Harbor.

Three Active Staff wrapped up the weekend by volunteering for the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) event at the Chilliwack, BC Corn Maze. We saw a great turn-out at the fundraiser & family event with kids of all ages; games, fun, food and a great group of staff/ volunteers. 



Tammi Schmidt, Senior Manager, Application Support wanted to submit picture from the Giants 10k Race I did in San Francisco yesterday, 9/16/12. I went with my boyfriend and classmates - we had an awesome time! We ran along the Embarcadero and ended by running onto the field at AT&T Park.


Steve Drechsler, Sales Manager Communities I Faith.  Hase two sons and a little girl.  My passions is being a Dad and coaching my kids and their friends.  I had a great weekend of coaching.  Jack, my 14 year old, who's football team I'm the head coach of is a QB and Middle Linebacker of our JV football team.  Jack led his team to a 45 to 0 victory on Friday night.  I have been training my middle child Luke, 11 years old, for his first Sprint Triathlon.  He did great.  Out of 100 kids in his group he placed 11th.


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ACTIVE Fun Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Sep 14, 2012

Matt Landa reports the La Jolla U8 Active travel team won the Annual La Jolla Impact Labor Day Tournament defeating a tough Arizona all-star team 2-1 in the finals.  The little blond-haired kid is Active X'er Chase Landa.



Michelle Nation, Product Manager San Diego completed the 30th anniversary LOTOJA race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend. We had perfect weather for the scenic 206 miles of cycling through the mountain west.  Riding with my sister Kristie and her group of "mountain goat" friends made this a special day.  We loved sharing their first double-century with our teammates.  Here's a picture from a feed zone at the King/Queen of the mountain summit around mile 100. I'm proud and thankful we were 7 of the 92 women who finished the race as individuals. 



Michele Crepeau ran the Bronx 10 Miler which started at Yankee Stadium and ran through the hilly Bronx.


Jeff Hook and his wife, Brigitte, and I road 100 miles in the NYC Century, winding through 4 of the 5 boroughs of New York City.



Christine (Chris) Jackson, Technical Acct. Manager, Nashville, TN with BBFE Joe Young at the Tennessee Titans season opener against the New England Patriots.



Kristen Dixon and my husband Bill went on a fun Anniversary weekend to Harpers Ferry, WV.  Saturday we went white water rafting and Sunday we went ziplining!  SO exhilarating!! It was a blast.



Patti Rosenthal, Cycling Industry Manager Durango, CO had a family outing up to Ice Lakes out of Silverton, Colorado.  The hike is only 3.5 miles each way but pretty much all uphill to over 12,000 feet.  Once you get to the top there's multiple lakes to camp at & a variety of day hikes.   We spent 2 nights & 3 days exploring this beautiful country with the dingo dogs.  They were in heaven chasing all the marmots (whistle pigs) up in the high country.  Another great trip here in the southwest corner of Colorado!



Cliff Jurgens, Sales Manager; SMB Events, competed in the 9-11 Remembrance Half-Marathon charity run in Arvada, CO supporting Homefront Heroes.  Cliff finished just short of his HM personal best, placing 5th in his age group, 26th in the men's division and 36th overall. A great experience participating in the event with heroes from our armed services, local law enforcement, our rescue support services and an enthusiastic community.


Mike Reilly heading out for a 50 mile ride in Ohio with his Niece and Brother in Law.



Jim Cruickshank did the Vancouver to Whistler Gran Fondo along the Sea to Sky highway – 122KM with 1800m of climbing.



Heather West (formerly Levine), Project Coordinator.  This was a really active weekend.  Saturday I did the Run to Rebuild McKinley.  A few months back, an arsonist burned down the children’s playground at local park/running spot, McKinley Park.  I have been running around this park hundreds of time, and I thought it was time to give back.  The run was a 5K to raise money to rebuild the playground, and we raised $20,000!  Sunday I did an 11 mile training run, training for the California International Marathon in December.



Janean Nation (Account Manager – Communities) and Tyler Jump (Account Executive – Camps) enjoyed a long, thorough, 46-ish mile ride of the Arizona valley early early Saturday morning, all with a BLISTERING elevation change of 246 feet.  This is the longest ride Janean has ever done and it was exciting to see how far she has come since her involvement with Active X and TALO!  Up next?  The Skull Valley ride in Prescott next Sunday… stay tuned for exciting details!



Amber Hall, Burnaby office.  Saturday was spent hiking 10 km in and around Brandywine Falls in Squamish, BC. Gorgeous day spent with dad with 30 degree rays.



Scott Yeske , Sr. Account Manager.  Camped/Hiked and Surfed Leo Carrillo State Beach Park this past weekend.  Photos Attached.  It was an Amazing Hike with beautiful Ocean views from the top!



Brad Hurvitz, Sr. Account Manager in Youth and Education – Finished my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I felt great on the swim but everybody flew by me on the bike.  Those Tri bikes are fast!  Notes for next time: wear a hat for the run…it was hot out there!



Staci Rieder, Account Manager for Business solutions in Boulder, hiked 8.5 miles and  11,347 ‘ elevation to Heart Lake in the beautiful James Peak Wilderness Area. This is the amazing sunset on Gold Lake, where we camped the previous night.



Marc Villanueva, William Bassler, and Dennis Triplett (San Diego office) participated in the San Diego Triathlon Classic, an Olympic distance race, on Saturday.  The race was an excellent warmup to the SuperFrog Tri coming up in a few weeks for all three.  William got on the podium for his age group (3rd place) while Dennis and Marc set PRs for the distance.



Shannon Wineman, Sr Acct Mgr, Wellness, San Diego – This is a quick update for a 17 day vacation that spanned the West Coast! Started by hiking in Big Sur with my three kids, headed up to San Francisco for museums, good food and cable cars (yes, beanies are warranted as SF in summer is about 52 degrees), headed south to Morro Bay for some kayaking and topped it off with a major bucket-list item – Dave Matthews at The Gorge, Washington. Imagine going to a concert on the edge of the Grand Canyon.



Cindy Bones –Faith. My Active over Labor day was, jeeping, hiking & exploring mines in Idaho (Fairfield, Sun valley & Ketcham area). My active on Saturday Sep 8th was hiking in Arizona.  My Active over Labor day was, jeeping, hiking & exploring mines in Idaho (Fairfield, Sun valley & Ketcham area) My active on Saturday Sep 8th was hiking in Arizona.



Brian Enge, Vice President was honored to be able to compete in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas.  There was a great international crowd of impressive athletes from 50 countries and all 50 US States.  I got my tail kicked by the toughness of the course, the heat (102 at finish) and the competition!



Brian M. Wicklund, Account Executive. Labor Day weekend I battled the 105* heat in El Centro and went hunting for the Dove Season opener. In the picture you see a full limit of dove, and my bird dog / hunting partner Brilla (Bree-yah) who is muddy from swimming in the canals and staying cool.  All in all it was a great hunt, great weekend.  Last weekend my family and I went camping at Lake Morena, about an hour east of San Diego. It was our first trip with our new baby Logan, at 7 weeks old. We went for a little boat ride around the lake in the afternoon, which he seemed to like. My older son, Weston loved being out on the water. Unfortunately, we did not have time to fish, but we did have a great time.



Jonathan Denson and Jay Oziminski from the Nashville office, along with Jay’s son Alec, completed their first sprint Triathlon on September 1st in Manchester TN. A shorter swim was perfect for us (pictured is Jay at Transition 1 and at finish), but the bike and run were challenging enough for us Triathlon Rookies. We all met our time expectations and are looking forward to doing more next year.

JAY 1.jpgJAY2.jpg


Jason Warren, Implementation Analyst reports two weeks ago I took my Active X day to pan for gold with some old friends on the Nooksack river up in Washington State.  We hiked about 10 miles roundtrip and saw some of the most beautiful country sides in the world.  While we were not planning on striking it rich, we did have a blast.  We actually walked away with about .5 grams of gold split between 5 guys.  At about $1800 an OZ for gold we made about 6 cents an hour.  I think I’ll stick with Active!



Burnaby Cycling Group: this Saturday morning the group has to ride without their group leader Jim Cruickshank (Product Manager, Class) as Jim raced in RBC GranFondo,  a 130+KM ride from Vancouver to Whistler with a lot of big hills in between. The group started with their regular route with a new member Bardya Ariana joining us for the first time. Then 3 of the members (Paul Cheung, Rod Sheeter, Matthew Cox) tried a new route that demanded them to ride through 8K chewed up road. But at the end is very nice so it all worth all the bumps along the way. When everything said and done, it was a very nice 56KM ride in another beautiful sunny Saturday.



Mark Warble, West Coast Supervisor – IT Client Services reports Labor Day weekend Denise Jackson (PHR, Health & Wealth Specialist, Senior- San Diego), Mark Warble (West Coast Supervisor – IT Client Services- San Diego), and friend Christian went camping in Stone Creek, just outside of Idyllwild, CA. One highlight was finding-out the box with our 8-person tent only had the poles—no tent! Thankfully, Hemet was a short drive from our site and we were able to find three 2-person tents. Note to self: Check all boxes and bags prior to leaving home. Otherwise, we had a beautiful and relaxing 3-day weekend filled with campfires, grilled foods, scenic walks, card games and a delicious assortment of S’more-concoctions. Can’t wait to go again!




Denise Kendrick enjoyed my first mud run with my son and cousins at the Murrieta Mud Run.



Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist, San Diego - On Saturday my buddies and I ran 27 miles across the entire San Bernardino Mountain range starting with a 3-hour ascent of San Gorgonio (11,500'), the highest peak in southern California, first and continuing across the 10,000' ridge line into a rain/hail/lightening/thunder storm for the final 3 hours of our 8-hour run. My ActiveX bandana saved the day protecting my ears and neck from the cold stinging hail balls and rain. Despite the storm, we finished the route 30 minutes faster than the last time I attempted it!



Justin Ramers, Director of Social Media.  ACTIVE was on the stage at AT&T Park last Thursday talking about social media at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium.  As a life-long Giants fan, I was extremely fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to speak from atop the Giants dugout.  So cool!

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Crazy Cycling and More

Posted by IMVoice Aug 27, 2012

Jennifer Cenedella, Global Account Manager (white wig) was amongst the 35,000 fans on Flagstaff Mountain Saturday for Stage 6 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.  Our group of 15 had a disco theme and rode up the challenging and super steep Flagstaff Road in costume on townie bikes to the finish line to watch the finish!   It was one of Boulder's best of days!



Members of the newly formed Burnaby Cycling Crew (Jim Cruickshank (and wife Lisa), Paul Cheung, Rod Sheeter, Doreen Xue, and Lisa Baldwin headed out Saturday for a ride of either 22km or 50km through Pitt Meadows and Langley.  A great way to kick of a weekend.  We will be riding every Saturday at 9am.  Anyone else interested, email Paul or Lisa for meetup details.  ALL levels and bikes welcome.  No one left behind.



Don Bambico, Senior Visual Designer - Completed my first IRONMAN in beautiful Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The course proved to be very tough with hills and headwinds on the bike and a rain showers on the run. It was also a treat to have Mike Reilly there to call me into the finish line!



Shannon Stewart, Sales Manager Sports (in white helmet) rode 51 miles on Sunday during the Venus de Miles ride in Boulder, CO. This is an all women's ride that features lots of costumes, food, music and fun.  The day was beautiful and it was great to ride through the countryside of Colorado.  Our costumes were a great success and I may permanently leave the tiara on my bike helmet.



Darcie A Rodden, Client Applications Specialist went camping near Wellington Lake near Boulder.  The weather was beautiful. 


John Martinez, Director Total Rewards reports Tim Wood (on the QA/Dev team) earned his first age group podium at the 2012 Surftown Duathlon in Imperial Beach, CA.



LaVada Taylor Boulder office and husband, Kent went hiking over the weekend in Brainard Lake Recreation Area.



Stephen Branstetter, GM of Youth & Education out of the Bothell Office: I repeated the first Sprint Triathlon that I ever did -- 6 years later and 7 minutes faster (though also 5 minutes slower than when I did the race 3 years ago). I'm also proud to report that my wife joined the Tri world, completing the first Tri of her life. She and 2 friends challenged each other to do it, trained together, and finished together with big smiles. Her post race comment was a perfect summary of the sport: "My body hurts, but that was actually fun!"


