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Arch Message and lots of Running

Posted by IMVoice Aug 16, 2010

ARCH FUSTON says “Endurance Sports" This weekend I was forced to be a spectator. Fortunately, I played side-kick to Mike Reilly in the announcer's booth at the AFC Half Marathon, with a perfect view of the constant stream of happy, sweaty people. You can't help but feel the sense of accomplishment exuded by all the participants. Every shape, size, speed, age, you name it, each share the accomplishment, the excitement. All of this lead to me thinking of Active, and our history and involvement in "Endurance Sports".


Today, we are so much more than endurance sports, and it is important for the business for consumers to understand it. But it is also important to understand that "endurance" is more than just swimming, biking, running. It's LIVING. And participation, whether swimming, biking, running, hunting, sailing, tennis, walking groups, etc, is part of the breath of life. That "breath of life" was apparent at AFC this weekend and all over the world, according to this weeks Weekend Warrior Report. I saw Mike Reade's wife Jenn, who for the past two years has thought her husband had gone to the dark side for his change in breathing patterns, smiling ear-to-ear after completing her first 5K. I saw Liz Harrell's daughter Natasha, fresh off of her first 5K as well, cheering her mom on as she finished her first 13.1. I saw Alicia Towery-Drew absolutely BLISTER her race. And the list goes on and on...

As we near the "eve" of our global ActiveX rollout, start thinking  about life, how you are breathing, and how refreshing a big, deep breath  of "endurance" would feel. Congrats to everyone who got after it this  weekend!




TODD PREECE, IT Director, ran the America's Finest City (AFC) Half Marathon on Sunday.  He tied his prior 1/2 Marathon PR time at 1:36 but " Had no gas left at the end to attack the final hill like I'd planned".  He loved seeing so many Active folks sprinkled throughout the course cheering him on and getting his name announced over the loud speaker at the end was a special treat.  "I felt like one of the big dogs when I headed in with Mike Reilly calling out my name as part of the Active Network."



STACEY JOHNSON ran the AFC Half yesterday.  One great thing about our San Diego winter-summer is that it's been perfect weather for running - including yesterday for the race - nice and overcast.  I'm still trying to beat my 21-year-old self's half marathon time, but I was very happy finishing yesterday in 1:42... maybe if I didn't get stopped by the trolley I could have taken that extra minute off that I needed to be 21 again.  Guess I'll have to try again next time!


ALICIA TOWERY, TAM and EMILY JOLLER were the first Active Women to finish the AFC ½ in a blazing time of 1:37:56 coming in together.


SHANNON STEWART, Sales Manager Endurance ran the AFC Half Marathon on Sunday.  I ran with my sister and we managed to finish the run in 2 hours and 15 min.  It was great to run 13.1 miles with people around me during the entire course.  I love the crowd support during this event, really helps to keep the legs moving up the final 2 miles of hills.


JAMIE WILLIAMS, Data Warehouse Architect ran the AFC Half Marathon Sunday to complete his Triple Crown for the year (The Triple Crown is when you run the Carlsbad ½ and La Jolla ½ along with AFC in the same year).  The weather was perfect for a run.  He ran strong and had a great time.  He obviously left something in the tank as he managed to sprint the last couple 100 yards across the finish line!!


KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator in San Diego, got her Triple Crown by competing in the AFC (America’s Finest City) Half Marathon this past weekend.  The Triple Crown consists of running in the Carlsbad Half Marathon, La Jolla Half Marathon, and the AFC Half Marathon in the same year.  The weather was perfect and the support from fellow Active employees and hearing Mike Reilly call my name as I crossed the finish line was an amazing experience in itself!


LIZ HARRELL, (Director, Project Management - San Diego office), ran the America’s Finest City Half Marathon on Sunday.  This was my third half marathon ever and I PR’d!  Shaved 4 minutes off my time!  Perfect running weather and a perfect challenge at the end.  Who sticks a HILL at the end of a half… yikes!  The best part for me was hearing Mike Reilly, The Voice of Ironman, call me in across the finish line.  Personal note:  Three years ago I did the AFC 5K (3.1 mi) and my pace was 15:15 min/mile…. Yesterday, my pace for the half (13.1 mi) was 12:25 min/mile. Think you can’t do a half?  Think again!  (2007 AFC vs. 2010 AFC pics attached)

Active Crew 2010 Pic – Megan Duvall, Liz Harrell, Jamie Williams, Brett Davies.



ALAN DEICAS ran the AFC Half Marathon this weekend in 2:02. In doing so, Alan discovered the new found benefits of only training with soccer (4 days a week) by PR’ing by 8 minutes.



ASIA SIMONELLI and AMBER MARTIN completed the AFC this weekend. Fitting training in was tough between work, night school, and MBA courses abroad in Spain, but they managed to fit it all in and are happy with the race over all. Amber ran a 1:56:04 in her first race back from a nagging Achilles injury last October, and is very excited to get back into the half marathon/marathon running world. This was the first half marathon that Asia trained diligently for, and she had great results with a time of 2:13:50. She enjoyed the challenge so much that she plans to run Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego as her first Marathon in 2011.



MOLLY CONNERS ran AFC ½ in 1:54:14 said it was a good race and even better with Mike Reilly and Arch up in the booth at the finish!  Pic is of me and ROB POWELL at the finish.

Molly 001.jpg


KEVIN BEATTY it was awesome hearing you at the finish line.  I ran with a friend of mine and helped her get her PR, our time was 1:58.


On Sunday, TINA WILMOTT’S (PR department) 10-month old son Sam completed his first 5K race in his jogger stroller with mom at the Playa del Run in Solana Beach. It was great to incorporate Sam into a lifestyle I love and look forward to him actually running in his first event in the next few years. We came in 49th overall and 2nd in my age division with a time of 24:32. He’s not as excited as I was!



JESSICA WEXLER, LIZ HARRELL and her daughter NATASHA with SERGE MCCOY and his wife - all volunteered on Friday for the USA Triathlon Junior National Championship Packet Pick Up. Besides the obvious benefits of looking like packages of Wonder Bread we were able to see the future of the sport of Triathlon. Kids as young as 7 were in town to compete individually and as relay teams. It was inspiring!



FIONA MACMILLAN, Account Manager APAC raced a 30km trail run on the weekend – You Yangs 5050 (also a client of ours!).  I took out the 30km in a new course time of 2:35, so am pretty stoked!

Fiona you are so much faster than Sam!



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) competed in the Folsom Dam Triathlon. USA Productions did a fantastic job of putting on the race, great course, super support and Steel Drum/burrito party afterward. There were even full size energy bars, GU gels and fresh fruit distributed on the course. This is a great first timer race, as evidenced by the 100’s of newbies who said they would return next year!  Nice to see such a strong show of support.

Garfield tri.JPG


BRIAN ENGE one of our newest team members did quick trip to Seattle for the Lake Stevens 70.3.  Perfect weather and a beautiful course.  The Active luck was on my side as I won my age group for the first time.  I think it helps that I'm racing as an old guy now.

Enge (2).JPG


DAMIAN STAMM, Associate Product Mgr raced in the North East Triathlon in Maryland on Sunday.  Was my first tri of the summer on a challenging (“rolling hills”) course.  Set a PR for the swim section which was a nice takeaway.


Reporting in from PTO DONNA EGAN, Senior Account Manager- Team Lead, Communities completed the 37th annual "Brew Run" on Saturday with her husband Jack. The 5.2 run/walk in the town of Brewster on Cape Cod, MA. raised money for the local Brewster Rescue Squad.  It was a beautiful day on the Cape and the spectators were amazing lining the local streets with water hoses, and cheering the 1600 participants on.

Donna photo.JPG


PAUL MCLURE, Account Mge Active Educate and his family camped at Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California which was really beautiful.  We did a few hikes – Our daughters Lily – 5 and Stella 3 rocked the hike to Kings Creek Falls.



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (ActiveWorks) joined 60+ other cyclists yesterday for the 37-mile “Tour de Five Cities,” a fundraising ride for the San Diego Bike Coalition that started at Adams Avenue Bicycles and went downtown, through National City, Chula Vista and Imperial Beach, on up the Silver Strand to Coronado, back to downtown via the ferry, and ending at the starting point. Here, the riders take a brief rest at Pier 32 Marina in National City. And last week, he used up some PTO to take a weeklong backpacking trip through the Popo Agie Wilderness in Wyoming’s Wind River Range.



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - Won the second game of ultimate frisbee playoffs on Friday night under the lights.  At one point, he freaked out his entire team by tipping a pass to himself.    Kickball playoffs did not go so well, as the Playground Thuggz were handily beaten 20-4.  At some point, it appeared we had a list of baserunning mistakes we were trying to check off.  On Saturday, he continued his training for the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge with Team in Training by doing  a 5.5 mile run around Alki Beach.  It was a hottie, but a goodie!


Anthony Valentino, Account Executive from the San Diego office spent four days in and around Aspen Colorado for the best four days of his life (so far).  Other than a Class IV rapids run, it was pretty cycling-centric. Three road rides totaling 175 miles including an 80 mile out-and-back from Aspen (7,900 ft) climbing from up and over the Continental Divide at 12,095 ft) to Twin Lakes (9210 ft), and then back home again over the Divide. Mountain biking through the Aspens, complete with end-over-end crash. Watching the Leadville 100 MTB race.  We were at the finish line to watch Levi Leipheimer crush the course record, winning in 6hrs 16min.  Learned from the pros: Dave Wiens (4th place, 6 time Leadville Champ) Jay Henry (6th place, we hung out with his mom and his wife to watch him finishTo watch Lance Armstrong compete at Leadville was the reason we planned our trip for this weekend. As we pulled into Aspen on Wednesday morning, we learned he had withdrawn form this year’s race, still recovering from his crash induced hip injury from this year’s Tour de France.  We were pretty disappointed, but got over it when we met up with Lance his girlfriend and one of his daughters after dinner in town on Thursday night.  It’s pretty nice when Lance Armstrong tells you your ride plan for the week is “aggressive.”

Aspen 10.jpgAspen Summer 2010 028.jpg

Aspen Summer 2010 037.jpgAspen Summer 2010 116.jpg

Eric Ma (MRI Team Lead, M+M) Report from Xi’an, China, On Saturday, he did his first Hash Run with an International group, nearly 30 people participated in the 10K A – B run, from The Big Wild Goose Pagoda To TV Tower, the interesting part is you have no idea which direction to run at each crossings, the only way is to keep your eyes stair at the ground to see the route direction followed by the blue arrow marks, or you could follow the leading runner with their shouting.

It was really awesome to know more people from different countries through the event, and he can’t wait to the next run in two weeks!


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist, went tandem skydiving from 13,000' in east county San Diego on Saturday with 17 friends. Another item crossed off the bucket list!

