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MICHELLE ULRICH in the SD office was out of town last Monday to be able to report my Philadelphia Marathon (November 22) results: It was a perfect day to run the marathon.  The race could not have gone better for me and ran a PR of 3:09!  Finished 34th female overall and had my parents along the course (3 different times) cheering me on.


DAN JOSEPH, DENNIS KING AND HEATHER HAWKES all ran the Father Joe’s Turkey Trot race at Balboa Park in San Diego.  The race benefits Fr. Joe’s homeless village in downtown San Diego.


ROB KLINGENSMITH VP Media and Mkt in the SD office following a button-popping Thanksgiving dinner headed north to Santa Barbara and logged 15,000’ of climbing in the Santa Ynez Mountains.  This is my new favorite place for California cycling.  BTW ROB HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK OLD MAN!


Active had 1 more IRONMAN finisher this past weekend plus a former team member.  Ironman Cozumel in Mexico was an inaugural event held on the beautiful island.  Our very own STEPHANIE SNAMAN completed her first Ironman with a 2.4 mile Swim of 1:18:14 a 112 mile Bike of 7:33:23 and the 26.2 mile Run of 5:36:08 for a Total time of 14:43:06.  MICHAEL DOBRANSKY also had a great first time Ironman finishing in a time of 12:33:47.  STEPHANIE AND MICHAEL saw each other on the run course and stopped to hug and wish each other well. Great job guys “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN”!


JUSTIN TUMOLO ran the Mile High Denver United Way Turkey Trot in Washington Park.


ActiveNet Development Manager STEVE HOOVER and his wife Shelly participated in the 1st annual Roseville CA Turkey Trot 5k.  Steve completed the run in 29:07.


Michelle Nation in the SD office and her big sister ran the Fleet Feet Turkey Trot in American Fork, Utah.  It was 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside during the event, but we still had a blast.  Hats off to all the Active folks who jog through the winter in snowy climates … don’t know how you guys do it!




ASHLEY ELLIS Account Exec Swimming in SD competed in her first Golf Tournament.  It was the 7th annual Turkey Classic.  This was my first time ever playing the sport and I ended up winning.  Oh but that means I actually was the worst player!!!  With an amazing 121 score on a par 3 executive course you can say that I at least I have a lot to learn and plenty of room for improvement.  The event was on Saturday - raining, windy with even a rainbow.  It was priceless! YES IT DOES RAIN IN SAN DIEGO!


WILLIAM BASSLER and his 8 year old son did the Turkey Trot in Oceanside, CA.


DAVE ALBERGA reports since Active powers the sale of hunting and fishing permitting across the country, I figured it was time to walk the talk.  Wild pigs are hard to find, fast, and delicious.  These wild pigs were taken in Central California where their overpopulation has become a real issue for farmers, ranchers, and the native animal species.  The Three Little Pigs all weighed in between 120 and 135 lbs, and are currently being transformed into Hams, Canadian Bacon, Ribs, Chops, and Sausage.  Way to be Active Dave!


Pig Hunt 1.JPG


KAREN HARDY & EMILY CHAN-NORRIS in the SD office ran the Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Day 5K in Balboa Park on Thursday. It was a gorgeous sunny day and a great way to kick off the long weekend.


STEPHEN MATSUBA (Foundations, Burnaby) passed his nidan (2nd level black belt) kendo exam last Saturday.  Originally from Seattle Kendo Kai, he now practices with the Vancouver Kendo Club. Kendo means “the way of the sword,” and many people who have seen it think that it is about hitting people with bamboo sticks. But kendo is a martial art. It is a complex mix of physical activity, philosophy and spirituality. And every practiionner of kendo (referred to as a kendoka or kenshi) builds their own combination of the three to create their kendo.









JIM GARFIELD(AMM) had Pro-Triathlete’s Greg and Laura Bennett as guests over the holiday. Of course the holiday would not be complete without a monster trail run to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains.  Pictured are Pro’s Greg and Laura Bennett with new Pro Triathlete Jennifer Fletcher and crew. 80’ on T-Day!! So-cal does not suck during the winter!!!




TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, embarked upon an 8-day, 1400-mile road trip for Thanksgiving with friends. Our first stop was Joshua Tree National Park, then onto Mojave National Preserve, Red Rock Canyon Nevada, then to Vegas, through Death Valley National Park to Bishop and back to San Diego. We camped 6 of the 8 nights, rock climbed, hiked, went on a cave tour, ran and explored these beautiful areas. Here's a quick video slideshow from our trip:




EVAN WITTE ran the Father Joe’s 5K Turkey Trot in San Diego Thanksgiving Day. My costume is the Turkey Outfit. Yes, I did wear the entire costume plus legs for the race finishing in a Costume Restricting Time of 20:35.


Turkey Trot - Active Turkey.jpg

CHRIS HEMPHILL and his wife Andrea and son Micah ran the 5K Run for the Hungry in downtown San Diego.



MATTHEW HENRY braved the Seattle Half Marathon with little training and a few glasses of wine under his belt from the night before.  The weather was perfect, though, and he managed to finish in just over 2 hours and 11 minutes.


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A Noteworthy November  

Posted by Active Toby Nov 9, 2009

Jim Garfield (AMG) and Active alum Chris Wheeler, did the Big Rock Triathlon this past Saturday.  It was great to hear the fans cheer "Go Active".  Wish the cheers could have loosened my tight calf's.....but fun all the same!!




Last Saturday, Oct 31, David Detar (National Account Manager - ActiveOutdoors) and his son Matt (10 yrs old) participated in a local Jack-o-lantern Jog.  It was a 5K race.

The course was tough - a 3/4 mile hill less than a mile from the start and then rolling hills throughout.  We also were forced to run through heavy rain and wind.  We still enjoyed our time together and finished respectably in 27:30 and 27:31.  Pacing with Matt, I my time actually put in in 7th in my age group while Matt finished 4th in the under 11 age bracket.  Next up for both of us is a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!


Michelle Nation, Product Manager - I travelled to Las Vegas this weekend to take on the Desert Beach Big Dirt Triathlon.  The weather and the 1.5 k lake swim were perfect, but the 30 k bike and 10k run were brutal!   As the only female to finish the long course, I brought home the first place trophy which helps me feel a lot better about all the cuts, bruises and sore muscles from crashing on the bike course.   It was my first off-road tri and I will definitely be back for more.


Jim Hine, GM for Consumer Access, rode with a group of eight riders on a 24-mile loop along the South Fork of the Boise River on Saturday.  The stock trails in the Danskin Mountains aren’t maintained so you get pretty worked on the side hills and washouts. You can only ride this area in the fall/winter due to the heavy rattlesnake population in the spring.  I hooked a pedal and got a close-up look at a rock, but the trails were a blast.




Mark Lister (Documentation – Burnaby) competed in the Haney 2 Harrison 100 km road relay this past weekend. Running with “Oconnor’s Washed up All Stars” (comprised of current and former Richmond Kajaks track runners), the team finished second overall in a time of 5:43.48.


Mark was 3rd on his leg of the race, running the 13.1 km stage in 46:26, despite the cold, persistent heavy rain.


Stage 6 results:


Marea Blue (Implementation Analyst) and I (Kirstin Hartos, Technical Account Management Team Lead) traveled to San Francisco over the weekend with our rugby team to play for the Division 1 National Championship.  We faced the Atlanta Harlequins in Friday’s semi-final match, and although they scored first we managed to come from behind in the second half to win 21-10 and advance to the final against Northern Virginia.  We had Saturday to rest and refocus, and came out firing on Sunday – scoring within the first minute of the game to go up 7-0.  We got penalized several times for repeated offenses, and one of our players was sin-binned (like a penalty box in hockey) so we played a man down for 10 minutes in the middle of the first half.  Although we didn’t score again until well into the second half, we managed to hold NOVA scoreless throughout the game.  The final score was 14-0, marking our team’s first ever National Championship.  Marea was also named MVP (well deserved).  Thanks to everyone here for your support throughout the season!




Chris Ochs,  Sales Manager - The Boulder Team participated in Habitat for Humanity.



L-R:  Chris Ochs, Jen Napoli, Dan Partain, Aaron Romero, Eric Johnson, Holly Hale, Nick Stevens.


A fun time was had by all!


Here is the Weekend Warrior from China.


Phoenix Zhong, Jex Chen and Crusoe Xia (From left to right) from Foundations, Chengdu office attended a cycling match at Sunday.


