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A Matter of Perspective

Posted by ICURNpope on Feb 4, 2010 12:22:09 PM

     I woke up this morning thinking it was a good day start my introduction blog for the upcoming training and race that I've entered. Last summer I entered a 5K race and trained using's Couch to 5K program. I had never run before. In fact, I downright hated the idea of running. Speed walking I was fine with but running? But this little voice in my head (I don't normally hear voices just to clarify things!) said you need to run. And I was able to run the entire race! Although most would've called it a slow jog, I was thrilled that I had completed my goal!!!

     Then fall and winter came around and my running went by the wayside, cobwebs on my treadmill and extra weight appeared around my middle section.

     January arrived and I was determined to get back in shape when I saw's challenge to train for a 6K! I was pleased to be selected as a participant for this event, though have never blogged before. It can't be too difficult right? It's just allowing the rest of the world to see your victories and failures, right?  Humbling.

     Well, I'll start by writing my goals for doing this. I just finished nursing school and see many overweight nurses with related health problems of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. I thought isn't it hypocritical to be a nurse who encourages others to exercise and eat well when they themselves don't live by their own advice?  But nursing is a stressful job and many people deal with stress through food. I'm not obese but borderline overweight. I can see myself easily succumbing to the desires of the chocolate brownie or my favorite afternoon snack of butter round crackers with a chunk of cheddar cheese. Soon that adds up and Wah Lah! I've gained 10 more lbs!

     Another reason for me to pursue a fit lifestyle is for my two boys. They are skin and bones now but fail to be active due to the lure of video games and television. I haven't been a great role model for them and want to instill these good values before the video games completely suck them into cyber world. These are important goals for me but I think the most important reason for me to do this is for myself. I love how happy I feel when I'm training. I struggle at times with depression, but while training I found the motivation to eat well and be more active with my boys. I had a more positive outlook and I loved the person I was becoming. So for me, this training event is more than just reaching a goal or getting fit. It's about changing my perspective of life, love and happiness. (Okay, this last bit sounds corny but there you go. That's who I am!)

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