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The Colts did beat the Patriots last year "fair and square" as for the first time they shut their mouth and Manning played team football so Joseph Adai basically won the game for them.



Injuries are part of the game and to persevere and win thru them is a sign of a championship team like in the 2005-06 playoffs.



The Patriots had some of their best players injured for the playoff game and some Colts players stated they should just give them the super bowl ring - result the Patriots won 20 - 3.



This year looks to come down to another AFC Championship Super Bowl winner with the big 3 being the Patriots, Chargers, & Colts.



If the Chargers learn from the Colts to keep their mouth shut (no "lights out dance" for minor plays as in hurrying a QB) and play like a team (swat down or take a knee when intercepting the ball on 4th down instead of trying to score a touchdown then fumble it away) they have the best shot to beat the Pats - as far as the Colts - They are one and done as far as championships for the near future.  Manning can keep his stats.



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My Colts

Posted by ActiveAdmin Aug 10, 2007

After losing Corey Simon last week, I was upset to learn Anthony McFarland is out for the season. An equal replacement will be tough to find. In the end I believe there is no need to fret. Last night was just practice for the Indianapolis Colts and a solid team takes more than one person. They'll get things squared away and build. I believe they can still pull off a fantastic season. Maybe the HD referee play reviews will make all the difference.

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