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St. Patrick's Day Week

Posted by IMVoice Mar 16, 2009



SCOTT EVANS, BEN CRUISE AND KEVIN JONES caught some big ones while down in Cancun Mexico.





LAUREN DACHILLE & AMANDA BOURQUIN celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early running in the St Patty's Day Run on Misson Bay in San Diego on Saturday. We finished strong a little over 56 minutes! Great course and even better beer garden


CHRIS OCHS Sales Manager for Reg Online did the “Runnin’ of the Green” in downtown Denver yesterday. It was a 7 Km run that he did in a fast 36 min.


STACI RIEDER Account Manager with Reg Online ran at the lake for 45 minutes on Saturday, and worked out at the gym (cycling, elliptical and lifted weights) on Sunday


DEBRA URKA Application Specialist in SD hit the water this weekend and went diving. The water was a bit chilly (55 degrees) event with my am wetsuit but it was well worth it. I saw my first back sea bass, a 150 pound fish. He came right up to us and swam with us for a while, truly amazing!


BRET HARRIS (one “T”) & MIKE DOBRANSKY made sure everyone had FUN at the St. Paddy’s day 10k!  They had to close the beer garden after they went in for fear of running out!



ASHLEY ELLIS while in Cancun climbed a rock in the middle of the ocean taking this amazing hand stand photo. Later in the day my friend Jene and I went Zip Lining in the Jungle then we went on an off road bike ride to this pond where I flipped from 15 feet in the air. As the natives said my new nickname is “Chica Loca”. 





MICHELLE ULRICH participated in the Mission Bay St. Patrick’s Day 10k on Saturday with a finish time of 39:57.  I was 7th Female overall and 3rd in my age group.  It was a great race!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) channeled the spirit of colleague Toby Guillette and took a 1:45 hr trail run through the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu. He was amazed at the amount of wildlife he saw in that short time..parrots…dolphins..hawks…rattlesnakes…oh yea..and a BOBCAT!!! Just a reminder might not be a bad idea to not run on mountain trails ALONE!

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March Warrior Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Mar 9, 2009

PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Account Manager, Durango, CO. Another great backcountry trip up in the San Juan Mountains.  This time to the Wolf Creek area to a spot called Lobo Lookout.  Wolf Creek had just gotten 12 inches of fresh powpow.  Well over a 1,000 feet of climbing up with skins on our skis but the fresh powder runs down was well worth it.  Skiing with great friends on a sunny blue bird day!



JULIUS DAGOT and the [Burnaby office Social Committee |] organized Saturday’s Snow Day—involving 40 employees, family, and friends. The participants skied, snowboarded, and snowtubed at Cypress Mountain. The event was a huge success, and the participants enjoyed a day of fun with the snow, in true Canadian style.




ADNAN ZAIDI played the “Al Mills Memorial Championships”, a USTA sanctioned tournament, in the Men’s 35 Singles. I played well but ended up losing to the #1 seed in the finals. Here is a link to the tournament’s home page (no results have been updated yet):


STEPHEN MATSUBA (Foundations) took part in the 2nd Annual British Columbia Kendo Federation Kendo Tournament as a member of the Vancouver Kendo Club.  The competition hosted participants from B.C. as well as a team from Washington State.  I competed in the individual shodan (1st black belt) division and was a member of the Vancouver Kendo Club’s B Team.  While our team did not make it into the medal round, our club’s A Team came in second.




NICO REIS, Active International, Munich, Germany, went to see the Harlem Globetrotters on the World tour in Germany! Now clearly this is one of the Basketball teams, every fan or Player should see at least once in their life. Amazing ball handling, ridiculous dunks, alley oops, etc. but foremost: Great entertainment. Needless to say they won their game against the Washington Generals (whom the Globetrotters defeated in the past 50 years, by the way).


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) was a victim of the State of California budget woes.  He hit a major pothole on PCH in Malibu while riding up to Ventura. This time it was really only the bike that broke and not his shoulder.  He also discovered that although very cool, the Active riding kit was not road rash resistant.  Hey Arnold…how about throwing some $ towards road repair!!!!




TOBY GUILLETTE ran 26 miles on the Noble Canyon trail on Saturday morning and then joined up with AIREY BARINGER and JESSE HAMMOND on Sunday for a mellow bike ride through OB, Point Loma, Harbor Island and Little Italy. 



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A Grand Warrior Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Mar 2, 2009

The Gran Fondo Colnago was GRAND!!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) had a grand time announcing ROB KLINGENSMITH’s new event, the Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego. He joined fellow Active volunteers MARK  KUUSIK (Active) and DAVE ALBERGA (All Active) in cheering fellow Active colleagues including REBECCA DIVITA (Active Camps) who came in Third Place for the women in the King of the Mountain hill climb competition up Honey Springs.  She accepted her award from none other then Ernesto Colnago, founder of Colnago bicycles.


!GF markjim dave.jpg! 


PHILLIP GRAHAM and his wife rode the Zion Country Century -  a 105 mile road ride from St. George Utah to the entrance to Zion's National Park and back. The fun part was we did it on a tandem.  After 4,600 feet of vertical climbing, about 8,100 calories and some sore back ends we did it in 5:58. Pictured is myself in the middle with my wife on my left and friends we met up with.  The two other couples pictured also rode tandems.  The other picture is of my wife and me at the start.  33 degrees at the start and 70 at the finish - perfect day and great fun!




CATHERINE HANSEN joined the “Critical Mass” ride on Friday night. Over 250 participants started at the Balboa fountain. It was so amazing following the flashing red lights. The police were heavily patrolling the event, so I felt safe. It’s pretty dangerous though because we go through red lights and hog up all the lanes Went to Kensington and turned around for about 16 miles. We’re going to do it again on the 27th



TOBY GUILLETTE set out at sunrise on Saturday for a 20-mile trail run on the Pacific Crest Trail by Warner Springs with a couple running buddies. We had over 4,400 feet of climbing, perfect weather and beautiful views. 



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SCOTT EVANS, VP Sales rode part way up Mt. Palomar to watch lance and the boys come by.  He said he was so jazzed after seeing the riders he rode back to his car like he was in the race!




PATTIE ROSENTHAL, Cycling Account Mgr drove 13 1/2 hours with her husband from Durango, CO to San Diego on Friday to watch the Tour of California.  Brought our bikes to get in a couple of rides in & reunite with some old racing buds.  The last stage of the TOC was a scene & well worth the long drive.  Saw a lot of friends & the racing was incredible - over 300,000 racing fans!   Went to the start & got a few photos of some of the racers (Chris Horner from Astana - my favorite all time US racer).  Then headed to the finish to watch the race on the big screen & saw Frank Schleck beat Nibali in the sprint. 




ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON along with two friends from Boulder, CO, watched the Tour of California time trial in Solvang, CA on Friday.