Patti Rosenthal, Industry Manager, Cycling Durango, CO.  Girls Love Dirt!  Went on an all-girl moutain bike ride with my "No Tubes" teammates.  One of our classic single-track trails (Hermosa Trail) starting up at Purgatory Mtn & 25+ miles of FUN single track back into town.  The trails were pretty wet & muddy from previous storms but it was still a blast.  No mechanicals or casualities so another great day riding up in the Durango mountains!



Toya Reavis, Implementation Specialist raced in the Wild Duck 5k Cross Country race this Saturday in Oceanside CA. I was 6th woman overall in the masters race. This is the 1st race in the Dirt Dog Cross Country Series here in San Diego. This was also my first “real” competitive race in 4 years!


On Saturday, Austin Braaten and Ryan Scanlon completed the Tamalpais Headlands 50K Ultra run with over 7,000 ft of climbing and fantastic views and scenery through Marin County.



Michelle Nation, Product Manager - San Diego: I missed last weekend's deadline but wanted to share the incredible experience I had last weekend riding 218 miles over two days as part of the Challenged Athletes Foundation Back to Back Century Challenge in Northern California.   Scenic, inspiring, fun ... all around amazing:


Jenny Gilmore reports that Gorden Cheng gave a flawless and incredible performance of Chopin to a packed audience Saturday night.  His biggest fans and Active cohorts Jon Christopher, Jen White, Emily Hite (new Active employee as of today!), Art Eckstrom and Jenny Gilmore were all amazed!


Jeremy Dwiggins, Visual Designer and family belong to a Middle Ages re-enactment society of sorts, and our big event is a two-week camping trip in western PA. All the group's activities are shown off there, from combat to cooking, metalworking to music. My active is fencing - more specifically, the rapier combat from the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance, which would eventually become fencing. We fence with weapons styled like the rapiers of the time, but with rubber caps on the points so we can do this more than once. These pictures are from the rapier champion's fight this year I was selected as a champion from my "kingdom", and won my bout.  I'm in the green and white, facing the camera.



D. Stuart Platt, Education – Instructor.  This weekend I competed in my University's Alumni Top chef competition (called "CRU Chef") with three of my friends. We placed third but we had a blast doing it! I am in the purple. Go CRU!



Laurie Pani, Product Marketing Manager went mountain biking with my husband at Snow Summit in Big Bear on Saturday.  We biked about 30 miles in trails with a huge variety of terrain.  This place far exceeded my expectations.  Lots of great single track trails to play on that usually dump you onto a fire road where you can get your bearings again.  Perfect weather this time of year for any outdoor activity up there.



The following employees from the Saratoga Springs, ACTIVE Outdoor office had a Team Building Social Event on 8.22.2012. They came together to go tubing down the Hudson River in the beautiful Adirondacks for 4 hours (Although we made it in 3 hours). The weather was great, the social team building was awesome and the laughter could have been heard from miles. What a great way to bond with your co-workers!! Left to right (back row) Josie Sam (Telephone Sales Rep) Ellen Engels (Trainer), Brittany Vaughn (Team Leader), Tiffany Giello (Client Application Specialist),  Karen Mancini (Quality Assurance  Analyst), Ryan Martino (Client Application Specialist,) Leighann Biddle (Senior Level Representative/Trainer - Inbound Sale), Nancy Kohler (Quality Assurance  Analyst), Mary Alice Hallett (Training Manager),  Front row Monique Cassidy-Whelan (Administrative Assistant), and Samantha Vunk (Team Leader - Inbound/Outbound with Selling).



PAUL HOMER, Sales Operations (Bothell), hiked Dirty Face in Leavenworth, WA with two friends.  The 4000' elevation hike was well worth the trek to a 360 degree view of the north cascades mountains.  The rest of the weekend was spent camping at Eightmile campground which of course was reserved through our site!



Kerri Mark, Account Manager, Business Solutions, and her husband spent their “babymoon” exploring scenic Telluride, CO.  Besides relaxing and dining, we hiked the scenic Bear Creek Falls trail, a 5 mi hike to 9,800 ft. ending with a picturesque waterfall.  If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Telluride, I highly recommend it!



Mark Delaney, Hannah Patterson, Jen Romine, and Anda Willett joined Dave Turner on one of his Skydiving Adventures.  All five jumped from 13,000 feet hitting speeds up to 120  mph during their free fall on Saturday.  Their instructors were not afraid to include flips and spins during each jump which resulted in a great first jump for Mark, Hannah, Jen, and Anda! 


Elizabeth Norrbom, Business Systems Analyst and husband Dan spent 7 days in a rustic cabin on Lake Mary Ronan built in the early 1900's in beautiful Proctor, Montana. We boated, fished (52 fish in all!), swam and hiked during our vacation including a day trip to Glacier National Park.


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Very Cool Stuff!

Posted by IMVoice Aug 21, 2012

Dave Alberga CEO enjoying a morning kayak adventure with his daughter Emma on Catalina Island.



Karen Cao, QA Lead.  Last Friday LeagueOne team went to TaiPing Forest Park, which is famous for the Rainbow Waterfall on the top of the mountain. Each member of team climbed to the top and we were so lucky to see the rainbow. Now we bring the rainbow to all of you. Have a nice day!



Felix Hu, Development Team Lead reports the whole Reserve World team(Xi’an Office) went out for a hiking in TAIPING National Forest Park, which is 50KM away from the office. People set off after a quick breakfast in front of the office building, brought food and beverage for lunch and had a very enjoyable dinner in rural home inn. Some of us finally reached the top of the mountain where there is a beautiful rainbow fall. We waited till the sun showed up from the clouds and eventually saw the rainbow.



Burnaby office has started a small cycling group, with Jim Cruickshank (Product Manager, Class) and his wife, Rod Sheeter (Architect, eGov), Paul Cheung (Software Dev Manager, eGov) as the founding members. They has their 3rd ride on Saturday and completed 60K on a beautiful morning. The highlight of the ride: yummy cinnamon roll in Fort Langley and riding with different groups of riders from RSVP (Riding from Seattle to Vancouver and Party) we met.



Jeff Sample reports this weekend our group rode the first annual Cannondale GranFondo.  A 120 mile ride around Eagle County.  Thanks to the Venture Sports SAG wagon we got our mechanicals fixed and finished the ride with all seven people that started.  Not pictured here but a shout to Jeff Maddox and Kathy Maddox.  Kathy did the Media Fondo (60 miles) and Jeff finished the Gran with us.



Teresa Kliegerman, Senior Business Systems Analyst competed in the Rattlesnake Triathlon in Aurora, Colorado ( on Sunday.  I was 3rd in my age group and did my best time ever in 9 years of triathlon, thanks to a close competitor who really pushed me on the run.  My sister, who usually competes with me, was too sick to participate this year, but she came out anyway and cheered me on with hilarious signs at each transition.  Attached are a couple of photos.



ANDY REILLY, Account Executive announced multiple finishers at AFC half marathon in San Diego including: Ben Weinbaum, Ashley Martin, Alan Decias, Mike Dobransky, William Bassler, Erica Davis, Evan Bricker, Anusheh Chavez – sorry if I forgot anyone.  Then on the same day MIKE REILLY announced the new Ironman in Mont Tremblant Quebec and brought across the line DON BAMBICO, Visual Designer in the San Diego office.  One of our spectators was a great American actor Edward James Olmos who was watching his son Bodie finish his first Ironman.



Melissa Simmons, Administrative Assistant, Sales and family spent vacation being ACTIVE in Estes Park, CO. We went river rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.



Cindy Bones-Account Manager for Faith-My Active was hiking the North Loop Trail & The Saddle Trail in My Charleston 10+ miles round trip. The perfect day to hike... it had rained the night before so the ground was moist and the air was fresh (smelt so pine fresh mmmmm FANTASTIC!)...lots of happy birds singing and chipmunks. Were done just as a storm was approaching with a down pour. Did not have to break out the rain gear. Just a perfect Day hike!



Tom Kowalewski from the London office and friends conquered Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. The climb up was through the clouds only allowing us visibility of about 20m, but at the top the weather changed rewarding us with views of miles both above and below the cloud level. The way down the sun was out showing us exactly what we had climbed.



Heather West (Project Coordinator, Sacramento):  Yesterday I did Run on the Sly, a trail run in Pollock Pines, CA.  This is a little town in the hills about 10 minutes from Placerville and an hour from Sacramento.  It was my first trail run and I had a blast!  We did the 12K because we didn’t know what to expect…steep hills, gravel, fire roads, horse trails, and dust dust dust!  We walked the longer uphill parts so our time wasn’t our best, but the race ended downhill so I got to pretend I was a fast runner and let gravity do the work!  Wheee!  Here is a picture of us after the run…I’m the one in the middle looking dignified.



Brunswick Lowe, Director, Business Analysis.  Kayaked with friends and kids at Fairfield Glade near Crossville, TN this weekend. Glad to have the cooler weather!!!



Ashley Martin, Ben Weinbaum, Alan Deicas, and Evan Bricker completed the 35th annual AFC Half Marathon.  Beautiful start coming out of Cabrillo with lots of Point Loma residents out to cheer us on.  Fairly hot weather down the final stretch, but it was great to be surrounded by fellow ACTIVE-Xers!



Brian Enge spend the weekend in Marin doing the Challenge Athlete’s Foundation (CAF) double century ride.  I got to ride some beautiful terrain with some incredible and inspirational athletes.  I am proud that we support CAF as a company. 



Melissa Muys, Active Network Business Solutions – Boulder, CO, summited Longs Peak at 14,259 feet last week.  Longs Peak is Colorado’s northernmost fourteener and the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The 15 mile round trip  was a challenging and chilly climb that required quite a bit of bouldering and scrambling with 5,000 feet elevation gain.



Eric Olson, GM of SMB Business Solutions, raced in one of Colorado's oldest triathlons this weekend, the Rattlesnake Olympic Triathlon. After spending most of the season focusing on longer stuff, I'd forgotten how fast these short course guys run. Ouch. Still managed sixth in my age group despite getting run down by plenty of speedsters.



Erica Davis, Kyle Dovenbarger and Greg Roland of the San Diego office made it through the America’s Finest City Half Marathon on Sunday despite the heat and cloudless sky. The highlights were crossing the finish line with my sister and watching her complete her first half marathon, seeing our family and friends cheering us on, and ACTIVE’s own, Andy Reilly, announcing our names!



JAMIE SNOW took a trip with my boyfriend up the coast and met some friends at California Street beach for a weekend of kiteboarding. The water was the perfect temperature and the wind was 15-20 knots; great conditions! We camped at McGrath State Beach campground and almost got eaten alive by mosquitos. 



Thom Haupt from the Desktop Management Team, on the far left, got together with three other friends and whole lot of kilts and ran the mud laced Warrior Dash on Sunday the 20th.  He finished 1037 out of 4714 and 246 out of 765 in his age group.  Not too bad for running in a “dress”, at 9,712 feet above sea level, up Copper Mountain, CO, uphill both ways.



Jonathan Spooner, Manager of Software Development. Skateboarding in Hollywood!



Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist.  This weekend my wife and I went zip lining and camping in Wrightwood, CA. We heard about a new zipline canopy tour on NPR and booked a trip for my wife's birthday. Wrightwood, CA is only a couple hours away from San Diego in the San Gabriel Mountains within the Angeles National Forest. We found a nearby campsite via and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with friends, in nature.



Karen Haggerty, Project/Ops Manager, Business Solutions.  Salut! Two weeks on vacation in France involved lots of biking around town. The first photo is of us in Brittany, on our way out to bike through my fiancé’s city of Ploufragan (which literally looks like the Smurf village).  This is the “pre” photo. The “post” photo would have showed us completely soaked by one of Brittany’s famous, sudden downpours.  On our first night in Paris, a good friend treated us to a night time tour on bike through the city. This photo isn’t great in quality, but it shows me about to ride through the courtyard in the center of the Louvre—a fantastic experience!!  Note to anyone who plans to visit Paris: the city has set up bike rental stations throughout the city for tourists and locals, alike.  All you need is a credit card and you’re good to go!


