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First "Official" Day...

Posted by CBPepperman on Feb 22, 2010 7:20:56 PM

So- here we go! Today is the first official day of training. I have been a walker for some time, off and on. I started to take it back up when I had Ray, but that really only lasted while I was on maternity leave- hence why I'm here. In November, I started walking again hoping to lose some of this 50 pounds. It didn't take me long to get back in the swing of things and I found myself taking longer and longer walks to get more of a workout, which in turn was taking more and more time away from my family. So, when I got to choose my training program, I chose to push myself and train to run, something I have been wanting to do. Boy was I in for a suprise tonight. I found that while I knew I wasn't in the best shape...I really think I'm in horrible shape. I finished my workout...however it was a little running and then some walking and so on. I know that with a little time I will be in better shape and can run for longer intervals...I just wish I was able to do it now! On the other hand, I watched my portions and drank all of my water today which has made me feel much better as I sit down and write this. So tomorrow I will concentrate on my cross training, my hydration and my portion control again- and try to not be so's not like I put this weight on overnight! Until tomorrow....Oh and if anyone has any tips out there for beginning runners please send them my way!!!

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