What you don’t see is how hard these guys warm up before starting their TT. They are on the trainers for :30 to an hour, working up a huge sweat and getting their heart rates up. By the time they get into the chute, they are very ready for a hard effort, and don’t have to fight that immediate lactate build up. Keep this in mind next time you do a sprint triathlon or 5K.


We got to meet “helmet head” the guy that either wears longhorns or elk horns, depending on who he is supporting (longhorns = Lance, UT, elk horns = Levi, Montana). The crowds were amazing. Really suggest making the trek to Solvang next year, it is well worth it!



MIKE REILLY along with a couple of buddies Bernard Mougel (owns Bernardo’s restaurant in RB) and Todd Smith rode to the top of Palomar Sunday morning to watch the race.  Todd took a fully stocked car up there the night before and parked.  So when we arrived we had plenty of food, wine and Champagne!  Coming down the hill was a challenge with a full belly.  It was one of my most Epic sports days of my life and that might be saying a lot!




JULIE RAHILL, QA Tech. cross country skied to Panther Gap in Sequoia National Park Saturday night with a small group led by the SNHA (Sequoia Natural History Association). Camped out and skied to Panther Peak the next morning, learning some basic mountaineering skills (ice axe techniques, climbing, basic avalanche awareness) and then skied out. We caught a nice Sierra storm in the middle of the night, making things that much more beautiful! This was my first "backpack" on skis trip, but definitely not my last




JACQUELINE BERRY and LEVI SMITH participated in the 1st Annual SDMPI in San Diego. Give Your Heart to Monarch 5K on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the energy was great. It was also nice seeing Jim De La Cruz and his wife and son there as well.  Sunday Levi ran 9 miles for the first time ever. He is training for his first marathon through the “Who Wants to Get Active” program so be sure to follow his training progress and leave comments of encouragement!


JIM DE LA CRUZ and his wife ERIKA pushed his 6-year old son JOSH in the SDMPI Give Your Heart To Monarch 5K Run/Walk at Mission Bay this past Saturday. Great weather, flat course that ran along the water, and small crowd. It was a great way to show support for The Monarch School by running with some of the students and teachers. I recommend this event next year for any first timers plus you can run or walk with your dog in the event.


JIM GARFIELD, AMG & JESSE HAMMOND(Active) cheered on the Tour of California this weekend at the Rose Bowl.  Jim was so inspired by his picture of Lance and of the fans that he did his own Tour of California and rode the next day to Oxnard…a lot slower then the racers.





REBECCA DIVITA & NOLAN HANSEN raced in the Tritonman Sprint Triathlon on Saturday morning IN San Diego and Ryan Drew and Chris Wheeler came out to cheer. Despite the cold and foamy water, the course on Fiesta Island was great! After the race, Ryan, Nolan, and I biked to Pizza Port to celebrate with a few pitchers…making the ride home up Torrey Pines slightly more difficult. Nolan Hansen, Ryan Drew, Chris Wheeler and I finished the weekend on Sunday at the VIP tent (always in style) at the Amgen Tour of California.


TOBY GUILLETTE ran the Orange Curtain 50K (31 miles) in Long Beach and finished 5th overall in 4:27. This time is a new personal record by over an hour and fifteen minutes and was my third marathon+ distance race in less than a month. On Sunday, I was out in Escondido at the ATOC finish line to see the action. 



MICHELE CREPEAU had a great weekend, went up to Tahoe with family and worked on teaching my niece and nephew how to ski.  Too funny revisiting the rope tows and bunny slopes.  Have to confess did sneak in some real runs later in the day.  Shorts weather, beautiful spring days and fresh snow…


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Snow in San Diego Of Course

Posted by IMVoice Feb 17, 2009

A US Holiday 3-day weekend for Presidents Day.  A lot of training going on out there!  Create a Great week! Mike


A riding group lead by AIREY BARINGER with REBECCA DIVITA, CHRIS WHEELER, JESSE HAMMOND, LUKE SMITH & MIKE REILLY climbed the famed Mt. Palomar in North San Diego County on Sunday to its 5300’ summit.  It was an epic ride starting out in the low 40’s then in the high 20’s at the top.  REBECCA was the smart one she warmed up with a big bowl of Chili at the top!  But Cold is when you are descending 30 to 40 mph!  This Sunday watch Lance and the Tour of California conquer it in the midst of their 96 mile final day.



EDDIE STRICKLER, Application Support Saturday ran the 800m (half-mile) in the Husky Classic at the University of Washington. I ran 1:52.14 which is my best time I’ve ever run indoor in the 800. I also won my heat which was fun. The meet brought a lot of great athletes together and resulted in a lot of fast times. I enjoyed watching the meet after I finished competing. YOU’RE A FAST GUY Eddie!


NICO REIS, Active International has a Bloody tail to tell and a picture from the Hospital.  I had a Basketball game with my team on Saturday in Munich Germany. Well halfway through the third quarter I went for a rebound under our basket when one of the opponents undercut me. I landed chin first, nose second on the court. When I got back up I was bleeding from two different parts of my face (new, even to me). I went to the hospital, got two stitches on the chin and cut in the nose. Luckily no broken nose, it would have been my fourth one!  Basketball IS a contact sport I guess.


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Super Bowl Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Feb 2, 2009





MIKE DOBRANSKY, STEPHANIE SNAMAN AND KAREN HARDY love the picture below with Ironman World Champion CRAIG ALEXANDER from Australia.






On Saturday morning the 6 time Ironman Champion DAVE SCOTT took an Active crew out on a 50 mile ride and beat us all up except for Active’s famed Coach GALE BERNHARDT. ROB KLINGENSMITH, ARCH FUSTON, MIKE REILLY AND SARAH MOOSBRUGGER were dropped like a bad habit towards the end.  This was a ride commemorating the famed KLINGENSMITH crash of 7 years ago to the day.



ASHLEY ELLIS after two years of going through two foot surgery’s, 8 months in a boot and 5 months of physical therapy I went for my first run While it was only 10 minutes ~ the run down to the beach was a start to hopefully me joining other Active co-workers in some 5K’s or Triathlons. Thanks for the true inspiration & motivation from the previous nights Endurance Sports Awards!


As some of you may know but for others STEVE MAZZA & MIKE COLEMAN won a trip to the Super Bowl.  With the expert juggling of Mazza and the direct camera work of Coleman they won!  This is a shot of them before Super Bowl XLIII supporting our favorite ice cold refreshment (Coors Light tailgate party), and a couple inside Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium…




MATT HENRY, Interaction Designer – Foundations kicked off another season of Team in Training, my first as a mentor!  I took my first 15 minute run since finishing and injuring myself at the Disney Marathon a few weeks ago.  I’ll be taking it easy this time, training for the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon.  If you’d like to learn more about what I’m doing, visit my website at If you’re in Bothell and want to join the Team, come see me!!


