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Getting Stronger by the Week

Posted by IMVoice May 16, 2011

JIM HARNAGE from the Nashville, TN office completed the 32 mile Big Hill Challenge in Watertown, TN on May 14th.



BLAKE THORNLEY attached a photo from the Bay to Breakers 12k race in San Francisco which I ran this morning.  Finished in 1:07:11.  Not my personal best but considering that I did almost zero training for it, I'll take it!



TIM MCMAHON, Senior Account Manager ran the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco  The event was great.  As far as I know we registered more people for this event than any other in Active Endurance history, 55,000+.  We also received exposure as a sponsor at the expo, starting line and mile markers as you can see from a few of the pictures. I think this is about the 10th time I have participated in the event and the 100th Anniversary was by far the best.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined Rich Abend (M&M) and Shannon Iberger (M&M) at the Pasadena Marathon, half, 10k and 5k this past weekend. The event was the culmination of our successful “Couch to 5k” program for the Walt Disney Company Corp Wellness initiative. Despite the extra effort of running through the rain the event drew thousands and 120 Walt Disney “cast members” …many of whom had never participated in an athletic event!!!



SIJEN OLTHOF reports a Great Day for the UW 5K Run/Walk. Special Thanks to Michael Mott, Anthony Owens, Stephen Branstetter, Camarin Flores, Jason Karls, Mike Moronczyk, Matt Wanamaker and the ActiveX kids for helping to support canopy photo: (listed left to right: Jason Karls, Camarin Flores, Matt Wanamaker, Mike Moronczyk, Stephen Branstetter)



RUI ZHANG, SW QA Engineer  (China Class Team). We organized a BBQ event this Saturday to TaiPingYu at QinLing Mountain. Andy Yi (Class dev), Kenny Li (Class dev) with his wife, Tracy Duan (Class dev), Andy Qin(Class tester) drove bus and John Zhang (Class dev), Shanner Kang (Class tester), Vivian Wang (Manager), Eda Zhao (IT) and Rui Zhang (Class tester) rode bicycle to there. We rode 90+KM and 5 hours in total. The weather is good, the landscape is beautiful and the air is very fresh, especially the self-help BBQ is delicious, a very enjoyable day.



JEAN SU, Operations Director sending the first activity report in from Chengdu office:  Eleven team members from Chengdu office joined Chengdu Fun Run 2011 – Charity Run for Oak Orphanage in the morning of May 14.  Bobo Guo (ActiveWorks), Crusoe Xia (ActiveWorks), Ian Jiang (ActiveWorks), Jex Chen (ActiveWorks), Martin Wang (RegOnline), Paul Li (ActiveWorks), Scott Wu (IT Security), Sean Lonergan (ActiveWorks) and Sky Li (ActiveWorks) joined the 10k run. Karen Huang (Admin) and Jean Su (China Operations) joined the 5k run race. We grouped at 5:50 am and went to a hill at south side of Chengdu city for the run. Sky Li was able to keep his record of #1 among our group and Bobo Guo has great potential to win out next time. It was a great morning as you can see what our shoes looked like after a muddy run.

Here is our badminton activity report in from Chengdu office. Arlin Luo (Corporate CIC), Joey Yin (ActiveWorks), Matthew Cox (ActiveWorks) and Jean Su (China Operations) played badminton matches in Chengdu on Sunday afternoon.

The badminton facility had 40 courts with almost 100% usage on courts and it was great fun to join a group of badminton enthusiasts in the facility who enjoy social afternoon via badminton activity.




DAMIAN STAMM, Associate Product Manager.  Last weekend competed in the Devilman "sprint" which was more half-way between a sprint and Olympic with a 20 mile bike and 4.2 mile run.  Overall pretty happy with the results and ended up having a lot more at the end than I thought, so plans are to push harder in the next tri!  Then this weekend tuned up for the upcoming races with a 60 mile bike/4 mile run on Saturday.



BRIAN ENGE, VP Revenue Growth had a truly Active weekend at the Encinitas Sports Festival.  On Saturday the U-12 girls soccer team I coach all participated in the 5k (all registered through Active).  On Sunday I raced the Sprint Tri.  My effort was  good enough for 5th in my age group.  However, that put me at the bottom of the barrel in my house as my son and daughter took first and second in their 5k age groups.  I need to train harder to stay ahead of the kids!



AUSTIN BRAATEN participated in the Haul Ash Ride at Red Hook on Sunday, where riders faced the torrential downpour to ride the 42 miles from Seattle and back.



RODNEY VAN WINCKEL (Product Manager in the Pleasanton, CA Office) and friends went mountain bike riding in Moab, Utah.  Had a great time on some of the best trails in the US!



MICHELLE NIKOLAYEVSKY, Product Specialist in the Boulder office, competed in her first race ever this weekend. She, and four other friends, participated in the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon Relay. Despite the cold and the rain, and even a little bit of snow, the team finished in 4 hours and 46 minutes with a pace of around 10:57 minutes per mile.


RUSS MILHAM, Manager - User Research.  Russ said it worked great!



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (ActiveWorks) went scuba diving with this giant school of fish at Tanner Bank, a seamount 105 miles west of San Diego in the open ocean.


MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) has had a busy couple of weekends.  Last weekend, he spent his entire weekend finishing up his certification to teach yoga.  That meant a brutal 22 thirty-five minute classes in three days.  It's taken a long nine months, with numerous classes at 6 am and 12 hour yoga weekends.  But I am now able to be certified with Yoga Alliance!  During that weekend, he also found the energy to play ultimate Frisbee with the Game of Life, crushing their opponent 15-4.  This weekend, he got in more ultimate frisbee, narrowly losing to Risk 13-12 before time was called.  He drove a couple miles up the road to take part in the opening of the Seattle Bouldering Project, massive bouldering gym.  It'd been three years since he's been climbing … and it showed.  But it was still fun!  Finally, last night the opening of the summer season for Sentinels hockey began successfully, with a 5-1 victory over the Loose Cannons.  That may sound like a blowout, but we only had five shots on goal.  This of course means, they played with no goalie for the entire game.  It was 2-1 after 36 minutes of hockey.  We clearly have some work to do.



DEMIAN DORRANCE made the trip to Mexico for the 32nd annual Rosarito-Ensenada 50-mile Fun Bike Ride.  This was one of the most upbeat events I've seen with costumed riders, roadside cantina stops, a finish line fiesta, and 50 miles of scenic open road through Baja California along the Pacific Ocean and over inland mesas. 'Official' route map goes something like beach, exercise, cerveza, mountain, exercise, margarita, beach, exercise, fiesta, and tequila. Round trip bus packages are available from San Diego including bike truck transport, which I found greatly simplified the logistics of taking a bike over the border and returning after the one-way ride. I finished the ride in 5hrs 43mins, including a leisurely cantina break. Highly recommended as a fun, unique, and non-competitive event.


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Two Weeks Worth of Active

Posted by IMVoice May 9, 2011

TAMARA LEE (Support Director; based out of Burnaby office) – On Sunday I ran my first half marathon, the BMO Half Marathon in Vancouver, BC. Since the BMO Marathon and I both turned 40 this year, I got a special birthday bib J We had beautiful weather and a great route through downtown Vancouver and around Stanley Park. The second shot is with my kids, who came to meet me at the finish.



ZOE GOODBURN ran the Cox Providence Rhode Island marathon last weekend. I ran a 3:56 so not too bad after a brutal CT winter! It was a gorgeous sunny day in Providence and a beautiful course. This is my picture before 26.2



BRUNSWICK LOWE with friends took a boat across Fontana Lake in North Carolina into the Great Smoky Mountains and were dropped off for three days/nights of backcountry backpacking and fly fishing on Eagle Creek. The weather, scenery and fishing were outstanding. Most of the fish caught were rainbows; some were browns. We kept a few and cooked them over the campfire.



TONY WHELAN, Senior Consultant ran the Vancouver Half Marathon. It was a great day for running on an 'undulating' (I'm being kind) course. Second half so far this year. Time was a little slower than hoped, but within the expected range. Working toward the NY City Marathon in November.



HEATHER LEVINE here (Sacramento, CA), Professional Services dept, Consulting Project Coordinator.  I did the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon today!  It was my 3rd event since I started running last year, and my 2nd half-marathon.  It was amazing...we ran through the huge redwoods of Northern California.  The weather was perfect, course support was awesome, and I improved upon my last 1/2 marathon time by 3 minutes.  I was very happy with the race and I felt great.  My dad also did the race, and he was way ahead of me for most of it, but I got a burst of energy at the end and beat him by a minute :-P.  Can't let the old man beat me!


LISA  BALDWIN, Director of Client Migration in Burnaby completed the BMO Vancouver ½ Marathon on Sunday.  It was a picture perfect Vancouver day weather wise.  Unfortunately, no PR’s this time as I was battling an extreme head cold but managed to cross the finish line upright with a little help from my running buddies.  It was great to see so many other Active folks out on the course as well.



DAMIAN STAMM, Product Manager competed in the Broad Street Run, Philadelphia’s largest participation event with over 30k racers that sold out in four days (which with that kind of demand of course they used Active to handle their registrations!).  I completed the 10-mile run a couple minutes over my target time but  overall pretty happy with how it went, particularly given that this was a road race to prepare for the upcoming triathlon season.  It was a family affair as six family members and several other close friends also raced.  Afterwards I celebrated with my wife and son.



JESSICA WEXLER completed her open water scuba certification this weekend in preparation for an upcoming trip to Hawaii (where a lot neoprene will be needed!).



JON CHRISTOPHER, Senior Software Engineer did the spring sprint. First time coming in under an hour (57:06) and in the top 10 (9th)! Saw Andy there and he high fived me so hard my hand still hurts!



LAUREN EDER, Business Analyst – Information Systems, completed the BMO Vancouver International Marathon after a 13-year hiatus from the distance.  Grateful that my finishing time of 4:04 was not a Personal Worst (close though!), I am pleased with the Personal Victory simply in returning to endurance events.  The day was made very special by the support of my kids – who were in part responsible for the aforementioned hiatus. The day before, I was inspired by watching my daughter Rhianne compete in her first full gymnastics competition – a zone championships even – where she placed well in individual events and overall.  (And unlike me, she could still navigate stairs immediately afterward without issue.)



ANTHONY VALENTINO,Senior Account Manager (San Diego), had an amazingly inspirational experience by supporting daughter Jade at the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air event this weekend.  The 63-floor climb of LA’s second tallest building, AON Center, was originally intended to be tackled by Anthony carrying Jade on his back.  The event organizers wouldn’t allow it due to concerns over liability/safety, so Jade decided she’d just climb it herself.  She rocked it - finishing in 20:59, putting her at 154th out of 311 women of all ages!  The best part of all is she understood and was proud of the fact she had fundraised and was helping a good cause every step of the way.



