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Hope that Summer never ends

Posted by IMVoice Aug 24, 2009

MICHELLE CREPEAU out of the NY office participated in the Inaugural New York Road Runners Club Sprint Triathlon yesterday with Jill Parker and ex Active team member..  It was a Great course at Flushing Meadows.  Pool swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run.

Here is link to event if you want to check it out.


DAVE ALBERGA, CEO reports a great family weekend of camping, diving and learning about sustainable living with Jean-Michel Cousteau on Catalina Island.



JAMIE WILLIAMS reports he and LIZ HARRELL, JESSICA WEXLER & COREY BERNARDO did a 27 mile out-n-back ride through Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base Sunday morning.

Photo in Oceanside, CA near Harbor Drive before we started out.


Jessica also reports from the same trip. Corey “Road Kill” Bernardo, Jessica “Cruise Director” Wexler, Liz “Downhill” Harrell, and Jamie “Chain” Williams - ventured out to Camp Pendleton for a scenic 27 mile bike ride. We did an out and back starting at the base South gate with a turn around at the beach in San Onofre. More rides planned for the future. Let us know if you’d like to tag along next time.



JASON KARLS, Myella & Elva Karls went on a camping trip / music festival over the weekend.  The venue was at Helsing Junction Farm, just south of Olympia, WA.  There were a lot of great bands - all from K records (calvin johnson/kimya dawson/tender forever...).  The shows lasted well into the night w/ the disco on the farm lasting to 2:30 am.  It was Elva's first camping trip and she did awesome; even sleeping through the thumping music! 



KELLY SHULTE placed 3rd at the Santa Barbara sprint triathlon this weekend.  No pic of Kelly but the plaque is the important picture.



JANETTE KIM from the Burnaby office participated in the Mitsubishi City Chase on Saturday which is an urban adventure that is a combination of a smaller scaled “Amazing Race” plus scavenger hunt. It takes about 4-6 hours for average teams to get the course done - there were 800 of us “Chasers.” In teams of two, we used limited resources, determination and the ability to make decisions on the fly as we searched for ChasePoints scattered in unknown locations throughout the city. At each ChasePoint, there were a series of challenges designed to test the teams with a variety of physical, mental, and otherwise adventurous tasks. Each group had to complete 10 out of 25 ChasePoints. All of the teams ran, walked and could only use public transit to navigate our way throughout the city, while calling family and friends for help, accessing the Internet wherever, and we even had random strangers give us a hand. The short of the challenges my team did was: dragonboat racing, scaling a climbing wall, doing some bootcamp, doing a blindfolded dunking for pop cans in a large vat of water, etc. There were some ChasePoints where people had to eat bugs (I ate a cricket last year) and get naked but fortunately, I was able to avoid those ones! All in all – a great way to spend the day running around Vancouver!


ANDREA RISHMAWI, Acct Exec Swimming ran the 4 mile End of Summer Fire Run this weekend, put on by Stay Classy.  Though the premise for my participation was the mother load of single San Diego Firefighters waiting at the finish line, there were only a handful of said firemen…  Here’s a pic of some hot firefighting action…


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Summer Time Fun

Posted by IMVoice Aug 10, 2009

DAVE DETAR, Account Manager - ActiveOutdoors, participated in the Brookline Breeze.  The "Breeze" is a 5k run and 1 mile fun run in the Pittsburgh suburbs.  The 5K course was challenging with plenty of hills.  I finished top 15 for my age group with a time of 24:52.  The race was part of my training for my next half-marathon: The Spirit of Columbus (OH) on August 30.  I'm hoping to break the 2:00 hour mark at that event.



JESSICA WEXLER (Foundations) spent this last weekend camping on the beautiful Santa Cruz (Channel) Island with family and friends. During the weekend we did a 12 mile hike to the summit of the island followed by a hike to a remote beach. On the return ferry home we were treated with 2 blue whale sightings and a pod of a thousand dolphins.



TIM WOOD Played in a golf tournament in Coronado, CA. Did well on the front nine, fell apart on the back. But it was a PERFECT San Diego day!  Tim didn’t say what his final score was.


MARK LISTER (Documentation – Burnaby) ran his first half marathon on Sunday, the Delta Half Marathon. The course is entirely flat, running along farm roads, residential streets and next to the **** along the Fraser River. With very little breeze, moderate temperatures and a mist-like rain, conditions were perfect for a fast race. I placed 4th in a time of 1:17:25. WOW a first ½ in such a great time!


Lily and Chuan from Chengdu office. We went to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau last weekend. The view is beautiful over there.



We climbed up to the peak of Zhe-Duo Mountain which altitude is 4407 meters (14458 feet). We almost could touch the cloud!



Yours truly MIKE REILLY at Ironman Lake Placid, NY on a rainy morning but all was well and the sun came out on day race day.  Glad I found a banner to keep the fence up!


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Mountain Biking Only

Posted by IMVoice Aug 3, 2009



PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Industry Mgr. rode Kennebec Mountain Bike Loop – this is an epic MTB bike ride we do every year.  You climb up to 11,600 feet to the top of Kennebec Mountain & then go down the back side down to Wall’s Gulch, up to High Point & back out Junction Creek.  Miles of single track through the forest with creek crossings, waterfalls and some hike-a-bike.  Had several crashes – one trying to cross a creek, another off a tree root & fell off the cliff climbing back out (that one hurt!).  Our friend also did several endo’s & cut his hand pretty deep which we duct taped closed for the remainder of the ride (he ended up with 6 stitches).  All in all it was a terrific ride (over 8 hrs) & we were rewarded with cold beers & lunch at the finish.





JIM HINE, General Mgr Database Services rode his father in-law's Trek 2200 this past Sunday while vacationing in Jamul.  "I swapped out the 15-year-old bald tires for new rubber when I noticed the tube bulging out of the sidewall!  The 40-mile loop climbed above the morning clouds on Skyline Truck Trail and out through Japatul Valley.  The descent towards Alpine tool me past Sycuan Casino and back to Jamul on Dehesa Road.  I'd guess that 80% was over full bike lanes...way to stay classy San Diego!"



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Months of hard training prepared Team ActiveX for Sunday morning at the Solana Beach Triathlon & Duathlon.  The 2nd Annual ActiveX Charity Challenge was another huge success with over 80 Active employees competing in this year’s events, many being first time Triathletes/Duathletes.  As if this was not accomplishment enough, the team was also successful in raising over $31K in support of the Monarch School! 



Check out the results:


JESSICA WEXLER had a blast at the Solana Beach Triathlon. I hadn’t done a full tri in 5 years and now realize how much I have missed it. It was great fun to see everyone out there on the course! Looking forward to the next one already.



DEBRA URKA participated in the Solana Beach Triathlon for the second time this weekend. The waves going into the swim were intense but overall it was a beautiful and fun day. I look forward to next year.


JAMIE WILLIAMS also did the Solana Beach Triathlon on Sunday!

Michelle L. Ulrich did her first triathlon yesterday at Solana Beach and finished in 1:07:01.  What a fun day and ready for the next one!


RYAN WOOD competed in the San Luis Obispo Triathlon on Sunday with his wife, Lauren. It was their first triathlon. The race was a 900-yard pool swim, a 15.3-mile bike ride with way too many hills and a 3.1-mile run. We finished neck-and-neck, just like we thought we would. It was a great accomplishment for a couple of newbies, and it will NOT be our last tri!