PATTI ROSENTHAL, Industry Manager, Cycling Durango, CO had a Pre-Superbowl outing - what a game!!!!!!   Went to the San Juan Mountains for a backcounty excursion.  Skiied the US Basin in the Red Mountains.   About 1500 feet of climbing to an incredible view of mountains all around (above 12,000 feet).  Went with a couple of friends who were snowboarders (knuckle draggers).  Had a nice "vista" lunch in the trees & then the fun part of skiing down!  Then off to the Superbowl! Great Pictures Patti!




MATT HAYNES & ANDREA RISHMAWI out of the SD office did a little jaunt up Iron Mountain this weekend…the Hiking Group is looking a little sparse, if anyone is interested, please let Andrea know!


BRET HARRIS, Account Mgr SD. Do to the extreme lack of swell this weekend, I decided to change things up a bit and went scuba diving at La Jolla Shores.  The weather was perfect for diving as there were no waves and the visibility was amazingly clear (about 30ft I believe).  This was my first dive out at the shores and we only went down about 40ft as a couple of people had some minor issues with their equipment.  We didn’t see any big fish, but the numerous fields of sand dollars and strange, tube/worm like creatures sticking up out of the sand made for a pretty fun dive.


AMBER MARTIN did very well in the Super Run 10k around Fiesta Island at Mission Bay San Diego in 49 minutes.


This weekend JACQUELINE BERRY & LEVI SMITH ran in the Super Run 5k in Mission Bay. The hour before the race was pretty cold (Sorry Canada it was 48 degrees) but by the end of the race, the sun was shining bright. It was a beautiful day for a run and we finished 7 minutes faster than the Turkey Trot we did in November with a time of 37:10:00. It was fun and we are looking forward to the 5K for Monarch schools this month and a mud run next month! I am also training for my first marathon. You can view the status of my training here:



JESSICA WEXLER hiked and camped this weekend in the Anza-Borrego desert near San Diego. The best part was exploring the slot canyons and calcite mine areas.



ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer Camps and Events spent the weekend up on Crystal Mountain.  Got some great snowboarding in with my wife, Jenn and her parents.  Could have used some more powder, but it’s hard to beat the views from the top of the Rainier Express lift looking out towards Mt. Rainier (in the background of the picture) on a gorgeous sunny day.  Icy days like this can cause some heavy sliding in areas, and luckily I was able to avoid some encounters with trees!  Good fun had by all. 



Part of TINA NOVAK’S relocation to our Boulder office was to stop in Breckenridge for some backcountry boarding. A friend took me snowshoeing up Mt. Baldy, to hit up 4ft of powder and attempt to avoid the trees… Was a slow climb to the 11,500ish feet for this normally San Diego sea level girl – but what an epic welcome to CO!



HANNAH SANSONE ran in the XTerra Mission Gorge 5K trail race on Sunday for some pre-Superbowl exercise. I ran into our own TOBY GUILLETTE who was volunteering on the 15K course. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous trail (I highly recommend running there!), but my run felt slow and painful and I quickly exited after the event because I was so bummed. I hadn’t worn a watch and the timing clock wasn’t running when I finished, so I figured my performance was pretty poor. Lo and behold, I checked the times Monday morning and I won my age group and came in 8th overall! I guess I didn’t need to “self-medicate” my previously bruised ego with so much beer and nachos after all – oh well! It turns out it was a great first race of the year!

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Active Running Crazy

Posted by IMVoice Jan 26, 2009

ACTIVE’S NEW MOTTO SHOULD BE “BUILD AN EVENT AND ACTIVE WILL COME” A big Running weekend but let’s start with Hockey, MTB and Snow.  Have a great week. Mike


MEGAN HOLLSTEDT, Designer plays on a female hockey team here in Burnaby called the “Kung Fu Pickles” (don’t ask, I have no idea where the name came from). We played a tough game on Sunday and came out with a 5-0 win placing us second in our division. We’ve had a solid year so far, I get my practice time in on Friday lunch hours with some fellow active co-workers at the Burnaby office. I LOVE HOCKEY!!!!  MEGAN WHERE DID “KUNG FU PICKLES” COME FROM  




PATTI ROSENTHAL resident bike Guru did back-country skiing out of Silverton, Colorado.   Started climbing at 9900 feet up to over 11,500 feet.  Did 2 laps so total of 3,000 feet of skinning up the mountain for some nice, fresh powder turns.  I personally am a "resort" girl & see nothing wrong with taking a chair lift up the slopes but you can't beat the scenery & its one heck of a workout!  Another great day of skiing with friends in Durango!




JIM “HOLLYWOOD” GARFIELD, JESSICA GIVENS with AMG & TINA NOVAK, Parks & Rec checked out the X Games in Aspen this weekend. Word has it that Jessi and Tina were even included in ESPN’s coverage of the event.  Check out your local listing for their debut!



KEITH WILLIAMS, London office here in the US racing the Southridge USA Downhill MTB Winter Race in Fontana, CA.  He flew across the Atlantic to San Diego for International Team Summit from the UK. Decided to spend some time on the mountain bike before the weeks rammed packed meetings.  Hired a Jam Jar (car) for the weekend, to cruise north for the Southridge, Fontana Winter Race Rnd1. USA motorways are so complicated and big, but I completed the 100 mile trip witnessing many a strange sight and getting lost once. One fatal mistake on the US motorways could mean life or death, starving or eating with multi diner options that cover the worlds tastebuds. I was late for the registration deadline, but one smooth swoop of the cockney shakespeare tongue, got me registered by just confusing the event director!. 


The way the downhill event works is that we get one practice run and 1 race run. First practice run started by loading my borrowed lightweight Cross country bike on the truck. Other riders looked at me rather strangely with not being equipped with the latest monster downhill bike and being ENGLISH! I got the feeling they thought I was a nutty Brit.  The riders follow the fully loaded truck in a cruiser, and taken to the top of the mountain to start the downhill track. The race track itself was dusty and loose, offering no support for grip which is not good when there are so many rocks and boulders to avoid. At one point I did hit a rock, which smashed my aggressively pinned pedal into my shin, opening my leg up in 3 places. Luckily for me there were medics at the bottom to close it up and finished by placing the biggest plasters in the world on my very hairy legs (you can see in one of the pictures).


Race run went ok, but rather than focus on the track my mind went back to not thinking about hitting my shin again, would definitely hurt and cause nausea!  Finished a great days racing 15th  position in experts. The event had a great ‘Chilled’ but ‘Race’ atmosphere, with a superb track and organization (except registration is still on paper!). I did try to make a sale too get event director online with Active! One to chase.


A big thanks to top guy Eric at Zumwalt's Bicycle Center, 6425 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115, (619)582-6440, lending me his own personal bike. Zumwalts is a great bike shop for all riders, check him out.




Please follow this link for all reviews of the Carlsbad ½ Marathon


ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON hosted the ActiveXers with a carbo loading party at their house Saturday night. Not sure if it was the food (probably the beer), but everyone had races beyond their expectations!