This is the first time China ActiveX team members to attend a national wide, public cycling match in China!

Crusoe got the 1st place in his group and got 53rd in the whole match. It is China ActiveX team’s first record.



“225” in these two pictures is Jex


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CHRIS OCHS, Sales Mgr Active Events competed in the Great Urban Race, a scavenger hunt, ( on Saturday.  The hunt involved finding and photographing various landmarks around downtown Denver.  The team with the fasted time wins the event and qualifies for the National Championship in New Orleans—He and his partner Kevin Davis (left) were not the fastest, but they had the most fun!  On Sunday Chris ran the Lyons River 5K in Lyons, CO.  His 5K time of 23:00 was more than six minutes slower than the winner.  How do those high school kids get so fast?!?!



JAKE COONEY, Online Marketing Manager in Bothell set a PR at the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.  It was a great day and a beautiful course.  My previous 2 marathons were right at 3:40 so my goal was 3:30-3:35 and somehow managed to knock out a 3:12.  I’m a little disappointed I didn’t shave a couple extra minutes off and qualify for Boston but I’m not too upset because I wasn’t trying and I did much better than expected.  Gross photos are always a fun part of the weekend report so I included my shoe after the race.  I’d like to note that this is only the blood that reached the outside of the shoe after my thick wool socks became fully saturated.  In the next couple weeks I expect to pull my foot out of my sock with 1 fewer toenails than it went in with but it’s all worth it.




Another RnR Roller CHRIS INOUYE (Implementation Analyst in Bothell, WA) PR'd in the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon this weekend with a time of 1:29:36!  Also raised money for Peak7 Adventures.  I need 10 more people to donate $10.  Help a kid get ACTIVE this summer:



NICHOLAS BATTAGLIA Implementation Analyst in Bothell, WA ran the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon on Saturday. Nicholas didn’t give a time but I hope he liked what he ran!


ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer - Bothell, WA On Saturday with his Church softball team from Overlake Christian Church played in the Owen B. Shackett Softball Tournament in Kent, WA.  SHANE WHITEHURST (Implementation Analyst) is also a member of the team, and RYAN MCDONALD (Account Executive, University Camp Sales) filled in for this tournament.  We started off the day at 10:20 a.m. and promptly lost our first game (barely).  Not yet recovered from our first lost, we dropped our second game immediately after in extra innings.  Luckily this tournament was a three game minimum (normally losing twice would mean an early exit) so we got another chance.  With nothing left to lose we played our 3rd game and won, convincingly (10 run rule enforced).  We rolled that into our next game which happened to be against the first team we lost to.  We again won with the 10 run rule enforced and moved on.  The next game was against the second team we lost to, and again won by the 10 run rule.  So we moved on to another team and rolled through them.  Somehow we know find ourselves in the championship playing against the top team and need to beat them twice in a row to win the tournament from the loser’s bracket.  In the first Championship game we scored a bunch early and held them off late.  So we forced a second championship game and only one win away from taking the whole tournament.  The second game proved uneventful until the bottom of the fourth (we were the visiting team).  We were up 3-1 before their offense woke up and scored a few to put them up 5-3.  Heading into the top of the 5th we knew we had to score some runs.  I came up with the bases loaded and proceeded to launch one (well) over the left center fence to put us up 7-5 and we ended the inning up 10 -5.  Just as we felt the game was under control and had them beat, they rallied for a huge inning putting them up 14-10.  We only got one run in our half of the 6th inning and then in the bottom they just ran away with it and enforcing the 10 run rule on us.  All in all we played 8 games and spanned 10 hours in the 80-90 degree weather leaving us all sore and sun burnt.  Yet we will do it all again gladly at the next tournament for another championship game!


SIJEN OLTHOF, Thrive Implementation Analyst Bothell had a wonderful weekend here in Seattle, WA.  The weather was perfect for the Seattle RnR race.  Ten people from the Bothell Office participated with the Active Team. 2 people, (Jake Cooney and Brian Cronrath) ran the full marathon, while the rest of the team ran the half marathon (Chris Inouye, Jason Karls, Joe Benoit, Matthew Wanamaker, Nicholas Battaglia, Nicole Pelley, Sijen Olthof, and Stephen Branstetter). Congratulations to everyone who ran the race.  Thanks for participating in all the training and fundraising leading up to the event.  Here is the photo I got at the race.  People in the photo left to right (Chris Inouye, Nicholas Battaglia, Sijen Olthof).


For me the race is the first event after having a baby last fall.  My goal was to run a 10 min mile and I completed the race at 2 hrs and 14 min. Great day, Great Race, Great Accomplishment.  YES IT WAS SIJEN CONGRATULATIONS!



BRIAN CRONRATH, Thriva Application Support Bothell ran his first marathon.  It was really fun but also ended in disaster.  I started out fine, was hitting about 6 minute pace give or take a few depending on if the mile was an uphill or downhill.  I was feeling great throughout the whole race really – I never felt overly exhausted, it was more of a fight against my legs cooperating with me.  I had to stop soooo many times during the race it war ridiculous.  I had to stop at least 3 times (as far as I can remember) to apply Vaseline to blisters on my feet.  The nike Lunar road racers definitely didn’t treat me too well.  Despite the blister setbacks, I was still doing pretty well for the whole race.  It was amazing to me how even though there were 25,000 so people racing, it seemed that I was completely alone for 95 percent of the race.  It was crazy when people would be so far ahead of me that I could barely even see them, and later in the race I would reel them in. 


I believe I was like 1:18 at the halfway point, and feeling great.  Things were going very well until about mile 23.  I believe a large blood blister on my right foot was causing me to favor one side of the foot slightly, and it just caught up with me at that point.  The pain was only mild at mile 23, but it was enough to cause me to slow up a bit.  I had had many various aches and pains throughout the race, but usually just backing off for a bit would allow them to go away after a little while.  Unfortunately, the pain in my fight foot just kept getting worse and worse.  To the point where I was hobbling the last two miles.  My mentality went from away from trying to get a  good place, to now I was just telling myself to “finish the race and not care about time or place”.  To give a little insight about how slow I finished, a friend (of a friend) of mine passed me during the last mile, and he finished in I believe 2:41, and I finished in 2:46.  The last mile I swear felt longer than the entire race before it, I couldn’t believe how long it took me to finish the last mile.  I had to walk a lot of it.  Surprisingly I think I only got passed by around only 8 o 9 people during my problems with my foot.  After I finished the race, I went straight to the med tent and got all my blood blisters lanced, and got ice packs immediately applied to my foot.  I could hardly walk, so I had to have my dad (who was spectating) drive around through traffic and pick me up behind the med tent.  Since traffic was so bad, this took around 40-50 minutes, I’m not gonna lie it was kind of miserable… haha!!  This whole weekend I basically just stayed off of the foot, it hurts immensely to put any pressure on it.  Originally I thought my foot may have been broken, but now I just think it’s a really bad strain.  I’m going into a doctor later to get a proper diagnosis.





MEGAN HOLLSTEDT Web Designer Burnaby reports. Thanks so much for continuing to do such a stellar job with the weekend warrior report. Here's the goods for what went down here in Burnaby, BC this weekend:


ActiveX Team Burnaby made their inaugural appearance this weekend at the Scotia Bank Half Marathon and 5k. Together the group has raised $4052 so far for KidSports, a Canadian non-profit  that provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport. A big thank-you out to Janette Kim for leading the way in organizing the crew and running with a hang-over at the same time.


Team Site (go!!):


Half-marathon runners:

Jamie Haaf - best time: 2:11:30

Jason Slusarchuk

Darren Jensen

Lorna Jensen

Matt Hoffman

Paul Hiller

Stanley Ulmer


5k runners:

Mathew Cox - best time: 25 min 30 sec

Janette Kim

Jennifer Saalfeld

Tamara Lee

Megan Hollstedt


Top Fundraiser goes out to Jason Slusarchuk  $930.00 and change. Way to go Jason!!


Some team members thoughts on the day: From Matt Hoffman "Ran with Darren and his wife, Lorna, the entire way and had an absolute blast chatting away with Lorna J."

From Stanley: "This was my first attempt at that distance."

Janette & Jason: Ran with injuries!

Paul Hiller: New dad as of a few days before the half marathon, probably ran without much sleep!