“YOU ARE AN IRONMAN NOLAN HANSEN AND AIREY BARINGER” This weekend they both completed Ironman St. George in Utah.  It is the toughest Ironman course in the world and combine that with 93 degrees and high winds it was brutal.  They both did fantastic. REBECCA DEVITA & KAREN HARDY were there cheering them on all day.



MIKE REILLY’S brother PAT was the finish line Director a job he will also do at IM Texas in 2 weeks. The ACTIVE EXCURSION even made the trip and was always parked where everyone would see it!

IM STG_pat_mike_11.jpgActive_Truck.jpg

IM_St. George_Pat.jpg


THE ALBERGA’S especially Mommy Chris had a Great Mothers Day to watch Kate and Emma compete in the Aquathon - 50 meter swim and 1/2 mile run! Both girls loved it!! Here are a couple shots of the fun race! IronKids triathlon in 2 weeks!!!!!




CAROL HARRISON (SD - IT Security team) backpacked 44 miles in four days along the Paria River and through Buckskin Gulch – the longest slot canyon in North America — finishing a day ahead of schedule, with minimal blisters, and without having to sever any limbs.


JOHN COYNE, Senior Online Marketing Specialist rode my bike in the San Diego Tour de Cure to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. It was a 100 miles through San Diego’s North County. There were a lot of great views, the weather was great, and it was a lot of fun.


CODY LAMENS - On Saturday, I ran my first half marathon in 2 hours and 33 minutes.  It was a typical rainy day in Seattle which made for perfect running conditions, in my opinion.  My favorite part of the race was having my wife and 7 month old daughter at the finish to call me in.  My least favorite part of the race was seeing a lady decide she needed to go pee right on the side of the road.  Most inspiring was seeing 75 year-old Regina Ciambrone finish in 2 hours 41 minutes!  I have to admit, she was actually ahead of me through mile 6.  Mostly importantly I learned that as much as I hate running I actually enjoy participating in running events.  I have lots of room to improve my time and the search is on to find my next half marathon.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) and ROB KLINGENSMITH (M&M) joined Exercise TV President Chris Mansolillo along with NBA legend Bill Walton and 1500 other riders in this past weeknd’s L’Etape du California.  This event follows the complete stage 7 of this year’s Tour of California. Almost 100 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing from Claremont to top of Mt. Baldy.  PB and J sandwiches never tasted so good…



Hey Mike MATTHEW WANAMAKER here>Sorry to jump the gun, but I am about to head into meetings and wanted to get the Bothell Golf tournament into the WW update.  Twenty (20) people braved the Seattle “spring” for the Bothell Office Spring Golf Tournament at the Nile Shrine Golf Course.  It was a scramble format, but some bumpy greens and rain throughout meant that it was not ideal scoring conditions.  The team (pictured left to right) of Rob Pucher (Camp Sales), Paul Homer (Sales Enablement), Shane Whitehurst (Camp/Endurance Implementation) and Rob Gillespie (Camp Sales) won with a score of +1.  Matt Ehrlichman won both the long drive and closest to the pin competitions, but I’m sure that’s just because he was in the first group and no one wanted to be the person to beat him.  Other participants were Anthony Owens, Cody Lamens, Eric Lockwood, Jacin Davis, Jesse Anderson, Justin Jeske, Matt Amsden, Matt Ehrlichman, Matthew Wanamaker, Mike Moronczyk, Paul Homer, Rob Pucher, Robert Gillespie, Russell McCathern, Ryan Miller, Sean Fortune, Shane Carley, Shane Whitehurst, Sijen Olthof and Stephen Branstetter



Austin Braaten (Account Executive-Sports Camps, Bothell) and Melanie Wiviott (Client Application Specialist, Bothell) completed the Kirkland Half Marathon on Sunday. Austin got 4th in her age group and was greeted by her mom at the finish line!!! Melanie did not place in her age group but much improved since her first half marathon last March. Both had a ton of fun and are looking forward to the next one.


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NOLAN HANSEN just may be the fastest triathlete in the entire company.  He did the 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run at Oceanside 70.3 in 4:42:46 good for 10th place in his age group of 25-29. We've got to get than boy in some Active Gear.



JON CHRISTOPHER, Senior Software Engineer did the Oceanside, CA 70.3 Half Ironman Saturday as did many Active San Diego team members.  Jon went 5:47:03.



MICHAEL WILSON, Sales Manager Sports had a great day in Oceanside at Ironman 70.3 going 5:48:29!  He did the race with Brandon Culley who was doing his first ever 70.3.   It was so nice to see fellow Active people competing and out on the course cheering on.  And always great having Reilly calling you in and out of each transition!




SHANNON TURNER STEWART, Sales Manager Sports completed her first 1/2 Ironman this weekend in Oceanside, CA going 6:21:34.  Highlight of the day was our own Mike Reilly calling me in and out of each transition and seeing a bunch of fellow Active athletes out on the course, especially during the run.  All I heard about before this event was the hills during the ride, the hills are no joke...some sweet elevation happening between miles 30-45.  Here is a picture of me coming in after the ride.  I was smiling because I knew all I had left was a 13 mile smile quickly left at .5 miles into the run!



ANDY REILLY, Endurance Sales rep did his first 70.3 triathlon going 6:03:55 in Oceanside.  The Old Man got to call him out a few times with the entire family watching.

Andy2_Oceanside 70 3 2011 040.JPGAndy3_Oceanside 70 3 2011 041.JPG

Andy_Oceanside 70 3 2011 039.JPG


JAMES SOLA IT App Support from the SD office also did his first 70.3 and all the training paid off. The swim had calm waters most of the way but there was lots of contact the whole time.  The bike was fun for about the first half, then came the famous hills and headwinds.  The run was really tough, mostly because the legs were cooked from the bike ride.  Overall a great experience and one heck of a sense of accomplishment doing it in 7:04!



KRISTIN CARROLL says the next generation of ActiveX-ers took to the streets at the Jr. Carlsbad in Carlsbad, CA. Brian Enge's entire posse (of 4 kids) competed. From left to right...Sierra ran a blazing 5:52 mile. Skylar won the 9 year old girls race with a 6:14 mile and little sister Larsen was the lead girl in the 6 year old race running a 1/2 mile in 3:32! Wow - those girls are fast. Their brother was already at lacrosse practice by picture time. Kellen Bassler ran a fantastic time and showed some team spirit sporting his ActiveX t-shirt. Toddler Trotters McKenna Carroll and Penny Chen (both age 2/12) ran and had fun just getting a medal!  (MIKE SAYS THIS MAY BE THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER!)



Here are BRIAN ENGE’S kids all by themselves who ran Jr. Carlsbad.  If his kids keep this running thing up his entry fees over the next few year will be massive!



WILLIAM BASSLER, Visual Designer.  His 9 year old son Kellen did the Kid's mile, and I did the 5K, at the Carlsbad 5000 over the weekend.  On Saturday we met up with a few other ActiveX kids as well! It was a fun run along the coast with great weather. The only distraction were the great waves! We had fun!


ARACELI DAGDAGAN – Marketing Manager – San   Diego.  My 5 year old son, Nico ran the Junior Carlsbad, he was so excited that the medal was an alien spaceship.  He had a blast - his goal is to get more medals than mom and dad!


JEN ROMINE, Account Manager – Running,  and her sister Lindy took on the Carlsbad 5000 yesterday.  After racing at 10:20 they decided to run the race again with the 11:30 wave for additional mileage and had a great time.  Jen finished in 25:26 in the first race, which is a PR for her by over a minute and a half! Sorry no picture.


PAUL MCLURE, Account Mgr did his third Carlsbad 5000 yesterday and  finished at 25:33 and then went down to La Jolla for some great waves on  a really nice San Diego day.


SIMON WANG works in Thriva team at China Xi’An office as developer, but currently I’m on a trip in Bothell office, today I just ride on the bicycle which Michael Matt borrowed to me, riding from Bothell to Golden Gardens Park at Seattle , round trip 44.8 mi(72km, Google said so, J), it took me about 6 hours counting on the time I stay in the park. To be honest even myself can’t believe that number, it’s really a long way! I may not be able to call as warrior but I do challenged myself as I used to just ride 12km max.



JAY OZIMINSKI, Facilities Manager – Nashville (ActiveX Champion-Nashville) reports there was some Shooting and some Climbing done in Nashville this weekend by the Outdoor division.  Now there is a combination we’ve never had before in WW!

Shooting on Saturday:

Shelby Abernathy-QA

Joe Drury-Network Admin

Jeff Strickland-php Developer, plus wife

Bobbie Zweck-Configuration Mgr

Jackie Zweck-QA

Phillip McClendon-NOC Admin

LeeJayne Stone-Business Analyst


Climbing on Sunday:

Mike O’Brien-Desktop Support, plus wife

Jackie Lambert-Shipping Clerk

Katie Key

Jackie Zweck-QA

Shelby Abernathy-QA

LeeJayne Stone-Business Analyst



Here is the report from Rui Zhang (Class Team): ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament!  ActiveX-Xi'an Ping-Pong tournament is sponsored in Xi’an now. There are 29 Activers from different teams to attend the tournament; these players are divided into 2 groups by drawing lots. The whole tournament includes group game and Elimination game, and there are 196 matches to take place only in group stage. 8 players in each group can enter into Elimination game! This is really funny and interesting with a long schedule around 2 months. Every afternoon, many colleagues will come to watch the matches and add oil for players.


ALISON SALINGER, Marketing Manager in San Diego, ran (more like power-walked) her first ever 5k Warrior Dash with friends over the weekend. Good times, lots of fun obstacles, some serious mud, and beers at the finish…that’s a good day.


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DANAE BROOKER and 10 year old son and I completed a 30 mile hill ride through Escondido, CA on Sunday. Winds and all...


JAIME YOUNG, Account Manager and family ran the O’Niantic Wee Mile in CT with our two girls (ages 3 & 4). Fun for all!


DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Engineer, IT, San Diego.  Continued training with my son on Saturday for the upcoming Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego.  We completed our biggest training ride ever, going on a 72 mile bike tour that took us from San Diego up the coast, an inland loop around Encinitas, north to Oceanside Harbor and Camp Pendleton, and back again.  Too exhausted to turn this one into a "brick" workout with a post ride run, I still decided to celebrate our success with a 2.6 mile cool down walk when we made it home.demian.jpg


JOEL MUNT, Blue Bear Technical Analyst had his second MMA fight, this time at 4th & B. I walked away with the win against a heavily favored opponent. I won by second round submission to increase my record to 2-0. My next fight will hopefully be in June. Here is a picture of the finish (me in red). I couldn’t find any clear pictures that looked any less violent so if this is not in the spirit of Weekend Warrior then feel free to just scrap the picture all together. DUDE YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! Mike



JOHN COYNE, Search Engine Marketing Manager participated in the Super Seal international distance triathlon at Silver Strand State beach in Coronado, CA this weekend. Had a great time though next time I will remember to put suntan lotion on my shoulders.