JOSIE DONNELLY, SD office ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon with her sister in 2:18:49.  I had a bum knee so was just glad to finish the half marathon this year.  You can’t really complain when you’re running along the ocean in perfect weather and the rest of the US is covered in snow!


BETHANY DOMINICK, Account Mgr SD ran her first half marathon this Sunday in Carlsbad, CA alongside all of her Active friends who had been training together for the past couple of months.  After hearing JOE TERRY speak at the sales launch a couple of weeks ago who made a point of encouraging us to write down our goals, I set mine to complete the race in less than 2 hours.  I set my watch to time my race but realized it was a bit off as I set it to start before our actual wave did.  On the last few miles I had a vague idea of where I would finish, but realized I would have to pick up the pace quite substantially if I wanted to accomplish this goal.  When I finished the race in 1 hour 59 minutes and 45 seconds, I realized how powerful his message was. Great job to everyone who competed on Sunday!!  WOW impressive BETHANY!


CASEY DIETZ, Account Exec. Active Educate did her first half yesterday at Carlsbad! It was awesome but definitely a struggle. I managed to come in just under my goal of 2 hours in 1:59:45! A big thank you to Bethany Dominick for picking me up in the last mile and pushing me through the finish line! It was so great to see all the friendly faces in the crowd as well. Thank you for all the support, I look forward to my next one!


MARC VILLANUEVA ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday which was my first half marathon in a time of 2:06:56.  I survived and am actually looking forward to running one again (and I hate running!).  Yes Marc it’s a Love/Hate thing.


ALISON INGLESE battled blisters in her training runs preparing for her first ½ marathon at Carlsbad Half this last weekend. She had a blister on each foot swell up the last 3 miles of the race but kicked butt running 2:10:32.


KEVIN BEATTY had a great run yesterday at the Carlsbad ½ Marathon beating his PR by about 7 minutes running a 7:45 pace per mile to come in at 1:41:35.  Great way to start off the year! 


MIKE DE LA CRUZ ran with my wife and pushed my 6-year old son Josh, we came in at 2:56. The Bob strollers Rock! It was a great race, great weather, great to see some of my co-workers running in it; I'll be back next year!


KAREN HARDY also ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday in 2:06:38, it was my 1st half marathon and I had a blast!  We had perfect running weather and the event was very well organized.  It was great to see so many other Active team members out on the course!  Don’t forget to review this event and share your experience with others:


MICHAEL READE ran the Carlsbad half. He had a goal of 1:50 to 2:00 finish time, and finished at 1:51:42. Way to set your goal Michael!


TRACY TOM ran the Carlsbad Half as Silvio Frison this weekend (thanks Silvio!).  Finished in a time of 1:42:08.  Tons of fun and look forward to running the La Jolla Half in April….this time under my own name!  Nice run Silvio keep up the good work!


TAMMI SCHMIDT ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday in 2:30:10, which was my second time ever running a half marathon! Getting out of the parking lot after the race was crazy but the course and weather were beautiful!


CHRIS WHEELER, Senior Account Exec ran the Carlsbad half yesterday and recorded a new Personal Record of  1:34.29!


TRACY SCHUSTER tackled the Carlsbad Half this weekend. I managed to pull off a decent finish coming in at 2:10:24 with almost no training. I had a great time out there as I ran into at least a dozen Active folks either watching or running and got to keep pace with Liz Allen for a bit as she completed her first ever half marathon! It was a great day for a run and now it’s time for Triple Crown prep – La Jolla half here we come!


LIZ ALLEN ran the Carlsbad Half yesterday.  After 4 years of working at Active I finally broke down and did my first race.  It was great through mile 10, and then really painful for the last 3.1.  My goal was to finish in 2:10, but I crossed at 2:16:53 – for my first race I’ll take it.  It was great to see so many friendly Active faces at the finish line!  STICK AROUND THIS PLACE LONG ENOUGH LIZ AND IT GETS YOU!


JUDY FLYNN, Account Exec K-12 also ran the Carlsbad Half in 2:17:19 and had a lot of fun!  It was such a perfect day for it!


ASHLEY PASCHALL, Consulting Project Coordinator ran in her first half marathon in Carlsbad with a time of 1:40. It was great to be out there with so many people from Active!


TAWNYA BORDALO, AMP ran her first half marathon in Carlsbad this weekend.  What an amazing experience!  I want to shout out a HUGE thanks to CAEHLE ROMANO & BETHANY DOMINICK.  I was fading around mile 10 and all of a sudden my fellow Active Xers came running past, cheering me on!  That extra encouragement gave me my second wind as I picked up speed and ran towards the finish line!  I met my goal of not stopping and got a better time than I anticipated. Thanks to the Active team members that came out to cheer us on.  It was a great event and I was glad to share it will everyone that was there!


BILL BLIVEN did NOT run Carlsbad he went Motocross riding in Otay Mesa near the US/Mexico Border on Saturday and did a 40 mile bike ride up to the Cabrillo National Monument in Pt. Loma Sunday.


MARK WARBLE- Desktop Support, SD office competed in the Carlsbad ½ marathon on Sunday (along with numerous other Active employees) and had a great time.  This was my first ½ and it went smoothly- finishing in 1:43:01.  The course had a great coastal view with a few gradual hills and the weather was perfect.  Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Great job to all the Active folks that participated!


Leave it up to our TOBY GUILLETTE to run the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon in Hemet, CA on Saturday. It rained the night before and morning of the race so the dirt fire roads were soft enough to be real easy on the body but didn't get muddy at all. I recognized and chatted with some fellow SoCal ultra runners (one of which ran Carlsbad 26.2 yesterday too) and really just enjoyed the scenery as I cruised around the reservoir at a comfortable pace. I ran 3:29:40 which is an 8-minute/mile average pace--good enough for 20th place overall.

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China leads off

Posted by IMVoice Jan 19, 2009

CHUAN HU in China reports that Wenhu is a Burnaby based developer of Active. He spent last weekend in Xi'an because he needs to give a training course there. As a host I took him a bicycle trip of Xi'an city at weekend.


We ride a half loop inside the city wall which was built in Sui Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. The small alley inside the wall was very quiet and we could enjoy the ride all by ourselves.




We also took a picture at the south door of the city wall. This door was built at 582 DC in Sui Dynasty. By walking through the door, you can imagine that the soldiers was standing guard on the top of the wall and ancient people passing by you. It is a directly connection between you and people who was living in 1500 years ago.



Then we went to the symbol of Xi’an, the Big Goose Tower. It was built at 652 DC in Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty Emperor Li-Zhi built it for celebrating his mother’s birthday. After that it was used as a library to store the original Buddhism Sutras which were brought back from India by a famous monk - XuanZang. I bet you must know the famous Chinese story – the Monkey King. That story was talking about XuanZang who went to India for the original Buddhism Sutras together with his 3 apprentices including the Monkey King.