Janette's comments "Absolutely loved the vibe of the run and having done this as a team. Next year will be even better."

Megan's comments: "My time would've been better is I wasn't tweeting the whole way."


Way to go team Burnaby!



JASON SLUSARCHUCK Acct Mgr Burnaby did the Scotia bank Half Marathon in

2:46:39 in Vancouver, BC.


JIM HINE Mountain Biking in Ketchum, ID. On Saturday the family road the 'Rip and Tear' loop near the Galena Lodge 25 miles North of Ketchum.  Our dog Lewis was on point the whole time on a trail that serves double-duty to xc skiers and snowshoers in winter.  We had great views of the Sawtooths, checked out a couple of the rental yurts, and returned to the lodge for 'adult' grill-cheese sandwiches.  On the way back to Sun Valley I got 'dropped off' at the trailhead for Oregon Gulch.  I rode the lower Oregon Gulch loop and connected to Fox Creek.  Trails around Sun Valley right now have high-run off so some of the creek crossings can be deep and I had to climb over a half-dozen downed trees.  But the 13 mile ride was 100% single track and the descent was fast and smooth.


MICHAEL WILSON, Sales Mgr Endurance & Giving and Brandon did the SD International Tri this weekend…beautiful day and great course!  I finished in just over 2 hours and felt great.  Saw some other Active-ites out there as well as some Active spectators.  Beautiful day for a triathlon in San Diego!


MIKE DOBRANSKY (Team Lead, LeagueOne – San Diego) participated in the San Diego International Triathlon this weekend in sunny San Diego.  There were a handful of Active folks out there and we had way too much fun.


Yours truly MIKE REILLY finished up 3 event weekends in a row with the Buffalo Springs 70.3 Triathlon in Lubbock, TX.  It was there 20th anniversary.  The event directors Marti and Mike Greer are among the best in the Country and produce a world class event.  In the picture with me are Jamie Whyte top NZ triathlete, Cameron Brown 8x winner of Ironman New Zealand and Mike Greer race director and youngest 70 year old I know!



Scott Friesen, Business Analyst at the Burnaby office, travelled south to participate in the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon on Saturday.  He had a great time being apart of the largest running event in Washington State history.  He also enjoyed bumping into several members of the Bothell team along the route and at the finish line.  Scott ran his first half marathon in a time of 1:47:26.


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Summer Solstice Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Jun 23, 2009

LAUREN EDER found a great way to get the heart rate up while strapped to a seat.  I spent an exhilarating hour on Saturday in a 2-seat glider over the Fraser River and British Columbia coastal mountains, near Hope which is about 2 hours west of Vancouver.  Geoff, the pilot, is husband of ex-Class employee Judy Holt, who is really just on extended maternity leave. J  Of course I had to say Yes to the offer of experiencing some aerobatics.  I cannot describe the feeling of “pulling 2 G’s” (new lingo for me), but want to do it again!



Saturday, three members of European Active Team went to volunteers to the St Jean de Luz stage of the charities race series called Odyssea.


From left to right: Loic Metais (St Jean de Luz triathlon race director), CEDRIC PRIMAULT (France account manager), PIERRE DUVELLEROY (Senior account executive) & LAURENT GAUTHIER (Endurance European managing director)



JIM HINE's Bogus Basis Weekend:

On Saturday we mountain biked the Boise foothills to Gardener Peak, just East of Bogus Basin ski resort....climbing 7,490 ft over 32 miles in a little over 4 hours.  The single track along the ridge was solid, but one of our favorite descents - Shingle Creek - was rutted and sketchy after the heavy rain a week ago.  Then on Sunday my family (and Grandparents!) drove up to Bogus and hiked to the summit of Shafer Butte.  The views came and went with the clouds, but we made a couple snowballs before switch-backing down through the wildflowers.





ROBERT SUBKOW: There were dogs from all across the United States that came to ride the waves in Southern California.  CBS morning show, Channels 5, 8, 9, and even a station from Germany were there filming the contest.  The event has gotten so much notoriety that the film makers for the new movie Marmaduke were there to get shots of the “Big Dogs”.  Although my dog Jill didn’t place this year, her team mate from the “Golden SurFurs” took 1st place in the dogs over 40 pounds.  Next Year!  Pictures are courtesy of the Union Tribune.



JAKE COONEY reports, "With one week left until the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, the Bothell office has done 2 team bike rides as an alternative training event.  Cody Lamens, Jake Cooney, Jay Lee, David Knapp, Nicole Pelley, Chris Inouye, Joel Werdell, Zach Panther, Sijen Olthof, Jason Karls, Brian Grover, and Stephen Branstetter have all participated in the rides."





FRANCIS DUPUIS and his wife, Faye Dupuis were in the dragon boat races this past weekend: Recreational Div C Consolation – 4th place @ 2:21.240


She's in the back of boat #2



Also, my two boys played in a roller hockey tournament, their teams finished first and third. This is Devon with his third place trophy.



TOBY GUILLETTE completed the 26-mile 9-Peak Challenge across the San Bernardino mountain range on Saturday in 8.5 hours. My 32-mile day started at 2am with an ascent of San Gorgonio (11,499ft), the highest mountain in SoCal, arriving at the summit for sunrise and continued with hike/running 8 more peaks all above 10,000 feet. Since it was a point-to-point route, I had another 10 miles to go to get back to my car after the 26-mile traverse was complete. This is when the real adventure began. I'll post a blog this week with details


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If you haven't already be sure to join the ActiveX Charity Challenge.


BURT REPINE SD office said all his ActiveX workouts of just the right mix (shameless plug) I finished 4th overall and 2nd in my age group at the Xterra Black Mountain 5K Trail Run on Sunday.


STEPHEN BRANSTETTER, GM of Camps Bothell caught "the stair climbers cough" this weekend participating in the Big Climb for Leukemia (69 floor stair climb) in Seattle. Beating his goal time of 9:19 he completed the 1311 steps in 8 minutes and 58 seconds good for 13th place out of 2918 racers. He sends a special thanks out to Robbie Rech (Foundations) and Jake Cooney (Marketing) for help training.


EDNA CASTANEDA (Active NYC=Account Manager-Account Management & Operations) was accompanied by her consistent cheering team and of course the top cheerleader Guapo (pictured in photo) on Sunday for Nestle Beverages St. Paddy’s 10 Miler Race. The course was all hills and the weather was great!



DAK JORDAN, Account Executive in Educate, and his brother Derek went fly fishing on the Yakima River in Central Washington.  We landed 12 rainbow trout on our trip and released all of them...even the record setting fish we didn't get a picture of.



TRACY ROJAS SAYS What a difference a day makes! I saw it all in Mammoth this weekend.  From beautiful, sunny spring conditions in the 50's on Friday, to snowy conditions on 16 inches of fresh powder on Sunday. It was an epic weekend of snowboarding.



KICKBALL - Friday afternoon there was a showdown on the kickball field between Team Endurance (Jenni Miller, Lauren Dachille, Michelle Ulrich, Jennifer Romine, Jason Chicoine, Jeff Fallis, Michael Wilson, Josie Donnelly, Scott Evans, Shannon Turner, Ally Terry and Jamie Wells) Versus Team Sports (Amanda Bourquin, Tim Manion, Ally Ward, Elaine Bergeron, Bret Harris, Nick Mowbray, Melissa Magat, Todd Alloway, Kathleen Gendron, Janean Nation, Nahied Rahimi, Laura Hilts, James Satchell, Greg Lopez)


Team Sports came out strong in the beginning and took an early lead.  This is a competitive group willing to run over anyone that stands in their path (Bret Harris slamming into Jen Romine at 1st, and Todd Alloway taking down Michelle Ulrich at 2nd).  Team Endurance came back and showed they were not a group to be messed with (Amanda Bourquin was pegged in the head with the ball running to first, and later in the back running to home).  Both teams made some incredible plays (Josie deflecting the ball flying at her head to Jeff Fallis who makes the catch, and James Satchell covering the entire outfield from Right to Left making plays).


Team Endurance was able to keep their stamina throughout the game and although they were down a few players, ended up with a 20-11 victory! 


It was a fun afternoon and a great team bonding experience.  Since we played a team sport for this competition, next time shall we try an endurance event maybe a relay race?


JASON KARLS ran the Mercer Island, WA 1/2 marathon.  Despite the threat of rain and lack of anything waterproof, this was a fantastic half-marathon for me. After one mile, the rain blew over and my gamble paid off - no need to worry about extra clothing or over heating!