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Tale of Two Tents - Karen Hardy (Consumer Marketing Manager) and Rebecca Divita (Account Manager, Camps) road-tripped to Boulder for the 70.3 event on Sunday and met up with Tina Novak and Alyson Rea. We had quite a few adventures involving camping in thunderstorms, mechanical bull riding, and Rebecca’s epic race in altitude ending with a PR and visit to the med tent for some needed oxygen.

karen tent (2).jpgRebecca Run (2).jpg

med tent (2).jpg



ROBIN and DAMON MATHEWS attended the 2010 World Footbag Championships in Oakland CA this past week. Milan Benda from the Czech Republic took the top spot at the very young age of only 18. Milan upset the 8 time world champ and team mate Vasek Klouda. Here is video of the winning performance:

DAVE ALBERGA spent 2.0 days working with the national park service in Yosemite national park then took family time for vacation.  A great time had by all.


STEVE HOOVER, ActiveNet development manager, and three friends golfed 72 holes in Medford and Florence Oregon in a single long weekend.  This included a 1000 mile round trip drive from the Sacramento, CA area.  Perfect weather and great courses!  Is there an award for longest distance traveled to play golf in a single weekend?



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - Had a not-so-great team sports weekend, going 0-2-1.  He and his Nerds opened the ultimate frisbee playoffs with a forfeit after just 5 people showed up for the match.  I blame Seafair.  In kickball, the Playground Thuggz played two close games, tying the first game 5-5 and losing the second game 4-2.  We closed out the regular season 2-4-1, and playoffs begin next weekend!


On Saturday August 7th, JAMIE WILLIAMS hiked up to Ontario Peak near Mt. Baldy in the San Gabrial Mountain Range.  It is almost 8’700’ elevation while it’s sister Peak Cucamonga (that Jamie hiked 3 weeks previously) is slightly higher at 8,900’.  The hike begins near Mt. Baldy Village at roughly 5,000’ elevation.  A short description of the trail says “some crosscountry skills will be needed to find the "true" summit.”  Jamie will attest to that as his group thought they’d neared the top a couple different times before seeing and reaching the true summit. J




12.5 total miles

Elevation Gain:

3,900 feet

Trail Type:


Skill Level:

Extremely Difficult


7 hours

Top Elevation:

8,693 feet


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) rode to the Herbalife/La Grange Brentwood Criterion this weekend to cheer on team TTS (Triathlon Training Systems).  It was a fantastic day full of riders of all ages and abilities and their fans.  There was even a kids 5-8 year old race.  Great to see tomorrows super stars!


MIKE COLEMAN Alaska Adventure. Headed up to Alaska on a fishing trip with the family. Definitely an adventure with nearly 100 pounds of Halibut and Salmon brought home to show for it. We had an aerial tour of Ice flows, deep sea fishing for Halibut out of Homer (Halibut Capital of the world), Salmon fishing on the Kenai River (The world biggest sports fishing river in the world) as well as visits by moose, brown bears and bald eagles. A breath taking and surreal week had by all. We even visited Homer’s local pub which still housed a business card of mine from 2007 along with about 20,000 signed dollar bills. Funny thing, a couple called me last year from the Salty Dog Saloon to tell me my business card was still prominent and they were cheers me and a good days catch. After that call last year, I knew I would have to return this year to mark another spot on the wall with a new business card from 2010. The trip was such a success we had to purchase a new fridge with a much larger freezer.



ERIC MA (MRI Team Build Lead, M+M) FROM XI’AN, CHINA, said he, CASH XU (Controller) and BRUCE XU (Tester, League One) took a 40K night ride from Xi’an office to QuJiang Pool Relics Park along the S. Third Ring, that’s a really nice tryout in the night, since you can’t do much things outside in the daytime because of the sustained high temperatures in the city. And it’s worthy setting some routine night activities just like this ride.


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Triathlon Mania in San Diego

Posted by IMVoice Jul 26, 2010

ELAIN BERGERON & BROOKE KIRKPATRICK  I rode the Colorado-Eagle River Century Ride in Vail, Colorado on Saturday.  The ride was a bit challenging with 4500 feet elevation gain, but the mountain, river, and stream views made it all worth it!  This was Elaine's first time in Colorado and she conquered the ride even with slight high altitude sickness.   Brooke said it was her first Century and is sold!


SHEILA VANDER-HOEK went ocean kayaking with friends for the first time on Gabriola Island, BC (just off the east coast of Vancouver Island) – 20 minute ferry ride from Nanaimo.   I liked it so much I did it the next day too.  Weather was hot (28 degrees Celsius), very little breeze, lots of sunscreen and H2O.  I am not really a hat person but the sun as so bright I had to succumb to the ball cap.

sheila kayaking July 2010.JPG kayaking July 2010.JPG


REPORT FROM XI’AN, CHINA, by ERIC MA (MRI Team Build Lead, M+M), said he really wanted to share this great ride with all the warriors, on Sunday he and CASH XU (Controller) rode a big circle along the Third Ring of the Xi’an City, totally 115KM according from the GPS log, the greatest experience ever counted the last 20mins rushing in the torrential rain when they’re trapped 15KM away from the destination. See the route they rode and where Active Xi’an office is in the map. Well, unfortunately both of them got severe sun burnt during the hours rode under the sun in the noon.





Over 70 SD Active team members did their first Triathlon at the Solana Beach Tri in SD.  First two from Friday’s “Buoy for Bubbly” post training/pre-race celebration. Last pic: pre first heat – Solana Tri.




JAMIE WILLIAMS did a quick 35 mile bike ride along the Coast Saturday to check out his bike thanks to Arch for getting a bike mechanic in this past week for tune ups!  And then on Sunday

he participated in the Solana Beach Triathlon for the second year and set a PR for this year’s race. He’s smiling in the picture so he must have been feeling good!



RICKY GREY and wife Carly and I took part in the Solana Beach Sprint Tri along with many of our Active friends and supporters. As in past years, it was great to have so many friends out their racing the course together as well as all the Active fans cheering everyone along.  The race was a great follow up from our first Ironman 70.3 that we completed just a week earlier.  For all those that are still riding the excitement of Solana Beach and thinking of their next race, I can't say enough about Vineman!  Such a fun race and awesome experience! I included a photo from  Solana Beach and a bike photo of each of us from Vineman.

Grays_SolanaBeach_2010.jpgRG_Vineman70 3.png


ANDY REILLY did his first triathlon ever at Solana Beach and was telling his Mom and Sister how it was done!  Its just too bad his old man coudn't call him in since he was at Ironman Lake Placid.





Jessica Wexler (Active Works Communications and Giving) - enjoyed another fabulous Solana Beach Tri. Special thanks to the awesome ActiveX cheering squads out there supporting us and of course special thanks to Arch and Christy Fuston for - everything. Pictured: The pink ladies and Arch (trying to blend in).



AMY SCHWENCK had the BEST time racing in the Solana Beach Triathlon this weekend.  The camaraderie of the Active team before and during the race pushed me to my best time yet on the course.  CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated and a HUGE THANKS to those who cheered us on.  Only 46 days to Malibu!!


MIKE MACDONALD did the Solana Beach Tri in 1:05:21.  By far the most fun I've had in any of my tri's thanks to all of the Active crew being there.  We dominated out there!

JIM GARFIELD (M&M) was proud and thrilled to participate in the Solana Beach Triathlon with all the other Active peeps. Watching the Active tri vets and newbies was truly inspiring and getting the extra cheers along the way was better then GU shots for energy!!


RUBEN GOMEZ went to the Solana Beach Triathalon and took some pictures.  Feel free to grab any photos you need.  If for any reason you need larger quality image just let me know. Thanks.


BRENDAN EGAN this past Sunday, July 25th I joined 70 other active colleagues in the Solana Beach triathlon. This was my first endurance event ever and definitely not the last. Overall the race was great and I finished in a time of 1:10:50. The swim was much harder than I anticipated but I managed to make it through, barely. The crowd and volunteers were fantastic and the energy surrounding the event was amazing, very fun and can’t wait for next year.

Brendan Solana Beach.JPG



KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator San Diego, conquered her first triathlon this weekend.  I competed in the Solana Beach Triathlon along with 69 fellow Active Employees.  It was a great day, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the surf at the beach was pretty calm which made it easy to get through.  I actually surprised myself with how well I did.  I was able to  finish 11 in my age group with a time of 1:13:51.0.  A big thanks goes out to all those that came out to support and encourage I couldn’t have done it without you all.


PAUL MCLURE yesterday was my second year doing the Solana Beach Triathlon with the support of the Active Crew and my family which makes for a great event. It was really cool to see and hear all of the people cheering for us.  I was close to 20 seconds slower this year with a finish of 1:21:53.


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive, finished his first triathlon at the Solana Beach Triathlon & Duathlon in 1:01:56.  The best part was the Cheer Squad – tons of Active Network supporters and athletes and my very, very loud and obnoxious family (daughter Jade in this photo).  I loved every minute of it and have tremendous pride in being part of the amazing culture perpetuated by Active Network and the ActiveX posse.  So proud in fact, I’ve decided to wear this outfit to the office today.



EVAN WITTE (Product Manager – San Diego) – Completed the Solana Beach Triathlon along side countless other Active Network Members with a finishing time of 1:00:45. Thanks to everyone who came out in support and congratulations to the first time Triathletes.



ERIN LANGI wanted to report in that I did my first Tri this weekend in Solana Beach with about 70 other employees from Active.  It was an awesome experience seeing so many people from Active out there both participating & cheering.  I had a side ache for a lot of the run which slowed me down a little, but ended up finishing at 1 hr and 17 minutes.


On a recent trip to the Burnaby office, MICHAEL STRICKLAND (ActiveWorks) and his wife Cassie reach the halfway point on Vancouver’s “Grouse Grind.” With 2,830 steps, and an elevation gain of 2,800 feet over 1.8 miles, the hike is aptly known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster.”




MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming, Bothell, WA) finished the weekend 1-1, losing pretty handily (15-9) in ultimate frisbee to the inappropriately named Butterfingers. However, on Sunday his Playground Thuggz beat the Honey Nut Ichiros 19-8.  This is his first victory in kickball ever (now a total of 1-9)!  The big news of the weekend was that he kicked off the winter season of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training on Saturday morning.  For the next six months, he will be mentoring and training for his second Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, with stops at the Chicago Marathon and Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon along the way.  If you’d like to donate to his cause, please visit

After losing their first playoff game last week, the Active Assassins roller hockey team bounced back with a big 3-1 win on Sunday night. Led by a 1 goal and 2 assist performance by star defenseman Matt Cox, the Assassins stayed alive to play another game. Next up for the Assassins is Kdub on Tuesday night at 10:45pm – Burnaby Lake arena. We encourage all Active fans to come out and support the team for this late night game! The Active Assassins are led by Team Captain Justin Leung along with Matt Cox, Chris Hall, Jon Buyco, Nat Strull, Brian Choy, Ryan Lyster, Inderpal Dhaliwal and Julius Dagot.



MIKE REILLY & TOM ZIEBART a great Active client were in the tower at the finish line of the 12th Ironman Lake Placid, NY.