ANDY REILLY, Sport Sales Endurance was the head announcer at the Super Seal triathlon in Coronado, CA this weekend and had his Sherpa and assistant MIKE REILLY taking orders.  I’ve got a feeling I may get out bid by the kid for announcing services.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined Ashley Aurell of Skechers and thousands of others in the 26th annual Augura “Great race” 5k run. Despite the cancellation of the half marathon the event drew a huge crowd…and a one of the largest blow up villages I’ve ever seen!



MICHAEL O’BRIEN Desktop Manager ran the Running To Beat the Blues 5K in Nashville, TN this past Saturday.  One is of me crossing the finish line and the other is of me and my wife after the race.  It’s my 2nd ever 5K, I finished in 31:42, 9th in my age division (40-44), and 189th overall out of 367 runners and the run is held every year to promote good mental health/wellness.



JANE MARSHALL, Sales Exec did a fun 10 mile hike on snowshoes near Crested Butte, CO. It was a beautiful, blue-sky Colorado day with a white blanket of fresh fluffy snow covering everything. Great weekend!



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) spent 14 hours doing yoga this week, including 3 hours of arm balancing.  Yes, his arms are tired.  Fortunately there was also 4 hours of restorative to go along with that.  After his final class of the weekend, he made his return from a sprained ankle to Sentinels hockey , which started last week.  It's playoff time and we could not have been any more timely in picking up our first win in four months last week.  So yesterday … we officially began our first winning streak of the season!  Our team won 2-1 in overtime.  After getting off to a TERRIBLE start, with two penalties within a minute of the game start and an early 1-0 deficit.  But we equalized in the second period on MY FIRST GOAL EVER.    And then we hung on despite getting out shot almost 2-1 long enough to get the game winner in OT.  PS, Go Butler!


KAREN HARDY & CHRISTINA HANSON participated in the Seal Sprint triathlon on Coronado yesterday.  It was a great race and especially fun hearing a familiar voice with Active’s Andy Reilly announcing and the free beer garden afterwards!




ALAN DEICAS from San Diego office (2nd from the right in green cap) and some friends swam from La Jolla Shores to the Cove and back at dusk. Though most dangerous at dusk for shark attacks, we had dolphins and baby seals escorting us the whole way to keep us safe.



The Sacramento office had two representatives for the nutrition fitness 5k in Elk Grove, CA. ZAHEEN BUKSH & KRISTI GARCIA.  We ran on behalf of Zaheem's friend from high school who decided to start his non-profit to benefit childhood obesity.  Here's the founder's story: "My name is Teddy Herrera, I am 24 years old, from Elk Grove, CA and I am riding my bicycle 11,000-miles on behalf of Across America for Childhood Obesity. I started my journey June 5, 2010, with 36 dollars and no prior training, to raise awareness for childhood obesity to children everywhere! What began as a normal visit to my grandmother's home changed my life forever. I asked my 12-year-old cousins to play baseball outside on a beautiful spring California day. They looked at me with a blank stare that came from watching hours of television and dismissed the idea with a quick shake of the head. At that moment, I realized the negative role technology was playing in the lives of not only my cousins, but in the lives of millions of children across America. The next day I founded my organization, Across America for Childhood Obesity (AAforCO), and began coordinating a 11,000-mile bike ride across the nation. On this journey I will have traveled to 21 major cities inspiring our youth to actively chase their dreams, not only about obesity, but life in general."




SIJEN OLTHOF, Implementation Team Lead. Active Bothell was busy this weekend with the CanDo5K10K race that benefits children with special needs.  THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event a success.  Vendor Booth: Austin Braaten, Brian Topor, Leah Pardini, Meghan Swirski, Natassia Zabel, and Zac Panther. Water Station: Camarin Flores, Francesca, Keith Baltazar, Scott Baisch, Simon Wang, Stephen Branstetter, and Vince Cotroneo.  Runner: Shane Whitehurst.  (I think I got everyone, but if I missed anyone, THANK YOU)




ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) Reported from Xi'an, China - On Saturday, he ran a 12K cross-country Hash Run with HHH group, it started from 3km away from the Qinlin Mt., all runners shoes were wet through right after started, since the course was along a rice field, it was an well designed race combined mud, cross creek, climbing and downhill. He felt great ever since it's his first time to run in the mountain and especially run with cold water in the shoes after crossed the stream 3 times!  On Sunday, 13 ActiveXers, Colin Li (IT), Karen Yang (CRM), Eda Zhao (IT), Steven Xue (IT), Kelly Yang (IT), Jimmie Jiang (BA), Rui Zhang (Class), Jason Qu (IT), Wesley Wang (ACR) and he spent a great ride day to Dayu Valley, totally 52.5 miles including 6 miles uphill and 5 miles downhill. Definitely an exhausting day spending 6 hours on bike, but all the fatigue disappeared when lying on the bed and recalling what have been challenged. It’s the first team ride this year and it was epic! The weather changed their original XLove ride plan, which was riding to the mountain and pick up the trash thrown by tourists, but it’s now on the team’s next ride schedule.




Payam Kavousian, Integration Analyst along with RYAN LYSTER (both from Burnaby) were out getting some spring powder in the backcountry BC interior mountains. We accessed this area using snowmobiles and would shuttle down a snowmobile and double up to ski and snowboard back down. There was over a foot of fresh snow and no one else around. We managed to get in 7 epic runs, possibly the best 7 runs of the season. This is what the winter in BC is all about!






TOBY GUILLETTE (4th place overall) and TODD PREECE (6th place overall) ran the Gut Check King-of-the-Hill Iron Mountain 9-Miler in San Diego this weekend.  Both walked away with the coveted "flying eagle" trophy for placing 3rd in their respective "Whipper Snapper" and "Old Fogey" age divisions.  It was a great event with cold and drizzly weather, multiple creek crossings, mud bogs, boulder scrambles and a total of 1,900 feet of climbing.


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Riding and Running

Posted by IMVoice Feb 7, 2011


LINDSAY NAYER, Enterprise Mkt Mgr wanted to send along a few weekend warrior pictures, courtesy of Izania Downie! (A few more to follow this email.) Here's a short explanation. Izania Downie, EMEA Sales Strategy (London, UK), Paul Homer, Sales Manager (Bothell, WA), and Lindsay Nayer, Marketing Manager, (Boulder, CO) took a hike in Chautauqua Park over the weekend while gathered in Boulder, CO, for the Events team Sales Launch. The trio enjoyed views of Boulder from the base of the Flatirons!



ELAINE BERGERON, MEGAN DUVALL and former Active employee Andrea Levinson ran the Surf City ½ Marathon on Sunday in Huntington Beach, CA.  The weather was perfect for running and it was a great way to start Super Bowl Sunday.


Jim Garfield (M&M) joined professional Triathlete and Team Livestrong member Laurel Wassner on a epic ride throughout the Santa Monica mountains.  Laurel and her twin sister Rebeccah, who also races for Team Livestrong, are training for another winning season here in SoCal. Can't say I saw Laurel on the ride too much...she can climb!!!!



ROB KLINGENSMITH, ARCH FUSTON, REBECA DIVITA, ANDY REILLY AND MIKE REILLY rode the 55 mile Klingensmith “crash ride” route the site of his 9 year ago bike crash.  The originals on that ride were MATT LANDA, MARK KUUSIK & REILLY.  And yes on the crash decent this past Saturday Rob was leading us down the grade still like a crazy man!


MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) did his first assisted hand stand in an arm balances workshop on Sunday!  Once he was up, in was pretty easy to sustain, actually.  He's aware this pretty much demands a picture.  Well… Sorry!  He also ran his way through the Belltown bar scene late Saturday night.  He couldn't help but overhear he might have inspired some people to go run instead of hitting the bars.  This inspiration probably ended once they walked inside, though.


MICHELE CREPEAU took on a little bday challenge….Empire  State Bldg Run Up to benefit  MMRF in honor of my uncle John who was just diagnosed with Multiple  Myeloma.  $275K raised by our team of 100.


The race itself was quite a  challenge but YES I was still walking afterwards:)  We had over 100 of  us fundraising for MMRF and we all started in the same wave.  Thankfully  the crowds thinned out as we hiked the stairs.  Some ran, some walked, I  would say I did fast walking.  I learned that it is much easier to do  chewing gum as your throat gets really dry (who would have known!).  My  heartbeat was pretty high the entire time as I pushed my way up.  When  we finally reached the top, 86 flights, we were a bit shocked at the  view...I could have been in a washing machine it was so stormy &  foggy.  There was a lot of sleet on the observation deck.  I felt a bit  more like I was on a ship in the middle of the ocean somewhere than up  on the Empire State Building although VERY happy to be finished:)  So  unfortunately didn't get that beautiful view but I must say felt a huge  sense of accomplishment and thankfully got to take the elevator down!


I am told, I will never look at the Empire State Building the same way  and am happy to add it to my list of super cool NYC races I have been  able to do since I moved here including: The NYC Marathon, NYC Tri,  various NYC Swims in the Hudson River, Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens and  Manhattan Half Marathons (still have to do Staten Island one of these  days!), and the New Years Eve Midnight Run in Central Park which was  always one of my favorites (champagne and fireworks!).  This is race #46  for me with the New York Road Runners, which hosts many of our local  races.  As most of you know, I have run many of these for charitable  causes including Team in Training, HDSA, NYC 2012, Healthy Kidneys, Race  to Deliver, Hope and Possibility, Run as One to benefit Lung Cancer and  Haitian Relief.  I am very passionate about running and look forward to many, many more races!

Michelle Crepeau.jpg

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Lots of Snow

Posted by IMVoice Jan 31, 2011

TODD PREECE, IT Director, tried an endurance experiment on Saturday.  He did a 4-mile trail run to the start line of the SunStrides Lake Hodges 5K trail run, ran the race placing 19th overall and 6th in age division, and then ran the 4-miles back to his car. On Sunday he capped off the weekend (and his legs) with a 21-mile, 2500ft of climbing mountain bike ride from Black Mountain to Lake Hodges with friends. 


KRISTI NYBRO is an Active Events Project Manager working out of Austin, Texas.   I ran my first half marathon this weekend here in Austin.  It was the 3M half marathon and it was a surprisingly warm 73 degrees and very humid!  Arch hooked me up with some Active wear, so I wanted to share the photo.



BROOKE KIRKPATRICK with a group skinned up Jone's Pass (2300 vertical feet) and skied down.  This Saturday was one of those amazing Colorado Blue Bird Days!