Having last run it in 2002, this event has grown significantly. The course is relatively the same - a loop around the island and the vibe from the runners is really positive. Even the locals come out and cheer with sincerity. The course is absolutely beautiful with rolling hills along a two lane forested road. The hills are not that bad and you can make it up them with adrenaline and an easy recovery on the down side. The one exception is at mile post 11 with a 100' hill that can def take some steam out of you. But really - if you've made it this far, there's no turning back now!

I was shooting for a pace of 9:00/mi and expecting 10:00/mi w/ the way my training has been going. I was surprised with a finishing pace of 8:40/mi and how strong I felt.


A side note for cyclists - this is one of the must rides to do on your way out to zoo hill   For SD active-ites give me a shout if you're in the NW for some serious hills!

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St. Patrick's Day Week

Posted by IMVoice Mar 16, 2009



SCOTT EVANS, BEN CRUISE AND KEVIN JONES caught some big ones while down in Cancun Mexico.





LAUREN DACHILLE & AMANDA BOURQUIN celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early running in the St Patty's Day Run on Misson Bay in San Diego on Saturday. We finished strong a little over 56 minutes! Great course and even better beer garden


CHRIS OCHS Sales Manager for Reg Online did the “Runnin’ of the Green” in downtown Denver yesterday. It was a 7 Km run that he did in a fast 36 min.


STACI RIEDER Account Manager with Reg Online ran at the lake for 45 minutes on Saturday, and worked out at the gym (cycling, elliptical and lifted weights) on Sunday


DEBRA URKA Application Specialist in SD hit the water this weekend and went diving. The water was a bit chilly (55 degrees) event with my am wetsuit but it was well worth it. I saw my first back sea bass, a 150 pound fish. He came right up to us and swam with us for a while, truly amazing!


BRET HARRIS (one “T”) & MIKE DOBRANSKY made sure everyone had FUN at the St. Paddy’s day 10k!  They had to close the beer garden after they went in for fear of running out!



ASHLEY ELLIS while in Cancun climbed a rock in the middle of the ocean taking this amazing hand stand photo. Later in the day my friend Jene and I went Zip Lining in the Jungle then we went on an off road bike ride to this pond where I flipped from 15 feet in the air. As the natives said my new nickname is “Chica Loca”. 





MICHELLE ULRICH participated in the Mission Bay St. Patrick’s Day 10k on Saturday with a finish time of 39:57.  I was 7th Female overall and 3rd in my age group.  It was a great race!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) channeled the spirit of colleague Toby Guillette and took a 1:45 hr trail run through the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu. He was amazed at the amount of wildlife he saw in that short time..parrots…dolphins..hawks…rattlesnakes…oh yea..and a BOBCAT!!! Just a reminder might not be a bad idea to not run on mountain trails ALONE!

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SCOTT EVANS, VP Sales rode part way up Mt. Palomar to watch lance and the boys come by.  He said he was so jazzed after seeing the riders he rode back to his car like he was in the race!




PATTIE ROSENTHAL, Cycling Account Mgr drove 13 1/2 hours with her husband from Durango, CO to San Diego on Friday to watch the Tour of California.  Brought our bikes to get in a couple of rides in & reunite with some old racing buds.  The last stage of the TOC was a scene & well worth the long drive.  Saw a lot of friends & the racing was incredible - over 300,000 racing fans!   Went to the start & got a few photos of some of the racers (Chris Horner from Astana - my favorite all time US racer).  Then headed to the finish to watch the race on the big screen & saw Frank Schleck beat Nibali in the sprint. 




ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON along with two friends from Boulder, CO, watched the Tour of California time trial in Solvang, CA on Friday.


What you don’t see is how hard these guys warm up before starting their TT. They are on the trainers for :30 to an hour, working up a huge sweat and getting their heart rates up. By the time they get into the chute, they are very ready for a hard effort, and don’t have to fight that immediate lactate build up. Keep this in mind next time you do a sprint triathlon or 5K.


We got to meet “helmet head” the guy that either wears longhorns or elk horns, depending on who he is supporting (longhorns = Lance, UT, elk horns = Levi, Montana). The crowds were amazing. Really suggest making the trek to Solvang next year, it is well worth it!



MIKE REILLY along with a couple of buddies Bernard Mougel (owns Bernardo’s restaurant in RB) and Todd Smith rode to the top of Palomar Sunday morning to watch the race.  Todd took a fully stocked car up there the night before and parked.  So when we arrived we had plenty of food, wine and Champagne!  Coming down the hill was a challenge with a full belly.  It was one of my most Epic sports days of my life and that might be saying a lot!




JULIE RAHILL, QA Tech. cross country skied to Panther Gap in Sequoia National Park Saturday night with a small group led by the SNHA (Sequoia Natural History Association). Camped out and skied to Panther Peak the next morning, learning some basic mountaineering skills (ice axe techniques, climbing, basic avalanche awareness) and then skied out. We caught a nice Sierra storm in the middle of the night, making things that much more beautiful! This was my first "backpack" on skis trip, but definitely not my last




JACQUELINE BERRY and LEVI SMITH participated in the 1st Annual SDMPI in San Diego. Give Your Heart to Monarch 5K on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the energy was great. It was also nice seeing Jim De La Cruz and his wife and son there as well.  Sunday Levi ran 9 miles for the first time ever. He is training for his first marathon through the “Who Wants to Get Active” program so be sure to follow his training progress and leave comments of encouragement!


JIM DE LA CRUZ and his wife ERIKA pushed his 6-year old son JOSH in the SDMPI Give Your Heart To Monarch 5K Run/Walk at Mission Bay this past Saturday. Great weather, flat course that ran along the water, and small crowd. It was a great way to show support for The Monarch School by running with some of the students and teachers. I recommend this event next year for any first timers plus you can run or walk with your dog in the event.


JIM GARFIELD, AMG & JESSE HAMMOND(Active) cheered on the Tour of California this weekend at the Rose Bowl.  Jim was so inspired by his picture of Lance and of the fans that he did his own Tour of California and rode the next day to Oxnard…a lot slower then the racers.





REBECCA DIVITA & NOLAN HANSEN raced in the Tritonman Sprint Triathlon on Saturday morning IN San Diego and Ryan Drew and Chris Wheeler came out to cheer. Despite the cold and foamy water, the course on Fiesta Island was great! After the race, Ryan, Nolan, and I biked to Pizza Port to celebrate with a few pitchers…making the ride home up Torrey Pines slightly more difficult. Nolan Hansen, Ryan Drew, Chris Wheeler and I finished the weekend on Sunday at the VIP tent (always in style) at the Amgen Tour of California.


TOBY GUILLETTE ran the Orange Curtain 50K (31 miles) in Long Beach and finished 5th overall in 4:27. This time is a new personal record by over an hour and fifteen minutes and was my third marathon+ distance race in less than a month. On Sunday, I was out in Escondido at the ATOC finish line to see the action. 



MICHELE CREPEAU had a great weekend, went up to Tahoe with family and worked on teaching my niece and nephew how to ski.  Too funny revisiting the rope tows and bunny slopes.  Have to confess did sneak in some real runs later in the day.  Shorts weather, beautiful spring days and fresh snow…


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Super Bowl Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Feb 2, 2009





MIKE DOBRANSKY, STEPHANIE SNAMAN AND KAREN HARDY love the picture below with Ironman World Champion CRAIG ALEXANDER from Australia.






On Saturday morning the 6 time Ironman Champion DAVE SCOTT took an Active crew out on a 50 mile ride and beat us all up except for Active’s famed Coach GALE BERNHARDT. ROB KLINGENSMITH, ARCH FUSTON, MIKE REILLY AND SARAH MOOSBRUGGER were dropped like a bad habit towards the end.  This was a ride commemorating the famed KLINGENSMITH crash of 7 years ago to the day.



ASHLEY ELLIS after two years of going through two foot surgery’s, 8 months in a boot and 5 months of physical therapy I went for my first run While it was only 10 minutes ~ the run down to the beach was a start to hopefully me joining other Active co-workers in some 5K’s or Triathlons. Thanks for the true inspiration & motivation from the previous nights Endurance Sports Awards!