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ActiveX Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jul 12, 2010

ZACH PANTHER (Developer – Bothell, WA) and his wife Shannon hiked up to Wallace Falls near Gold Bar in the Central Cascades.  The hike was beautiful and the falls at the top definitely made the journey worth the effort, even with the temperature creeping close to the 90’s.  There are a couple of smaller falls along the way, but the biggest pictured below is 265 feet.  For more info on this hike follow this link:



KEITH WILLIAMS from UK office taking on his first road sportive EVER.... with shaven legs. Rolling hills around the UK countryside was not on his mind at this point.... after 51mile and 2000meters of climbing, the finishline and a cup of tea was needed.



AMBER MARTIN SD office said she is in Spain. I spent Sunday running with the bulls in Pamplona with my British friend Jess. The bulls were way bigger and faster than I started. We got passed by 8 of the bulls about 75 yards from the arena, but made it all the way into the bull ring. You can see a video of my run here If you look along the left side just as the bulls finish rounding the tight turn you can actually pick out Jess and I in the crowd. The adrenaline rush of a lifetime. CRAZY GIRL!



MIKE REILLY reports it was one of the best Active weekends in the history of the company.  Over 80 Active team members working out and having fun at the Warner Springs resort north of San Diego.  Can't wait for next year!

Dave & Mike having a tough day!


The beginning of the best meal


The 3 Stooges watching and mixing Jumbalaya


Active Dad and Active Son



REGINA HURICKS-San Diego-Foundations-Data Warehouse-ETL Developer. This weekend we enjoyed ActiveX Endurance 2010.  Thanks to Arch, Christy, Karen and the gang for throwing the best Adult Summer Camp Eva!  The Banana Bread, Goodie Bags and Jambalaya were amazing! OH!, the swimming, biking, running and yoga was good also!  Thanks so much!


Arch & Karen Hardy



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) had a blast at Warner Springs weekend with colleagues old and new!  I even discovered a love of Arch’s Jambalaya!  Jim with Lindsay Nesselroad, Emily Nesselroad Slade and Victoria Tinsley.



SHANNON STEWART (San Diego Office), Sales Manager Endurance, completed the Carlsbad Triathlon on Sunday.  This event consists of a 1k Swim, 25k Bike and a 5K run.  The conditions were great for the event, waves were small and it was overcast.  This is a fun event that is well run and gives you the experience and feel for a longer ocean swim than most sprint tri's.  I finished in 1:50 which placed me 20th out of 40 in my age group.

Carlsbad Tri Swim.jpg

Carlsbad Tri Finish.jpg


JON BELMONTE suggests this great hike-trail run workout out by Cowles Mountain, which is part of Mission Trails Regional Park near Lake Murray.  Hike quickly up the back side of the mountain, which is accessible near the end of Boulder Lake Road.  Run down the ‘front side’ of the mountain, which deposits you about 1.5 miles from where you started at the intersection of Navajo Rd and Golfcrest Dr.  Finish up by running back to where you started (Navajo Rd to Cowles Mountain Rd to Boulder Lake Rd).  ~5 miles round trip.  Generally speaking, definitely one of the better ‘hikes’ in San Diego and a good workout however you do it.


TYLER CAIRNS, Nicole Cairns (and 3 week old Raiya Cairns), MATT WEBB, RITA CHAN, MARTHA COX, BROOK EWART and JASON DETLOR of the Burnaby Inside sales team (Team Sparta ) had a great time at the Nat Bailey ballpark on Friday afternoon enjoying the hometown Triple AAA Vancouver Canadians of the PCL league roughing up the Yakima, Washington Bears side 3-1.

A few pops were enjoyed by all, but little Raiya was just happy to be there snoozing the game away.





PAUL MCLURE on Saturday night decided that he would wake up on Sunday morning and participate in the San Diego Blood Bank 5K run downtown at the Embarcadero. The run was real nice along the waters edge with the cool temps that we have been experiencing. I finished the run with a time of 28:07.


MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming) had a rough outing in league sports this weekend.  On Friday night, he and his Nerds were defeated in ultimate frisbee 15-9.  The Nerds are now 1-2-1 and are having a hard time covering deep throws.  On Sunday, the Playground Thuggz were beaten 12-6 in kickball.  On Saturday morning, he showed up at Memorial Stadium with more than 300 other people to join in Yoga for Hope, the largest outdoor yoga class ever.   The event was in support of City of Hope, an organization that is helping to fight everything from cancer to HIV to diabetes.  Visit to learn more and maybe make a donation!



SKIP CLEAVER reports The Mount Ascutney Hill Climb in Vermont was the sixth and last event in the USATF Mountain Circuit--six races on Mountains in an eight-week period.  I completed this race and the entire series, earning "Mountain Goat" status.  Two of these mountain races are exclusively on roads, as was the case with Ascutney.  Three are on trails, and the sixth a mix of road and trail.  Four of them are to the mountain summit, as was Ascutney, and two traverse the summit and finish back at the base.  Three are run on New England ski areas. Including Mount Washington (my 20th MW running this year in the 50th race overall), this gives me seven Mountains in eight weeks.  I am seventh all time in USATF Mountain Circuit appearances (Circuit began in 1995, the same year Cool Running was founded), and 14th in points of all runners since inception; that is a total of 65 mountain races completed.  This year's USATF Circuit included Northfield Mountain (MA), Mount Wachusett (MA), Pack Monadnock Mountain (NH), Mount Cranmore (NH), Loon Mountain (NH),

and Mount Ascutney, (VT).


RYAN LYSTER & PAYAM KAVOUSIAN (both in burnaby) went on a 5 day kayak trip with some of our friends. We left from Tofino, BC and paddled out to hot spring cove (150 km round trip) in 4.5 days. We paddled about 7-8 hours per day in the beautiful clayoquet sound, saw lots of wildlife and enjoyed one of the best natural hot springs around. Others pay upwards of $1200 to go on a guided one way tour for 5 days to get to these hot springs and water taxi back. We rented our own kayaks and bought some charts and off we went.  Not only kayakers have recognized this area as a thing of unmatched beauty but the United Nations has as well, naming it a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  Its pristine temperate, old growth rainforest is among the last of its kind surviving in the world.  Once you have paddled here, you will understand the nicknames Clayoquot has been given.  Among them are the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and “Hawaii of the North.” Attached are a few pictures and the map of the route.





BRETT DAVIES 0n Saturday participated in the “Death Ride” in and around Alpine County, CA near South Lake Tahoe.  I started my ride at 5 am when it was just barely light enough to see the road.  By the time I got to about mile 10 the sun was up and in full force.  The temperature was in the high 80’s almost immediately, hitting 90 in the afternoon without a cloud in the sky.  Perfect weather for everyone not riding their bike through the mountains!  Each climb was very challenging with grades ranging from 7% up to 12% for miles at a time.  The miles of downhill that followed were certainly worth the pain of climbing.  Check out this video of one of the descents (  At 2x speed, the descent is still nearly 7 minutes long, quite epic downhill stretches!  I  ended up finishing the 4 pass route, which entailed 88 miles of biking and about 11,000 feet of climbing.  Total time was 11 hours including rest stops and lunch.  I was completely spent by the end, physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.  However, the feeling of accomplishment to have finished such a grueling course was amazing and made all the pain totally worth it!


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Holiday Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jul 6, 2010

SIJEN OLTHOF reports Rock n Roll SEATTLE!!!!



Epic Day for a race, Matt Henry, Stephen Branstetter, Keith Baltazar all set personal PRs.

Keith Baltazar, not pictured, ran his first Half Marathon.

Thank you to our race volunteers, NICK BATTAGLIA, MEGHAN SWIRSKI, and NATASSIA ZABEL for greeting us and handing out medals at the finish line.



JEREMY SPITZBERG reports that he and MARC VILLANUEVE, TAWNYA BORDALO, LIZ HARRELL & MIKE REILLY rode the Scripps Ranch 50 mile ride in San Diego July 4th. We had a blast.  We split into two groups about 1/2 through with Liz and I bringing up the rear.  She and I finished in about 4hrs and 20mins, about 20 minutes behind Marc, Tawnya and her friend Matthew. Mike Reilly was in his own group towards the front riding in 2 hours 30 min. Great course, great support, great companions!  The biggest problem was having to get back on the bike after stopping at the beer garden to ride back to the car.



JON BELMONTE said he busted out a 52 minute 50 second ('gun time') at the July 4th Scripps Ranch 10K this weekend (closer to 51 minutes if measuring chip time).  He was feeling pretty good about it, as his usual pace is a 10-minute mile plod.  Great event all around, particularly the massive downhill at the end.


SHANNON WINEMAN says she is a new employee so this is my first submission!  WELCOME SHANNON. She ran the Tidelands Coronado 15K this weekend in San Diego. My husband and three kids (13, 10, 7 yrs) all ran the 5K. It was my 10/7 year old’s first one and the 4th for my 13 year old. Everyone finished strong and enjoyed the cloudy, cool conditions.


LISA BALDWIN from Burnaby office with family in tow celebrated Canada Day with the Pitt Meadows Canada Day 8K.  While no land speed records were broken by me, I managed to improve my 8K time by 1:30.



KAT KEIVENS – Online Account Coordinator, San Diego – competed in the Coronado Independence Day 5k Run.  The weather was perfect—a bit overcast which made it not too hot and not too cold.  I finished with a time of 26:41.


JULIE RAHILL Backpacked on the Alta Trail in Sequoia National Park. There is still a lot of snow up there; trails vanished at time but no potholing.  Terrific view from Alta meadow and Panther Peak (Alta Peak not really accessible yet – so bummed!). The deer and bear were very active and present at all times. Pictures are of Alta Meadow, me & my backpacking buddy Spencer.




DAMIAN STAMM Associate Product Manager ran in the Freedom 5K on July 4 in West Chester, PA with several family members in what was my first race since the birth of my son.  Accomplished what is usually my goal – not finishing last.  Was a PR for a 5k stand-alone but have done better in sprint triathlons.  This was surrounded by a good bike ride on Saturday with an open water swim on Sunday, so a good weekend for the whole group as we prepare to compete in an Olympic in mid-August.


ANTHONY VALENTINO Account Executive (San Diego) took daughter Jade sailing for the first time.  Jade was pretty nervous about the upwind tilt of the boat and all the new sights and sounds, but once the downwind spinnaker was hoisted - and after spotting a whale and a sea lion - she really got her sea legs and enjoyed a great San Diego sailing day.



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming) had another busy weekend in Seattle.  He’s now all caught up with his thirty classes of hot yoga in thirty days by doing seven classes of power yoga during the weekend.  One more to go!  On Friday night, he attended Disc Northwest’s ultimate frisbee clinic, where he learned to play zone offense, defense and how to make a sliding catch on your knees.  Finally, he and some of his friends welcomed the Fourth of July at the Firecracker 5000 5K at midnight on the fourth.   We’re going to say he finished in under 24 minutes given how far back he started and the mysterious traffic jam that happened .1 mile into the race.


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Irontastic Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Jun 28, 2010

I finally got to hear Mike Reilly tell me "You are an IRONMAN!" while crossing the finish line this weekend in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  The course was amazingly beautiful and the community here was incredibly supportive.  I was spoiled to have my parents and my older sister here to cheer for me in person and many people supporting and following along via the web. I've never felt anything like running in the last 4 blocks with screaming fans lining the streets towards the music and lights at the finish line.  It was worth every sacrifice I've made to get there.   What a day!  Finished in 15 hours and 7 minutes ... way ahead of my goal.  Huge thanks to everyone who was a part of the journey!  :-)


Congratulations to Michelle!