Ryan Cantrell, Senior Strategic Business Manager spent the past weekend on vacation from Active Digital working as Course Director for the Gore-tex TransRockies Run in the Colorado Rockies.  After seven 18-hour days out on the course on bike and by foot – my team and I had covered close to 200 miles over the course of the event helping 400 runners safely navigate 120 miles of running with 20,000 feet of elevation gain over six days – all taking place in my backyard.


JENNIFER WHITE reports Anthony Valentino, Luke Weniger, Margaret Weniger, Hailey Weniger, Kristin Carroll, Tom Carroll, Ashley Peters, Greg Wong, Kim Cornwell, Jen White, Ashley Tejada, Aaron Waldman, Mike MacDonald, Sarah Giacalone and Elaine Bergeron all celebrated Anthony’s 40th Birthday yesterday ACTIVE style.  The two relay teams completed the Optimis Sport Distance Swim Challenge 12.6 mile relay from Manhattan Beach to Venice, taking 3rd and 4th place!  A great time had by all with beautiful weather and ocean conditions.  A special thanks goes out to Luke Weniger for leading both teams and swimming two legs, as well as leading the teams in the kayak.



Shawn Xu, Jex Chan, Daniel Qin, Rain Diao, Will Liu, Crusoe Xia, Celia Wang (all from Chengdu Office) with their family and friends had a 230km cycling trip to Sanjiang Town (Wenchuan, Sichuan Province). This small town has almost been destroyed in great earthquake in 2008 and this is the first time they have a chance to visit there after the earthquake. The new reconstructed town looks beautiful and peaceful. They caught in heavy rain during the trip, had to go through several long tunnels without tunnel lights, cycled on long and gradual uphill all the way. Even so, they still had a lot of fun. This is really a big challenge to ActiveXers who never had long-distance cycling experience before, especially in mountain area.


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Colin Li ( GTO Xian office ) with his family, Dylan Hai (GTO ) with his wife, Steven Xue (NOC) and Paul Guo (Desktop) hiked and camped on PingHe mountain which is 140KM far from the downtown. And we barbecue on the beautiful meadow. It was said there might have meteor shower that night, but the cloud was very thick and could see nothing in the sky. We still enjoy the journey very much and feel happy to spend the time with friends and family.



Patti Rosenthal Industry Manager, Cycling.  My "active" continues to be cycling & this last weeked we did a great mtb ride high up in the mountains.  Started at Coalbank Pass which is well over 10,000 feet & road up Pass Creek to the base of Engineer Mountain (group photo).  Then we continued down Engineer Trail which is over 7 miles of fun, down-hill single track - wahooooo!  Fun times with a couple of friends from out of town & our local Durango friends too.  Life is good in Durango! 


Jenn Tapscott reports that she and Matt Kessler Sydney team members, Sarah O'Keefe, Luke Littler, Scott Nicholson andKris Honeycombe were amongst the 85,000 runners who participated in Sydney'sCity2Surf 14km race on Sunday. Despite the hilly course and high winds, we allcrossed the finish line in Bondi Beach and spent the rest of the daycelebrating.  It was a great time had byall, and gives our team something great to look forward to next year! 



Monique Cassidy-Whelan, Administrative Assistant.  This is my first time ever adding to the weekend report. Here is my ACTIVE every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall in upstate, NY. Mowing the fields, splitting wood for winter heat, swinging on the tire swing, lots of lawn care, then have a great game of horse shoes to end the busy weekends we have.



Kathy Maddox (Senior Technical Writer, Avon). My husband and I spent my ACTIVEX day riding to the top of Colorado's Mt. Evans, which has the highest paved road in North America at 14,130 feet. Great day in the high country--especially nice to avoid the weekend crowds.



Courtney Munson- Product Support, Memphis- I had a double race weekend, participating in the Annie Oakley Super Sprint Triathlon on Saturday and the Showman Shooter Sprint Triathlon on Sunday.  We had unseasonably cool temps with lows in the 60's, so it was a perfect weekend for racing.  Saturday, I had one of the most fun and enjoyable days racing I can remember with a bunch of friends and put together a nice race to come out of the 400m swim, 11 mile bike, and 2 mile trail run in 9th overall female.  I started off poorly on Sunday (double the distance from Saturday) by losing my chip during the swim, then having my Garmin fall off in the bike, but managed to run myself back into a decent race. The race directors did a Challenge Division for lowest combined time for both events and I landed "in the money" at 5th female.  It was a weekend of highs and lows but always a lot of fun!



LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA): By luck (or accident?) I ended up with 2 Ironman distance races within only 8 days... I had signed up for Challenge Copenhagen 2012 last year, but was later also lucky to win in the ballot and got an entry to Norseman... I did Norseman last weekend and felt fine and had recovered only a couple of days afterwards so I decided to give Challenge Copenhagen a go yesterday. Loved the swim – clear water and lots of space, the bike went really well until 140 kms after which I lost speed, yet clocked 5.05 for the 180K. 2K into the run I was ready to quit but kept the legs going. After 8K I found my running legs and was feeling fine in the heat until around 40K after which I could hardly run in a straight line. Survived the last 2K and crossed the finish line with my wife Helene in a time of 10.49; only 6 mins from my personal record!



MIKE COLEMAN, Strategic Sales Executive at the closing ceremonies in London.



Cindy Bones- Active Faith My ACTIVE this weekend was Jeepin', Hiking & Prickly Pear Pickin'  We hiked just under 4 hours in the Arizona heat to our secret place for Cactus pears. Powerful anti-inflammatory is a miracle cure for what ails you. (and me) I Juice it, and then freeze it to drink & make Prickly Pear Jelly or Syrup (home canning one of my many hobbies)



Blair Matthews of the Boulder office competed in the 76th Colorado Stroke Play Championship (Golf)  on August 9-12,  taking on 84 of Colorado's top golfers.  The tournament was hosted at Ft. Collins Country Club and proved to be a very difficult test of golf due to challenging green speeds and conditions.  He finished in 32 place with rounds of 74-76-73-75 for a total of 298.  "  I had a great time and it is always fun to play golf on some of the better golf courses in the state that are in tournament condition.  The greens were running a 12 on the stimpmeter so you had to play very smart and execute solid golf shots to shoot a good round out there.  A course set up for tournaments is in totally different condition and set up completely different than the courses that I get to play on a everyday basis, so it is always a fun challenge"


Anita Stewart, Sr. Project Manager Business Solutions, Ottawa, Canada.  When I am not in my sea kayak in the blue-green waters of Georgian Bay, ON or other rivers around Ottawa, I am having fun with my son high in the trees at one of the aerial parks north of Ottawa.



Justin Moser, Marketing, Outdoors-This weekend a few friends and I charged up Mt. Harvard in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness.  Harvard is the 3rd highest mountain in Colorado, at 14,421 feet.  It was a fantastic day and a nice break from my routine of swim/bike/running.



Shannon Wineman, Sr Acct Mgr, Wellness San Diego - Just returned from an amazing ACTIVE week. Spent it in Leadville, CO supporting my husband and a friend on their quest to complete the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race. One hundred miles,+ 4000 feet of climbing - all starting at 10,000 feet. After 10 hours and 11 minutes of crewing, climbing and ringing my cow bells we greeted him across the finish line. What a day! Wounded Warriors there....nothing like getting whooped by a guy with no legs. Amazing and inspiring accomplishments all weekend. Not to mention Lance kicking things off at the pre-race meeting. Totally awesome.



Mike & Andy Reilly were at it again at Ironman NYC this weekend.  This picture is at 5 am race day with only 19 hours to go until the finish!  When Andy would announce people would come up to me and say “Little Reilly” is doing a great job.



Cliff Jurgens (left), Sales Manager Business Solutions, ran the Beaver Creek trail 10K and John Webster (right), Marketing Specialist, Outdoors, and Whitney Lawrence(Center), Account Manager Business Solutions ran the Beaver Creek trail half-marathon and on Saturday, August 10th.  The course was amazing.  The 10K had an elevation gain of 700 ft., while the half-marathon had a 1400 ft. elevation gain.  The trail wound through the beautiful hills of the Beaver Creek ski resort and ended at Creekside park.  A definite "must do" on next year's list!



Matt Cox - a Product Development Director in Burnaby - My son and I did an overnight backpacking trip to Garabaldi Lake over the weekend. It was awesome weather and my son was amazing. First he hiked with a light pack on, second it was no easy hike with steep mountain trails, and third he's only 5 years old! His little legs and my over stuffed pack covered 1330m (4000ft) of straight up switch backs and went a total of ~24km (15miles) over two days. With a little one that means about 6 hours on the trail each way but we loved the scenery, sleeping under the stars, and the accomplishment. My son's efforts were awarded by a hand shake from the ranger who said he was the youngest hiker he's ever seen make it up there.



Melanie Wiviott, Premier Application Specialist - Bothell, went on an Urban Trek with a friend. We walked from Bellevue to Seattle...and back...and walked across the I-90 floating bridge. The trek was about 13 miles total and with achy legs and bloody feet, checked that off the bucket list.



On Saturday, August 11th Kimberly McGrew, Manager of Global Implementation Services - Business Solutions, participated in the 5th Annual Memorial of Angels Walk-a-thon in Akron, Ohio.  This organization ( is committed to helping grieving parents in Summit County Ohio preserve the memories of their babies and children by providing grave markers to show these children lived, were loved and will never be forgotten.   Kim participated with her brother Tim Peterson, father Duane Peterson and dogs Frankie and Lindsey.



LaVada Taylor Sr. Billing Specialist went hiking on Sunday,  with my husband, daughter and parents,  on the private grounds of Glen Eyrie.  Glen Eyrie is a private retreat in the foothills of Colorado Springs with over 800 acres of beautiful land and it's very own castle.  It began the estate of William Jackson Palmer, who founded the Denver & Rio Grande  and Rio Grande Western railroads as well as the city of Colorado Springs.  It borders the Garden of the Gods.  It was a beautiful hike that included seeing some wild turkeys and ended with a partial tour of the castle.



Marc Villanueva - San Diego office - participated in the 2nd Annual Chula Vista Challenge which is an Olympic distance triathlon.  The weather was a little too hot for my liking but I somehow managed to PR for the distance.  Photo credit goes to Christine Crosby who was there rooting on her husband, Bryan.



Austin Braaten, Account Executive reports this weekend, a couple ACTIVE employees were the tallest people in the continental US. A group including Burt Repine, Austin Braaten, and Ryan Scanlon, climbed the summit of Mount Whitney at 14,505 ft. on Sunday morning to complete the two day expedition in Sequoia National Park. It was a beautiful hike, wonderful experience, and challenging climb rewarded by a breathtaking view. PICTURE OF THE WEEK!



William Bassler and his 11 year old son both did the Castaic Lake Triathlon Saturday. Kellen crashed on the bike and scraped his arm pretty good, but managed to get back up and keep going! The heat was tough! It was close to 80 at 7:30 am! I saw some very fit athletes walking during the run. The kids did a 100 meter swim in the lake, a 3 mile bike, and a 1 mile run. I was super proud that my boy finished!



Burt N. Repine, Sr. Software Engineer returned from a surf trip to El Salvador just in time to head up to the Sierras with fellow ACTIVE-letes Austin Braaten and Ryan Scanlon and friends. The surf in El Salvador was overhead the *entire* time and the two 14,000' peaks I got to climb were waaay overhead.  Our group of eight took the traditional route up Mt. Whitney (14,505') and myself and a friend also picked off neighboring Mt. Muir (14,018') via the Class III route. From sea to summit(s) --- what could be better?!


MIKE HARDEMAN, Software Developer Avon, CO hiked and photographed in the Eagle's Nest Wilderness near Vail.


Phil Graham, Business Solutions Sales out of the Draper,UT office on a training ride with his wife on their tandem Saturdaymorning.  This picture is the top of theNebo Mountain pass, which as you can see tops out at 9,345' elevation.  In all 120 miles and about 6,000' of vert - agreat training ride to help us prepare for LOTOJA, September 8th.