Michelle Nation (Product Manager – San Diego) had the treat this weekend of travelling to Idaho to compete in the Burley Lions Spudman (international distance) triathlon with my mom and my older sister.  We took fourth place in our division with a time of 2:46:24.5.  As promised by the Race Directors, I PRd on the 1.5 k swim (thanks to some help from the current) with a time of 18:49. This was an amazing event put on by a really cool group of volunteers. I now understand why it’s so popular they had to switch their registration to a lottery!


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Toby's 100 Mile Adventure

Posted by IMVoice Jul 20, 2009

TOBY GUILLETTE, Community Development Specialist, ran the VERMONT 100 MILE ENDURANCE RUN over the weekend. The course offered a brutal 14,000' of elevation gain and 14,000' of loss through the rolling hills of southern VT.

My support crew consisted of my parents, brother and close friends and we executed our race plan perfectly. I averaged a 13min09sec pace to finish in 21hrs57min. That is 2.5hrs faster than my previous PR and was good for 30th place overall, 5th in my age group. I'm thrilled that my months of hard work came together and brought my family together to share such a unique and exciting experience. With only 8 toenails remaining, soon to be 7, I'm already being asked what's next... Stay tuned! TOBY YOU ARE MY HERO! Mike


I didn’t yet receive a report from anyone who competed in the Vineman 70.3 ½ Ironman event in Sonoma, CA but did talk to ARCH FUSTON. He said it was one of the toughest triathlons ever. The swim was interesting because the river was so low that they actually walked part of the swim! Then on the bike they were all safe which was good because a tree fell on the road during the bike ride and hit a few riders. They have some broken bones but are okay. I’ve been in triathlon over 25 years and have never heard of that happening! Then on the ½ marathon run the temperature hit 101 degrees with no wind.




BRIAN CHOY, Customer Programs Specialist in Burnaby reports that ir was a big weekend for the Active Assassins roller hockey team consisting of BRIAN and JUSTIN LEUNG, JASON LO, JIMMY LAM, INDERPAL DHALIWAL, RYAN LYSTER, MEGAN HOLLSTRDT, MATT COX, ANDRE TESSIER and MATT HOFFMAN. After finishing in 8th place after the regular season, we needed to play an elimination game against the 9th place team to qualify for the playoffs. The Assassins came out hard and got a well deserved 9-2 victory on Friday night to advance into the first round of the playoffs led by a 4 goal (5 point) performance by team captain Justin Leung. With little rest, the Assassins were back on the floor on Sunday afternoon to face the top seeded team, the Angry Dragons in the first round of the playoffs. After losing both regular season games to the Dragons, we knew we were the underdogs going into the game. Sunday’s game was definitely the most physical, hard-nosed game that we have played all season and both teams did not let up even after the whistles. However with nothing but pure will and determination, the Active Assassins pulled off an amazing 4-3 upset victory playing our best game of the season. The game was a closely fought battle with the game-winning goal coming with just 8 seconds left on the clock to break a 3-3 tie and seal the victory for the Assassins. A huge thanks to the fans who came out in the blistering heat to support the team! Next up for the Assassins are the Sharpshooters who we will face on Tuesday night.



JIM HINE did a short exploratory ride near Stanley ID. Climbed Boundary Creek to the Casino Lakes loop. The trail starts at about 6,700’ and tops out at 8,800’ in 2.5 miles, and my HR kept shooting up so I had to take some extra ‘photo breaks’. The ridge has great views of the Sawtooth range and Redfish Lake. Lewis (my aussie/lab mix) descended fast…cutting me off on 3-4 switchbacks, and whenever I gunned it he was on my wheel. Great session.








JESSICA WEXLER (Swim), LIZ HARRELL (Bike), MICHELLE NATION (Run) teamed up for the Carlsbad Sprint (Relay) Triathlon last weekend in San Diego. The event was a lot of fun and great practice for our upcoming races on the 26th. Jessica’s swim was much faster than anticipated (current aided), Liz’s ride was in fact 15 miles not 9 miles as previously assumed, and Michelle’s sub-10 minute mile was cheered on by all! We stayed after the race to cheer for some tri-newbies who were still out on the course. A great day had by all!





AMBER MARTIN, SD office climbed half dome this weekend with my entire family and Jessica Brustad who used to work at Active. I was extremely proud that my 53 year old parents were able to make the 17 mile Hike! It was my second time doing the hike, and it was much harder in 100 degree weather this time. And on a personal note - WOW 53 and hiking 17 miles, that’s soooo OLD!







MEGAN CARTER, CATHERINE HANSEN, ERIC RAETHER AND ERIC went for a killer mountain bike ride in Penasquitos Canyon last Friday. It was an epic ride, not too hot. Thanks Scott and Dave for fixing Megan’s mechanical bike problem.


MICHELLE CREPEAU out of NY did lots of biking in Nantucket this weekend. Ah summer in the East!





JIM GARFIELD (AMG) spent the beautiful weekend in USAT certification class so he could officiate at the Strawberry Fields Triathlon Sunday. The Junior and Youth National Championships were held during the triathlon. It was incredible to see 13-15 and 16-18's race with such skill and speed. Definitely saw our future Olympian's there! I did not even have to blow my whistle or throw a red card!!




DON CRAMER Product Manager spent last week competing in the USA Shooting National Championship in Shotgun. USA Shooting is the National Governing Body for Olympic Shooting Sports. Don opened with a 91 out of 100 targets on the first day within 7 targets of the lead. With the competition lasting over 3 days shooting 250 targets, Don finished 46th out of 120 competitors with a score of 215/250. In the women’s trap competition 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist Corey Cogdell won with a score of 250/275 after the finals.






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Happy Holiday Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jul 6, 2009



GORDON BOISVERT, Burnaby spent Thursday Rock Climbing at Horne Lake on Vancouver Island. A new area for me.  Most of the climbs are in the Amphitheatre - a massive Limestone cave which is unusual since most of the rock around here is Granite.  Did a half dozen 12's all Steller quality.  Included a couple shots of Stormtrooper (12c).  The start is off a tree stump and the second shot is about a third of the way up.


Friday the wife took me up to Lytton and we spent the day river rafting from Spence's Bridge back to Lytton on the Thompson river with a company called Kumsheen.  This was in motorized pontoon boats.  The temperature was 35C (95F) which was great since the river was freezing.  25 kilometers of river with more than 25 rapids with cozy names like 'Jaws of Death', 'Witches Cauldron', 'Terminator'.  Most of them large enough to cover the boat soaking and tossing us around.




BROOKE KIRKPATRICK, Acct Exec in Denver and her husband Mike with yellow lab Aspen camped for 3 days in the Sangre De Cristo mountain range in Colorado to hike a few 14ers.  We attempted to climb Mt. Ellingwood and Mt. Blanca on Friday, but were forced to turn back once we reached the ridge due to bad weather and visibility.  On Saturday we summated Mt. Lindsay, which was a very fun and challenging 14er.  There was one sketchy area in a gully that would have been smart to have an ice axe.  Maybe next time we will take that suggestion!  I can’t think of a better way to spend 4th of July!