Eric Olson, Associate GM – Events, competed in the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon this weekend. The race was changed to a 5K run, 40K bike, 10K run duathlon after a swimmer went missing in Saturday’s sprint. I’m not a duathlon guy, and it was a tough day. The race started well with a good first run and a decent bike. In the end, the 100+ heat index and lack of shade took its toll, and I was just happy to finish. My girlfriend finished 5th in the pro women’s race, suffering through the heat and humidity at a much faster pace than me. 




Mike and Brian Law at ironman coeur d alene




Michele Crepeau ran the Achilles Hope and Possibility 5 Mile run in NYC, such an incredible inspiration with all the Achilles athletes participating.  Followed it up with a bike ride down to Battery Park City.  Fun in the NYC sun!


Anthony Valentino - Account Executive, Higher Education, San Diego – spent the weekend with daughter Jade teaching her to build and start her first campfire at Cuyamaca State Park, share apple pie in Julian, celebrate his grandmother’s 90th in Corona, and watched his girlfriend compete in the Huntington Beach Sand Soccer Tournament. Perfect!




Chuan Hu from China:


Chuan and Lily continue their Tibet trip. We drove to the Everest Base Camp at June 24th. We saw the beautiful lake, the glacier and the highest mountain in the world – Mt. Everest.


On the way to the base camp, there is 102KM road under very bad condition. It requires very good driving skill. After 3 hours, we arrived at the base camp.


When the evening was coming, Mt. Everest in the sunset became red. It was the most beautiful view in the world!





Matthew Henry (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming) ran the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on Saturday with Team in Training and a few of his friends from the Bothell office, including Sijen Olthof who he caught up with around mile nine.  The course was incredi-hilly, but he managed to finish in 4:31, a PR by 17 minutes.  The best part was, he felt good enough to do 90 minutes of hot yoga on Sunday morning.  Next up, Chicago!  


SCOTT FRIESEN (Associate Product Manager for Golf & Resort Solutions) ran in his very first marathon at the Seattle Rock N Roll on Saturday.


I was a little disappointed in my time of 4:16.   But considering that my longest run before the marathon was 15 miles, overall I’m happy to have finished with a smile on my face.  This was easily the most challenging physical event that I’ve participated in.   I couldn’t help but fill up an entire notepad of the things I’ll do differently next time.  Despite all of the new pains I enjoyed over the weekend, I’m looking forward to running this distance again in the future.


Scott Seattle Marathon 2010.JPG


Big kudos go out to Jamie Williams who powered through a weekend of serious cycling. Friday evening sported an intense spinning class at 24 Hour Fitness, followed by an early morning 30-mile road ride through the hills of Palos Verdes on Saturday. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Ask Jamie about the 13% grade on Via Coronel. On Sunday, Jamie set out to conquer the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains with Lorraine Daly, and former UCLA varsity crew members Justin Price and Brad Stapleton. The 72.5 miles may have had close to forty miles of rolling to flat terrain along the Pacific Coast, but the remaining 32+ miles dished up just over 4000 feet of vertical gain, with gradients as much as 11%. The climb up Stunt Road, very close to where the Tour of California passed earlier this year, was sweetened as Jay Leno drove by in a classic 1915 roadster and waved to our weekend warriors.


Jim Garfield, Tawnya Bordalo, Mike MacDonald and Jim Sola participated in the San Diego International Triathlon on Sunday.  All four of us competed in the International distance race (1K-30K-10K), and the cool and cloudy morning was perfect for all of us to meet or exceed our expectations… “good times” were had by all: Jim G. (2:01), Tawnya (2:29), Mike (2:13), Jim S. (2:25). They were cheered on by Nolan Hansen and Karen Hardy.  A beautiful course winding its way up over the Spanish Bay Park. Interesting point to point run finishing at Fisherman’s Village.  It was a long walk back to the transition area…..oy!



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Father's Day and More

Posted by IMVoice Jun 21, 2010



JESSICA WEXLER - San Diego Foundations Team On father's day my father and I rode our favorite bike route down to the beach in LA. I am grateful that he introduced me to the joys of cycling as a kid and that I am able to still ride with him today.fathersday2010ride.jpg


STELLA CARDENAS daughter of STEPHANY CAVATONI GM competed in her first swim meet with the Davis Aquamonsters this weekend finishing second in the 25M Free and third in the 25M Back.  She also participated in the relay team for 6 and under.  She did an awesome job and even used the starting block for the first time!



MICHELLE VALENTI M&M just arrived back from doing media coverage for Team ViaSat at the Race Across America. They killed it! Averaging 22.24 mph, they came in 2nd place. Check out the photos on the ViaSat Racing Facebook page:!/pages/ViaSat-Racing/123151281053738?ref=ts


CHUAN HU (Technical Manager)from the China office and LILY ZHANG (Foundation Tester) were hiking in Tibet. The blue sky, green water, snowing mountains and the Active logo we found on a door of a traditional Tibet house are breath-taking. We traveled for more than 1,000 KM in 3 days. We saw the most beautiful place in China.




This Saturday, ELAINE BERGERON (Industry Manager, Sports), SUE HINKLE (Sr. Account Manager, Strategic Accounts), JANEAN NATION (Account Manager, Sports), and BRET HARRIS (Sr. Account Manager, Strategic Accounts) enjoyed one of their best DNF’s ever at City Chase San Diego.  It was a gorgeous day in downtown, and the challenges were fantastic!  While 10 complete challenges were necessary to finish, both teams tapped out at 4pm (after six hours of chasing) just shy of the goal.  That aside, it was a great event and fun was had by all!  BRET THIS IS JUST NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR YOU BUT THE SOCKS ARE COOL!

bret bull.jpgCity Chase.JPG



ROB POWELL, MATT BECKMAN, JESSIE GIVENS, BREE KULIS & LARKIN GEYER completed the Camp Pendleton 10k Mud run on Saturday morning in a stunning time of 1:34:37 (placing in the top half of all teams). The new tech Ts survived the mud and we did too (thanks Arch!). Despite the team getting cold feet in the days leading up and attempting to sell our team race slot – only to have no one biting to buy it, fun was had by all. Highlights include: Jessie face planting in one of the easier sections of mud, the river currents sweeping Larkin away at a swifter pace than most, Bree jumping in as an alternate the day prior, Matt envying the marines who were hoisting women over barriers at a furious rates while swallowing gallons of mud and Rob turning on the heat in the last obstacle/Marine crawl through dirty water (aka “mud”) resulting in self induced bloody knees and stomach burns.


mud run 1.jpgmud run 2.jpg

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Hike, Hiker, Hiking & Kickball

Posted by IMVoice Jun 14, 2010

LEVI SMITH & JACQUELINE BERRY and their Italian Grey hound Deer hiked to the top of the mountain at the end of their new street Cheyenne in Las Vegas. Fortunately the weather was great this weekend and it was only 90 degrees yesterday!

jaq on mountain.jpglevi and deer on mountain.jpg


MICHAEL STRICKLAND, copywriter on the Foundation team, backpacked 23 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail over the weekend with his friend “Abby Normal,” who is thru-hiking the entire Mexico-to-Canada trail.


On Sunday, June 13, MOLLY CONNORS, SHANNON IBERGER, VICTORIA TINSLEY AND JINNA FELTON (all of the Media + Marketing Offline Operations team) hiked Torrey Pines and enjoyed the amazing San Diego scenery and beautiful June weather.




ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer, Bothell, WA – On Saturday, I went on my first hike of the summer (honestly my first “real” hike of my life) up Mt. Si with my wife Jenn.  Mt. Si is a gorgeous hike that is pretty much fully shaded the whole way which saved us from the sunny, 75+ degree weather.   The hike was a round trip of 8.0 miles with an elevation gain of 3150 ft.  After mile one my legs were dying, but after I got past that, it wasn’t so bad.  We got to the top and spent a little while enjoying the scenery (and resting the legs) and elusive “no cloud” day here in Washington and then we made our way back down.  After it was all said and done we completed the whole hike in 4 ½ hours which included our break at the top.

Mt Si 1.JPGMt Si - 2.JPG


NICOLE PELLEY & SIJEN OLTHOF (Bothell) rode in the Flying Wheel bike ride this weekend.  Hill training for the Seattle to Portland ride later this summer.


MIKE REILLY reports that the Endurance and Sports teams in the SD office squared off for their 3rd Annual Kickball match to see where the supremacy lives.  Well it lives with Sports who won 6 – 4 and now hold a series lead of 2 – 1.  Fun was had by all except the endurance team, those crazy sales types sure are competitive!




JIM GARFIELD celebrated with 30 members of “Team Mitch” who all ran the Rock and Roll Marathon last Sunday.  The members, from all over the U.S., met and communicate on our Facebook page and gathered at the race to raise money for a scholarship for kids interested in learning how to fly. The team was formed in memory of Mitch Steinke, a pilot who died in an airplane crash.  REBECCA DIVITA and Jim had a great day at the Bonelli Park Triathlon in San Dimas. Both placed 2nd in their age groups in spite of the heat.  Warm lake water beats the freezing wavy ocean water any day!!

team mitch.JPGdivita and m.JPG


CRAIG EDGMON capturing the final throw in Aikido.  Craig was the one being thrown, ouch!

Craig Edgmon.JPG VIDEO

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Rock n Roll and a little Mud!

Posted by IMVoice Jun 7, 2010

A HISTORY LESSON - The Rock n Roll Marathon San Diego started in 1998.  It was the brainchild of Tim Murphy the founder of Elite Racing in San Diego.  It was a concept that was not fully accepted by the running community until his prediction that 20,000 runners would show up proved true!  Plus it was the first marathon in history that drew more women than men.  His vision and the growith of the series promoted charity running and was the begining of this running boom we are now in.  Tim and Elite racing was the first major event client that put his trust in in 2000, a partnership that still flourishes today and has fueled much of Active's success. The series across the Country now managed by the Competitor Group draws over 250,000 runners.  It is still amazing to me after being at the start line in 1998 and thru the past 13 years how far running and Active has come.  A big part of that is due to Tim Murphy's vision. Mike


DAVE ALBERGA our CEO figured if you can’t run as fast as the leaders you can certainly ride with them! Dave was assigned the envious job as the lead rider at the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon Sunday.  He rode 26.2 miles in just over 2:10 minutes and oh yeah the winner Richard Limo from Kenya also ran that fast.  Plus we’ll give Dave the award for the best Active billboard of the month wearing all his Active gear in front of the huge crowds along the course.



EMILY CHAN-NORRIS ran the RnR 1/2 Marathon and it was a great race. The energy from the thousands of runners, enthusiastic spectators and bands along the way made the race really fun. I finished at 2:19 which was exactly on track with my training, so I was really happy about that. Great to see familiar Active faces at the finish line as well. Thanks to ANUSHEH CHAVEZ for bringing her camera and MIKE REILLY for calling us all in!

