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Danny Two Step

Posted by Joejoggerblogger on Feb 6, 2010 12:05:47 AM

Hello anyone, Well, this is my first blog for and the "who wants to get active" program. I stumbled across a few years ago after I had done still yet another one of those short stints in the gym and I had never returned back to the site until now. I was looking for race results; runners times actually.


At the time, my 10 year younger and soon to be ex-wife was coming home from her own gym every day gushing about how all the boys would approach her there asking her if she was a personal trainer and "how did she get her abs looking so nice?" Now, I felt it just had a lot to do with the fact that they were guys and she didn't really wear very much clothing at the gym, but I saw the writing on the wall nonetheless and I soon thereafter got my walking papers. One day shortly there after, I was at the gym, strapped into one of those machines with a striking similarity to the ones on death row, and brooding, when I suddenly got an inspiration. What the heck I thought? Why don't I use that same technic that my wife enjoyed so much on some one else myself and see if it works for me, I mean turn around's fair play and all. There was a very attractive Italian looking gal, no rings on the left hand, several years older than myself, but in incredible shape. She predominately indulged her time on cardio, spending long hours on the tread mill and stair master, just pouring her self into her work outs. Her feet methodically pounded out a steady beat and she sported a figure that corroborated her efforts. On this particular day she had just completed many fast miles on a vertical track and when she finally stepped down off the treadmill, she headed over to the drinking fountain, wiping the sweat from her eyes with her towel. I'm not the type of guy who makes the first move normally, but considering current events, I hastily decided it was now or never, sucked in my gut, and headed in the direction of the fountain. I crept up right behind her, silently praying that no one else was going to get thirsty in the next few seconds, and blurted out "excuse me, I've been meaning to ask you, are you a personal trainer"? Maria graced me with a beautiful smile that made me wobble just a bit. She informed me that no, she wasn't a trainer, she was just a runner. A dedicated runner of races. Well, I put my hand on the corner of the fountain to steady myself a little and like it was all predetermined, Maria and I fell into an easy, contented banter. It was one of those rare occurrences where even though you know that you just met the person, it still seems like you've known them for a long time anyway and it's all good between you. We shared small talk, sharing those important first discoveries and after a while Maria sweetly apologized and said she was sorry but she had to go, but if I wanted to, I could call her later to continue our conversation. "If I wanted to?" Maria gave me her phone number and I left the gym that day a very happy man with nothing but sweet ruminations in my head and a precious little piece of paper in the front pocket of my sweat pants.


A few days later, I, with only my dog, had suddenly been forced out of my home. I lost my family, all my stuff, my son and my gym membership that week because it was in her name and somehow, I had lost those sweat pants with that precious little piece of paper in the front pocket too. I had no way of getting a hold of my Maria, and to make matters worse, I couldn't remember her last name. Here in Grand Rapids, MI we have one of the biggest races in the land, The Old Kent Riverbank Run and folks come from all over the world to compete in that foot race. I knew Maria would be competing too and I was confident that she would have placed near the top in her age bracket. I went on line and found a web site, that listed race results for the race and I prayed that I could find I lady named Maria in those listings. I searched every race, and most of the age groups, but I never did find Maria's name or ever talk to her again.


That unsuccessful effort however, has brought me to where I sit today. Ready to rev up, become a runner myself with the help and guidance of and coach Jenny Hadfield. I received an email from soliciting participants for "Who wants to get active?" I sent in an application and some of my writing and now here we are. I have no idea how the program works or what the measurements will be. I don't have a clue how they plan to help me get to where I need to be. I know that I'll be blogging at least once a week and that I have no inkling at all what I'm going to write about. I Know that I have no idea if you'll care to check in from time to time to hear what I've got to say but I'm expected to motivate you in your own efforts. I don't know how much I'm supposed to blog and all that I know about WWTGA is that I'll be on a team, (so that means it's some sort of competiton), and 2 months from now, God willing, I'll be running the Dow Live Earth Run for Water event. That is pretty much all I know as of tonight... I do like to spin a yarn and I've got a feeling that what is going to transpire in the coming weeks, just might be interesting enough for you to stop back from time to time. Who knows, maybe, you'll even get to thinking about lacing up your own shoes too and joining me if it starts to look like I've a got a prayers chance of completing this thing. I purposely have not done any conditioning yet so some of you may be way ahead of me. Then again, maybe we can not know what to do together. Oh, and Maria, if your out there, please accept my apologies and feel free to contact me if your still so inclined!  




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