As some of you may know but for others STEVE MAZZA & MIKE COLEMAN won a trip to the Super Bowl.  With the expert juggling of Mazza and the direct camera work of Coleman they won!  This is a shot of them before Super Bowl XLIII supporting our favorite ice cold refreshment (Coors Light tailgate party), and a couple inside Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium…




MATT HENRY, Interaction Designer – Foundations kicked off another season of Team in Training, my first as a mentor!  I took my first 15 minute run since finishing and injuring myself at the Disney Marathon a few weeks ago.  I’ll be taking it easy this time, training for the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon.  If you’d like to learn more about what I’m doing, visit my website at If you’re in Bothell and want to join the Team, come see me!!


PATTI ROSENTHAL, Industry Manager, Cycling Durango, CO had a Pre-Superbowl outing - what a game!!!!!!   Went to the San Juan Mountains for a backcounty excursion.  Skiied the US Basin in the Red Mountains.   About 1500 feet of climbing to an incredible view of mountains all around (above 12,000 feet).  Went with a couple of friends who were snowboarders (knuckle draggers).  Had a nice "vista" lunch in the trees & then the fun part of skiing down!  Then off to the Superbowl! Great Pictures Patti!




MATT HAYNES & ANDREA RISHMAWI out of the SD office did a little jaunt up Iron Mountain this weekend…the Hiking Group is looking a little sparse, if anyone is interested, please let Andrea know!


BRET HARRIS, Account Mgr SD. Do to the extreme lack of swell this weekend, I decided to change things up a bit and went scuba diving at La Jolla Shores.  The weather was perfect for diving as there were no waves and the visibility was amazingly clear (about 30ft I believe).  This was my first dive out at the shores and we only went down about 40ft as a couple of people had some minor issues with their equipment.  We didn’t see any big fish, but the numerous fields of sand dollars and strange, tube/worm like creatures sticking up out of the sand made for a pretty fun dive.


AMBER MARTIN did very well in the Super Run 10k around Fiesta Island at Mission Bay San Diego in 49 minutes.


This weekend JACQUELINE BERRY & LEVI SMITH ran in the Super Run 5k in Mission Bay. The hour before the race was pretty cold (Sorry Canada it was 48 degrees) but by the end of the race, the sun was shining bright. It was a beautiful day for a run and we finished 7 minutes faster than the Turkey Trot we did in November with a time of 37:10:00. It was fun and we are looking forward to the 5K for Monarch schools this month and a mud run next month! I am also training for my first marathon. You can view the status of my training here:



JESSICA WEXLER hiked and camped this weekend in the Anza-Borrego desert near San Diego. The best part was exploring the slot canyons and calcite mine areas.



ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer Camps and Events spent the weekend up on Crystal Mountain.  Got some great snowboarding in with my wife, Jenn and her parents.  Could have used some more powder, but it’s hard to beat the views from the top of the Rainier Express lift looking out towards Mt. Rainier (in the background of the picture) on a gorgeous sunny day.  Icy days like this can cause some heavy sliding in areas, and luckily I was able to avoid some encounters with trees!  Good fun had by all. 



Part of TINA NOVAK’S relocation to our Boulder office was to stop in Breckenridge for some backcountry boarding. A friend took me snowshoeing up Mt. Baldy, to hit up 4ft of powder and attempt to avoid the trees… Was a slow climb to the 11,500ish feet for this normally San Diego sea level girl – but what an epic welcome to CO!



HANNAH SANSONE ran in the XTerra Mission Gorge 5K trail race on Sunday for some pre-Superbowl exercise. I ran into our own TOBY GUILLETTE who was volunteering on the 15K course. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous trail (I highly recommend running there!), but my run felt slow and painful and I quickly exited after the event because I was so bummed. I hadn’t worn a watch and the timing clock wasn’t running when I finished, so I figured my performance was pretty poor. Lo and behold, I checked the times Monday morning and I won my age group and came in 8th overall! I guess I didn’t need to “self-medicate” my previously bruised ego with so much beer and nachos after all – oh well! It turns out it was a great first race of the year!

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Active Running Crazy

Posted by IMVoice Jan 26, 2009

ACTIVE’S NEW MOTTO SHOULD BE “BUILD AN EVENT AND ACTIVE WILL COME” A big Running weekend but let’s start with Hockey, MTB and Snow.  Have a great week. Mike


MEGAN HOLLSTEDT, Designer plays on a female hockey team here in Burnaby called the “Kung Fu Pickles” (don’t ask, I have no idea where the name came from). We played a tough game on Sunday and came out with a 5-0 win placing us second in our division. We’ve had a solid year so far, I get my practice time in on Friday lunch hours with some fellow active co-workers at the Burnaby office. I LOVE HOCKEY!!!!  MEGAN WHERE DID “KUNG FU PICKLES” COME FROM  




PATTI ROSENTHAL resident bike Guru did back-country skiing out of Silverton, Colorado.   Started climbing at 9900 feet up to over 11,500 feet.  Did 2 laps so total of 3,000 feet of skinning up the mountain for some nice, fresh powder turns.  I personally am a "resort" girl & see nothing wrong with taking a chair lift up the slopes but you can't beat the scenery & its one heck of a workout!  Another great day of skiing with friends in Durango!




JIM “HOLLYWOOD” GARFIELD, JESSICA GIVENS with AMG & TINA NOVAK, Parks & Rec checked out the X Games in Aspen this weekend. Word has it that Jessi and Tina were even included in ESPN’s coverage of the event.  Check out your local listing for their debut!



KEITH WILLIAMS, London office here in the US racing the Southridge USA Downhill MTB Winter Race in Fontana, CA.  He flew across the Atlantic to San Diego for International Team Summit from the UK. Decided to spend some time on the mountain bike before the weeks rammed packed meetings.  Hired a Jam Jar (car) for the weekend, to cruise north for the Southridge, Fontana Winter Race Rnd1. USA motorways are so complicated and big, but I completed the 100 mile trip witnessing many a strange sight and getting lost once. One fatal mistake on the US motorways could mean life or death, starving or eating with multi diner options that cover the worlds tastebuds. I was late for the registration deadline, but one smooth swoop of the cockney shakespeare tongue, got me registered by just confusing the event director!. 


The way the downhill event works is that we get one practice run and 1 race run. First practice run started by loading my borrowed lightweight Cross country bike on the truck. Other riders looked at me rather strangely with not being equipped with the latest monster downhill bike and being ENGLISH! I got the feeling they thought I was a nutty Brit.  The riders follow the fully loaded truck in a cruiser, and taken to the top of the mountain to start the downhill track. The race track itself was dusty and loose, offering no support for grip which is not good when there are so many rocks and boulders to avoid. At one point I did hit a rock, which smashed my aggressively pinned pedal into my shin, opening my leg up in 3 places. Luckily for me there were medics at the bottom to close it up and finished by placing the biggest plasters in the world on my very hairy legs (you can see in one of the pictures).


Race run went ok, but rather than focus on the track my mind went back to not thinking about hitting my shin again, would definitely hurt and cause nausea!  Finished a great days racing 15th  position in experts. The event had a great ‘Chilled’ but ‘Race’ atmosphere, with a superb track and organization (except registration is still on paper!). I did try to make a sale too get event director online with Active! One to chase.


A big thanks to top guy Eric at Zumwalt's Bicycle Center, 6425 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115, (619)582-6440, lending me his own personal bike. Zumwalts is a great bike shop for all riders, check him out.




Please follow this link for all reviews of the Carlsbad ½ Marathon


ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON hosted the ActiveXers with a carbo loading party at their house Saturday night. Not sure if it was the food (probably the beer), but everyone had races beyond their expectations!



JOSIE DONNELLY, SD office ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon with her sister in 2:18:49.  I had a bum knee so was just glad to finish the half marathon this year.  You can’t really complain when you’re running along the ocean in perfect weather and the rest of the US is covered in snow!


BETHANY DOMINICK, Account Mgr SD ran her first half marathon this Sunday in Carlsbad, CA alongside all of her Active friends who had been training together for the past couple of months.  After hearing JOE TERRY speak at the sales launch a couple of weeks ago who made a point of encouraging us to write down our goals, I set mine to complete the race in less than 2 hours.  I set my watch to time my race but realized it was a bit off as I set it to start before our actual wave did.  On the last few miles I had a vague idea of where I would finish, but realized I would have to pick up the pace quite substantially if I wanted to accomplish this goal.  When I finished the race in 1 hour 59 minutes and 45 seconds, I realized how powerful his message was. Great job to everyone who competed on Sunday!!  WOW impressive BETHANY!