LAURENT GAUTHIER - European Managing Director was in San Diego working but not on the weekend! The weather was so great in San Diego last Saturday afternoon that Mitch Thrower (co-founder of my business partner and me went for a long easy bike ride of three hours along the SoCal coast, from La Jolla to Carlsbad and back. The light was simply amazing!




AMBER MARTIN went to Phoenix, AZ and ran the Rock n Roll ½ marathon in 1:48:28 with some friends from college. This was a great jump start to my training for Boston. We also got to enjoy watching the NFC championship game with a bunch of Cardinals fans after the race. Great Race and Great Weekend.


I debated about putting this story in the report but it was just so amazing figured you all would like to read it.  Now don’t start sending me your crazy stories like this!


DAN JOSEPH in the San Diego office had a little stress workout this weekend. His story - I am standing on my front door step at midnight with a helicopter overhead, 4 police cars and a small army of cops. I just caught 2 burglars (assuming for now barring trial) with my dog and my sons miniature baseball bat! How is that for being active!

The dog was barking and I grabbed my headlamp and ventured to my neighbors pitch black backyard. I found the gate broken open. I then relocked it to keep whoever was here - locked in.  I then yelled and heard movement.  I grabbed the dog and scouted the bushes, house and yard. I could not find them. Standing on the back porch thinking and I realized I was standing on top of them! I started yelling "call 911" to my wife, and then I looked down and saw fingers under the porch. I yelled to my neighbors and woke them up and they blocked an exit.

They came out and tried to get by me. Not happening today! I held them until the police came.

Then the helicopter came. Then the police with lots of lights and then the canine unit!

We got em'. Good times!


LEIGH-ANNE FRANKLIN (technical writer on the Foundations project) spent the last two weekends snowshoeing in Manning Park.  I don’t think that’s Gatorade in the pouch!




CATHERINE HANSEN, Sr Mkt Services Consultant hosted a team party at my place downtown.

We had lasagna, salad, garlic bread on the rooftop of my building. Then, things got a little crazy once we started playing flip-cup. So fun! 



MARIA LAU for the first time in her life went dirt biking in the desert!  And no falls,


Stephanie Snaman and her Dad (Don Snaman) met for the fourth year in a row at the Rio Bravo Rumble in Bakersfield, Ca. The weather was absolutely perfect from sun up to sun down! I started our day off with the 10K trail run and then passed the timing chip on to my Dad as he took off on the 16 mile mountain bike ride. It was tons of fun being able to race as a team and we both put forth good times (right around 2h 15m total), but it just wasn’t enough to get us on the podium. Regardless, “Team Snamanators” had a great morning and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


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Happy New Year!

Posted by IMVoice Jan 12, 2009



JESSICA WEXLER went mountain biking up in Ojai, CA and finally learned how to ride through a stream without falling! But falling Jessica is the fun part!



SARI RUDY, Account Exec in Tennis is also a proud golf MOM!  Her son Andrew Rudy placed first in the San Diego Amateur golf tourney winning by 6 strokes.  He earned an exemption to play in Junior World this summer. He shot 3 over in two rounds (74, 73) in a field of 36 kids age 13-14.  A future Tiger, you never know.



ADNAN ZAIDI, Tennis Division played in two tennis tournaments over the past two weekends. The results aren’t there yet but I am coming back from a long hiatus and am officially out of retirement! The matches I played were tough, both times three sets and the one yesterday I played while having the flu! The two tournaments were the “New Years Kick Off at Pompano” and the “40th Annual Dade County Open”.  Come on Adnan we don’t listen to excuses at Active!


MEAGAN JOHNSTON, Corporate Recruiter and MATT SYLVESTER, Application Specialist took a road trip to Utah in search of fresh powder!  Success!! They carved up Snowbasin, Solitude, and ended the trip with 12 inches of new snow at Brighton.  




WOW - BURT REPINE just returned last week from a climbing expedition to the Argentinean Andes where he summit the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, Mt. Aconcagua (22,841 ft). Our climb took 13 days roundtrip, including a long 13.5 hour summit day, and 4 straight days of snowstorms high on the mountain. Out of 7 members from our expedition party I was fortunate to be one of 3 to make the summit. Not too shabby for a flatlander from San Diego, huh? Definitely an adventure of a lifetime! I have to add a big Thank You to ARCH FUSTON and his ActiveX workouts. They definitely went a long way in helping with my training. Here’s a pic of me during a break on the way to the summit and another standing at the tallest spot in the Americas.




MARC KOZAI, Online Advertising Manager was in Tahoe recently and despite the fact that it had not snowed in over a week we were able to find some secret stashes of power at Kirkwood.



NATHAN PHILLIPS (pictured) and GT GIORA TAMIR from the Foundations team climbed the Great Wall in Badaling, Beijing, China. The air was freezing and the temperature so low, Nathan’s ears fell off and had to be surgically reattached.



ANDREA RISHMAWI and MATT HAYNES along with 8 other friends spenT the weekend at Mammoth Mountain in CA.  Though Matt hadn’t been skiing in years, he managed to navigate some serious moguls.  Andrea, on the other hand, spent more time on her rear than on her board, and is nursing some serious bruising…OUCH!


REBECCA DIVITA, Account Manager in SD Saturday participated with 80 others in the RunJunk Triathlon Club of San Diego Duathlon and placed 2nd. The course at Black Mountain was fast, windy, and hilly…but with lots of food and great people, it was a wonderful early morning race!



Chuan Hu We went to Leshan city to see the highest Buddha statue in the world – Leshan Grand Buddha. It was carved out of a cliff and 71 meters (233 feet) tall. We climbed up the top of mountain than stepped down from through the stairs beside the Grand Buddha 3 times. It was a great exercise!



It can easily accommodate a hundred people on each of its feet. We are so tiny in front of it and I have to lie down on the ground to take this picture.



Around the Leshan Grand Buddha, there is a beautiful temple. It has a nice frontispiece with a beautiful horse rilievo.


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Happy Holidays Wherever You Are!

Posted by IMVoice Dec 22, 2008



SILVIO FRISON in the SD office is on Florianopolis Island in Santa Catarina, Brazil. He reports that there are perfect waves in unusual cold water but he is riding them like a King.



EDNA CASTANEDA (Account Manager-Account Management & Operations, Active-NYC) is happy to report on the Active NYC holiday bowling party. We all had a GREAT day spending quality time with one another and of course being extremely competitive when it came to the lanes. The party was highlighted by Edna and Craig Culhane both getting turkeys (3 strikes in a row for the bowling newbies), good ol’ fashion east coast trash talking and of course sitting next to the 2 guys from Gossip Girls J We wish everyone at Active a fantastic holiday season and all the best for 2009!!



!Active Holiday Party 021.jpg!


ANDY GEORGE, Senior Tech Director and daughter AVA camped in high winds and cold nights last weekend with YMCA Adventure Guides in Aqua Caliente (near Anza-Borrego Desert east of San Diego). While majority of the 65 campers bailed Saturday, little Ava and Andy had one of the only tents standing the second night that became the kitchen and dining room safe from the wind. An off road trip to the Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves made for awesome adventure hiking with headlamps though long dark hidden caves formed from mud flows!