JIM GARFIELD (AMG) ran the 32 annual Pacific Palisades Will Rogers 10K with the new K-Swiss K-Ona flag shoes.  The mile long switch backs in the state park were incredibly challenging but the shoes had their own cheering fans that helped push me along.



CHRIS OCHS, Sales Manager-ActiveEvents OnDemand—Boulder, competed in the Superior Downhill Mile on July 4th and ran a 5:30 mile.  The next day, Chris hiked to the top of Mt. Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s legendary 14’ers—Mountains with a peak of 14,000 feet or higher.  This jaunt took a little longer, six hours from start to finish.



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR Systems Engineer SD stayed local for some holiday weekend hiking while training for a Kilimanjaro climb this September.  Hiked the Torrey Pines preserve three times, and the summit of Mt. Woodson once.


TOBY GUILLETTE, online community specialist-San Diego, made the 9-hour drive to the Sierra Nevada mountains over the long weekend for some mountaineering. We originally set off to attempt the Palisades Traverse, a classic ridge traverse that includes climbing five 14,000' peaks but we got off route early and basically climbed the wrong first peak (13,775'). One of our guys wasn't doing well with the altitude and we weren't going to have enough time to adjust and keep going with the route so we decided to bail. With 2 hours of sleep, we still had a blast on our 16 hour, 22-mile excursion. It's the price one must pay to see beauty like this:


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CHRIS OCHS, Sales Mgr Active Events competed in the Great Urban Race, a scavenger hunt, ( on Saturday.  The hunt involved finding and photographing various landmarks around downtown Denver.  The team with the fasted time wins the event and qualifies for the National Championship in New Orleans—He and his partner Kevin Davis (left) were not the fastest, but they had the most fun!  On Sunday Chris ran the Lyons River 5K in Lyons, CO.  His 5K time of 23:00 was more than six minutes slower than the winner.  How do those high school kids get so fast?!?!



JAKE COONEY, Online Marketing Manager in Bothell set a PR at the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.  It was a great day and a beautiful course.  My previous 2 marathons were right at 3:40 so my goal was 3:30-3:35 and somehow managed to knock out a 3:12.  I’m a little disappointed I didn’t shave a couple extra minutes off and qualify for Boston but I’m not too upset because I wasn’t trying and I did much better than expected.  Gross photos are always a fun part of the weekend report so I included my shoe after the race.  I’d like to note that this is only the blood that reached the outside of the shoe after my thick wool socks became fully saturated.  In the next couple weeks I expect to pull my foot out of my sock with 1 fewer toenails than it went in with but it’s all worth it.




Another RnR Roller CHRIS INOUYE (Implementation Analyst in Bothell, WA) PR'd in the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon this weekend with a time of 1:29:36!  Also raised money for Peak7 Adventures.  I need 10 more people to donate $10.  Help a kid get ACTIVE this summer:



NICHOLAS BATTAGLIA Implementation Analyst in Bothell, WA ran the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon on Saturday. Nicholas didn’t give a time but I hope he liked what he ran!


ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer - Bothell, WA On Saturday with his Church softball team from Overlake Christian Church played in the Owen B. Shackett Softball Tournament in Kent, WA.  SHANE WHITEHURST (Implementation Analyst) is also a member of the team, and RYAN MCDONALD (Account Executive, University Camp Sales) filled in for this tournament.  We started off the day at 10:20 a.m. and promptly lost our first game (barely).  Not yet recovered from our first lost, we dropped our second game immediately after in extra innings.  Luckily this tournament was a three game minimum (normally losing twice would mean an early exit) so we got another chance.  With nothing left to lose we played our 3rd game and won, convincingly (10 run rule enforced).  We rolled that into our next game which happened to be against the first team we lost to.  We again won with the 10 run rule enforced and moved on.  The next game was against the second team we lost to, and again won by the 10 run rule.  So we moved on to another team and rolled through them.  Somehow we know find ourselves in the championship playing against the top team and need to beat them twice in a row to win the tournament from the loser’s bracket.  In the first Championship game we scored a bunch early and held them off late.  So we forced a second championship game and only one win away from taking the whole tournament.  The second game proved uneventful until the bottom of the fourth (we were the visiting team).  We were up 3-1 before their offense woke up and scored a few to put them up 5-3.  Heading into the top of the 5th we knew we had to score some runs.  I came up with the bases loaded and proceeded to launch one (well) over the left center fence to put us up 7-5 and we ended the inning up 10 -5.  Just as we felt the game was under control and had them beat, they rallied for a huge inning putting them up 14-10.  We only got one run in our half of the 6th inning and then in the bottom they just ran away with it and enforcing the 10 run rule on us.  All in all we played 8 games and spanned 10 hours in the 80-90 degree weather leaving us all sore and sun burnt.  Yet we will do it all again gladly at the next tournament for another championship game!


SIJEN OLTHOF, Thrive Implementation Analyst Bothell had a wonderful weekend here in Seattle, WA.  The weather was perfect for the Seattle RnR race.  Ten people from the Bothell Office participated with the Active Team. 2 people, (Jake Cooney and Brian Cronrath) ran the full marathon, while the rest of the team ran the half marathon (Chris Inouye, Jason Karls, Joe Benoit, Matthew Wanamaker, Nicholas Battaglia, Nicole Pelley, Sijen Olthof, and Stephen Branstetter). Congratulations to everyone who ran the race.  Thanks for participating in all the training and fundraising leading up to the event.  Here is the photo I got at the race.  People in the photo left to right (Chris Inouye, Nicholas Battaglia, Sijen Olthof).


For me the race is the first event after having a baby last fall.  My goal was to run a 10 min mile and I completed the race at 2 hrs and 14 min. Great day, Great Race, Great Accomplishment.  YES IT WAS SIJEN CONGRATULATIONS!



BRIAN CRONRATH, Thriva Application Support Bothell ran his first marathon.  It was really fun but also ended in disaster.  I started out fine, was hitting about 6 minute pace give or take a few depending on if the mile was an uphill or downhill.  I was feeling great throughout the whole race really – I never felt overly exhausted, it was more of a fight against my legs cooperating with me.  I had to stop soooo many times during the race it war ridiculous.  I had to stop at least 3 times (as far as I can remember) to apply Vaseline to blisters on my feet.  The nike Lunar road racers definitely didn’t treat me too well.  Despite the blister setbacks, I was still doing pretty well for the whole race.  It was amazing to me how even though there were 25,000 so people racing, it seemed that I was completely alone for 95 percent of the race.  It was crazy when people would be so far ahead of me that I could barely even see them, and later in the race I would reel them in. 