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Higher Education (San Diego), took daughter Jade for her first ever snowboarding experience.  She did great – despite an acrimonious relationship with the chair lift.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) suffered another lopsided defeat in hockey, playing with his Sentinels last night.  The score ended 6-1, but we did keep it close for a good part of the game.  We had our first practice of the season the night before so … Maybe we were tired?  Yeah.  That's it.  But it was all still fun, especially the part where he was told to "cool it" by the ref as the game started to get chippy.  He also learned to take a hit from someone skating wildly out of control.  That was fun. 


MEGAN HOLLSTEDT, Creative Lead Burnaby found some snow and sunshine at Sun Peaks recently. Getting ready for the ActiveX trip to Whistler coming up at the end of February, fingers crossed I can make it!



PHIL GRAHAM, Senior Sales Exec did the Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Race Saturday morning in Midway, Utah.  It was a gorgeous, sunny morning with a start temperature of 9 degrees fahrenheit.  I ran it with my good friend, Thierry Sorhaitz (#14).  That was our intimidating tough-guy look that clearly didn't work!  I realized after getting there that although I've got some very nice snowshoes, they're not racing snowshoes.  I finished fourth in the 10K with a time of 57:35. 


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Smiling Faces Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jan 25, 2011

JON CHRISTOPHER, Software Engineer took some action shots from China for the upcoming weekend warrior report. I am on the great wall doing some Hill repeats and stair lunges. It was about -10 degrees Fahrenheit there so I had to move around to stay warm. At the temple of Heaven I decided that I needed to do some pushups!



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Communities, enjoyed seeing other Active Network folks during this weekend’s events.  First, he and daughter Jade bumped into VALERIE PRESTIDGE at the Kid’s Marathon Mile event at Lego Land on Saturday morning. On Sunday, ActiveX alumnus JAMIE WILLIAMS and girlfriend Lorraine Daly joined in for 90 minutes of SPIN at Frog’s Fitness in Encinitas.



ROBYN WIEN, Operations Manager reports the Enterprise Sales Team played in San Diego at the Miramar Speedtrack for a night of team building. From left to right starting at the top, Robyn Wien, Jasmin Farrag, Jen Cenedella, Phil Graham, Ken Hansen, Lesa Watts Frederick, Georgiana Foletta, Chris Finocchio, Dave Baker, Izania Downie, Bill Piekarski, Peter Donnelly, Jaime Young, Jerry O’Neil, Dane Risley, Joe Schum, Teri Ann Donaldson and Steve Bushey. And the winning team of the relay was Jen, Phil, and Ken, who came in at the fastest lap speed. Although a night of bumps and bruises, the team had a fun time getting to know each other, and really getting to know each other’s competitive side. 



JEANNIE FREIS (Associate Product Manager, RegOnline, Boulder) put my kids in ski lessons and went snowboarding at Eldora yesterday.  It was a cold windy day - zero and breezy at the top of the mountain - but always a great day to get out; get some fresh air and exercise!



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) learned a great way to simulate conditions for a road race is to run through your local strip of bars late at night.  You get all the people dodging you could ask for and you even get the occasional cheer!   He had another not-so-close hockey game, with his Sentinels losing to Iced Awesome 9-1.  He's getting closer to scoring his first actual, official goal, this time hitting the post off a point-blank, fairly wide open net.  Apparently the goalie had to get all acrobatic at that moment.  The game wasn't pretty, but he takes comfort in knowing that his jersey doesn't have a cake with sprinkles on it, which is wrong on so many levels.


ANNE BUCHANAN turned 50 this past summer and decided to embark in Active's Couch to 5K program. Having great success in my running regime I signed up for the Emerald Nuts 4M Race in New York City on New Year's Eve while I was visiting my daughters over the holidays. Not only did I run the race at midnight and had a wonderful time but I also ran to support Christopher's Way Foundation which was formed as a resource for children who suffer from a neurological disorder called Disgraphia. My next door neighbor formed this foundation in honor of their 17 year son, Christopher, who died suddenly last year. My run brought in over $2200.00 of which I am equally proud.




On Sunday, Rob Powell (Director - Strategic Account, Media + Marketing) along with 75 over athletes ran the Carlsbad Full and Half Marathons with Chloe’s Crew, the running group founded by Chloe’s parents, Dharma and Tim Nichols.  There were 24 first timer at these distances and a number of PRs set this beautiful Sunday in front of hundreds of Chloe’s Crew supporters.  Both Dharma and Tim were so thankful for the love, support and the effort of their athletes and supporters.  Go Chloe’s Crew!


The Chloe Nichols Foundation is an organization inspired by Chloe Nichols, an eight year-old girl whose spirit and determination inspires others to reach for and achieve their goals. Chloe was a fiercely determined girl who never backed down from a challenge. Chloe was a very imaginative and creative child who loved stories, art and all things "girly". She passed away tragically at age eight on August 25, 2009, and yes, she fought all the way to the end.  The Chloe Nichols Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established as a college scholarship fund - The Chloe Nichols Memorial Scholarship will be granted each year to one college bound Senior who demonstrates superior creativity.  Learn more about The Chloe Nichols Foundation and Chloe’s Crew @


SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Manager, San Diego) ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Sunday. Hoping for a 2 hour PR, I decided to commit to running with the pace runner. Then, 50 feet into the race someone gave me a flat tire and I lost my shoe! After swimming upstream to get it back, going to the side line to put it back on and hopping back into the river of runners I looked WAY ahead and saw my 2 hour pace guy…. (Run your race….) So, I powered through, passed him at mile 2 and never looked back! Finished with a 1:59:12. YAHOO!



Devika and Natasha Preece, 5 and 7-year old daughters of TODD PREECE, IT Director have been dying to be sponsored by ActiveNetwork over the last year so Arch graciously worked up a set of "ActiveX-Jr" kits for the Legoland Kids Marathon Mile.  Devika quickly burst into the lead ahead of the pro Kenyan pace setter but the wheels fell off the train about half-way through.  Regardless, she got lots of free promotional air time for ActiveX during her lead out.

TODD paced his wife during her 1st Marathon at the Carlsbad Marathon.  Todd is usually obsessed with PR and age group rankings but the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the experience with his wife proved amazingly inspirational.  There were incredible stories that played out for us all along the course.  Especially the 72-year old completing his 38th marathon and the group of U.S. Marines taking turns pushing their combat wounded buddy in a wheelchair, and of course his wife sobbing uncontrollably as she called her parents in Mexico to tell them she's "a Marathoner". The marathon really brings to light the incredible potential in ordinary people.  



LIZ HARRELL, Director of Project Management, KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator and SHANNON STEWART, Sales Manager Sports & Endurance all PR’d this weekend at the Carlsbad Half Marathon.  Liz finished the half in 2:24 which was a 23 min improvement over her performance last year at the Carlsbad Half.  Kat and Shannon each PR’d with a time of 2:03.  Here is a picture of some of the Active crew that participated yesterday, ELAINE BERGERON, Shannon Stewart, Liz Harrell, Kat Keivens and JAMES SOLA.




JEN ROMINE, Account Manager – Running ran the Carlsbad ½ marathon with her sister on Sunday.  Jen finished in 2:10 for a new PR and is looking forward to completing the Triple Crown this year.



STACEY JOHNSON ran the Carlsbad Half yesterday, and it was such a beautiful day – cold at the start, but the race was sunny and clear with big clean waves to watch throughout most of the course.  I just love this place.  I finished in 1:46 – no PR or anything for me, but it was such fun running!


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MICHELE CREPEAU had a great time hiking in Sedona and in Phoenix, AZ on Camelback Mtn.



RODNEY VAN WINCKEL from the Pleasanton, CA office, with his 16 year old girls volleyball team at the California Kickoff volleyball tournament.  California Kickoff is a 500 team tournament over two weekends that runs on Active's ClubSpaces software.  The girls fought back from a 21-24 deficit in game 1 of the division final to win it 26-24, 25-17 and collect these tshirts as a prize at the end of the 2 day tournament.



MIKE MACDONALD reports he and JENNI MILLER, JENNIFER ROMINE (along with my better half and other friends) hiked to the peak of Iron Mountain in Poway on Saturday.    My GPS showed that we hiked 5.1 miles (1050 ft of elevation gain) in around 1 hour 50 minutes. The gorgeous weather made for a beautiful 360 degree view at the peak.


MIKE REILLY on Saturday morning worked the Stephen Strasburg 5K at San Diego State University benefitting the Aztec baseball team.  Stephen the 100 MPH hurler for the Washington Nationals ran the 5K with everyone.  The best part was seeing Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn there after going thru 8 weeks of chemo battling lymph node cancer.


PAUL MCCLURE, Account Manager also supported his alumni of SDSU on Saturday morning by running in the Stephen Strasburg 5K with Tony Gwynn event. It was cool to see Stephen Strasburg start and run in his own event. I had a good run and finished with a time of 24:13.


BURT REPINE, Software Engineer in San Diego did his version of “A San Diego Wintertime Bicycling Trifecta”:

Saturday: 1.5 hr. sunset mountain bike ride of La Costa Canyon

Sunday: ~50 road ride with the Active/X crew

Monday: single-speed cyclocross commute to work


AUSTIN BRAATEN participated in the Stinky Spoke bike ride at Red Hook Brewery in Redmond, WA facing the weather for a muddy bike ride.



JEANNIE FREIS, Associate Product Manager, Boulder/RegOnline and her kids spent Sunday afternoon ice skating with friends at the Louisville, CO Ice Rink. My son told me he’s too big for the double blade skates now because he’s almost 6 ½.


JAMIE HAAF, Consultant took part in the 7th annual Chilly Chase 10 km on Sunday.  Despite the pouring rain it was a great run through Langley and I took 3 min off my personal best time to finish 4th in my age category!


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Higher Education, spent the weekend snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and backcountry snowboarding (all for the first time) in the Sierra Nevada and White Mountain ranges.  The weather was ideal and there was plenty of snow.



RUSHALLA DUNKINSELL and KRISTI GARCIA from the Sacramento Office did some Zumba dancing for Habitat for Humanity.  This is the first volunteer event for our office.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) raced the Venice 13.1 Half Marathon.  Yes, the 5 mins per mile was just a dream, but it was a fast flat course down Venice beach then Venice Blvd. Interesting promotion from Karue shoes…if you beat the bear in the race…you won a pair of shoes! Ringer bear!!! The bear chickened out and ran the 5k …in 5 min miles!!!!



TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, reached the summit of Mt. Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States, on Saturday via the mountaineer's route.  Conditions and preparation came together for our multi-day winter expedition, which was years in the making after several failed attempts in past seasons.  “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” -Sir Edmund Hillary



VALERIE PRESTIDGE (Technical Account Manager) & 3 girl friends went for a hike on another 75 & sunny day in San Diego.  Plan was to hike Devil’s Punchbowl but due to time restrictions we hiked Mount Woodson which coincided well with this weekend’s theme, HILLS!!  We gained 1200 ft in 1.8 miles ...we like to climb, yes we do!  VALERIE THIS MIGHT BE THE COOLEST PHOTO EVER SUBMITTED TO WW WITH YOU 3 SITTING ON THE ROCK EDGE. WOW VERY COOL!!


Once upon a time… four lovely ladies from Active went for a bike ride through the hills of San Diego County… LIZ HARRELL (Director - Project Management), VALERIE PRESTIDGE (Technical Account Manager), SHANNON TURNER STEWERT (Sales Manager, Endurance and Sports) and KAT KEIVENS (Online Account Coordinator) and spent a good portion of their Saturday back in the saddle again.   56 miles and 5,053 ft of total climbing made for a very challenging day.


Demian Dorrance, Sr. Systems Engineer, San Diego

Started training for the upcoming Gran Fondo century ride by taking my Son on a bike ride up the San Diego Coast.  We planned on a 20-25 mile route, but felt good and extended our ride to 44 miles. After a quick rest, I headed out later that day on a 5 mile run through Los Penasquitos Canyon to complete my first big Active weekend of the new year.

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Happy New Workout Year

Posted by IMVoice Jan 10, 2011

Last Saturday four IT guys of Xi’an Office Colin Li (Foundations IT), Steven Xue (IT NOC), Jason Qu(IT DBA) and Dylan Hai(Foundations IT), rode more than 80 km (50mi) from office to WuDong hamlet, and climbed GuiFeng mountain for approximate  6 km  (4 mi). It was cold in the valley and we saw a beautiful icefall and tragopans by chance. It was really an amazing course.




SHANNON STEWERT, Sales Manager Sports and Endurance participated in the Ragnar Relay on Friday January 7 that went from Miami to Florida Keys.  This is an overnight running relay that traditionally consists of 12 people that run 3 legs each and ride in vans while not running in order to leap frog the person running, support the person running, etc.  My team of 10 people completed the event, but instead of using vans to transport runners we decided to ride our bikes.  We were testing out a concept for Ragnar Relay to see if it would work.  So in 30 hours we had each rode our bikes about 170 miles and ran anywhere from 14-20 miles each and slept for about 2 hours.  What we discovered is you have a lot less time to sleep during the major breaks AND the logistics get even more complicated.  At times it was a mentally challenging 30 hours (try cycling for 20 miles then getting right off the bike to run for 8 miles then right back on the bike to cycle another 40ish miles...between the hours of 10PM-2AM after you have already knocked out 70 miles of biking and running), but in the end we had fun and some interesting adventures (it was also pretty cool to ride our bikes through all of the FL Keys and over all of the bridges).

shannon.JPGshannon (2).JPG


TOYA REAVIS placed 3rd Overall woman and 2nd in my age group in yesterday’s Resolution 5K Run at Mission Bay in San Diego, CA.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) spread the Active X message during the break to the Middle East.  Traveling through Israel and Jordan I had the opportunity to run through some ancient trade routes and incredible terrain. I did see some other runners out there… but mostly goat and camel hereders….



NOLAN HANSEN (first overall) and REBECCA DIVITA raced in the first club duathlon of 2011 near the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

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Rock n Roll, Mud and More!

Posted by IMVoice Dec 6, 2010

JAKE COONEY, Bothell, WA – spent the weekend surfing Costa Rica which was great.  The waves were awesome and the weather was excellent.  I toughed it out through many jellyfish stings but something of unknown origin chomped into my foot.  Nothing serious but the idea of something with teeth in the water ended my final day of surfing a little early.



LISA BALDWIN ran the Las Vegas half marathon this weekend. Great to see so many Active staff at the event representing SD, Bothell and Burnaby. A great experience running down the strip...very different Vegas experience that's for sure.



STACEY JOHNSON QUALIFIED FOR THE BOSTON MARATHON!!!!  I ran the California International Marathon in Sacramento and finished in 3:44:20.  I qualified with 79 seconds to spare, but who's counting?  Oh yea, me.   The course was beautiful - starting with rolling hills through farmlands and amazing fall colors (yes, California does have fall colors!), and finishing up at the capitol building downtown.  I had about a 3 hour fight going on in my head wanting to quit the stupid race starting early (at about mile 5), but I hung in there and pulled it off in the end... barely.  My stomach wasn't happy with me as soon as I crossed the finish line, forcing me to the medical tent for a few minutes.  Note to all you marathoners who've never visited the medical tent: do your best to avoid that place - it's quite the (unhappy) scene!  Today I'm happy though -  very sore, but happy.



MICHELLE NATION ran the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon this weekend with a great crew from Active. We were able to get folks from 3 offices (Burnaby, Bothell, and San Diego) together for a picture at the start! The 5 of us are issuing a challenge to all the other weekend warriors out there to get a future photo submission with more than 3 offices represented. The run along the strip was fantastic.  At mile 12 I got some much needed support from Arch and got to see some familiar faces from our Media and Marketing team at the finish.  Oh yes, I also got a new PR so it was a truly fantastic day!



FIONA MACMILLAN, Melbourne office, LUKE LITTLER, Sydney office and MIKE REILLY were working and enjoying themselves at Ironman Western Australia in Bussleton, AUS a few hours south of Perth on Sunday.



PATTI ROSENTHAL reports the local ski resorts (Durango, CO) are now open but some of us are still motivated to mtn bike in the snow!  You have to go early while the snow is still frozen or otherwise it turns into a mud fest later in the day.  We hit our local trails in town (Sale Barn Trail system) for a 2 hr fun ride in snow, mud & a few spots of dry trail.  Was a blast but not sure it was worth the 2 hrs spent in cleaning the mtn bike after the ride!  Happy Holidays everyone!




JENNI MILLER, JENNIFER ROMINE and a few of our friends did the Gladiator Rock'N Run in Irvine this weekend. The first mile and a half of the course was actually fairly tough, being nothing but hills and stadium stairs. However the second half of the race was obstacle after obstacle including running past people throwing "wrecking balls" at you, swimming through mud and climbing over muddy hills. Check out our before and after…



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) - Made his first ever trip to Las Vegas to run in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  Like most thing Vegas, his finishing time is staying in Vegas, but it was easily the best Rock and Roll event he’s participated in.  The strip was shutdown for our race and the music was started off with Cher singing our National Anthem (We’re lucky she’s so easy to find in this city!) and capped off with an amazing turnout for Bret Michaels.  We even had a club rented out for the night for us!  One of the best parts about this race was getting to meet up with some of his fellow Active employees from the San Diego and Burnaby offices.  Congratulations to everyone, same time next year!


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) ran the R and R half in Vegas this weekend with a slew of Active folks. I joined Active ambassador Ben Davis, and Actives Molly Conners and Jordan Katz in checking out Sugar Ray’s Mark Mcgrath’s Guitar Hero competition. The race was great…a far cry from the very first one in SD years ago that started an hour late and ran out of water.  Saw a great sign on the course “ no matter how slow you are…your faster than your couch!”.



EVE GARDNER (Sr. HRIS Analyst, San Diego)  - completed my top bucket list item that kept me going during my 3 surgeries and subsequent recuperations for colitis this past year.  I spent the past two weekends participating in a PADI Open Water Certification class – all without worrying where a bathroom was!!  After 5 quizzes, 1 final, 2 pool dives, 4 ocean dives (2 beach dives off La Jolla Shores and 2 boat dives in Los Coronados, Mexico) and several torturous mask remove/replace skills I am an Open Water SCUBA diver!!  Anyone in San Diego want to team up with a newbie diver, let me know.



TOYA REAVIS,  Implementation Analyst San Diego raced in the Mainly Masters 10K on Saturday. I won my age group and was 6th woman overall. My 2nd race after 2 years of health issues. I have a long way to go to get into race shape. Nothing like using races to get in shape!


On Saturday, SHANNON STEWART (Sales Manager) IZ HARRELL (Director – Project Management), and VALERIE PRESTIDGE (Technical Account Manager) rode from the Solana Beach train station (San Diego county) up the coast to the San Juan Capistrano train station, we then rode the train back to Solana Beach.  It was 48.5 miles of great weather, little wind, and an AWESOME ride with AWESOME people.



Active Advanatge Web Developer BRYAN PAVIN spent his Sunday with bro Chris Wheeler up in Ridgecrest, CA running the 25th Annual Over The Hill Track Club High Desert 50K Ultramarathon. Cool morning temperatures and beach like sand trails made for a challenging but fun day up in the High Desert.  Both Chris and Bryan finished with big smiles  in 6 hours and 2 minutes.



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Communities/Higher Education (San Diego) started off Saturday with a quick trip up Cowles Mountain followed by racing in the Hot Rum III sailing regatta.  The race officials ended up stopping the race as the winds vanished about halfway through the race.  However the after party was still a go and Anthony got to hang out with fellow Active employee JAMIE SNOW, Senior Technical Account Manager.  On Sunday, Active Employee SCARLETT DALGLEISH, Software Trainer, brought the intensity to Anthony’s weekly Sunday morning 90 minute SPIN class.


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Turkey Trots

Posted by IMVoice Nov 29, 2010

Report by ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) from Xi'an, China - Big weekend for Cycling group! On Saturday, 13 ActiveXriders had a half-day interview from BON TV (, not only got the team on a TV show, but also a great branding chance to promote Active and X! Then they took a 60K ride to Chanba district, where will host World Horticultural Expo next year. It was the milestone for the team since they firstly have females joined the ride. An Amazing day!

Only Chinese today’s hottest word could describe this crew, which is GELIVABLE! See them - Eda Zhao (Dev Tools Administrator, IT), Dylan Hai ((Production Support, IT), Paul Guo (Desktop Administrator, IT), Steven Xue (NOC Specialist, IT), Bruce Xu (Tester, M+M), Nemo Ding (Developer, FND Endurance), John Zhang (Developer, Class), Fod Shadbakht (English Trainer), Kelly Yang (Service Desk Technician, IT), Lynn Lin (Service Desk Technician, IT) and Marian Gao (Market Analyst, M+M), Cash Xu (Controller) and Eric Ma.



ANUSHEH CHAVEZ had an active week with my 16 year old daughter in Hawaii.  Lots of hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and making our way through the world's largest maze at the Dole Plantation (at least it was the largest in 2008).  Did I mention pineapple ice cream?? One of our hikes was up Diamond Head on Ohau.  All I keep thinking as we climbed the 1¾ miles with almost 200 stairs and 225-foot tunnel was that when we got to the top, the view would be worth it and it really was.



ROBERT KLAPROTH Ran the Father Joes 5K in San Diego.  Thanks to Arch and active x for helping condition me to finish my best 5k time ever at 25:37.