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Olympic Spirit for the World

Posted by IMVoice Aug 7, 2012

Shannon Wineman, Sr Acct Mgr, Wellness - preparing to support my husband in the epic Leadville 100 mountain bike race, hiking the Continental Divide in Colorado with the family!



Five members of the Boulder team tackled the Copper Triangle ride on Saturday, covering nearly 80 miles and climbing 6,000 feet over three beautiful Colorado mountain passes, topping out well over 11,000 feet in elevation. Brett Bruch (Software Architect), Trey Gorman (Software Architect), Eric Olson (GM), Matt Coffee (Sales) and Jennifer Cenedella, who is represented in this photo by a flamingo, joined more than 3,000 other cyclists in the charity ride that benefits the Davis Phinney Foundation.



Barbara Perser (Irving, TX office) and her husband Philip spent a week diving in Cozumel!  One of the many highlights of their trip came when they had the opportunity to snorkel with whale sharks - the biggest fish in the ocean!  Barbara's Canon camera flooded on the dive trip - this picture is from Google images! NO DOUBT PICTURE OF THE WEEK!



DANAE BROOKER San Diego office reports My ACTIVE...1 trail run. 2 soccer tournaments. 3 games each.  Carlsbad Cup Win! Priceless.



Brian Bergey, Singapore Office, just got back from a 2 week trip in China where he cycled 760km over 3 mountain passes between 10k and 12k feet.  The trip was supposed to take us through the mountains of Qinghai province to the Tibetan border, but it turned in to an adventure when the police didn’t allow us to cycle our planned route.  So we cycled the other direction and every day was a surprise.



Xterra Snow Valley - Austin Braaten 2nd in a tough and brutal race! Ryan Scanlon  won the Gravity Warrior award!  They rocked the Points Series race!!!!   ACTIVEx inspired Lisa Woll to trail run and sharing that with Michael Crowell he tried his first Xterra Sport race with a 2nd place!  Reporting from San Diego office and just so proud of these three amazing people!



LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA) – Ever since I heard about Norseman for the very first time back in 2005 I have wanted to do the race. This weekend I fulfilled my dream! So what is Norseman? It’s the world’s hardest ironman distance race and nothing but fascinating…: At 5 in the morning you jump into freezing cold water from a ferry and swim the 3.8k back to shore, through a 400m deep, dark fjord. Then follows a very challenging 180k bike section which starts with a 35k climb and takes you over 5 small mountains, featuring almost 3k of climbing. To top it all off, the marathon ends on the top of Gaustatoppen (Norway’s 2nd highest mountain from where you on a clear day can see 1/6th of Norway). The weather is unpredictable at best. During the race you will often experience temperatures from just above zero to 25-30 degrees celcius and a couple of times it’s been snowing or raining badly on Gaustatoppen. There are no official aid stations to speak of during the race and you have to provide your own support vehicle and crew. All you get for your effort is the experience, a black t-shirt if you (in 2012) are one of the first 160 people of the 250 starters who make the various cut-off times and make it to the top. No medal. No nonsense. Just a t-shirt! I finished in 14 hours and 11 minutes – and got the black t-shirt.



MIKE REILLY at the Olympics with the Triathlon venue in background plus catching up with Shawn Johnson Olympic Gymnast and 2009 Dancing with the Stars Champion.



Ryan Thompson - Business Analyst, Dawna Swenson - Project Manager, Michael Westermann - Onsite Engineer all from Draper, UT at the NIWeek 2012 event in Austin, TX. Our Active this weekend was serving National Instruments, one of our great Business Solutions clients and their attendees by creating a great onsite experience for them. Michael logged 6.4 miles, setup and configured 22 laptops and scanners for session’s access control, the entire check-in area and helped to strengthen the relationship with the client at the same time.



Courtney Munson, Active Faith Support (Memphis) raced one of my favorite local tris this weekend, Tri Oxford in Oxford, Mississippi.  The pool swim is short and simple but getting a bad start number got me off to a tougher start than I was hoping for.  The bike consisted of a good dose of hills on the country roads of North Mississippi before finishing up with a challenging run through the Ole Miss campus.  It was hot and hilly, but everyone races the same course and the same temperatures so you just do the best you can.  After mixed results so far this season, I was happy to land on the podium as the 3rd overall female. 



Cindy Bones Account Manager-Faith went hiking to Mt Charleston Peak (Las Vegas NV) elevation 11927 ft using trail canyon Trail (there are two ways to the top) There is an elevation change of 5063 (total ascent) on this 17 mile round trip Trail. The last mile almost killed me...switch backs were so steep every step was a struggle...then a Mountain jogger (yes JOGGER! came running by I felt like such a baby... and wanted to quit...started praying for help and strength...Prayed all the way to the Top...This was a tough Trail...back down was a piece of Glad I did not quit ...(Thank God) I considered this trail my personal "Everest" and added a check to my bucket list.



Malinda McGurk, Account Executive had a wonderful long weekend in Steamboat Springs Colorado.  I enjoyed a day hike and late afternoon wine tasting on my ActiveX PTO day.  Then spent the rest of the weekend enjoying everything Steamboat has to offer.  Picture taken on a trail towards the top of Steamboat Mountain.



Heather West (formerly Levine), Project Coordinator Last two weeks:  running, more running, a fun task The San Francisco Half Marathon was great. The Color Run was fun; I would give it an eight! Here are some pictures, of me having fun. Off to run more miles, one by one…


Michael Hardeman hiked to and photographed Boulder Lake in the Eagle’s Nest Wilderness, northeast of Vail.  5 ½ mile round trip, up and down 700 feet.



Michele Crepeau spent Sunday kayaking with friend in the East Hampton Springs, NY.



Brunswick Lowe, Director, Business Analysis Outdoors entered the waterfowl blind drawing at Cheatham Wildlife Management Area near Nashville this weekend with a group of about a dozen other waterfowlers. There were hundreds of others entered into a manual drawing for about 35 blinds (Note that Active does automated Waterfowl draws for other WMA’s in the state. And of course I did buy my licenses and WMA permits online using the Active system J. One of our group was the fourteenth to be drawn which will give us access to what has been a good blind in years past. I hope to be sending in photos from successful hunts once the 2012-2013 Waterfowl season opens! 



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer, Support.  This past weekend I ran the Annual Great Kilted Run at Magnusson Park in Seattle.  A beautiful, warm August morning, the run was fun!  Joining me were two friends, completing their first 5k ever!  We finished up the race in the beer garden, enjoying an IPA from a local brewery.  Great way to start a sunny summer morning!



Justin Moser- Outdoors Marketing- This weekend I did 70.3, Half Ironman, in Boulder, CO.  The weather was hot, but it could have been hotter.  I clocked in a PR by 34 minutes, and had a great time in the process.  Thanks to all the volunteers who make these races amazing, and for my friend Wu who played Ironman Sherpa all weekend for me.



Jeff Sample Sr. QA Engineer competed in my second triathlon this weekend.  A great event called the Bectri in remembrance of a Valley local Beck Yarberry.  Surprisingly, I finished 17th overall and second in the 30-39 age group.



William Bassler did the Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon Saturday, and his son Kellen did the Kid’s 1K race. There were some very FIT athletes there! Including a few NAVY Seals that decided to do the race. Kellen then went on to win his Arena soccer game later that day at the Encinitas YMCA.


Heather Campbell (Account Executive - San Diego) went camping in Yosemite last weekend and was super stoked to be successful in securing a last minute hiking permit via the new lottery system to hike Yosemite’s Half Dome! What an amazing view!



Damon Mathew took 1st place in the Carlsbad State Beach Footbag Freestyle Circle Competition on Saturday. Footbag Freestyle Circle is a new format that has been approved by the World Footbag Association for use in tournaments world wide. This new format includes 3 rounds of variety and 3 rounds of density shred. Shred is a term used to describe a difficult combination of footbag tricks performed in succession without dropping. Variety is measured by the amount of unique tricks performed, while density is a measure of pure difficulty.


Jen White completed her first half ironman on Saturday, July 28.  She was all smiles on this BEAUTIFUL course through Sonoma’s wine country - finishing in 6:56.



KIRSTIN HARTOS this weekend traveled to San Francisco with my team, the San Diego Surfers, to play in the USA Rugby National Sevens Championships. On Saturday we went 2-1 in pool play defeating the Falcons of Massachusetts and Berkeley All Blues B side and dropped our only game to the DC Furies. That was good enough do us to make it into the quarterfinals on Sunday where we face the defending National Champion Berkeley All Blues A-side, and beat them 10-5 in sudden death overtime to advance to the semifinals. There, we beat the Youngbloodz of MN to advance to the National Championship match against the Seattle Breakers.  We beat Seattle by a final score of 26-7 to win our team's first National Sevens title. Thanks to everyone for your support!



Amber Hall, Burnaby office.  Soaking up the 30 degree rays with Flica; we rode 15 km thru the Langley equestrian trails. She was one well behaved horse!



BILL GOUSLIN took the family to Yosemite for biking through the valley and a number of hikes including to the top of Vernal Falls---a 600 granite step finish that our 4 year old powered up!  I wore the new ACTIVE branded t shirt on a different day for hikes at Tenaya Lake and Tuolomne Meadows.



Charisse Pampolina this weekend spent hiking with my boyfriend in the Yellow Mountains of Anhui Province in Central China: Mt. HuangShan (literally Huang means Yellow, Shan means Mountain). Its mountain peaks and unique rock formations were very beautiful, almost dissolving in the low-hanging clouds. It was obviously very windy up there (lol). We went to the 3 highest summits, including the most popular Lotus Peak – with an elevation of 1864 meters. Afterwards we rewarded ourselves by going to the famous local hot springs. I must say this is the first time I experience being part of a scenery right out of a Chinese painting.  It was a wonderfully-challenging and memorable hike!


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MIKE ROUSE, San Diego says ge had a most amazing weekend.   Impossible to describe.  I had the opportunity and privilege of running for 24 Hours (approx. 100 miles) on Saturday and Sunday to honor and raise awareness of our military, and most specifically of my dear Navy SEAL friend, Jon Tumilson, and the 30 others who were killed in a helicopter crash on August 6th, 2011 in Afghanistan.   I cannot express enough my gratitude for the kind words of encouragement, donations (to the Navy SEAL Foundation), emails, and “running buddies” that came from my Active Network family.  I had over 80, yes 80, Active employees who came throughout the day AND night to run a portion of my run with me.   It was simply amazing!  I ran a section of the run in 31 different t-shirts to honor each of the lives.  These pictures are from start to finish.  MIKE ROUSE YOU ARE A TRUE LEGEND AND WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND AND ACTIVE TEAM MEMBER! Mike





Jeff Sample Sr. QA Engineer and Teresa Kliegerman, Senior Business Systems Analyst competed in the My Way or the Tri Way, a unique event that allows participants to select the order of events for a triathlon.  This was my first triathlon and the ninth year in a row for Teresa who finished 4th in her age group.  We also brought the participants lots of Clif products as members of the Clif Ambassadors program.



Noah Skocilich, Business Analyst recently had the good fortune to spend time in the mountains North of Beijing. You can’t see it in these photos, but another twenty minutes hiking and you could climb up onto remote and abandoned sections of the Great Wall and see it stretch seemingly forever in either direction. Truly breathtaking.



Melissa Muys, Account Executive - Business Solutions, Boulder, CO, completed her first full marathon in San Francisco.  It was an extremely hilly course but a beautiful way to take in the sights!



Banks Holcombe Head of Business Development EMEA.  London Spartan Race…Nancy Krysiak, Nicolas Cantillo, Lars Ronning, Filippo Ciampini, Richard Edwards, Ricardo Darwin, John Anderson, Francesca Colenso, Banks Holcombe, Tahir Mahmood, and Farris Abooud. Awesome day! BANKS WITH A POSE LIKE THAT YOU NEED MORE PUSH-UPS IN YOUR LIFE!