I believe I was like 1:18 at the halfway point, and feeling great.  Things were going very well until about mile 23.  I believe a large blood blister on my right foot was causing me to favor one side of the foot slightly, and it just caught up with me at that point.  The pain was only mild at mile 23, but it was enough to cause me to slow up a bit.  I had had many various aches and pains throughout the race, but usually just backing off for a bit would allow them to go away after a little while.  Unfortunately, the pain in my fight foot just kept getting worse and worse.  To the point where I was hobbling the last two miles.  My mentality went from away from trying to get a  good place, to now I was just telling myself to “finish the race and not care about time or place”.  To give a little insight about how slow I finished, a friend (of a friend) of mine passed me during the last mile, and he finished in I believe 2:41, and I finished in 2:46.  The last mile I swear felt longer than the entire race before it, I couldn’t believe how long it took me to finish the last mile.  I had to walk a lot of it.  Surprisingly I think I only got passed by around only 8 o 9 people during my problems with my foot.  After I finished the race, I went straight to the med tent and got all my blood blisters lanced, and got ice packs immediately applied to my foot.  I could hardly walk, so I had to have my dad (who was spectating) drive around through traffic and pick me up behind the med tent.  Since traffic was so bad, this took around 40-50 minutes, I’m not gonna lie it was kind of miserable… haha!!  This whole weekend I basically just stayed off of the foot, it hurts immensely to put any pressure on it.  Originally I thought my foot may have been broken, but now I just think it’s a really bad strain.  I’m going into a doctor later to get a proper diagnosis.





MEGAN HOLLSTEDT Web Designer Burnaby reports. Thanks so much for continuing to do such a stellar job with the weekend warrior report. Here's the goods for what went down here in Burnaby, BC this weekend:


ActiveX Team Burnaby made their inaugural appearance this weekend at the Scotia Bank Half Marathon and 5k. Together the group has raised $4052 so far for KidSports, a Canadian non-profit  that provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport. A big thank-you out to Janette Kim for leading the way in organizing the crew and running with a hang-over at the same time.


Team Site (go!!):


Half-marathon runners:

Jamie Haaf - best time: 2:11:30

Jason Slusarchuk

Darren Jensen

Lorna Jensen

Matt Hoffman

Paul Hiller

Stanley Ulmer


5k runners:

Mathew Cox - best time: 25 min 30 sec

Janette Kim

Jennifer Saalfeld

Tamara Lee

Megan Hollstedt


Top Fundraiser goes out to Jason Slusarchuk  $930.00 and change. Way to go Jason!!


Some team members thoughts on the day: From Matt Hoffman "Ran with Darren and his wife, Lorna, the entire way and had an absolute blast chatting away with Lorna J."

From Stanley: "This was my first attempt at that distance."

Janette & Jason: Ran with injuries!

Paul Hiller: New dad as of a few days before the half marathon, probably ran without much sleep!

Janette's comments "Absolutely loved the vibe of the run and having done this as a team. Next year will be even better."

Megan's comments: "My time would've been better is I wasn't tweeting the whole way."


Way to go team Burnaby!



JASON SLUSARCHUCK Acct Mgr Burnaby did the Scotia bank Half Marathon in

2:46:39 in Vancouver, BC.


JIM HINE Mountain Biking in Ketchum, ID. On Saturday the family road the 'Rip and Tear' loop near the Galena Lodge 25 miles North of Ketchum.  Our dog Lewis was on point the whole time on a trail that serves double-duty to xc skiers and snowshoers in winter.  We had great views of the Sawtooths, checked out a couple of the rental yurts, and returned to the lodge for 'adult' grill-cheese sandwiches.  On the way back to Sun Valley I got 'dropped off' at the trailhead for Oregon Gulch.  I rode the lower Oregon Gulch loop and connected to Fox Creek.  Trails around Sun Valley right now have high-run off so some of the creek crossings can be deep and I had to climb over a half-dozen downed trees.  But the 13 mile ride was 100% single track and the descent was fast and smooth.


MICHAEL WILSON, Sales Mgr Endurance & Giving and Brandon did the SD International Tri this weekend…beautiful day and great course!  I finished in just over 2 hours and felt great.  Saw some other Active-ites out there as well as some Active spectators.  Beautiful day for a triathlon in San Diego!


MIKE DOBRANSKY (Team Lead, LeagueOne – San Diego) participated in the San Diego International Triathlon this weekend in sunny San Diego.  There were a handful of Active folks out there and we had way too much fun.


Yours truly MIKE REILLY finished up 3 event weekends in a row with the Buffalo Springs 70.3 Triathlon in Lubbock, TX.  It was there 20th anniversary.  The event directors Marti and Mike Greer are among the best in the Country and produce a world class event.  In the picture with me are Jamie Whyte top NZ triathlete, Cameron Brown 8x winner of Ironman New Zealand and Mike Greer race director and youngest 70 year old I know!



Scott Friesen, Business Analyst at the Burnaby office, travelled south to participate in the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon on Saturday.  He had a great time being apart of the largest running event in Washington State history.  He also enjoyed bumping into several members of the Bothell team along the route and at the finish line.  Scott ran his first half marathon in a time of 1:47:26.


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Summer Solstice Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Jun 23, 2009

LAUREN EDER found a great way to get the heart rate up while strapped to a seat.  I spent an exhilarating hour on Saturday in a 2-seat glider over the Fraser River and British Columbia coastal mountains, near Hope which is about 2 hours west of Vancouver.  Geoff, the pilot, is husband of ex-Class employee Judy Holt, who is really just on extended maternity leave. J  Of course I had to say Yes to the offer of experiencing some aerobatics.  I cannot describe the feeling of “pulling 2 G’s” (new lingo for me), but want to do it again!



Saturday, three members of European Active Team went to volunteers to the St Jean de Luz stage of the charities race series called Odyssea.


From left to right: Loic Metais (St Jean de Luz triathlon race director), CEDRIC PRIMAULT (France account manager), PIERRE DUVELLEROY (Senior account executive) & LAURENT GAUTHIER (Endurance European managing director)



JIM HINE's Bogus Basis Weekend:

On Saturday we mountain biked the Boise foothills to Gardener Peak, just East of Bogus Basin ski resort....climbing 7,490 ft over 32 miles in a little over 4 hours.  The single track along the ridge was solid, but one of our favorite descents - Shingle Creek - was rutted and sketchy after the heavy rain a week ago.  Then on Sunday my family (and Grandparents!) drove up to Bogus and hiked to the summit of Shafer Butte.  The views came and went with the clouds, but we made a couple snowballs before switch-backing down through the wildflowers.





ROBERT SUBKOW: There were dogs from all across the United States that came to ride the waves in Southern California.  CBS morning show, Channels 5, 8, 9, and even a station from Germany were there filming the contest.  The event has gotten so much notoriety that the film makers for the new movie Marmaduke were there to get shots of the “Big Dogs”.  Although my dog Jill didn’t place this year, her team mate from the “Golden SurFurs” took 1st place in the dogs over 40 pounds.  Next Year!  Pictures are courtesy of the Union Tribune.



JAKE COONEY reports, "With one week left until the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, the Bothell office has done 2 team bike rides as an alternative training event.  Cody Lamens, Jake Cooney, Jay Lee, David Knapp, Nicole Pelley, Chris Inouye, Joel Werdell, Zach Panther, Sijen Olthof, Jason Karls, Brian Grover, and Stephen Branstetter have all participated in the rides."





FRANCIS DUPUIS and his wife, Faye Dupuis were in the dragon boat races this past weekend: Recreational Div C Consolation – 4th place @ 2:21.240


She's in the back of boat #2



Also, my two boys played in a roller hockey tournament, their teams finished first and third. This is Devon with his third place trophy.



