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Maintaining your Motivation!

Posted by JoeDecker on Feb 25, 2010 4:11:16 PM

Hey Gang! My name is Joe Decker. I'm a Guinness World Record Holder for Fitness and an Active Coach. You've got quite a team assembled here to help you along your path. Now it's up to you to keep it going! Understand you are going to have life issues that get in the way along this journey, you are human and it does happen. That's ok. Stay focused, maintain motivation, adapt and overcome. The ONLY thing keeping you down, overweight or out-of-shape is YOU! Nothing else. You control your destiny. But if you do find yourself dragging butt and need someone to hold your hand while giving ya a kick in your rear, feel free to e-mail me. That's my specialty and I'm glad to help. Now make it happen and be sure to have fun along the way!;-)

"Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'!"




Joe Decker  W.F.M. 


Gut Check Fitness, winner of the A-List "Best Boot Camp in San Diego" 2009, voted San Diego's "Hardest Workout Class" Competitor Magazine. Joe Decker, recognized as "The World's Fittest Man" after breaking the Guinness World Records® 24-Hour Physical Fitness Challenge, Readers Choice "Best Fitness Trainer" for 2009.

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