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Cool Tools!

Posted by walkinginthelight on Feb 9, 2010 5:50:49 PM

OK, so I know we don't officially start training until 2/22, but I've been poking around with the site trying to learn my way around. I've  been reading my "walk it off " team mates blogs,  and was pleased to learn everything is working, and I am able to leave comments for everyone! I've even requested them as 'friends", I just have to figure out what that means exactly.

Today I used the "tools" on the training page, and was able to figure out my body mass and percentage of body fat. That was an eye opener! Hopefully those numbers will be going down. Way down. Soon.   Uh, real soon!  I also learned how to review the training pages, record my distance and pace, and make sure I'm staying hydrated.  I'm really impressed with these neat features!  Hopefully, this will be an efficient way to keep track of my training, and a great way to watch my progress. Getting really excited!

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