TOBY GUILLETTE completed the 26-mile 9-Peak Challenge across the San Bernardino mountain range on Saturday in 8.5 hours. My 32-mile day started at 2am with an ascent of San Gorgonio (11,499ft), the highest mountain in SoCal, arriving at the summit for sunrise and continued with hike/running 8 more peaks all above 10,000 feet. Since it was a point-to-point route, I had another 10 miles to go to get back to my car after the 26-mile traverse was complete. This is when the real adventure began. I'll post a blog this week with details


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ActiveX and Alcatraz

Posted by IMVoice Jun 15, 2009

ARCH FUSTON reports The ActiveX Endurance Camp at Warner Springs was a huge success! Over 70 athletes took part in the two-day event, which started with a very cool, windy, and hilly ride, followed by a transition clinic on steroids and a swim clinic. The day wrapped up with a massive group dinner featuring homemade jambalaya and adult beverages, and a night of debauchery at the Butterfield’s Cantina. Sunday morning brought a yoga session, followed by a beautiful trail run. An amazing weekend was had by all, and a new ActiveX tradition has been born.





MIKE MCDONALD, Web Developer on a whim yesterday ventured out on my new Schwinn road bike (thanks Arch!) and ended up riding 24 miles ride between downtown and Sorrento Valley.  I ended up being on the bike for nearly 2.5 hours. Big thanks to the sun for finally coming back and motivating me to get out there!


JIM DE LA CRUZ in the San Diego office on Saturday with his wife participated in the Manhattan Beach 5k on the beach nice out-and-back route on the beach. Next my 6-year old son Joshua participated in the same event for the kids 400 meter out-and-back route on the beach, both events were very mellow non-competitive. I was happy for both of them doing this event. Josh is wearing bib 5091 in the picture. On Sunday, I participated in the Redondo Beach Sprint Triathlon, it was a great event, the water was nice and the course was nice a flat, and the post-event booths had hot breakfast burritos, and small French toast bites Yummy! I’m pictured with my friend Marvin after the event.





JIM GARFIELD joined two thousand other athletes for the 2009 Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in San Francisco this weekend.  He was cheered on by Active alum Janna Stewart and pre-road the course with pro Michellie Jones and crew.  Even though it was a stunning day with favorable conditions, only a 4 knot current!! is hard to believe any prisoners of Alcatraz could have made that swim without a wetsuit!!!!!!


!janna and jim.jpg! 



CHRIS OCHS completed the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon on Sunday with a finishing time that did not make him feel like he needed to think about quitting his day job as Sales Manager for the Active Events OnDemand (Boulder Office) Team.



LEIGH-ANNE FRANKLIN from the activeworks tech. doc. team protected her family from a marauding band of pirates (no small feat for a “word nerd”!).





MARK LISTER (Documentation – Burnaby) ran his first trail race on Saturday, the 5 Peaks Simon Fraser University. I ran the Enduro course (9.8 km) and finished 5th overall, 2nd in my age category (20-29), in a time of 48:08. I had an awesome time flying down the single track dirt trails, getting airborne over rocks and logs, and racing across the wooden bicycle bridges. There was a good mix of downhill and uphill sections, although the final hill was brutal, with 250m of elevation gain over 1.5km of distance!

Link to results:


JIME HINE road in the Tour De Hood.  Temps in the low 40's at the Mt Hood ski lodge starting point, but climbed to mid- 70's by the finish. 5 hrs, 30 min later.  We were the first group to finish (5 riders), averaging 16.2 mph over 92 miles with 10,500 elevation with a time of 5 hrs 30 min.  Three feed stops of great food and killer views of Mt Hood, small towns and beautiful farmland.  We watched the pros come in on their 3rd stage of the Hood Classic, and were surprised to beat them to the finish (we had a 3 hour head start!)


We bagged on the 2nd day of the tour on the road and instead did a 25 mile mountain bike ride on Surveyors ridge.  We have a bout 4.5k of elevation gain with 22 of the 25 miles being pure single track.  The descent included 37 switchbacks with some pretty rocky turns.  One of the best trails I've ever ridden.  Both days included stops to Full Sail Brewery for replenishment and recovery.




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SARI RUDY Account Exec. Tennis reports her 13 year old son Andrew won the US Kids Golf Teen Qualifier this weekend by 4 strokes, he’ll be heading to Pinehurst, NC end of July for the US Kids Teen Championship! Let’s hope he continues to kill it!


JENNI MILLER participated in the Iron Girl 10k for my third year in a row. This is such an awesome event as it is a women’s only run and everyone is incredibly supportive of each other. It was also really cute seeing all the dads on the sidewalk with strollers, cheering on their wives. I finished in 58:22 which is my best time yet for this race!


PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Manager and her husband Mark did the Death Ride Tour 669 which started in Silverton, Colorado.  First day you ride to Telluride (74 miles); next day to Durango (104 miles); and then back to Silverton (50 miles).   Total of 228 miles with over 24,000 feet of climbing.   Beautiful loop made up of several highways in south western Colorado called the San Juan Skyway.  First 2 days we road our tandem bike & then the last day we jumped back on our single bikes which was quite a relief after riding the heavy beast over the big mtn passes.  Highly recommend this ride – one of the most beautiful loops in southwestern Colorado!



Jim De la Cruz, System admin in the San Diego office on Sunday went to Del Mar. CA fairgrounds to cheer on and support my wife and some other Active Network colleagues in the IronGirl 10k/5k event. Great event if you are just starting out or like take a run with about 3500 other women-only event.


MICHAEL WILSON, Sales Manager Eundurance just got back from my 545 mile, 7-day AIDS Lifecycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles this weekend.  This it the third year I have participated in ALC and it is one of the best weeks of the year.  In total, the event raised over $10.5 million to help HIV/AIDS patients that cannot afford care and medication as well as prevention programs in SF and LA.  It is a truly unique event that I love participating in and look forward to each year.  No injuries or soreness – and NO FLAT TIRES for the entire 545 miles!



TINA NOVAK, Software Consultant headed down near Buena Vista, CO this weekend and did a Full Moon Float down the Arizona River. Our friends are professional river guides and a group of about 30 of us got together and launched our rafts around 11pm and rafted through Class III rapids, path only lit by the full moon. It was beautiful, exhilarating, freezing, and epic all at the same time!


CHUAN HU from the China office reports It was a busy weekend.!  Day 1st Saturday was their Cycling day! Four of Chengdu ActiveXer, took the first trial ride of Active China Riding Club. Chuan transported his bike from Xi’an by train and LILY ZHANG, CRUSOE  XIA and PAUL LI just bought brand new mountain bikes. We decided to take a ride around Chengdu city just for some fun. Paul also brought his friend with us. That day she borrowed an old bike which hadn’t been touched in past 6 years! We kept riding as a group from the beginning to end. Still, we have a lot fun. Sometimes Paul was our leading rider with his friend’s ooooooooooooold bike.

From left to right: Paul, Chuan, Lily, YuHang , Crusoe.



Day 2nd (Sunday): Soccer day! vs. – one of the most famous hiring agencies in China. It wasn’t an easy game because their team was pretty strong. But we also got much, much stronger than before. The result was 5:5. This was ActiveX no. 7 passing two defenders using his right heel to kick the ball over their head.



We were so happy about the even result and so appreciated the hard work of our cheer team. Jean, GM of China office, also was there with us. Tom and Joey were our heroes. Tom scored 3 and made a penalty kick opportunity. Joey played as goal keeper in the last half of game and he saved at least 4!



