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Today is the day

Posted by Shana99 on Feb 22, 2010 7:16:08 AM

Yeap, it is today.  My new shoes will hit the pavement.  A good pair of fitted shoes have to be a runners best friend.  I bought a regular pair of Nike shoes and they were killing my feet.  I went to a speciality store and found out they weren't running shoes?!?!  This is my second pair of good shoes that have been properly fitted to my feet. Every night my feet thank me.   I'm so excited about this new training program.  When I was training before, my workouts always consisted of running.  I fell in love with running and hurt my in the process.  So now that I will be able to cross train; I'm hoping to save my knee.  Goal this week is to get moving and drink a lot more water.  I'm making a yummy taco soup recipe.  It is so yummy and when you omit the sour cream and cheese; it is really healthy.  I love low fat recipes, so I'll post some of my favorites.  (I'm guessing everyone has a taco soup recipe)

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