Emily_Mike.jpgFacebook  Anusheh Chavez_Reilly06_06_2010.mhtRnR Emily_Anusheh.jpg




JULIE WOOLF reports her and FRAN BENEDICT ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon this weekend.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was so exciting to be in corral #1.  Fran’s twin brother Andy surprised her and flew in from Nashville for the weekend so he was there to cheer for us at the start line.  Of course, Fran was the energizer bunny and pushed a fast pace from the outset.  I did everything I could to keep up with her, but at mile 6 she broke off as we climbed uphill on the 163.  The rest of the race was much calmer for me and I was able to settle into a good rhythm.  This was my first race since Hannah was born 8 months ago.  I finished the race in 1:35, not bad for a mother of 2 who had no time to train.  Fran finished in 1:33.  There’s a reason her nickname is Franimal!  I am also so proud of my husband Anton who also finished the race.  This was his 2nd half marathon and he completed the race in 2:07.  It was a great weekend for all of us and great to see you on Sunday Mike so motivating to hear your voice!



Michelle Nation (Product Manager – San Diego) ran the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego this weekend as my last long training run before Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 3 weeks.   The course and the bands were fantastic and I wish all my runs had such good aid stations and running companions.  Seeing the other Active folks out on the course and supporting as spectators was truly inspiring.  It was such a treat to be able to finish a marathon feeling so good and to be greeted at the finish line by Mike’s voice.  Can’t wait to hear him again when I cross the line after 140.6!!!

STACEY JOHNSON ran the RNR Marathon yesterday.  I loved the new course... a true taste of all San Diego has to offer. The last 5 or so miles on Fiesta Island was rough though.  That island was NOT a fiesta, especially since it was pretty hot by then.  Overall, it was a great race.  I finished in 3:59:42... under 4 hours by the skin of my teeth.   My mom walked the half marathon, so it was great to have her out there too.




There was a large crew of Active folks out at the San Diego Rock N Roll! This photo shows MEGAN DUVALL, JAMIE WILLIAMS, JEN ROMINE, TAMMII SCHMIDT & MIKE READE about to cross the start line bright and early on Sunday morning. Luckily Jen and Tammi were smart enough to only run 13.1 miles and they both set a new PR! J  Megan, Jamie and Mike chose to double that and completed the full marathon (Jamie’s first)! Overall it was an awesome day. Thanks to all those who came out to support us!GROUPRNR_6 6 10.bmp

KRISTI GARCIA ran the rock and roll. It was a tough run!  It was great to have my mom and sister supporting me.


LIZ HARRELLl (Director, Project Management ~ San Diego) did a mock Tri on Saturday and a real Mud Run on Sunday!  Saturday morning several members of the ActiveX Tri crew participated in our 1st mock tri of the training season.  400m swim/16mi ride/3mi run in Coronado.  Sunday morning, instead of Rockin N Rollin with the rest of the Active folks, my daughter, Natasha and I headed up to Camp Pendleton for the World Famous Mud Run. A 10K course with obstacles and lots and lots of mud.  Mother/Daughter day has a new meaning!


The weekend wasn’t just about rock ‘n’ roll. MICHAEL STRICKLAND, copywriter on the Foundation team, and his wife Cassie joined 5,498 other runners in the mud pits of the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.



JIM SOLA IT App Support Admin HAD AN INCREDIBLE DOUBLE THIS WEEKEND completing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run on Saturday and the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. The Camp Pendleton Mud Run, undoubtedly one of the toughest  (and the most fun) 10K’s in SoCal, once again proved there are ways to make 6.2 miles seem like much longer.  The first half has creek crossings, sand to run through and LOTS of climbing.  Just when your legs are all burned up, the real fun begins on the second half, with mud pits, walls, tunnels, a (very) slippery hill, and oh that reservoir crossing!  After roughing up my knees and shins on the last mud pit crawl, I crossed the finish line in 1:09:11, in the top third of my age group. Then came Sunday… less than 24 hours after finishing the Mud Run, I crossed the finish line at the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.  Knowing I would still be feeling the effects of the Mud Run the day before, I figured my best chance stood with trying to run with the 2:10 pacer.  Feeling tired from the beginning, I was still able to keep up for the first 10 miles before my legs really started to rebel.  I dug down and was able to finish in 2:10:40, which was a 9:59 per mile pace.  A really tough double that I don’t think I’ll try again though!

jim sola mud run.jpgjim sola half marathon.jpg

JOSEPH SCHUM Sales Mgr Eastern region Atlanta completed the Coliseum Rock & Roll Half Iron Distance Triathlon in Macon, GA this last Saturday.  I did it in 6:16 in a pavement melting 92 degrees.

SKIP CLEAVER reports on Sunday I ran the Pack Monadnock 10 Mile Mountain race, a challenging jaunt to the summit of Pack Monadnock Mountain in southern New Hampshire.  My time was 1:57:33 at 311 overall and 26th in my age group.  This is the third of seven races in the USATF New England Mountain Circuit, the only such circuit in the USA.  I am ninth all time in appearances in this circuit, which started in 1996, having run 62 mountain races in that time.  About 2/3 of these are base to summit, with the other third being up and down.  Slightly more than half are on auto roadways to summits, and the other half on trails. My daughter Traci ran the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Sunday: Her time was: 4:10:29 Overall: she placed 2,286 out of 10,625 finishers. She was 721 of  5,505 women Division  place was 159 out of 1,050 women 30-34 Pace: was 9:34 average.  Splits 5K: 30:10;  10K: 57:43;  Half: 2:02:33

MICHELLE ULRICH, Sales AE said great to hear your voice yesterday Mike! J  I had a great half marathon and PRed with a time of 1:26:56 finish time.  I finished 8th overall female and 3rd in my age group.  Gotta love the Rock n’ Roll Races. 

RYAN WOOD, Content Producer in the San Diego office, took part in the San Clemente Trail Run on Saturday morning. The 10K course was incredibly challenging but the views were amazing and the marine layer made the conditions ideal. I finished in 1:06 and gladly took the rest of the weekend off.


MAREA BLUE (Implementation Analyst, San Diego) and KIRSTIN HARTOS (Technical Account Manager, San Diego) traveled to the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN over Memorial Day weekend to play in the USA Rugby National All-Star Championships with the 8th seed Southern California RFU Griffins.  We kicked off the tournament on Friday morning with an upset win over the 5th seed Mid-Atlantic RFU, 21-14.  This put us into the Tier II Championship game on Sunday against the South Panthers (6), who had defeated the West Mustangs (7) 61-0 on Friday.  We started strong on Sunday against the South, scoring 18 unanswered points with the wind at our backs.  The second half saw us playing defense most of the time, and South was able to hit two penalty kicks and eventually touched down for a try – but we managed to retain our lead and maintain possession of the ball toward the end of the half to hold them to 13 points and win the game.  With two wins on the weekend, we fought our way back into Tier I as the 4th seed for next year’s All-Star tournament. 


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All Good Stuff

Posted by IMVoice Jun 1, 2010

ANTHONY VALENTINO Account Executive, Higher Education, San Diego - just returned from a week long trip to Maui that included Stand Up Paddling, snorkeling, running, open ocean swimming, and an epic 76 mile round trip bike ride from sea-level to the 10,000+ foot summit of Haleakala crater - epic!

Hawaii 2010 180.jpgHawaii 2010 183.jpg


MICHAEL STRICKLAND, Copy Writer on the Foundation team, spent the weekend off-roading and camping in Baja California, which included bagging this peak above Laguna Hanson in Parque Nacional Constitución.




Saturday morning ARCH FUSTON, BURT REPINE, EVAN WITTE AND ROB THOMAS set out on Stand Up Paddle boards around 6:15am from La Jolla Shores. We headed for the kelp patties just outside of the cove. After navigating through the kelp, Arch decided it was time for him to head in. The 3 of us decided to continue down the coast to the Wind N' Sea area. It was a perfect morning under clear, warm skies. The water was calm and allowed you to see well into the water. The kelp spiraled down into the depths all around us. Every now & then schools of fish would hit the suns' reflection and light up the water. There were a constant array of dolphins and seals popping up and checking us out the entire time. Entering back into the cove, there were schools of sting rays in certain areas. The entire round trip took a little over 3 hours. I definitely recommend it to anyone having any urge to try SUP'n. It's a great full-body workout and you get to enjoy the ocean and all it has to offer.


TOBY GUILLETTE, social media specialist, San Diego was at Lake Mead for the holiday weekend. The highlight was definitely the flight line ( experience in Bootleg Canyon. Check out this video!


KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator, San Diego- had a busy three day weekend.  I had my longest open water swim (1/4 mi) at La Jolla Cove Friday.  Sunday I participated in the first annual Bullfrog Triathlon hosted by JEREMY SPITZBERG.  Top it all off, Monday I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to venture on my first skydiving experience.  It was definitely a weekend to remember!




ARCH FUSTON taught their 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kai, how to swim, stand up paddled into shark-infested waters with Rob Thomas, Burt Repine, and Evan Witte, and spontaneously entered a " I didn't notice the screen door" contest and lost, bad.


The Cardenas Family (STEPHANY CAVATONI) spent the weekend in Big Sur being “active” which included biking, swimming, and hiking to the falls in Pfeiffer State Park.

Pfieffer State Park Falls.JPG


TODD PREECE battled it out on the brutal trails of the Xterra Mission Gorge 15k to come away with a 3rd place in his age division.  The Mission Gorge Xterra is one of Todd's favorite trail race courses due to multiple creek crossings, boulder scrambles, insanely hazardous descents, and of course, ridiculously steep climbs featuring the famous "1000-steps" to the peak of Fortuna Mountain.  So to come away with the Bronze medal was especially sweet.  The twisted ankle and handful of cactus spines, however... not so much.

Todd.pngXterra Mission Gorge.png



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined CrossFit’ers all over the nation in doing the “Murph” workout yesterday in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a SEAL killed in Afghanistan and a recipient of the Medal of Honor.  Jim joined his old Adventure Racing teammate and Crossfit LA owner Andy Petranek and about 70 other CrossFit LA’ers in completing the 1 Mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and 1 mile run. Of course Jim did not wear the 20 lb weight vest quite a few others did…but had a good time all the same.



JASON KARLS and 5,000 of his closest friends did the ski to sea relay – 99th year!!.  This is an awesome race from Mt Baker to Bellingham.  I completed the 14mi mountain bike leg in just over an hour.  The course was probably fine for the first 50 riders; after that it was fields of mud – the semi-slicks were a bad idea


STEVE MAZZA and his fiancé Mandy hiked to the top of Diamond Head in Oahu.  Must be nice!


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DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Engineer, San Diego - What can I say? Before working at Active Network I thought Triathlon was some rare sport that only super-athletes could even attempt. Now that I work here, I've learned that anyone can tackle the challenge of a triathlon thanks to our ActiveX team. Having done one tri myself now, I really enjoyed watching my children race in the IronKids Triathlon San Diego as team "Active D". My 9-year-old daughter Stirling toughed out a rough swim leg to finish her first tri ever, and my 15-year-old son Gailen went all out in his second tri ever (he finished 7th in his age group and just missed qualifying for the IronKids National Championship by less than 2 minutes). Sunday was my Father's Day.