ROBERT SUBKOW said the weekend that went to the dogs! In preparation for the 4th annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition in San Diego  coming up on Saturday June 20th, much practice was put in to prepare the pooches for hanging 10.   To prepare for this competition we did a loop around Mission Bay on Saturday morning with the dogs in the Kayak’s for balance strengthening.  I paddled while my 90 pound Golden enjoyed the sights, GREAT WORKOUT!  Then it was off to Coronado to test the surfing on Sunday morning.  After 2 hours of working with the dogs, I think we may be in a position to repeat as champions as the Golden Surf’ers take the beach by PAW on the 20th of June.



DOUG WELLS, Data Analyst in AMG, ran the Camp Pendleton Mud Run for the first time on 12 hours notice as a last minute replacement for a team. It was one of my favorite runs I have ever done, and am definitely going to pre-plan next year’s race. It only took one full box of q-tips post race to clean my ears.


TOBY GUILLETTE volunteered at the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run and helped hang glowsticks to mark the trail for the runners who were running through the night into the next day. I had a 12-mile section and had some great memories of last year when I did the race. Only 39 days until the Vermont 100 Endurance Run!


!|height=375|alt=truth and beauty|width=500|src=!

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Posted by IMVoice Jun 1, 2009

NO ONE FORGETS THEIR FIRST TIME! Rock n Roll Weekend in SD for 12th year!


ANUSHEH CHAVEZ ran her FIRST marathon at Rock n Roll.  She trained hard for the race but had no idea that the last 4 miles would be so hard!  She finished in 5:03 and wished she hadn’t taken that last pottie break cause she would have broken 5:00!  Here is a pic with ALISON HARGRAVE INGLESE on her left.



ALISON HARGRAVE INGLESE, Application Specialist NFL was another FIRST timer at RnR.  She wanted to break 5:00 hours.  I ran the Rock N Roll Marathon with my dad. This was my 1st marathon and his 12th. My goal was under 5 hours and I came in at 4:59:22, barely made it! Such a great event and the support from everyone who came out to watch was amazing! It was so much fun and it was so great to share the experience with my dad.



JEN ROMINE reports on the RnR Marathon “We Be Runnin’” the Rock and Roll Marathon Relay!

LAUREN DACHILLE started us off in the first leg of the relay, 18 minutes after the gun went off as she hit the snooze one too many times on her alarm J.  “It was packed with high energy from all the fans at the start, the drag queen cheerleaders in Hillcrest and the huge turn of fans lining the course cheering! Running wise, I had a great section that included a nice downhill into the city around Petco Park and then ending on Broadway. I felt like it was over way too soon!”

AMANDA BOURQUIN ran the 2nd leg “I was quite nervous waiting for Lauren to run through the relay transition line on Broadway, but without fail she came flying through screaming “Mandy, Mandy??”.  The baton handoff was perfect and I was off!  I ran up Broadway and onto the scenic, yet uphill and deserted 163!  Thank goodness there was a gorgeous downhill descent into Mission Valley and onto Friars Road with many fans and bands cheering me to the mile 13.5 relay hand off. JENNI MILLER ran the 3rd and longest leg of the marathon around Mission Bay.  “Running through PB was by far the best part of my run. There were a ton of supporters including some awesome Active folks who came out to cheer (thanks guys!). Looking back at this race, what I will remember most is the continuous compliments I received for my socks…. Seriously, never running another race without them (ha-ha)!”

JEN ROMINE ran the final leg of the marathon.  “I had so much fun running the race, especially coming into the MCRD with everyone cheering and Mike Reilly announcing was incredible, it inspired me to sign up for a ½ marathon and hopefully complete a full at some point.  Thanks to everyone that came out to cheer us on, and all of the volunteers that helped make the race possible!”

Our Team finished in 4:11:09



LEVI SMITH, Tech Support Analyst this weekend competed in his FIRST ever marathon and was able to complete it!!!!!! The feeling is incredible and I never could have done it without all of the help I received through my training program and encouragement from team members but most importantly, I had MIKE DE LA CRUZ as a running buddy and that truly made all of the difference. I hit a major wall at mile 16 and had to walk the rest. Jim walked it with me even though he could have run the rest and received a better time. Without Jim I am sure I would have quit! By mile 23 I was crying from the pain and then I happened to notice several signs from the spectators. One said “Pain is only temporary, but the feeling of finishing will last forever” and another one said “pain is the body’s way of releasing weakness”. I must have had a lot of weakness in me because I sure was in a lot of pain ;  ) I would have to say that hearing the voice of Ironman (Mike Reilly) bring us across the finish line was the icing on the cake! I can’t wait to hear that same voice when I complete my first Ironman!!!!!!! What a weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JIM DE LA CRUZ, Sys Admin from San Diego finished the San Diego RNR marathon yesterday with Levi Smith. FIRST of many more full marathons. It was a great event and recommend it to anybody that likes to get past the 13.1 distance on to the 26.1. Thanks to Arch and ActiveX for getting my physical and mental mindset comfortable for this event! I also ran into some other folks from Active in the event as well as cheering us on for support which is an added plus.

In addition, the experience to taken to another level to have and see Mike Reilly calling out the names at the finish line, truly an outstanding voice to hear especially at the end of an event.


GISELLE DOMDOM was one of the many Active Rock 'n' Rollers yesterday. It was such a great experience for my FIRST marathon! The chance to run through my hometown made it extra special. Big thanks to my Content Team members for their support--and to all the familiar Active faces along the course! Very motivating! Attached is a post-race picture with two more Active first-time marathoners, Jim De La Cruz and Levi Smith. Yay for conquering 26.2!



AMBER MARTIN, SD office  finished the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in her worst marathon time EVER. After acquiring  tendonitis at the Boston marathon only 5 weeks ago, I still decided to attempt the race, because I have never dropped out of a race I registered for. The hill up the 163 killed my Achilles and I contemplated dropping out between mile 10-14. My stubbornness kept me in the race, and I limped across the finish line in excruciating pain with a time of 4hr 48 minutes. This morning I can barely walk due to increased Achilles tendinitis and bone growth on my right heel at the connection point of my tendon, and a left knee full of fluid, an injury probably caused by favoring my right ankle. After 11 marathons in 3.5 years I will be finally listening to my body and not running another marathon this year. I hope to get back in 3:45 marathon condition by the Pittsburgh Marathon 2010.


MICHELLE ULRICH, Account Exec Running & Justin Rock, Account executive- Active Educate participated with 2 other team members in the Rock and Roll Relay yesterday.  The FUNtastic Four (our team name) finished 5th overall in the co-ed division and 9th out of 350 teams overall.  Our finishing time was a 3:09:53.  What a fun day!


MARK WARBLE, IT/Desktop Management, SD office.  This was my FIRST full marathon and it was incredible.  Tons of energy and cheers throughout the entire course.  I felt good for the first half, but keeping a decent pace seem to get incredibly more difficult for the second half.  The last six miles were the longest I’ve ever felt.  I finished 4:20:42 and am very happy with that time.  Had a great experience…the pain I’m feeling today, however, is a different story.  =)


ERIC RAMOS cramped up the last 6 miles of the SD RnR Mrathon but finished in 4:55.  It was his FIRST RnR marathon but 3rd overall in his young career.


