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Task Oriented

Posted by mekani on Feb 8, 2010 5:39:12 PM

I've been doing SO much more just knowing it was a task to be done and that I need to be accountable here!   I walked 6K on a treadmill and did it in 1:05 so I know I can improve upon that with the next couple of months to train before the 6K in Los Angeles on April 18.  I took a late lunch on Friday and walked 3.11 miles in just under an hour (love my iTouch and Nike+ shoes!) and took an hour long walk with my husband and dog on Saturday.


One issue I have is I don't prioritize my exercise.  Anything and everything trumps it.  I am so fortunate in that I work for a company that has a gym, be it small or large in almost every single building they have.  AND they offer FREE fitness classes.   Why don't I take advantage of them more?  Oh, I was going to go to the yoga/pilates class, but I just want to get a little bit farther along in work.   Oh, I can't go today, because then I'll have to shower and start all over because I have a meeting later in the day, blah, blah, blah.  I can rationalize anything.   Not today!  I was having a particularly frustrating morning with work.  Colleagues not pulling their weight, huge workload, supervisor giving extra projects on top of everything else.  Ugh.  Normally that's my queue to (a) work like a maniac, not take a break until I feel like I can breathe again and (b) eat something really unhealthy (pasta with cream sauce anyone??).  Nope, not today.  I felt myself getting tenser and getting in a really bad mood and I just said forget it.  I put on my workout clothes and went to the yoga/pilates class for the first time.  I liked it and I was in a much better mood when I left.  Since I was in a better mood, I didn't feel the need to "self-medicate" with junk food.  Instead I grabbed a yogurt from Jamba Juice.  Now, was that so hard?  The work was still there when I got back and I tackled it all with time to spare.


It's overcoming these bad habits one day at a time that will make a real difference.  Tomorrow is a walking day but hey, Wednesday there's a "Cardio Challenge" class to check out...!

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