COREY BERNARDO, Creative/User Experience had a great weekend!  He drove out to Big Bear Lake to catch Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California.  Spent a couple of days riding self supported.    Along the way met some great friends like Andy Schleck, but couldn't seem to shake this darn gorilla.   All in all, an epic couple of days of riding and a chance for some great brand exposure!





ERIC MA REPORT FROM CHINA: On Sunday, Paul Guo (Desktop Administrator), Eda Zhao (Development Tools Administrator), Colin Li (Foundation IT), Jimmie Jiang(BA, Foundation), Wayne Ran (Tester, Thriva) and Eric Ma (MRI team development, M+M) took a 70KM tour ride to BaiLuYuan, it was a tough ride in the strong sunshine, but the most adventurous part is to rush down to the Cherry Valley on a steeply slope road!




SKIP CLEAVER ran the Northfield Mountain USATF New England Trail Running Championships in Northfield, Massachusetts on Saturday, May 22.  This was also the first of seven USATF - New England Mountain Circuit races in an 8-week period.  It was hot and humid, but otherwise good weather for the 5.3-mile loop to the summit and back on a combination of double track and single track trails, very rugged and steep in many places.  My time was 58:23, and our team, the Gate City Striders based in southern New Hampshire, finished third out of 12.  Points are scored on a percentage of the winning time and accumulated over the series with 10-year age group awards.  This is the only such Mountain Circuit in the USA with many present and past members of the National Team in the running. The World Mountain Running Trophy is in September. The Mount Cranmore Hill Climb, fourth race in the circuit, hosted the USA National Mountain Running Championships last year and also in 2007. This year the USA Mountain Championship will be the Mount Washington Road Race. It will run at the Mount Washington Auto Road on Saturday, June 19th. Mount Cranmore serves as the New England Mountain Running Championship this year.


Early Sunday morning, VINCE COTRONEO - IT, PHILLIP DUGGAN - QA, JOEL DEWITT - Implementation, SHANE CARLEY – Implementation, and MICHAEL MOTT – Product Management, all of the Bothell office braved the rain, wind, and cold to take a fishing trip to Mineral Lake in the footprint of Mt. Rainier.  Despite the weather, everyone got bites and MICHAEL MOTT, PHILLIP DUGGAN, and VINCE COTRONEO were able to take home some trout for dinner! Next time, they’ll catch the big one!




SHANNON STEWERT, Sales Manager in San Diego and her sister ran in the Great Harvest Bread Company 5K this weekend in Charlotte, NC.  This is one of a series of 5K's put on by a running store in Charlotte called Run For Your Life.  This was my sister's very first 5K, she put up an impressive time of 22:36 and I finished at 27:13.  Next up for the two of us is the AFC 1/2 marathon here in San Diego in August.


On Saturday, MICHELE CREPEAU ran the NYRR Brooklyn Half, 2:03:48, nice push by jay z "empire state of mind" at the finish on Coney Island boardwalk. This annual event is something she runs in honor of her Grandma Crepeau, who always used to share incredible stories about going to Coney Island as a kid.


DAVE ALBERGA reports his daughter KATE participated in her first triathlon the IronKids in San Diego.  Notice Dad Dave biting his lip with nervousness in the photo behind Kate as she is about ready to start.




EVA GARDNER, Sr. HRIS Analyst reports the HR Department was out in force walking in the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Take Steps be Heard Walk on Saturday in San Diego.  Sheryl Roland and several of her four legged children, Erin Lang, Shirley Ng, Eve Gardner and Tim Thobe with C3 all walked the 2 ½ miles around NTC Park.  It was a beautiful evening and everyone had a lot of fun walking and participating in the CCFA activities. 

HR at Take Steps Be Heard Walk.JPG

Chuan reports from China:

Chuan and Jex attended the second season of 2010 Chengdu Mountain Cycling Match at Sunday.

This was a nice place for the match. The race track was surrounded by an orchard. The view was very nice.

There were more than 500 cyclers attended this match.














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Diamond Ring and Helmet Cam

Posted by IMVoice May 17, 2010

JULIE HALLADAY, Conversion Manager for Educate and her fiancé participated in the Charles Koll Diamond Dash in Balboa Park in San Diego. It was a high tech scavenger hunt played solely through text message and an iPhone app that lead us all around the park where we had to answer questions through out various locations to receive points for every correct answer. The grand prize was a 15k diamond ring. We were selected to participate (along with 1,000 other people!!) after submitting our story about our stolen engagement ring situation. We ran, biked and razor scooted all over that place and even had to belt out “Love Shack” in order to receive a clue. Unfortunately, the iPhone really let us down yesterday and the battery died after 2 hours leaving us out of the running for the ring.  Overall a great time with the fiancé and got some great exercise covering a lot of ground from the Zoo to the Prado to Sefton Plaza to the World Beat Center and so on! I think I’ve figured out the perfect strategy to win….so next year, it’s on! J


ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer from the Bothell Office played in a USSSA Church Men’s Softball Tournament on Saturday.  Starting at 9 a.m. we went on to play 6 games over the course of the next 12 hours and ended up finishing 2nd out of 10 teams.  We ended up losing the championship game in the bottom of the last inning.  Couldn’t have asked for better weather in the Northwest – it was sunny all day around 75 degrees.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) WITH HIS HELMET CAM joined local throngs in competing in the Encinitas Triathlon this past weekend.  Cheered on by Active’s own MIKE REILLY, who shared M.C. duties with renowned past professional Greg Welch, Jim set a…smoldering pace. Using the GOPRO video system, Jim was able to capture a fair bit of the race on headcam.  The link below should lead you to the 4 min piece which is very cool but got cut off at the beginning of the bike.



CHRISTINE ALBERGA participated in the Encinitas Triathlon with a friend who was doing her first ever triathlon.  The Alberga kids and Dad were watching Mommy do her thing.


DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Engineer, San Diego - Water, water, and more water… On Saturday my son and I kicked off our tri training for the Solana Beach Triathlon with Arch Fuston and the ActiveX crew at Glorietta Bay in Coronado where we had a good training swim in the bay and a nice 14 mile bike ride. We took Mike Reilly’s advice, and tacked on a short run after the bike to start getting our legs used to the transition of running after every bike ride. Later that day it was back into the water to start teaching my daughter some basic swim strokes since she might try out for a local swim team.

On Sunday morning our whole family headed for La Jolla Shores, where my son and I met up with Active’s own Alex Afandi for a much needed offshore swim lesson. A half dozen shore starts improved our surf entry, and a swim out from shore with tips from Alex gave us good ideas to work on.  Alex is a very experienced ocean lifeguard, and is available for group lessons as part of his fundraising campaign for the ActiveX Charity Challenge.



On Saturday, SIJEN OLTHOF, SUSAN DOAN (& SON TREVOR), MICHAEL MOTT, NICK BATTAGLIA, and PAUL HOMER of the Bothell office represented Active at the 5th Annual UW Bothell 5k Run-Walk.  We provided encouragement along the course as marshals and enjoyed the scenic campus of UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College.”



LYNN JAZMIN, Business Analyst ran/walked the Coronado Bay Bridge on Sunday.  It was good times with great friends and great views.  This was my second year doing it, being 7 months pregnant and pushing a 2 year old the first year.  So I ditched the sitter again this year and decided to run with the kiddies.  I always thought those ladies with the double jogging strollers were crazy but this year I was one of them!  “Watch out, momma’s coming through!”



JAKE COONEY did the Windermere Marathon in Spokane.  This was my 4th marathon and (by far) a personal worst.  I didn’t feel worthy of wearing the Active singlet.  But I did finish despite just about everything ceasing up.  This time I was a little too focused on filming movies with co-workers rather than training.  I’m doing the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll in 6 weeks and my goal is to qualify for Boston.  Time to ramp up the training!


It was a VERY Active weekend for my daughter Natasha and me (LIZ HARRELL, Director, Project Management – San Diego)

Saturday morning was a Swim/Bike brick workout with the ActiveX crew that’s training for the Solana Beach Tri.  Pic is of Natasha “capping” fellow Xers before the swim. 

Sunday we ran across the Coronado Bridge with Active peeps and a close friend of mine (Violet – in the pink top).  Violet started running just a few months ago using the Couch to 5K Program.

Active Peeps in San Diego - Jessica Wexler (Sr. Business Analyst), Jamie Williams (Data Warehouse Architect), Kat Keivens (Online Account Coordinator)

Active Weekend 086.JPGActive Weekend 044.JPG

CoronadoBridgeRun.jpgActive Weekend 030.JPG












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Vancouver Sun Run in Grand Style

Posted by IMVoice May 10, 2010

LISA BALDWIN reports 39 Burnaby staff and friends took part in the 26th Annual Vancouver Sun Run on Mother’s Day along with 50,000 other people.  The Sun Run is the 2nd largest timed 10K race in the world.  It was a gorgeous day, and everyone was cheering you to keep on going. The mothers were inspiring and it was a great day overall for a Sun Run.



5. 8:55:22 The Active Network Team                               (  53:33)


  1    44:19  Julius Dagot                   21 (1:04:45) Michelle Ngai            

  2    49:35  Paul Cheung                    22 (1:08:17) Leanne Ao-yeung*             

  3    50:50  Rod Sheeter                    23 (1:09:51) Jack Su*            

  4    52:58  Jennifer Saalfeld              24 (1:15:14) Bruce Qi*                 

  5    53:58  John Kadota                    25 (1:16:09) Xi Lin                   

  6    54:41  Ryan Carniato                  26 (1:17:38) Lisa Baldwin*             

  7    55:40  Myo Thein                      27 (1:23:43) Andrew Chau              

  8    57:14  Inderpal Dhaliwal              28 (1:24:07) Wenhu Guan               

  9    58:03  Darren Jensen                  29 (1:24:09) Wayne Zhu                

10    58:04  Lorna Jensen                   30 (1:24:56) Benham Vahabpour          

11 (  58:10) Matthew Hoffmann               31 (1:26:45) Doreen Xue               

12 (  58:37) Taal Bastien*                  32 (1:28:21) Juliana Tow              

13 (  58:41) Lauren Eder                    33 (1:28:22) Benjamin Wong            

14 (  59:31) Jamie Haaf                     34 (1:29:00) Tamara Lee*               

15 (1:00:27) Ryan Lyster*                   35 (1:38:25) Trish Nguyen             

16 (1:01:43) Yuliya Minevska*               36 (1:46:48) Raymond Lei              

17 (1:02:27) Martha Cox                     37 (1:48:40) Wenjing Li               

18 (1:03:12) Yu Li                          38 (1:48:44) Nicholas Tan             

19 (1:03:36) Janette Kim                    39 (1:48:44) Paul Tan                 

20 (1:03:42) Myreen Lacsamana         

*First time 10K participant





My first post ever by RODNEY VAN WINCKEL at Yosemite with his daughter Jamie.  The falls are roaring this year! Plus Rodney with his Girls 15's Power League team at the Northern California Regional Volleyball Championships in San Mateo, CA.  We took 5th out of 32 teams at the two day tournament and had a great time!  Daughter Keri is #2 in the photo.