STEVE MAZZA winter solstice mountain bike adventure on a perfect San Diego day. While climbing up Fortuna Mountain just before sunset I ran into a good size coyote, and on the technical descent endo-ed off my bike. That hurt!

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Winter Workout Season

Posted by IMVoice Dec 15, 2008

Winter is upon us, workout and embrace it.  Get your shopping done! Mike


MICHELLE CREPEAU out of NY office did the Annual NY Road Runners Club Holiday 4 miler in Central Park with friends was a bit rough going from the warm temps of San Diego to 27 degrees, but festive run with all the Santa costumes


PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Mgr Skiing at our local Durango Mountain Resort (Purgatory Mountain or we call it Powder Mesa).  The storms are finally coming in & we got 17 inches over the weekend.   They only have the one high-speed chair (aka the flying sofa) open now but they should be opening more chairs as we get more storms this week. Nothing like skiing through fresh powder with your friends.  





PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager from Education: On Sunday I did my second Triathlon (with no real training), The Tinsel Town Triathlon in Hemet, CA.  I finished in 1:34:48, I am just glad I finished and had the support of my cheerleaders, my wife and two daughters. WAY TO GO PAUL IRONMAN IS NEXT!



JESSICA WEXLER camped in Joshua Tree National Forest in So Cal this weekend and hiked the 49 Palm Oasis trail (braving 30 mph winds).



EDNA CASTANEDA (Account Manager, Account Management & Operations from the NYC office) was extremely excited to join one of our DDSMART sponsored athlete teams that ran the Rutgers Big Chill 5K. Although a little cold the event was AWESOME for several reasons! 1) Rutgers University is the best school in the nation J 2) As part of the account team (along with Brian Law and Jordan Katz) for the Dunkin’ Donuts/DDSMART running program, it was great to see these people in person who had dedicated themselves to get healthier and complete their first 5K through an 8 week Active training program. The Big Chill race was their goal and the completion of their 8 week journey. 3) The Rutgers Big Chill was a race benefiting the less fortunate children of the area. The entry fee for this charity race is not money but a new, unwrapped toy worth $5 or more. (If you see the stage behind the second photo, the event was able to acquire over 3000 toys!) Ironically enough our running numbers were sponsored be Runner’s World which in their recent edition also featured Active’s DDSMART team, check it out!!




STEVE MAZZA recovering from the SD Holiday party had another edition of epic fall mountain biking at Mission Trails after the Charger’s victory. Decided to hike-a-bike up South Fortuna Mountain. It was windy and chilly at the summit, but the views were phenomenal.


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December Workouts

Posted by IMVoice Dec 8, 2008

It must have been a restful weekend for everyone!  Not much reported in.


MIKE GARFIELD (AMG) continues to cross-train and let his separated shoulder heal. This weekend he discovered the challenge of bowling with his other arm.  Needless to say, the score did not reflect the success of at least being able to get out there.



KELLY SCHULTE accomplished two things on her ride up the coast with Mary Cecil and Sarah Moosbrugger this past weekend; she rode her longest ride yet topping it off at 45 miles AND had her first encounter with the pavement.  Beware, riders, of crazy women in large SUV’s driving through Del Mar…they might just run you off the road! 


JIM HINE On Sunday did a sunrise ride in the foothills.  Even though the temps were in the high 20's, our trails here in Boise have stayed rideable...up until today (our first decent snow).  I made it 18 miles before my feet said it was time for the hot tub.  Luckily there was zero-wind, which made for a gorgeous day.



ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON went to Boulder, CO to visit friends and go snow shoeing. They had to drive west of Nederland to about 9500 feet before they got into enough snow to shoe. After an hour and a half of snowshoeing, they were spent. Great fun, being in the cold, the snow, was great, but getting back to SD was even better.



CHRIS STEED out of the Bothell office continued his undefeated season 9-0 coaching the Squirt (ages 9-10) Seattle Junior Hockey Blades with a win over the Kitsap County (Bremerton) Outlaws.


In between Christmas and New Years Chris will be taking his team to Burnaby for a Christmas Tournament.  Look out Burnaby!


Team photo attached – Coach Chris is the guy in the back row, middle.



TOBY GUILLETTE was in Joshua Tree National Park this weekend for a group trip. I went for a 20-mile trail run on Saturday and took a bunch of photos of my friends who rock climbed on Sunday. We had great weather and a really nice time.


Can you see the rock climber in this pic?

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Runnin Turkeys Galore!

Posted by IMVoice Dec 1, 2008

We sure do have a bunch of Turkey’s working at Active! Have a great week everyone.


CAITLYN BARKER who is soon off to live in Guam ran The Run for the Hungry 5K with former Active employee Kim Primerano and our dogs Cheddar & Lily. It was a fabulous run and we were rewarded with a huge downpour as we walked home! Good fun!




MEGAN FERRI, Account Mgr Community Solutions SD took her best friend and cousins visiting from Seattle, WA to the Father Joe 5k in San Diego on Thanksgiving morning. The beginning of the race started with a light sprinkle and eventually turned into a down pour! Despite the rain, we finished the run and had a great time! Yes folks it does rain occasionally in San Diego!



MATT HAYNES & ANDREA RISHMAWI did an impromptu Active Hiking Group jaunt up Cowles Mountain Sunday morning in San Diego. While climbing, Matt heard a loud popping sound, had a stabbing pain in his leg, and go that “uh-oh” feeling that you don’t want to get ¾ of the way up a mountain! We had to hike all the way back down to get Matt to a doctor, who told him it was a ruptured plantaris muscle...looks like someone’s gonna be taking a hiatus from the Hiking Group!! Here’s a pic of Matt in the ER.






CHINA REPORT Chengdu ActiveX - 1st Event. We didn’t have any chance to participate in any Turkey Trotters Events but we did have fun on a long foot trip last weekend.


We started from the most eastern point of 3rd ring road of Chengdu and the destination was an ancient town name “Luo Dai” around Chengdu. The distance is a little bit more than 10 miles. It took us more than 4 hours to finish. The distance is longer than the diameter of Chengdu city which has a population more than 10 million!



JAKE COONEY, Online Mkt Mgr Bothell, WA did the Seattle Marathon! Despite the advice of board members, I did my second marathon 8 weeks after my first one. But my hope of improving my time was shattered when the 3:30 pacers started getting further and further away when some idiot decided to put a hill at mile 19 just as Mr. Axle Rose asked me if I knew where I was and informed me that I was in the jungle (baby) and that I was gonna die. But it was a great run with beautiful scenery and my time was exactly 30 seconds worse than my first time at 3:41.