MICHELLE NATION in SD office ran the Rock and Roll marathon yesterday with my big sister Kristie.  Loved the perfect weather and all the support from friends and family.   I didn't make my goal time but I did get a new PR so all in all an awesome day!   Thanks to Mike and his voice for getting us off to a great start.



TOBY GUILLETTE also ran the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon this weekend and I am inspired by all the first timers who did amazingly well. I ran with video camera and got some fun footage to edit and share so stay tuned for a video later this week. Thanks to all for making it such a fun locals event!


BOB SHAFERWERE AND FRIENDS Were in Mammoth May 14-16 and skied all the Chutes on top (Gondola/Chair 23): Hangman’s, MJB, Climax, Dave’s Run and the Wipe Out Chutes (3 total)!


Standing left: Scott Willingham; 1979 World Free Style Ski champion, 2003 Legends of The Free Style Ski Champion, featured in 4 Warren Miller Films & Starred in Dick Barrymore's "Vagabond Skiers"


Standing Right: Bob Shafer-Business Development Advisor, Active Sports


Below left: Jim Martinson; Ski Hall Of Fame Member, 1981 Winner Boston Marathon, 1992 Para Olympic Gold Medal, Downhill Val D'isere


Below Right: Brad Parks; A founder of Wheelchair Tennis now an international sport, 3 time winner US Open of Wheelchair Tennis, 1992 Para Olympic Gold Medal Tennis Barcelona, 1980 Para Olympic 2 Gold, 2 Silver Medals Track & field Moscow

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China and Climbing!

Posted by IMVoice May 26, 2009

Hope all you US people had a nice 3 day Holiday weekend and the rest took Monday off just because!  Stay Active everyone and create a great week! Mike


CHUAN HU from our Chengdu, China group reports they played a soccer game with a team from the Nokia Chengdu office. The weather was nice, as well as the condition of the field.

It was a hard match for us because Nokia team is a really strong team, but at our side, it was only the second time our team played together. We scored two, also lost numerous opportunities. It was nice that there were 5 girlfriends/wives joined in the cheer team. We had a lot of fun together!




HOW COOL IS THIS!  ANDY GEORGE & BURT REPINE tackled Mt. Shasta (14,179 ft.) where they summited via the West Face and then snowboarded back down. Summit day included an 8+ hours, 5000 foot crampon climb to the top and a snowboard descent of almost 6500 feet back to the parking lot at the Bunny Flat trailhead. A day that will be hard to top!  YOU GUYS ARE STUDS!



AMBER MARTIN & ANDREA RISHMAWI and friends hiked The Grandest of Canyons (that is the Grand Canyon)this weekend!  While numerous rangers warned against attempting to do the 16.5 mile down and back hike in one day, the girls scoffed at the idea of camping at the bottom.  While several canyon personnel told the girls to plan for at least 12 hours, they annihilated the 7 mile trek down in 3.5 hours, had an hour long lunch break, and powered through the 9.5 mile hike back up the beast in an astonishing 5 hours, bringing their total time to exactly 9.5 hours.  That canyon’s got nothing on us.  This first picture is of a sign saying “Do Not Attempt This Hike In One Day.”  YOU GIRLS ROCK!




Yours truly MIKE REILLY was on a pleasure trip over the Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis and a few triathletes heard I was in town.  Before I knew it I had a bike under my butt both Sat and Sun mornings and was discovering the Midwest on 2 wheels.  The group in the photo are all competing at Ironman Arizona in November.  Man is it humid back there! 



TOBY GUILLETTE joined BRYAN PAVIN for a 12-mile trail run on Saturday morning and we crossed trails with ELAINE BERGERON who was mountain biking at Daley Ranch in Escondido. Then I ran 20 more miles that night (with a headlamp) at Mission Trails for a 32-mile day. My training is right on track for the Vermont 100 in July!



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Weekend Warrior short report

Posted by IMVoice May 18, 2009

Wow a pretty quiet weekend and no pics!


CHRIS OCHS in San Diego did the Encinitas Ocean One-Mile Swim tSunday and checked in with 29:30 for a time.


AMBER MARTIN SD participated in the CF Walk/Run. It was a non competitive 4 mile run walk, but I won the whole thing. Running the 4 miles in just over 29 minutes. In addition, my friends from college came in 2-4 about 2 minutes behind me. It was a lot of fun, and great to be running for a good cause.


JIM DE LA CRUZ, systems administrator in San Diego.ran the 2nd annual Sun Strides Foundation Mission Driven Eco Run 10k trail run at the Mission Trails Regional Park in Santee.

Great challenging trail run, with some up/down hills, jumping over small streams, as well as using rocks to get through some streams, and you go past the Old Mission Dam. I recommend it next year with a partner.

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PAUL CHEUNG of LeagueOne (Active Sports) in Burnaby office completed his first marathon on Sunday in Vancouver International Marathon with the time of 4 hr 35. His legs feel like **** but he feels like a million bucks.


FAST MAN MARK LISTER (Documentation, Burnaby) also ran his first marathon at the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday. Conditions were ideal; partly cloudy with very little wind.






After starting a bit quickly, I settled into my race pace and work with a small pack. I hit the dreaded “Wall” full-on around 30km, but thanks to the energetic spectators, I pulled it together soon after, even managing to catch a few runners in the last few kilometres. I finished in 2:50:07 (19th overall, 3rd in my age category 25-29) and I’m very happy with my result. Mike Comment – “You better be happy with a FIRST MARATHON TIME OF 2:50 buddy, you make us all jealous”! THIS IS THE FASTEST ACTIVE TEAM MEMBER MARATHON TIME THIS YEAR, WONDER IF ANYONE WILL BEAT IT?






David Detar (ActiveOutdoors – Campgrounds) and his nephew (Dan Price) ran the half marathon in Pittsburgh on May 3. The marathon / half-marathon returned after a 5 year absence to Pittsburgh and set an attendance record with 10,500 participants. It was the first half marathon run by either of us. Having never completed this distance in a race, we both set a goal of 2 hours & 30 minutes. With the weather cooperating (temps were in the 50s with no wind), we were able to exceed our expectations. After running together for the first nine miles, I pulled ahead slightly at the end to finish in a time of 2:06:35. Dan was just a few minutes behind at 2:09:57. I’m anxious to compete at this distance again and now want to break the 2 hour barrier. Here is a picture of my nephew (on the left) and me after our run.

PS: Active’s own Mike Reilly was in Pittsburgh to announce the event!!!!


!David_2347.jpg! (david pic)


MICHAEL WILSON & MIKE REILLY did work the Pittsburgh Marathon and ½. It was a great day and the race after a 5 year hiatus came back in full force with over 10,000 runners.



GISELLE DOMDOM ran the Orange County, CA Half Marathon. It was the first year on the new course--beautiful and a lot of fun! I would recommend it and will probably be back again next year.


TOBY GUILLETTE (AMP) our resident Ultra Man is preparing for the Vermont 100 Endurance Run in July. Racing back-to-back this weekend was great training. Saturday did the Sun Strides Black Mountain 7K Summit run, finishing 5th overall and 1st in my age group with 28:31. Later that day, drove to OC Marathon expo where I ran into Active Alumni Marques Charbonnet.