TODD PREECE’S daughter Carmen ran her 1st 5k this weekend in the "Give Your Heart to Monarch 5k" on Saturday where she ran with her group from Girls on the Run.  Dad is super proud obviously.  Todd intended to be a spectator but decided at the last minute to toss on shoes and run it too.  He was shocked when he ended up walking away with 2nd Place overall and took home the event's silver medal.



MICHELLE AND JANEAN NATION (Account Manager, Team Sports) for the AFLAC Iron Girl 5k at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  We enjoyed the perfect weather, lots of laughs and running into several of the other Active women out at the event.  Our favorite things were the souvenir ducks and spotting all the mother-daughter teams of all ages participating together … so inspiring!



ALEX AFANDI finished a re-qualification race for US Lifesaving Association. The race was 1200 yards in Huntington Beach with 42 competitors. Good conditions which allowed for much improved times from last year. The top finisher got done in 12:34 and the last finisher got done in 19:51. See you at the beach.



On Sunday, KRISTA GARCIA, MEGAN DUVALL, MIKE READE AND JAMIE WILLIAMS of the San Diego office did a nice 18-mile run in preparation for the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon on 6/6.  Kristi took off running like she had someplace to be (she did) and Mike kept up along side her.  Jamie and Megan set a more leisurely pace but eventually caught up with Mike on the big Birch Aquarium hill in the La Jolla / Torrey Pines area.  They went from the Mission Bay Rollercoaster to midway up the Birch Aquarium hill and back again.  It was not the nicest weather for Mother’s Day, but for running it was almost perfect!! We started the run near Mission Beach Roller Coster.



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer for ActiveWorks: Swimming) ran the 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis on Saturday with his dad and sister and some 35,000 other people.  It was a cold and windy race, but the wind helped him and his family round turn four and cross the Brickyard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway midway through the race.  He and his sister crossed together at 2:05 and his dad made it in at 2:19.  Special thanks to William Bassler for designing the ActiveWorks shirt that was worn around the expo.  Only would have been a better weekend if Danica Patrick had shown up with that car!  




TIM MCMAHON out of Chicago went to Vancouver. It was an unbelievable 26th running of the Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday.  The weather couldn’t have been better for running and the course is just out of this world.  Unfortunately my time of 47:48 definitely brought me back down to earth. 


TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, went mountain biking on the 12 Hours of Temecula course Saturday morning as recon for the June 12th race where I'll be racing on a 3-man team.



SKIP CLEAVER ran the Harvard Pilgrim Big Lake Half Marathon in Alton, New Hampshire on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee on Saturday, May 8.  There was a cold rain and strong wind throughout the race and the day.  There were about 1,000 participants.  My time was 2:08:07 on a very challenging, hilly course.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined Chris Mansolillo, Exercise TV President and Paul Vincent of Training Adventure on double ride weekend following part of the new course for the Tour Of California.  The Tour runs May 16-23 and travels throughout some of the most scenic areas of the state!




JUSTIN LEUNG reports from Burnaby “The Active Assassins (Active’s Roller Hockey Team in Burnaby) bounced back from a 0-2-0 start to the season to win 2 straight including a decisive 7-2 victory on Sunday.  Chris Hall led the way with a hat-trick adding 2 assists for a 5 point night.”


ERIC MA REPORT FROM CHINA: Active China 2009 Stars, 32 people including all managers from both Xi’an and Chengdu office, took a wonderful 4-day trip to Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region last week. Some of them just travelled more than 30 spots during the trip, according from Eric Ma’s foursquare check ins. 4-hour trip on Li River on day 2, An exciting water fight on Yulong River in Yangshuo! See Matthew Cox is so much enjoyed rafting.




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REPORT BY ERIC MA FROM CHINA: M+M China team (MRI, A2, Active Trainer & eTeamz) had a great team event with ALAN COLE and BELINDA LU on Xi’an City Wall on Friday. It was the Alan’s first trip to China office, and also was the first time to have all China team members in M+M gathered for an event, 4 funny activities scheduled started from afternoon: Egg Tower Building, Cycling Relay, 100m Sprint with Balloon, Cooking Competition. Luckily we watched the folk-custom show from the Wall!

Pictures of Egg Tower Building – This is def a collaborating activity, we eventually have 5 products by groups. Cycling Relay was so funny, because a female team beat the strong male team.  Clap with teammate means you could turn back to get your next teammate on the race. The third game 100m Sprint with Balloon, which required two players do a 100 sprint carrying a balloon without limb touch. Team China.






ALAN COLE added this about his China visit. The Media + Marketing team in Xian lines up for a friendly bike relay on The City Wall.  A mere three seconds separated the winner from third place.  Alan Cole was visiting the team and was fortunate enough to participate in the race.  Great event M+M Team Xian!

Xian Wall Bike Race.jpg


CRAIG MASLOWSKI was a part of the Escondido, CA Renaissance Fair. This was my first time fighting in full armor. It was not choreographed and the strikes were real. We fought to the yield. My sore muscles can attest that this is indeed one heck of a workout.



JIM GARFIELD raced the 30th Anniversary Escape from Alcatraz this Sunday. Active alum JANNA STEWART and Active M&M’r SHANNON IBERGER added their support.  A stunning sunny day water a chilly 55’...but not cold enough not to take a quick picture! This year saw many invited past Champions and legends in the sport racing in this special 30th anniversary edition. Keep your eye out on the fan page on Face Book for special exclusive interviews with Chris McCormack, Michellie Jones and this year’s champ Leanda Cave. DOES JIM EVER HAVE HIS PICTURE TAKEN WITH GUYS, I THINK NOT!

jimactive.JPGme water.JPG


ALLISON REUTTER & DANA MCKEITHEN went to cheer on Jim Garfield at Escape from Alcatraz this past Sunday in San Francisco. It was a great event and a beautiful day in the city.




LISA BALDWIN participated in the 8K event as part of the 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon.   A typical Vancouver morning with lots of rain and drizzle wasn’t enough to stop 13,000 people from running that morning.   I managed to finish ahead of my estimated finishing time which was a win in my eyes. It was incredibly inspiring and motivating to watch 4,000 marathoners and 8000 half marathoners set off on their race as well…who knows, maybe next year I’ll do the half…


Mark Lister (Documentation – Burnaby) ran the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday. I had been battling some tendinitis leading up to the race but I hoped I would hold together. After a good first half (1:19:50), I felt pretty sore and was forced to slow down. I crossed the finish line a wounded Weekend Warrior, in 3:01, well off my target of 2:40. I now look forward to several weeks of rest and rehabilitation.


JEREMY SPITZBERG, REGINA HURICKS, JAMES SOLA, AIREY BARINGER and TAWNYA BORDALO from the San Diego office had a great time on Sunday completing a Swim/Bike brick! There were two open water swim groups, 500 or 1000 meters followed by a 19 mile bike ride OR fast 10K. It seemed to be longer with the strong headwind though! Jeremy even topped off the ride with a mile run! The group is training for San Diego International in June and Solana Beach in July. Great work everyone!


CARMEL CINCO, Software Consultant competed in her first knock-down tournament on Saturday in the Women’s 19 and over lightweight division.  Having sparred in the dojo during regular training, there’s nothing like 100% full-contact fighting…and I have the bruises to prove it!  Although I lost my fight, I learned so much and am looking forward to the next tournament.  My goal this time around was just to get into the ring and not get knocked-out…which I thankfully achieved J  Next goal…win my first fight.  I’m the blue belt in the photos.


NICK STEVENS on a recent, unexpectedly muddy Sunday, Joe Hamlet and I rode up from Lefthand Canyon, through Heil Ranch, down Picture Rock Trail, and into Lyons, CO for some fried grits and Dales Pale Ale. It was excellent and I highly recommend it.

5-4-2010 8-51-38 AM.png

ARCH FUSTON reports from high atop the announcer’s booth, watching an Ironman unfold gives you an interesting perspective, and not just from a viewing angle. OUR VERY OWN MARK WARBLE FINISHED ST. GEORGE IN 14 HOURS AND CHANGE, WAY TO GO MARK!


I was fortunate to work with MIKE REILLY at Ironman St. George this past weekend, and spent much of the day in the tower, monitoring the race, gathering Intel on the athletes as they approached the finish line. What I found was anything but trivial facts. What I found was purpose.


Ironman comes to those that choose to accept it for many, many purposes. Last night, I learned some do it for the purpose of grief therapy, addiction recovery, marriage counseling, personal fulfillment, you name it and Ironman covers it. We witnessed two finish line marriage proposals, rolling tributes to a fallen warrior, criers’, chest pounders, screamers, profound relief, and utter, utter joy. Joy so elevated, so raw and sincere, you want to rip you own clothes off and run buck through the crowds celebrating THEIR accomplishment! It is an absolutely unbelievable thing to watch.


Now most reading this might think they can't even begin to relate. Think again. You would be amazed at who tackles an Ironman. The majority of finishers were 34 to 56 years old, and for quite a few, this was their first! And these are not all uber athletes. These are REAL people that have a purpose, and the desire to answer that purpose. It is a beautiful thing to watch, too.



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Busiest Active Weekend Ever!

Posted by IMVoice Apr 26, 2010

Ragner Relay Official Report (from Arch)


30 hours, 30 minutes, 27 seconds. No sleep. 200 miles of running. Van stank. And smiles a mile wide. This past weekend, 22+2 ActiveXers completed the SoCal version of the Ragnar Relay, a 200 mile suffer-fest from Santa Barbara to Dana Point.

With four 12-person vans, we headed out on Thursday night to Santa Barbara. Three of the vans took a direct route, while an unnamed fourth van opted for something a bit more sketchy. All vans arrived in SB fully  loaded, some more than others, checked in to the Vagabond Inn (next to Denny's, where if you showed your room key, you'd get a FREE GRAND SLAM!), and laid in the last bed we would see for 30 hours. Except for Nolan.


Friday morning was clear and blue, perfect weather for running. We arrived at the start, got our teams checked in, and started warming up.



Larkin Geyer (PR), and Anthony Valentio (Account Executive) started us off on our epic journey.



There were a few in the group that enjoyed playing dress up...



...and everyone had a running buddy the entire time. Misery loves company.



Some dropped into fountains...



While others just dropped.



We had new runners, old runners, accomplished runners, and hurt runners, but we made it through without a visit to the ER. An amazing weekend, an amazing group of people working together, not killing each other, and doing something incredible. We're going for 6 teams of 12 next year. Forever in ActiveX lore are (in no particular order): Alyson Rea, Larkin Geyer, Nick Mowbray, Ashley Paschall, Sarah Moosbrugger, Liz Harrell, Anthony Valentino, Mark Warble, Rob Thomas, Kevin Beatty, Evan Witte, Giselle Domdon, Tina Novak, Demian Dorrance, Nolan Hansen, Ryan Drew, Bryan Pavin, Greg Lopez, Bree Kulis, Nancy Lukacev,  Michelle Valenti, Nicole Busch, Lindsay Nesselroad, Emily Nesselroad, Levi Smith, Dennis King, Christy Fuston, and Arch Fuston.






