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An Introduction...

Posted by taylorsmom2010 on Feb 5, 2010 4:15:33 PM

Hello My name is Kate and I want my skinny jeans back!!


First off, GO team BYE BYE Baby Weight!


SO, how did I get here & what do I hope to get out of this? Well, when I was pregnant with my son, I day-dreamed about running across the finish line of a marathon while my husband & this little baby cheered me on! I just thought that would be such an amazing experience & it would get me be back into my jeans just in time for summer!! It really would be that easy....


Well, fast forward almost 14 months - Taylor is no longer a little baby & this year has literally FLOWN by! I am finally coming out of what I call the "baby haze" and realized I STILL have muffin top! I've come a LONG way towards my goal - but boy! Being a mom, a wife & running a company sure does take up a lot of time & ENERGY!!!


Throughout the year I have tried several diets and made great progress BUT recently I have gained some weight back! Ugh! I'm done with dieting. I want to live a healthy LIFESTYLE. I miss feeling good. At the moment I just feel tired. I have to get going again! SO, I've made up my mind - NOW is the time to do something for ME! I want ME back.  No excuses - its now or never! I will be running this race in April with the ultimate goal of running the San Diego marthon in June.


Joining the challenge has gotten this mom one step closer to fulfilling her dream (and 2010 bikini season)! Along my journey, I hope to give other busy moms encouragement and maybe a few laughs along the way:) I know diet will be a HUGE part of this - so I'll let you know what I'm eating & how I'm doing with that along the way too!


I turned 30 this year & I hope this decade will be the BEST so far! Check back to see my progress...See you at the finish line!


PS Any other SoCal moms on the team?


2/5/2010 148 lbs.

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