DANE RISLEY, Director of Sales Enterprise reports his 11 old son Michael Risley ran the 5 mile Pequot Turkey Trot in Southport CT on Thanksgiving morning with almost 4000k other participants finishing in just over 48 minutes.




TOYA REAVIS won her age group and 9th woman overall in the Burbank, CA Turkey Trot. 37 degrees at the start!  Brrrrrrrr!


Robyn Wien, Operations Manager, and her brother Ryan, Tech Specialist,  from the Wilton, CT office, after running in the Bedford, NY Turkey Trot on Saturday. It has become a family tradition, and both beat their times this year!



JEANNIE FREIS, Associate Product Manager from the Boulder office ran the Colorado University Turley’s Turkey Trot in 17 degree weather!



KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator, San Diego – ran in the Father Joe’s Thanksgiving 5K with friends Nicole Hake, Whitney Norton, and John Weber.  It was Nicole and Whitney’s first 5K (great job girls, KUDOS)!  The perfect way to start off Thanksgiving before getting stuffed!



TODD PREECE, IT Director, was in Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Jumping into the local 10K Turkey Trot was supposed to be a family event, but when the temperatures dipped to 20 degrees, high winds and snow flurries, Todd found himself the only one getting out of bed.  His insanity was awarded at the registration table by being handed bib 666, "The Number of the Beast".  Enduring the endless jokes by fellow runners about the demonic bib number and a bitterly cold and windy run (which at times felt like at least one of the levels of Hell), Todd ended up 13th overall and 2nd place in his age division.



STEPHEN BRANSTETTER, General Manager of Camps, braved the Seattle snow/slush Thanksgiving morning along with his wife and a few hundred others in the Seattle Turkey Trot 5k which raised $32k for a local foodbank. The first 1.5 miles was downhill which, coupled with the snow, lead to lots of slipping, sliding, and falling. Luckily almost every fall had a soft landing and resulted in laughs all around.


SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Coordinator, San Diego) and her family ran in the Race for Hunger 10K/5K at Petco Park on Thanksgiving morning. What a great way to start a fun day full of food and family. Shannon ran a PR and came in 11th /91 in her age group. Her husband Mark ran both the 10K and then the 5K with the kids (he is a cyclist, not a runner) and still cannot make it up the stairs without stopping at least once. All three children ran and her youngest, Stella (7 years) came in 10th /72 in the 12 under category with her own PR! It was really cold but a clear a beautiful morning.


WILLIAM BASSLER and his son and did our third annual Turkey Trot in Oceanside, CA on Thanksgiving Day. I did the 5K: 22:33 and my son did the mile in 8:53. He’s 9.  It was great weather, and it’s a beautiful run with the home stretch along the coast - ending at the pier.



MEGAN FERRI, Account Manager ran the Father Joe 5k in Balboa Park San Diego with family and friends.  My mom, my best friend, and I decided to dress up to get in the Turkey Day spirit!  A 10news reporter also liked our headbands and interviewed us for the 5 o’clock news!



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Account Executiven ran the Seattle Marathon with her brother on Sunday. She got third in her age group and they finished with a time of 3:27, which was awesome since it was her bro’s first marathon.



ARACELI DAGDAGAN, Marketing Manager, San Diego.  My husband and I ran the Temecula Turkey trot 10K in the beautiful wineries of Temecula - with hot air balloons and great scenery, and not to mention free wine at the finish line!



ANDY GEORGE from San Diego ran the Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Walk/Run with friends and family. Andy’s 9 year old daughter Ava took 2nd out of 130 girls in her group – not bad for her first 5k! Nice job Ava!



PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager had a great Thanksgiving with the family & friends.  We packed up on Friday and did our annual camping trip – this year we camped & hiked at Agua Caliente Regional Park. The weather was nice and warm during the day light hours and then got close to freezing at night – fun!



AARON WALDMAN, Software Developer participated in the Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5K in San Diego.  This was my first 5k in a few years and I was amazed how many people showed up in the cold early morning.  It was a fun event, a good cause, and a great way to kick off the holiday.  I finished in 33:23 and was rewarded myself with a trip to the beer garden.



JULIE DIETZ, Training Assistant Frostburg wanted to share a project that I had done on Saturday 11/27/10. For the past 3 years I have organized a collection of Christmas/Holiday cards to mail down to the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 2 years ago I raised 3,070 cards and last year I collected over 5,200. This past Saturday at our local mall, I held a workshop where anyone could stop and make cards with the supplies I provided for them to use. At the workshop I collected 142 cards and also $30 in donations that I use to help with the cost of shipping. Also to help raise cards there are several local businesses that allow the public to drop off the cards to so that I can collect them and mail them down to the children. Also with the supplies that are left over from the workshop I am able to bring them into work for our representatives to make some cards at their desks between phone calls so everyone in the building has the opportunity to participate.


JENNIFER ROMINE, Account Manager – Running, ran the Run for the Hungry 10k on Thanksgiving with her sister and brother-in-law.  This was her brother-in-law’s first race and he was a little nervous so Jen stayed with him for the 6.2 miles.  They finished in 58:22 and had a great time listening to the bands along the course and watching the dogs racing with their owners.


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive in San Diego spent Thanksgiving Day by riding Mt. Soledad (5 summits, 5 different routes), running the bluffs in Del Mar, and hiking Fortuna Canyon.  On Sunday, Anthony hosted fellow San Diego Active employees KAT KEIVENS (Online Account Coordinator), LIZ HARRELL (Director – Project Management), and VALERIE PRESTIDGE (Technical Account Manager) for the “Run, Bike, Brunch” event: 75 minute coastal run, 90 minute SPIN class, and the latest installment of the Bachelor Pad Brunch – the perfect end to a perfect weekend of family, friends, food and sweat!



MEGAN DUVALL, MICHELLE NATION & TAMMI SCHMIDT went to Yosemite National Park and ran the Sacramento 5k Run to Feed the Hungry over Thanksgiving.  Yosemite was GORGEOUS!  It snowed over a foot while we were there.  The turkey trot was also a great time.  There were 25,000+ people and all proceeds went to feed the hungry.  Happy Holidays!


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FIONA MACMILLAN, Account Exec from Australia reports she raced the Marysville Half Marathon on 7th November.  This is the second year of the event, which raises money for the Marysville community since the devastating black Saturday fires in 2009.  Fiona was the first female across the line in a time of 1:32 on the hilly course, and 5th overall.



STEPHANY CAVATONI reports she and her family spent the weekend being Active in Yosemite - we hiked to the fall, biked to Mirror Lake (including our dog in the Burley!) and hiked Mariposa Grove - wonderful, fun filled 4 days!



ANDY REILLY, Account Exec ran the Silver Stand ½ marathon from Coronado Island to Imperial Beach, CA with his sister ERIN and her boyfriend ANDREW on Sunday.  His time was 1:43:54 for his first ½ but the boyfriend beat him with a 1:37:02.  Erin had the most fun running 2:08:11 and MOM & DAD REILLY played Sherpa's and Cheerleader for the morning.



KAT KEIVENS DID A BIG DOUBLE THIS WEEKEND!  Online Account Coordinator, San Diego – competed in the Del Mar Mud Run on Saturday with her cousin Rachel Lebron and a whole bunch of the Active crew.  This was Rachel’s first event ever!  It was the perfect day for a mud run and not a clean body to be seen anywhere.  On Sunday, Kat ran in the Silver Strand Half Marathon with Marc Villanueva, James Sola, and Amy Schwenck.  She finished with an overall time of 2:07:37.



AMY SCHWENCK, (Dir, Talent Acquisition) had an action-packed running weekend with the Del Mar Mud Run 5k on Saturday with Team ActiveX and the Silver Strand Half Marathon on Sunday.  The Del Mar Mud Run was AWESOME!!  Team ActiveX dominated the 5k course and it’s 26 obstacles to take home the Unlimited Team WIN!  Team ActiveX was a mix of Active employees, friends and family, including Melissa Cohen, Bobby Fouladi, Brier Steenberge, Brooke Walker, Bryan Pavin, Christie Beegle, Christy Fuston, Jen Kuhney,  Jennifer Stubbs, Jessica Wexler, Jevon Lake, John  Rarity, Judi Schreyer, Julianne  Kropp, Kat Keivens, Kellie Bentley, Larkin Geyer, Liz Harrell, Mark Warble, Micah  Kropp, Rachel Lebron,  Renee Kerouac, Rob Powell, & Tammi Schmidt.  Congrats to Team ActiveX.  Let’s do it again next year!!  The mud run did make for a tough half-marathon on Sunday and it was FREEZING waiting for the start, but I made my goal of finishing with a smile.  What a great weekend!!





SHANNON STEWART, Sales Manager Endurance, completed the Silver Strand Half Marathon this past weekend.  It was a nice flat course and what started out as a beautiful morning in Coronado quickly turned into a warm morning running down the Strand.  Hard to believe I was having issues with the heat and sun in the middle of November.  I’m really glad this event finished up by the Imperial Beach Pier because I was able to take advantage of the cold ocean afterwards!


MARC VILLANUEVA, Web Applications Developer in San Diego also ran the Silver Strand Half Marathon yesterday.  It was beautiful day for a run and I got to do most of the race with fellow Xers, Kat and Jim S, which was awesome motivation.


MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) went to a really fun Yoga, Wine and Chocolate event on Friday night (in that order...).  Especially fun because yogis make the best bartenders.  He had a big Sunday as well, winning what could be the final game of the season with the Incredibles, beating the Unbreakables 15-7, winning the second half 7-1.  In hockey news, the Sentinels lost last night 4-2, with most of the bounces going the way of our opponents.  One bounce that did go our way came late in the third period when Matt scored his first goal ever!  It wasn’t pretty, but whatever works.


ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M China Office) ran a 12K Hash Run on Saturday, it was his 4th run this year and he will be given a hash name after his fifth. That was the longest run ever to send a member, Blue Balls, off the city; all the runners wear blue shirts, ties blue ribbons, printed blue icons on their face. Not sure if it is an Active champion logo on Eric's face, but that's what he meant to. Epic run with BBQ and beers after but definitely a different feel running in a cold day!



