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Off and walking (and running)

Posted by mekani on Feb 24, 2010 4:59:19 PM

Monday, I went down to Mission Bay after work and decided to start my official training there.  Over the last couple of weeks, I've ramped up my exercise so I wanted to start out with a light jog. I did one mile run and then quick paced (RPE 7) walk back a mile.  It felt great!  It was so nice to be outside, off the treadmill.  It was just starting to get dark but not too cold, it was a really nice end to a work day.  I definitely want to get down there more for my walks and runs!


Tuesday and today I did a quick 20 minute walk in my neighborhood, today with my dog.  She slows me down with wanting to sniff here and there and take care of her business too, but she's great company.  I'm actually just going to head out the door to take my stepson to his trampoline gym.  While he does that, I think I'll head back down to the bay and get another 20-30 in at a faster pace!


Hope everyone is having a great first week!!

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