JOHN ANDERSON Long time reader, first time emailer!   More Spartan UK.  This is a tough man course, and whilst only over 5km, it involves going up rope ladders, crawling through mud and water pits under barbed wire, climbing over 9 foot high walls and finally a fire jump towards the end.  Arch, I am copying you in so you know from an ACTIVE X perspective as we all did it as part of an official ACTIVE X activity.  T shirts and branding was a plenty!  This is an ROL client as well.



Jeremy Dwiggins, Visual Designer.  These are pictures from checking my family into our annual summer camping trip. This year, a huge storm blew through the Pittsburgh area on our way, and the camp's brand-new checkin system was the casualty of a lightning strike – so we waited in a field with everyone else trying to check in, and were treated to lenticular clouds at the trailing edge of the storm and a gorgeous sunset.



Meg Miller and Jessica Brannam from the Carmel, IN office had a color-crazy day participating in The Color Run Indianapolis on Saturday.  Meg and her kids, Delaney and Lucas, and Jessica and her husband, Bill, represented the Active is Coloring Me Bad team in the color explosive 5K.  Pictures are before and after.



ANNAMARIE MOLLOY This is my ACTIVE day hiking at the Susquehanna Heritage Trail outside of Marietta, PA in Lancaster County. Apparently the falls behind me are a great fishing spot.



Thom Haupt from Desktop Management Team spent some time in the bushes as he took a hard fall on his first trip downhill mountain biking in the back country of Vail.  Also pictured here are two friends, Steve Riddel and Shane Brummar who were there to haul Thom back up on to Two Elk trail.



Doug Johnson reports a local photographer captured some of the Burnaby Office Kayak day on Deer Lake (across the street from the office) on Friday. He posted the first photo here to the WeatherNetwork for their daily photos. The second photo shows Doug Johnson and Rod Sheeter looking for frogs.



Adam Harris, Technology Specialist.  Wakeboarding at DeerCreek Reservoir with Dave Massey and team.  We got all sorts of crazy!



GRAHAM WILSON completed the Solana Beach event.  At least I finished and if you took out a disastrous transition (someone moved my shoes!!), I completed the Duathlon in 1:09!



RYAN WOOD, online editor in San Diego, and PAYTON WOOD, toddler, ran the Joggin for Frogmen 5K on the campus of San Diego State. Lots of Active people were on hand for a truly inspirational morning. So glad we were a part of it (even when climbing those big hills pushing a stroller!)



Joel Werdell (Product Manager, Swimming) made a successful summit bid on Mt Baker. It was a beautiful 2 day climb complete with 2 AM wake ups, beautiful summit views, glissading and a mountain is known for its record snowfall every year (we saw two avalanches about 400 yds away from us).




Nancy Vance, Contract Recruiter San Diego hiked Castle Rock Trail in Big Bear, CA!



Dave Ellis out of Jackson, Michigan (remote), after doing his first 5K back in May, signed up for the Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris Michigan on Saturday.  His wife Jen was there for support.  The race was challenging and tons of fun.  Plenty of mud involved and enough beer afterward to wash some of that mud away.  Jen, a recent amputee, vows to do the race next year.



Evan Bricker (Sales), Ben Weinbaum (Sales), William Bassler (Visual Designer), Eric Marenburg (Project Manager) and Ryan Alex (Sales) all competed in the San Diego Tri-Club Aquathon last Thursday night. The Aquathon was a 1000 meter open water swim and a 5k run on the beach. No Picture.


Amber Hall, Burnaby, BC office did a 6 km hike with an ex-coworker, Anita Mattice. We hiked up and around Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, where we crossed the over-crowded suspension bridge, saw some beautiful waterfalls, crazy cliff jumpers and froze our feet off in glacier water! Overall a great day and surprisingly enough, sun instead of our typical rainy days!


ALLEN OWENS was in Denver last week for a meeting with the Federal Government (NRRS) to talk about the technology that powers ActiveWorksOutdoors and  What better time to check out some of the great recreation opportunities on nearby Federal lands!  I brought my wife along and we headed up into the hills.  First up was the 14,265’ Mt Evans in the Arapaho National Forest.  You can drive to a couple of hundred vertical feet shy of the peak, but the little climb to the top rewards you with a spectacular 360 degree view of the front range. The next two days we spent in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We acclimatized a little to the altitude with a half mile, 350 vertical feet climb up to Marmot Point at 11,909’.  A short hike, but it left us both a little winded!!  We made it back down in record time, chased by black clouds and rolling thunder – lightning storms above the tree-line are scary!  The ACTIVE highlight was on our last day in the park when we hiked a ten mile roundtrip from the Bear Lake trailhead up along Glacier Gorge to Timberline Falls at 10,800’, passing Alberta Falls and The Loch along the way.  We tried to climb the falls to get to Sky Pond beyond, but the steep rocks were too wet and slippery after the heavy rains overnight.  The photos are of me at the very peak of Mt Evans and Timberline Falls itself.  The National Parks and Forests have so many awesome sights, activities and experiences.  I’m very proud to play a small role in connecting people with them.


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First Triathlon, Hiking and Mud

Posted by IMVoice Jul 26, 2012

Steve Peck, Sr. Director Software Development took my 7 year old son out for his first backpacking trip ever.  Two nights out in the beautiful Maroon Bells Snomass Wilderness.  He did awesome and we summited Mt. Sopris (12,966 ft)  as well.  He kept saying it was easy as I worked hard to keep up with him!



Gina Calvert returned last week from a 10-day mission trip to Honduras, where our team of 20 built 5 houses. One picture is at the building site, but I'm sort of hidden; the other one is me with the kids in the neighborhood where we built--I'm not active in that one but  I am wearing my Active X shirt, so I thought it might be better.



Neal Block, Senior Account Executive reports on Sunday, July 22nd, 400 swimmers and runners plunged into the water from one of San Francisco’s most beautiful landmarks, Alcatraz! I felt very uplifted after a glorious swim from Alcatraz into Chrissy Field, finishing 35th out of the water, and beginning my 7.5 mile run over the Golden Gate Bridge! The run follows Presidio’s popular Golden Gate Promenade, a dirt trail that winds its way along the San Francisco Bay, up a set of wooden stairs, and over the East Span of the Golden Gate Bridge and back to Chrissy Field. Amazing day with incredible views and great family and friends!


Michele Crepeau, Industry Manager Giving, Sr. Account Manager Sales ACTIVE Network Sports riding her bike around Nantucket.



Michael Prodor and his son D.C. completed their first 5K together at the ActiveX Solana beach Event this weekend. What a fantastic day, hosted by a fantastic company!



Cindy Bones Account Manager-Faith went Hiking in Bryce Canyon Utah "Peek-A-Boo" Trail. Lots of wildlife my Favorite was the Prairie dog town, so after that all I could see in the "HooDoo's" of the canyon were Prairie dogs standing up looking at all the beauty.



Jon Christopher did the Solana Beach active x triathlon. He must have been having fun because he was captured here with a huge smile on his face. A SMILE LIKE THIS AWARDS THIS AS "THE PICTURE OF THE WEEK!"



Rob Erekson (ActiveFaith) and his brothers ran around and then up Henderson's Black Mountain, just outside of Las Vegas, NV. The run was a total of about 6 miles and 2000 feet of ascent/descent, including a 700-foot ascent and descent in less than 1/2 mile. The view at the top was spectacular, offering a panoramic of the entire Las Vegas valley, from Red Rock Canyon to Lake Mead.



Cara Webb, Senior Account Manager (Boulder), used her Active X Community Service day to volunteer with Higher Ground Youth Challenge.  Fifty inner city girls are chosen to participate in this program where they are assigned a mentor and participate in physically challenging activities designed to bolster their self-esteem and gain greater self-confidence.  During the summer, Higher Ground participants attend an outdoor camp near Jonestown, Colorado.  Cara assisted with the high ropes course and a creative painting project.  It was a fantastic day full of breakthroughs and laughs!



ROB KLINGENSMITH.  As the Tour de France traveled through the Pyrenees, we rode many of the climbs just hours before the pros.  Here I'm climbing the Peyresourde, one of the iconic mountain passes outside of the ski town of Luchon. Always loved hearing "Go Active!" spoken with French accents!



KIRSTEN DIXON - Her daughter wanted to start doing 5k's with me so I thought we would find a fun one to start with. She's 9 years old.  We did Color Me Rad in Richmond, VA this past Saturday and both had a blast. She's already pouring over our area wondering what fun thing we can do next.



Meghan Swirski, Department Trainer Saturday completed the Warrior Dash with two friends in Snoqualmie, WA.  The weather was perfect for the run.  With three walls, countless mud pits, fire, and a car graveyard, the race was both fun, and challenging.  After the race we enjoyed a well-deserved beverage in the beer garden.



Stephen Branstetter, General Manager of Youth & Education: Shaved a Mohawk in my head and Ragnar'ed it through the beautiful Northwest with my wife, fellow Active-ite  Jake Cooney and a bunch of friends from my Pub trivia team. At about mile 40 it became evident that we are decidedly better at Pub Trivia then we are at running 200 miles but still an awesome time.  My Final Tally:  29 “Kills” (3 at a stop light, does that count?), 1 “Got Killed.”



Janean Nation (Account Manager - Communities) and Tyler Jump (Account Executive - Camps) destroyed this weekend's ACTIVE X Triathlon.  This was Janean's second since her Sprint Tri in Vegas 5 years ago and Tyler's first ever.  Janean's goal to finish was under 2 hours and she whopped it  by coming in at 1:40!  However, the biggest success was Janean overcoming her open water internal thoughts and blasted through the ocean without a problem!  Tyler came in at a cool 1:07 and was spent for the rest of the day.  Definitely an amazing experience to be had again!



Brian Enge had an amazing Active day at SB Tri.  I was lucky enough to share the race and the experience with my daughter.  Very cool day for Active.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) had a very ACTIVE three-day weekend thanks to his ACTIVEX PTO day.  Thursday evening started with some Crossfit, followed on Friday morning with Ragnar Northwest Passage.  He ran (and met) some awesome people through a little bit of rain, but almost always gorgeous northern Washington.  After 200 miles, his team Casual Encounters, finished in 29:04.35, good enough for 64th place overall.  After that beastly Friday/Saturday he followed it up on Sunday with the Warrior Dash, his first ever mud run.  Despite almost falling off one of the taller obstacles, he had a blast and finished it off by going back to his swimming roots by free styling it through the last pit of mud.  Not easy (and don't know if the people behind him appreciated the kicking! But WAIT, there's more.  To finish the weekend off, he played another game of hockey with the Sentinels on Sunday night, losing 5-4 in what turned out to be a pretty close game after going down early 4-1.  He did have an assist in the game on a tipped pass with time winding down before the end of the second period.  Generally a rare feat for him.  Overall, a crazy weekend, but lots of fun.


Jake Cooney, Senior Web Designer in Bothell. I used my ACTIVEx day and participated in the 200 mile Northwest Passage Ragnar Relay race with a team of 12 people including Stephen Branstetter. We started at the Canada border and ended on Whidbey Island. This event was a series of firsts for me: running in a team race, seeing a high school gymnasium filled with hundreds of snoring people on the floor, and running at night with a headlamp. It was a beautiful run through lots of small towns and along coastlines and the whole weekend was filled with great camaraderie among the team and with other teams.


Christine Crosby, Sr. Account Executive for Faith.  I completed my 2nd triathlon at the ACTIVEx Solana Beach Triathlon this Sunday along with all of the other ACTIVEx Charity Challenge athletes.  It was such a beautiful day.  The water was calm which made for an easy, fast swim.  It was awesome seeing all of the ACTIVEx team out there participating and cheering.  I beat my swim time by 6 minutes and beat my bike time by 11 minutes.  Not bad for being 13 weeks pregnant!  Thanks Arch, for an amazing training season! 



Jen Cenedella, Global Account Manager - On Saturday, I did one of my favorite Boulder hikes - Mt. Sanitas. The elevation gain at Mt. Sanitas is 1255 feet, stretches three miles around the loop, and the summit is 6,863 feet.  The loop trail provides many beautiful views of Boulder and on a day like Saturday you can see Denver in the distance.  The view of this picture is of North Boulder and Wonderland Lake in the near distance and the Boulder Reservoir where tris and open water swims are held in the far distance.  You can see my house in the picture out near this Res. 