BORCE GJORGJIEVSKI, Sr. Business Analyst out of Burnaby joined Active a month ago and I have seen some pretty extreme weekend warriorisms so far J, but I was up at Whistler for the opening of the season this weekend. There was not all that much snow, the weather was too warm (about 8C in the village) but it was good riding for early season. Sunday was especially good with the sun shining at mid-mountain while the valley below was enveloped in cloud and drizzle. Two lifts were open at mid-mountain on both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, along with the base gondolas, which provided for quite a bit of fun, if not full-mountain experience. Here is a pic.


MEGAN CARTER ran the 10k Run for the Hungry this weekend in San Diego. I pushed my 3 month old and 2 and ½ year old in the double stroller. It rained so hard and we all got SOAKED!

Your kids must have loved getting out of bed to go play in the rain Megan!


KAREN HARDY reports that she and ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON, ANDREA LEVINSON, CAEHLE ROMANO, CASEY DIETZ, JENNI MILLER, RYAN DREW, ALISON INGLESE and ANDREW COLE all ran the downtown San Diego Run for the Hungry 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. It was a bit surreal running past the closed bars at 8am... Everyone had a blast, especially when it started to down pour half way into the run. It was a great way to start the day pre Thanksgiving festivities!


KEVIN BEATTY also did the Pure Fitness Run for the Hunger 10k downtown on Thanksgiving morning. Ran it in about 45 minutes which isn’t bad for me considering the rainy conditions.


MIKE DE LA CRUZ and his wife ran the Long Beach, CA 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. It was a great out-and-back flat route that runs along the scenic shoreline in Long Beach. At a very mellow pace we ran this course in 1 hour, I recommend this event in the future.


TINA WILMOTT in the public relations department joined thousands at the Dana Point, CA Turkey Trot 10K on Thursday morning. The first half mile was a drizzle, but was soon followed by a solid downpour that lasted the entire race. The plan was to then walk the 5K with my parents, but after looking at my drenched clothes from under their umbrellas, they opted to skip it. I came in at 45:38 and 11th in my age bracket.


TOBY GUILLETTE and friends took a Thanksgiving trip to southeast Utah and got rained/flooded out of their backpacking trip in the Grand Gulch so they mountain biked Moab's famous Slickrock and Porcupine Rim trails.


WILLIAM BASSLER with the Foundations Group just started here a few weeks ago. He along with his wife did the Turkey Trot 5K in Oceanside, CA. Their 2 sons 12 and 7 did the 1 Mile run and they all had a blast. Welcome to Active Bassler Family!


MICHELLE ULRICH said no turkey trot for me but my sister and I did a nice hike on Thursday morning bright and early. We hiked Iron Mountain.


ARACELI DAGDAGAN ran the Temecula, CA Turkey Trot – at the Cougar Vineyard and Winery on Saturday, 11/29. The weather was gorgeous, a sunny 70 degrees. I ran the 5K, my first in five years – my goal was to finish and I did! J


MATT SYLVESTER (Application Specialist), MEAGAN JOHNSON (HR/Recruiter) and side kick Jake participated in the Father Joe’s Turkey Trot at Balboa Park. We finished under 30 minutes despite the massive downpour and side kick Jake constantly trying to lie down on the grass. This was Jake’s first 5k (and possibly his last).


MICHAEL READE ran the Pro-fitness 10K in downtown San Diego in 50 minutes.


LAUREN DACHILLE and her entire family participated in the Hilton Head Island Turkey Trot 5k and 10k in South Carolina. My 13 year old little sister, Mary Claire ending up beating her 2 older brothers in the 5k and my Dad Kevin pulled ahead beating me in the 10k with a time of 51:15.It was a great race, a little on the brisk side but was followed up by flag football after dinner!



JACQUELINE BERRY & LEVI SMITH participated in the Run for the Hungry 5K turkey trot with their dog “Deer” Thursday. It was a beautiful fun run through downtown San Diego. Towards the end of the run there was a nice mist to cool us off, and by the time we were in our car to leave, it started pouring rain! We just missed it to return to a bright and sunny Ocean beach!


MATTHEW HENRY facing the cold, and my cold finished my Team in Training event, the Seattle Marathon in 5:31. The race featured the I-90 Bridge to nowhere, made possible by the dense fog. This is the third in my 6 month, 4 marathon gauntlet. See everyone in Disney World in 6 weeks!


JENNIFER ROMINE, Account Exec and her husband ran in the Run for the Hungry Turkey Trot in downtown San Diego.


CHRIS WHEELER, BRYAN PAVIN, REBECCA DIVITA & TINA NOVAK with friends spend the holiday weekend up at beautiful Mammoth Mountain. The weekend was full of lots of turkey, lots of snow, and lots of fun. After a few nervous turns, Tina proudly conquered the expert only top of the mountain amidst 50-65 MPH winds and ice rink like conditions. Luckily things were a bit calmer down at the bar, so we celebrated the occasion with a few drinks. All made it out unscathed despite the brutal conditions at the top of the mountain and had a great time.




CHRIS WHEELER just couldn’t sit still this weekend. He and ASHLEY PASCHALL did the Dana Point Turkey trot. We started off the morning with a little warm up run before our 5k trot. This turned into quite the epic adventure as the biggest downpour I’ve ever seen in Southern California graced us from start to finish. To make things that much more interesting, we couldn’t find a way back to the 5k starting line because all the parking lots had flooded and now contained about six inches of water. We finally found a place we felt we could long jump the river that had formed and made it to the starting line. The actual race itself was relatively uneventful with the sun deciding to poke through the clouds. All this for a guilt free Thanksgiving…


JANEAN NATION, Account Mgr did the Father Joe’s Turkey Trot in Balboa Park in the pouring rain with my boyfriend and our dog. We were soaked by the end, but it was a great start to a food-full day!


For all you VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS out there you do not want to read this report, yes it does include Bambi. To each his own for Weekend Warriors but we certainly do not want to offend anyone. Remember Active is in the Hunting and Fishing business.


Tom McGorty out in Kalamazoo, Michigan has been deer hunting for 30 years and finally bagged is FIRST buck ever! According to Tom, he never has a problem getting a doe and always manages to put “meat in the freezer” every year both in bow and gun seasons. And this year was no exception, at least during the October bow season. Tom put over 50 pounds of deer meat in the freezer which indicates it was a pretty good size deer.


Last week during the gun season, Tom was able to do something he has been waiting 30 years to do and that was to bring down a buck. Tom hunts at his brother Phil’s place in Gladwin, MI which is about a 3 hour drive from Kalamazoo. The brothers have been hunting together for over 25 years and Tom’s buck is the first one taken by either of them from Phil’s property since Phil purchased the property a few years ago. To say the least, both were extremely happy.


Email Tom directly if you want to see his picture.