CASEY DIETZ, Account Exec. Active Educate did her first half yesterday at Carlsbad! It was awesome but definitely a struggle. I managed to come in just under my goal of 2 hours in 1:59:45! A big thank you to Bethany Dominick for picking me up in the last mile and pushing me through the finish line! It was so great to see all the friendly faces in the crowd as well. Thank you for all the support, I look forward to my next one!


MARC VILLANUEVA ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday which was my first half marathon in a time of 2:06:56.  I survived and am actually looking forward to running one again (and I hate running!).  Yes Marc it’s a Love/Hate thing.


ALISON INGLESE battled blisters in her training runs preparing for her first ½ marathon at Carlsbad Half this last weekend. She had a blister on each foot swell up the last 3 miles of the race but kicked butt running 2:10:32.


KEVIN BEATTY had a great run yesterday at the Carlsbad ½ Marathon beating his PR by about 7 minutes running a 7:45 pace per mile to come in at 1:41:35.  Great way to start off the year! 


MIKE DE LA CRUZ ran with my wife and pushed my 6-year old son Josh, we came in at 2:56. The Bob strollers Rock! It was a great race, great weather, great to see some of my co-workers running in it; I'll be back next year!


KAREN HARDY also ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday in 2:06:38, it was my 1st half marathon and I had a blast!  We had perfect running weather and the event was very well organized.  It was great to see so many other Active team members out on the course!  Don’t forget to review this event and share your experience with others:


MICHAEL READE ran the Carlsbad half. He had a goal of 1:50 to 2:00 finish time, and finished at 1:51:42. Way to set your goal Michael!


TRACY TOM ran the Carlsbad Half as Silvio Frison this weekend (thanks Silvio!).  Finished in a time of 1:42:08.  Tons of fun and look forward to running the La Jolla Half in April….this time under my own name!  Nice run Silvio keep up the good work!


TAMMI SCHMIDT ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday in 2:30:10, which was my second time ever running a half marathon! Getting out of the parking lot after the race was crazy but the course and weather were beautiful!


CHRIS WHEELER, Senior Account Exec ran the Carlsbad half yesterday and recorded a new Personal Record of  1:34.29!


TRACY SCHUSTER tackled the Carlsbad Half this weekend. I managed to pull off a decent finish coming in at 2:10:24 with almost no training. I had a great time out there as I ran into at least a dozen Active folks either watching or running and got to keep pace with Liz Allen for a bit as she completed her first ever half marathon! It was a great day for a run and now it’s time for Triple Crown prep – La Jolla half here we come!


LIZ ALLEN ran the Carlsbad Half yesterday.  After 4 years of working at Active I finally broke down and did my first race.  It was great through mile 10, and then really painful for the last 3.1.  My goal was to finish in 2:10, but I crossed at 2:16:53 – for my first race I’ll take it.  It was great to see so many friendly Active faces at the finish line!  STICK AROUND THIS PLACE LONG ENOUGH LIZ AND IT GETS YOU!


JUDY FLYNN, Account Exec K-12 also ran the Carlsbad Half in 2:17:19 and had a lot of fun!  It was such a perfect day for it!


ASHLEY PASCHALL, Consulting Project Coordinator ran in her first half marathon in Carlsbad with a time of 1:40. It was great to be out there with so many people from Active!


TAWNYA BORDALO, AMP ran her first half marathon in Carlsbad this weekend.  What an amazing experience!  I want to shout out a HUGE thanks to CAEHLE ROMANO & BETHANY DOMINICK.  I was fading around mile 10 and all of a sudden my fellow Active Xers came running past, cheering me on!  That extra encouragement gave me my second wind as I picked up speed and ran towards the finish line!  I met my goal of not stopping and got a better time than I anticipated. Thanks to the Active team members that came out to cheer us on.  It was a great event and I was glad to share it will everyone that was there!


BILL BLIVEN did NOT run Carlsbad he went Motocross riding in Otay Mesa near the US/Mexico Border on Saturday and did a 40 mile bike ride up to the Cabrillo National Monument in Pt. Loma Sunday.


MARK WARBLE- Desktop Support, SD office competed in the Carlsbad ½ marathon on Sunday (along with numerous other Active employees) and had a great time.  This was my first ½ and it went smoothly- finishing in 1:43:01.  The course had a great coastal view with a few gradual hills and the weather was perfect.  Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Great job to all the Active folks that participated!


Leave it up to our TOBY GUILLETTE to run the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon in Hemet, CA on Saturday. It rained the night before and morning of the race so the dirt fire roads were soft enough to be real easy on the body but didn't get muddy at all. I recognized and chatted with some fellow SoCal ultra runners (one of which ran Carlsbad 26.2 yesterday too) and really just enjoyed the scenery as I cruised around the reservoir at a comfortable pace. I ran 3:29:40 which is an 8-minute/mile average pace--good enough for 20th place overall.

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Janean Nation, Account Manager – ActiveSports

My sister Michelle (Product Manager) and I participated in the Iron Girl Las Vegas Triathlon this weekend with another of our sisters.  It was my first triathlon and I had a great time.  Michelle and I did the sprint, finishing 310th and 312th out of about 800 racers.  Michelle had a slightly heroic moment when she helped a panicked swimmer out of the water in the first 25 yards and then swam back up to help me through my weakest leg.  Overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait to give it another go!


Shawn Boom, Sacramento office

On Saturday I ran the Diablo Trail Marathon - 8,000 vertical feet of climbing and 90 degrees, quite a feat and quite tough on the feet given the rocky trail.  I'm normally a 3 hr marathoner and this one was so steep and hilly it took me 7 hours!  Attached is a photo from near the 4,000 ft summit.


Carrie Smith, Marketing Services Conversion Specialist

Last week I was in the British Virgin Islands as part of an open water swim vacation.  The water was so clear that we did underwater videotaping in the sea for stroke analysis!  The temperature was perfect, no wetsuits needed.  This trip had it all…snorkeling, sea life, sailing, plenty of swimming, and sunsets.



Caitlyn Barker, Support Team Lead, Professional Services

I recently travelled to Guam and spent a week swimming, snorkeling and hiking around the island. One of the cool things I discovered was a Geocache game that is played all over the world. Little “caches” like the one in the picture are hidden all over the world and folks are supposed to use GPS devices to find these. I pretty much liken it to a modern day treasure hunt! I just happened to learn about this game when I almost tripped on the canister in the rock on Mt Lam Lam. My boyfriend Colin and I hiked this mountain which happens to be the tallest peak on the island, about 3,000 feet in elevation. Later, we went snorkeling in the bay to cool off. The trip also included a chance to watch some friends participate in the Xterra Off Road Triathlon and Guam Marathon that weekend, watching these participants compete while enduring the high heat and humidity levels amazed me!


Amber Martin

I went on a 3 day cruise to Mexico. Between the sunbathing still managed to get in something Active. We went horse back riding down the beach in Ensenada. My first time on a horse since being bucked off when I was 10…it was interesting to say the least.


Jim Garfield, Director, Business Development

In the true spirit of Mr. Reilly, I had the opportunity to channel him in announcing the Nautica South Beach Triathlon.  In the photo I was happy to announce the winners of the female celebrity relay team (Triathlete Katya Meyer, Tennis Star Anna Kournikova, me and Olympic Gold medalist and world record holder Dara Torres.  Next time I am going to race!!!


Kirstin Hartos, Implementation Analyst

I attended the first of three weekend rugby camps to try-out for the Southern California (SCRFU) women’s select side team.  Each of the seven territories in the US will put a select side team together to play in the USA Rugby National All-Star Tournament in June in Pittsburgh.  We had almost 30 girls at the try-out this weekend, and expect more players at the camp in Los Angeles at the beginning of May.  On Saturday we did some ball-handling, tackling and fitness testing in the morning, broke out into backs and forwards in the afternoon to run through set plays, and then scrimmaged ourselves at the end of the day.  On Sunday morning we had another scrimmage against another women’s team representing the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union (MARFU), but ended up losing 15-0 after 110 minutes of rugby.  I managed to nail the goal-post on our only penalty kick attempt, and the ref changed his mind and took back our try in the first period – it was a frustrating that we didn’t convert on our opportunities to score.  But aside from being generally sore (and bruised), I managed to stay injury free – and am looking forward to the next camp in May.