Mary Ellison, Tax Analyst.  The Solana Beach 5-K Walk/Run on Sunday was a wonderful event for me. The support I received from all my Active family was so overwhelming. There were so many Active employees waiting to walk the last part with me! It was absolutely fabulous and I cannot thank all of you enough.


Aaron Waldman San Diego, Had so much fun participating for the 2nd year with the whole ACTIVEx crew at the Solana Beach Tri.  I was very happy to best my last years' time by 6mins. Big thanks to our whole group for the encouragement, motivation and training!



Brendan Egan (AE University Camps), Ashley Martin (AE Sports), and Clinton Van Allen (Sales Rep) all completed the Solana Beach Triathlon this Sunday.  This was Brendan's Third and Ashley and Clinton's First Tri.  Such a great time with fellow ACTIVEites participating and supporting everyone.  ACTIVE's presence was heavy as every other person you saw was in ACTIVE gear cheering you on.  Looking forward to the 2013 Tri!



JESSICA MILEWSKI reports Several of us volunteered at the finish line at the Solana Beach Tri/Du/5k and loved it!  Art "Timing Chip" Pacheco helped tired athletes remove their timing chips.  Jessica "Medal" Milewski had a great time handing out finisher's medals. She even got a chance to channel Mike Reilly by calling in in Mary Ellison from the announcers stand as she crossed the finish line.  Kelly "Timer" Gibson helped the timing company monitor the results process.



Dani Oliver, Online Account Manager.  "My birthday was made extra special this year because the Solana Beach Tri fell on it - 7/22! I really enjoyed doing my first tri and want to give a special thanks to Arch, Fran, and my team for all their support in helping me make this the best birthday ever  . . . raising money for the Monarch School and doing something good for me at the same time."



Adam English, Software QA Manager did the Warrior Dash 5k over the weekend with my fiancé, Andrea.  It was a great day of firsts for us: first 5k, first time swimming through a mud-pit, etc. but we had a lot of fun and look forward to future events!  We bumped into Matthew Henry (Interaction Designer) at the end of the race and the attached picture is courtesy of my cousin, Kyle Bruggeman.



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR, SAN DIEGO Completed my first ActiveX bubbly to buoy 1 mile swim in the Pacific on Friday night, then finished my third Solana Beach sprint triathlon on Sunday along with a great team from Active.  Slow paced run for a finish at 1hr35min, but I was happy to get it done and greatly improved in the swim.


Lorraine Ryglewicz, Account Executive shared the ACTIVEx Experience by inviting my Aunt Holly (44y/o) to do the Solana Beach Tri with me!  We both made it in under our goal of 2 hours and are already talking about our next Tri!  Big Thanks to Arch and the rest of the team for making Holly feel like a part of the group.  She could not stop talking about how awesome a place ACTIVE is to work.  She also wants to know if we want to open a wine sales division as that is her career path currently.



What’s my ACTIVE?  Triathlon!  Lisa Baldwin, Account Manager, Burnaby competed in her first triathlon on Sunday.  Sometimes it’s about the finish but sometimes it’s about the journey.  This was all about the journey for me.  Had a good swim and left the water in the top half of the pack, smooth transition and then off to the races on the bike.  About 1 km in, I lost a pedal.  Spent some time trying to fix it, got some help from a cyclist passing by but no luck.  That pedal decided it wasn’t prepared to race on this day.  I, on the other hand after much arguing with myself, decided I only had 10km to go (it was a short course) so proceeded to use the one pedal I had left to complete the remaining bike course.  I would not advise doing this, especially uphill, as my right leg was not happy with me as I headed off on the run but at the end of the day I crossed the finish line, justified that new bike purchase, can call myself a triathlon finisher and felt like a champion! 


Jane Marshall My ACTIVE is camping & hiking: gorgeous hike to Columbine Lake & Lake Dorothy near Tabernash, CO. Great weekend to get out of the Boulder heat & camp in the mountains!


Diane Madry, SCM Release coordinator, Fishing off the coast of Dana Wharf.  Helena charter fishing boat.  This crew was awesome.  I caught this 25 lb. Black Sea Bass, but they are endangered, so I had to throw it back.



Alex Burkette Director of Global Business Analysis successful on his Active X PTO Day doing some California Yellow Tail fishing



Justin Moser, Outdoors Marketing- Suffering through the Xterra Beaver Creek Long Course Triathlon last weekend, which was an amazing course consisting of 3600 feet of climbing on the bike and 1600 feet of climbing for the run.  Although I didn't beat my friend Andy, my nemesis in triathlon, I did beat my time from 2011 by 32 minutes.  I also fell into a bush head first on a downhill sprint.



Melanie Collier, Application Analyst.  This was my very first Triathlon! And I finished!



Jeff Strnad, Account Manager participated in the ActiveX Solana Beach Duathlon with my dad, Steve for the 2nd year in a row. We beat our 2011 time by 2 minutes! It was a great event as usual and so great to see so many Active Team Members out on the course, volunteering on the sidelines & in the crowd cheering us on. What a great way to show people what we really are all about!



FRAN BENEDICT “It was a super fun Sunday with Charity Challenge festivities! Lots of amazing new & seasoned triathletes, cheerful volunteers, 5K’ers & supporters rallied to support something much bigger than the race itself. It was pretty awesome & quite the celebration! Running buddies for 10 years Fran Benedict & Julie Woolf were in lockstep with all the excitement! The positive momentum from the early starting triathletes & the smiles throughout the morning helped us run the 5K in 20 minutes and a handful of seconds. It was a ton of fun run with lots of incredible support & high five's along the way!


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Hiking, MOBS, Color Run & More

Posted by IMVoice Jul 16, 2012

Tom Keefe Senior Account Manager/Active Outdoors and his daughters (Meredith and Tera) did the Twin Cities Color Run on Sunday ….see before and after…  It was the largest Color Run (5K) this year with 20,000 participates.



Katie Morse (Program Manager – Wellness) - The heat at Racine 70.3 was brutal on Sunday. For not being acclimated to the heat and humidity, I had a solid race. Came out of the water 33rd, got off the bike in 15th, and ran my way to 9th (AG), finishing in 5:26:16! So fun to race in my home state of Wisconsin!



Eric McCue and Brian Enge attended the inaugural Walking Dead Run at Petco Park during Comic-Con in downtown San Diego.  6,000 participants signed up using Active and raced throughout the stadium attempting to evade lurking zombies.  Unfortunately, the craziness of Comic-Con got the best of Eric and Brian and their night didn’t end well. All in fun for Charity, donate and play mock arrest.



Aaron Waldman, Software Engineer San Diego – Has been quarantined after taking part in the Walking Dead Escape from Petco Park this weekend.  It was a really fun zombie apocalyptic obstacle course, everyone from Zombies to FEMA support where in full character with news reports of the catastrophe playing on tvs.  After experiencing the end of the world I headed over to Morely Field to hone in on my Archery skills to be better prepared for the real Zombie infestation.



Some days ago, Fod Shadbakht (English trainer) organized ActiveX Charity- Clothing Donation in Xi’an office. Then this Sunday, Fod, Steven Xue (NOC), Syler, Lu (MRI) and Rui Zhang (Class) attended the activity to send clothing to the village with local Charity organization called Yellow River Soup Kitchen. A truckload of clothing is donated to hundreds of people.



Frank Zhang Product Manager – Asset Service played in a Table Tennis tournament in Xi’an that is hosted by China Unicom on the weekend. There are more than 200 players playing in 5 age/gender groups. Out of the 50 players in the 20 – 35 year old men’s group, I got the 6th place. This is a very good result for a pure amateur like me because the top 5 guys all had years of professional training.



Molly Ercole, Event Planner and her husband Josh climbed to the top of Bowman’s Tower, a 125-foot-tall stone tower located in Washington Crossing Historic Park in PA and followed it up with a two hour hike in a nearby wildflower preserve.



Anh Wetzel, Technical Specialist, Supplier Operations attended the 2012 Philadelphia Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud and Obstacle Series (5K) on Sunday, July 15. This was my first charity run ever and I did it in mud. The course consists of 11 obstacles and I finished it in 43:56. I had a wonderful time - completely cover in mud by the end of the race. I can't wait to compete in the next mud run. PICTURE OF THE WEEK (WITH TONGUE OUT)!



Ryan Alex (Sales, San Diego) took his family camping to Mt. Laguna this weekend. A great weekend of hikes, smores, and camp fires. 


Michael Hardeman photographed and hiked Maroon Bells near Aspen, CO Saturday.



Burt N. Repine, Sr. Software Engineer says his ACTIVE was travelling to Colorado to meet up with his Mom for the 24th annual Triple Bypass bicycle ride. The route covered 120 miles through the Rockies - from Evergreen to Avon - with almost 11,000 lung-busting feet in elevation gain. Mother Nature decided to join the fun and pelted us with rain and hail for the last 50 or so turning this very scenic ride into an epic. It was a sense of pure joy to finally get to remove my cold, wet, weary carcass from my bike at the finish. NOTE: Multiple calories were harmed, and sometimes even killed, in the making of this journey.

BURT1.jpgBURT 2.jpg


David Jones, Faith. The cycling club that I am apart of has been doing a 3 part racing series called the Memphis Invitational Club Championship Series. This past Saturday was the crit race which was part two in the series. I raced in the Category 5 race which had a field of just over 20 guys and I placed 4th I was happy with.



Megan Ferri, Account Manager Communities. Ran the Color Run in San Francisco with friends.  I’ve never seen so many runners having a great time laughing and throwing color on each other!  If the Color Run comes to your city – you should sign-up!



Janean Nation, Account Manager – Communities, and Michelle Nation, Product Manager, were active this weekend with all of their sisters and their mother at the Davis Moo-nlight Race.  It was the first time that all five of us have gotten to participate in an event together.  We upped the brightness in the outfits to accommodate for the evening run, and the guys of the family, including Tyler Jump, Account Executive – Camps, showed up to super-fan in true Nation fashion, including occasional appearances of our nine year-old nephew on the course.  Can’t wait to do more events with the whole gang!



Sherry Cronin, AE Business Solutions Boulder, CO, finished the Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile mountain bike race in 7 hrs/12 min.  The Silver Rush is a 50 mile mountain bike race, single track with 7382 ft in elevation gain –held high in the Rocky Mountains above 11,000 ft.   Sherry’s first ever race, was one of only 58 women (of 712 riders) – only 7 women in her group of 50 + (Are we crazy!!?  Trying to prove something - YES).  Finished 501 overall, and 4th in her division.   “The hardest thing I have ever done”.    Met by her husband and two children, was an emotional finish.  WHEW!   



Matt Coffee (Sr. Account Executive, Boulder), Trey Gorman (Software Architect, Boulder) and I (Software Architect, Boulder) cycled 50 miles in honor of Matt’s birthday.  The ride climbed the St. Vrain Canyon and the Peak to Peak highway to the town of Ward.  Most of the route will be part of Stage 6 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge next month.  It was a beautiful ride through the mountains!


Julie Gallaway, SW QA Engineer Associate hiked with my dog, Teyla, to Mt. Baden Powell on Sunday as a preparatory hike for more difficult hikes in August. We had gorgeous weather and great views of the high desert, Mount San Antonio, and the inland empire.


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Joanne Ingram, Account Executive. It was all Peaches in Atlanta on July 4th when Joanne Ingram, AE in Business Solutions, and her dear friend Leslie, ran with 57,742 other runners in the world's largest 10K - The Peachtree Road Race.  This was my first time running it and it was just a blast.  It didn't even feel like we were running because it was such a party atmosphere along the entire route.  My favorite was running by a church where they had a couple of people dressed as priest sprinkling the runners with "holy water".  This is definitely one that will always be on my calendar for years to come.