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Weekend before last a large group of ACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS did the Catalina Island Triathlon. CARSON HINKLEY, JARED HINKLEY, CHRIS WHEELER, SILVIO FRISON, LATANE MEADE, KAREN HARDY, ANDREA LEVINSON, REBECCA DIVITA & ALY TYSON. JENNI MILLER was the “team mom” who came along to cheer us all on and take some great action pics!  We didn’t get our report in last Monday, because we were stranded in Catalina through Monday since all ferries were cancelled due to some crazy weather Sunday…!  We had an amazing time, with a pretty challenging hilly course!! Some highlights…Aly Tyson had a pretty major accident when someone got elbowed into her as she was hauling down hill on her bike at 30+mph…amazingly Aly was ok even though she didn’t get to finish the race since her bike got totaled, her helmet dented and she had (and still has) a severe case of road rash!  Rebecca Divita kicked butt and came in 1st overall female!  The celebratory margaritas post race were well deserved by everyone!    





DAVE ALBERGA, CEO made a visit to China last week to meet our team members at the 2 Active offices.  Dave said it was like walking into an Active office anywhere.  The atmosphere and culture of the office was as stong as any of our locations.  KELLY LANG said it was such a pleasure and uplifting expereince to be able to spend time with Dave.  His visit was appreciated by them very much.





ANDREA RISHMAWI, Acct Exec is at it again leading the Active Hiking Group but it was more like the Active Hiking duo this week – Matt Haynes and Andrea Rishmawi hiked Iron Mountain Saturday morning in San Diego.  It was Matt’s first hike in 27 years and he made that mountain his buddy.  Matt also ran in the San Diego Mud Run Sunday morning, diving head first into the giant mud pit at the finish line, finishing in just under 50 minutes.


LAUREN PISCO ran the inaugural Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon this weekend with about 38,000 runners in 3:58. It was perfect race day weather and an awesome course. Definitely recommend this one!!


While we didn’t have any Brush fires in SD County STEVE MAZZA found a fire. He did an evening/night ride at Mission Trails Regional Park provided an awesome sight…the full moon rising over Fortuna Mountain, almost as intense as the electric orange sunset over the Pacific. 10 miles of steep climbing and bombing downhill 30 mph at night!  Sunday during daylight hours, I rode from Tierrasanta along San Clemente Canyon (Hwy 52) and came across a car fire on Interstate 5 (pic attached). After repairing a blowout, I peddled up to UCSD campus, down to La Jolla Shores and along the beaches and out to Sunset Cliffs. 38 miles on the fat tires. San Diego never looked so epic riding weekend!



AMBER MARTIN in her tapering for the Philadelphia Marathon next weekend rolled the Silver Strand Half Marathon. It was a fun race to do the week before I run a marathon. My friend Julia and I took 15 minutes off our time from last year, finishing in 1hr and 15 minutes. We were under 6 minute miles the whole time. If only I could run that fast.



JENNI MILLER & MICHELLE ULRICH from the SD office headed up to Santa Monica to see One Republic and Augustana in concert.  So they biked on our beach cruisers from Santa Monica Pier to Marina Del Rey during the day.  It was beautiful and hot.  To make the ride even more interesting we even had a star run in- Dennis Rodman was hanging out in Venice Beach! Girls I hope you didn’t decide to get a tattoo!



ERIN LANG, HR Asst. went up to LA this weekend for a 5k on Sunday called Run for Her (a run/walk that was started a few years ago by a friend of a friend).  The air was pretty smoky up there, but the area that the race was in wasn’t too bad and it turned out to be a really nice run.  About 3,500 people showed up to show their support for the fight against Cervical Cancer as they ran/walked around the Grove.


ALICIA TOWERY, ANGIE (TOWERY) GIANULIS & CAITLYN BARKER ran the SD Mud Run in La Mesa this weekend (in 90 degree heat!) Alicia, Angie and Caitlyn's sister Courtney ran the 5K. Their course consisted of 16 mudpits, 6 hay hurdles, 1 tunnel crawl, 1 500ft mountain climb and a few dousings from the many fire hoses and water trucks around the course. Clearly they were the smart ones. Caitlyn and her friend Chelsey ran the 10K which consisted of 32 mudpits, 12 hay hurdles, 2 tunnel crawls, 2 friggin climbs up that 500ft mountain and one too many run-ins with the fire hoses. Overall they had a great time, held onto their shoes in the mud, slept well and are still picking dirt out from under their fingernails!





MICHAEL WILSON ran Silver Strand Half Marathon in SD this weekend.  It was very hot and DRY but he  finished in 1:42:55!  Not my best, but considering the minimal training I did, I was satisfied!

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Colder Workout Weather for All

Posted by IMVoice Nov 10, 2008



The Harrell’s did it!!!  LIZ & SCOTT (San Diego) completed their longest training ride…90 miles and 3,000 feet of climb!!!  We left the UCSD parking lot early in the morning and rode our way up the coast to San Clemente a couple of miles north of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.  We had lunch at Carl’s Jr. then headed back down the coast.  It was a PERFECT San Diego day - highs in the mid 70s, not a cloud in the sky and a nice gentle breeze.  I hear that it’s snowing in parts of North America…brrrrr.  Next Saturday will be a “short” ride of approx 40 miles and then the prep party.  Cause the Saturday after that is the big event…109 miles around Tucson!!!  We continue our fundraising efforts along with our training…check out our sites…. and


GISELLE DOMDOM (San Diego office) -- I ran the Shelter Island 5K on Sunday. Rain stopped right before the race started, which made for a nice, dry run. It was a fun event with a great crowd and an even more amazing post-race champagne brunch buffet!

LAUREN GUINN, SD is a very proud Mom!  Very Proud Mom this weekend!  My son Kevin, 12, who plays for the AYSO La Costa Gladiators, won in his first playoffs game. He was also selected for the AYSO BU12 All-Star team. 


MICHELLE VALENTI, LUKE SMITH, JESSE HAMMOND, JOSH BECK, CHRIS BOHNERT, EMMY CICCOLO & BRET HARRIS all went up to Northern CA to run the Big Sur ½ Marathon (Which actually isn’t in Big Sur!). Luke smoked the group with a time of 1:50:09. I guess his daily nutrition plan of coke and a cookie really works. Emmy was right behind him at 1:52:57. Chris and Bret stuck together and finished with a time of 1:53:20 while Michelle (1:59:24) crossed the line just seconds ahead of Josh (1:59:51) and Jesse (1:59:52). Michelle, Josh and Jesse were just happy to come in under the 2 hour mark. GREAT Run by all you guys!


TOBY GUILLETTE our resident “Go Long Guy” did the Silverman Triathlon just outside Las Vegas, NV this weekend and for the 140.6 miles went 13 hours and 11 minutes through 35mph winds, rain, lightening/thunder at the 'world's toughest triathlon'. I finished 4th in my age group and 36th overall managing a 4:11 marathon after 7.5hrs on the bike where we climbed 9,500ft. What an experience!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) although unable to race the Catalina Triathlon, none the less rode to the Ventura County Line in record time (VERY wind aided) in solidarity with the Active X’s who raced this weekend.

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