KIRSTIN HARTOS (TECHNICAL ACCOUNT MANAGER), MAREA BLUE (IMPLEMENTATION ANALYST, SAN DIEGO) & EMILY OGATA (APPLICATION SPECIALIST, SAN DIEGO) traveled to breathtaking Mesa, Arizona with the San Diego Surfers over the weekend to compete in the 2010 USA Rugby National Championships.  We defeated league rivals the Seattle Breakers 20 - 7 in the semifinals to advance to the finals on Sunday against the Atlanta Harlequins.  We beat Atlanta in the semifinals in 2009, and they were itching for revenge.  The Surfers got on the board first with a penalty kick.  The Harlequins responded with a try and a successful conversion kick, putting them ahead 7 – 3.  We regained the lead with a breakaway try to the outside corner, but the Harlequins scored again right before the end of the first forty minutes, giving them a 12 – 8 lead and the momentum going into the second half.  We regrouped and scored a try to go up 13 – 12 and spent most of the rest of the game on defense, fighting off an aggressive Atlanta attack on our side of the field.  Fortunately, despite numerous field goal attempts and a few very close calls, Atlanta was unable to get back on the scoreboard.  We got one more penalty kick before the end of the game, sealing a 16 – 12 victory and making the San Diego Surfers Division I National Champions for the second year in a row!



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive Communities – Higher Education, enjoyed the amazing November weather here in sunny San Diego with Cycling and running on Saturday and jumping into the San Diego Fall Rowing Classic, Men’s Open 8.  He rowed in the Penn AC boat with some international level athletes and managed to hang in there, taking first in the event and posting the fastest time of the day (16:41.6 over 3.25 miles).  It was a fantastic start to an amazing Sunday.  Anthony enjoyed the rest of the day on my beach cruiser, pedaling on the coast of North County.  Here’s a picture of yesterday’s sunset in Cardiff, CA taken from the saddle.



MELANIE WIVIOTT Wiviott (Thriva Application Specialist, Bothell) participated in the Pineapple Classic this weekend in Northe Bend, WA and raised over $200 in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This event is a team 5k Obstacle Course challenge and boy is it muddy. We climbed, jumped, crawled and had a ton of fun in the mud, finishing off the event with a mud/dirty water slip and slide! This will become an annual event for her and her teammates.


ALICIA TOWERY, TAM ran the Big Sur ½ Marathon this weekend in a fast time of 1:38:44 which placed her 252 out of 5728 total.


BURT REPINE, Sr. Software Engineer won his age group and had the 4th fastest time overall at the inaugural Del Mar Mud Run Saturday morning and then jetted off to the Cuyamaca Mountains for some hiking and camping the rest of the weekend with his son Noah.



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (ActiveWorks/San Diego) and his wife Cassie joined the Urban Exploration Meetup for a hair-raising hike along the abandoned (and severely dilapidated) Lake Hodges Flume, constructed in 1918 to connect Lake Hodges to the San Dieguito Reservoir.


PAUL MCLURE and the McLure family did the Miracle Babies 5k walk/ run on a beautiful Sunday morning in Mission Bay in San Diego. The organization helps support the families who need help when their babies are in the NICU. The founder of the organization Sean Daneshmand, MD is such a wonderful, caring person - check out the organization at


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TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist, San Diego, ran across the Grand Canyon on Saturday.. Twice! The 50-mile rim-to-rim-to-rim run was truly an epic adventure. Our group of 4 finished safely in just over 15 hours after one of the toughest days I've ever had on the trail. TOBY FROM ME TO YOU – YOU ARE A RUNNING LEGEND! Mike



SAM RENOUF and LUKE LITTLER of the Asia-Pacific offices attended the Noosa Mutli-sport Festival that includes the world’s 3rd largest triathlon with over 8000 athletes

completing Olympic distance. The event is a new client for Active and our partnership with them includes on-site promotion - as shown by the photos below....great exposure for the rapidly expanding brand presence in Australia!



MICHELLE CREPEAU, DANA BLACKWOOK and STEVE MAZZA worked the New York City Marathon expo and event this weekend.  The world’s largest Marathon and it couldn’t happen without their help!  Way to wear that Padres cap Steve.



GREG LOPEZ ran the marathon his first one back in many years.  He had a goal to break 3 hours and he did running a 2:58:35.  Way to go Greg!


AUSTIN BRAATEN, Active Camps also ran the NYC marathon this weekend with the Chilean miner and Jared, the Subway guy, on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day and the most amazing experience of her life. The crowds and scenery were one of a kind and she beat her 3:30 goal time which was exciting!



ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) with 13 Active employees, LIN LIN (Senior Recruiter), JANE SHI (Tester, H&F), JENNER ZHANG (QA Lead, ActiveWorks), LYNN WANG (MRI, M+M), JESSICA JIN (MRI, M+M), MAGGIE WANG (Email Support), VERA MA (MRI Manager, M+M), EILEEN YUAN (Tester, FND), BRUCE XU (ActiveTrainer Tester, M+M), CASH XU (Controller) from Xi'an office participated Xi'an City Wall International Marathon on Saturday.  It was such an incredible experience to run with more than 2,000 people from all over the world, and hearing them shouting “Jia You!” (Jean always called it “Add Oil”) around your ears. The weather was good, not feeling at all it’s already in winter. Most of them ran 5K, followed the same course of Active 2010 China Employee Day Marathon, and CLIFF LIU (Developer, RW) finished 13.7K. "I never thought my legs could be that sore, but the race was great! Feel proud to chase those pro runners." said LEO LI (MRI, M+M), after finished his first half marathon.

“Let’s get more people do this next year!”, said Eric.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) - was a very Active person this weekend, starting with power yoga on Friday night and a Saturday morning training run with Team in Training and another power yoga class shortly thereafter.  Sunday was definitely overkill, starting with a 4 hour doubleheader of ultimate frisbee, where his Incredibles team lost 14-11 to Out of Sight and 15-7 to The Phantom Menace (did I mention the Samuel L. Jackson league theme this season?).  He followed that up with a third power yoga class and THEN his Sentinels hockey team lost a 1-0 game to Gang Green.  We were outshot 42-13 so clearly we all owe our goalie a beer.  Or three.



JOE SCHUM, Sales Mgr Eastern Region “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” Joe completed Ironman Florida this past Saturday in a great time of 12:54:21.  It was a great day on a very different Florida course! Recover well Joe!



GREG INGINO, VP completed his first ½ marathon run in Santa Clarita, CA over the weekend.  I would have never even thought of doing something like this before joining Active!  Great weather and great people.  Over 2000 entered the race.  Here is a pic of me and my kids after the race.



SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Manager, San Diego) spend Saturday morning riding 15 miles along the riverbed in Oceanside for a “Bike the Coast” event with her three kids and her husband. It was perfect weather and a great way to start the weekend!



ActiveXcursions San Diego: Solana Beach to San Juan Capistrano Ride.

ActiveXers ASHLEY PASCALL, JOHN COYNE, JEREMY SPITZBERG, LIZ HARRELL, KAT KEIVENS, RICKY GRAY, and DENNIS TRIPLETT, plus ActiveXwife CHRISTY FUSTON, friends of ActiveX Katya Meyers, Mike Forgione and buddies, rode 50 miles from Solana Beach to San Juan Capistrano Sunday morning, enjoying perfect weather, and a gorgeous route. Multiple flats, group fractures, and a dicey train conductor didn't keep the entire crew from jumping on the AmTrak for the ride back to San Diego!


STACEY JOHNSON - What a great weekend!  I took the train from Solana Beach up to Santa Barbara with a group of girls to run the Santa Barbara Half Marathon.  I’m not sure if I was more excited about the train ride (which I highly recommend), or the race itself.  J The train was so nice & relaxing… awesome sites and not to have to drive through LA priceless.  The race was beautiful!  At about mile 10, the course takes a left turn onto “Cliff Drive,” which was… well, a challenging cliff, but overall the course was awesome.  The last 2 miles were downhill along the ocean – what a great end!  I finished in 1:44, which I was happy about for that course.



MEGAN DUVALL & MICHELLE NATION participated in the 1st annual Oceanside Bike the Coast / Taste the Coast on Saturday.  There was a great turnout and it was a gorgeous morning for a bike ride.

bike the coast.jpg

On Saturday MIKE MACDONALD, Web Developer ran the Santa Barbara Half Marathon and finished in 1:54:45.  This was my first half and my goal was to finish under 2 hours.  Having grown up in Santa Barbara, the course was familiar to me.  Having to run around an entire track to get to the finish line was pretty miserable, but the course was pretty good otherwise.


Thanks to Ruben Gomez shooting pictures all along the course and at the finish.



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Athens 2500 year old Marathon

Posted by IMVoice Nov 1, 2010

JEN ROMINE, Account Manager - Running, reports in from Greece after participating in the 2500th anniversary of the original marathon! Such an incredible experience, and I had the honor to not only meet, but to run/walk/run the event with Jeff Galloway! my goal was 5 hours and I finished in 4:59. It was a tough course; in the words of Jeff "there is only 1 hill, however it goes on for 13 miles". Jen is in the middle of picture with white visor.



ANTHONEY CHIULLI from the Boulder Sales Team monkeyed around in the Denver Gorilla Run on Saturday. Anthony (pictured in the bikini) jogged with over 1000 other Gorillas in a new Guinness Book of Records for the most Gorillas running in an organized event. Not a bad way to start off a Halloween Weekend!



PATTI ROSENTHAL did the 2nd Annual mountain bike costume ride at Phil's World.  Just a bunch of friends from Durango who celebrated Halloween in style at the single track trails in Cortez, CO.  Over 30 miles of single track with lots of whoopty do's - just like a Disneyland ride!   We had a witch, superwoman, butter/dragonfly, a crayon, cowgirl, endo boy, lady gaga, ninja's, cave man/woman, plug/outlet, hippies & much more.  Super FUN!



MICHELE CREPEAU was down at the MCM this weekend in DC and ran the 10K along side many of the charity runners.  Very inspirational weekend with all the military charities including Team Fisher House and Semper Fi who had over 1,000 participants in the 10K/ Marathon.  An incredible tribute to all those serving our country.


TIM MCMAHON, MIKE COLEMAN AND MIKE REILLY worked the Marine Corp Marathon in DC this weekend.  Our boss was Miss Washington DC and it sure was a tough gig!



Troi Valencia, Senior Project Manager – San Diego. Outside of my passions of family and work, my other passion is the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (aka Ultimate Fighting). Since suffering a herniated disk a month and half ago, I’ve be unable to compete, but I still spend my time coaching and cornering upcoming fighters. This past Friday, all the training and coaching culminated in a win at the Epic Fighting promotion, here in San Diego.