Michelle Valenti

I supported being active by attending the Navy Moto X World Championships at Qualcomm. I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the event! The freestyle tricks are unbelievable, and riders like Ricky Carmichael and Travis Pastrana are really impressive to watch.



Tina Novak, Software Trainer

I was up in Utah for a long weekend, camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and all around loving life at the majestic Zion National Park. Hiked up a bunch of different trails there, but the highlights were Observation Point and Angels Landing. Observation Point we kind of tackled as an afterthought, and came to find out that we hiked 4 miles to the top of Zion (about a mile high) where this photo was taken. What? You can hike to the top of Zion? I’m glad we didn’t know we were going that high because we might not have done the hike! Angels Landing was my most challenging hike, not physically, but emotionally. I am absolutely terrified of heights but managed to crawl my way across the narrow trails with 1,000 foot drop offs on both sides to the top to enjoy the amazing views. Talk about feeling accomplished!


Alex Walker, sales at EventRegister and Andrew Frantz, developer from Thriva, took a trip to Steven’s Pass for a little action in the Terrain Park. After months of building up the courage, faceplants and failed attempts, we finally we able to compile this short video of our accomplishments.


San Diego Mud Run


LAURA HILTS, ANDREA RISHMAWI, and CARRIE JAMES did the SD Mud Run (Team 5k) Sunday afternoon. At 100 degrees, it was a scorcher, thank God for those breathable Active X shirts



Marc Villanueva,Danny Roa, Bryan Paijit, Jesse Hammond and Jesse's girlfriend


"Mud Run Baby!!!"


Kevin Beatty

Ran in the San Diego 10K Mud Run in La Mesa with a group of friends. Still picking the mud out of my ears and fingernails today but had a blast doing it. No idea what our time was.


Amy Steiner, Heidi Achenbach and Christina Hanson ran the San Diego Mud Run on Sunday. We finished the hilly, muddy, obstacle-ridden and crowded 5K course at 50:10, but with temperatures over 100° in La Mesa on Sunday, we’re just glad we survived it!


Lacey Shaw, Polly Marrangoni and Katrina LeBlanc did the San Diego Mud Run 5K in el Cajon on Sunday. As temps reached record breaking 100 degrees we were glad there was some mud to cool us off. =)

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Active Warrior: 3/29

Posted by Active Toby Mar 31, 2008

MELISSA EISLER, Content Producer for Consumer Media checked in with an update from her South American adventure. “I just got back from the four-day trek to Machu Picchu. It was absolutely the most amazing experience. Day two was a little rough on the legs, but I made the 28 miles without any problems. These photos are from the very end of the Inca Trail. I did the hike with my brother (in photo). You would love this place! I have a million more photos and videos to share when I get home. Hope you’re well!”



ROB KLINGENSMITH, Vice President of Active Marketing Group, attended a party hosted by Sharon Worman and Richard Bryne, the owners of locally-based Speedplay Pedals on Sunday. What made it fun was that the guest of honor was pro cyclist and 2006 Giro d’Italia winner Ivan Basso. After a lively 35 mile ride through Elfin Forest (****, that guy can climb!), we settled into a multi-course Italian lunch and listened to Ivan talk about how he got started in cycling, racing against Lance and his plans for the future.


JUSTIN LAKIN, Software QA Tester, met up with a friend and his friend’s 6 year old son for a half day trek around the tide pools and children’s pool of La Jolla Shores on Saturday (03.29). The landscape is ideal for beginners and spans roughly 1.25 miles from the southern-most point of the tide pools to the children’s pool.  Seals, sea anemones, hermit crabs, and other cool ocean dwellers added to the entertainment during the trip. Below is a short video of the seals that congregate in the children’s pool this time of year.



The weather was nice and the tide was low, perfect for an enjoyable day at the beach. 


On Sunday, Justin ventured out on a solo run around Lake Miramar to test his problematic Iliotibial band.  A short history, Justin experienced pain in his left knee following the Carlsbad half-marathon and found that running short distances (1.5 miles) would easily aggravate it.  After adopting some additional stretch techniques, Justin is happy to report there is no pain following his 4.92 mile run and he is encouraged to resume training for future half/full marathons. 


EMILY CHAN-NORRIS, Account Manager for Active Trainer in San Diego, did the Race for Autism 5K in Balboa Park on Saturday and then hiked Cowles Mountain. 


ANDREA RISHMAWI and some friends took the Active Hiking group out of state this weekend. They climbed Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ - though it's only a 2.2 mile hike, you gain a SICK 1200 feet of altitude. The views are amazing - check out the Active Hiking Blog, the pictures will be posted tomorrow morning.


WIL FLUEWELLING, Staff Accountant in San Diego, played 18 holes of golf with a couple of friends out in Escondido @ Eagle Crest. (Thanks go to Mike Carran for the suggestion!) It was my first time out in over a year since my motorcycle accident last February. My score was very indicative of how out of practice I was--nearly doubled par, but it was great to get out on such a beautiful day.


AIREY BARINGER, took part in the San Dimas Stage Race. Finished the time trial stage on Friday in 14th place out of 100 (1 minute and 18 seconds behind the winner). The stage consisted of a 3.8 mile climb up Glendora Mountain Road in Glendora, CA and I completed the course in 16:48. The road race was on Saturday and was 42 miles long. I crashed on the second of six laps when my left pedal hit the ground as I pedaled through a steeply banked corner. The crash took me out of contention for the rest of the race. I finished the stage but did not make the time cut (5% of winner’s time) and thus, could not compete on Sunday.


I will take a couple days off to heal up before beginning to train hard again.  I will continue racing over the next several weeks so I can earn enough points to become a Cat 3 road racer.  My training will also shift focus a little as I begin preparing for the San Diego International Triathlon (Olympic distance).


Keep the rubber side down!!


SCOTT EVANS, STEVE MAZZA and TOBY GUILLETTE took on the Ford Ironman 70.3 at Oceanside, CA on Saturday with the support of many familiar (Active) faces along the run course. They each had a great race and Steve says he “feels awesome”


Here’s Steve representing ActiveX:




Scott enjoyed his race/training session for the Ironman Coeur d’ Alene on 6/22.


Toby had a blast in his triathlon debut and is very satisfied with his performance/training session for the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run on 6/7-6/8.



STEVE TWOHY in Acounting, was unable to make the Ford Ironman California 70.3 race due to IM Arizona training, "so I decided to test my limits otherwise. I did a nice Crystal Pier to South Mission Swim which was an ocean swim a little over 2 miles. Then, as most Ironman Trainees do, I ran for 2 hours up and down the beach to shake the water off…Best Regards to those of you who did the 70.3 this weekend. Congrats!"


TIM MCMAHON - Sr. Account Manager - Major Accounts (Running) ran the Shamrock Shuffle (8K) this weekend in Chicago and finished the race in 35:58. Extremely sore today, but happy to improve on my last year's time by 36 seconds.


TRISH OBERHAUS, Online Community Specialist for Team Sports out of Chicago also ran the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k on Sunday morning along with 30,000 other participants. The course starts in Grant Park and winds through the streets of downtown Chicago before finishing back in Grant Park. It was a fun race and is known for kicking-off the running season here in Chicago. I’m looking forward to future events on the Chicago race calendar this year and nicer weather (I’m excited about the opening of baseball season, too!)

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San Diego had a beautiful weekend and most folks were outside enjoying the sunshine. Congrats to those who ran the San Dieguito half marathon!


ALYSON TYSON ran the San Dieguito Half yesterday in 1:49:19, which was 7-minutes faster than last year!


SCOTT EVANS ran the San Dieguito half marathon in 1:45 on a beautiful day and a challenging, hilly course.


NUNO COSTA ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon yesterday in 1:28:52--this is about 6:47 pace per mile – 62nd overall out of over 1200. I was running with this girl for most of the race who happened to place 3rd overall for females. It was a beautiful course – hilly and tough, but it was great weather and awesome race overall for me personally and a new PR for this distance, only the second time I have ran a half.


AMBER MARTIN ran the San Dieguito half in just over 1:54. After running 3 half marathons, a full marathon, and a 10k in just 6 weeks I am excited to take 3 weeks off racing and gear up for the LA Marathon March 2.


PAUL HILLER ran his first ever half-marathon on Sunday, finishing with a time of 2:45:22. No training, no shoes, ran backwards, carrying eggs etc. I can hardly walk today, but I finished!