SHANNON STEWART reports her and EMILY JOLLER, JEN ROMINE, MICHAEL WILSON, TAMMI SCHMIDT and 7 friends ran 200 miles from Ventura, CA to Dana Point, CA this weekend as a team in the Ragnar Relay.  We started at 9:30AM on Friday and finished up around 2:15PM on Saturday.  Lots of laughs, no sleep, beautiful scenery along the way and new friends...great way to spend the weekend.   Thanks to our own STEVE MAZZA for supporting our team the entire distance and the wonderful people that represented us on the volunteer front: ASHLEY ELLIS, MARGARET PATRICK and LEVI SMITH!!


JIM GARFIELD (M&M), EMILY & LINDSAY NESSELROAD (Active) were on hand to cheer the Active relay teams running in the 200 hundred mile Ranger Relay run from Santa Barbara to Dana Point this weekend.  The teams wound their way through Hollywood between 12:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.  After cheering Jim went home to bed…and Lindsay and Emily continued to raise the Active flag and volunteered throughout the night recording the runners as they came through the check points.


LIZ HARRELL, Director, Project Management (San Diego) participated in the Ragnar Relay with 23 of her now closest friends! As “Runner 12” for Team 1, I had a blast riding around in a dirty, crowded and eventually smelly van for over 30 hours.  I ran a total of 12.7 miles and slept a total of 1.5 hours.  It was a truly epic adventure and can’t wait to do it again!  Pic of Giselle (Runner 12 – Team Deuce) and me with our BIG (and heavy) medals.


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Communities/Higher Education, had the good fortune with sharing an amazing experience during the 200 mile Ragnar Relay for thirty sleep-deprived hours.  Our Two-Team ActiveX crew: Greg Lopez, Breanne Kulis, Mark Warble, Nancy Lukacev, Nicole Busch, Liz Harrell, Arch and Christy Fuston, Alyson Rea, Ashley Paschall, Breanne Kulis, Bryan Pavin, Demian Dorrance, Evan Witte, Giselle Domdom, Kevin Beatty, Michelle Valenti, Nick Mowbray, Nolan Hansen, Rob Thomas, Ryan Drew, Sarah Moosbrugger, Tina Novak, and super special props to my running buddy Larkin Geyer (picture here - this chick rocks!).  Amazing volunteer support props go to Active’s very own Levi Smith, Lindsay Nesselroad, and Emily Nesselroad giving so much of their time and energy to all the runners.  This was my first field trip with the ActiveX posse and it was fantastic.  Recipe for a great time: add together equal parts sweat, insanity, 200 miles of Southern California, 1.5 hours of sleep, and buckets of laughs – run vigorously, and… viola!



EVAN WITTE & ROB THOMAS participated in the Ragnar Relay in their own unique way.  For some reason other runners didn’t want to run near them!

Ragnar - Evan-Rob01.jpgRagnar - Evan-Rob02.jpg


DEMIAN DORRANCE – Sr. Systems Engineer – Active Systems Team:   Had the great fortune to join the epic ActiveX Ragnar Relay 200-mile run across Southern California this weekend. I had little running experience before this, with PR distance at 9 miles, but took the plunge on a 2-day around the clock long distance relay knowing I’d have a great team from Active to pull this off with.  Fortunately for me, I landed on Team1 ActiveX1 as runner #2, and was lucky to get paired with the awesome Nancy Lukacev, runner#2 for Team2 ActiveX Deuce, who had the perfect pace to keep us going strong for all three of our relay legs totaling 12.7 miles.  Our night run was a blast, but I’ll not soon forget our  “ocean leg” through the picturesque refineries and junk yards of scenic Wilmington J In true ActiveX fashion, we even put in a X-style workout after the race on a group volunteer shift unloading, packing, and reloading gear for the Ragnar Relay event crew. Big shout out to my awesome teammates in Team1, Van1: Alyson Rea, Ashley Paschall, Nick Mowbray, Larkin Geyer, and Tina Novak! In addition to running on almost zero sleep, I ended up driving a lot so a huge thanks to Tina (who flew in for this adventure) and Nick for sharing the driving – especially  when I passed out in back a day and half after we started this adventure! If you have a chance, don’t miss this event next time… everyone picks each other up, you run as a team, and the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment are amazing. Sign me up for the next one!





SKIP CLEAVER, Dev. Mgr. Online and Event Sales ran the "Middlebury Maple Run--the Sweetest Half Marathon" in Middlebury, Vermont Sunday, April 25. He ran 2:11:28 on a very windy, hilly, but beautiful course on and around Middlebury College.


ARACELI DAGDAGAN, Marketing in San Diego volunteered on Saturday at the Race for Humanity in Temecula, CA – I helped with the start and finish line for their 5K and 10K.  It was very inspirational. Not to mention that I’m getting a free Disney ticket for participating in the “give a Day, get a Disney day program!  Well worth it.


TINA WILMOTT in the Public Relations department ran in the La Jolla, CA Half Marathon on Sunday. It was perfect running weather and a beautiful course as always. First race after becoming a Mom and enjoyed every moment. Not my best time, but came in 16th in my division so no complaints!


KAT KEIVENS, MICHAEL READE and MEGAN DUVALL (not pictured), and JAMIE WILLIAMS also ran the La Jolla Half Marathon on Sunday. The weather was awesome for running – mostly overcast and cool – probably around 65-68 degrees.  We all started out together and split up as the hills came up on the course.  The Del Mar hill was a nice warm up for the main event – the Torrey Pines’ hill. Once we all got through Torrey everything was mostly flat or downhill until we entered the final 2 miles in La Jolla.  Then we hit the final hill.  After 12 miles of running, it was not the biggest hill, but we sure felt it.  It was soooo nice to coast in after that hill for the final ¼ mile downhill to the finish line at La Jolla Cove!!  The organizers did a fabulous job with signs, transport, and the water and aid stations.  Overall it was a great course and a great time for us all.


BRETT HARRIS and his roommate and ran in the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend.  As always it was great to see so many Active and former Active people both on the course and cheering on the sidelines.  I was simply hoping to break the 2hr mark, but ended up finishing at 1:50.  The weather was perfect and the course was beautiful, I would definitely recommend this race to anyone!


TODD PREECE came away with yet another PR at 1:36 in the La Jolla Half Marathon and averaged a 7:20 pace despite the undulating course.  The credit for the run however, goes to the adrenaline boost he got from fellow ActiveX'ers cheering at the top of Torrey Pines hill and a high-five from DAVE ALBERGA in the last 1/2 mile.  Felt connected to something bigger on this run so thanks to all who came out to cheer their co-workers.


MICAH KROPP (Application Specialist), played for the San Diego Old Aztecs in the Southern California Rugby Semifinals on Saturday in Ocean Beach. Micah and his teammates defeated the Eagle Rock Rugby club 55-9. The Old Aztecs improved to 11-0 on the season, and with this victory, secured a spot as one of the final 16 teams to be competing for the USA Rugby Division II National Championship.



SHANNON IBERGER, Account Manager Active Ambassadors says “Viva Las Vegas”  She met friends out in Vegas for the weekend. While the city was gambling/sleeping Saturday away, we headed out to Red Rocks for a beautiful and challenging 23-mile ride through the park.  At 85 degrees with 6 miles of solid climbing, it was a remarkable way to earn and justify splurging on the rest of what sin city has to offer:  elaborate buffets, MGM Grand lazy river and refreshing frozen cocktails. 


NICK BATTAGLIA (Implementation Analyst) ran the Top Pot Doughnuts Inaugural 5k Doughnut Dash around Greenlake on a beautiful spring Sunday in Seattle and met a couple of other warriors at the finish line.  Yes, free doughnuts and coffee were available but went fast!


JESSICA WEXLER (San Diego - ActiveWorks) spent the weekend mountain biking at Mission Gorge and Mount Laguna. On Mount Laguna we were treated to a partially snow covered trail which is unusual for this time of year.



Active Volunteers in the Community Media + Marketing team members KAT KEIVENS, JINNA FELTON, CHARLIE TROTTIER, ALISON SALINGER, BRIAN LAW, ALEX BROWN and DANIELLE GRASSI lend their hands and their field experience at the MS Walk on Saturday.  More than 3,000 participants raised over $1 million to fight MS.


STEVE MAZZA supported Active Endurance’s team in the Ragnar Relay So Cal, a 200 mile odyssey. I drove the team van, aided a speedy teammate with a support leg on my bike on a 7 mile stretch of the LA beaches at 4am and had a sleepless blast!  On Sunday I paced my fiancée as she completed her first distance race, the La Jolla Half Marathon, start line pic attached.


ROB POWELL (Director, Strategic Accounts) ran the La Jolla Half Marathon on Sunday then stopped the Odwalla booth (Active client) to enjoy a post-race smoothie.

MAREA BLUE and KIRSTIN HARTOS traveled to St. Louis over the weekend with the Southern California regional team to play against the West in preparation for the National All-Star Tournament at the end of May.  We made it down to the riverfront on Saturday morning to check out the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and even had time to ride the tram to the top and check out some amazing views of the city.  Our practice on Saturday afternoon screeched to a halt early due to the severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings – so we took shelter in a nearby public restroom for an hour waiting for the tornado sirens to stop blaring, before heading back to the hotel.  With all of the rain, the host team West had trouble finding a field to play on Sunday morning, but we did get to play at the local seminary’s football field.  In spite of the wet, muddy and sticky conditions, we came away with a 31-0 win over the West.  Thankfully we were able to get showers in before catching our flights back!


Update from China: Bowling & Snooker weekend!

[Chuan]: Chuan, Echo Zhang, Shane Ke, Gem Guo, Subrina Shen, Dante Yu from Chengdu H&F team, Anason He, Lene Huang from Chengdu Class team and Kelly Wu from Chengdu AI team went to a bowling game yesterday.  Chuan was the most experienced bowling player.



LEVI SMITH Tech Support volunteered for 3 different teams this weekend at the Ragnar Relay! It was a great event and I had an amazing time greeting all of the runners at the exchanges! Next year I am going to run in the race!!!!!



MICHELLE NATION On Sunday participated in the Breakaway Ride and completed Stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California.  I’m thrilled to report that I finished all 113.9 miles from Davis to Santa Rosa California under the cutoff time.  The weather was perfect and the route was intensely beautiful despite some insanely hard climbs.  There are few places on earth more beautiful than Northern California wine country in the spring!  Plus she got a good picture with George Hincappie. Wildflowers, lakes, giant oaks, redwood trees, vineyards, etc .  Up next: Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2 months!



STACEY JOHNSON  ran (limp-ran) the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon on Saturday.  Note to self: do not run 13 miles injured... not pretty.  The race was "interesting."  Luckily I finished before they had to call the race for severe weather and possible tornadoes.  Check out this pic I took out of my hotel room at 4:30am as we were about to head down to the start line... I just happened to catch the coming storm.  Exciting stuff!


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