Brandon Rich, Business Analyst, Draper, UT office, with friend Blake Atkinson decided to test out the Utah tour de donut this weekend.  It was a great fundraiser to help a local bike park recently burned by wildfire.  Fantastic weather, great course, with lots of terrible doughnuts!  Three times around the 7 mile loop, with as many doughnuts as you could stomach each time.  Brandon sprinted to the finish taking 5th... Until the doughnuts came into play.  Each doughnut takes 3 minutes off your time, so naturally the guy who ate 31 won the race by a lot.



Stephany Cavatoni and her family spent this weekend not only at a double swim meet (where many personal bests were achieved by both her kids Stella and Lucas), but also raising travel funds for our own Aquamonster coach, Scott Weltz, who qualified for the US Olympic Team by placing 1st in the 200M breast stroke.  He is on his way to Knoxville today with our head coach, Pete Motekitis, to train with the US team before they head to Europe in another week.  Scott will be swimming his way to a GOLD MEDAL on July 31st - be sure to tune in and support him - he's a totally humble guy who went for his dream, even after UC Davis cut men's swimming 2 years ago.  He truly embodies EVER ACTIVE!!



Mary Anschutz, Senior Marketing Manager. Snorkeling over a shipwreck in Lake Michigan with my husband, our daughters and my sister's family. With the air temperature in the 90s, the water temperature was a warm 70 degrees.  We were in Wisconsin for a good Midwestern Fourth of July celebration complete with a parade, fireworks and s'mores on the beach.


KEITH WILLIAMS (Senior Manager, Business Development – Sports, EMEA): This weekend was when I sealed the deal going from couch to an Ironman within 12 months. Inspired by watching and feeling IM Frankfurt 2011, and running my first ever 10k with IM European director, Kai Walter (I ached so much after run, people thought I had done the Ironman!). I had to be the real deal, so bought an Ironman Iphone case and entered the 2012 race. So I finished in 12hrs:06mins. The swim 1:11, bike 6:10, run 4:24. I can now officially say "I am an Ironman" when people ask me about my IPhone case! I would like to thank all my teammates for putting up with me talking about this day 24/7. Plus a sincere big thanks to Lars Ronning (also IM) for supporting me all the way. Thanks Lars! And last but not least, thanks to my wonderful wife Wei and my son Aston for your patience and support. I could not have done it without you.


LARS RONNING (Senior Regional Director, EMEA): After a busy season so far I felt I was well prepared to break 10 hours, assuming I could swim in 1.15, bike in 4.50-4.55 and finish with a 3.30 marathon. But it didn’t quite go that way. Despite a rough swim where I had my goggles kicked off and flooded during the swim and thought I had lost my contact lenses (thank goodness I hadn’t but I couldn’t see a thing for a couple of minutes), and cramps twice, I was on schedule and exited the water on time. Then the torrential rain and winds began and with a disc and 95 mm deep section wheel combo it was challenging to stay on course. So despite averaging 26 mph the first hour, I ended up losing a lot of time and went into T2 after a 5.14 bike split – which I was happy with, especially since nobody in my age group (45-49) broke 5 hours. But my sub-10 goal was now not realistic any longer, so I took it easy on the run, clocked 4 hours, and finished in 10.44. Exactly 1 minute off my personal best from Copenhagen Challenge last year. Nevertheless a great day – and wonderful and emotional to see Keith cross the finish line with his son Aston! Keith – what an achievement. KEITH, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!




STEVE MAZZA reports his Active is Mountain Biking the super fun Way Up Trail in Elfin Forest Recreation Reserve, attached pic is with Active riding partner Jeff Strnad in the only shade during the 1,000 ft. climb. At the top lookout point we enjoyed sweeping views of North County before a rocky and technical descent. And it’s close to Stone Brewery!



LISA WOLL said no shuttle for her!



ANDY REILLY Account Executive Endurance got the opportunity to announce Ironman Muncie 70.3 over the weekend. It was a warm day with temperatures over the 100 degree mark but over 1400 athletes still made their way to the start and finish line on Saturday.



Thom Haupt, Sr. Desktop Support climbed my first fourteen'er (a mountain over 14,000 feet), Mt. Elbert. Took four hours over 4,000 vertical climb to get up a 4.5 mile hike.  Mt. Elbert is in the middle of Colorado and is the tallest mountain in Colorado (second tallest in the USA lower 48 states) at 14,440 feet.



Joey Quiñones, Account Executive.  Raced = Liberty by the Lake 10K on July 4th in The Colony, TX



LeeJayne Stone, Business Analyst reports the Nashville office played trampoline dodge ball recently. We all agreed it was a lot harder than we remember as we were schooled by 10 year olds several times! Shelby Abernathy (Business Analyst), Michael Rufli (Software Development Manager), LeeJayne Stone (Business Analyst), Jaymie Reynolds (Business Analyst), and Josh Richardson (Business Analyst)




Chris Buri, New Account Specialist reports The inbound sales team in Boulder had a great team outing. Go-Carts, Batting Cages, and Mini Golf. Sue Fonda, Kathy Bleier, Matt Coffee, Chris Buri, Pat Stephens, Drew Nienaber, Nick Holesinger (tech. liaison)  and our new leader Sarah Liberatone. The competition was intense!!! Not really, I think we laughed more than competed.




MICHAEL HARDEMAN Hiked and photographed Mayflower Gulch, CO.



Cindy Bones-Account Manager- Faith. Went to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Big Sky scenic highway (Montana), Bear tooth highway & Salmon Scenic Highway Idaho on Vacation. I think I used my quota of the word "WOW" for the rest of my life. God's creations leave me speechless...literally.. emotionally amazing stuff. This place SINGS God's Praise!(you can actually hear it).



Heather West (Project Coordinator, Sacramento):  On July 4 we did the Buffalo Chips Free 5 Mile race.  It was awesome and you can't beat the price!  Saturday I ran 11 miles as I am training for a few races...nothing like a 5:30 am run to get the day started right! 



Eric Olson, General Manager, SMB Business Solutions raced the first ever Ironman-branded event on Scandinavian soil, competing alongside (well behind) his wife, who won the race, at Ironman Norway 70.3 in Haugesund, Norway. We met the race organizers after Ironman Austria last year and after a few chocolate bars, beers and stories of the striking beauty of the fjords, we had to see it for ourselves. The race did not disappoint. From the mass start alongside a Viking ship to the most beautiful bike course I've ever seen, it was a great experience and the Norwegians turned out in force to support the event.



Stacy Johnson, Sr Project Coordinator out of Irving, TX visited Storm Lake, IA for the week.  Besides a week of camping and boating, I participated in the Star Spangled July 4th Ride-Run which was a partnered event on a 12 mile course around the lake.  It's beautiful farm country!   We finished under our expected time with a total time of 1:21.  Not bad considering I met my partner two days before the event and it's been a few years since being on a bike.  Definitely looking forward to next year!



Mike Reilly rode the Scripps Ranch 50 mile race on July 4th.  Picture with Dennis Kashishike who has won his age division at Ironman Hawaii.  I sucked his wheel for about 20 miles then he dropped my like a rock!



Diane Madry, SCM Release Coordinator. Soccer in the Sand in Grand Haven Michigan. My team won the women's open regional championship, for a chance to play in the national championship in December! This Weekend: Hiking the Deer Springs Trail to Suicide Rock in Idyllwild!




This weekend Rob Erekson (ActiveFaith, Henderson, NV) and his brother, Ryan, ran the famous Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV. Due to poor planning, they ended up running a trail that climbed about 1,000 feet in less than a mile, at times climbing on hands and feet rather than running, but it was worth it for the view at the top of the mountain.


Whitney Lawrence, Senior Account Manager ACTIVE Network Business Solutions competed in the SheRoxTri sprint Triathlon in Cherry Creek on Saturday.  The all-women’s event partnered with The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to raise money for ovarian cancer.  The swim was killer!  The bike and run were much more in my comfort zone.  There's nothing like a good challenge to keep you on your toes.  Most importantly, it was so much fun and for an amazing cause!  Participating in an all-women's race is empowering and promotes an inspiring environment with a great support system.



Jen Cenedella, Global Account Manager Business Solutions, did the Boulder Peak Olympic tri Sunday.  Unfortunately some plantar fasciitis issues took their toll, but I completed the race.   Also, two weeks ago, I did the Philadelphia Olympic tri with a PR in that race and finishing 9th in AG, qualifying for the US Open Championships in October.  In Philadelphia, it was also the first time two of my three sisters, Allie and Loraine, relayed a triathlon, and the first time they came to one of my tris with my nieces and nephew.  Allie biked on her hybrid, Loraine ran the 10k and another friend did the swim for their relay.  They had so much fun that they can't wait to tackle the NYC Tri as a relay next year with me!



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR,  SAN DIEGO. This Saturday biked 14 miles to the beach and back with my daughter, with a body board backpack carrier. Successfully combined cycling with a few hours of riding the waves in Del Mar.


Aaron Waldman, Software Engineer San Diego - Got in some excellent biking with the holiday week. Starting with 4th of July my Brother and I left on an early morning costal ride up to Dana Point where we joined our relatives at the beach.  Then spent Saturday morning biking some hills (out to Lake Hodges and Elfin forest loop) with friends from Active. Overall I put just over 100 miles on the bike, a first for me.



Alan Deicas, Evan Bricker, Aaron Waldman, Dennis Triplett and friends went paintballing for the first time. Though we did come out with a few battle wounds and bruises from the paintballs, it was a great time and something worth repeating.



Justin Moser, Active Outdoors Boulder, did the Boulder Peak Olympic Triathlon yesterday.  The course proved hilly but temps were in the 70's, and there's really no better way to spend a Sunday than swim/bike/running with your friends.  This was the second event in the Boulder Tri Series.



Jeff Wilson (Human Resources) and David Ebright (Friend) competed in the Vigilluci’s World Beach Bocce Tournament in Del Mar over the weekend.  The two beat out 200 2-Man teams to make the finals in the Men’s Open Division, and took 2nd place overall in the tournament.  Allyson Ward (Sales) also competed in the Woman’s Division and had a very strong showing.  (As Usual)


Julie Heying and I met up at the beer garden after the Scripps Ranch Old Pro 4th of July Run. Julie did an awesome job finishing the 10k with her friend Karen, while the rest of us had a great time running the 2 miler and an even better time afterwards!



Bryce Gutierrez, Promotions Consultant this weekend I went to the river with my family (including my puppy Nala) to do some wakeboarding. It was an amazing weekend and my dog swam for the first time ever!


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PATTI ROSENTHAL Industry Manager, Cycling and DANA BLACKWOOD visiting from San Diego (Dana & I have been working at Active together for 12+ years) went on first backpacking trip of the summer up to Crater Lake in Durango, CO.  It's a 14-mile round trip trek starting at Andrew Lake (around 9,000 feet) & you hike up to Crater Lake well over 11,000 feet.  – Dana’s first backpacking trip in Colorado.  We camped in style with some great meals, wine & some of the most beautiful scenery around. 



JOANNE MCCANN Administrative Assistant Philadelphia spent the weekend in the Pocono Mountains with family hiking swimming in the lake and playing battle ship.


JENNI WILSON, Senior Manager Client Relations doesn’t have photos to share, with her boyfriend hiked and swam at Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland yesterday.


LINDA MANOSH (Human Resources Generalist, Saratoga Springs) joined the team in the first annual "Daughters vs Parents" U12 season-ending soccer game. The parents had an impressive and surprising showing in the 8-7 comeback victory.  No picture attached as the parents were nursing injuries and fighting fatigue and the U12 team were too busy scarfing down freeze pops.


JEFF MCHUGH, Senior Account Manager participated in the Oyster Off Road Race in Bend, Oregon.   The race is a mystery course with running, biking and challenges.  Some of the challenges included a 20 question SAT test, fly fishing, taking a picture with a gnome on a mtn. bike trail, canoeing, blind folded obstacle course and many other fun elements.  The race was fun and a test of endurance, strength, mental toughness and first aid skills.  My teammate and I collided coming down the mountain at high speeds resulting in a few open wounds and a taco-ed front wheel.    We persevered and finished the course in 4 hours.   Can't wait for next year!