The daughter of the new CFO STEVE KEMPER, Marina Kemper, took 2nd in the San Dieguito 5K on Sunday with a 22:26 in the kids under 12 category. She is eleven. I will send a picture later today.


KIRK JENSEN from the Edmonton office. Our group training for the Boston Marathon this April ran 15 miles in a foot of snow and a -33 wind chill!!


JESSE HAMMOND, AIREY BARINGER and TOBY GUILLETTE raced in the TCSD Duathlon which was a 2-mile trail run, 11-mile road bike and 2-mile trail run format. Due to a poorly marked bike course, a group of cyclists including Airey and Toby, missed the final turn and covered 17-miles on the bike while Jesse stayed on course and finished 17th out of 45.       




DEANNA ORGERON, her cousin Angie, and ANDREA RISHMAWI did a quick Cowles Mountain hike on Saturday morning.  Enjoy the “zen” poses



CHRIS CONNORS enjoyed the warm weather on Sunday and surfed the Ocean Beach jetty for 3 hours. The conditions were glassy and quite a few head high sets that came through!

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Warrior Weekend 1/27/08

Posted by IMVoice Jan 28, 2008

PATTI ROSENTHAL was at it again this weekend. Backcountry ski trip to Deer Creek - approximately 35 miles north of Durango.  Hiked up 800 feet to around an elevation of about 11,000 feet to ski some freshies through the trees.  Then hike back up to do it again!  This is a very popular place for backcountry skiing in Durango.  Great vistas, friends & skiing!



ANDI NEUGARTEN International sales skied knee deep powder in Utah! AND because for her that isn’t enough she went running on the groomed runs at 9000 feet with my crazy friend and then snowshoed through knee deep powder. Ouch......altitude hurts!


ASHLEY ELLIS Account Exec Swimming did a different kind of participation this weekend. She really CLEANED UP and worked on behalf of I Love A Clean San Diego, in the “Clean Canyons for a Clean Coast Cleanup”. The cleanup took place on Saturday January 26, 2008 from 9 am – 12 noon at Emerald Hills Open Space. This cleanup was an important one, in that it educated volunteers of the connection between inland canyons and waterways, and the San Diego coastline.  To view other events by this volunteer please go to 


I was disgusted with how much junk we found.  Some items that we picked up included:  tons of glass, shoes, one sleeping bag, a dead dog in a bagL, hundreds of cans, two tires, a shopping cart, Sport balls of all types, a medicine bottle dating back to 2002 and tons of food containers.  Hopefully through our service people around that community will want to take advantage of a beautiful nature path and animals will want to make it their home which before had been overrun by trash. 


CAITLYN BARKER has to stay in shape because she hangs out with her sister and boyfriend a Navy Seal.  Once again no races but on Saturday they hiked Iron Mtn in SD along with her Dad and the dogs. Bear (is the dog not the Seal) managed to pull us all the way to the top and despite the clouds we could see the entire county. Jake (the Seal) is training for Ironman Hawaii and decided to include the mountain in a 15 mile run with his brother the next day. Wish I was that adventurous….

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ALAN COLE & his wife Jill completed the Keebler Kids Marathon Mile with their beautiful daughter Bridget (who turns 2 in March). This kid-friendly precursor to the Carlsbad marathon takes runners on a mile-long course through LEGOLAND. Just my speed…



STEPHANY CAVATONI (Cardenas) in SD said she is happy to say the Cardenas family (including Stella age 4 and Lucas age 5) successfully finished the Keebler Marathon Mile at Legoland this weekend! 


CHRIS WHEELER School Finance ActiveEducate went skiing Friday and Saturday in Vail, Colorado.  The snow was great with tons of fresh powder. It was freezing though with temperatures around or below zero the entire time.  All in all it was an amazing weekend.


ANDREW COLE, CARRIE JAMES ANDREA RISHMAWI & JOHN PISCATTI (who found us on the Active Community Blog) hiked the 11.2-mile trail at El Cajon Mountain this Sunday morning at 7:00AM!! We didn’t get to finish all 11 miles – everyone wanted to get back in time for the Chargers game, so it ended up being about 9 miles.  Nonetheless…we’re talking about some TROOPERS on a Sunday morning J 


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK ran the Carlsbad ½ marathon with my college friend and fiancé. We finished at 2:07.


KEVIN BEATTY also completed the Carlsbad half with a PR of 1:47 minutes


AMBER MARTIN Senior Mkt Analyst with another great running weekend! She ran the Carlsbad Half along with a bunch of other Active people. I ran it in 1:54:23 which was 1 minute off my PR on that course. I was proud because the last 2 miles where the hardest 2 miles I have run, because all the soreness and cramping from my marathon last weekend came back, but I was able to push through and keep at pace. Now it’s time for a break before I ramp up again for the spring.


MOLLY MUELLER ran in the Carlsbad Half…Her first half marathonJ way to go Molly!


MICHELLE ULRICH Event Sales said Carlsbad was fantastic yesterday. I don’t think I have ever felt that good in a race. Everything felt great! I ran a PR of almost 4 minutes. 1:28:22, 6:45 pace, 23rd female overall and 7th in my age group. I am still on a high this morning and woke up thinking what’s next J


KRISTIN HARTOS Impementation Analyst did the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday, marking my first endurance event.  My IT band flared up right around mile 6 (which I expected from my training), but I still managed to finish the race in 2:49.  I must thank Michelle Nation for getting me to sign up and helping me find my inner “runner,” and my friends for showing up on race day to motivate (and embarrass) me. Couldn’t have done it without them!! J


MICHELLE NATION ran the Carlsbad Half this weekend with my older sister Kristie and some friends from Active (Megan Duvall & Kirstin Hartos). We had a blast taking in the perfect weather and beautiful scenery, but missed my younger sister (and co-worker) Janean who had to sit this one out due to injury! Can’t wait to get together again for the La Jolla Half in April J



JOSIE DONNELLY Director Account Management said she didn’t break any records!!! I ran at a snail’s pace.  But considering it was my first half marathon and I only trained for 3 weeks my goals was just to finish. I did it with my sister, which was wonderful. 


Man, feeling pretty sore today!


SARAH MOOSBRUGGER ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon with a couple of other Active people (Molly Mueller, Mary Cecil, Arch Fuston, Mike Coleman to name a few)… crossed the finish line with Arch Fuston’s wife (Christy) with a 1:59 time…if she hadn’t been there to pull me through, I wouldn’t have made it in under 2!  It was a really nice day, chilly at first, but a great run along the coast. I think Molly even saw some dolphins to help inspire her through the race.


ERIKA WINTER Endurance Swimming ran her first half Marathon in Carlsbad this weekend!


ANDI NEUGARTEN Active International had a beautiful day in Carlsbad for the ½ and is

Happy with her 1 hour 40 minute run as a beginning of my training season.  And she just arrived back from a week long Europe sales swing.


MIKE COLEMAN Dir of training was at it again 2 weekends in a row. He did Arizona RNR last week, Carlsbad 1/2 this week breaking the 2:00 mark with a 1:57. Think I will take a break next week.

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CAITLYN BARKER in SD along with her boyfriend has a list of things they want to do together before he deploys next week to Guam where he flies the H60 Sierra Helicopter for the Navy. If you live in San Diego you’ve probably seen these big workhorse copters over Coronado training. Well one of their laundry list items was to hike a local Mountain Cuyamaca. They did it on one of the coldest (below freezing) and windiest weekends of the year. But the climb was well worth the view from the top down to the Salton Sea plus they topped it off in the small mountain town of Julian, CA enjoying their famous Julian apple pie.




EDDIE STRICKLER from WA ran the 29th annual Cable Bridge Run in Pasco, WA. It must have been a large 5K because Eddie said he was the first to cross the finish line but someone that started after him actually won with his chip time. He ran a fast 16:59 and did end up 2nd overall. Eddie had a blast catching up with old running buddies after the race.


AND if anyone is interested I’m leaving from my house in Poway this Friday morning (yes taking the day off) at 9:30 AM (too cold earlier) for a 55 to 60 mile ride. Some of you know the route that goes past the Wild Animal Park and climbs up to Ramona then loops back to Poway. It’s a fairly difficult ride but a ton of fun with a bunch of Sun! Call me if you are going to make it 619 742-0580, 16888 St. Andrews Dr. Poway.





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