Jim Garfield (M&M) competed in the Marin County Triathlon where he met up with professional triathlete twin sister’s phenom’s Rebeccah and Laural Wassner. The race was terrific and the “greenest” triathlon in the U.S. From the solar panels for power, our on-line registration, recycled bike parts as awards etc…it was a definite feel good event. If that were not enough, the staff is all volunteer and 100% of the money raised goes to that years designated charities. This year the money went to TNT, Prostate Cancer  and Team Winter…including the prize money won for First and Second place by Rebeccah and Laural



TIM WOOD this weekend was the final round of the Club Championship. The first round of the event was played two weekends ago and I was 3 shots back going in to final round on Saturday, played at the Salt Creek Golf Club in Chula Vista. I shot a final round net 68 to win the title, with a tournament total of 141 ( 3 under par). This tournament was a qualifier in to the SCGA Tournament of Champions in Palm Desert on December 13th. I sure would look good in some Active Golf apparel. <wink wink>



AUSTIN BRAATEN and MATTHEW HENRY saw each other twice on Saturday, first at the 15th Annual Pumpkin Push at Seward Park.  Austin was the seventh woman to cross the finish line in 21:18.  Considering Wonder Woman was the women’s winner, that’s an awesome finish for Austin!  As for Matt ... Well, Matt dropped his keys maybe a tenth of a mile into the race and had to wait for the stampede to die down.  So that sucked, but he still pulled out a 25:17 finishing time.  (In the picture, Matt swears he’s running his ActiveX shirt underneath the event’s shirt.)  Later that afternoon, Austin and Matt tried crossfit as applied to functional fitness for the first time at a special event sponsored by Forever Athletes, an organization focused on making “athlete” feel like a much more inclusive word. FYI, burpees are not fun!



KIRSTIN HARTOS (TECHNICAL ACCOUNT MANAGER), MAREA BLUE (IMPLEMENTATION ANALYST, SAN DIEGO) & EMILY OGATA (APPLICATION SPECIALIST, SAN DIEGO) traveled to Austin, Texas with the San Diego Surfers over the weekend to play in the USA Rugby Division 1 Women's Club Play-offs.  As a top seed from our region, we earned a bye on Saturday, and faced the #8 Glendale Raptors (of Colorado) in the quarterfinal match on Sunday.  We scored first on a penalty kick, taking a 3-0 lead - but Glendale was quick to tie it up with a penalty kick of their own.  However, those were the only points that Glendale would score during what proved to be a very physical game.  We won by a final score of 26-3 (even though it felt much closer), and Marea came away with a black eye (again) and MVP honors (again).  We travel to Mesa, Arizona over Veteran's Day weekend where we hope to defend our 2009 National Championship.



EVAN WITTE (Product Manager – San Diego) competed in the inaugural Fearless Triathlon on Saturday with his Dad – Greg. The Fearless Triathlon is a unique “double sprint” format. You complete a 250m Swim - 5 Mile Bike - 2 Mile Run - 250M Swim - 5 Mile Bike - 2 Mile Run. Evan pushed his Dad through his third Triathlon doing the entire event side by side finishing in 1:24 despite the intense rain and slick roads. Due to the rain this race also consisted in an unplanned 150M mud run. If you’re looking for a unique Fall San Diego Triathlon this could be a great addition.



JOHN RARITY, Online Editor participated in and completed the Kokoro Camp—a life-changing experience, see description: “SEAL FIT Camp, aka "Kokoro Camp" is the world's premier training camp for forging mental toughness and the warrior spirit.  The camp is an intense crucible experience based off of the famous Navy SEAL Hell Week concept, but with a focus on teaching through experience, rather than making you quit.”



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR. SYSTEMS ENGINEER, IT DATA CENTER SERVICES (SAN DIEGO) I recently returned from a visit to the beautiful country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Some travelers avoid Myanmar due to longtime rule by military junta, but I strongly encourage adventurous travelers to visit. By staying in smaller guesthouses and using local services, it is possible to avoid much of the government-run or government-affiliated tourist infrastructure and make a positive contribution in the lives of locals who can really use the support of ethical tourism.  The people of Myanmar were extraordinarily warm and welcoming during my stay and it is a nation I would gladly return to. The golden Shwedagon Pagoda in the capital city of Yangon, covered in tons of real gold and topped with thousands of diamonds and rubies, is the most important Buddhist temple in the region.  It is truly an amazing place and should not be missed, but the active highlight of my adventure was unquestionably the four days I spent on bicycle, foot, and horse cart exploring the plain of Bagan. The city of Bagan was founded in the 2nd century AD and became a Burmese capital city in the 9th century. Today the area is a unique archaeological and cultural marvel with thousands of temples and pagodas densely packed into 16 square miles.  The majority of these date from the 11th to 13th centuries. Many of them are still open to climb and explore in great detail, some are still maintained for worship, a few are used for commerce, some have been haphazardly restored, and some have been left to the ages.  The largest structure in Bagan is Dhammayangyi Temple, visible just down the road in the photo with my bicycle. Bikes rentals are inexpensive and easily available for independent explorers ready to take on the miles of dirt road and goat trails. Should you happen to have any rare mechanical trouble there are locals ready to help with small roadside repair stands for flats and minor repairs. After leaving Bagan I visited the nearby cliff-top shrines of Mount Popa which are built on a sheer volcanic plug called the Taung Kalat (pictured). I also had the honor of an overnight stay in the monastery at the base of the cliffs.  The shrines can be reached via a long staircase wrapping around the volcanic cliff face with well over 700 stairs. The spectacular views and tranquil setting are well worth the effort of the climb. The modest monastery has one resident monk who speaks English, who is very helpful in arranging accommodations and transportation for travelers as the small village has no guesthouses or scheduled transit services. The people of Myanmar welcomed me with great respect and I can recommend the country to other active and adventurous travelers looking to get off the beaten track.



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LIZ HARRELL, Director – Project Management (San Diego Office) completed her first half-ironman distance triathlon, the Challenged Athletes Foundation SD Tri Challenge!  That’s a total of 70.3 miles in one day with a 1.2 swim, 56 bike, 13.1 run.  It was a truly amazing day!  I was surrounded by amazing people overcoming their challenges and living the life of an athlete.  I was supported by an amazing crew of friends and family.  My parents, my daughter and the best “buddies” ever… JON CHRISTOPHER (swim), JEREMY SPITZBERG (bike),KAT KEIVENS (run) and JESSICA WEXLER (best cheerleader ever!), and her super dog, ROWDY.   This may sound corny, but… the “Liz” from two years ago is very proud (and astonished) by how far I’ve come and what I’ve accomplished.  HUGE heartfelt THANKS go out to ARCH and ActiveX… my sore body is cursing you, my soul is forever in your debt.

JESSICA WEXLER ADDED: Rowdy fell asleep muttering:  “Less cowbell….”

I will say I loved the comments I got from other people along the way which included:


“I wish I was Liz”

“I’m pretending my name is Liz”

“Liz from She does rock!”

“Can I use some of your chalk?”

Thanks for inspiring us too.




FRAN BENEDICT & JULIE WOOLF had an amazing time participating in CAF’s San Diego Tri Challenge this weekend on separate relay teams doing the running leg. The course was great, the weather was perfect and the athletes were incredibly inspirational. In short, it was a day full of awesomeness J  The two teams raised a combined total of $3700. Fran finished 1st female in the half marathon and Julie a very close 2nd  . The power of the human spirit shined through once again at this incredible event reinforcing the notion - where there’s a will there’s a way!  Whoo hoooo!



REPORT FROM FROSTBURG,MD.  Frostburg hosted a CCFA Take Steps Be Heard Walk.  The turnout was not bad for a first time walk and we rose over $9,000 which was pretty great!

We made it a Halloween Fall Festival with Apple Bobbing, Face Painting, Hot Cider, Bounce House, Trick or Treat along the walk and Costume prizes.  There were a good number of folks with kids and pets in costume J Team Active had about 20 people walking including Eve Gardner who flew cross country to walk with us!




ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Communities: Higher Education, was all about the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF - this weekend.  Friday night he attended the CAF Celebration of Abilities dinner along with fellow Active employee LIZ HARRELL (below is a photo of Bill Walton presenting an award to Ezra, this years Inspiration Award Recipient).  The event was one of the most inspirational events since the birth of his daughter – truly amazing people filled with so much gratitude and truly LIVING.  Sunday, Anthony did his part to support CAF by volunteering to help lead the 4.5 hour SPIN-a-thon at the La Jolla cove (pictured here – Anthony getting schooled by REAL athletes Sarah Reinertsen and Erica Davis).



Report by ERIC MA from CHINA: 7 ActiveXers – Eda Zhao (IT), Dylan Hai (IT), Cash Xu (Controller), Bruce Xu (Active Trainer, M+M), Colin Li (IT), Jimmie Jiang (BA) and Eric Ma (Market Analyst, M+M) from Xi'an office took a 70 miles challenge ride to the top of the Qinlin Mountain, it was one of the most difficult cycling courses in Xi'an for the cyclist - 20 miles road ride to the mountain foot, 15 miles uphill to the top at the altitude of 1,200 meters, 15 miles downhill back, then the last 20 miles flat road back. BTW, the 15 miles downhill at night is really scary but excited! Be careful trying that!

This was definitely the team's best ride so far, based on the distance and difficulties. Such a memorable experience since first time gathered so many teammates in a ride, and the team broke through the goal committed in April.

They were lucky to have such a great day to ride, since the weather dramatically turned cold the day after. EPIC EVER!




On Saturday, MEGAN DUVALL, JENNI MILLER, JENNIFER ROMINE, REBECCA DIVITA and EVAN WITTE competed in San Diego’s Great Urban Race to celebrate former Active employee Andrea Levinson’s birthday.  Everyone had a blast, although we were surprised at how much running we ended up doing!  Tasks included marriage proposals, eating spicy pickles and creating hand puppets.  We all highly recommend this race!



MICHELLE ULRICH, Account Exec ran in the Inaugural Rock and Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon yesterday.  What a great weekend!  It was great course and I had a great race.  Los Angeles was hillier than I expected J  I ran a personal best of 1:26:53 to put me 9th Female Overall and 3rd in my age division.


MARGARET PATRICK had a great weekend in Panama City Beach and completed my very first Sprint Triathlon.  It was a beautiful morning and a great first experience.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) journeyed to Lake Meade for the Pumkinman Triathlon. He was joined by Rob Osland, head of Wynn Resorts triathlon team and COO. The race should have been called Hillkillman not Pumkinman!  Wow…crazy amount of climbing!  All hills and not one pumkin! Good thing it was close to Vegas…cheap buffets!!!!



BRITTANY BOWLES, Project Manager did the Diabetes 5k run/walk Saturday, October 23, Denver, CO – Team “Jakob’s Warriors”: Some ran some walked… Team Captain and Red Strider, Jakob Fanning, age 11 was 3rd overall with 21:47 and first time runner younger brother Kyle Fanning, age 8 completed the race in 36:01.


ARACELI DAGDAGAN Marketing Manager – San Diego.  I ran my first half-marathon on Sunday – the inaugural Rock –n-Roll Los Angles half-Marathon.  I joined Team in Training and started training with them over the summer ( I couldn’t even run 2 miles at that time) it was a great experience! I raised over $2500 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society – thanks to all of you that help donate, bought Tamales and provided your support … J It was an accomplishment I never thought I would achieve… especially one year after having a baby!!  I can’t wait for my next one!


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