Sunday: the new OC Marathon course, finishing top 70 overall and 5th in my age group with 3:29. Solid training weekend in the books


ARCH FUSTON reports the ActiveX Charity Challenge group in San Diego did their workout at the La Jolla cove on Saturday morning. After a beautiful 4 mile coastal run, the group completed a 4-stage ActiveX workout, much to the delight of German and Japanese tourists.


Our photos can be scene at:



Active X’s RYAN DREW, REBECCA DIVITA & JIM GARFIELD were among the 1,000’s of athlete’s and other Active employees racing the Wildflower Triathlon weekend in the hinterlands of Paso Robles, CA. Chill’s (rain), Spills (Jim crashed) Thrill’s (great course) were had by all. Of course the camping experience would not be complete without the edition of Rebecca’s cappuccino machine which despite her best efforts sucked to much juice out of the Prius to be used!







NOLAN HANSEN, Account Specialist also participated in the festivities of the Wildflower Triathlon this past weekend. The race weekend consisted of over 7500 athletes and nearly 30,000 spectators in all. I raced in the Half Ironman Long Course Triathlon and finished in a time of 4:47.


ALEYNA PERSZYK-DORR Yesterday, we had a beautiful day for a hike in the San Gabriels. My father, my boyfriend and I completed a 9.2 mile hike on Mt. Baldy. We approached from the South from Manker Flats via the Baldy Bowl Trail. After the first mile on the paved San Antonio Falls Road, a single-track trail climbs steeply up the west wall of upper San Antonio Canyon to the Sierra Club Ski Hut, across the base of Baldy Bowl to the south ridge, then ascends the ridge directly to the summit. The hike was challenging and the scenery was stunning!





STEPHANIE SNAMAN reports on Sunday did the Spring Sprint Triathlon in San Diego which marks my one year anniversary of triathlons! HANNAH SANSONE was also out there racing and we had CARRIE JAMES, EMILY CHAN-NORRIS AND KAREN HARDY for support! I had a great race and was able to shave nearly 9 minutes off of my previous time. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!




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La Jolla Run & Mtn Bike Treks

Posted by IMVoice Apr 27, 2009

Laurent Gauthier (Endurance European managing director) and Jack Caress from Pacific Sport (Event director for L.A. Triathlon, Newport Beach Triathlon, Catalina Marathon, etc…) were meeting together with some potential venues during the London Marathon week.

Laurent & Jack are currently working together on a very large project where Active will paly a big role; stay tune for the worldwide announcement on May 19th at Nyc!



DAVE NEFF Systems Admin InfoSpherix ran in the 2.6 mile Greenway Stadium Run in Frostburg, MD to benefit the high school field revitalization.  Included in the picture is his friends cousin Killian.  



SARA ALLEN participated in the LIVERight 5k Run this past Saturday along the Charles River in Boston. It was a beautiful day, 85 degrees and sunny, and a wonderful race. Thanks!


JENNIFER MAGNONE participated in the Melbourne Arts Festival 5k Flamingo Run in Melbourne, FL.  She shaved 2 minutes off her previous 5k run so it was a very successful weekend!



On Sunday JIM HINE and some buddies did an 'exploratory' 31-mile ride to the top of the Boise foothills in Idaho to see if the ridge road at 6,000 feet was clear.  It wasn't.  At the end of the main climb, we had to push the bikes across dozens of snow fields until we reached the summit.  The work paid off with a fast 3,300 foot descent down dry, fast singletrack.  The only downside was the little black fluffy-haired nipper dog that nailed 5 out of 7 of us (in a row) as we rolled slowly past its laughing owner!  Maybe the dog was trying to tell us to stay off the ridge until June...




MICHELLE ULRICH from San Diego office traveled to Nashville, TN this weekend for the Country Music Half Marathon.  It was my first time in Nashville so I was excited to get a tour of the city by running in the race   Despite the hot weather (@ 87 degrees) I had a GREAT race!  The course was hilly and challenging but I ran a 1:29:24.  This brought me in as 9th Female Overall.  It was a great race for me and a really fun weekend.


MARIA LAU San Diego managed to stand up on her surfboard for the first time on the whitewater at Beacon’s Beach in Leucadia.  It was definitely an awesome experience and one that I attempted to repeat after that first time.  I guess I will just have to wait until next time to try it again.


KAREN HARDY, CAEHLE ROMANO & BETHANY DOMINICK in San Diego attended Self’s Magazine’s Workout in the Park Saturday…it was no ActiveX, but it was a great time with some free swag and some fun workouts from Crunch instructors…who knew the Salsa and ChaCha could be such a good workout?!





MIKE DE LA CRUZ System Administrator in the San Diego IT department. My wife and I took part in the La Jolla Half again this year, no pushing jogging stroller for me in this event. Thank goodness the weather was beautiful for this event, we finished in 2:35:19. This always is a great challenging event for any runner, and recommend it. Look forward to doing this event again next year!


MICHAEL READE like a lot of people (6500 to be exact) ran the La Jolla half this weekend. Goal 2:00:00, did it in 1:56:27. Great run, better weather than last year and lots of fun.


CHRIS WHEELER ran the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend in 1:41:49. 


TINA WILMOTT, Public Relations had a beautiful day at the LJ Half this weekend! Felt good and crossed the finish line with my training partner. Ran a personal best placing 20th in my age division!


RICKY GREY ran La Jolla Half Marathon on Sunday. It was my first half, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.  I was hoping to finish in under 2 hours and I came in at 1:57. Lots of active folks out there running and spectating.  It was nice to see some familiar faces cheering us on!


JESSE HAMMOND with the Content Team didn’t run but on Sunday did the Dana Point Grand Prix, a criterium bike race consisting of laps around a .8-mile course. Though my race didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, it was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting, and I then I went to Disneyland afterward!


MIKE DOBRANSKY participated in the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend.  It was great to see all the Active folks out there – in the race and on the course supporting.  A huge help!! 


ANDY GEORGE placed 7th in 8-Hour Mountain Bike Relay. He and a buddy competed in the 24 Hours of Adrenaline race series at southern California’s at Hurkey Creek (6k ft) . One lost chain ¼ mile from lap finish, a broken shoe cleat, and a faulty primary light (night trail), competing against bike shop teams, all-age sub-event, not a bad place for a couple old guys.




JON JAMES & PHIL GRAHAM out of the Draper Utah office rode the epic White Rim Trail which is also referred to as the Island in the Sky.  The White Rim Trail is about 30 miles outside of Moab, Utah and wraps around Canyon Lands National Park offering 1,000 foot cliffs, hoodoos and scenery that is unmatched.  The ride itself is 103 miles, encompasses 6,000 feet of vertical climbing and if done in a single day becomes a journey of questioning your sanity, to being awe-struck at the incredible vistas and landscape to finally feeling pretty dang good climbing the final 1,000 feet at Horse Thief Hill.   We had rain, sun and the ever constant 20-40 mile/hour winds that for the first 70-80 miles were head-on!  In total we were a part of 70 other riders that did it in a day and look forward to it again next year.




SCOTT FRIESEN, Business Analyst for Golf Desktop in Burnaby, participated in the 2nd Annual River Run 10 K to support the Family Education and Support Centre in Maple Ridge.  He finished 6th overall with a time of 45:12.


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