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Okay, Here I Go! My first blog!

Posted by walkinginthelight on Feb 3, 2010 11:35:30 AM

When I found out I had been selected  to be on one of the  "WHO WANTS TO GET ACTIVE"  teams,  I could hardly contain my excitement!  The first thing I did, after I stopped screaming " WOO HOO ! I GOT PICKED! I GOT PICKED!" was  to log  on to my  Facebook  page and share the news with friends!  I posted  it as my "status" that I was going to train for and participate in my first race, with the help of Coach Jenny and the team at  My excitement was just bubbling over! and I wanted everyone to know!

"OK , you can calm down now Mom" was the reaction from my two oldest kids (ages 14 and 13) . If you have kids that age, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Yes, they were happy for me, but thought I was behaving as a borderline lunatic with my over-abundance of jubilee, while simultaneously  becoming quite the embarrassment.  Several supportive facebook  friends posted  back that they were happy for me, and wished me the best of  luck.


WOW!  OK. I  GOT PICKED! What do I do now?

Provide the headshot, check. Ok, about the headshot. This was taken by my 5 year old. She took several pictures of  me,  and this was the best one. Yes,  I realize that I am slightly off center, but at least my head wasn't chopped off in this one.


Next, the bio. Well,  I'm a 43 year old married mom with three kids, one in high school, one in middle school, one in grade school. My kids are very active with sports, and over the years,  I've been a really good sideline cheerleader.  Now its my turn.   My personal goals?  My 2010 plan was to  get in shape, lose weight,  to run a 5k at some point during the year. Getting selected for one of the Active Teams was the final motivation that I needed.  I'm looking forward to reading  Jenny's training plan and getting  started.


Finally, write the into log. Done,  thats what this is! Not sure what I was supposed to write about, so hopefully this covered it! Now, I've got 8 weeks to prepare for the Run for Water race in Chicago. Check back often to see how I'm doing. Any words of encouragement or advice would be most appreciated!



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