JUSTIN MOSER, Marketing Outdoors, Denver, did Ironman Coeur d’ Alene June 24th.  With weather cold early, the day turned phenomenal with highs in the 70’s.  It was inspiring to be on the course with lots of friends from Denver, my family, and Active team members as well.  Mike Reilly did an amazing job bringing us home, and I can honestly say that the midnight finishes I saw was more gratifying than finishing the race myself.   Thanks Mike and all my Active friends who got me to the finish (11:14).



CINDY BONES Account Manager for Faith -Served with Friends from the "Foodies Bible Study" at Las Vegas City Rescue Mission (Rehabilitating Homeless citizens) we served meals, helped in the kitchen. clean up after meal time & Prayer. Very impressed with this organization & the program to help the homeless in every area (Spiritual health, physical health, nutrition, counseling, life skills like decision making, work get the drift) Life changing skills from the "inside" out!



MICHAEL HARDEMAN spent Saturday hiking up and down Great Sand Dunes, CO.



TYLER JUMP (Account Executive – Camps) and JANEAN NATION (Account Manager – Communities) took in the gorgeous weather on Saturday while riding in the 2nd Annual San Diego Poker Ride to benefit CAF.  The 35 mile course was fun and let us see some beautiful views of San Diego and the ocean, especially once we got to the top at Point Loma!



BRIDGET CONNELLY weekend included running along Mission Bay in San Diego and a class at the Bar Method!


ERIC MA (Product Marketing Lead, CIC) completed 2012 Genghis Khan Grassland Extreme Marathon on Saturday, it’s a unique race in China in its setting on small packed sand and dirt trails across the grass plains around the Inner Mongolian town Xiwuqi. It is an extraordinary running experience for everyone: Top international runner, after-work hobby runner, young and old. Also, it was a very meaningful race for Eric because the race was powered by for registration, this was his first official Active race and it was excited to see a record number of participants participated the race this year, all runners woke up under a blue sky and enjoyed warm temperatures already at the 7 a.m. start in the morning. The trails in the grasslands had dried up overnight after the heavy rain, which was good news for everyone. However, the long distance runners had to battle a rather strong headwind for most of the final 20 kilometers, which together with the 500 altitude meters, made the Grassland Marathon live up to its "extreme" moniker. In fact, because local farmers had been putting up new fences here and there, the course eventually ended up to be 44km, subject to the trail chosen. The Xiwuqi grasslands were indeed at their most beautiful that morning. He enjoyed himself with two friends running together all the way and crossed the finish line neck by neck, and planning to come again for bike and run together next year!



SETH GREER, Business Analyst completed a Spartan Beast Relay on June 29th with Dean Omori (also a business analyst in Draper) and Bobby Taylor (a former BA). In the picture is Dean, me, and Bobby after the race wearing 10 pounds of mud each. Lots of cuts and bruises, but they make the best souvenirs. WAY TO GO BOYS YOU ARE THE PICTURE OF THE WEEK!



RYAN SCANLON, Account Coordinator reports "Fresh off her solid performance at Ironman Coeur d’Alene, AUSTIN BRAATEN and Ryan headed out to Elfin Forrest for a little “hike and bike” in preparation for upcoming XTERRA So Cal.  A HUGE shout out to Arch and the Employee Bike Purchase Program for making this possible!" I also wanted to send you a BIG thank you for last weekend.  It was pretty special being VIP out there in Coeur d’Alene, so much I signed up at first opportunity Monday morning.  I look forward to being called an Ironman next year!



GREG INGINO (SVP – Global Tech Operations), ERIC MARENBURG (Associate PM – Global Tech Operations), and Mark Nelson (friend of Active – not pictured) tackled Palomar Mtn. on Saturday.  It included over 4000 feet of climbing in the first 12 miles.  We started early and were rewarded with quiet roads and ideal temps for the climb.



MELANIE WIVIOTT (Professional Services-Bothell) went White Water Rafting in the Deschuttes in Bend Oregon over the weekend. We celebrated my best friends upcoming wedding by confronting Big Eddy and the 5 rapids in a row. It was raining and the water was freezing but it was well worth it!


KAREN HAGGERTY, Operations/Project Manager for StarCite in Business Solutions.  I ran in my first 5K in San Francisco’s beautiful Golden Gate Park.  It was the 5K Polo Fields race sponsored by the SF Dolphin South End Runners.  I was excited that I didn’t stop once and even sprinted the finish!  I came in 3rd to last, but at least I came in ahead of the Wavy Gravy look-alike who was running in his bare feet(!).  The best part was when my fiancé, Mickaël (with me in second photo), finished then came back to run with me!



JESSICA BRUSTAD, Account Exec Mkt.  just got back from being Active in Norway for the past 9 weeks! Was on the reality show Alt For Norge – participating in Biathlons, Rowing boats and sailing ships on “ The World’s End” and much more! Glad to be back at Active and in the swing of things, but miss those beautiful Fjords and being outside every day! Hope all is well with you.



Kelly Fennema, Team Lead says My Active this weekend was rafting down the American River.. going Kayaking next weekend!


Kirstin Hartos, Associate Product Manager this weekend played in her first Rugby Sevens tournament of the summer in Santa Monica with my club team, the San Diego Surfers.  Our 3-0 record in pool play against Belmont, Santa Monica and Ventura County had us see Belmont again in the Cup Final.  We defeated them soundly by a score of 24-5, and qualified for the USA Rugby Sevens National Championships in August.  The second Southern California qualifier takes place in two weeks were we hope to win and secure the first of two seeds from our region.


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Riding, Running, MOBS & a Deer

Posted by IMVoice Jun 26, 2012

Seth Miller raced Long Beach Race week on the J-120 caper and we won our class in decisive fashion with a 1-2-1-1-1 over 5 races. Good enough for a place at the top of the podium and 3 bottles of Mt. Gay rum.



Ryan Drew, Nolan Hansen, Tony Valentino & Rob Klingensmith -- along with some friends from the Challenged Athletes Foundation -- had an incident-free training ride on the Crash Loop on Saturday.  Everyone rode well on the 60 mile course in perfect San Diego weather. (Editor's note - It can't be called the CRASH LOOP unless one of the originals are on the ride with you Rob!)



Barbara Perser and her husband Philip went scuba diving on Saturday to practice their skills for a dive trip to Cozumel this summer.  Since there is no blue water to be found in Texas, they dive in rock quarries.  Barbara and Philip are members of a scuba club called "East Texas Mud Divers"! 



Patti Rosenthal Industry Manager, Cycling just did one of the most scenic mountain bike trips ever - the Alpine Loop in southwestern Colorado.  Starting in Eureka (by Silverton) & riding over Cinamon Pass (12,600 feet) to Lake City the first day.  Beautiful mountain views with wild flowers & the highlight was descending into Lake City & running into a baby big horn sheep (so cute).  Second day road from Lake City back to Eureka over Engineer Pass (12,800 feet). Around a 58-mile loop with lots of climbing - another beautiful weekend in Durango, CO.  PICTURE OF THE WEEK, PATTI WITH THE DOE!




Marc Villanueva (Sr Software Engineer) from the  San Diego office  - I participated in the San Diego International Triathlon yesterday.  This was my second year doing the race and I was able to beat last years’ time.  Here's a shot of me right near the finish line.



Cindy Bones- Account Manager-Faith went for a 10 mile hike on the south loop trial then up to Griffith Peak, There is a great View of Mummy Mountain (behind me on the summit) wild flowers (my Favorite!) are in FULL swing! The weather was a bit cold on top...great way to beat the 100+ temperatures in Vegas.



Mike Reilly and Andy Reilly voicing it together at Ironman Coeur d” Alene, Idaho this past weekend. Jon Christopher, Jen White and Dennis playing the role of VIP's.  Four Active team members finished.  Congrat to Mike Dobransky, Austin Braaten, Michele Nation, and Justin Moser.



Meghan Swirski: Department Trainer, Support out of the Bothell office.  This Saturday I ran the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon.  With a brand new course this year, I didn't know what to expect - it turned out to be a challenging but rewarding run.  Who puts a hill at the finish line! Finish time of 02:03:32.  Already signed up for next year!



SCOTT FRIESEN, ACM Product Manager, ran the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon on Saturday: "While I missed my target of 1:45, I was still able to achieve a PR with a finishing time of 1:46:27.  But my highlight was watching my wife complete her first half after doing her first 10k last year.  I'm so proud of her.  Thanks Seattle for another great weekend!" 



Sherry Cronin Events Specialist.   The Mom cheered on our Warrior kids in the Down and Dirty Mud Run in Denver, CO (an client).  The Adventure kids (ages 4-13) portion was a 1-mile course with 5 obstacle stations.   This was the first ever race for our daughter (9).  She had “butterflies” the night before, and just before the race.  But as we all know, once the they say Go, those butterflies go away.   On a very hot, so she welcomed the cold mud, and did great!  This was the 2nd  race event for our so who loves competition.  He finished 2nd place of nineteen 10 year olds (1 second behind 1st) and received a silver metal.  He also finished 7th overall (of 130 kids!).   Both has asked to participate in more events.


Jeffie Davis – Lead Gen Manager.  First ride back on my horse in 8 months! I had recently made the decision to retire him, after many months of vet visits, x-rays, injections, shoeing changes and rest still couldn't diagnose what was making him lame. My goal became to make him comfortable as possible and let him get fat and furry. I'm lucky enough to ride others, but I've missed my old partner. Happily, in the last week, some things all came together. I know we won't be jumping big jumps anymore, and we will just take it one day at a time.



Melissa Douglas Technical Analyst ran the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon on Sunday and finished with a PR time of 2:10, blessed with beautiful weather, a gorgeous course with a long stretch of fresh asphalt, and congratulations from Canucks winger Mason Raymond at the finish.


William Bassler did the Breath of Life Sprint Triathlon in Ventura, CA. It was a great chance to visit family, enjoy the beautiful weather, and the entrance fee went to a good cause. It was a very well run event with lifeguards on surfboards every 50 meters. I took 3rd in my age group. I also stuck around to see the awards for men and women in their 60's, 70's, and one dude in his 80's!


Megan Rose, SW QA Engineer Associate had an awesome time running in the San Diego International Tri as part of a mixed relay.  It's the first time our team competed together and we walked away with third adding to the awesome feeling of finishing the Tri!


Rachel Good, Ally Ward, Hannah Patterson and Reagan Attle spent the weekend at the Olympic Swim Trials launching our Meet Mobile app at Aquazone. The team will be there for the rest of the week cheering on our Olympic hopefuls!

Reinaldo Colina. Lead Software Engineer, Burnaby, Canada Office: Finished the Tough Mudder Chanllenge in Whistler, BC. (It took my team and I 3 hours and 15 mins to complete)



TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Operations, San Diego, just returned from a week on the road covering the Race Across America for Team ViaSat Racing who raced the 3000-mile route from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD in in 5 days, 5 hours and 5 minutes which was the fastest time ever recorded by an 8-person team. Active Alum, Airey Baringer, was one of the 8 cyclist on the team who contributed to the team average of 23.93mph and record-setting finish. The race is like a RAGNAR, but with bikes, from coast-to-coast traversing the desert, Rockies, plains and Appalachians. A truly impressive feat, and an experience I am grateful to have witnessed so closely. Active should attempt the corporate division next year!



Stacey Johnson (Sr. Account Manager, Active | Faith) ran the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon along with fellow Activite Brooke Anderson (Finance).  I finished in 3:50 and Brooke ROCKED her first marathon at a 3:30ish (still awaiting official results - timing chip failure). The Seattle rain held up until the last of our crew finished running and it was an incredibly beautiful course with lots of green and great running weather. Made for a piece of cake marathon. (Just kidding. Not at all a piece of cake... felt like I was gonna die as usual.)



MATTHEW HENRY and MEGHAN SWIRSKI (Bothell, WA) ran the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon again this year in perfect running weather. It was a new course this year, with new challenging hills throughout the course.  Early in the race, Matt was chased down by some Active employees from San Diego who surely had an awesome race at the pace they were running.  The exciting part was seeing how well everyone did despite much (if any) training put in (especially Meghan, sooo fast and consistent on the course).  TALO and ActiveX are really paying off!  Next up Š Active's Charity Challenge for the Make a Wish Foundation!


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